Too stupid to hoist me on your shoulders and march me down to your lying media censoring the truth? Actually you all really are. In fact, you have been media mind controlled to protect Stephen King for what he did and obstruct everything I am doing to expose this evidence. You are in worse shape than any religion, alone, can get you out of. You need the truth and a hero in your lives or you are helpless. If there is such a thing as the Second Coming, and I don’t think so, then it must be me I have learned so much these past 40 years about how masochistic and insane you all really are. What I know about all of you can’t be taught at a college course or by a book. As the messenger of this monster expose, now for over 40 years, I have exclusive knowledge of humanity and it’s flaws and weaknesses that no priest can begin to fathom or approach. I saw you all laugh at me when my father was killed in a plane crash, I watched the people of Bangor, Maine satanically protect King instead of arrest him and I heard his best friend and bookseller at the time admit to me in 1992 that King is ;”…afraid he’s gonna FRY!” I’ve been watching the spectacle of your evil apathy and phoniness curse your lives and all America all this time. I first noticed how you all allowed Chapman to skip a trial, entirely, to see if we were being lied to or not.  Even though Nixon tried to illegally deport John over his high political profile in the 70’s. That was my first clue to look into the matter. That I stumbled onto government headline codes, the killer’s face and true identity, Stephen King, Mark David King Chapman’s letter linking Reagan who’s moving him with a gun into a hostile square weeks before the crime and what’s in Nixon’s book; ‘The Real War’ that discusses why Lennon must be killed to wage war and how it’s photographed in Time magazine next to just elected Reagan the day of the murder under the ominous headline’ “Who’s In?” “Who’s Out?” is a miracle of providence.  That King writes all about the elements of Lennon’s murder and more is mind bending. I actually uncovered Moscow’s evil plot to destroy us, morally, using a horror writer to replace good with evil. I uncovered the fact that Nixon, Reagan and many others have been subverting us for a world order plan to destroy America. Biden is the latest enemy of America busy weaponizing our D.O.J. to alter yet another election and steal our right to vote. You poor, sick puppies need this truth hero now like never before. Nobody is denying that I have evidence. It’s all right there on Someday I will be able to say to the world the people of Bangor, Maine and California all had this evidence to use but decided to look the other way and pretend it was just a nightmare and not real. Too jealous that any one man could have so huge a story under his belt, society is bent on denying, not only me, but the whole world, of this evidence find. Everybody KNOWS I’m right about everything and that King belongs on a gurney getting a lethal dose of chemicals for being our enemy and traitor. In fact, until that HAPPENS you’re all in dire need of an exorcism. Decoy, look-alike Chapman, ditto. Yoko Ono, ditto. They all need to pay the price of being our traitors. She was John’s enemy all along and I had to find that out the hard way. She ordered me kidnapped, handcuffed and pistol whipped unconscious in 1987 for giving her a package of my finding s to get to the remaining Beatles. Poor, naive John.  After I am honored and the evidence is common knowledge I will be able to PROVE that you all knew but lacked the stones to care. Lacked the self respect and confidence to stand up for yourselves.

I would love to continue along this vain but I must rescue you, now, from a second rigged presidential election you are facing today. Trump, with his many faults, is being charged with felonies for mislabeling his hush money payments to Stormy Daniels as legal expenses. If there is a category to list them under that would be it. It is only in court because Biden is, himself, weaponizing the D.O.J. to alter the outcome of the 2024 election. Kind of ironic. Very evil, too. Most of the Trump court cases allege attempting to alter the vote. Biden is guilty of that in spades, though, can’t you all see? The Soviet technique is to call the kettle black and transpose the points 180 degrees from the truth to confuse you. A man has a right to question the integrity of the vote count, does he not? I believe Biden and the F.B.I., C.I.A. and media stole our vote in 2020 when the operation was paused for two hours in the wee small hours until they could reconfigure the results in their favor. That we were robbed in the 2020 election. That’s right. Wake up. Biden lost by a landslide and it was apparent until the machines and coverage were paused. So, now, here we are listening to Valley Girl Kamala Harris spout her fears that Trump will weaponize the D.O.J. against his enemies if elected. She must think, like a Soviet would, that we’re all stupid, I guess. Meanwhile Biden jokes on the campaign trail how Trump is “busy” with court or he’d be campaigning. We are under attack and a takeover and they all hope you stay asleep long enough until it is a fate accompli. Many other weaponizations of the D.O.J are in play you all know, too.  It’s a scandal and Biden and our deep state should, themselves, be on trial for weaponizing our courts to alter the results of an election. The world order takeover that Bush Sr. warned us about, bragged about, is in full stride as I speak. I used to support Obama and Biden when I was stupid like many of you are now.  After surviving two very high speed “accidents” in 2010 and 2015 that weren’t accidents I learned they are enemies of America, in fact, and must be stopped. In the first one, a 60 mph hit, T-bone style, the intersection was paved over the next day to hide any evidence. Really. That many other episodes loomed then to paint me as a reckless driver to sell to the public come the day I get killed, I KNOW Obama and Biden tried to assassinate me twice. Now I understand how Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, both Bush’s and Obama and Biden are all communists taking over our democracy illegally with our deep state’s help. Trump may not be smart enough to understand that Nixon and Reagan’s toes MUST be stepped on or he is doomed to wrongheadedness. Trump doesn’t understand how Nixon baited the leader of the John Birch Society – Moscow’s most ardent enemy – to his death by inviting him aboard the jetliner the Soviet Migs shot down after Reagan got into office. At the last minute Nixon cancelled and left his seat empty to let him wonder why Migs were surrounding his plane with him next to Nixon’s empty seat. What’s Nixon doing killing the leader of the John Birch Society for Moscow? Many infiltrates have been in our system since WWII, folks. I know so many things we all need to know. Wasn’t it Russia who; “… buried our grandchildren…” under the rubble of the Trade Towers, really? HMMMM? Like Cruschev promised in the 1960’s using our own system against us? I think Bush Jr. knew all about that attack in advance. That’s why he made sure to be in a innocent setting like a school classroom with children when he supposedly learned of it. To fool us all. Nixon explained in 1980 in ‘The Real War’ that Russia would conduct a ‘strategic surrender” at some point to reconfigure their system. Don’t buy it that the Soviet Union since 1994 is gone for good, folks. Trump was warned by me in 2020 to wear a hat with my website address on it or he’s be robbed via vote fraud then. He was, too. He must now play the Samson card and bring down the temple on them all with my website that he is famous enough to give traction to or he will be punished a second time. All of us, too. This isn’t Tiddlywinks, either. America is on the chopping block and our freedom.  You all had better get smart and wake up or we’re all screwed. You all can’t afford to be stupid anymore.

There are things about Trump I disagree with. He is too trusting of Moscow and Israel and he’s not green enough for me. He has come along way from being all about himself and he should get credit for that growth. Nevertheless he has proven to be a great president who helped us until Covid -19 was sent our way by China. He accomplished more in his first year than most presidents accomplish in eight years. It’s a fact. His prowess rendered the status quo as bogus, in fact. The swamp is naked, now. Now the Soviet inspired swamp is trying to take away the vote of 65 percent of America that trust Trump over Biden. It’s these common sense, red blooded, die hard, middle of America voters the courts are being weaponized to defeat. Trump is merely the vehicle they are punishing to do so. It’s all of US who should be outraged. Biden is screwing the public’s right to choose who is president. The F.B.I. et all are helping him, too.

I like the notion of an R.F.K. Jr. in office equally. The Soviets killed the Kennedy’s according to Time magazine codes then that implicate Nixon then, too. Now his family members are behind Biden like idiots, frankly. It reminds me of the time I saw Carolyn Kennedy at a San Francisco event praise Gerald Ford for pardoning Nixon. The man who killed her father! I wondered were there recording devices planted next to her pillow as she slept she was so upside down. Now the Kennedy clan is similarly ridiculously ignorant.  All but R.F.K. Jr.. R.F.K. Jr. had better get with it, and campaign more vigorously, too, in my opinion. He HAS a solid shot if he does it right.

Lately the Kansas City Chiefs have been experiencing bad karma following do-do brained Taylor Swift’s praise of Biden. There was the mass shooting at one of their rally events and, just yesterday, Taylors boyfriend’s brother lost his Super Bowl ring in a pot of chili. There was one other event that bode badly for them, I forgot. too. Let’s hope the bad karma for Biden continues and Trump gets the wisdom to go Samson on his enemies, wear my WEBSITE ADDRESS ON HIS HAT that he is famous enough to give traction to and have the finger of evil pointed squarely at them where it belongs. He HAS fame. All he needs is a powerful message to wear. Biden and Harris spell the end of America or haven’t you noticed the un democratic weaponization of the courts to subvert our vote, the outrageous inflation that cripples us all, especially the poor and retired, the money printing that renders us a house of cards for future collapse and how he is using abortion as his go to weapon of choice? Something that unites the unholy elements of our nature. And have you noticed how he is trying to buy our vote with this and that; Lowering pill prices, student debt forgiveness, and other phony trinkets he is dangling in our faces hoping we will bite the rotten apple he really has in store for us?  Gasoline was under $3.00 a gallon, here, before he took office. Now it’s $6.00 a gallon in California. Groceries are up over 20 %. Wake up, people. Biden, by imposing his outrageous inflation on us has cut social security by 30 % since a fixed income goes only 70 % as far as before he was president. Also, his inflation encourages the elderly to NOT retire as the prices are too high. Another 30 cut in social security. And tells YOU he is FOR social security. Bullshit. Biden and Alejandro Myjorkas opening our border gates wide is an assault on America and a formula to lower wages. Think about THAT! All they care about is the migrant vote, America be damned. And it is, lately. Except for me and this Lennon expose that CAN SAVE US ALL IF WE USE IT AND DEMONSTRATE! Hoist me on your shoulders and out my evidence or you might find that you were defeated by your own stupidity and not the new world order that Moscow is pushing.  Oh, and the Gaza strip. He claims he is feeding, rescuing, the Palestinians. At the same time he is, in reality, bombing them in a genocidal manner supplying Israel with all those bombs we see destroying entire buildings because they are too cowardly to fight warfare in a conventional manner. It’s The Crusades all over. It’s genocide and he is behind it as he tries to deceive you otherwise.  He’s a trickster and deceiver. Wake up and help me come forward. I may be your only salvation. Really. This Lennon expose you jealously, masochistically, love to hate.

Now, back to my evidence and why it is the most important thing on our plate right now. The biggest expose of all time and the biggest news since, that’s right, since Christ. It just is. Wake up. Don’t be a jealous masochist like you’ve all been all this evil time.

(Oh, and by the way, having just deleted a mountain of pure, bitter bull crap from this section, I am fully aware that I often sound like an out of control monster, myself, raging against the tide of your apathy and all the abuses your apathy and neglect have put me through. Oh, well. I never claimed to be a saint or perfect, did I? If I am the Second Coming it’s not because I want to be, believe me. If I knew then what I know now I’d have broken the story by committing a victimless crime – the only way your condition will allow for – and saved America sooner that way. I am convinced, however, that Jesus, by being so polite and mannerly, cost himself his life for it. So, there’s that, too. I’ll delete much more of this still existing mountain of bitter bull crap, too, just after I have rested a little for the time being. Shame on me for being bitter? Or shame on you for being to blame for my being bitter? That is a good question.)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                How’s that messenger jealousy and fear of government working out for you people? Like R.F.K. Jr. recently said; “America has become unrecognizable, lately…” I have learned the problem with EVERYTHING in this messed up world is YOU, the PEOPLE. In spite of your knee jerk denial syndrome and human weaknesses, none of you have ever challenged my evidence. I DO have hard evidence that PROVES author Stephen King murdered, assassinated John Lennon. PROVES that he, not Chapman, is the man photographed getting Lennon’s last autograph. PROVES that Nixon and Reagan were the masterminds behind this horror on mankind. PROVES that Time, Newsweek and U.S. News magazines are government rags that used their headlines like codes for several months, only, to document their nastiness. PROVES that we are under a foreign attack on our nation in the middle of it all. The biggest expose of all time! The biggest news since Christ! Rather, you bask in fear of your government and jealousy of me, the messenger. You are all insane and tragic as a result. I am a real life, genuine hero with hard evidence – for once in your sorry, stupid lives – and you don’t know what to do with me I am such a rarity. You’re so used to being media controlled, government abused masochists you refuse to admit who I am and what I am. Our government has always killed people like me, before. Because my courage and brashness SCARES you, you want to call me a wacko and not have to work for the gifts I offer. Yeah, people, you have to protest to out this story. The government controlled media won’t tell you unless you DEMAND they tell you. They know this and hope you just sit on your hands and stay stupid victims of their evil. They are counting on your evil ways to cover up.

