I actually do feel a little sorry for perjurers; Oakland Commissioner Culver and Berkeley
police officer Dinkins as they fell all over themselves depriving me of a fair trial this
last May 09 – My brother’s birthday – over a citation alleging I turned right from the
center lane issued last July 11, 2011 in Berkeley.

(For those of you unfamiliar with my plight the government, from Obama and Panetta on down
to corrupt bay area officials, are trying to pull my licence and/or set me up for a fatal
traffic “accident” after falsely painting me as a reckless driver with false tickets, first.
Already I was almost killed in 2007 in such a potentially fatal accident.)

I have hard evidence that can prove Commissioner Culver lied to me several times three months
ago when he promised I could; conduct trial by phone – even gave me a private number that he
then refused to answer, after – ; that he would render a decision about my motion to dismiss
due to lack of a speedy trial within 3 to 30 days – he never ruled on it that I know of -; that
he needed to sidestep my right to a speedy trial to revue the record but couldn’t do so before
the February 14 trial date that, technically, was 46, not 45 days from arraignment and grounds
for automatic dismissal, then; that he would dismiss my case if, indeed, the officer took
over four months to turn the ticket over to the court – he did.
I taped the court proceedings before and now and he has left himself wide open for perjury.
I may just pursue bringing him before the bar to pull his credentials.
I could feel the frustration in him as he tried to swat away my rights to; cross examine the
lying officer, to deny even my testimony to contradict the officer and, most glaringly,
my several motions that he promised to revue between February 9 and May 9. He did not.
When I opened by addressing my motion to disqualify him and he admitted to receiving it
he cut me off from addressing any of the motions he promised he would have ruled on by now.
When officer Dinkins took the stand his sergeant and another Berkeley officer were there
to “study our officers testimony.” I would find out later. He had, no doubt, read my motion
claiming he was looking down at his handlebars or gloves the entire time and he lied on the
stand when I asked him if he was preoccupied with something on his handlebars or gloves.
His lie was that; “(He) doesn’t recall looking down” and that he “was observing traffic both
north and south.”
He wasn’t. He was looking away from everything but his handlebars or gloves, which he was
adjusting for almost eight seconds, until the last second when I was already completing my
maneuver. He accidentally admitted that it was a horn he heard that made him look up.
I tried to testify that a woman was waving me in front of her so I could turn right but
that the officer wasn’t looking. I even said that I lingered a few extra seconds, first,
waiting for the officer to look up to see the woman waving me in front of her, but he did not.
I asked him to explain why his testimony was in contradiction to my observations. Culver
jumped in to say; “That’s no question. Next.”
When I asked Dinkins if he had ever discussed my case with any other member of law enforce-
ment he admitted he had, his sergeant. When I asked him what they had discussed Culver
jumped in and prohibited him from answering the question at all and cut my cross examination
off. Then he cut off my attempt to conduct testimony in my behalf! “Guilty. Court’s over.”
Even before trial my name was called and about several others and we were told that our
cases were dismissed. When I asked him if my name was on the list he shouted back; “No,
and it’s not going to be.” which I concluded meant that my trial was already a foregone
conclusion as far as Culver was concerned. I even broached that fact as an indicator of his
bias against me and the motion to disqualify him that he refused to even hear in trial.
Culver tried to ridicule my John Lennon murder evidence and any nexus between my activism and
this ticket. I laid it out as plain as day but being kidnapped and pistol whipped unconscious
by police and subjected to unprecedented court abuses – more than any other citizen in
California history – doesn’t seem to matter to him and his agenda. He wanted to punish me
for daring to cry “conspiracy”, for telling the apparent truth; that I’m being witch hunted.
I watched Dinkins as he swore the oath, before trial, and noticed that he was the only wit-
ness in the room with his hand half closed. as he did so, his head tilted down.
After trial I asked; “What are you two officers here for?” – two Berkeley officers who stayed
last to witness my case which was held for last – One said; “You think we’re here to watch
your case? We’re here to observe our officer.” That would be Dinkins who only had my case
to deal with. I said, matter of factly; “He lied on the stand. So what?” I found out this
was the sergeant who got my case and discussed it with Dinkins. Sergeant Pettenhauer, I think.
That the state would bring a small crowd of officers just to watch me at trial for two
hours seems to substantiate my claims that the state has a vested interest in my case
that goes beyond what a normal citizen would expect.
This mistrial is also a slap against the black man who wants to keep down the great white hero,
me, from breaking his story. All agents in this kangaroo court were black.
Look at San Francisco, which has an even worse record regarding abuses against me. Appar-
ently the homosexual crowd doesn’t want me, a heterosexual, to bring home the story, either.
Controversial notions and I’m broaching them.
Do blacks resent the emergence of another white hero looming on the horizon, generally?
I’d say “Yes”, to a degree. I’ve witnessed it before in Berkeley when blacks, particularly,
seemed to enjoy my misery, as if my rise would keep their whole race low on the totem pole
of humanity in their minds eye. “Oh, great! Another hero and he’s not black.”
That’s my honest opinion and I’ve been a witness to the phenomenon of racism, generally,
and not just having to do with blacks. I think we are all suspicious of anyone not like our-
selves and some are more beyond that prejudice than others.
