John Cougar Melonhead

John Cougar Mellencamp, the 70’s pop star, now seen with Stephen King this last June 4, 2013,
on the Charlie Rose show. What a moron, apparently.
He either has no friends to tell him; “Get the hell away from Stephen King, he killed John
Lennon!” or his friends are too dumb to think so or he’s too dumb to believe it, himself. Maybe
he just doesn’t get out often enough to have even heard about me like half of everybody
else who is anybody in the business.
At any rate there he was, beside himself, that Stephen King lets him be his friend on
national television yucking it up with King’s other weird, sunglass bespectacled friend on
the Charlie Rose show.
I recall hearing about how King was palsy walsying around with Bruce Springsteen in 1996(?) until
I got on WABC in New York City and blew that stalking of Bruce out of the water.
Has anyone noticed how King attaches himself to rock stars? He’s even in his atrocious band;
The Rock Bottom Remainders. A bunch of no talent wannabes.
Yeah, he was jealous of genius rock star John Lennon, like I’ve been saying all along.
King likes to push the envelope of your stupidity and see how close he can get to killing,
yet, another rock star.
Charlie Rose is a self important whore who knows more about his guest’s answers than his
guests, have you noticed? I recall speaking to him in 2001(?), I think, telling him; “You
should have me on your show or are you a media phony like all the rest?”
King was contrite and drug free and sober as a nun looking for forgiveness. John was looking
stoned and beside himself with pride that King was his friend. What a melon head.
His music is nothing I’ve ever taken time to karaoke. I always felt he was making music for
the money more than the art of making music to begin with.
So, will somebody tell Mr. Mellencamp to sober up and read my website before his ‘friend’ pumps
HIM full of bullets?
I found it convenient and timely that King’s first public appearance in decades came on the
heels of my pointing out that King has been the lowest profile celebrity on earth on his
lawyers orders.
I also found it revelatory that John Mellencamp’s last remarks at the segment sign off went;”
“Both Steve and I don’t ‘play well with others’, anyway, so we should just stick together.”
That’s right, people. King really wants to burn his peers to death in a high school gymnasium
like he does in ‘Carrie’. Or kill everyone’s favorite hero for extreme punishment. He doesn’t
play well with others. He was always the teased, rejected outcast. Getting kicked out of
the town of Herman, Maine in the 70’s over his sick writing really put a chip on his shoulder.

A month later Charlie Rose is on mainstream tv; CBS, the same station that is airing the
“Under The Dome” king tv series and elsewhere, getting his payback for being the one to let
King back into the public eye after I rubbed him out of all medai ands interviews for three
Now Charlie Rose, the whore I told you he is, is cashing in on mind control and brainwash and
media treachery.
Charlie. You’re a very old man about to enter the after life. That should scare you except
you are probably an athiest. May you pay for your crimes against humanity.
May your tombstone read; “ANOTHER MEDIA SELLOUT / VILLIAN”