(Scroll down several pages to find King’s friend confessing;”.. he’s afraid he’s gonna FRY!!!” when I talked with him in 1992. Also find sections where the Clintons invited King into The White House, secretly, right before the Oklahoma City bomb went off as well as Obama inviting King into the White House to present him with a medal of the arts award. Also an account of what King said, in person, to me in 1992 in Bangor, Maine and more…)

Don’t think you’re jealous of me and ashamed of yourselves? I just snuck my website address on Coast To Coast talk radio last week and I’ve had four orders for my magazine in one day. (Seven orders in three days, now) Four are from overseas or Canada. Only three from America. What’s worse, my own area of Monterey, Ca. where I drive my website van all over the place has placed zero orders in the past seven years. The locals are trying to stuff me into a casket they are so worried my story might break. They don’t want to have to defend democracy and actually protest over what they all already know is true. KSCO Radio of Santa Cruz was caught trying to marginalize me until I confronted the owner recently about it and I have boycotted THEM ever since. Days after that confrontation a storm knocked down an expensive six story antenna of theirs for their bad karma, in fact. In fact, all of California is basically boycotting my story. J-E-A-L-O-U-S-Y, F-E-A-R and S-H-A-M-E. What did Jesus say that found him having to run for his life, right after, for saying out loud, once?; “A prophet is never acknowledged by his home town.” Those who heard him say that tried to attack him on the spot. He hit a raw nerve..
You know, the see no evil, speak no evil , hear no evil monkeys. That’s your sorry lot.

While on the subject of local news, I just quit marijuana and coffee to give myself a fighting chance against all this satanic evil humanity is throwing at me. I never was much of a drinker of alcohol but that, too, I gave up, entirely, months ago. I recognize how debilitating all that is to one’s body and mind. Now I am dreaming again and getting deep sleep and look ten years younger all of a sudden. The ONLY thing I notice, besides my mind working twice as efficiently, is that boring things are now boring to me without pot to spice things up. That was the only thing pot ever did for me and I suggest for all of you. Please, everybody, get off the pot and get your minds straight so you, too, can find the spine to care about my discovery. If you drink or do other drugs, God help you all. Your country is spiraling down the drain and you all need to get on board with this historic expose and protest, Goddammit! Before John was assassinated he even wrote a song; “Clean Up Time” urging you all to do likewise. He knew, then what I am just finding out, now.



I PROTEST EVERY SUNDAY AT NOON IN DOWNTOWN MONTEREY ON ALVARADO STREET. You have the answer right there if you are good people. One thousand strong is what John Lennon deserves. Not a few smattering of people. Be there. Or disgrace yourselves.

U-P-D-A-T-E- !!!!!! I am soon offering the people of Santa Cruz to also protest with me. I’ve been noticing how they are coming around to my message all of a sudden. Unlike Monterey, they ,at least, are buying my magazine and aren’t afraid of me. Tentatively I am thinking every last two Sundays of every month for them and the first two Sundays for Monterey. —– Stay tuned.

Until you people protest no expose will happen. OFF YOUR ASSES, MASSES! is a billboard I am considering. Another is; UNTIL KING IS EXECUTED WE’RE EVIL.

Think about it, people. It’s the God’s truth, so get involved. Protest of perish, America.



By the way; You will only find me on this website. I don’t play the social media Tower Of Babel game. No Facebook, or Twitter or Pod cast or U-tube. If you want that you are just looking for an exit ramp to avoid confronting what this website offers. The answer. Face up to my website. It’s all I’m ever giving you until you use it and protest to out it’s message. That and my magazine, of course. Get them while you can because they will be valuable collectibles after the story breaks, trust me. You should be dying to know the truth in the first place.

Meanwhile, my latest billboard gracing my van reads; “REPENT, YOU COVER-UP COMMUNISTS” I see you phonies sitting on your hands. You remind me of the see no, speak no, hear no evil monkeys, frankly. YOU TRAGIC, BRAINWASHED MASOCHISTS may soon replace it.

Looking for humility and modesty? I can’t afford it, frankly. You need the truth. Grow up. I care more about what I think of all of you than what you think of me. Remember, I’m making a four part movie about all of you someday. My four decade odyssey of struggling against your dysfunction.


Mick Jagger called it ‘Sympathy For the Devil’; “…who killed the Kennedys when, after all, it was you and me..” Mick was smart enough in the 80’s to make a video depicting the government hunting him with machine guns before they forced him to take it down. It’s why he’s alive today.

I used to scoff at notions of a second coming figure. I believed it was all stupid religion making things up to fit an agenda. The same with the notion of an ant-Christ. I doubt I am the second coming, I know I’m the opposite of an anti-Christ and such, HOWEVER, a lot has been revealed to me lately that suggests I just might be the next best we’ll ever have. Namely, I am the ONLY one who has not been made evil by the murder of John Lennon. Being normal, healthy and well and unaffected by the government’s crime has made me a stellar standout among all men. Besides that I DO have a powerful avenging angel that cannot be denied. It’s a truly supernatural fact. For example; Everyone in Monterey, where I live and drive my website van all over the place, has sided with Stephen King and are protecting him and the cover-up by NOT buying my magazine. Ditto the people of Maine and Bangor. Everybody ELSE is buying my magazine except the people who live where I live or visit. Last month I snuck my website address on Coast To Coast talk radio and got seven orders in just a few days. Most are from overseas or out of state. Canada, United Kingdom, Sweden, two from Los Angeles, Missouri and one from North Carolina. None from Monterey since I’ve lived here since 2016. N-O-N-E-!  A few from Santa Cruz and California in 24 years but very few compared to the rest of the nation and world. I’ve noticed this trend wherever I’ve lived. The power of my website emblazoned van is ruined by evil mankind’s jealousy and fear of the messenger. I am up against the wickedness of mankind and especially the media and the government who I am exposing. “Ooohhhh, Steve Lightfoot has the expose of the century, of ALL TIME, and we are jealous of him and his courage and greatness. We must stop him and hope he gets killed so we can be evil and stupid and masochistic sick-os. We are GLAD Stephen King killed our great hero, John Lennon, and we WANT him to molest our children with horror and madness. We’re sick Mo-Fo’s!” Your unanimous, insane, weakling thought is; “Why is it important, now?”

Being surrounded by all this human evil in everyone has convinced me that I am more special than I ever thought just NOT to be similarly afflicted. A saint among the wicked and insane. You cannot mention the sentence; “John Lennon’s murder” without ALL of media cutting you off, immediately. You cannot get people to defend themSELVES from the cover-up with hard evidence on a silver platter. The world is all insane and evil. If I am the ‘second coming’ it would not surprise me, now. I accept that I AM the most significant figure to come along since Jesus. Nobody can name anyone who will be able to change the world more than me with my expose. Not in over 2,000 years. You can’t name anyone else who can so change all of society as I can with the truth of who really killed John Lennon. Religion I have already rendered ridiculous after having shown how A.W.O.L. and M.I.A. religion has been in the face of my evidence all this time. That, alone, is a monumental achievement. The entire media and politics will never be the same, after. And you all KNOW IT! A mass exorcism of monumental proportions. Twenty times bigger than the ride of Paul Revere.

Don’t think I won’t tell the world all about your siding with Stephen King, someday, too, people. I will. You all need to be stripped naked for who you all REALLY are. Hero killing masochists from hell. Or you’ll never change. I don’t have to kill dozens of people in a street fair with my van to break my story, I don’t have to kill Stephen King to force you to pay attention. I’m too smart for any of that. I’m actually blessed with a genius 165 I.Q.. At least that’s what the experts have told me from my school days. I will have unsurpassed power as a celebrity after I break the story conventionally and I can’t afford to jeopardize all of that. YOU can’t afford that. My guardian angel and avenging angel have seen me through this far and so you can all give up on hoping I blow a gasket and take myself out of that role I want someday. I don’t want so much the fame as I want the power to change this sick world your evil attitude has fostered. I want to rub everyone’s evil face in it’s own evil mess someday as a celebrity and change the world that way.

Nobody can deny that I sing, while not quite as good as Sinatra, that I sing as close to as good as Sinatra as anyone else on earth. Suddenly. Out of the blue. It must anger all of you off that I was gifted by God, apparently, to pull that off. Now I will be able to penetrate all society as a singer someday and pick up where Lennon left off. I sing downtown from my van to karaoke C.D.s, etc. to street cafes to show them I must not be a nut, after all, or I couldn’t be such a convincing artist. The world revels in calling me a wacko behind my back. This is my way of flipping it upside down and turning the tables on everybody. “Ha, Ha! NOW call me a wacko, people.” I sing less, now, because I’m marijuana free and coffee free and even I am a little bored by it all. Once my story breaks and the world has to confess that they were so sick and stupid they protected Stephen King all this time THEN my singing won’t bore me and I’ll use that vehicle to change the world. I might even write great songs for all I know. Just like John Lennon did. I will insist that Stephen King be executed, first, or I WON’T sing for anybody. You people will have to deserve your artists from now on. At least this artist. I can live without fame and recognition. Unlike you given the same circumstances. Cough up some sanity and justice and decency or count me out. You can save your sick selves without my heroism and see how well you do

By the way; I prayed, while being interviewed on KSCO Radio 2-14-’17, that a mountain sized asteroid puts all of you out of your misery if King is not punished in my lifetime. If you’re that self destructive, masochistic, weak and stupid. If he dies before you care, ditto. This matters because I saw just such a monster almost kill us all in the mid 1960’s when we were busy killing the Kennedys, M.L.K. and more. When we were busy asking for extinction, then. Just last year, in Carmel Valley, I found another witness to the same monster asteroid. He saw it from North Carolina. My first thought was; “We all almost just died.” Bigger than Mount Shasta and almost hitting us. “BLIP!” fast, from California to Hawaii in about two seconds. Hold your forefinger an inch from your nose and open one eye to get a grasp of how big it WAS! No kidding. A power beyond our ability to cope with. The central valley of California is likely a glancing blow from one. Only because the state of Nevada is stretching westward does it not line up exactly with the strait of Cortez between Mexico and Baja. As if it hit near Sutter Creek (Where all that gold was found) and skipped over the L.A. mountains from Bakersfield and carved out that strait called the Sea of Cortez. Experts agree the entire Gulf of Mexico is a crater, the result of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. The one I saw was just as big and as recently as in my lifetime, people. Frankly, if you are the kind of people who could not respond appropriately to my evidence and punish King for what he did to the world, you’d be better off dead, anyway. No guilt if it happens. In the year 2029, just five years away, “Apophus”, a large asteroid, is expected to hit near San Diego where I made my discovery over 40 years ago. Years of my life your apathy senselessly martyred. It seems that standing up to your government and Stephen King, with evidence, for killing John Lennon is our “acid test”

I’m wishing a humane end to you if you aren’t worthy of life less and, more, trying to avert that certain disaster by shaping you weaklings up in the nick of time, instead.

Better behave, people. Better start demonstrating that you care about my evidence that you are so lucky to have to begin with. God has no patience for masochists and sick-os. I don’t blame him, either. He did try to warn us, through my witness, in the 60’s. Hope you listen.

That’s enough for now.


When I first discovered that Nixon and Reagan killed Lennon, even before discovering that Stephen King pulled the trigger, I was so aghast at my own country’s evil I wanted to let Moscow know how evil we are as a nation. To be fair about our conflict. I would soon learn that Moscow was behind the killing of John Lennon and Stephen King poisoning our culture, all along. Don’t laugh. I will prove it here.

If someone were to tell me in 1982, when I made my discovery, that all our presidents since J.F.K.’s murder were world order communists already occupying our government I ‘d have laughed. Trump being the only exception, I’ll explain why.

