Why Trust Me?

Why should you all trust me, a simple, common citizen?
Well, off the top of my head;

I’ve been endorsed, live, by Paul McCartney at the 1990 Berkeley concert during the instru-
mental of “Fool On The Hill” on April Fools day, 4/1/1990, when he yelled out; “Yeah
STEEEEEEVE! That’s right! I don’t know what YOU think, Berkeley, but I want you to know
that we LIKE it and we NEED you as a PEOPLE to GET to the promised land…..” then he con-
tinued with his song. ( I have it all on tape! )
Not much, I’ll admit, but an endorsement from Paul, live, a year after I met his brother, Mike,
and asked for Paul’s help.

I’ve been discussed by the likes of Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, Tom Brokow and all the
major media, granted, in a false light – They tried to brainwash you into believing I am a
stalker of Stephen King – but I must be a threat to get that much valuable tv time. –
In reality I was standing with huge sign at one of his booksigning events in Santa Cruz that
read; STEPHEN KING IS A MURDERER; IT’S TRUE OR HE’D SUE. No stalking, thank you.
I was on tv in handcuffs and then jailed for two days for suspicion of trespassing and then
released, with no charges filed, after the media had their way with me and all of you.

I’ve been featured on “American Journal” in a similar light, twice, on tv.

No one has ever proven me wrong or found valid, contrary facts to dispute my claims –
media propoganda doesn’t count-.
Interestingly, the public, for only one year when I started my expose, would yell out to me;
“Get a life.” “Get a job.” “Who cares?” until they knew I wouldn’t back off and then they
all just stopped that jealous foolishness.

My website has been number one in its category for 11 years straight except just lately –
Wickopedia is lying about even media released facts and they have a spot ahead of me -.
Specifically, Wickopedia claims that Yoko wanted to get a bite to eat before returning to
The Dakota that night. In reality it was John. Yoko decided to go straight home, instead.
John was killed just minutes later. Wickopedia tried to make Yoko look innocent with a
false representation. Why? Is Wickopedia C.I.A.?

I played a MAJOR role in the 1992 presidential election by virtue of distributing my magazine,
then titled; “Everybody’s Business; Who Shot John Lennon?”, to the downtown merchants of
Kennebunkport, Maine. Within one week from doing so Bush (Sr.) went from being 12 points
ahead of Clinton to 11 points BEHIND Clinton in Bush’s home town. I caused such a calamity
that Bush remarked, during the Richmond, Va. debate, :”…you know, nobody likes “Who shot
John”, but I think governor Clinton is the one mounting a negative campaign….”
He was admitting, in front of the whole world, that my magazine had already run his chances
into the mud and he had all but conceeded the race. He impressed me as a man in doing so,
for admitting my magazine had caused his rapid decline in the race.
If you think I am making all this up, I’m not. The New York Times transcript of the debate
includes that remark Bush made. They even delayed publishing it for two extra days be-
fore they realized they couldn’t leave it out as America had taped it on their televisions
and any ommission would have caused big alarm bells to ring. They had to print it.
Weeks before that debate, in fact, during his speech about Hurricane Andrew, Bush said,
also,: “Nobody likes “Who shot John”…” My head almost hit the ceiling of my van when I
heard him that first time watching it on tv.

Stephen King has never denied my claims, ever!!!!!! He has never sued me, either. When he
tried to bring a protection from harassment order against me I defeated his lawyer.

When Stephen King and I were an inch apart in Bangor, Maine in 1992 and I was busy play-
ing a political song about him all he could muster was a stuttering; “T-take c-care. I
w-w-want you to t-take c-care.” before he sauntered away, obviously sorry for what he did
to John. Behind his words were the unspoken words; “Hey, I was wrong, stupid as could be
and more. Don’t YOU hate me. I care about what YOU think about me.”

Stephen King has remained off all media all this time – except for those rare occassions
he is spotted in the stands at Redsocks games -.

When he was run down in June of 1999 by a van and almost killed and then the driver was
found dead months later it was probably a government attempt to kill King to silence
my earth shaking story.

Did I mention? There was no trial for Mark David Chapman. That’s a reason to trust me.

