It’s True, Florida!

Stephen King, the horror writer, is a murderer. Your new O.J.. He lives near the
Bush’s in Boca Grande and on Casey Key in Sarasota in compounds designed for witness
protection subjects. Maine knows about his murderer status, hence his move to Florida.

(Insert; Subsequent to this entry last December, ’08 King is selling his home on Casey Key,
Florida near Sarasota. I learned this from several sources and can tell you he did so
solely because my website emblazened van has scorched the area and people are learning
that he really IS a sick, sociopathic, public hating murderer. See ya, murderer.
Don’t let the door hit you as you run to another hideout.)

He is NOT a good guy. Snap out of your blindness and fear of the govt.. Help me
expose and arrest him, people.
In case you are clueless I must get you people to help me picket the media before I can
begin to arrest him or he will get sprung by the system now protecting him. I took my
evidence to the Sarasota Sheriffs department and was rebuffed immediately. If you will not
help me protest I can’t save America or save any of you. Will you grow up and rise to
the challenge or will another state have to rescue you like Nevada did with O.J.?
You are a better people than you have been tricked into being by the media and govt..
Prove it here, soon and help me expose King and I will split half of my first years fame
earnings with you fellow protesters who make it happen. That should work out to about
20 to 200 thousand dollars apiece, people. Who says you can’t find work in this economy?
Turn the tables on Lennon’s killer’s people of Florida. Already someone, be it law enforce-
ment personel or King’s gophers, have run me out of a job as soon as I got it. It has
happened a lot with me since my website went up.
I need your help and I need it soon. Get truthworthy and start talking amonst yourselves
and get organized to help me picket the media outlets here in Sarasota. Also I’d like
to suggest standing, en mass, outside the courts and justice offices and buildings in
downtown Sarasota. I don’t know how long I can stay so get OFF your butts and act now,
please, for your own sake and America’s.
Thank you, Steve Lightfoot

(Please forward to bottom of this page and click the chapter “Beware; You don’t care.”
and other chapters unless the pettiness of those who have trespassed against me is more
interesting to you than the greatest expose ever revealed in America’s history.)

If you must, here is “cowards corner” I have set up to out all the regressive, ignorant,
scared, jealous, low minded types who HAVE trespassed against me since arriving in Florida this
past December. I out them in all their embarassing disgrace to point out how sick the public
really is regarding my coming forward with hard evidence that busts our evil government.
If you are too timid to carry a protest sign with me at least boycott these establishments
to let them know you’re not all regressive and cowardly like they, apparently, are.
Before getting to Eveland’s Towing, Econoblast, Sunoco Gas Co. and IWB let me work backwards
starting with Verification Resources and Vicci Marketing at 11515 66th St. N. in Clearwater,
Florida. They run a “hit and run” style of marketing where their telemarketers are trained
to read a prepared script that basically slips by the fact that the listener is actually
buying tech support services for $49.95 @ month. The purchase part is folded into the last
paragraph that is read like a television or radio disclaimer at a quick pace. By the time
the listener hangs up he or she may not even know what just happened. They hire nearly 200
people, in all, to orchestrate this “find the dummy” marketing style.
My first day on the job I recall that I was getting mostly good calls. The next day, after
they noticed my van I experienced a 180 degree change in the kind of calls I was receiving.
I was a closer and fronters would relay calls to me to close. Suddenly I was getting what
I would describe as garbage calls that nobody could close. A night and day difference. That
same day I was told I had three days to supply a different form of second I.D or they would
have to fire me. My SOCIAL SECURITY CARD was not good enough! When I supplied a birth cer-
tificate the receptionist almost sneered.
In fact, since they peddle tech support, I am convinced that ALL their telemarketers are
at the mercy of THEIR tech system which may or may not be doing the same thing to anyone
who is one close away from getting bonus at any given time. In fact a lot of my co-workers
seemed to stop making sales with one call to go before they were paid their bonuses. All
that hard work, chasing that carrot, and then “Wham” the wall would seem to stop sales.
It’s a simple as programming certain closers to only receive calls from the worst fronters.
It may even be more nefarious than that, though. My last shift one fifth of my calls were
“drop offs’, people who hang up before I get to even say a word. This affects ones stats.
I pointed out the possibility that the reason they were changing their marketing technique
the week I arrived was to get half of their staff to quit since it meant a 60% cut in
their pay, immediately. I said this discreetly to a few workers while on break but,
as Bart their staff manager said, they are like the movie “Clockwork Orange” with their
secret listening devices everywhere. In fact I heard him address this rumor at a meeting
once and followed with the line; “Get this virus out of here…” In spite of the garbage
calls I kept getting I made more sales than some workers who were retained while I was
let go ahead of them. Bart proved to be a liar when he fired four of us telling us that
Vicci, “17 steps away..had room for four interviews today at 4:00 pm and positions to fill
there. By firing us on Thursday he took away $2.00 @ hr. as a minimum 36.5 hrs. @ wk are
required to get the extra $2.00 @ hr. He then told us that they were ready for us
immediately. We all were told that there were no positions or appointments available
for two weeks. Translation; Bart is a con man and a liar, Vicci, Verification Resources
et al.
I recall Bartholomew (Bart) saying at one meeting; “Now you vampires go out and get em.”
As if he regards his job as sucking the public’s blood. I will say this. If he were as
talented as he likes to think he is he wouldn’t be devoting his life’s energy to a scheme
that hoodwinks, as opposed to selling, the client. His gambit is presenting phone rebates
and then sliding in a $49.95 @ month charge in the last, disclaimer style paragraph.
Though he presents himself as an ethical peddler who is cleaning up his act, not just to get
employees to take a 60% hit in pay and quit, the truth of the matter is that he was letting
almost any employee his staff called to get snookered with the $49.95 @ month fee under
the pretense of getting phone rebates and tech support literature before I got there. As
a doctor’s son I would also say that Bart may be on some accelerant type of substance.
He tolerates his employees stinking up the parking lot with pot smoke I know.
Fittingly there is a window there that has a barbed wire fence and nothing more to look at.
You remaining workers are all prisoners at their mercy and you’re ALL being played, in my
more educated opinion. Get out and get a job with more integrity and honesty. I will.
As for you non workers; beware of pitches that try to slip anything past you in a rapid
pace. They’re usually hiding something. Also, I was one of dozons of employees who were
deprived of medical and dental benefits that kick in after 90 days. I learned that this
company regularly goes through these feast/famine cycles, apparently TO get people to quit
before they are eligible. Add to this the 36.5 hour minimum to get 10 vs. 8 dollars and
the fact that they can suspend anyone, at will, for a day for any petty reason they choose
and a Clockwork Orange jail environnment looms into view. Employees, beware.
After I was fired I called back to say that I think my phone calls were being administered
in a less than random fashion. When he challenged that I said; “Well you ARE aligned with
tech support services,” He got agitated and defensive and threatening. When he tried to
deny my charge I had to tell him that he has no credibility in anything he says following
his lie about jobs next door. His response?: “I don’t care if you think I have credibility or not.”
He even tried to insinuate that I was on a call back list. I let him know that I would
never work for him again after seeing the way he plays all his employees.
I am a talented salesman who made more than most of their best employees my last real job
and I’m glad I’m no longer suffocating my talents in a position that tries to con people.