McGovern, Nixon, possibly even Jimmy Carter, Mondale, Ferraro, Reagan, Bush Sr. and Jr. Gary Hart, Dukakis, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Obama and Biden ALL are (were) working for our enemy, the New World Order which I believe is based in Moscow, possibly London. Israel, in my opinion, is our enemy working with this cabal. Henry Kissinger was a major communist. A German Jew.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Most of you would be surprised to learn that, ten days before the Oklahoma City bomb went off, the Clintons invited Stephen King into The White House for a secret meeting. Only the Oakland Tribune printed this meeting. They were aware he killed John Lennon. He happened to look, then, just like the never found “John Doe Two” a sketch artist rendered and King DOES blow up Las Vegas in “The Stand”. The motive for Clinton to kill all those kids that day has to do with removing the stain off the BATF from killing the David Koresh clan and putting the stain, instead, on our militia groups that McVeah and David Koresh were alleged to be part of. King  would insist on being part of that charade / crime. His fantasy come true. He frequently kills off the loud mouthed, belligerent redneck Americans in his films. In “Christine” he kills dead ringers for Buddy Holly, Elvis, John Balushi and Jim Morrison. The dead ringer for Morrison was dressed in exactly the clothes Lennon was wearing when he was shot. Lennon was shot on Morrison’s birthday, by the way. To those of you who say Mcveah was killed by injection I would say this; None of you noticed when Chapman’s competency evaluation was skipped and his trial, as well. You people don’t know WHAT is going on to begin with. You’re all easily fooled. I suspect Mcveah is walking around with plastic surgery modified features and that his publicly viewed injection could have been staged with computers making engineered readings to fool the crowd. That’s what MIGHT have happened.

In 2016(?) Barack Obama and Joe Biden invited Stephen King into The White House and Obama put a medal of the arts award around his neck that day. They also knew that King killed Lennon. Sounds pretty scary, already, huh? Makes you wonder why our F.B.I., etc., who also know of all of this, are going along. A complete sellout or buy out of our deep state. Perhaps they succumbed to nuclear blackmail if they didn’t go along with going commie on us behind our backs.. I don’t know.

Stephen King writes, a dozen times in “Different Seasons” a year after killing John Lennon, ; “Beware the Jewish / communist plot against the U.S..” King is a Jew. He also writes in other books; “And you shall have your vengeance on those who would fill themselves while others want…Even and American city? No, I spit on your cities. There is no English for it. ‘ Pokol, verdulac, eyalick, do you understand?…They have never known hunger or want, the people of this country. Their sadness is that of a child who has spilled his ice cream on the grass at a birthday party.”

In 1963 the headline bold print codes also found in Time magazine then implicate Nixon as being a central figure in that assassination.(See for yourselves; “Something On The Move…Who’s Letting Blood?…Richard Nixon…So Everybody’s Talking.” and that’s on just one page.) I solved that murder, too. Time magazine’s editor was questioned in the McCarthy hearings and admitted to being a communist. He is also Jewish. That Nixon killed J.F.K. implicates him in R.F.K.’s murder, too. I haven’t checked those headlines but I’ll bet they implicate Nixon there, too. So, Nixon is in the business of killing our presidents. An arch enemy of America. These Jewish owned magazines documented everything and knew, in advance, of everything. Remember, the Rosenburg’s gave Moscow our nuclear secrets the same year we gave them Israel. Israel is playing us for the suckers we are. Russia is the Jew’s country of origin. The Caucuses region, I believe.

Nixon, also, more than any other man on earth, empowered the rise of China to it’s present global dominance. Lennon even sang about it then; “But if you carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain’t gonna make it with anyone, anyhow..” It was a dig at “Tricky Dicky” another John Lennon lyric that branded Nixon, then. Nixon took us off the gold standard and tried to establish a Soviet style White House guard separate from the military. Nixon disgraced our presidency with Watergate and our laws with his being pardoned. His war in Viet Nam was a lie as, after Lennon ended it with his activism, there was no domino effect of Asia falling to communism. Henry Kissinger was a big part of that deception operation. The net effect of that and the Korean wars was it alienated all of Asia against the United States. Nixon was a Quaker. They don’t believe in God. He, in fact, bombed Cambodia on Christmas Day to mock all Christianity.. Moscow or London’s agent 001? I think so. I include London because there is hardly anything global that they haven’t controlled in the past. They’re pretty smart. I should know being half English, Irish and Scottish, myself. Smart as Scotland Yard am I. Best detective on earth, apparently, having solved Lennon’s murder, by accident, no less. The British are famous for the saying; “The sun never sets on the British empire.” London is also the hub of the world’s financial empire. Follow the money, they say.

Pretty scary, huh, people?

Ronald Reagan, Nixon’s protegee, his “Bobbsy Twin”, like Nixon, also decried The Soviets while increasing our government and instituting Soviet like standards. They were both caught pointing their fingers at Russia while, at the same time, turning us into Russia. They both raised taxes dramatically, too. You have to understand that Moscow is treating us as if they already own us and are merely tweaking the formula until we are just like they want us to be. They’d rather avoid nuclear war. Biological war? Not so much. Does Covid – 19 ring a bell? Is that why the 2020 election may have been rigged just to oust Trump, ‘or else’? It sure seemed like it was rigged in the wee small hours after a two hour shut down. Admit it, everybody. Was our deep state blackmailed by China to dump Trump in this manner? Not fiction, maybe.

Reagan married Nancy Baker who was on the commie black list in Hollywood. She wore out that red dress during his presidency, too. “I’m a communist. I’m a ‘Red’. Look at me!” Reagan never attended church, once, as president, and his son, Ron, is an avowed atheist. Under Reagan I was beset with false criminal charges of ‘breaking and entering’ and ‘ attempted grand theft’ I had zero to do with. After those charges were dropped My father died in a small plane crash on the tenth anniversary of Nixon’s resignation weeks after Stephen King sent me a handwritten threat / warning letter; “… since (I) won’t cease (my) investigation…”  Soon thereafter I was kidnapped, handcuffed and beaten unconscious in a police van by S.F.P.D. officers Rist and Hall in 1987. Yoko Ono was involved in that episode, too. Two months prior a Thomas Decker and a martial arts accomplice of his dislocated my shoulder and broke my nose on a sidewalk. I endured a dozen or so police episodes, too, under Reagan the pagan.

That both Nixon and Reagan can be proved guilty of letting Stephen King murder John Lennon is enough to prove they are our arch enemies. They destroyed us, spiritually, with that. A case of using evil and mass psychological terrorism to destroy a nation. To break us as a people.

Bill Clinton chopped up Yugoslavia to weaken it for future Soviet takeover purposes, I think. He knew, at the time, that I am half Serbian. It was an hour after I confronted Henry Kissinger on KABC Radio in L.A. about that that Nixon suffered his fatal stroke, in fact. Weeks before Morton Downey Jr. hosted me for three days on L.A. talk radio to expose Nixon about Lennon’s murder. I’m sure he recognized my voice, later, confronting Kissinger, his partner in crime. If I killed Richard Nixon, and I hope I did, I did so legally. Karma for him for maybe killing my father and removing the King of my chess set, first thing?

Mondale was giddy in 1984, tapping his foot uncontrollably, as he looked right at me at a rally in San Jose. “You stupid ass. I’m losing to Reagan on purpose!” He could have been thinking. He did, too. Immediate concession. As if he was paid to. A tag team player in our real politics?

Ferraro looked angry when I handed her my magazine in S.F. in 1984. The S.F. Chronicle shows it in her hands on the front page, in fact. My magazine as she is seen scowling.

Dukakis, in S.F., mocked me by looking right at me when he emphasized the word “Garbage” seconds after I yelled out for him to use Reagan’s Lennon evidence against Bush. As if I was ruining his plans to also lose on purpose. He, too, conceded, immediately, and without passion.

Gary Hart came to my alma mater Jr. College in Santa Rosa, I think, to give me false hope. I gave HIM my magazine. Weeks later he handed Dukakis the nomination by getting caught with Donna Rice. His license plate on his Corvette at the time read; I’m not kidding; “U.S.S.A.” People magazine showed this fact with a photo of his car. THAT’S what I’m saying, people. That is where we’re heading if we don’t “come together over John Lennon” and out this evidence.

Bush Sr. ADMITTED he is promoting “The New World Order” Came right out and said it on T.V.. Another thing Bush Sr. did was acknowledge my expose on national television including the 1992 presidential debate in Richmond, Va..”…You know, nobody likes “Who Shot John” but…” The New York Times was so afraid of his quote they waited two extra days before printing it. My magazine was titled “Everybody’s Business; Who Shot John Lennon?” This magazine caused a 20 point drop in his polls in Kennebunkport in a week after I gave them copies. At least he manned up to it in public. After I remarked about that admission on radio, later, and said “I could drink a beer with him for that.” he staged a scene for television that portrayed a man sharing a beer with him just weeks later. I can’t make this stuff up, people.

Bush Jr. KNEW of the 9-’11 attack, in advance, and was sure to be surrounded in an innocent setting like a school room with children when the act occurred to fool us all. Building 7, never hit, was felled with demolition explosives. This fact captured on film. It was his excuse to launch war, not with Saudi Arabia who committed the act, but Iraq and Saddam Hussein who threatened to kill his father once. The last image the media showed us of the towers falling before the media blackout that followed was of a helicopter directly above one building as it billowed outwards twenty feet on all sides from air pressure from an internal massive explosion followed by a loud “BOOM!” due to the delay of the speed of sound. Immediately after the building collapsed. It was the media admitting that, indeed, the buildings WERE detonated from inside. The jets hitting it were just for show. Then the media blitz ended. All those people killed so Bush could hang Saddam Hussean for threatening to kill Bush Sr., once. That and to install police state terrorism measure tactics, after. Ergo the date 9-11. Police state.

THAT’S how evil it all IS, people.

Jimmy Carter? We’d like to think that he didn’t come from Naval intelligence but he did. He dyed his hair brown the day before election to show desperation and Reagan won. Before that he crashed his helicopter rescue mission and he, basically, proved that liberalism is weak and not to be trusted. He sacrificed the John Lennon movement with his  maligned portrayal of liberalism.

Now we have Biden and Obama in 2010 and 2015 trying, twice, to assassinate me in two high speed “accidents” amidst a flurry of phony red light camera tickets to suggest I am reckless when I’m not. The first involved a woman driving at 60 mph through a red light hitting my delivery truck broadside knocking it twenty feet sideways before it rolled over and slammed me into the asphalt. She was not cited. I learned that Concord, Ca. has a room with manual control of all their signals. Did they give us both a green light? The next day, when I came to take photos, the intersection was paved with brand new asphalt! The second “accident” involved a uniformed Naval cadet who rammed my van hard with his truck trying to roll me on the San Diego freeway. He admitted driving 75 mph and he, too, was not cited. The tire mark he left on my driver’s side was seven feet long and two feet wide. I have a photo for proof. That Biden has allowed unfettered money printing to cause record inflation and hobble the middle class, that he has encouraged a foreign invasion of “illegals” to populate our land with enemy agents by the thousands and all he has done to destroy us is truly alarming. When he eats ice cream and fondly brags about; “…some really good chocolate chip cookies.” I get the feeling he is saying, under his breath; “Eat an ice cream. Have a cookie. Pay no attention to my destroying your country in plain sight you blind, obsessive fools. Have a cookie you spoiled, asleep, stupid, media controlled ‘Pinko’ morons. I’m not your friend. Here, have some ice cream.”

Full circle to Putin’s war in Ukraine and Netanyahu’s war in Gaza. Why? To delay the news I am breaking, in my opinion. The John Lennon murder expose that will STOP THEM ALL IN THEIR EVIL TRACKS! In fact, I often wondered would exactly this play out as I neared the finish line.

If you don’t think there is something sinister with the Jews running 80 % of our mass media when Jews represent only 3 % of our population then you ARE insane idiots, after all. Israel runs our media for a reason. Remember the ROSENBERGS! It was only Jews in the media who ever used the words Mark David Chapman; Howard Cosell, Barbara Walters, Larry King and Albert Goldman who wrote a slander book about Lennon after. Jewish published Time, Newsweek and People magazines. THEY started that evil lie. The Jews DID kill John Lennon and may have even feared he was the second coming. So, there, apathetic America. Soviet led terrorism against America. A side note. Just a few weeks before Lennon was assassinated Howard Cosell introduced Reagan to John Lennon at a Monday Night football game. I recall seeing Reagan walking with John, his arm around his shoulder. He must have been thinking at that moment; “John, we’re going to kill you and announce it on Monday Night Football to capture a mass audience and brainwash them all at once. Like a Roman arena slaughter of the Christians. In the middle of all that football violence. Killing you is a sport to us satanic types taking over America. Christmas will paint everything over. The public won’t even see a trial for the man we blame, Chapman. Your wife, Yoko? She works for us, you turkey. She’ll tell everyone to; “Let the courts decide.” in Rolling Stone magazine, after. I will fake getting shot right about the time Chapman is set to be heard for his competency hearing to change the subject away from him and onto Hinckley, another pudgy man with a gun shooting a world figure to confuse everybody.. HEY, I’m an  actor. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT? Killing you with a gun is my attack on the second amendment. Wait till I also then pass my Brady bill with me faking getting shot. Meanwhile we’re making sure that Stephen King pulls the trigger and fills the vacancy you leave behind. To undo all the good you DID DO. No more peace, love and understanding. Oh, no. Now it’s time for horror, war, murder and madness. ”

Nikita Cruschev boasted in the early ’60’s;”We will bury your grandchildren and use your own system against you to do it. ” Pretty much what happened on 9-’11, folks. Those, then grandchildren, were later buried in those towers that were felled by, supposedly, our own planes.

