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This is a May 23, 2023 update in this section;

I am a now 69 year old U.S. male living in the Monterey, Ca. area. It’s a world fishbowl with also a small community and it serves my purposes well. I’ve crisscrossed America several times in my website van and spent at least five visits in Stephen King’s area of residence. I’ve been exposing this for exactly four decades, now, and have endured many deadly and horrifying episodes along the way, mostly from police and various strangers. During a two year period under Obama / Biden’s presidency I was almost killed twice in very high speed accidents where nobody was cited and in one instance one intersection was paved over the next day, for example. King has e-mailed me his confession and various threats as well as other writings and letters. He has no trouble not suing me for my accusations. We actually met, eye to eye, in Bangor, Maine in 1992, in fact. Very recently he tried to box me in near his residence (3-’21) when I briefly tried to venture down his private road. I backed out and it was HE in his car right behind me in Osprey, Florida. (Maine kicked him out decades ago.) Apparently he was laying in wait hoping I’d go down his road so he could shoot me and claim I was stalking him. A long planned trap? Just a day in the life of staying alive for me. King has never, not once, denied my allegations. Yoko Ono identified herself as my enemy in 1987 when she ordered me handcuffed, kidnapped and pistol whipped unconscious in San Francisco. McCartney endorsed me live 4-1- 1990 at Berkeley during a concert (I have it on tape) but it was a weak effort on his part. I am correct, you see. I have a website van (Two, in fact.) and I often can be found singing to sidewalk cafes from it with my karaoke and other discs. It’s how I convince people that they should pay attention to my politics if I can sing as well as I do. I also display various signs, often. I’ve tried everything else and there is no better way to melt the resistance I am up against in getting people to care about what I do.
It IS the resistance I AM up against that should be foremost on your minds as your apathy and denial and fear of government is endangering me and dooming America and all of you. I come across as bitter and upset, occasionally, in the course of my writings and it’s partly all of your fault for being so human and weak in the first place. Religion has done nothing to prepare you for standing up for yourselves where cover-ups are concerned. You’re all a mess, indeed. You’re under fear and pure media and government evil. It’s as if America is under a subversive takeover and our government’s behind it. It’s horrific for me to know that the mass media hope I die and even some of my fellow Americans do, as well. Until King is jailed society is under evil.
In fact, America’s epidemic of mass shootings stems exactly, more than from any other matter, from Stephen King killing John Lennon and getting away with it. I think the kids are protesting against the status quo their parents have handed them (Looking away from the evidence that indicts King in Lennon’s murder.) and it’s their way of rebelling to prevent their classmates from becoming phonies like their parents. “Life’s not worth it, stupid parents, the way you’ve left it for us. See-ya!!! Try quality control a little better next time. Don’t leave us a sick world.”

Stephen King wrote a book titled “Rage” in the 70’s about a boy who shoots up his classmates long before classroom shooters existed at all. King IS THAT crazy gunman type of personality and even assembled a scrap book of Charlie Whitman’s (The 1950’s college tower shooter.) in his youth. Herman, Maine, in fact, kicked him out over than book before he was famous. Now that he has been excused by America’s blind, phony parents for killing John Lennon (Most of America’s youth have heard something about my claims or visited my site.) the kids see nothing wrong with taking their classmates out of that environment. They’re too afraid to stand up to their derelict parents so they kill their children, instead. Their reason? The world’s evil. Well, folks, until King is jailed, it’s true.
Examine the fact that the latest Texas massacre involved all manner of adults allowing the killer 45 minutes alone in a classroom full of students with a gun. The arriving sheriffs ordered people NOT to approach. So, who’s going to stop the killing if not us citizens? The Sheriffs? Apparently not, either. What about in the minutes before the Sheriffs arrived? Apparently nobody. Nobody old enough to stop this carnage saved the day. Adult phoniness in glaring daylight. Perhaps they were all afraid of getting shot, themselves, and that’s what kept them out. Who knows Underneath it all lies a world without a spine, a world without it’s nerve. A world under fear.

