You all must, absolutely, read the chapter below this one. It’s loaded with good info.
The one titled WHY TRUST ME?.

I must devote a new chapter, now, to the center of the story; your phoniness. That’s right,
your phoniness as human beings.
The Catcher In The Rye that King was reading after assassinating John Lennon while the
police arrived was, basically, about the phoniness of adults. In fact, the reason Chap-
man – King’s double / stand in – gave for killing John was because John was a phony to preach
no possessions while being rich, himself. He related it to the message of The Catcher In
The Rye and that that book was his statement.
In reality, all this mumbo jumbo was a subversive media ploy to have all of you blame all
YOUR phoniness on John so you wouldn’t notice how phony all of you were being to buy the
lone, crazed gunman theory, yet, again. The way you have through the Kennedy murders that
were anything but lone gunmen.
In fact, the government knew, in advance, that, thanks to the fact that adults all ARE phony,
that you wouldn’t notice or even complain when Chapman’s 60 day psychiatric evaluation
would lapse into a year and a half of silence with no trial or public show of justice.
The biggest murder of our lives and they KNEW you wouldn’t demand a public display of justice,
not even for John Lennon of The Beatles, the biggest celebrity on the planet. That’s how
sure your government was of your phoniness as a people. That’s scarier than a King novel.
The government knew that they could count on your collective PHONINESS to make their
All those millions of Beatles fans turned coat, looked the other way and betrayed John
Mostly they betrayed themselves and America.
When I began my expose 30 years ago I had no idea how phony you all really are or how that
fact would stonewall my evidence.
I talked to a man today, showed him my photo of King getting Lennon’s autograph and he said;
“A lot of people look alike.” I replied; “Whenever I show the same photo comparison to any-
one under the age of 14 they, almost always, shreik in horror at the revelation, admitting
that Chapman’s face does NOT match. The reason adults almost always poo poo the evidence is
because adults are typically phony, compared to young people and children.”
I called a radio host at Stephen King’s radio station in Bangor, Maine last week and warned
him not to react like a “Stepford Wife” to my claims and he proved my point when he said:
“I am as open minded as anyone but I choose not to accept, into my mind, the kind of garbage
you are presenting.”
He is like a Stepford wife, indeed. He only WANTS to believe he is receptive to facts but,
in fact, he is not. He is phony beyond his comprehension. He is a phony adult like
99% of adults all are.
I am of the belief that your collective adult phoniness is directly tied to your deep fear
of government and the fear of standing up to them. After all, they could nuke you, if they
felt like it, or audit you or raise your taxes or poison your water or air or dose you from
aircraft or even demand to slaughter your first born sons like they did 2,000 years ago.
People forked over their own flesh and blood back then in the name of fear of government.
I assume that a deep root has grown in our subconscious memory that persists today.
Today, however, you are willing to let the government murder your very favorite and most loved
musician in the world and molest you and your children with his real life killer; a horror
novelist, no less. It’s about as obscene as letting the government run a sword through your
first born sons heart like in the days of Jesus when the government also nailed misfits to
a cross, in public display to terrorize the rest of the society into licking those government
boots that always seem to kick you down.
Now look at you all; ducking a photo of Stephen King – not Chapman – getting John Lennon’s
last autograph, DUCKING Mark David King Chapman’s name attached to a letter to the editor
printed three weeks before the murder where Chapman explains how Reagan is moving him,
armed, into a hostile square, DUCKING the bold print government codes that brag all about
what REALLY happened to John Lennon.

While on the subject of phonies let’s discuss, as a a people, Mark David Chapman, the worlds
biggest phony; he did NOT kill John Lennon. That he publicly proclaims he did makes him the
most brazen liar on the planet, definitely pathological, a big, fat actor carrying the lie to the
final curtain, playing the propaganda out to it’s extreme end in the hopes that the public
will let the lie just “slide” and keep the truth a big, world wide secret.
That’s Chapman’s game plan; to lie in the face of our phoniness and hope we succumb to the
“Big Lie”. That is Mark David Chapman ; “The Big Lie”.
What kind of person would claim to be Lennon’s killer when he was not? Only someone who
reveled in pissing the rest of society off. To take a stick and poke it in our eyes. Mark David
Chapman is a sociopathic, very sick man ,like Stephen King, both, apparently, rejected by
their peers in their formative years, carrying a huge chip on their shoulder. King openly “gets
back” at his tormentors as in “Carrie” and “Rage”.
Mark David Chapman was NOT the son of a bank teller, like the media told us but, rather, the
son of a wealthy Amoco Oil executive. I learned this by chance while traveling through Decatur,
Georgia from a women claiming to be their next door neighbor.
I read about Chapman having a nervous breakdown from an acid trip. I can see how he might re-
sent Lennon or blame him for his episode and want to kill him, if only indirectly. Either way
the mystery of Mark Chapman will reveal itself as the story pushes its way out. Even I would
like to know why prisoners claim to have never seen him at Attica and where has he really
been all this time while not staging photo ops for magazines and the like.
Chapman is looking truly frightened and worried for the first time that I can recall. His
house of cards is about to fall in on him and he is first in line, behind King, to be put up
on conspiracy charges along with King in the murder conspiracy and coverup. Just as his fake
release is being floated by the media, of his being given a job on a farm, his real incar-
ceration may be on the horizon. Imagine; King and Chapman behind bars. Imagine. Awaiting
grand jury investigation, public release of the evidence, their gooses cooked. Imagine!
What a real life mega news story it will be, too. The problem is you, the people, and your
phoniness are holding up the expose, period!
Stop BEING paralyzed phonies and stand up for yourselves and march on the lying media that
is busy piping Chapman propaganda to all of you every time you check your mail or the inter-
net, lately.
Chapman, a collossal phony, actor, stand-in, pathological liar calling John Lennon a phony.
It’s mind boggleing propaganda and you all fell for it over the goal line during Monday
Night Football.
Pretty scary when the government knows you better than you know yourselves.
Pretty embarassing, huh?
Chapman, in this latest interview, says that fame is useless and worthless.
That he killed John because he was the most famous person on earth.
That he is a practicing Christian. Etc..
In truth, Chapman knows that fame is key to social change and that John represented the
most powerful incarnation of that potential power. He already helped stop the war in Viet
Nam! Chapman is trying to discourage others from using their fame to change the world.
His co-conspirators are, too. They want only the government, in its wisdom, to mold society.
There is just so much manipulative propaganda emanating from the Lennon murder coverup that
our entire culture stands humiliated with the facts. Our nation in satanic disgrace, un-
able to move a muscle or lift a finger at the outrageous crime against us.
The people covering up John’s murder are not our friends. They are evil, boot-licking cowards,
all. Letting Stephen King kill John Lennon is about as evil and harmful a blow to America
as can be imagined. To not take a step back and wonder which one of our mortal enemies might
be behind this cruel crime is to have no sensibilities at all. A crime designe to rot us,
as a people, from the inside of our souls out; replace ‘good’ with ‘evil’, literally.
Satan appreciates your apathy, in the meantime.
(To be continued….)
(To be continued……)