The killing of John Lennon was the coup de grace that killed us spiritually and terrorized us into mute silence after. King’s evil and his 1975 book “Rage” about a school shooter decades before it became our world replaced the wisdom and sanity and grace of John Lennon. My hard evidence is not enough to shake you back to your senses, now. “Pathetic public apathetic.” That’s why my new billboard; “REPENT, YOU COVER-UP COMMUNISTS” may be my best, ever, slogan. It captures the weight of the matter perfectly.

The real reason Trump is getting it from all sides, including Jew York, who he is foolish to trust, is BECAUSE he is NOT a communist subverting us to the New World Order. Even though he is too fond of authoritarian leaders and should find the spine to out my expose, instead, to change the world, he’s no commie rat doing us in like Biden and all the others. Were it not for my Lennon expose putting the heat on them and their assassination rituals they’d have killed Trump by now. I hope either he or R.F.K. Jr. (I am an R.F.K. Jr. guy, by the way., ideally.) is our next president or we’re all screwed. Also. If I were Trump I’d take a second look Jared Kushner, his daughter’s Jewish husband. If Yoko was a plant, is he a plant? Kushner has distanced himself from Trump and his problems, since. Just an observation.

Suck on that information. It should scare you.



Have you all noticed how Biden how relies on a mini teleprompter on his knee, now, whenever he speaks. A little wafer like device to make sure he doesn’t misspeak? He’s long gone, I’m afraid. You ALL should be afraid. The King of lip service, he thinks we’re all so stupid he can erase three years of conduct with rhetoric and a new line for the camera.: “We have to step up and fix the problem..” Meanwhile he spent years doing the exact opposite. Now he and that valley girl bitch, world order picked, Harris, think they can ride into office with a coat hanger in their hands leading the pro abortionist crowd into office. As if that’s all they need to win. Personally, I think irresponsibility in the sack (sex) keeps one’s spirituality down and makes life miserable. “Be evil. Kill your own baby and think only of your misled, stupid selves, people… Trump is a danger to all women if you don’t agree.” They spout. Meanwhile your soul and spirituality suffer the ravages of banality and misery if you believe them. I know your sex lives are pretty miserable, underneath, and so do you, as things stand, with your abortion mentality. Look at your divorce rate and teen suicide rates. Off the charts.  And, yet, this is the horse this pair of communist traitors are riding into battle with. How disgusting!

The secret plan Biden is waiting to spring on us is to claim himself invalid in mid term and FORCE a woman communist president on us. To brand us with a communist first ever woman president. He was willing to fork over Ukraine to Putin the first day fighting broke out offering Zelenski a plane ride out. Remember? How he is pulling his punches to slaughter as many Ukrainians as he can with a war of attrition and low supplies. He’s an imposter from Hell. Kissinger and Rockefeller drew out the world order plans he is following. That means destroying the U.S., first. Stephen King, a year after he killed John Lennon, wrote a dozen times in one book; “Beware the Jewish / communist plot against the U.S.” King is a Jew. The book was “Different Seasons”, I believe. Time all you brainwashed Lennon killers wake up and pay attention. My expose scares them to death and that’s why all this treachery is being ramped up full speed as we speak. If it breaks the communist conspiracy is exposed and will be defeated.

He now wants to reduce credit card late fees to buy votes. Like he is trying to buy votes with school debt forgiveness which cheats everyone who PAID their debt. He fails  to acknowledge that his inflation has CAUSED everyone to be in debt in the first place. The banks LOVE his making them rich that way. Everyone’s paying the banks because they can’t keep up with his inflation. Personal and national debt has exploded under his treachery. Now he wants to take credit for a phony ploy to buy votes? What a scammer. The insulting thing is, he just said, yesterday; “The public is tired of being suckers.” HIS suckers, he means, underneath. Big oil and the banks, the typical players who own presidents, are getting rich under Biden.

When Trump said, last week; “By any measure, this invasion of our border is a conspiracy to overthrow the United States.” And I am an R.F.K. Jr. supporter first, Trump second. I suspect the Texas fires were lit by these migrant / agents to punish their governor for taking a stand against the invasion, for example. Interesting how the percentage of Chinese immigrants has increased tenfold, lately. Biden is applauding the whole overthrow of our country, people. You have to trust me. You can’t trust any one else out there.

My expose that Obama / Biden tried to stop by attempting to kill me in two high speed “accidents” in 2010 and 2015 is forcing their communist takeover hand and they hope to kill America before King is nationally exposed. Are you people aware that Obama put a medal of the arts award around King’s evil neck IN THE WHITE HOUSE recently? The Clintons secretly invited him into The White House in 1995 a week before the Oklahoma City bombing. They both knew, in advance, that he assassinated John Lennon. You need ME to see all this treachery. I’m the hero who can save you when no one else is even able to see clearly.

Meanwhile, my home area of Monterey is hoping I get killed so they won’t have to ADMIT I’m right and face themselves and their evil apathy. Leon Panetta, an Italian mafioso, runs this area and the people are sick from it. SICK! Vote OUT Biden / Harris. PLEASE! R.F.K. Jr. or Trump would be twenty times better for all of us. Maybe a hundred times better. If you allow Biden  / Harris in or rig themselves in a second time you deserve to go to Hell, and you all will. I know the truth of our lives and you have to trust me. My life depends on KNOWING The truth , not guessing. I’m still alive 40 years after anyone else would have been killed already. Trust me.


Where do I begin? I suppose I should compare Biden to Putin. Both rely on “transposing the points” to mind control all of you. Nixon, another commie agent, in my opinion, wrote in “The Real War” “Transpose the point and darkness sets in and all is confusion.” In other words, flip the truth 180 degrees on its head and fool the masses with that technique.

For example; Putin branded the Ukranians of being Nazis when, in reality, it is he who models his actions on Hitler. Hitler invaded Austria saying he wanted to annex the German speaking perimeter of Austria to Germany before he invaded them. Just like Putin is doing in Ukraine. Exactly! Hitler burned down the Reischtag building and blamed it on his enemies to install marshal laws in Germany. Putin was caught setting HIS KGB bombs in apartment buildings and blowing them up to blame it on the Chenchnians to start a war there. JUST like Hitler did. Yet he calls the Ukranians Nazis. Transposing the points.

Biden rides on a horse proclaiming he is standing up to Putin. In reality he wanted Zelensky to surrender Ukraine to Putin, initially, when he offered him a plane ride out of there. Remember?! His subsequent actions are choking off the Ukranians who are at the brink of losing because Biden is withholding supplies and weapons. Giving them a pea shooter instead of a bazooka. Transposing the points.

Biden claims he is against immigration and would fix it if only the republicans would agree to his sucker bill proposal. As the Republican spokeswoman said, after; “He enacted dozens of measures to ensure this immigration crisis from day one.” Transposing the points.

He claims he wants to lower inflation. Can you believe this man? Does he think we’re all stupid and without a set of eyes? Only Biden could create such inflation as we have if he did so deliberately. Transposing the points. What Nixon called a Soviet tactic.

I noticed how the pro abortion contingent was all wearing white as if abortion was a pure, stain free act. Again, transposing the points. Nixon warned us about how the Soviets use it, the lie, like a legitimate weapon for the weak to wield against the strong. “The Real War” in my opinion, was Nixon’s ‘Rumpelstiltskin’ confessional where he laid out all the things HE HAS BEEN DOING to America all his time in office. Maybe to assuage his guilt. I think he and Reagan, who never attended church, ever, who’s son Ron is an avowed atheist, were Soviet agents, no less. Nixon was a Quaker, They don’t believe in God. Interesting. I’m convinced that they, Mondale, Gore, Dukakis, Gary Hart, Sanders, Bush Sr. and Jr., Obama and Biden were A-L-L foreign agents doing the bidding of the “New World Order” that Bush Sr. even espoused publicly. With our deep state’s blessings, sadly. Our F.B.I. etc. have sold us all out. Pretty dire for all of us Americans who are sitting on our hands and my earth changing Lennon murder evidence. Pretty stupid for all of you that only I recognize how important my evidence is, especially now. Did I mention that John called his assassination “The Event”? He did. Paul said so the day after he was killed. John KNEW he would be killed for being so powerful and told Paul to say that after it happened. “Well, that was John’s thing. “The Event” he called it.” That’s a direct quote. In this respect Lennon’s murder is the modern crucifixion..

Biden folded in 50 % truths with 50 % pure bald faced lies to confuse us. There were so many lies he told his supporters looked MORTIFIED two thirds into his angry rant. He sounded like an auctioneer on Propophol(?), the drug Michael Jackson was killed with. His persistent coughing is a side effect OF THAT DRUG. His gaze went back and forth to the two teleprompters only looking the audience in the eyes briefly. Kamala Harris was like a “Jack In The Box” cartoon character standing up every other sentence to clap like a trained seal. Also two thirds into the speech her expression was like Yoko Ono’s empty, soulless gaze that she used to express. As if she, too, KNOWS she is a commie plant subverting The United States of America. She was mostly noticing the expressions of even her supporters mortified looks of shock and grief. Nancy Pelosi and Mrs. Biden, both, looked like they wanted to cry as they watched Joe melt down like a man yelling at his wife or sons in a heated argument at home. Bernie Sanders looked shocked and dismayed as he hid his face behind a Covid style mask.

Kamala Harris, just last week (3-15-”24) added another example of transposing the points to fool us. In describing her wish to legalize abortion she said the words; “…it would be immoral…” to not let women kill their unborn babies if they wish. In so many words. SHE knows she is pushing for an immoral act to be reinstated. She has to try to put that shoe on the opposite foot to fool you. At the same time Biden is hoping you won’t see through his sheep’s clothing for the commie wolf HE is. They’re both very busy juggling words and transposing the points

Far from being a state of the union speech, Biden made a campaign speech, instead. The true state of the union is the last thing he would want to highlight. He made all these grand statements about what he would do about this and that ignoring that he has FAILED to deliver on all these issues in the first three years he could have done something. The most glaring was how he exclaimed we must “act now” regarding the immigration crisis.. They call him sleepy Joe. I call him too slow Joe. But for him it’s not on accident. Also, his mention of “shrinkflation” was ridiculous. That’s a market driven phenomenon he can’t legally do anything about. To do so would be un-American and authoritarian. That’s what he wants, you see? He’d like to institutionalize control over all business and corporate actions. Just listen to him talk. The transposing of the points aspect of this is that he will try to bring about this authoritarian control over all business portraying him as being the good guy watching out for the people when, in fact, he will be subverting our laws as they exist. Letting government control more of our lives. Remember, Reagan bemoaned big government then increased the size of government by 25 %. So did Nixon and the Bush’s. They all paid only lip service to the threat of big government. The very credit card late fees Biden was complaining about are the result of his money printing and spending and inflation that has put us in that position to begin with. We can’t keep up with his increased cost of living that HE CAUSED  forcing us to be late with our payments. Beware politicians. Especially enemy agents of America like Joe Biden. The real reason Trump is so feared is because he is NOT part of this New World Order cabal. The only reason they haven’t assassinated Trump is due to the presence of my Lennon assassination evidence and expose or they would have by now. I’m at large and nation wide.

I noticed Jimmy Panetta, another suspected communist along with his father, in the room. One other character  (I’ll have to find out who) looked especially sinister as well, as if he, too, is a commie watching their own humiliate himself on national television.

The entire military section was downcast and distraught as they knew he was lying to everybody about almost everything he said. Ditto the Supreme court. These people are no dummies and can see a charlatan when they see one.

I, myself, take credit for enraging Biden with the section above I wrote last week. He reads my website every week or every day. Half of D.C. does, too. The media, ditto. I am kind of a ‘big deal’ in their world as the man who can topple their apple cart big time.

I hope Trump and R.F. K. Jr. read this soon to get my insight to this monstrous display of frustration and anger and desperation peppered with mostly 180 degree lies. I could drone on but I have said enough to wake people up with just the above, for now.


