Read my other chapters listed below and you will be amazed at the terrorism I have
suffered by our govt, especially the one titled ‘Current Update’, and you might learn
about your own collective apathy, generally.
Meantime, I would like to educate you to the evil world of the mass media, how it
is controlled predominantly by Israel (I am NOT an anti-Semite) and how talk radio is
really a form of mind control and not a place to air a variety of views. I came
to learn that the west coast’s biggest talk show, KGO of San Francisco, is really a
C.I.A. owned station and that their sister station; KSFO, is in the same building and
has the same general manager and lots more about the media generally.
Mickey Luckoff is the manager of KGO and he has held meetings with his
hosts instructing them to portray me as a whacko, a nut, a mental case.
Mickey Luckoff and these hosts are counting on your corruption to buy
into their charade, knowing that all of you want this expose to go away.
Fortunately for me I am building a defamation case against them with
their own words via a tape recorder.
Meanwhile know that these liars are the most cowardly, vile, evil, jealous,
miserable, small, traitorous, spineless, ballless, whores in the entire
bay area. They represent your own cowardliness.
I take comfort in knowing that they are overworked, narcissistic, slobs
who have decided to work for a C.I.A. owned station, the personification
of the word “bootlicker”.
In fact, though, we live in a nation of like minded weenies in the media,
all of whom want to cast me as a village idiot. It really bothers
them that they are the opposite of me and that I am as true a hero as
you will find in this world today. Most annoyingly, I haven’t sold
out my fellow Americans for my job and the money it pays, like they HAVE.
I first heard KGO during the Gulf War and thought; “Wow! I can get my Lennon ex-
pose across via the radio!” Boy was I naive. A year later I would get educated;
I was listening when Mark Lane, author of Plausible Denial about J.F.K.’s
assassination, was being put down by, then host, Michael Krassne and Mark shot
back with; “Well KGO is a C.I.A. owned station and the docket nuber that proves it
is,(He rattled off a series of numerals)” Krassne had no denial or comeback and
when I asked graveyard host Ray Taliofaro if it was true he replied, matter of fact-
ly, “Yes, it is. ” Subsequent observation of this station leaves me convinced it is, in-
deed, a C.I.A. station and perhaps even has KGB ties as well al la KGO.
( Update insert 03-19-’03 )
Many months after I submitted this section, just last week, I got further confirmation
that, indeed, the above claim is true.
I got on Barbara Simpsons’ show and claimed that both KGO and KSFO are registerd,
documented C.I.A. owned stations. She replied; “…Now everybody knows.”
The next day I got on again and opened with the remark; ” Babe in the C.I.A. bunker
according to yesterdays program.” She replied: ” ..And you know, I asked Jack
Swanson, the station manager, and he admitted that it’s all true.”
So there you have it people.
Also. Last week I was on two pay phones at once. One for KGO and one for
KSFO ( They’re in the same building ) when Jonathan Service, the call screener
and I had a conversation. I assured him that the station has no intention of pro-
moting him to host someday, as he believes, and he asked me to hold for a minute.
Sensing a trace I hung up immediately. I went back to the KSFO line I was already
on and a few seconds later Jonathan Service picked up that line and said: ” So
you’re on this line too?” I kept silent. I was ultimately denied radio access there.
The point is that KGO and KSFO have the same floor, probably in adjecant rooms
and have the ability to trace calls within seconds and probably have a map
indicater showing them where calls are coming from. The point is that they are
as big brother as could be and probably have a voice analyzer to boot.( End insert)
The conservative hosts have an easy job. They are given the high profile slots and
when they attack liberalism, and miscarraterize it, it is expected. Rush Limbaugh,
Sean Hannity, G.G.Liddy, Michael Reagan etc. all defend the Republicans, right or
wrong. No mass audience will put up with a biased station and so the foil of con-
servatives, liberal hosts, have their less than prime time spots, to supposedly bal-
ance things out. Beware of these wolves in sheep’s clothing, especially. They are
like bull fighters waving a red flag slightly off the real target, and they pull it away
at the last second leaving the public with a false sense of security that they have a
voice on their side at all. And meanwhile they are really playing the role of “Let the
public pound the gorilla’s chest in defiance but don’t expect us to follow through
on our pablum.’ More about catharsis than anything else.