Now, just the night before this episode I was singing karaoke, for the first time, at “Friendly’s
Tavern at the west end of Largo, Fl.. I sang Town Without A Pity and introduced it as being
about Dec. 08, 1980. The bartender/owner was so threatened by that that he ordered the host to
close the show early. I asked him if was due to my little remark and he said; “Yep.” just
like a narrow minded person would. He had seen my van and I countered with; “You’ve got to
admit, though, that I support music.” He said; “I think you’re a fuckin nut!” Without skip-
ping a beat I shot back;” I’ll be a millionair long after you’re still tending bar.” It was my way of
86ing him and his bar right up front and he took offense to it and tossed a coaster at my face
which prompted me to say; “You pussy.” He returned with his own slur and I said; “You want
to meet me outside and fight me?” He met me as I stood my ground and said; “I’ll pepper
spray you!” “Aren’t you brave.” I replied and told him I’ll advertise his bigotry on the
radio and called him a coward with pepper spray so his patrons could hear. He was the very
definition of hypocrite peddling karaoke and siding against my Lennon expose. All he cares
about is money and that’s why I brought up the word ‘millionair’. I had to talk his language.
I, myself, have turned down millions to quit my expose and money sucks, truth be told.
I see what cowards it has made out of my fellow man. Boycott “Friendly’s” They’re not.
Friendly’s Restaurant chain is good. Friendly’s Tavern, not so.

Let’s see, there is a golf driving range in Oldsmar, Fl. Downs Driving Range, I believe, and
they banned my van from their property. Their putting green is really a putting fairway
it’s so shaggy. Do you notice how most of my critics are low class to begin with?