Hi, people of Monterey and Santa Cruz. Steve Lightfoot, here, of and the yellow website van. A lot of you take me for granted and I’m telling you, now, if you can’t find your spine and stand up to what Stephen King did to us all and protest with me before mid February 2025, I’ll be leaving California for Utah and appeal to them to do what should have been your job and save America from the people who killed John Lennon, our enemies, the Russians and communists. We are under communist attack as you read these words. Or hasn’t Biden’s flooding us with foreigners and printing money to tank us down the road, stealing the 2020 election, weaponizing our D.O.J. and more got your attention, yet?

Last Saturday (3-23,’24) On KSCO Radio I said; “We’re all already communists. I have a great piece about it on my website; My current poster on my van reads; “REPENT, YOU COVER-UP COMMUNISTS”. Jesus once said; “A prophet is never acknowledged by his home town.’ That would apply to me, Steve Lightfoot, now. If you people can’t help me before…” At that point I was cut off. But it’s true people., I was about to say how I’d be moving to Utah if you don’t come together and protest over my Lennon murder evidence findings and punish Stephen King. I will, too. There was point in mid 2022 when you people DID show healthy recognition that I have a goldmine for us to expose. But then the Monterey police cited me, twice, publicly, for singing downtown and you got scared off being sane, all over again. Evil Leon Panetta cowed you into submission. Now you are ice cream cone licking perverts licking your wounds rather than standing up to Stephen King. Like you’ve all been for four decades, now. Spoiled douchebags letting Stephen King molest you and your children because you aren’t brave like me. I’m brave for a reason. I used to be a coward like all of you are, now. I listened, nonstop, for over a year in 1981 and 1982 to The Beatles and John Lennon on my Sony Walkman living outdoors on a 12 speed bike in San Diego before I got the nerve to look into the matter. I already knew that murder was portrayed as a lie by our media. It took two years of appreciating who Lennon really was before I found my courage. Courage you all lack. THAT’S why I’m a hero and you’re all victims, instead. John asked us to all come together over him someday. He knew he would be assassinated and let you know what to do about it. Letting your teen suicide rate increase by 100 % wasn’t what he had in mind. Your kids see you ducking the evidence and it scares them. SCARES THEM! If you people can’t avenge John Lennon there is nobody you could ever avenge. You’d be toast. Like you are, now. Once King is exposed via your protest along side of me, Sundays, in downtown Monterey and Santa Cruz (See my site for details) once he is exposed. arrested, tried and convicted and, yes, executed for what he did, you, we, will all be saved and sane, once again. You will all feel exactly like one feels coming up for air after being held under water for several minutes. Gasping in relief. Exorcized. No one has ever challenged whether or not I have the evidence to do all of this. Rather, you say to me; “So what?…Who cares? ” Pathetic. Grow a spine, people, King is laughing at what he did to you. He paralyzed you and crippled you. Your apathy all this time is proof! Wake up, please.

As for Paul McCowardly (What I will call him publicly), I will never speak to him after I am the world’s biggest celebrity. He must be called out for the douche he is and the exact opposite of what we need in a celebrity. He endorsed me once, live, at Berkeley, 4-1-’90, at a concert there. It was pathetic. I have it on tape or I’d have missed it. He’s a jealous narcissist, I think. As for evil Yoko Ono, she’s a government bitch from hell John was a fool to ever trust. I found out the hard way after she ordered me kidnapped, handcuffed and pistol whipped unconscious in October or 1987. My crime? Giving her copies of my evidence to get to Paul, George and Ringo at an art gallery. Same setting as the one she met John at. An art gallery.

You better not wait for either of them to help me at all. YOU PEOPLE, alone, must break this, the biggest expose of all time and the biggest news story since CHRIST. Don’t be jealous. You are, you know. Pity. I need red blooded Americans, not fretting weaklings. You have a decision to make that will find you either as history’s douche bags or history’s heroes. Decide before 2-14,’25, please. Your reputation depends on it.

Of course, you all DO KNOW, I hope, that our court’s and media are nowhere near to being moral enough to help me expose this. What about YOU? What ABOUT you? What kind of people ARE you, anyway? Stephen King’s victims? You are, so far.

The remainder of this is not on the handout. This is to emphasize why you should care. We all are to BLAME for the murders of M.L.K. and R.F.K. and John Lennon. We let the J.F.K. murder slide under the bridge without sufficient outcry and revolt, then. THAT’S why the other three were killed. We showed no spine as a people. And you can’t deny, those following murders were a nightmare that has cost us dearly. A NIGHTMARE!!! It was only a matter of time and Yoko getting John out of the spotlight for several years before the government killed the best person on the planet who could have steered us in a better direction; John Lennon. You THINK it doesn’t matter now that he’s dead. You are a fool to think that. A God damned FOOL! You all have a penis or a vagina and can reproduce children. You need to up your game and care more about those you bring INTO this world. Right now you’re all retarded compared to how you could and SHOULD be. It takes a hero to screw your heads back on straight after Nixon, Reagan, Yoko Ono, Mark Chapman and Stephen King BROKE you and defiled you and made you insane masochists. Sub humans, in fact. The Kremlin are rubbing their palms at how stupid you Americans apparently really are. You have no idea if that barge that closed down the port in Baltimore and brought down that bridge where our Star Spangled Banner was written was just an accident or terrorism from Moscow in retaliation for their theater mass shooting the week before. They blamed US for that and haven’t retracted that charge. They have contingency plans to hobble us in matters exactly like what just happened. A simple hacking of the computer on that ship is all it would have taken to cost us billions in supply chain problems, inflation, trade and commerce, etc.. It was a sitting duck as far as they were concerned waiting to be picked if they felt like we needed a sock in the mouth. They have a hundred other contingency plans they want to enforce, besides. They have it all mapped out and ready to put into action if they feel they can get away with it. I think Moscow is responsible for most of our assassinations, including Lennon. J.F.K. was killed right after standing up to their Cuban based nuclear missiles and after he vowed to totally destroy Russia if Cuba launched a nuke at us. If you think they haven’t got a toe hold on our system and politicians you are mistaken and need a hero like me to set you straight about these matters. Only a hero would be motivated to put in the effort to find out the truth. As for me I have to know the truth just to stay alive. Unlike all of you ingrates who take me for granted. I have achieved a lot just to still be alive in a climate as irresponsible and stupid as the one you all represent. A lot of you hope I DO get killed just so you can look the other way and not have to try to be better people and keep freedom in America alive. You all have a death wish you aren’t even aware of you’re so raped and broken. I KNOW most of you are jealous of me for having so big and important an expose in my pocket. Too much glory and power for any one man to have you think under your breath. I KNOW! The very hero you all desperately need you resent our enemies have so poisoned all of you. So crippled all of you.

You could be twice as happy and not even need your booze, drugs and such if you cleaned up your world. You can’t do it without a hero. You resent that fact and me for being one. I can’t break this news without your protest. The system you support, the media and courts and government that you support with your apathy and phoniness aren’t inclined to help you live better. They get rich off of your stupidity and ignorance and apathy. They’re sellouts. Like a lot of you they put money before America and freedom.

You need me. I need you. Figure that out before The Star Bangled Banner loses ALL it’s meaning. I’m the only one of you who is still brave. Face up to that fact. Soon. Before I have to get away from all your ashamed, guilty faces and move to Utah in search for real people who care. Not just Monterey and Santa Cruz will wear egg on their faces but all of California if you fail to stand by me and protest to out this news. Stop being Stephen King’s masochistic, cowardly, satanic pussies, people. Really! Grow a spine. I dare you. Strand up to evil Stephen King for what he did to us.

Every first two Sundays at noon in downtown Monterey, every last two Sundays in downtown Santa Cruz. Also starting at noon. Beginning mid April of 2024. That’s where you’ll find me with my evidence and website van. You have no excuse to be pussies like Paul McCartney who failed us all just to be safe, himself. You have only everything to gain by punishing King for what he did to all of you. Failure to protest will haunt you like you can’t begin to imagine. Now’s your chance to practice freedom for a change. Please, protest, people. Come together over John Lennon. How often does real, hard evidence rear its head? Or a hero like me?


Locally I remarked how I hope Leon Panetta has a fatal heart attack or stroke at my last city council meeting in Monterey. I added that it is the only way this Italian mafioso will ever be removed from office. I remarked that his son’s congressional seat is a product of this mafia control that has made cowards of the people here who have all refused to support me or even buy ONE magazine of mine in seven years. I blamed him for cowing the public here. He uses police activity around me to scare off the natives from helping me, for example. Recently Rosine’s restaurant is networking with them to make up lies about my rhetoric during my weekly protests there. Last month they alleged I said the word ‘feces’. False. This last week they alleged I used the word ‘condoms’ Also false. You see how they network just to be around me to scare the public away from my cause? In this last incident that I have on tape the officer replied; “Possibly” when I alleged his chief is telling this restaurant to make up lies about me. An oddly revealing remark. Last month in my years old traffic matter that I appealed Panetta tried to put in his same last name relative to hear my appeal. He was replaced, after I objected, with a similar sycophant judge who ruled against me. The next week their precious AT&T Golf event was washed out to serve them right. Millions lost to their community that depends on it. Panetta has been like a stone atop this community since before I ever moved here, initially, in the late 70’s. I recall his uncontrollable chuckling watching him on 60 Minutes television decades ago while recounting his slaughter of Iraqi’s as C.I.A. chief, once.  A real sadistic sociopath, in my opinion. His poor son, Jimmy, who he got appointed to congress is in charge of our millions in purse strings. Not so good. Poor Monterey under this mafia control and corruption. No wonder there are so many alcoholics who live here. His influence has taken the pride out of them.

I learned, the next week, on the radio, that Leon Panetta has communist connections and ties. That Obama has a similar path to power as well. I think I’ve already pointed out that Obama / Biden tried, twice, to kill me in two high speed “accidents” already. Only a communist would dare try to kill an American folk hero. Only communists, like I think the Panettas are, would resort to the disgraceful campaign to try and criminalize me these past several years as they have tried to do. It’s all detailed elsewhere in this site. Please read ablout it before Leon Panetta and the Italian mafia who runs the central coast of California gets me killed.


How powerful IS my website? I tried to get Trump to arrest Stephen King while he was president but he thought it not necessary. I suggested., then, (We had been e-mailing each other for years) they’d rig the 2020 election if he didn’t and they did. NOW he is up against a mountain of Soviet like tactics to keep him from ever having that kind of power again. If they are using a machine gun he must use a bazooka. MY WEBSITE ADDRESS ON HIS HATS. That WILL back his enemies off as long as he finishes the job and arrests King when he gets his next chance to. Anything less would be un American, frankly. He knows it. The corrupt D.C. swamp won’t do it and they fear he will. Period. Well, Donald, didn’t listen to me then. What about NOW? I have the bazooka you need. You have the platform (fame). Let’s crush the competition with truth..


Local authorities are trying to move my second van from it’s rented driveway. My 1989 Toyota website van that I park in a private driveway, covered with a van cover, in Monterey. It has been legally parked there for five years. It runs, it is operational. It has a non operation registration because I never drive it. Everything is legal about it. My landlady got a $100. citation already. This official has threatened to cite her every week until I move it. Pure harassment and political discrimination. (Are you lawyers reading this? – e-mail – Prior conversations with the official suggest it is all political and without legal foundation. For example. He once threatened I had to keep it out of the county. He just told me that, even if the house’s owner parked her own van, covered, in her driveway she’d be in violation of a code. That’s a bald faced lie, people. He claims she has no right to rent out her own driveway. THAT is a lie. Monterey is a very corrupt city I have learned. It’s run by Italian mafia, in fact. Politician Leon Panetta and chief Hober are behind all of this. This official is trying to say it is non operational. Another lie. He told me that citizen complaints fueled his decision. That’s a lie. I interviewed all her neighbors and no complaints. In fact, her next door neighbor is often frequented by a police car. A friend of theirs. This next door neighbor is a reputed meth dealer and pot dealer. So what is the police doing ignoring THAT and focusing on me? Why are the police friends with a meth dealer to begin with? How could they not know all about this separate scandal? I will address the city council about the matter – Stay tuned.


I once heard a New York caller call her a propagandist and I find she actually IS! This N.Y.C. station’s other host, Frank Morano, interviewed me last Jan (Feb.?) 5, 2024.

Every time I have talked with Rita (3 times) she has tried to undercut my credibility. When she asked me why I thought what I did I remarked I got my information from an economic expert. She flew off the handle because she was set on using a bogus argument that was designed to ridicule me. I knew, then, the second time she tried to hurt my credibility, that she was no good.