What about the homosexuals ganging up on me in San Francisco court? Well, I think it has
more to do with shame than racism. I think that their lifestyle is, perhaps, farther away from
the virtue required to care whether or not our government arranged for horror writer; Step-
hen King to assassinate John Lennon. I think they have their own secrets they are more con-
cerned about. They don’t have the problem of worrying about what kind of world they are
going to leave their children that they can’t have to begin with. What’s your lame ex-
cuse, you heterosexuals?
There, I’ve broached a couple of hot button issues in two fell swoops. Who else can you
trust, brainwashed American public?
I am the one who will tell you that humanity is as phony as can be. Insane, cowardly, boot-
licking and jealous of anyone who dares to ask humanity to try harder and be better than
they currently are. I am a witness for 30 years, now, and I do know you and my guitar
gently weeps.
Yes, Oakland traffic commissioner Culver is a perjurer and I have evidence to prove it.
Certainly to prove that he resorted to lies and subterfuge and deliberately deceived me.
I have it all on tape – I will make copies.
As for perjurer; Berkeley police officer Dinkins, my word against his. But he lied. I am reason-
ably sure that he and sergeant Pettenbauer reviewed by motions alleging he wasn’t paying
attention and looking down at his gloves and decided to lie on the stand and say otherwise.
I wasn’t allowed to probe the officer with that line of questioning under Culver, though.
Too much Oakland/Berkeley/Sacramento/D.C. conspiracy to kill Steve Lightfoot might leak out.
That my conviction was such a big deal that three officers took two hours off to watch it
just shows the level of the state’s treachery.
Culver is respected, I think, for his money generating style of confiscating money that
the courts might not really deserve.
I am appealing this mistrial and, unless Camala Harris, on down to Jerry Brown are all just
as evil, I should prevail.
I did notice one anomaly in preparing for my trial; a motion for continuance dated Jan. 11,
that I don’t think I actually filed – I’ll have to check all my files to double check -but, if that is
true, then Commissioner Culver might interpret that I lied in court three months earlier in
saying I never gave up my right to a speedy trial. If that is the case then he, no doubt,
just decided to convict me, regardless, even before any trial had begun, over that issue.
It shouldn’t matter, regardless, as my argument was that it took over four months from the
date I was cited to the date the court received the ticket from the delinquent officer.
I never argued otherwise and said that that delay, by itself, was grounds for dismissal.
It had nothing to do with my arguments before Culver which were over my appearance Dec.
30, 2011 or Jan. 5, 2012 – I’ll have to check – with Commissioner Carter who falsely alleged,
in the minutes report, that I had given up my right to a speedy trial when I most certainly
did not. In fact, that was central to my motion to disqualify Carter and Culver would have
to have known that; that Carter lied about that. What DID happen was this; Carter, after I
moved to dismiss due to lack of a speedy trial, asked me if I wanted to give up my right to a
speedy trial. I was stunned and speechless for a few seconds in disbelief when Carter
jumped in to set a date preserving my right to a speedy trial. I said nothing.
In fact, to prove I’m right, I was set a date within what would have been my 45 day requir-
ment except that President’s Day would stretch that out to 46 days and exceed my right.
This is what happened; Carter lied to reflect that I gave up my right to a speedy trial,
when I had not, and then issued a date one day too late for the requirements to give me
one due to President’s Day. That he tried to set the date for 45 days suggests he knew
that I had NOT given up my right to a a speedy trial. Culver would have to have known
all about all of this as he reviewed my motion to disqualify Carter over it. He must have
thought my claim was valid as Carter was disqualified.
Much of all this mess was over Carter’s refusal to rule on my motion for weeks before he
then took a vacation landing my case before Culver on a days notice, allegedly, according
to this pack of black robed liars.
Now, Culver would have us believe that, because Carter lied in the minutes report that I
gave up my speedy trial rights, that he can say I did when he knows that was a lie that
Carter was successfully disqualified over. And Culver knows that a 45 day calender repre-
sents that I did NOT give up that right.
I’m convinced Culver used a lie of a minutes report to sabotage my trial and that his actions
had nothing to do with any motion for a continuance I may or may not have filed after the fact.
Furthermore, I doubt I ever did send such a motion for continuance, but if I did it would not
have affected my argument about the courts error of delay before arraignment.
All this hero bashing jealousy was hard to absorb, especially by a black judge and officer.
The truth is all of you are jealous of me or anyone who would dare bring forward such a
batch of hard evidence in such a great matter as John Lennon’s murder. You have to know that
about yourselves before we can help each other. All of you, suffering like cowards under
a Mark Chapman lie, rotting as a culture in the satanic soup that is your lives.
It’s the reason many Americans dismiss me as a nut or belittle me; because they, themselves,
know they are a lying coward, a hypocrite and a phony, just like their parents before them.
I am a reminder of that fact and they hate themselves and, so, want to blame me, the hero.
Look at Oakland; Jerry Brown’s failure of a city. His mayorship did nothing to right that
homocidal ship of criminals. From what I’ve seen the criminals have to sell drugs just
to afford the way the courts rip them off of all their money for traffic fines. It’s
no wonder that a city whose judicial officials are lawbreakers, themselves, finds itself one
of America’s worst cities.
‘Nowhere man’ “..can you see me at all?” to quote John Lennon?

See my other chapters below, please.
(To be continued…)