Also, I’ve discovered hard evidence that refutes the Chapman story we were told; The kil-
ler’s face and true identity and alleged name and attached letter to the editor in print
weeks before the murder, government codes in Time and Newsweek’s headlines you will only
find surrounding the night of the murder as well as supportive evidence in Nixon’s book;
The Real War that discusses why John Lennon types must be assassinated for their out-
spokeness regarding war and peace, and evidence in Stephen King’s novels that draw from
the murder of John Lennon.

But the biggest reason you should trust me, and there are dozons of other reasons I didn’t
list, is because the MEDIA IS NOT TRUSTWORTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Never have they told the truth about any of the many assassinations we have suffered under.
After a career of telling us all government lies Dan Rather exited broadcasting posing as
a liberal when he tried to bash Bush. That was a scam to paint Rather as a good guy on
the people’s side when, in reality, he told us all that J.F.K.’s head was hurled forward,
not backwards, as the Zapbruder film proves. The entire media is a satanic agent of the
government and the military and they can never be trusted to tell us the big truths.
If you don’t understand that Barbara Walters and every major news anchor is a card carrying
member of the C.I.A. then you, simply, do not understand who the media is. The media is,
simply, the mind control wing of our world order military and C.I.A., period.
Since I arrived in southern California and began getting on talk radio both KOGO in San
Diego and KABC in Los Angeles have gone from a two second and seven second delay, respect-
ively, to an 18 second delay, all of a sudden. Truth hero, Steve Lightfoot, is the real
reason why. They are putting a condom over talk radio to protect themselves from all of
you getting the truth.
These radio stations, as well as San Francisco’s KGO, who has pulled 90% of its talk format
because of me, are all C.I.A. owned. It’s a documented fact. Their hosts are your real
life enemies, even more than Al Quieda.


One of the intense joys I get out of life is from my uncanny detective abilities. I love
turning normal events into revealing events. Take the Queen of England’s latest bash celebra-
ting her 60th year on the throne. To begin with, I have a low regard for monarchies and
all the pomp and circumstance involved. So much ridiculousness in my book.
Many artists; Tom Jones, Elton John and “Sir” Paul McCartney entertained the crowd last night.
I read so much into it all. Tom Jones, sounding even better than ever, sang “Delilah” for the
occassion; “Forgive me Dianna, I just couldn’t take anymore!…” OOps. Did I say Dianna
instead of Delilah? It was a royal dig at why the monarchy killed Dianna I think.
Elton John did NOT sing “England’s Rose” as he did right after Dianna died, a song twist
on Goodbye Norma Jean and “Candle In The Wind”. Royal orders, I presume, as well.
Enter Paul McCowardly singing, in consecutive order; “Let It Be”, “Live and Let Die” and “la, la, la,
la, life goes on…” from “Obla Di Obla Da”
You see, people, Paul always was intensely jealous of John Lennon for being the brightest
one of the group, the most revered, the most important member, the founder of the group
and their name, even, his philanthropic reputation, his superior talent and songwriting abili-
ties, voice, etc., etc., etc..
Paul sang “Live and Let Die” the night he endorsed me, for God’s sake.
What he wants to say is this; “Let John Lennon’s murder be. Leave it alone, live and let
die, life goes on. Forgetaboutit.
Hard to believe he honored John’s request by saying, when asked the day of the murder what
he thought,; “Well that was John’s thing. “The Event” he called it.”
He is the opposite of me. He is the ultimate example of the common slob. He who wants to
surrender all responsibility and just live for himself and not be bothered with anything
or anyone else. No wonder John wrote “How Do You Sleep” about him. No wonder the Beatles
really broke up. John just couldn’t stand him and his silly, vain personality.
Paul absolutely DREADS the day John’s murder takes over world headlines and puts him back
in the spotlight where he belongs. “Oh, great! John gets all the notice, again!”
Wow! I’ve got to feel sorry for Paul for being so jealous.
Now, if I’m wrong about his choosing those songs and the Queen decided on them, instead,
then I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions. After all, I’m pretty sure Tom Jones would
rather have sung “She’s A Lady” and he only sang “Delilah” all night and the Queen probably
did choose for him, “Delilah”, to suggest it was about Dianna, however, Paul has relished
in performing “Live and Let Die” at every concert I can recall, even at the superbowl,
so I doubt I am wrong. If the Queen chose the songs then she is not fond of my Lennon
expose any more than our own government. John did give back those medals the Queen gave
The Beatles, once, renouncing the monarchy over some other issue. No doubt the royal family
have a lot to lose if John’s vision of a world without possessions and borders takes hold.
The royal family might get their welfare pulled right out from under themselves and have
to stop spunging off the public for a living.