The following was posted months ago;
P.S. It seems that Econoblast and Eveland’s Towing of St. Petersburg have emerged as a
symbol of what’s wrong with us all. Namely; Nina, of Ecooblast, an unmarked building in
a parking lot with no signs of any kind, whatsowever, had my van towed because my logo
scared her. I’m miffed because it was her lack of signage, including no sign on her
building to indicate a business was open there, that contributed to the tow, that and
her prejudice against my logo. I doubt she ever towed another vehicle for the same reason.
Evelan’s Towing at Automobile Blvd. made a bad situation worse; When they towed my van
they caused several hundred dollars worth of damage to my suspesion from the way they
dragged my car sideways first to hitch it up. By bushing was pulled out and my alignment
went from perfect to unalignable now. When I came to retrieve my van and pay $100. to
reclaim it I saw that the entrance was decorated with two satanic, horned gargoyles, little
devils, no less, complete with tails, if I remember correctly. There was no doorway, just
a window. I discovered that my van must have been dragged sideways, yet again, due to how
it was parked. The next day I complained to Dave that my alignment was damaged to which
he screamed at me; “If we tow your car and drag it down a ditch and it rolls over that’s
not our fault because you parked on private property!” He was so unprofessional and hostile
that I now suspect they damaged my van on purpose, also because of my logoed website.
Given their front porch it’s a good bet they might be Stephen King fans. When I took my
van to a shop I had been in just days earlier they told me that my damages would be at
least $800. before it could even be aligned again. I know that Eveland’s caused the damage
because I had that A-arm replaced a year ago and everything was perfect on it and the
alignment was perfect up until then. When I called back to speak to the owner as Dave had
suggested he now told me that ;”if (I) ever call him again (he) would break my window!
Do you get the message?!” He tried to change the wording after I asked him to repeat that.
Eveland’s is just one letter away from being spelled Eviland’s and I ask all of you to
boycott them into oblivion if they will not pay for their damages to my van. The same
with Econoblast for their prejudice. In fact, it is my understanding that Florida state
law requires signage or they are responsible for the tow fee, private property rights not
withstanding. I got Bob Grant, one of America’s biggest talk show hosts, taken off the
air with just such a call to act from the public this year in New York. If you all act
these people can be boycotted into oblivion or at least better behavior. Menwhile I will
let all law enforcement agencies know about Eveland’s nonprofessionalism.
I may have to sue these people and settle here and get employment. Either that or sue
for a two way plane trip, hotel and time lost from work etc. and possibly punitive
damages, at least to Eveland’s. If you people send them a message and their business
drops, noticeably, I may get remunerations without having to undergo all those hoops.
Help me, especially out King and get him arrested, but also help me in this regard, people
of Florida. Together we DO have power.

As for IWB and Sunoco, I have entire chapters about them. See list below.

P.P.S. N.Y.C. and Portland, Maine;
Relative to the rest of America Portland, Maine and New York City are in need of
serious reform. N.Y.C. is just subhuman in that it is so crowded, people stacked 20
stories high for miles, that it has lost its sense of community and humanity. It also
has such an inflated opinion of itself that it feels above the need to lift a finger to
even care about John Lennon’s murder; “You want us to care about Lennon’s murder? Why
we’re the greatest city in the world. How dare you confront us with extra duties! We
are so much more superior to anyone else that nobody’s opinion but ours is relevent.”
As a result John Lennon is dead. N.Y.C. was picked as Lennon’s home by Yoko and the
govt. because they knew that only N.Y.C. could skip a trial for Lennon’s killer and
not even notice or care if evidence surfaced. The same could be said of 9-11.
Good luck N.Y.C.. You’ll need it.
As for Portland, Maine I think it is safe to say that it harbors more distemper and
meanness and immature pettiness, perhaps even more inbreeding than most of America.
It’s no wonder it’s people produced the monster that is Stephen King. Just like the brats
in Carrie who poured pigs blood on the prom queen. King was born in Portland, Maine.
When I first visited Portland in 1992 someone tried to pour sugar in my gas tank and
someone else kicked a dent in my fender. Moreover, I experienced a mean sulleness from
its people who sat in the same restaurant with me. It’s no wonder that my last visits
to Portland found officer Wiseman giving me a phony ticket and then watching other adult
children like Judge Moskowitz railroad me in court with a charge not even on my citation.
Now their Supreme Court has dismissed my appeal on the grounds that I failed to supply
a transcript. I applied for and requested one but was not given one. Furthermore the court-
room was cleared of witnesses for my trial and there may not have been a transcriber.
You see how jealous and immature even their adults behave? Good luck after I’m famous
Portland, Maine. You’re not all bad but collectively it’s no surprise that Mohammed Atta
and his accomplice slept there the night before they attacked N.Y.C..
I can see you all now; “Fatso! Four Eyes! Frogface! We don’t want you on OUR team!”
Stop being so mean and petty, you jerks. I know you freeze every winter and have a lot
to be miserable about but America does not appreciate the fact that you tormented King
into becomming a vengeful, sociopathic monster. You are all responsible in spite of the
fact that King was a jerk unto himself anyway without your cruelty. King, who looks a
little inbred, frankly, Portland, may have always been mean and selfish and pompous, the
kind of person who would kill a John Lennon without your tormentations as a child anyway.
But now we’ll all never really know for sure.

I received the letter explaining I offered no declaration in lieu of a transcript and that the
finding would stand. It’s a lie. I did offer a declaration of the events of the trial. Inbred,
backwater, Portland, Maine officials, however, are being dishonest. I’ll lower their property
values and hold their character up as an explanation why King became the monster from
Portland, Maine, someday.