Don’t think your world you are leaving to your children is evil? When Hinckley allegedly shot Reagan and Brady in 1981 and took our minds off of Chapman who was simultaneously skipping his trial, altogether, at the time, he was quoted blaming John Lennon’s murder on Reagan. He said; “America is the land where heroes are shot in the back…When John Lennon died I died, you died, America died, the world died, everybody died…” Most of you don’t know that obscure fact, now. He said it, though. It made the papers. It was the exact truth of the matter regarding America’s state of mind. We all DID die a little from that crime. Life was forever lowered to a lesser quality ever after. Teen suicide has quadrupled, since. What Hinckley said exactly described the magnitude of what kind of tragedy happened to the human race. So WHY did he say it? I am of the opinion that Hinckley shot nobody and Reagan and Brady were actors perpetrating a fraud on us all to get our minds off of Chapman and to attack the 2nd amendment. Bethesda Hospital lost J.F.K.’s brains decades earlier and can’t be trusted not to part of the fraud. You don’t know that the Hinckley’s and Bush’s were decades long friends in the oil business and shared a block in Colorado where they both had summer homes then. When Chapman skipped trial as Hinckley shoved him off of all media and Hinckley was found innocent by reason of insanity, after, everything he justifiably said about Reagan killing Lennon was flushed down the toilet of non credibility. After all, he was insane to even say it. Right? THAT’S why he said what he said. He was, in my opinion, coached to say that by his government handlers. It was the truth and it was trashed as heresy, after, with his insanity verdict. Now anyone who thought Reagan killed Lennon didn’t dare speak up for fear of being labeled insane, himself. You see how tricky the government and media really are? That’s just the tip of the iceberg, believe me. That Chapman even claimed to be fan made real fans shy to admit it as well and that hurt any groundswell that might have risen up in outrage. It made us ashamed to be called a fan of Lennon, you see? The kids today SEE their parents calling me a wacko, lying to them, choosing to protect evil King and let them go unprotected and they want to lash out at their parent’s phoniness and lack of justice. You’re all too busy chasing money to see or admit what I’m saying, most likely. Too busy chasing a two paycheck economy to be there for them when they come home from school? A two paycheck economy is a trick you fell for under Nixon, frankly. That was a political trick to increase taxes. After you fell for it everything doubled in price to keep you there

Why did I take up so much space in my “About Author” page to discuss mass shootings? I am the very hero you all need to stop mass shootings by jailing Stephen King and putting our world back on a moral track, again. That’s why. Nothing less will ever work. Until that happens you all, frankly, DESERVE mass shootings or they wouldn’t be happening. I AM the hero that is missing in our world that the kids need to look up to because their parents and religion just aren’t cutting it and never will. There is no one else on the horizon even close but me, either. Until King is arrested and punished, until the media is forced to disclose all their lies and tell the truth, until you all confess, yourselves, to your own evil cover-up all this time, until all that happens and this monster news story is fully told, the shootings and nature’s outrage at the world’s phoniness will never stop. It will likely, in fact, just get worse. Nature’s way of forcing you slobs to do something about evil. God’s way of forcing you to all face up to do your job. The hero that I am now and the hero that John Lennon was, then, have been either assassinated or marginalized into obscurity and you are all choking on it. Killing off the “hero” is paramount if the government is to control all of you. I’m in extreme danger just being a hero in waiting. Many of you are disappointed the government hasn’t already killed me. Until you suck it up, admit I’m right and march me on your shoulders to your lying media outlets and demand disclosure and King’s arrest the shootings will NEVER stop. If you have no back bone about the matter the kids will punish you for it, after. THAT’S why I bring it up. You need a hero to function as a species and I’m it, now. Not a politician or a shallow celebrity. The very rare ‘real deal’, me. Your only viable choice in the whole world who can actually help you. Me. I frankly think you’ll be killed by an asteroid if you don’t jail King in my lifetime. A species that helpless shouldn’t suffer under it’s stupidity any longer in my opinion. Get brave, get smart, you media brainwashed, silenced idiots. Protecting Stephen King over yourselves and your children? Oh, yes, you all are. Repent.
Today, while watching Gayle King of the CBS morning show, she said exactly that the hero is what’s missing in these kids lives and that’s why these shootings are happening. She’s pretty smart. It’s also probably our government’s fervent wish TO CAUSE this insanity exactly TO confiscate our guns, eventually. The violence has less to do with guns and more to do with your lack of courage and sanity. If you think your government cares more about your kids than they do about taking away your guns then you don’t know the truth about your government. It’s probably a factor in all the media violence they push, too. They use King to push fear on all of you, for example. The government is hostile to you. Don’t let the sugar coated version they portray to you fool you. Our government wants your guns. Don’t be tricked by the Democrats vs the Republicans B.S. show. It’s all a show. Look at how they chose to kill John Lennon; a gun. What better way to demonize them? What? whip kids into a frenzy with a hostile media and social media apparatus till they kill each other in class? That’s what our government is up to. I’m the only one savvy enough to help you all solve the mess you’re in. You killed all your other real heroes. Even if I was not, just avenging John is all the reason you really need to care.

