You’re All Insane; Get Informed;

That’s right. I’m right and you’re ALL wrong. In fact you’re all so insane and off your
right minds that you could just as easily be the people of Germany shouting “Heil Hitler!”
while they simultaneously ignored the smell of burning human flesh in the mid 40’s, there.
The people of Bangor, Maine are ridiculously blind, weak, phony and insane and only a little
more full of feces than most of you. They are ground zero for your cowardly, insane stance where
my evidence stands. Absolutely evil and insane cowards, every last one.
“Oh, well, Stephen King is caught getting Lennon’s last autograph posing as Chapman, raping us
all in front of our faces with the cover-up. Let’s all just go along like nothing is wrong
and at least we’ll get his tax money to support our otherwise less than robust state. Besides,
we can’t admit to our children, now, that we’ve been so full of feces all these years. We’ll
just have to let this unspeakable evil rule over our lives while he molests us all with his
evil influence of horror and fear.”
That’s the inside of the minds of the people of Bangor, Maine, whether they admit it or not.
Phony, child molesting, boot-licking cowards.
It may sound so condescending of me to think this way you may say but, admit it, when you’re
all as sick as my evidence and your subsequent apathy has already proven, there’s only one way
to reach you. I have to lower myself to your level as I, myself, have been spared the hideous
brainwash campaign and ignorance that has befallen each and every one of you. I AM well. You,
clearly, are all not. Maybe that’s why you call people like me a hero. It’s someone apart from
the mass herd to begin with that effects a change for all and leads the way. In the 50’s when you
tried to describe a man such as myself, with a news story that would threaten to utterly change
the whole world, you named him Clark Kent. DIDN’T YOU? SUPERMAN!. Remember? Not like the
rest of you but different and daring to take on the whole world with a news story that would
shape it and all of history. You knew that you could not relate to that kind of chutzpa, even
a little bit, so you called Clark Kent “Superman” someone apart from regular men.
Now it’s 2015 and you all must be so disappointed that I am still sticking my truth in your
children’s faces exposing what cowards they must have for parents. What phonies you all are.
Well, you all are. Phonies and cowards and boot-lickers, turn-coats and traitors, child abus-
ers and, above all, masochists.
It’s March of 2015 and I told you so, now, it’s Jeb Bush who will be your next president because
I know the truth about your joke lives. I know many of you will hang your star on Hillary and
then groan when she humiliates you by throwing the race to Jeb like she’s PAID to do.
Threatened with assassination if she rocks Rockefeller’s boat. Kapish? It’s all a sham.
Then I’ll still be right while you all suffer under the yoke of the establishment and their
agenda, and agenda that will cripple and destroy you and freedom and, mostly, already has.
Turning your back on your one real hero, me, and John Lennon makes you all as sick and pathe-
tic as the satanic cowards of Bangor, Maine. They all know I’M CORRECT. They’re sick and sinful
but not stupid. I was there for a year, altogether, and they have my evidence. The kind of
evidence that a ten year old child can see; ‘”Oh, my GOD! It IS Stephen King!” (getting John
Lennon’s autograph)
They aren’t as phony as their adult parents but may eventually become tolerant of such evil
ruling over their lives because they are just like their phony parents underneath.

April 4, 2015;
Speaking of which, phony adults, that is, how about the mini scene that played out yesterday
at the Goleta library when I saw a magazine with John Lennon on the cover and remarked;
“John Lennon, the new Christ, the new crucifixion.” to a man standing there. He replied,
right away. like he had rehearsed his lines; “He was a drug user and weak and did not make
America strong.”
I wanted to butt in to say “He was so blind he married K.G.B. cunt Yoko Ono.” or maybe, “He
was a better man than you.” but I said, very matter of factly; “Did you know that his real
killer is a horror writer and doesn’t that make you a child abuser until he’s jailed?”
knowing that he must have seen my van outside and already knew Stephen King was guilty.
He took off like a scalded cat when I started with the part about..”and doesn’t that make you
a child abuser until he’s jailed?”. I followed him to the front entrance where he was
found conferencing with another man in the foyer. I heard him brag to this man; “..and it
all came out in perfect procession…” apparently referring to his cutting remarks about
the great John Lennon, the greatest genius and bravest man of my lifetime.
I couldn’t resist adding to their conversation; “Aren’t you still abusing your children with a
cover-up?” His 240 pound military friend interrupted to tell me to keep my mouth shut and
that he and his friend are former combat military to which I replied; “I don’t care WHO
you are.” Before that he warned me about his now scampered off friend; “Be careful what you
say to him. He’s…” I interrupted and said; “Crazy?” “No, You’re crazy.”
In looking at the situation it was the first man who was weak and who failed to make Amer-
ica strong when he let Chapman skip a trial tossing truth, justice and the American way right
out the window. Rather than stand up to the Viet Nam war he followed orders and committed
sanctioned murder for our government without even asking himself why. A blind government
drone. Just the kind of mind that raises his hands in a “Heil Hitler!” flourish for the “state”.
Unable, of course, to now admit his government stinks he also lacks the courage to help me jail
Stephen King, America’s evil enemy, who murdered the very fruit of our free speech rights.
It took a real man to NOT kill innocent Vietnmes people and call Nixon and Johnson out for
the liars and puppets they were. Enter John Lennon, our flawed but greater than the rest of
us all combined, hero. A hero you murdered like the cowards YOU, not me, all are.