She typically makes me wait over 45 minutes on hold and, last night (2-27-’24), disconnected me after an hour and was about to shut me out for another hour before I told her screener I’d expose her, nationally, for her mischief. She had every right to fear my call. I was to discuss why Biden felt it necessary to induce a sugar high eating ice cream while interviewed on late night television to mask his real feelings of depression over his failing polls. What I was about to spring on her, instead, was how Reagan eating jelly beans right after Lennon was assassinated was to put a false smile on his face and his cabinet’s faces while they knew he had just let Stephen King murder John Lennon. Those first months of his presidency were marked by everyone eating sugar high jelly beans so as to not betray the real mood of The White House, then, and give cause for suspicion he killed Lennon. That’s how Reagan, the actor, made sure no one suspected him of that murder. Smile inducing sugar highs for everyone for two months. I was also going to suggest that she go with Rod Stewarts song using her name instead of McCartney’s Lovely Rita song for her promos. I was ready to say; “McCartney’s not half the man John Lennon used to be” insinuating his lyrics from “Yesterday” and then explain how he is the cover-up’s douche bag and society’s sellout coward. Society’s real “Nowhere Man”. Paul once endorsed me, live, at Berkeley, 4-1-’90, but it was a pathetic effort that betrayed his heartfelt jealousy towards John and me, John’s avenger. I have the meek plug on tape for proof, too.

I suspect Rita Cosby is media Jew, evil and full of jealousy for one such as I. A hero. I’m no anti Semite but I have to acknowledge how jealous they all seem to be about me and people smarter than they are like a John Lennon. They do seem to resent people who are smarter than they are. Let’s face it, only media Jews ever pushed the Chapman cover-up lie. No one else.

I remember, in 1992, when I poked my head into the front door of ABC’s N.Y.C. studio’s lobby and saw a dozen Hassidic Jews in black robes, beards, beads and funny looking hats. I asked the doorman is there a special on Jews going on? He said; “No. These are the ‘big’ owners of ABC.”

So, there, folks. No pretending, anymore, you’re not under a communist takeover of our media.


Last night (3-8-’24) I tried to use another name to get by the screener at WABC Radio in N.Y.C.. I was noticing that when I used my real name I would not get on. I’d be left hanging for over an hour before getting disconnected. This time the screener recognized my voice and when I told him I don’t get on when I use my real name he hung up on me. I called back using my real name to criticized Biden’s state of the union speech. He put me in the cue with no intention of getting me on. An hour later I was disconnected. I called right back to say the following; (Screener) “Name and where you’re calling from.” “Steve. You Jews can go and fuck yourselves.” “You’re never getting on, now.”

Ha! Ha! WABC Radio. Up your evil, jealous of the messenger, Jewish asses! I’ll become world famous without your jealous nest of commies and when I do become the hottest property on the planet I will NEVER do anything with ABC, period. UNLESS, they get rid of their almost only Jewish talent pool and staff. THAT won’t happen, so, I promise you readers, now, never to give ABC the time of day when I am famous. I will, instead, deride them publicly until they are persona non grata with you. If only the Irish, Scottish, talking heads they use for dressing would stand up to their bosses and say the same. “You Jews can go fuck yourselves.” and walk out, leaving them to use bald patched, bespectacled, big nosed, nasally, whiny sounding fellow Jews to put a face on their charade. To force them to show their real face to the world.

I am not an anti- Semite. As I said, I used to be pro Israel and NOT biased against Jews. UNTIL I saw them in action as a protester. THEN I DID change my mind. I think 90 % of Jews are good. But ONLY 90 % compared to 96 % of all other races and religions. 10 % of Jews, I am convinced, are anti American commies trying to destroy us with what they do best; deceive and lie to manipulate us. Remember the Rosenburgs, people. Don’t let them con you using their anti Semite label on you. Be proud to call them out for the rats 10 % of them ARE!

What they are doing now in Gaza is a crime against humanity and Biden should have stopped supplying them with bombs and jets the minute he saw them killing 5,000 civilians for every one Hamas terrorist they claim they are after. But Biden is a commie rat, too. He WANTS the genocide to happen and he keeps giving them the weapons to kill more. At the same time he gives lip service and supplies to Gazans to keep them deceived about it all. Like a Jew. You know, Biden has a bald patch on top, too. He had his pubic hairs transplanted on top of his head decades ago knowing he’d have to hide his ‘Mr. Wilson’ of ‘The Simpsons’ evil true appearance, someday when he was appointed president. Put your finger over that patch on top and see what he REALLY looks like, people. Pretty angry and nasty. Just like he came across last night in his state of the union speech.

I call Curtiss Slewa “Communist Sleeze Wad” So should all of you. A bloviating, narcissistic drone of a character who is proud of creating the ‘Guardian Angels’ organization of street thugs akin to Hitler’s “brown shirts”. I think they wear red barets. I notice how WABC uses the moniker ‘Red Apple’ like Commie Big Apple or Commie N.Y.C. Central. Beware ABC, people. Even though their radio hosts PRETEND to back Trump and hate Biden, they secretly are just misleading you on. ABC television is very pro Biden, I notice. A shell game they are playing on you.

When Frank Morano did interview me on Jan 5, ’24 he cut me off at a certain critical point. He was trying to suggest I was ever arrested in Bangor, Maine. When I replied; “No. In fact, I stood inches away from King in downtown Bangor in 1992, and all he could do was stutter to me….” Then the interview ended. I suspect he tried to tell lies that I WAS arrested when I couldn’t hear him. If he did, he was lying. In fact, I beat his lawyers in court in 1996 when he tried to install a protection from harassment injunction against me. I was never arrested in Maine. I was never prevented from being there and was there also in 2001 and 2008 for weeks at a time. In 1995(4) I was falsely arrested on suspicion of trespass for entering the bookstore he was signing books at in Santa Cruz, Ca. but I was released two days later, the false charge dropped. They wanted to brand me on national television as a stalker of King – and they did – so they set me up with agent provocateurs who baited me to enter the bookstore to begin with. Prior to that I was holding a huge billboard outside that read; “STEPHEN KING IS A MURDERER; IT’S TRUE OR HE’D SUE.” People have told me they heard I was prevented from being in Bangor. That’s all lies, people. The evil media manipulating YOU to make you shun me. I had fun that day taunting him, first, yelling to him from outside; “What’s a matter Spansky? (His real last name) Did they kick you out of Maine?”

Now do you see why I despise media Jew / communists? If you’re smart you will, too. Only Jews in the media ever said the evil words; “Mark David Chapman” That was THEIR LIE. THEIR COVER-UP. THEIR CRIME. It can be said, considering King is a Jew, that the Jews killed John Lennon. Now go call me an anti Semite when I’m not. It is THEY who are anti Americans. We all have a right to call them out for their obvious evils. I, personally, think they want to kill all humanity in revenge for the world trying to kill them. A serious consideration.


To begin with, I am the American counterpart to Navalny. I am the bravest and most dangerous and endangered activist on American soil who can up end and revolutionize the political status quo here. I did more than show a nation how rich Putin and his cohorts have become from stealing from the people. I did much more than reveal Putin’s many mansions and properties and possessions. I uncovered a communist plot to destroy America from the inside, out. A plot that went to the heart of our soul and psychology. I uncovered how even our own appointed / elected presidents are not necessarily on our side but on the side of the new world order Bush Sr. touted. Ditto our deep state; the F.B.I., C.I.A. media , courts et al. I uncovered that a horror novelist was made rich and famous BY the government who greased his rise for pulling the trigger on John Lennon. I uncovered how he, after killing our biggest rock star and political hero, took over the vacuum he created with horror movies and novels that undid the good John Lennon did. That made us sick and weak and perverted. I uncovered a satanic government plot against all mankind. Unlike Navalny, I never got big crowds to support me, ever. My fellow Americans have been happy to watch me twist in the wind, alone and helpless for four decades, now. When my father was killed suspiciously in a plane crash I witnessed my own fellow Americans giggle and squeal with glee at the news like jealous demons. Giggle with jealous glee when my nose was broken on a sidewalk and my shoulder dislocated in 1987. Did nothing to stop S.F.P.D. from kidnapping me and beating me unconscious in handcuffs just months later. I was never poisoned like Navalny to my knowledge but I was almost killed in two very high speed accidents that were no “accident”. I have also been falsely arrested and charged dozens of times and more. I have been slandered on the national news as a stalker of Stephen King for displaying a sign outside one of his book signings that read; “STEPHEN KING IS A MURDERER; IT’S TRUE OR HE’D SUE” in 1995(4)(?) No normal channels of pursuing justice have been availed to me. The police and our courts and media have, in fact, been terrorizing me all this time.

That having been said, I must admit Navalny was every bit as brave as me for putting his life on the line for his beliefs. I think he was a little naive, like John Lennon also was. They both trusted in the goodness of their fellow man. They both overestimated the goodness of humanity.

I listened to Navalny’s last recorded message to his followers. His last words were; “…not to be inactive.” His basic message was that if he is killed it would show the world how strong his followers and his movement are. I would have said something like this, instead;

“If I am killed it will show the world how pitiful and weak all of you, the people, are who once followed me in protest. It will show you that Putin thinks that all you people will do in the aftermath is place flowers on a makeshift memorial on a sidewalk somewhere and then go on as if nothing had happened at all. Like good little Soviets. The only way he will not kill me is if he thinks you will rise up and stand up to him and boycott taxes and stop work and whatever it takes until he is deposed and jailed and even executed for treason against the people of Russia. So, I say to you, now, start protesting in earnest for me, now, while I am still alive and can be of service to you, not just after I am killed. If you will even do that much. Demand that Putin be deposed NOW or it will be too late for me. Otherwise you will all be guilty of killing me with your apathy and dereliction of duty.”

You see, people of America, it is a lazy, cowardly, even jealous pubic that always gets it’s heroes killed, not just the evil politicians who commit the act, itself. Right now you, the people of Monterey and Santa Cruz California, are setting me up for assassination with your jealousy and apathy and fear of government. KSCO Radio has been trying to marginalize me. The courts and police here have been trying to kill me, besides. Leon Panetta is at the head of this latest crusade against my heroism. Otherwise he’d deny it and come out and say so. But he isn’t. By exposing him, now, I have a better chance he WON’T follow marching orders from Biden and our F.B.I. and kill me. I’ve already, very publicly, blamed any assassination of me on THE PEOPLE. All of YOU! That’s what Navalny SHOULD have done instead of overestimate your goodness to save him. Now, if I am killed, all of you will have to do some serious contemplating of your navels and examine how sick all of you are and not just your government. This terrifies the government, I think, from killing me. Putting the onus on YOU! Where it belongs!

As for shrimpy, un masculine Putin. He reminds me of “Vlad The Impaler” Dracula. He used to put his enemies heads on posts that led to his castle to terrorize the public and scare people. That’s what this five foot tall, 135 pound shrimp of a man does to control people bigger and stronger than he is. Like Stephen King, he terrorizes them into submission. Like Stephen King, he hates humanity. Had he a normal sized body and a bigger jaw and chin he might not feel the need to bark like a tiny dog afraid of being stepped on.

Putin likes to poison his enemies. Like a woman does. Poison is the choice of a woman who is too small and weak to physically stand up to her enemy. From a distance she does the enemy in using a substance that was administered in a cowardly fashion. THIS is the kind of man the PEOLE OF RUSSIA  ARE AFRAID OF!!!!!! How sick can a people be? Shame on you bastards in Russia for being so weak and stupid you got your one hero killed!

It is the people of Russia we should all deplore for being so weak and stupid and afraid of this tiny man with an inferiority complex. It is THEY who really killed Navalney for being weak in the first place. Oh, they could prove me wrong and stop work and stop paying taxes and such, but, well, I wish they would do that, but they won’t. They are already the cooked frogs in the boiling pot of water.  I noticed the young men guarding Navalney and how they looked like robots without any mind of their own following orders like a people sucking from the tit of fear. You, the people of America, are almost as weak and stupid, as well. Only because you ARE a little better people than that am I alive at all. For that I am grateful, I guess. It’s not enough to be a little better than those slaves over there. You have to actually be brave and join my protests to ever be free again. Otherwise your jealousy and apathy and fear of government will get me killed. Then you will L-O-S-E every great thing that I could have given you with my expose. My expose will make our world twice as good a place to live in than it is now. But you won’t admit that. You’re too busy being stupid losers. Aren’t you? Grow up you hideous hypocrites and start caring about Stephen King murdering John Lennon before you kill me like the people of Russia killed Navalny.)