I started out just trying to look into the matter of John Lennon’s death one day in mid 1982 and accidentally discovered the evidence enclosed here. I had no idea what I was up against in breaking this news. It’s a gigantic riddle that defies words to describe it. Getting you all to even care. It’s complexity and enormity baffle even me, still. You’re all so tragic. What’s the matter with everybody else that only I care, for example? The crime and cover-up have crippled you all.
I make a fool of myself enough and I choose to leave the earlier posts in this chapter up just to keep things real. What’s below this next paragraph is ancient and probably showing signs of the PTSD I probably have from all the excitement along the way.
Before I stumbled onto all of this I was attempting to get on the PGA golf tour and play golf for a living. I, frankly, don’t mind that I gave that up to save you all from evil politics. Those guys get to play golf for a living because people like me make the world safe for that kind of opulence and freedom to exist in the first place. I also considered advertising copywriting or golf course architecture for a career, as well. Instead, I got chosen to be the messenger, here. It was just like the evidence found me and not vice versa. I simply kept my head while all about me were busy losing theirs over a Chapman lie. Less about my heroism and more about everyone else’s helplessness. That’s how it all seems to me. I’m just brave and sane in an otherwise cowardly, insane world.

The following is old material;

If you would like to help me break this story and quadruple your investment, after, I
am looking for sponsors. I’m even looking for philanthropic people who want to get some
truth for their money in this life, for a change.
More details are found on my New Devpts. page, the chapter titled; “I NEED SPONSORS..”

My e-mail address is; lennonmurdertruth@Yahoo.com

Regarding what you may or may not have read or heard about me let me assure you that it is
almost all jealous hogwash.
The government has its army of character assassins who want to scare you off of my findings
by mischaracterizing and marginalizing me with untruths and slanted opinions.
I am 100 percent pure, American hero who discovered hard evidence in Lennon’s murder and
is brave enough to go public with everything until the world knows and Stephen King is jailed
for murder.
Any other portrayal of me is designed to scare you off of the truth I have uncovered.

At the present (05-19-’15) I am a 61 year old, athletic, young looking man who knows more
about our sick planet than most of all of you do. I gave up a dream of playing professional
golf after my discovery of government codes in major news magazines that linked our govern-
ment and a horror writer to John Lennon’s murder took over my life some 33 years ago. The
biggest news story since, I’ll say it, since Jesus Christ, has not been so well received by
my so called fellow human being. In fact, I learned that, when it comes to grappling with our
collective crime of killing John Lennon, all of you people act as though I have caught all
of YOU in Lennon’s murder, and maybe that really is also the case. A phenomenon of guilt,
denial and see no, speak no and hear no evil on the part of all of guilty mankind. Even Paul
McCartney has been exposed as the fair weather friend and bag of was he apparently
is, just like all of celebrity hood and even my own family members who are also hypocrites.
Of course, Yoko is a government bitch who still babysits the cover-up in New York like the
Judas cunt that she is and the U.S. media is too cowardly to do their job, partly because the
C.I.A. has taken over our media. Of course you all may think all this to be a little rich
and over the top, but it is not.
I am the messenger.

