Get rich;Buy my vans!!!

On a par with buying Charles Lindberg’s airplane; “The Spirit of Saint Louis ” the plane he made the first trans Atlantic flight with, my two sloganed vans have the potential to sell someday for a million dollars each. Not a joke, I’m serious.
Someday, after my expose breaks and re-writes our history books, I will probably be the worlds biggest hero/celebrity (I to sound so grandeous) This story will take over the planet and our lives and rebuild civilization, itself. To say that this story I have been breaking for the last 24 will be part of our grandchildrens history books is an understatement. This is the biggest expose in human history and the biggest news since Jesus Christ.
The two vans I lived in and launched my story from, the one I took to Stephen King’s hometown, my 1975 Chevy, and my website sloganed 1973 Dodge, will be worth scads of money someday. Like the baseball Ruth hit his last home run with.
The Chevy is a six cylinder with a new motor, transmission and rear end and new front end suspension parts etc. etc. etc.
It has over 300k miles and runs GREAT! It was my first story related vehicle and was part of my life the first and most dangerous 16 years of my expose. It has a new urethane, bright white paint job with my website address on the blacked out windows and “EVERYBODY’S BUSINESS” slogan on the sides and back with a large, green, compuer style green arrow pointing up to the the windows website address.
It is probably the most historically significant and I took it to Bangor, Maine twice, once for six months, as well as three national tours and, like I say, was my home for the most significant and dangerous years of my life. If my story breaks and it does not fetch for you one million dollars from a private collector of historical artifacts I will agree, in writing, to buy it back from you FOR $50,000.00.
If you believe in me and the story and the probability that it will break then you will make out like a millionair. You must agree, however, to keep it in as is condition and not alter it or repaint it or drive it into the ground or wreck it.
This van I am selling for fifteen thousand dollars. It can go another hundred thousand miles it’s in such good condition and it has very good compression in all of it’s cylinders.

My other van, a cream colored high top camper van, is the first one to carry my website address. It too has been cross country and to Bangor, Maine and New York.
It is a 1973 Dodge with a 318 v-8 motor and has only 170k origional miles and runs perfect. I have only used synthetic oils in it’s motor and transmission. Even though it is also very potentially valuable as well I will be selling this one for only ten thousand dollars. If my story breaks and no other private party offers you $50,000.00 for it I will agree, in writing, to buy it back for that amount as long as you also keep it in as is condition and don’t drive it into the ground or wreck it. I have lived in this van the past five years.
If this story breaks and I am not assassinated after, you can’t lose. In fact whoever buys one or both of these vans stands to gain a monster profit for his investment, one unlike you will likely find anywhere else in any market.

You may contact me via;
or you can write me at;
Steve Lightfoot
General Delivery
Santa Rosa,Calif. 95402

P.S. I can include origional interior living quarters and personal effects and possesions upon request.
First come, first serve.
Thank you for your consideration.