Introduction chapter;

If you view my many other chapters in this, my ed/op page, a recurring theme resonates repeatedly;
“people are phony, gutless, mind controlled zombies who have lost touch with their humanity and
are, literally, insane and perverted, where Lennon’s murder is concerned. People are afraid of the
big truths and can’t handle the truth when it presents itself and mankind is a hero killing, self de-
structive, brainwashed, jealous boot-licking fool. Even worse, that you are all anti-heroic,
pro coverup masochists who, for whatever sick inherited reason, do the satanic thing and not
the right thing where assassinations and coverups are concerned. That mankind is probably, and
inherently, satanic and self destructive by nature.
There. I’ve said it. The obvious truth about all of you. It’s a theme so often pointed out that I feel
I must get that part of this story out, right up front. The part about how all of YOU, the public,
are beside yourselves with disfunction and hypocracy and weakness and decietfulness whenever it
comes to pointing fingers at your evil government. That all of us killed John Lennon with our
B-E-H-A-V-I-O-R. When we all did nothing in the face of the phony Warren Report and then with
the murders of R.F.K. and M.L.K. we set the stage and emboldend our sick government to, not only
kill John Lennon, but to put a satanic twist to it letting a horror writer pull the trigger and per-
vert us all after. It was as if Nixon wanted to see just how phony we all really were.
I’ve changed. I’ve evolved. The rest of you have not. Relative to how I used to view my fellow
man and women I now regard most of you as untouchable, unsexy, subhuman, brainwashed, boring,
insipid, scared, classless, satanic, cowed, Soviet class and un-American.
It is the lot of the messenger and I can’t help it. It’s as if God has altered my perspective to
make sure I finish my expose before I can go back to my once normal life. I am involved with
changing the world and rewriting history and setting a new tone for all mankind and everything
else seems boring and trivial. Even without all the trappings of normalcy I appreciate that my
life is probably better than those who shake their heads at me for even caring.
That I have been spared your embarassing tragedy and have found the truth and run with it has done
little to save mankind from the Chapman lie and lock up author/murderer; Stephen King. In fact, the
main plotters; Nixon and Reagan, have already died and never were dealt justice in this injust country
that has actually glorified the real killer and let him run roughshod over the victimized opublic.
The point I’m making is that you will find constant references to the FACT that ALL of you
people have a satanic blind spot where big truths are concerned. The truths about your government.
The truth is John Lennon’s alleged killer skipped trial, entirely, thanks to all of you.
The truth is Chapman is a decoy, look-alike who is lying to all of you that he killed John.
The truth is you DON’T know if he’s in jail or if the media JUST SAYS SO.
The truth is that all of you are liars, via your silence, in the face of this smokescreen.
The truth is you are all FEIGNING even your denial.
The truth is our government assassinated John Lennon because John was making people think and
the government is afraid of you thinking for yourselves.
The truth is author Stephen King murdered John Lennon, pulled the trigger, sat down and read
The Catcher In The Rye and was switched with Chapman by the corrupt N.Y.P.D. and the mass
media deliberately brainwashwed you, counting on your collective phoniness as a species to
go along with the Chapman lie, even without a trial to make sure.
The truth is that Yoko Ono sits on New York City like a great big wet propaganda blanket keep-
ing that already sick city tied down like Gulliver, blind, twisted and weak.
The truth is that Yoko set John up and is our government’s “Ace In The Hole”.
The truth is that all of you have become pro coverup cowards, on both knees, licking the govern-
ment’s boots after they kicked in your ribs.
America has become Nightmareica.
The only question is; Did the Kremlin concoct this satanic plot to destroy America from the inside,
out or is America already conquered by them and doing itself in? Think about T-H-A-T you poor,
ridiculous, blind, naive people. Somehow you all managed to turn your backs on the most signifi-
cant celebrity ever to grace our lives, John Winston Lennon. You have fallen to the lowest level
of deciet and insanity and self abuse possible. There is virtually nobody on earth you could stand
up for and protect or avenge. Lennon’s murder without a trial and 30 years of public apathy in the
face of hard evidence is all the proof history will ever need.
King repeatedly warns us in one of his books; “Beware the jewish, communist plot against the U.S.”
(Say, by the way, did any of you notice how his mini series Under The Dome was interupted and cut
off from it’s conclusion this mid September of 2013? Am I to believe that CBS only NOW got the
word that they were pushing a monster on us and decided to bail before they lost all trust with
the public? New people come and go and I suppose it’s possible.)
The truth is you all are terribly, tragically, pitifully weak and phony and flawed when it comes to
keeping your heroes alive and avenging them when they are killed. Considering you cannot move
forward as a people without their help it is pitifully stupid of all of you to be this way.
That I dare to be different has presented all of you with an option your sorry ancestors never
had; You can use my evidence to clean up your politics and the sick world you live in, for
a change. Meanwhile you’re all guilty of torturing your messenger/hero, me, for trying to save you.
That you have opted to do nothing for 30 years is a testiment to the fact that all my rantings
about how screwed up and phony you all are is not just me being angry but you being stupid.
Try a little harder, people. You’re dropping the ball. You’re acting stupid and cowardly and
it’s not fair to you or your kids or me. Get a clue miserable all of you.
You laughed at me when my father was killed, you threw eggs at me when I confronted King at a
booksigning, you tore down my posters advertising rallies, you smiled as you took my magazine and
then were seen throwing it in the garbage seconds later, you stood by and did nothing when the
police terrorized me over the years, my own family has admitted to me that they are jealous of my
find and they resent me as a result. You walked by my protests for years wearing a silly smirk
that says “We’r not worthy of your activism, stupid. We’re sick puppies. Poor, trusting you.”
Your media tripped all over themselves with resentment and jealousy while they corrupted all
of you to keep me marginalized, you deliberately shunned buying my magazines wherever my van
was most prominent and the rest of America, who never saw my van, became my customers, instead.
You took out your resentment of me by firing me from many jobs I was good at, everywhere.
You demonstrated the fact that you are afraid of and intimidated by heroes and are pro cover-
up and don’t really stand up for truth, justice and the American way.
You all did plenty to convince me that all of you are sick and satanic, jealous creatures
who are secretly miserable about having to work and suffer under the rules of your government and
you resent me for being better and braver and wiser than you. I’m a hero, you’re not. So you
choose to punish yourselves with tragedy just to keep me from becoming the leader you all desper-
ately need. Your government has, with it’s media, turned all of you into money slaves and
masochists. You’re all satanic. Wake up.
Meanwhile, Stephen King gets to continue to urinate all over your dignity and sanity.
One can almost see Alfred Hitchcock rubbing his palms and saying’ “I told you you were all evil.”
If I wax complaining at your tragic lot in life it’s more your fault than mine.
I am just the messenger. And what a mess you’re all in.