A good example is Bernie Ward of KGO. His four hundred pound frame, not with-
standing (I’ll refrain frome explaining why he has a high pitched voice.) he will
suck you in with his views, which seem similar to yours, if you are a liberal, but he
makes sure to focus your attention just off of center stage. If he says, for example,
“The big enchilada is that Bush allowed the Trade Towers attack to bolster his
sagging popularity. He needed a war to implement his policies.” Bernie has just
diverted your attention AWAY from the real enchilada; namely that Bush wants to
curtail your rights and liberties and transform America into a police state and a ter-
rorist attack is the fastest, surest way sucker us into giving up our liberties in the
name of security. Realize two things. One; there was a 40 minute window between
the time tower one and tower two was hit. That defies the characteristics of the
worlds most able and ready military. Given that there are two towers it stands to
reason that a second strike on the other tower was PROBABLE and a squadren of
jet fighter interceptors could have and should have been swarming the New York
skyline within no less than twenty minutes. We know, not only did that not happen,
we also know that no one but me is pointing out how unusual it is that we couldn’t
respond for 40 minutes to the most visible target in America, a target that was al-
ready attacked 8 years earlier. My friends, the mass media steered you away from
“There’s something wrong with this picture.” The Bernie Wards and Ray Taliofaro’s
waved that red flag every where else BUT where it counted. They let you beat your
fists on the gorilla’s chest until you got it out of your system but they took you to the
is the flypaper that attracts the disgruntled citizen and keeps him or her glued to a
telephone thinking the host is on their side, though he is not.
Similarly the A.C.L.U. usurps your role as watchdog, doing all the work
that you should be doing to keep America free. Capitalizing on your
laziness they pretend to protect you, but aren’t there for people like
me who are being hunted down by our governmnt. They are a false facade.
I call them; Abridging Citizen Leadership Unilaterally. A.C.L.U.
Fact number two; Did you know that the F.B.I.’s chief of security officer whocomplained
the loudest about the Bush administrations failure to heed warnings of terror-
ist attacks was trasnsfered to head of security for the World Trade Towers and sub-
sequently killed!?!? Bernie Ward cut that call short, the same way he cuts me off,
though I am exposing the same people he pretends to be against. Talk radio is
a shell game rooted in deceit and was most likely foisted on the American culture
to spin all political diologue. In fact, talk radio was all but non existent until just a
few years before John Lennon was politically assassinated.
Michael Savage of KSFO and a hundred odd syndicated stations pretends to be the
Paul Revere of talk radio, always warning his listeners about “The government/-
media complex. In reality, Savage (not his real name), is the very essence of the
government/media complex whose views are actually totalitarian and fascist. He
is careful to pepper in enough truth to fool you into buying the rest of his ranting
but he is a vitriolic, deceitful propagandist who admits to despising a broad seg-
ment of America and he has made a craft of trickery. He likes to transpose points.
(Incidendally, though Michael has written many books extolling the virtues of healthy
eating, his son is the owner and president of the ‘Rock Star’ energy drink; sugar and
caffeine. His son isn’t helping us.
Sean Hannity, a New York based, syndicated host, reminds me of a dog dry-hump-
ing his Jewish master’s leg, he is so gung ho willing to parrot the party line. He
will take his bosses ideas and run them as high up the flagpole as he thinks he
can get away with, without giving a philosophical first look, if there’s money in it.
Rush Limbaugh is a blatant K.G.B. style propagandist who likes to especially take
caller’s whose views make his look moderate. He has bred “Ditto-head” radio.
To his credit, he is unusually accomodating to his callers, and he actually did not
try to discredit me when I sprung Lennon’s murder on him a few times.
Larry King has reformed since I nailed him on KGO for trotting out decoy Chapman
and even had the clarity to remark; ‘…it’s all going to come out someday, anyway.”
Judy Woodruff has also reformed and contractually removed herself as narrator
for a PBS piece of propaganda; “The Man Who Killed John Lennon” that is a sha-
dowy, surreal attempt at reinforcing the Chapman angle. Now there is a half hour
of empty time at the end since her appearances have been removed.
How could I almost forget, the queen of jealousy and liar for hire; Barbara Walters?
She interviewed decoy Chapman after she already had my evidence hand deliver-
ed to her mail room right after I blew Stephen King out of the water having just
spent six months in his home town with my evidence and logoed van. She was
one of the only people visible in that interview. Even the prison guards made sure
their face was either in the shadows or blocked out. What a piece of treason she
performed for her bosses at ABC. If I had seen her on the street then I might have
made headlines with the humiliation I had planned for someone as wicked as she.
Fortunately for my reputation I’ve cooled off since those days.
