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For twenty years I’ve been warning my fellow Americans and citizens of the
world of exactly the kind of societal meltdown we are witnessing today and
why things can’t get better until this kingpin issue of John Lennon’s murder
coverup is reversed and murderer Stephen King is exposed, arrested, tried
and sentenced, once and for all. Reagan will plead alzheimers, I’m sure.
If you cannot avenge the assassination of perhaps the best friend all of you
ever had, indeed the most important man of his day, you are begging God
for trouble and retribution. I personally am convinced that John was the
single most important human on earth and that his life was the key to any
social change and that killing him was like killing the queen bee of a bee
society. That superstars like John Lennon are Gods plan to give us truth
and wisdom and serve to protect us all from our own government. That we
are left helpless at the mercy of tyrannical governments without a super
genious who has risen, out of his or her own greatness, to positions of
public trust and influence. When John Lennon was killed it was as if a vital
element of our humanity was severed. As if some evil, jealous, villian had
pulled a plug out of a wall socket. Remember Rome fell not long after
killing Jesus.
And sure enough, since just my last newsletters we now have a sniper kil-
ling John and Jane Doe near our nations capital.(Subsequently caught)
But we also have now a two paycheck economy stealing more of our
time and leaving our children unattended. Now we have A.I.D.S., gangs,
a food system that promotes diabetes and disease, a government still
subsidizing tobacco to kill us early so we can’t get our social security, we
have a jewish media monopoly that teaches violence and dysfunction and
a breakdown of the family, we have been taught to trade our heroes for
gold, to paraphrase Pink Floyd. Todays biggest entertainment figures
rely on lip- synching and coreography and no one has come along even
close to The Beatles awesome talent or electricity. Kurt Cobain had his
moments though. We have become mindless robots scurrying around
for the dollar bill like never before. Our spare time is occupied with
mostly media hypnosis and driving our overly expensive trucks , cars
and S.U.V.s. Our children’s suicide rate has quadrupled and so has our
society’s violence index. Health care has become the fastest growing
industry behind the building of prisons. Today’s hollywood elite have
become tools of the jewish run media and have to wear police, soldier
and doctor uniforms to find work anymore. They have become the
quintessential pawns of a Soviet like mind control factory. There are no
stand out celebrities anymore. Everything has become homogenized
and watered down. True geniuses and rebels are ostracized and black-
balled and a trend has begun substituting cartoon shows for adults
where the performances are completely controlled. And typically these
shows promote dysfunction and push the lowest common denominator
as the societal norm. Sit coms have become an excercise in stupidity,
as if to lower our I.Q. deliberately. But let us not forget the biggest change;
the world at large has lost respect for the U.S. as it should. We once
offered the world leadership towards a better world and freedom, but
have now become cogs in the wheel of commerce and little else. Is
it any surprise that we have now come under terrorist attacks and find
ourselves without widespread support from the rest of the world? The
culture we promote (MATERIALISM) has drastically lowered both
oxygen ratios and sperm counts. Our birth control pills have been
responsible for the breast cancer epidemic. A dirty cloud is developing
over Asia and the O-zone hole has just divided into two like an amoeba
replicating cells. And yet we chase THE MONEY like a golden calf.
Richard Nixon added a forward to his book The Real War when it
came out in paperback and it was dated Dec. 02, 1980, just six days
before Lennon was assassinated:
“…Americans must learn to lower their ideals….”
Since John Lennon was killed we have become a sugar coated,
more moneyed version of the former Soviet Union. That’s a fact. I have
reason to believe the former Soviet Union and the U.S. are joined.
We are NOT free, NOT brave, but deceived and enslaved.
All of you are directly responsible and to blame for that. It was obvious
for decades: the media takeover and everything else you just ignored..
People, how can I tell you in concrete terms just how essential it is that
you address this issue and all its evidence. We’re talking John Lennon,
at one time the most loved and respected man on earth. John Lennon,
arguably the greatest singer and songwriter of modern time. John Lennon,
who stuck his neck out for the greater cause of humanity and not just
himself. John Lennon who stopped the war in Viet Nam as much as any
other single person, after all it was Give Peace A Chance that everyone
was singing in the protests. But most of all John Lennon who taught us
an alternative to government mind control under the military controlled mass
media. He taught us that “War” was a trick used by the government to
control society with fear and mayhem and that it is high time we all
put a stop to the capitulation attached to our silence and act. He, literally,
raised our consciousness and humanity and changed the world.
