‘SANDY’S’ revenge

Now that hurricane Sandy has New Yorkers smelling backed up sewer water, without elec-
tricity and the normal trappings of modern life I suppose they’ll be doing a lot less ‘high
fiving over their Lennon murder coverup.
That’s right, you brainwashed, lying, child molesting, boot-licking phonies. HA! HA!
you John Lennon killing phonies!
You thought you could let Stephen King walk in the face of all the evidence I gave you
that proves he, not Chapman, murdered John Lennon in a Nixon, Reagan conspiracy.
You still want to smugly laugh at all that. Suit yourselves, infidels.
I, personally, will always pity New York, New York for losing it’s humanity and common
sense decades ago.
You all trust evil agent Yoko Ono. You all still visit Strawberry Fields as if you’re NOT
all dancing on John Lennon’s grave. Until there is a trial for ANYBODY for that murder
all of you are phonies and frauds who must reap the bitter harvest of your apathy. You
must reap the wrath of God, for all you know, until you all JAIL STEPHEN KING.
Nope. New York skipped a trial, pretended not to notice the dishonesty in that and has been
turning coat and tucking tail and swallowing it’s pride ever since. Only a city as discon-
nected from its humanity as New York, New York IS could have let America down like that to
NOT EVEN NOTICE that Chapman’s trial was completely sidestepped.
If I were in charge of civilization there would not be so many people sardined together
in so small a place like New York City. Life becomes subhuman, automatically. Lemmings, when
they get so crowded put themselves out of their misery by running over the cliff to kill
themselves en masse. Nature’s way of preserving quality over quantity of life.
I KNOW all about the human race and all its phoniness and evil. I have observed the sick,
ritualistic visitation of Strawberry Fields by the very people who allowed Chapman to skip
trial, as if everything was fine and good, when it is not, and I have noticed an undercur-
rant of wicked jealousy triumphing over greatness and genius in the procession. “Let’s all
dance on John Lennon’s grave now that we have killed him for being better and smarter than
the rest of us. Oh, did he ask a lot of us in asking us to be better people. Well, now we
have taught HIM not to dare try to teach us murderers anything. How dare he ask us to stop
war. Who did he think he was to preach down to us miserable, insane sinners anyway?”
I know all about your wickedness, sub-human race. Don’t blame me for being outraged at
the spectacle of your collective evil. I KNOW that most of you resent me, too, for being bet-
ter, braver and wiser than the rest of you. Even Paul McCartney stands naked, cowaring with
boot-licking fear in my brave wake. Even I care more than Paul McCartney

What a planet of PHONIES.