Meanwhile, I wonder did Putin time his hit on Navalny to coincide with the same day our own Biden’s weaponized court campaign against Trump is ordering Trump to pay $350 million dollars to the state of New York, or Jew York, more appropriately, so that he could point to America as also one who attacks it’s political rivals. That we killed the Kennedys and M.L.K. ands Lennon and others doesn’t help, either. Biden once said he would exact tremendous costs on Putin if he DID kill Navalney. Now he is back pedaling like the hypocrite he is. His campaign against Russia in Ukraine is marked by his attempt to fork Ukraine over to Putin, initially, when he tried to offer Zelensky a plane ride out of there so Putin could take the whole country over. Whatever he is doing now is just stalemating the situation and getting people killed unnecessarily. I say disclose my expose so that I can take the world stage and unite the people of the world against all this bullshit in the first place, like John Lennon used to do with great success. He, almost single handedly, stopped the war in Viet Nam. Yes, he did, too. But most of you readers don’t remember how the world used to work as it should with heroes leading the world instead of politicians.

Turns out he may have known about Biden’s schedule to extradite Julian Assange and do unto him like Putin did into Navalny. You see, Biden is a Soviet stooge like Nixon and Reagan were. I will go into the details later, here. His wife dies in a car crash, his son, Beau dies of brain cancer and his other son, Hunter, is doing his damnest, with scandal upon scandal, to warn us what a scumbag asshole Biden really is. “Stay away from electing my father, he’s a communist actor!”

Let’s see; we, America, murdered Jeffery Epstein, a former F.B.I. accomplice blackmailing people. Deviant, Bill Clinton has killed before. We killed “Whitey” Bolger, the mafioso / F.B.I. informant, in jail, too. Now Biden is trying to kill Julian Assange in jail. And Biden like to act to high and mighty.

Let there be Lightfoot!


I regret that I must use this space to usurp content about my Lennon findings. Please scroll down a bit past this section to continue with that but I must alert you all to the communist plot that Biden / Harris represent. A communist plot that began in the 1940’s. Let’s start by using Navalny’s misplaced trust in Biden to begin with.

I saw Navalny’s 2020 interview where he laments the specter of a Trump presidency as if he, not Biden, represented a threat to his life. Navalny was killed on Biden’s watch, you see, not Trump’s. Just like an invasion from migrants, inflation, credit card debt, national debt, money printing, two separate wars, etc., all occurred on HIS watch. This is representative of YOUR ignorance and false trust in Biden. I, myself, was once fooled by Obama / Biden and even promoted their rise to the power in 2008. BOY, was I a duMMY! It was after I was almost killed under THEIR watch in 2010 and 2014 in two very high speed “accidents” (60 mph broadside and 75 mph attempt by a uniformed military cadet to roll my van on a freeway, just a few years apart) that I woke up to reality. Details are listed a little ways down from this.

Why is Nikki Haley staying in the race? She is designated to run against Biden and lose on purpose like Mondale and Dukakis and others lost on purpose to guarantee the other side wins, you see? I KNOW this because the day after the Iowa caucus media talking head John Dickerson, an avid Trump hater, bemoaned to Nikki; “Is there ANYTHING you can do differently to sway people away from Trump and towards the guy with more experience?” Translation’ “We both know you’re the designated fall guy (girl) trying to fill the spot to then throw the race to Biden because you work for the people behind Biden, the deep state.” The Rockefeller crowd takes no chances with a fair fight. Trump squeaked in by accident because they thought he would be washed up with “Pussygate” etc. but he survived it. He caught them off guard. I supplied Trump with a 10 % boost via my hundreds of talk radio calls, first. This same shadow government then RIGGED the 2020 election with the F.B.I. etc, and the voting machines and other tactics. We all saw it. We SAW how Trump was heading for a landslide until the vote was shut down for two hours and then started up again with Biden suddenly surging. We were kidnapped by our own corrupt deep state while we slept. Our sacred right to vote and choose our leaders was usurped.

Why is Putin stating he prefers a Biden win? He knows we think he is lying to us. His stock in trade. To make us vote for Biden. If you examine the Trump presidency the Russians fingerprints were all over every attempt to unseat him. Russians everywhere trying to gum up his reign. From the Russian woman interviewing Don Jr. to Boris and Igor towards the end of Trump’s reign. Several examples. If you look NOW we find a Russian, a Smirnov, no less, being revealed as a liar in saying Biden profited from Barisma Oil. Smirnov an Israeli citizen, to boot. It makes the Russians look like they are pro Trump when they are NOT!  This revelation – all planned to make us go for Biden – serves to promote Biden as one unfairly accused. As planned!

Biden HATES America. He blames America that his wife was killed in an auto accident and his son Beau dying of brain cancer. He ENJOYS taking his revenge on the world that treated him so unfairly. His son Hunter seems to be trying to warn us to NOT vote his father in as if he knows he is a communist. He is caught on film getting a blow job from a hooker. That’s just one of several scandals he is involved in. Biden, all the while, acts as if nothing has occurred. He thinks we are stupid and blind to all this. So long as he pretends he is invisible. Biden scoffs at how stupid we all ARE, too. He displays his CONTEMPT for us all with his silence in the face of all this. The F.B.I. and Kremlin are handing him his script, trust me. He knows how stupid all of you, apparently, are.

Biden deliberately whispers and acts docile, polite and harmless and understated. He is a monster camouflaging his true nature. Underneath he is a monster deliberately destroying us before we wake up and address MY evidence! The one thing that can save us from the jaws of defeat. He plans to put in Kamala after he resigns in mid term over senility. It’s all planned. Nikki Haley even states either she or Kamala WILL BE our next president. She would know. She can’t say “Trump CANNOT win!:” often enough. She is desperate to run against Biden and throw the race. The Rockefeller crowd will give her a multi million dollar house and perks, after, trust me.

Why is Ukraine running out of ammunition? Biden wants it that way. His war effort is one of barely keeping them alive. He has demonstrated he wants Putin to take Ukraine ever since he offered Zelensky a plane ride out of there on day one. Now he wants to blame the Republicans for not taking the bait of tying aid to Ukraine win allowing open borders. To blame Trump.

I am and R.F. K. Jr. supporter with Trump as the next best thing. Trump’s not perfect. His failure to arrest and punish Stephen King was his most glaring failure of nerve. He knows King killed Lennon but he didn’t want to step on Reagan’s evil toes. Pity. Now the deep state is after him before he gets the chance, again. Trump could get out of ALL his court troubles by simply wearing my website address on his baseball cap from here to the election. THAT SIMPLE!! He could throw his enemies to the ground and step on their throats with THAT! And you all KNOW it’s true, too. You all KNOW IT!

Our own right wing media and talk radio are pulling their punches PRETENDING to promote Trump. They want us to trust THEM to save the day and hope that we will sit on our hands and trust in them. They are sellouts and actors working for the deep state. I know because when I try to say something that will really help Trump I am cut off and belittled by these pretend Trump advocates. Even Pence turned on Trump, remember? Both parties are owned by the Rockefeller globalist crowd.

Bill Clinton and Hillary invited Stephen King into the White House for a secret meeting (Only the Oakland Tribune printed the fact.) ten days before the Oklahoma City bomb went off. John Doe Two, who was never identified, LOOKS like Stephen King at the time. No kidding. And he writes about blowing up Las Vegas in “The Stand”. That bombing put the shoe on the feet of the militia types and OFF the foot of the BTAF after killing David Koresh months earlier. You see?? Would he kill hundreds just to do that? He would. Obama also invited Stephen King into The White House in 2016(?) and put a medal of the arts award around his neck. Obama knows he killed Lennon. What a communist enemy of the public! Nixon had a pivotal role in the Kennedy murders (Time headline codes then prove this.) AND he put the woman to work with Woman’s Lib disabling us from having the energy and time to keep an eye on the government. He took us off the gold standard, embroiled us in Viet Nam and, I think deliberately,  destroyed our faith in America and the presidency and our government with Watergate. Nixon tried to get us to change our presidency to a six year term – like the Soviet Union – and he wanted a military style guard for The White House – also like The Soviet Union -. Reagan and Nixon extolled the evils of the Soviet Union at the same time they tried to turn us INTO the Soviet Union. Both he and Nixon raised taxes and increased the size of government by 25 %. Reagan went after our second amendment using a gun to kill Lennon and his Brady Bill, didn’t he? Reagan, I think, faked getting shot by Hinckley for the same reason. That and to change the subject off of Chapman who was scheduled to enter a plea then. (No proof , but Hinckley Sr. and the Bush’s were friends for decades prior and shared a block with their Colorado summer homes.) And you all SCOFF at my wisdom that our F.B.I. has sold us all out a long time ago.

(To be continued….)

I go to bed each night tortured by the responsibility of having to save you hypocrites and cowards from all this evil that IS DESTROYING our nation and our lives. I have to realize, on a daily basis, that your attitude about it all is this;

“Yeah, we’re evil, don’t expect us to change or lift a finger to change things, either. We ARE evil. Don’t try to save us. We would rather all go straight to hell than do what we should do; expose, arrest, try and execute Stephen King. Preferably on worldwide simulcast television.” I think we have to do all of that and have it rubbed in our faces like the dog who pooped on the carpet. You people are that dog who pooped on the carpet.

Our media is controlled by Jews, almost exclusively. Though they represent only 3 % of our population. That is the face of a global conspiracy. The Rosenburgs, Jews, gave the Soviets our A-bomb secrets at the same time we gave them Israel. You are all fools not to wake up to the reality that Israel is our mortal enemy pretending to be our friend. You don’t have to be an anti Semite ( I am not. 90% of Jews are probably good. But only 90 %.) to be very pissed off about just this. If you watch prime time television they are foisting images of big brother, men and women in government outfits; F.B.I., C.I.A. and medical first responders, etc. all over the place. Typically they are pointing guns in your faces, mostly. There are lots of images of torture and fear thrown into your faces. The gratuitous wasting of human life to dumb you down and dehumanize you. To scare you. To take AWAY YOUR guns, ultimately. You can’t see any of it, can you? As you slowly cooked frogs descend into mindlessness only I am outstanding among you as one who cares and who actually has evidence to do something about it. But you don’t care. You’re a castrated citizen. A spineless, ballless, silenced Soviet. You resent my heroism and the fact that I AM right about my Lennon claims because you are NOT brave, NOT good, NOT responsible. You are a money chasing peasant being led around by your nose by bad people. I hate to have to be the one to have to say all this.

Our F.B.I. and C.I.A. et all, the D.O.J. and almost all your alphabet agencies are selling you out to the World Order that is built around the former Soviet Union’s principles of control the population with lies, fear and repression.  Around the world, as a result of all this downgrading, populations are plummeting. Nobody wants to have any more babies. Fewer people are getting married and why should they? Life has started to suck, more and more. Admit it. It’s all YOUR FAULT, people. Only I can save you and if you think you can skate around me just because you are jealous, anti-heroic monsters, you are wrong. I predict that, if Stephen King dies before you punish him, all of the planet will be killed by a monster asteroid for your being so stupid. For your being so unfit as a species.  Somewhere on this site I list all my evidence that proves I am special and DO HAVE a powerful avenging angel and I feel I have been chosen to try to save you, first, with this evidence, and, if you don’t respond, that I have the call whether you all live or die for it. I saw an asteroid almost kill us all once. If you people are the kind of species who would allow Stephen King to get away with killing John Lennon and igNORE hard evidence about it all you all SHOULD be erased from this planet. That’s my firm position on the matter. It won’t change, either. Ever. It’s not so much I am wishing this on you, it’s more a matter of me sparing you from that because it’s going to happen if you DON’T expose, arrest, charge, try and execute, that’s right, EXECUTE evil Stephen King and show God that you are NOT unjust jackasses, after all. If you fail then God has made a sad mistake in creating you in the first place and it’s time you were removed so more intelligent life can begin. The way you all are evil can too easily steamroll you. God will just have to admit he made a mistake with us in the first place. You’d all be better off dead than living like Stephen King’s cowardly, masochistic jackasses. There is no doubt about it. From my perspective you people are boring and beneath respect as you are. A waste of energy and motion. A shallow shadow of what you all could be if you just cared like a white man. Especially because by punishing King and standing up to him your world will get at least 50% better, overnight, you SHOULD be punished for failing to do so.

