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I never thought that I would have to explain to people why they should care
about the truth of John Lennon’s but, apparently, I do.
In the 20 plus years that I have been outing this evidence a plain and simple
fact has been staring me in the face all along; People today are worse than
they were before John Lennon was assassinated.
Six days before Lennon’s Nixon added a line to the forward of the
second printing of The Real War that reads; “Americans must learn to lower
their ideals…”
So successful was he at bringing this about with the of John Lennon
that I am put off by my fellow Americans, mostly because I have remained
unscathed by the crime, thanks to my knowledge of reality. The rest of
society has been slowly cooked like a pot full of oblivious frogs.
I say these things not to offend, but to alert all of you to your tragedy.
I used to think all of you were a lot ier than I do lately and I’d rather
not take part in your lowered state of being by with any of you.
At least not until you get off your knees and take back your dignity.
What a pity considering how much I used to enjoy it when we were all better.
Far from being a laughing stock, I just might be ier than society at large.
You may all kid yourselves that you are the same as before or that your
children have the same chance at happiness you once had, but you’re just
kidding yourselves. Lennon’s has forced a new barbarism and banal-
ity on all of you.
The signs are all around you. From all the commercials advertising Viagra,
Enzyte and Cialis, to the epidemic of youth gang , to the substandard
entertainers you now have to look up to, to the beginning of World war III,
if you don’t help me soon, before it’s too late.
Our species was designed to follow a citizen, a normal representative of our-
selves, not some designated member of the Bush family or some entrenched
roster of career politicians towing the party line to enslave us with a
two paycheck economy. The only politicians that I deem trustworthy were
the Kennedys and we all know why they were really killed; because they WERE
on our side.
They were the rare exception and today there are no politicians willing to
stick their necks out for us. John Lennon’s line; “You say you’ll change the
Constitution…”, in his song Revolution, was a response to his fans who urged
him to be our president. John was popular enough to pull that off and
Tricky Dicky knew it and subsequently tried to deport him, via agent Yoko Ono,
who planted a roach in his apartment. When the effort was ruled un-
Constitutional he resorted to plan B; political assassination.
Exactly one year after Nixon’s deportation order failed the plot began.
That Stephen King, a then obscure horror writer, was recruited in 1975 to
pull the trigger, five years before it happened, suggests that Nixon tried to, not
only kill John Lennon, but to replace his message of Peace, Love and
Understanding with fear, hatred and insanity. It also suggests that Nixon wanted to
destroy America and its people.
For more information about Yoko’s role and guilt see my other chapters.
Nixon also writes, in The Real War, that the trend of the media elite weild-
ing clout in the public arena; “..will not happen..”
What all of you must realize is that you all absolutely N-E-E-D just such a
media elite influencing politics or you all W-I-L-L be destroyed, culturally.
Politics means “More at police” and is a poor substiture for wise men,
elders and heroes that mankind has relied on for milleniums.
You must come to terms with the fact that your collective BEHAVIOR is
what caused John’s assassination, as much as the hollow point bullets did.
None of you saw a trial for decoy Chapman or had the courage to demand one.
What you must come to terms with is that you will suffocate yourselves unless
you learn to protect people like John Lennon, myself, Ghandi, Martin Luther
King Jr. and others who will come along to guide you.
The current practice of entrusting your lives to our political structure
is a recipe for disaster.
You currently practice what I describe as Judasism, a word I invented to
describe your current habit of the most gifted, wise and beautiful
heroes among you.
I make no apologies for the inference to Judaism as it is the Jews who
monopolize our mass media and are the ones behind the crime and the coverup.
Stephen King, himself, reminds us all, repeatedly, in one of his books;
“Beware the Jewish-Communist plot against the U.S.”.
If you want to call me an anti-Semite you are wrong. It is simply a fact
that our Semetic run media is anti-American and anti-Christian. Precisely
because they run the media you have been brainwashed into thinking that
we are a Judao-Christian nation, though Jews represent only 2.8 percent of
our population. Moreover, Judaism is anathema to Christianity because they
reject Jesus Christ, to begin with, and make no apologies for him.
It was Judas who doomed the world with his betrayal of Christ and now it
seems that the Jews have made a religion out of justifying the crucifixion and
the of all geniuses who dare to change the world as John Lennon did.
Thus the term Judasism. It is suicidal of you to accept this status quo.
It is also the Jews who have twisted our governments arms to be in this
war in the middle east, so if you want to ignore these facts and call me
an anti-Semite know that you are just being a sucker for their propaganda.