( Incidently, regarding Dianna’s death, it must have been swat team posing as paparazzi
who goaded a driver, after getting a dosed drink, first, into speeding through that pillar
lined tunnel, as planned, and a stunt driver in a Fiat Uno who deliberately clipped the
Mercedes limos’ front fender sending it into the pillars and certain death for Dianna.
A ‘medic’ was ‘massaging’ her out of body heart for forty minutes before any ambulance
was allowed to get to her. Capiche? )

If I were not 99% sure about my feelings about Paul’s petty, jealous chip on his shoulder I
would not risk dashing any future relationship or friendship with him. After all, I love playing
Beatles music on my guitar and singing, too, and it would be great to collaborate with him
after Stephen King is exposed. I don’t get the feeling Paul looks forward to my expose
happening any time before he dies, however. Besides, well, his voice is going fast, suddenly.
Any collaboration may be out of the question, anyway.
I remember a bartender in Manhatten in 1992 or 1996, I forget which, from Liverpool who
knew the inside scoop about Paul from before he became famous and he was livid with con-
tempt about Paul. I was as agast at him as some of you are about me, I’m sure. I even yelled
out at him, once; “McCartney hater!!!!”
Now, having seen Paul’s satanic side, I have to agree with that bartender from Liverpool.
Paul has a lot wrong with him as a person and has lived in a world where no one will tell
him to his face about it, apparently.
The bottom line, folks, is this; Paul has not come forward to help me come forward as
he should have done long ago. That weak plug he gave me went unoticed by me until I heard
it on my tape player the next day it was so tepid. Him up in the air, his back to the aud-
ience, playing the piano yelling out my name. I must admit, though, when he did he never
sounded more courageous and brave and powerful. It was a wonderful moment in time.
The world I envision would have him or any other major celebrity taking a day off from
their life and come to where I live and stand next to me with my website on a sign until
the media showed up and explained the event to the public so King’s arrest could commence.
Too bad our world, today, is so chicken, the public included, that that is but a fond wish.
You all have a lot of Stephen King’s urine to shake off of yourselves for being so weak
and stupid and brainwashed and victimized for all these decades, now, my own family included.
Imagine all you people living under the truth for once in your phony lives.
I wonder if you can.

About the 2012 election; My take:

Both Obama and Romney are world order puppets, Romney’s job being to lose to get Obama in
as Obama seems to catch most people off guard to what he’s really up to. He’s more apt
to keep our misplaced trust.
Romney , as 47th in the nation as governor for jobs created, is not the best candidate
for the issues this fall and the Rockefeller, Rothchild, Bilteburger crowd are relying on
this unhappy fact to almost guarantee an Obama re-election. That’s my take, based on the
sudden spate of traffic citations I’ve received, all at once, under the Obama presidency.
In 2007 I was almost killed when a woman ran a red light doing almost 60 mph, under the
Bush presidency, and now it seems the same crowd is trying to set me up for an untimely
“accident” after first papering me with a false record of recklessness I don’t deserve.
In 2007 the intersection was paved over just two days later and the woman was never cited.
Beware of ALL presidents of ALL stripes. The presidency is never left to chance or your vote.
They have a tag team of designated winner and designated loser. Ever since 1964.
Also, after over three years of inflated gas prices it seems big oil is trying to get Obama
back in by lowering prices, probably through mid Novemmber. He’s their man.

P.S. Killing Afghani’s with drones from desks in Nevada is perhaps contributing to the
upturn in wildfires our nation is experiencing. I think such unfair tactics creates more terror-
ism than it prevents.