In those days I witnessed the real owners of New York based ABC: Hasidic Jews
or whichever Jewish sect wears floor length black robes, derby hats, long beards.
beaded belts and such. I saw them in the lobby and the security guard told me
they were the BIG owners of ABC. Add Walters, Larry King, Geraldo Rivera,
and all the Jewish slanderer / liars writing books to defame John Lennon, most
notably Goldman, and , after a while I noticed that practically everyone involved in
the media coverup, right down to the troll standing by as the body of John Lennon
was being wheeled into the crematorium, was, coincidentally, jewish. I had no
prejudicial issue with the jewish controlled media until I saw it myself, in action.
If I have an axe to grind with them I think it’s their fault for dealing in deception.
The mass media, in general, lies, when it lies, 180 degrees from the truth. It is
that kind of lie that works, the opposite of the truth. You are naive if you think the
media cares about you or America. I claim the military really runs the media.
Take flight 800 that was shot down by a missile (according to dozons of witnes-
ses) (by a Marines missile according to the experts) over Long Island several
years ago. The media concocted a lie, complete with computer schematics etc.
showing us how a part fell off its mountings onto the floor, ignited and caused the
plane to explode.Those twenty odd eye witnesses, U.S. citizens, don’t count.
Take the airliner that crashed in New York City after the Trade Towers were de-
stroyed, the one whose tail fell off first. According to several witnesses there were
two loud explosions immediately before the tail fell off. Not only did the mass me-
dia lie about that crash, they neglected to tell you that the explosions occured at
exactly 9:11 a.m.
If you trust the mass media you are a phony and a fool.
As you can tell from my other sections I had no T.V. or radio to confuse and mani-
pulate me after Lennon was killed. I was spared the mind control that made all of
you accept the absence of a very big and public trial for Mark Chapman. He wasn’t
killed like Oswald and I anticipated the trial of the century and had the sanity to be
alarmed when it was sidestepped and buried in the back of the news a year and
a half after the crime. That was my first reason to go to my library to investigate the
matter myself. As you know that visit resulted in the biggest expose ever told in
all of America’s history , namely , this monster expose. Just watch how huge it
gets when it goes mainstream. It will change the world and it’s people someday.
The rest of you who are my age were, no doubt, spoonfed tidbits about Chapman
and his mental state, as well as tidbits about Lennon in the months and weeks
that follwed his murder. I do know we were all told that John was the anti-christ
and the world’s biggest phony, according to Chapman, within hours of the crime
and that Hinkley, who supposedly shot Reagan, claimed Reagan had Lennon
killed. Then he took center stage only to be ruled insane a year later. In the
meantime Chapman, who was not found insane, never stood trial.
The media mind control was much more sinister and Orwellian than just that.
In the months before Dec. 08, 1980 T.V.’s Dallas drama was imbroiled in a murder
attempt mystery dubbed “Who shot J.R.?” that was over-hyped beyond it’s signi-
ficance until we were all getting cranky just from the constant drumbeat about it.
That mystery was solved on Thanksgiving, just weeks before J.L’s murder. When
John Lennon was shot most of you were sick of the whole notion of who shot J.R.
or anyone else. That whole script was written for the express purpose of wearing
the public out first so that no one would care who shot J.L.. That’s right! Trust me.
The other mind control events that followed were the assassination of Anwar Sa-
dat, and the attempted assassination of the Pope and the supposed attempted
assassination of Reagan, all occuring just weeks after Lennon was assassinated.
When Hinkley took center stage he did so just as the public was starting to get
figity about why Chapman was allowed to go well beyond his initial 60 day psychi-
atric evaluation and why there was no trial proceeding. Hinkley took over the head-
lines. Another pudgy loner with a gun shooting a world figure. Both he and Chap-
man are the sons of millionair oil executives. Long story short, Chapman was
never tried at all. Everybody except me, it seems, was psychologically disarmed.
You were all hosed by big brother big time and didn’t even know it. To this day all
references to his guilty plea behind closed doors are LYING to you by one year.
He made that plea in mid 1982, not mid 1981 like the media is telling you.
But let’s get back to talk radio. If I seem a little harsh on Bernie Ward it’s because
I have tape recordings of him encouraging the public to let the government kill me
“…so we can forget about it.” as well as tapes of him lying about John Lennon in
lies so viscious and untrue that he eventually admitted they were lies years later.
Moreover I am concerned for the mental well being of anyone so overfed that all I
can think of when I see him is a large imaginary pin following him, ready to pop him
like a balloon. He can’t sleep properly it’s so bad.