Hi. My name is Steve Lightfoot. I was born in Helena, Montana March 01, 1954
and I was raised in northern California in a small town named Healdsburg.
Lightfoot is an English sirname and I am also part Scot, Irish and Yugoslavian.
My father was a doctor and my mother a housewife. I have two brothers and a
sister and I had a pretty normal upbringing. I attended a private parochial grade-
school and public high school and two junior colleges. My grades were good and
I liked baseball, basketball, tennis and especially golf, which became a profes-
sional ambition of mine while in my twenties; to be a professional golfer.
This ambition saw me attach myself to restaurant work, cooking, waiting, man-
aging and I had a large number of different jobs as well.
It was while back east in Georgia that I found myself both playing the bigger
amateur events and working. I met a young woman at the time who proved to
be quite the traumatized liar. When we met she gave me a phony name and
past and lived with me for a short time. Many melodramatic events, a breakup
and over a year later I would find out her real name, past etc..
This experience made me different from most of you because I was no longer
naive about liars or lies. I knew, intimately, how convincing they could be.
My golf career peaked, missing a berth in the U.S. Amateur by one shot. During
this period I returned to California to study golf technique near Monterey.
Just as I was crawling my way back to a golf career John Lennon was assas-
sinated and I knew, instinctively, that the story about a lone drifter was govern-
ment, media hogwash, that huge players were behind his murder and that
America and all the people of the world had just been victimized by evil bastards.
Like most of you I assumed they would not leave evidence, the government
rarely does, but when there was no trial for the alleged gunman, Mark Chapman,
I knew, almost for certain, that, indeed, the government killed John Lennon.
He was the hottest political firebrand to threaten the establishment since Ghandi
and possibly Jesus Christ, himself. Richard Nixon tried to illegally deport John
while president. But that was, at first, a hazy fact that needed refreshening;
On July 26, 1982, a year and a half after the murder and just weeks after seeing
the tiny, buried clipping about Chapman’s closed door guilty plea, I decided to
re-read the murder reports to see how Chapman skipped trial.
I burst throught the library doors, sensing drama and a sense of urgency and
as I entered the room I grabbed a year old copy of US magazine that happened to
be on the first table I passed. It had John and Yoko on the cover. I went to the mag-
azine section and grabbed all the Time, Newsweek and U.S. News and World Re-
port magazines dated Dec. 15, 1980 I could find, not knowing then that those is-
sues were released Dec. 08, the day of the murder. I first read the Us magazine
article and learned that Nixon tried to illegally deport John in the early 70’s because
of his high political profile and pronouncements against the Viet Nam war and
Nixon himself. John invented the term “Tricky Dicky” in fact. I then turned to the is-
sues of Time and Newsweek and simultaniously noticed that there was no murder
report in the Dec. 15 issues as they were released Dec. 08, the day of the murder.
I also noticed that most of the bold print headlines read like a code about John’s
assassination. In Time, for example: ” …Watching civilization slide into barbarism
and banality…All The President’s Magazines…Death Trail….Doubletalk…Silencing
An Almost Free Press…Jailing The News…The F.B.I.’s Show Of Shows…Unholy
Ministry…A Gambler’s Luck Runs Out…Death Comes From The Prime Minister…
Defiant Widow In The Dock…”Who’s In?””Who’s Out?…Fitting together the pieces of
a complicated jigsaw puzzle…”
It was the ominous headline “Who’s In?””Who’s Out?” above just elected Ronald
Reagan that made my heart sink. After all Reagan was ‘in’ and Lennon was ‘out’.
I then noticed the smaller headline below the photo “Fitting together the pieces of
a complicated jigsaw puzzle…” as well as the fact that Richard Nixon’s book The
Real War was in the foreground of the picture at Reagan’s right hand side. I pulled
that book off the shelf and, literally, opened right to the page where Nixon writes:
” The ‘Trendies’…who say ‘war’ is ‘bad’ and ‘peace’ is ‘good’…must be removed
from the stage of public debate…by whatever means…a flyswatter…are needed…”
(See website) I felt I had just stumbled, indeed, onto government codes about
John’s death hidden in the headlines of Time magazine.
Newsweek displayed the nearly identical photo of Reagan and The Real War
above the headline: “Head-hunting in Pacific Palisades…” I also found the same
odd behavior in the headlines. The Dec. 08 issue of Newsweek, printed a week
before the crime, was teaming with bold print innuendo, up to 75% of the mes-
ages plugging into John’s upcoming murder. Pages 30 and 31, which face each
other, revealed this consecutive string of headlines:” Odd Men Out-Bad Blood-
The Nixon Factor-Stay Tuned-Intensity” The body of the article had passages that
read:”…abruptly withdrew under rising enemy fire…After he was shot down he gra-
ciously withdrew..He intimidated some of the older guys with his brash brilliance..”
(See website) At that moment I knew I had stumbled onto government codes in
Time and Newsweek. After an hour I became so nauseous I had to leave the li-
brary and get some fresh air.
That was the big revelation. Two days later I went to the larger San Diego Library
and found the motherload of bold print codes and even told my girlfriend, at the
time, that my life was in danger and I’d have to move back to Santa Rosa, near
where I was raised, to be safer. I first went to a priest who advised me to use an