This is too important a chapter not be part of the one it is under.
A person, by himself, who sees another injured is more apt to help him than two people,
together, are. Why?! Because one is looking to the other to act first. Beyond that studies
have shown other reasons why group-think is fraught with hypocracy and human evil. Too
complicated to go into detail now, although I’d say that the group usually agrees on the
lowest common denominator of thought among the group to include everybody. How else can
you explain the people of Jerusalem choosing to free Barabas, a murderer, over Jesus? They
have more in common with him than a saint. They, in fact, may resent someone for being
better than they are and have sympathy for a scoundrel like themselves.
It’s a complicated, sobering look at ourselves and how sinful and self destructive we are under
the influence of group think. Almost as if, because the majority of the crowd is a slob and
does not want to put forth the effort to be a better person, the whole crowd must lower it’s
dignity to accomodate the majority. It’s almost always the wrong choice, though.
What we should do is allow a genius the microphone to lead us under the umbrella of his
better vision than we can imagine even by our collective selves. Instead we sit still and give
our government the right to murder these heroes and then brand us with their fear program.
I, for example, remember thinking to myself, when Lennon was murdered,; “They (the govt.)
will get caught. John has too many fans for them not to get to the bottom of this coverup.”
In mid 1981, when Chapman’s 60 day psychiatric evaluation turned into silence, I had to admit
that I was wrong and that nobody was going to get to the bottom of anything, after all.
Thinking, then, that the govt. is too smart to leave evidence and might never get caught
I sold my car and bought a 12 speed bike and took off to be a beach bum for a while in
the San Diego beach area where I mostly indulged myself with Beatles tapes which I listened
to on my Walkman. The world was on it’s face and I saw no use in being a part of it and
chose to NOT be a part of it. It was about then when, following a profound dream about a
girl I once knew, that I burst into my local library to investigate the matter. One hour
later I knew I had stumbled onto C.I.A. bold print codes in Time and Newsweek magazines sur-
rounding the night of John’s murder that implicated Nixon and Reagan. Months later I would
find the killer’s face and true identity and Mark David Chapman attached to a letter to the
editor linking himself to Reagan, etc.. I thought, then, that it might take at least a few
months before the public reacted to my find, before the media would tell us all and I could
claim my spot as hero of the century for finding the goods.
Thirty years later, this month, I understand that group-think has rendered all of you other-
wise well intentioned people too evil to want to care at all, even a little.
Thumb-sucking, boot-licking phonies that you all are when push comes to shove.
In fact, if I had $25 thousand dollars and could afford to rent a prominent billboard
in San Francisco – the city that let me down the most – it would read. simply;


Oh, yes, absolutely, without a single regret or hesitation.
It’s the medicine you all need.
Of course I don’t have that money nor would the advertising company allow my Lenny Bruce
approach style.
There are other ways, though, to force you all to deal with your dirt. I just can’t think
of one that won’t get me a little jail time.
So think about your sinful nature that is loathe to admit your own dirt. Think about how
all of you let John Lennon and yourslves down and how you are molesting your kids with his
real murderer, too jealous of me to lend a hand and too ashamed of yourselves for being
part of the problem instead of the solution.

I recall the letter to the editor that one of these magazines featured the week after John
died that read’
“John Lennon is dead. We all ask who and why?
When, after all, it was you and I.”

Sympathy for the devil, I think, Mick Jagger called it.
Mick was smart enough, by the way, to roll out a video in the 80’s portraying him as one
being hunted by government swat teams. The government pulled that video after ONE showing!
Mick, apparently, does not have a first amendment right to warn his fans that the govern-
ment would like to stalk him with machine guns and assassinate him for being influential.
We can’t allow THAT much free speech, after all. Isn’t that right, phony America?
Let’s discuss your collective phoniness, since I’ve brought it up. I used to be as phony
as most of you are, once.
When John was murdered Chapman offered that he did it because John was a “phony”.
In reality John was the only one of us who was NOT a phony. The ONLY one. The government
controlled media knew that they had to use 180 degree lie techniques to scam you. They should
have told you the truth; that John was killed for his enormous, unparalleled influence and for
trying to wrest us all away from the phoniness of money and commerce and all the lying and
back stabbing that goes with it. That he was a threat to the phony system that enslaves us.
That he was murdered for being an example of what it’s like to have 500 million dollars
and not even own a car!!!!!!!! for example.
The media was trying to hang the public’s phoniness around John Lennon’s neck and transpose
reality. In reality the media was really saying; “It’s o.k. for all of you to be phony and
blame John’s political assassination on a lone gunman, nut and ignore the history of America
that has a habit of assassinating anyone who dares to help the common man.” “Let’s all blame
our phoniness on John and wipe our hands of the blood our government sheds in the name of
the people.”

News Flash!