Ronn Owen is the prime time A.M. host for KGO and he is too careful to lie about
me, resorting instead to belittling my cause with insinuations and such. Currently
he will not go on the air without his ace screener Susan Shoestack, who is able
to recognize my voice every time. The only time I’ve gotten through in years, with
only a few exceptions, was when he allowed me to comment on my belief that the
government tried to kill Stephen King to stop my story when he was run over by a
van in June of 1999. Incidentally, since that call the driver of the van was found
dead at the age of 41, the cause never really divulged by the media.
Ronn is a sellout propagandist who I have caught reading scripted text that is
layered with six lies in succession, all in one sentence, to lambast the listener so
that he is overwhelmed with falsehoods. It has a creepy effect that does nothing
to reverse the image of the deceptive, manipulative “Jew” stereotype he typifies.
I have caught Ronn Owen using scripted callers to comment about me so that he
can then tell lies about me in response. In fact KGO and KSFO have several paid
callers to fill in the slow times and to spin dialogue. The one I am convinced of
lately is Jim from Oakland, an upbeat but whiny southern accented voice, who
seems so learned and clever and rehearsed, regardless of the topic, yet after I
caught him spinning my message he said, days later: “…can save us from the
free speech movement, and wouldn’t that be great…” Jonathan Service, another
screener keen to my voice admitted that I am on to their scripted callers..
Fortunately for all of you these radio stations are rapidly losing their listenership
in the wake of their kill the messenger campaign regarding me. In San Diego
Peter Wiseback of KOGO used to refer to me as a ‘whackjob’ incessantly. Now he
and all but one local talk spot are history replaced with syndicated right wingers.
Good for the public who were able to see through their propaganda. It must scare
the government from killing me knowing that the public is actually on my side. For
that I am very grateful.
I CAN say that Morton Downey Jr. was legit. He allowed me to nail Nixon
three days straight with ten minute presentations each day.
Several weeks later Nixon died.
I mentioned that the mass media is predominantly controlled by Jews. This is a
provable fact. Perhaps 80% of the media controlled by 2.8% of our population.
When David Letterman’s office received anthrax we all saw the president of C.B.S.
trot out in everything but a yarmulke on his head. Michael Eisner is the president
of A.B.C. Time, Newsweek and U.S. News and World Report and most of the mag-
azines and newspapers are controlled by Jews. I also stated that I am not an anti-
Semite, and I’m not. I do have the presence of mind, however, to recognize that our
Semetic media is anti- American. Time documented J.F.K.’s assassination before
the fact via the same government cryptography that I discovered relating to John
Lennon’s assassination. One less Catholic in the White House? Or was it be-
cause Kennedy stood up to the Soviet missiles in Cuba.? Most Jews today have
their roots in Russia where they lived for centuries after they were exiled elsewhere.
After World War II they noticed that we took in many former Nazi’s and gave them
jobs and a home. Even while we were fighting Hitler it was the Rosenbergs that
gave Russia our nuclear bomb secrets.
It’s common knowledge that any coup or takeover involves the takeover of the me-
dia and all its apparatus; TV, radio, magazines, newspapers.
An inspection of our media reveals dozons of murders per day, violence and dis-
function, angst, melodrama, the worst of life magnified out of all proportion for us
“stupid Americans” to watch and become similarly disfunctional. A form of de-
moralization that has caused, directly caused, our rising crime, divorce, teen sui-
cide rates and our downward spiral of apathy and having to work harder than ever
to keep up with the political, economical stage our politicians have set. It takes
two paychecks to buy what one bought in the 60’s. T.V. now babysits your kids.
Hollywood is glorifying the police state putting a police, soldier, lawyer, and lately
C.I.A. uniform on every actor too stupid to see what they’re pushing.
You can argue that the media is only showing us what we want to watch but that
is a mindless lie. The government, the military, have sewn up the media for its
use against the public. They are powerful and power mad.
Six days before Nixon had Lennon killed he added a sentence in the forward of
the second printing of The Real War; “… Americans must learn to lower their
ideals….” Dated Dec. 02, 1980.

P.P.S. : The mass media has controlled many of you out there into perceiving me as
a ” Whacko ” or even a stalker. I am neither. If you want to wallow in that feel good
phoniness that wants to believe I am anything other than one of you trying to come
forward with earth-shaking evidence, then you are in need of more help than me,
psychologically. Meanwhile I need all of you to care about this issue and my predic-
ament. Won’t you all please get off the dime and help me come forward? The media
is exploiting you, brainwashing you, warping and undermining you. They have all
congealed into a satanic fraternity of vampires sucking the heroic blood out of all
society while enableing the military and the government to kill all the real heroes that
could save you. They’ll sell you all out for their big money salaries. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!.