He took his position of fame and used it to counter the evil that was
being done to the world and America under corrupt Richard Nixon.
Nixon who can be proved guilty of J.F.K.’s assassination as well.
We needed John’s instinct and outspokeness to join the cause of
Peace, which I think it is fair to say was THE single biggest cause,
besides Love and Understanding, that John attached himself to.
His instincts were right and the veil of media speak gave way to
the first public led revolt to stop a war in our recent history. Even
the media government complex was moved to change under him.
It was a revolution of thought and we had a new power structure
that involved a superstar who had credibility and courage standing
up for the rest of us too powerless to be heard. John Lennon be-
came the voice of his generation. The peoples voice.
It was just a matter of time before the government shot it down.
And when they did they might as well as have had jack-booted
goons break down your door , break your fathers record collection
before hilling him, and then forcing the rest of you to make breakfast
for them after raping you the night before.
The psychological damage that was perpetrated on ALL of you
December 08, 1980, was so aimed at the core of our being that
hundreds of people, including entire families, killed themselves with-
in hours of the news. Go back and read the papers. It was a violent,
humiliating crime designed to break your spirit. And it did. John
Lennon’s assassination caused more suicides around the world
than any assassination in history. That is a compelling fact. That
should give you a reference to the gravity of the tragedy as well as
a reference for the insanity of your apathy now.
Those of us that weren’t that sensitive to the damage that was
done were not spared the damage that occured, nonetheless.
It took me a year and a half to get the courage to admit that my
fellow Americans were suddenly all licking ice cream when a
ghastly silence hung like a shroud of collective shame on us
in 1982. You were all licking your wounds then. I broke out of that
mold that we were all in and literally stumbled onto the evidence
once I took even a little action to right the wrong of not demanding
a public trial for John Lennon’s killer to make sure it wasn’t another
J.F.K. style coverup. One trip to the library and the first break-
through was made to reverse the crime and its horrific damage
I have always believed that all of you would, ultimately, take charge
of this issue and jail King with a vengeance.
In better times for the people of Herman, Maine Stephen King was
kicked out of their town because of his sick writings. This was
a few years before he killed John Lennon and before he got rich and
shut everyone up with money. Back then American’s DID have their
heads on straight. My, how quickly people change when a cash cow
starts spreading his hush money around, as is the case in Bangor,
Maine, where I have been three times, once for five months.
I did have a show of support there, once. I had just gotten my
second invalid ticket in as many weeks and went down town and
vented my disgust that a town would tolerate a killer in their
midst. When I spoke out loud that that “…You people must stop
tolerating a murderous monster, like Stephen King and put him
in jail where he belongs.. ‘ a small group of very young children, per-
haps only four years old, began clapping and shouting their
heart-felt agreement. Will their parents ever get their heads on
as straight is the big question for Bangor, I think.
What about the rest of you, America?

Once Paul McCar tney tried (barely) to help me, on April Fools Day of
1990, when he yelled out “Yeah Steeeeeeeve! That’s right. I don’t know
about you, Berkeley, but I want you to know that we like it, and we need
you as a people to get to the promised land….” during the instrumental
of Fool On The Hill in reference to me and my story following a visit I had
with his brother Michael a year earlier when I asked him to ask Paul for
some help. It was a puny effort that was lost on the stoned audience.
If it were John defending Paul he would have stopped the show and
asked the audience straight up to get the story out. There would have
been no pussy footing around. Even Paul is too scared to help. And,
by the way, I have that endorsement ON TAPE for proof. You can also find
George Herbert Walker Bush speaking to my issue in the 1992 New York
Times transcript of the Richmon, Va. presidential debate wher he says be-
fore a national audience:”…but I am a president who is talking the issues.
You know nobody likes Who Shot John (Abbreviated title of my magazine
then) …but I think governor Clinton is conducting a negative campaign…”
See for yourselves if you don’t believe me. It was said while I was in Maine
causing a stir with my magazine and van.( See Current Update )
It’s up to you people of America. Before it’s too late won’t you please put
your battered pride back together and get beyond the mind control and
out this news? Our parents generation has taught us that the whole of
society can be so wrong and all at once. History proves this. Won’t you
at least take the first baby steps to changing the world with this weapon?
I don’t think it’s a lack of hard evidence that has kept you all on the
sidelines. I think it’s a lack of courage and self respect. The media is
so busy scaring you that you are afraid to do what’s right anymore.
Do what’s righ. Please hurry. Your coverup isn’t working…..