James Holmes shoots Batman crowd in Colorado.
You all know the story. Will the media ever tell us WHY James did it?!
I doubt it. The media doesn’t want you to know why society is self destructing. If James was
upset over society’s preoccupation with violence in the media and wanted to punish that
crowd for worshiping darkness, violence and escapism the media will be the last to tell
you that. The media is in the business of selling fear and violence, especially gun violence.
I think it’s a subversive campaign to take away our guns, eventually, after they make you
all sick of them, first. Every night about twenty murders with guns are committed on tv ,
alone, 365 days a year.
Admit it. Or do you not channel surf?
No, America, if James Holmes had a message to convey and it was to protest the insanity of
the public that gravitates towards violence then the media will keep that message a secret.
It is the media’s agenda to perpetuate your culture of fear and violence and they would
rather all of you get shot up than alert you to that fact.
In fact, right before the carnage began in Aurora, Colorado the audience was assaulted with
a trailer promo depicting four men in machine guns, literally, gunning down the watching
spectators. Moments later the real thing happened.
So, you see, sick public, you all ARE watching the prince of “darkness” and were caught in
the act of your depravity and were shot up for it for all you really know.
Regardless of whether or not Mr. Holmes is sick or not, all of you are sick to be escaping
into a fantasy world of violence on film in any manner or form. The media has warped you.
I know exactly how sick you ALL ARE. I’ve watched all of you ignore the evidence that proves
Stephen King murdered John Lennon. Thirty years of ghastly, subhuman depravity on all
your part.
The gunman wasn’t the only sicko in that theater that night.
Until you get your heads on straight and jail Stephen King satan rules cowardly America.

Bangor, Maine;

Are you people as phony and mind controlled as Stepford Wives or what????!!!!
I spent over a year, in all, in your town and even drove around advertising my website on my
van and, still, you are prisoners of your own denial and pure human evil.
I’m going to call Stephen King a monkey mouth murderer, here, to stir the pot. Every time
you see him you will have to admit that he does have a monkey mouth. Eventually you’ll
all have to admit he’s a murderer as well.
It took a sub evolved human being like King to kill a super evolved human like John Lennon.
I think King is evidence that we did evolve from monkeys. He’s right out of Planet of the
Apes, is he not?
It took a person like monkey mouth murderer to write about doing what James Holmes did
as King did in his pre fame book; RAGE, about a student who kills his classmates in class.
It took a sub evolved human like King to write about a girl who burns her tormentors in
an auditorium after they dump a bucket of pigs blood on her at her prom night moment in the
sun like his character CARRIE.
Yes, monkey mouth murderer, King, is exactly that guy who blew away his peers last week in
Aurora, Colorado. He always has been. He hurt us all when he killed John Lennon. He loved
hurting as many people as possible that evil night. He was teased and rejected by the people
of Maine in oh so many ways before Dec. 08, 1980. He was even run out of Herman, Maine
in the 70’s or 60’s over his sick writings. He had a huge chip on his shoulder.
If you monsters want to protect him by feigning ignorance or stupidity regarding his role in
Lennon’s murder then watch a little Alfred Hitchcock to better understand your dark half.
Meanwhile, you are not going to fool America that you didn’t know after the story breaks.
When they find out that I gave you plenty of information over time Stockholm Syndrome will
be called Bangor Syndrome.
Food for thought, Mainers.
In case I forgot to mention it, King was convicted in 1992 in Belfast, Maine of having sex
with a 15 year old and was fined but the media kept it out of the news. The media is busy
protecting the government instead of all of you. They ARE the government, you see.
Now, what can you, as a community, do to expose King? I’d assemble at the center of town
with a billboard with my website on it and other signs indicating King is a murderer.
I’d assemble in front of the Bangor Daily News with billboards.
I wish I could say that the Bangor police department and your chief of police were above
board and honest. Truth is, however, that King has bribed them with big bucks to protect
him instead of all of you. In 1992 one officer who falsely cited me admitted, under oath,
that he told me; “King pays me $5,000. a week to harass you. How do you think I pay
for my nice house…?”
I witnnesses your senator William Cohen addressing either the senate or congress, on nation-
al television about: “Steve Lightfoot…and the need to legislate agaiinst his activities..” and
he is no good, either. Have your mayor and city officials sold you out for King’s money
as well?
Satanic, evil, murderer; Stephen King has corrupted your once fair city, people of Bangor.
You might actually HAVE TO use billboards and public displays to overcome the fact that you
have no legitimate public officials to rely on.
Number one, I’d resist the temptation to do nothing. That’s the biggest challenge.
Stu, I believe his name was, the former owner of the bookstore at the center of town that
used to sell King’s books, told me, once, that King is; “…afraid he will fry.” when the
truth comes out. This candid admission after I tried to explain what direction I would take
the story after it breaks. He felt the need to cut me off in mid sentence, in fact.
So there you have it, from his confidant and friend. King is worried he will “fry.”
Herman was right to boot him out over his sick writings. Now you all fawn over him because
he is rich and famous and spreads his money around to buy your silence. Baseball field here,
hospital wing there, college grant, etc., etc.. He knows you will accept his bribes.
He acts like a man incapable of harming a fly, as tranquil and polite as can be. It’s an
act, Bangor. An act. In fact, in his writings, he mocks characters who are overly polite as
the ones to be wary of. Take a clue, people.
To those of you so stupid to wash your hands of my evidence with the argument; “The killer
was caught at the scene. There were witnesses. He admitted to the crime. Case closed.”
Boy, are you people feeble minded fools, an easy mark. Chapman never even stood TRIAL!
The police arrested King while he read The Catcher In The Rye, put a coat over his face,
transported him to the station and switched him with Chapman, a look-alike, who performed
mass brainwash on the entire world with his well rehearsed confession. The lone nut angle.
The New York police, courts the national media, the governor, mayor, et al, involved.
The warden at Attica prison and now the warden where Chapman was “allegedly” just trans-
fered to and other officials are all involved with the crime and coverup as well. New York,
New York, the most corrupt city in America. Are any of you people really surprised?
With Yoko Ono, their ace in the hole to keep the public at bay, one has to admit that Nixon
was an evil genius. Who would ever believe that the worlds most famous horror writer act-
ually pulled the trigger? Pure genius.
King and his co-conspirators had the whole thing planned five years earlier when King began
writing about “Johnny, Nixon, The Catcher In The Rye, Mark, shooting a man between the
shoulder blades, etc., etc. in his books.
Look the other way and you, yourselves, become child molesters, not good parents. Admit it.
On the other hand, if you DO expose and jail him you will be the bravest, sanest, most Amer-
ican citizens to live since the country was founded.
Letting Lennon die without demanding a trial for his alleged killer was about the weak-
est moment in our long history. I’m here to lead the revolution to bring America back to
It has been steeped in evil and your apathy for too long, now.