alias and rubber gloves for a while. I hitchhiked to Santa Rosa and began photo-
copying my findings and distributing them to the media, using an alias and hiding
behind sunglasses.
Weeks later I found Mark David Chapman attached to a letter to the editor of U.S.
News and World Report printed three weeks before the murder where Chapman
explains he is:”…armed…waiting to be moved into a hostile square …by the giant
hand of Ronald Reagan…” Any doubts I may have had were gone and I almost
couldn’t believe it all, myself. U.S. News issues also carried these codes about
Lennon’s assassination but at a more subdued level.
I would find that the codes only last for a five month period surrounding the crime
and found that the Sept. issues were very sparse. But then a face rolled by on the
microfiche and it looked like the assassin getting John’s autograph that the media
showed the world. I rolled it back and knew it was him based on the coded head-
line:” One great big Zippo lighter .” which describes the murder scene, then three
months to come, of a man in a raincoat at night with a gun blazing fire in the night.
I had no idea who Stephen King was, the man attached to the headline, and was
under the impression that King was an alias. I compared the face to the autograph
hound and saw it was, indeed, the same exact person. The next day, after I had
calmed down enough to actually read the article, a book review about Firestarter,
I learned who Stephen King was. At that explosive moment my first impulse was
to credit Nixon for being a criminal genious. Who would believe any of it now?
Nixon, Reagan and government codes in magazines was plausable, not Stephen
King being the real killer. I had a real job ahead of me now.
A brief examination of the article (see website) and King’s writings convinced me it was
was all just too true. Now I had to wonder was Chapman even a living person or
just some convenient look-alike dead Viet Nam vet with no family that the govern-
ment was using to scam us with a decoy. I would later learn that Chapman was
the son of a wealthy oil executive near Atlanta, Ga., much like John Hinkley, who
allegedly shot Reagan. I would learn that he was doing a stint in Lebanon, sup-
posedly at a Y.M.C.A., in the years preceeding the murder. I would learn that Chap-
man was living, allegedly in Attica prison in solitary confinement. People Magazine
even featured him with photos taken at Attica in a 1985 article. People is printed
by, you guessed it, Time. I think Chapman is only in jail for photo ops and to occas-
sionally scam the other prisoners that he is there at all and that the warden on
down are in on the scam. I just don’t know where he really spends most of his
time. I do know that Hinkley, also an oil executives son, made the papers saying
he shot Reagan because of Lennon’s murder and that “…America is the land
where heroes are shot in the back…when John Lennon died I died, you died,
America died, the world died…” presumably as part of a mind control maneuver
to suggest one would have to be crazy to think Reagan had Lennon killed. After
Hinkley was found insane no-one was parroting that line of logic.
A few months after I had pieced together all the codes and evidence Terry Cho-
dash of the San Francisco Secret Service surprized me with a visit while I was
at the Santa Rosa Library. He never denied my claims and even asked me what
I thought about Hinkley. At that time I was as ignorant as anyone about Hinkley.
He took some photographs of me, warned me I could be arrested for any threats
I might make towards these politicians and had me offer some handwriting sam-
ples and left. I realized the next day that those samples might be used to forge
a suicide note someday. I called him back and complained emphatically. I saw
him, years later, out of disguise, without his blond wig and blue contacts, with his
real brown hair and eyes outside the Federal Building.
After that first meeting my life turned into political dissident hell (See footnotes and
New Developments page of website )
Along the way I saw my influence shape events in ways ONLY I could see. I am
amazed at how big a dent I have already made, and yet I am still agast at how lit-
tle support I have received from my fellow man and Americans. My own mother,
and my siblings, the one constituency who should have helped me come forward
so I could remove my life from danger, have taken a step back from my plight. I
have witnessed the apathy of my country and have come to appreciate that it is
fueled by their own sense of shame, fear, jealousy and, I’ll say it, misery. Every-
one’s very afraid where political assassination is concerned but me. Even Paul
McCartney, who endorsed me live at Berkeley (see website), has retreated singing
“…words of NON wisdom..” lately, letting civilization slide into barbarism and banal-
ity. His recent 2002 concert passed without a relevant remark.
I don’t trust Yoko to do anything but protect the lie and her estate. I feel sorry for
New York City that they can’t see through her. I feel sorry for New York that they
tolerated a no trial necessary remedy for Lennon’s assassination. No wonder
America is in such shambles. New York City is out of control and disconnected,
living under govt. witch, Yoko Ono’s evil spell.
I worry about all of you people for having to have me tell you why this is important
and vital to begin with. When I started I assumed everyone would know that this
expose will unleash more power to the people than at any time in our lifetimes.
If you are not excited by that fact you, indeed, need my prayers too.
Thank you for visiting my website. Only you can expose this story. It will never be
told until you people change, first, deep inside. Don’t keep me waiting. I need
your help and support. BREAK THIS STORY, PLEASE!