Look at your diabolical media, desperately trying to artificially produce another star
via The Voice, The X Factor, America’s Got (NO) Talent, American Idol. Just look at all
the B.S., low grade, state produced talent that has come out of all those years of trying
to replace The Beatles. Hasn’t happened, yet, in 40 years of trying. Instead look at all
your government controlled actors, from the top of th A list down, ALL wearing police and
military uniforms, brandishing guns, scaring you for the purpose of state terrorism. Your
media hosts and news anchors all selling you out for their million dollar paychecks.
Look at your sterile, state controlled talk radio apparatus; 27 second delay to keep the
controversial callers from getting heard, and all because of ME, Steve Lightfoot, who tore
the old system of an open forum with only a 7 second delay a new one in the 90’s for ten
years until the Soviet brand of media took our airwaves over. Can’t help you, now, with
that angle. You have no free press. You aren’t free at all.
And, yet, you all feed the fascist ‘Bear’ and pay your taxes to reload the gun for the next
hero that might come along. Radio talk show hosts glower with jealousy and evil over the
spector of my courage, truth and heroism.
How sick and twisted and weak you all are.
I’m GLAD God put HIS foot down and gave you a little misery to re think your evil coverup over.
How did Annapolis fare, I wonder, since a navy man rammed my heroic, van last month?
Is God angry with all of you? I hope so. I certainly am angry and ashamed over your lack
of backbone since John Lennon paid the ultimate price for your collective insanity.
What will happen to the San Francisco bay area over it’s cowardly non response to my decades
of activism to try to get THEM to care? Major earthquake in their future, perhaps.?
The sooner all you turncoat, cowards avenge John Lennon’s murder and march on your dis-
gusting media apparatus and demand the arrest of murderer; Stephen King, the better off
all of you will be, in my humble opinion. I went through a mountain of worry and grief over
that freeway ramming of my van last month and it’s only right that America is punished for
that anti-heroic gesture. Sandy serves all of America right.
Read all about that possible attempt on my life by our military in the chapter immediately
below this one.
No, I’m not a bitter asshole like I’m sure I must sound. It’s your bitternes that I have
been wrestling against all these years that has rubbed off on me. I’m as sweet as heaven.
Anyone who knew me before my 30 year ordeal can attest to that. Your bitterness, not mine.
Being your exorcist has taken a toll on me, but blame yourselves, pity yourselves, not me.
No, it’s not nice to try to kill your brave messenger and even worse to kill John Lennon
and then fail to try his alleged killer like you are all guilty of.
Nope. You can’t blame me that I am disgusted with all of you. YOU change. I’m fine. I was
always fine. While the rest of you were licking ice cream cones while Chapman’s trial was
sidestepped I DID something better than that. I went looking for evidence and found evidence.
All of you, on the other hand, celebrities and even my own family included, all licked
boot, instead. You were all licking ice cream in 1982, like a pack of Soviet slobs.
“Oh, the government killed John Lennon…no trial for Chapman is proof…give me ice cream.”
You NEED a hero like me but you’re all to sick to admit it. You’re all fear addicts.
Happy picking up the pieces in your fallen city New York, New York.
Till later, your ignored, unappreciated hero; Steve Lightfoot, hoping you are all capable of
pulling your weak heads out of your smelly asses before I get killed and who knows what
else might happen if you do kill me, too.
Asteroid castastrophy, perhaps?

What does America do when the going gets rough? It parades out it’s unassassinated rock
stars and throws a donate to the victims telethon/rock concert, that’s what.
I watched Billy Joel, Sting, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Steven Tyler et al do their part.
Bruce Springsteen was being stalked by Stephen King in 1992 until I saved his life by alert-
ing all of New York to warn him about what his rehearsals, lunch dates, back stage partying
with King was really about and they haven’t been seen together since. The Boss knows all
about me and my evidence and probably all the other rock stars I named as well.
Are THEY doing their utmost to help us all by keeping quiet about my cause while they
pretend to be our saviors and address the symptom but ignore the root cause? I think not.
What’s the matter gang, Big Brother got your tongues? Spit it out; Stephen King murdered
John Lennon. Spit it out you celebrities. Or is using ones celebrity for social reform
something that died with John Lennon?
Meanwhile, the public was right about distrusting agent Yoko Ono from the start.
You see, I know that you all KNOW I’m right, that you even knew she was the government, then,
because you are smarter than you pretend to be. Now that she sits on all of you like a
giant pacifier you pretend to suddenly trust her.
I hope you all like the smell of her ass on your faces, everybody. She has you smothered
in apathy and you are, suddenly, now, blind.
How cowardly and convenient of all of you.
Like I said, doesn’t the smell of backed up sewage smell appropriate for a people who are
the kind of people who would allow a trial for Lenon’s killer to be sidestepped?
That is the day America died. When all of you let his murder trial be excused and let
him plead guilty behind closed doors.
Shame on you people of New York and America.
In God We Trust? Well trust this storm as God’s way of telling you all to get right.

P.P.S. McCartney endorsed me April 01, 1990 at the Berkeley, Ca. concert during the instru-
mental of “Fool On The Hill”;

“Yeah, Steeeeeeve! That’s right. I don’t know what YOU think, Berkeley, but I want you
to know we LIKE it and we need you as a PEOPLE to GET to the promised land….”

Then he continued his song.
I met his brother, Michael, in San Francisco a year earlier and asked him to ask Paul for
some help.
If I didn’t have it on tape I might have missed it is was such small help,.
There’s no way half of all rock stars haven’t heard of my legend.
Government got your tongue, everybody?