My last friend was Jewish and my best friend in San Francisco is also
Jewish. Jesus, my biggest hero, was Jewish.
That all of our politicians are silent on the fact that our mass media is
monopolized by the Jews is proof that they are not your friend and not to be
trusted and that they are in bed with them.
You people must understand that you, like Judas, have learned to look the
other way and take part in all these and coverups for a palm full
of silver, for money, and that that is the method our government is using to
manipulate, corrupt and debase you.
Big shiny trucks and cars is your cheap reward for trading in your humanity.
Martin Luther King Jr. once said that America; “in contrast to its eco-
nomic prosperity, suffers from a poverty of the spirit..”
Take a good look at your entertainers today. No longer are any of them
good enough to just get on stage and electrify the crowd with their raw
talent and greatness. Instead they now lip-synch while gyrating with com-
plex choreographed dance routines and spectacular stage effects.
No longer are there great bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The
Doors, The Kinks, The Beachboys, The Animals and others. No longer are there
artists like Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Bobby Darin or actors like Brando.
Instead you have a panorama of interchangeable names and faces.
It’s as if there is a plot to prevent the emergence of a new superstar.
Actors today are more like union workers who do what they’re told. I have to
wonder, does the cast of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” ever consider what evil
agenda of mind control they are fullfilling for someone else? What is going
on with the mutant foreheads and evil incarnations of formerly human
beings? Add the new “Startreck” series as well.
The talent show American Idol is a symbol of the dearth of talent today
in America. Fittingly, a Brit is reminding us that we all suck lately.
That our youth clamor for this kind of charade is a sad tragedy and shows
me that the parents are asleep at the wheel.
No wonder that Time magazine used the caption; “When The Music Died” on
the cover of their issue covering John’s . “Bye, bye, Miss American Pie,
The levy is as dry as our new culture.
America, you are on the road to ruin and it IS all YOUR fault. The media
has tied you all down like Gulliver because you’ve let them.
Just the other day our falsely elected president, George W., said; “Our
enemies have CHOSE the wrong country…”
No America, I think some of you have CHOSEN the wrong president.
Anyone in charge of our nuclear arsenal should be able to say the word
nuclear, not nucular.
Like the slowly cooked frogs you have become any dunce will look O.K. with
enough time. I’m telling you; The Emperor is, not only , but his
opposition may be running to lose on purpose to assure Bush’s re-election.
Our country may as well be under Soviet occupation with all the ditto heads
who let Rush Limbaugh think FOR them.
This brings me to a pet peeve of mine; the amount of time you spend at work.
When I was a young man most women didn’t have to work. They kept an eye
on the news and they minded the store I call our homes. THEY raised their
own children, not some stranger in a day care center, not a tv.
As soon as the women were tricked into work under the flag of womens lib our
government doubled the price of everything to KEEP them enslaved, over-
whelmed and too pooped to ponder their politics anymore.
Precisely because of trends like this the world and our country is going to
hell. Unfortunately, history teaches us that the masses are asses when it
comes to controlling their lives and that a hero or a famous voice that you
can trust is needed to counter the constant push of government to exploit you.
If this were not true then tell me; why is it that these heroes are always
assassinated by the government? Well?
John Lennon was, far and above, the most phenominal hero we could ever
have hoped for. He was our Godsend, our lucky day. He could have stop-
ped the tag team of the Republicans and the Democrats who are both doing
the exact same thing, in their deceptive way. John didn’t work for the
Rockefeller machine and he could have removed the blindfolds those two
parties have sandbagged you with.
John sang; “You tell me it’s the institution… you better free your minds
instead…” John could have and would have saved us, given the chance.
His song “Clean Up Time” was his move to get us off of . He acknowledged
his past mistakes and he knew that we, the people, had a job to do.
His first political song; “Nowhere Man” addressed public apathy.
He was a man a century ahead of his time. John was, and still is, the most
photographed human that ever lived. His potential power to unite us was
mindboggling. I can only imagine how different things would be today had he
been allowed to live out his life.
I guarantee you we would not be at war in Iraq now, mislead by an unqualified
son of priveledge. I doubt that right wing talk radio would have been able
to compete with his wisdom and influence.
For all we know we would all have horizontal windmills on our solar panelled
roofs and we’d all be driving all electric cars with solar body panels
and our air would be so clean our sperm counts would be increasing instead
of decreasing. Perhaps there would be no global warming or war anymore.
For all we know we might be working an average of 32 hours per week instead
of the 52 hours per week we do. For all we know companies wouldn’t
be taking over our bodies and nobody would need Viagra.