Read my chapters if you have the nerve. Maybe you’re the protesters I need to break this story worldwide and trounce the evil that has destroyed all of you. Maybe you’ll wrest yourselves away from the shackles of media mind control and live under the truth for once in your miserable, hero killing lives.
Or maybe you’ll just do nothing and STAY stupid. (There I go, again, righteously complaining.)
Satan rules silent America. It took me 30 years to see it and be able to admit it.
You people are sick, indeed.
Try a little courage for a change. It freed me and made me a better, more glorious man. Maybe
it can do the same for you.
I belong in the drivers seat of mankind’s future. Not a president or a government official
or a religious leader or a pope. A regular citizen who has elevated himself above the maddening
crowd and achieved a measure of accomplishment and credibility.
We HAD such a leader in John Lennon, then, though it was unofficial and unprecedented in our lifetime. Even though he was born in England he was a citizen, a common person with incredible credentials and his opinions turned out to be mostly spot on and ahead of his time. Smoking weed and doing drugs was his only really bad example and advice for the rest of us. Stopping the VietNam war and dumping Nixon was pure genious and without John none of that might have happened.
I should have the same clout today and we’d upstage even what John did with what I’ve learned.
That’s how our society SHOULD run; with a leader from the public. A normal person to keep the
rest of the machine honest. Without such a standout celebrity you are like an electrical circuit
with a short somewhere. Misfiring and misdirected.

Meanwhile you are reduced to watching “Dancing With The Stars” and other Russian dancing bears kinds of media programming, inbetween all the shoot em up government employee shows the media crams down your throats.
Can I hear you all say, in unison,; “Thank you sir, may I have another?”
Or will some of you come to your senses?

(To be continued….)