By the way, when Stu, King’s book store owner/friend who made lots of money with King sel-
ling autographed book copies back then told me that King “…is afraid he’s going to fry.”
the conversation started when I tried to tell Stu that, after the story breaks, I will bring
King out of his cell to make ammends with the public by sharing the television stage with me
performing skits where King will play a role and me the role of the apathetic, phony, typ-
ical human being in denial. This to dramatize the elements involved in our mass role in
the coverup to begin with.
I was in the middle of this, perhaps naive, rant when Stu butted in, frustrated, to say;
“Hey, King is afraid he’s going to fry.” in an attempt to bring me back to earth.
That’s how I learned that King had admitted guilt to Stu, his close friend. My obtuse rant
seemed to be the catalyst that extracted his seemingly involuntary remark. It remains the
closest thing to a confession out of King, yet.
The other episode was in 1994 in Santa Cruz, California at a bookstore that King was signing
books at. I was outside with a massive sign that read;
A small girl asked him, point blank,; “Did you kill John Lennon?”
King replied exactly like this, I was told;
“No…..(dramatic, long pause)…comment.”
He couldn’t say just “No.” he said; “No……………..comment.”

( To be continued…..)

SEE MY OTHER CHAPTERS BELOW!!!!! And, by the way, since I noticed that someone,
perhaps friendly, has hacked into my Footnotes and New Developments page section, recently,
and jimmied with the order of my presentation of the various chapters I have been forced to
re-evaluate some of my writings and, WOW!!, please forgive my terrorized state of mind
when I wrote some of them.
I’m more mature and centered, now, and I hope at least my most recent chapter, the one you’re
reading now, is less strident and shocking than some of the doozies I feel obligated to
keep up, if only for the integrity of the record and of my harrowing journey so far.