For all we know.
I guarantee all of you that I will pick up where John left off if I live
to see this Lennon expose take over the planet.
If all of you help me break this story I will enact the laws already on the
books to break up the Jewish media monopoly. If all of you help me break this
story I will see to it that oil dependancy and evil regimes like the Rock-
efeller and Bush family dynasties will become a thing of the past. I will
harness your collective energy to change our world and our lives.
ANYBODY who would break a story as mammoth as this Lennon expose would be
in a position to do all this and more, unless, unlesss, UNLESS, you people
are too weak to keep him alive.
Right now you are too weak to care, well, except for some of you already
reading my website, too weak to care enough to even expose, arrest, try
and jail Stephen King, even with hard evidence!
I hold up the people of Maine for proof. They responded to my evidence by
seeing Bush Sr.’s ratings drop 22 percentage points in ONE WEEK after I
distributed my magazine, then titled; “Everybody’s business; Who Shot John
Lennon?”, in Kennebunkport, prompting Bush to remark; “…You know, no-
body likes who shot John, but…” during the 1992 presidential debate in
Richmond, Virginia. Yet, they still lacked the wisdom, the balls, the self
respect, to EXPOSE my evidence!
Similarly the people of Bangor, Maine, King’s hometown, rejected the
local candidate that King endorsed in their paper.
It’s not because I lack solid evidence that America’s people won’t help me,
it’s because America’s people lack sufficient self esteem and courage to
do what only the public CAN do; expose their government. Do any of you
honestly think that our media networks are NOT part of the government?
The answer is this story. John called his assassination “The event”.
John knew he would be killed because of his power and he told Paul Mc-
Cartney to say; “Well that was John’s thing. “The event” he called it…”
as Paul DID say the very next day on tv.
The media was careful not to replay that mysterious remark ever again
for fear that we would get a whiff of what it meant.
There is nobody on the political and cultural terrain with more potential
than yours, truly. I say that not out of conceat but out of honesty.
Even if I were killed and someone else broke my story, they would lack all
the wisdom and knowledge that I had to suffer for to achieve.
All my information would be lost, maybe forever.
Who else will tell the public what it needs to be told? Who else could
possibly know what I have had to learn just to stay alive all these years?
Who else will have the stones to out the powers that be and jail King,
Yoko, Chapman, Bush Sr. and dozons of others?
Who else will dare to undo the military-industrial complex conspiracy,
Time, Newsweek, U.S. News and World Report and the Jewish controlled media?
Who else will find the balls to stick his or her neck out that far for you?
I am struck by the universal smirk people display when they walk by me
and my emblazened van. It’s a silly, insane kind of smirk that, I think, says:
“Do you really think that any of us care or have the wisdom to help you?
You’re on a fools errand and forgive us if we laugh and smirk at your
heroism and courage. We’re just not that intelligent a species. Has any-
one ever succeeded at what you’re trying to do? Get a job. Give up.
We don’t care.”
To those who DO think exactly that, I say, you lack self esteem and you are
plagued with an enormous fear of government and feel you need to be the
victim of politicians because that’s just how the world has always been.
I say to you that you have sold your souls for what money can buy to
ease the pain of your disease.
But mostly, I say to you, you have never had such evidence at your disposal
ever before and that now things ARE VERY DIFFERENT, INDEED!
W-A-K-E U-P-!!!!!! Snap out of your media induced comas and take ad-
vantage of me before I pull a Charles Lindburg on all of you and move
overseas and become their hero, instead.
Because of your apathy I have had to postpone marriage, fatherhood, suc-
cess and true happiness. You may as well have kidnapped and ed my
child like you did Lindburg’s. You are lucky that I haven’t resorted to
a crime to force this story on you and taken myself out of the public arena.
You don’t know how lucky you all are that I still have faith in you, that
I still am available to help you instead of locked up just to break the news.
A lesser man would have been killed, jailed or become insane by now, but
I am the stuff heroes really ARE made of and you are fools not to
see that.
Redeem yourselves and help me or I just may make a career of exposing
America’s people, after, instead.
Don’t make me cross the pond to tell the world the truth. They may
jump at the chance to expose all of this and I just might find them ier than
a bunch of hero losers.
Don’t take me for granted, America. I am a world citizen first and I believe
in the words of IMAGINE. So should you.
I will always believe in God and truth and honor and justice, will you?
I know that Peace Love and Understanding is the answer, not war.
John wrote the song “Come Together” to prompt us to come together over him
after the government killed him so that we would have a vehicle for change.
Well, what’s taking you so long, America?