Media controlled is satanic;

I believe I was on KSCO talk radio on the 9th of June 2011 when one of their afternoon
hosts took ten minutes of airtime to defame me and malign me and, basically, brainwash all
of you who were listening.
It goes to the heart of my distrust of our jewish run media (No, I am not an anti-semite.)
and why this media monopoly must be broken up, once and for all, for all your sake.
Among the lies ( David Allen?) told to the Santa Cruz listeners;
That I was vigorously investigated when someone in Maine ran down Stephen King. That is all
news to me. Not one person, government or otherwise, ever investigated me, to my knowledge.
In fact, at the time, I warned that our government may have been behind that “accident” to
cover up the John Lennon assassination. I even pointed out the mysterious death of the
driver whio was found dead months later at the young age of 41.
————–also alleged that I used to use others to call in for me to evade their screeners.
Also a lie. I never, ever, resorted to that.
—————also claimed that their station ever gave me an uncensored chance to air my
findings. False, again. At 6:00 am, once, while 98% of their audience was asleep, KSCO al-
lowed me about ten minutes to speak while the hosts tried to steer the dialogue away from
the hard evidence I would have presented had they allowed me to. They did not. The fact that
all this took place at 6:00 am is proof I was being censored, generally.
————— and Corey Gold are probably two media jews; two liars for hire. An invest-
igation will probably prove me correct.
KSCO is a conservative station planted in Santa Cruz to counter real Santa Cruz values.
Period. Period. Period. It is a government controlled station whose job is to castrate Santa
Cruz of it’s testicles.
In fact, in that respect, KSCO has succeeded. The call I made that prompted ———- to
disparage me had to do with my obsevation that; “the public must be satanic in the the wake
of Santa Cruz’s incumbent silence in the face of evidence that proves our government, not
some lone nut, murdered John Lennon.” Which brings me to the point. KSCO is a symbol of
the public’s satanic nature that wants to disparage the messenger even when he is the
only real hero in our midst.
I will find out the name of this lying, cowardly, bootlicking jew who is part of the John
Lennon murder coverup and fill in the blanks as soon as he has the guts to anounce his name.
In one hour, so far, he has not.
It is the media jew who is behind the Lennon murder coverup. That is a fact I have come to
learn over all these years.