Contrary to all reports about a lone drifter named Mark David Chapman who allegedly shot John Lennon in the back December 8, 1980 you’ll find ample evidence in the back issues of Time, Newsweek, and US News and World Report magazines to suggest otherwise. Namely, that John Lennon was, not only politically assassinated, but that Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and, you’d better sit down, horror novelist Stephen King are the three people who can be proven guilty of the crime. King being the real murderer and Chapman but a look-alike, paid actor misleading you with an absolute hoax, the media in tow.

The evidence, specifically, is government codes in the bold print headlines of Time, Newsweek, and U.S. News and World Report magazines that were printed shortly before, during, and after the night of December 8, 1980. Hints in the headlines that you won’t find anywhere else that plug into John Lennon’s assassination with up to 70% frequency at times. These government codes, which read like gallows humor; “Thinking About John Lennon…Johnny Comes Marching Home…Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang, Ouch, Ouch…The Job Richard Nixon Really Wanted…Blasting the Opposition…America Needs A Poet Laureate…Maybe…Heeding Those Subtle Signs…Magazine Maze…All the Presidents Magazines…”. These codes include the killer’s face and true identity printed three and two months before the crime replete with headlines describing the then yet to come crime scene: “One Great Big Zippo Lighter…Perils of Pyrokinesis”. Pyrokinesis means fire and movement, and a man at night with a gun ablaze, crouched in a raincoat looks like a great big cigarette lighter. Subtle but dramatic codes.

These crypto-codes include Mark David Chapman, the alleged name of the killer printed three weeks before the murder where Chapman writes that he is “…armed, a pawn, waiting to be moved into a hostile square…by the giant hand of Ronald Reagan…”.

These government codes include dramatic photos of just elected Ronald Reagan sitting next to Richard Nixon’s book The Real War in Time and Newsweek issues released the day of the murder. In Time the bold headline above Reagan reads, “Who’s In? Who’s Out?” and below, ”Fitting Together the Pieces of a Complicated Jigsaw Puzzle…”

That Richard Nixon tried to deport John Lennon in the 70’s is a known fact. John’s peace activism and lyrical barbs at “Tricky Dicky” and his perhaps-unparalleled worldwide appeal made John a target.

Well, Inside The Real War several pages explain why “the prancing of the trendies…rock stars…beautiful people of New York…who say war is bad and peace is good…must be removed from the stage of public debate…by whatever means …a flyswatter…are needed…”. He even titles this philosophy, “The Nixon Doctrine”. Translation? Reagan’s In, Lennon’s Out. In fact “The Real John Lennon” and “The Real Richard Nixon” are two codes that precede the crime.

Last, but certainly not least, according to identical matching photos of Stephen King attached to book reviews about Firestarter months before the assassination, the man photographed getting Lennon’s autograph hours before he killed him is not Mark Chapman like we were all told. Chapman’s glasses are the wrong prescription, his features are more centrally boxed in the middle of his face and his hair is the wrong texture, as well as the fact that the killer has dimples that Chapman does not. Only Stephen King’s features exactly trace the proportions of the autograph hound. Chapman is a look alike actor.

This was the last coded evidence puzzle piece that I found, not knowing then who Stephen King was. This was back in 1982, my first clues being the “Who’s In? Who’s Out?” headlines above Reagan months earlier. I turned to my library then utterly convinced that the government had killed John Lennon based on the news clipping that appeared in June of 1982, a year and a half after the crime, where Chapman pleaded guilty two days before his trial and was sentenced to 20 years to life. Buried in a tiny corner of the back section, I knew a cover-up was at work. It was several weeks later while trying to find magazines that carried the murder report that I literally stumbled onto these codes.

Now I was confronted, months later, with who actually pulled the trigger: famous author Stephen King?!?! Too much to believe? Beyond comprehension? Over all our heads? Is Nixon that tricky? Well, buckle up good readers, Stephen King writes all about it beginning with Salem’s Lot, five years before the crime, where he writes about shooting a man in the shoulder blades, stalking a politician with a gun in The Dead Zone, Johnny being the main character. He even writes about “…the fellow who killed John Lennon” in, I believe, three books. He practically confesses in his 1983 Playboy interview. He has even admitted to me, in his own handwriting, that I “…haven’t got the whole story yet…” and in a subsequent letter, signed Stephen King, he throws in a veiled bribe if I’d quit exposing this.

In Summary:

The story about Mark Chapman is a cover-up. Bold print government cryptographic codes that include the killer’s face and true identity, the killer’s alleged name and letter to the editor printed before the murder and Richard Nixon’s book, The Real War, in back issues of Time, Newsweek, and US News and World Report magazines printed before, during, and after the night of December 8, 1980 prove that Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan arranged for the author Stephen King, then barley famous, to assassinate John Lennon. That King’s writings draw, dramatically, from the crime and that he taunts us all in his interviews and comments only makes this the story of a lifetime. My 24-page booklet contains everything you’ve seen here and much more. Please order your copy. I guarantee it is the absolute truth about what really happened to John Lennon. Happy Code Cracking!