That I SAW the asteroid that almost DID kill us all in 1966(?) (Bigger than Mount Shasta and so fast you can’t fathom it’s power) and the subsequent parade of too many weird to be coincidence instances where people who have crossed me have met with very bad karma, is all too much to dismiss and write off as just my imagination. You go find the dozens of instances I list here somewhere below and you, too, will have to admit, I just might be the second coming for all anybody knows. I would hate for that to be true, but even I have to take a second look at me and the incidents that surround me. Maybe I’m more important than I think. You have to be told, as ludicrous as it all must sound right now. Make no mistake, if I am brought forward, and you all already know this, deep down, I will become the world’s biggest celebrity since Jesus. Bigger than The Beatles or anybody you have known in your lifetime. Bigger than Moses and anyone else you might name. I will unleash so much power just by informing you of the truth it will all be off the charts. The Kremlin will want to assassinate me. The Jewish similar ruling body will want to assassinate me. (Netanyahu, the day after I posted this, looked exactly like the cat who got caught stalking the canary, too. As if he has already discussed assassinating me with his puppet masters.) I will up end their whole take over plot, once and for all, and they know it. Your JEALOUSY will also want to assassinate me. Your MASOCHISM will want to assassinate me. You can’t even deny THAT. Can you? And you all wonder why John Lennon is dead. You wonder why Chapman skipped a trial. What should have been the trial of the century. You wonder. You poor, sick bastards need me and you resent that fact.

I wonder was John Lennon the real second coming and is his murder the acid test to see if you all live or die. I’ll settle for anything, even just a lucky guy who stumbled onto evidence, as long as you bring me forward and punish Stephen King to make the world safe for geniuses like me and all the others your apathy has already killed. Geniuses and heroes are more potent than any religion, I have learned. You’re all following religion’s wrong, weak, impotent charade. Do you, instead, have the courage to stand up to the evils of the world on your own and act on evidence? The evidence I have put before you? Under truth religion will lose it’s mysterious hold on you. It seems to give people courage to make money and such is all, I say. Tackling real evil it is pretty useless as my evidence has already proved. It remains, still, A.W.O.L. and M.I.A..

As far as my importance and fame. I resent having to be famous to change the world but it’s a necessity. Change the world I must, however. I would rather be anonymous and private. I promise to never be seen on Saturday Night Live, ever. Never to be on the late night talk shows as they exist. Or the morning talk shows, either. If anything, I will appear only a few times a year and only on relevant venues that have credibility. I may build my own media to counter the government run media, in fact. I will not feed the silliness of most media platforms. If I ever become a recording artist – I happen to sing as well as anybody living today, magically, all of a sudden – I will have to be in a protective, bullet proof bubble and floated by hardware across the stadium and not be exposed to any assassins who would like to shoot me on stage. Not the kind of fame anyone would wish for. You won’t find me exposed on stage like all the other artists. You’re all too dangerous. If you are not the government is. It won’t be your average fame package at all. Don’t waste your jealousy on my lot in life. Will I ever write songs and enrich you that way? I have no idea. It’s a wait and see situation if I want to work that hard for you. It’s all controlled from up above, anyway. Deserve it, inspire me, and we’ll see.

I’m on to ALL OF YOU. I am society’s ANTI-PHONY. Nevertheless, many of you will insist I must be the Anti-Christ. It’s just how sick you and your religions really are and always have been.

In this respect I am, not only the finder of evidence and messenger, I am your exorcist by necessity. Until you are exorcized from your evil apathy and jealousy you are helpless to save yourselves from the loss of America. Our enemies, WHO DID THIS TO US, are on the fast track, now, to complete the job before this story saves you all. Our own deep state, the F.B.I. and C.I.A. et all, the media, the courts, the whole apparatus, has capitulated to evil and you are the ones who will suffer the most from it all. You handle all this evidence I have brought you and your shame for not responding to it with Fentanyl suicide. DON’T YOU?! And mass shootings. You always seem to target the average, nameless, pedestrian citizens, too. The real monsters whose apathy is the reason the world sucks in the first place. That’s how the land of the free and the home of the brave handle big issues nowadays. Pity. Tragedy. And it IS all YOUR fault, too. Not mine for not committing a crime to demand you have to address it, not the media’s for censoring it and lying to you and brainwashing you, not the courts for looking the other way, not the police who have been trying to kill me all this time. This whole evil crime happened in the first place because you are a weak, hypocritical people. You expect someone else other than you to fix things. America won’t survive that pitiful attitude. No wonder you shooters shoot the average slobs who are really responsible for this hypocritical world BEING so messed up that a Stephen King could even shoot a John Lennon in the first place.

I am a hero. Not a sports hero, a real hero. You have been given my evidence 40 years ago. I have driven my website van all over America, even spent several months in King’s home town of Bangor, Maine. Even those people in Maine have taken sides with evil and are protecting King. Like a pack of demons, too. I have uncovered the real enemy and it’s all of you. You lack self respect and courage, frankly. You’re anti-heroic.

“OOOWWH! Steve Lightfoot is here with evidence! We must stop him!” Every day Stephen King is urinating all over you. Admit it and stand up to him. Or evil wins. Especially you parents are in disgrace as King is bending your children over a barrel to rape them. He is, too. John Balushi, who I am convinced was also killed by Reagan, (The killer just happened to be watching Lennon’s second to last recording session in the same room a year before she murdered Balushi. As if she knew he’d be killed the next day and was part of “The Jewish communist plot against the U.S.” that King repeatedly warns us about.) described people like you as “LAME-O’S!”

It’s a proven fact that you all let decoy; Chapman, escape a trial for what we were TOLD he did. No trial at all to make sure we weren’t being lied to, then. That was your way of admitting that you all knew the government killed John Lennon. That was the moment our enemies broke you. That was my cue to do something.

Meanwhile, I will be moving out of California, my life long state, for good by this time next year (2-14-’24) if you remain insane and I’ll harness better people in another state to break my story and then disgrace you for all history, after, for being evil in the face of hard evidence. Don’t doubt me. I WILL! “Californians were too Pinko to care about America being a victim of evil and I had to give normal people a chance to sound the alarm.” If your property values drop 40% it will serve you all right, too. If you become famous as America’s historic and forever example of evil people, well, you’ve been warned. You and the evil people of Bangor, Maine. I’ve delivered on the evidence. Ignore it and you lose. Just like you’re all losing as we speak. Your installed, not elected, president Biden is stealing from the next generation to prop up what he calls a good world. It’s all smoke an mirrors and lies and rigged elections and worse. National debt, credit card debt, money printing, inflation, immigrant invasion and worse that is impoverishing the working class and retiree class and all to sell us out to the new world order. R.F.K. Jr. is right; you are unrecognizable from being America, already. The great take over of America is in full stride as you losers sit on your stoned, alcoholic, media controlled, masochistic asses. Especially because this expose looms on the horizon our enemies are ramping up their schedule to take us over. It’s a race against time right now. Off your asses, masses.

Get well, people of America. You’re King’s sick puppies, now.


Extra thoughts;!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I WAS in Bangor, Maine in the summer and fall of 1992 I ran into King’s friend who owned the bookstore downtown that sold King’s books, mostly. His name was either Scott or Mitchell, or Stuart, I think. I was prattling on with pie in the sky talk about how King needn’t worry too much. That I’d trot him out on stage for television spots to allow him to role play the good guy while I played the bad guy relating to apathy and responsibility. To allow him a chance at some redemption. In the middle of this nonsensical rant Mitchell (?) burst in and screamed at me; “He’s afraid he’s gonna FRY!!!!” So there, doubters. His friend has confessed, already. I just seem to have a talent for drawing out such large confessions.

Many of you don’t have the balls or self respect or sense of justice to execute King. Some kind of masochistic trait you have. I assure you none is more deserving of this than King. He would murder me on his property and blame it on my just being there with my website van. Just such a scenario almost played itself out in April of 2021. I ran him out of Maine six months per year and he has a witness protection home in Florida on a key near Sarasota. I was venturing past the sign that reads “Private Driveway, No Trespassing.” I was leery of going back there to see his house for years and thought I might just take a peek. One car length in I decided against it. That it might be a trap. As I put my van in reverse, the back up beeper beeping and my little wagging arrow below my website wagging its finger, I noticed a car behind me and it also backed up to let me out. I thought it looked like King, himself. He made a special effort to turn his head away as I looked. I found out, later, it WAS King and that he DOES drive a black Tesla. He, no doubt had a gun on him ready to murder me and invent a story about how I tried to attack him or something. So, you see, people? He’s not a saint who needs to be protected from your foolishness. He’s nobody’s friend, in fact. It was no coincidence that he was there on the spot. He was laying in wait in a pre rehearsed plot if I dared go in that driveway to his house. With the F.B.I.’s blessings. I was, no doubt, being watched the whole time with surveillance cameras whenever I was near his home.

I stood inches away from him in 1992 in the center of downtown Bangor, besides. I refused to interrupt my song I was singing about him with my guitar as he tried to talk to me. Seconds later he stuttered to me: “T-t-take c-c-care. I w-w-want you to t-take c-care.” and he sauntered away with his signature slouch. The vibe he gave off was; “You’re right, I’m wrong. Don’t hate me too much. If everyone was as good as you I might not have done it.”

Yoko Ono had me kidnapped and pistol whipped unconscious in hand cuffs by San Francisco police in 1987. It was her way of saying’ “Back off! I’m not your friend. I set John up all this time you idiot!” My subsequent newsletters I distributed about her around Manhattan has found her moved to Switzerland all these years, since. Wheelchair bound and very sick, by the way.

So, there, people. Just more legendary fodder for you to mull over.

I DO plan a four part movie about my exploits someday if your insanity and cowardliness and jealousy doesn’t kill me, first.



Did China unleash Covid-19 on the world to oust Trump?  Did our deep state (F.B.I. / C.I.A. , etc.) capitulate to this tactic and rig the 2020 vote to remove Trump? A good deep state would have said; “No”. and disclosed their threat to the public and halted all commerce with China for four years. PERIOD! Trump would have been president and China would have it’s hands full, once again. But we have a sick deep state who think they know better than us mere tax payers.

Right now we have John Stewart and his political show back on television, and not by chance. It’s part of the deep state statecraft, along with Taylor Swift’s public Biden endorsements and other tricks to sway the vote. Travis Kelsey’s endorsement of Covid vaccines is another example of how the deep state pushing Biden / Harris are messing with your heads. I, personally, think the 49’r’s and Lions game was rigged to put the 49’r’s in against the Chiefs to increase the odds of making Biden look like a winner if the Chiefs were to win. THAT’S how sick it all is, I’m afraid. All this injustice has made you masochists by their design.

I am certain that the 2020 election WAS rigged by the F.B.I. et al and the voting machines. Unlike most of America I am not stupid. I am not easily fooled. I think R.F.K. Jr. is the best option but Trump is right behind. The Biden / Harris ticket is a globalist ticket bent on surrendering America to the new world order and this kind of fraud is how the globalist future will be if YOU don’t pull your heads out, people. Your VOTE is currently worthless!

I admit some prejudice because Obama / Biden tried, twice, to assassinate me in 2010 and 2014 in two very high speed “accidents”. The first involved a city who has a room with manual control of all their stop lights. My meat delivery truck had the green arrow yet I was broadsided by a woman doing 60 mph running a light(?) My truck was knocked fifteen yards sideways and it rolled over on it’s side! I could have died. The intersection was paved over the NEXT DAY! She was never cited, either. The other was a uniformed Navy cadet who rammed my narrow wheelbase Toyota van doing 75 mph trying to roll me on the freeway. HE not cited, either. A six foot long by two foot wide tire mark was imprinted on my van’s driver’s side. Obama and Biden are un American communists to do so. Real Americans revere their public heroes.

I was once stupid like most of you about all this. I actually supported Mondale, Clinton, and Obama once when I was naive like you are. I’m too smart to stay stupid, though. After almost getting killed, twice, in two separate “accidents” that could only have been orchestrated and after noticing it was while Obama / Biden were in office, I wised up. Now everything they have ever done stands out like a sore thumb that screams; “We are communists taking you over, stupid America.” They are, too, like dozens before them. Moscow has been in our oatmeal since the 1940’s with a vengeance. Remember the McCarthy era? It was no joke.

Meanwhile, we find Biden relying on ‘transposing the points’ to quote Nixon, in his claim that Trump is a threat to democracy. What could be more of a threat than rigging and STEALING a presidential election like he did to us in 2020? What could be be further from the truth than alleging Trump would use, weaponize, the ‘system; to get back with his enemies? Hasn’t Biden been doing that with his 100, plus indictments campaign against Trump? His economy is a result of credit card record debt, money printing and stealing buying power from retirees. Stealing 20 % of their social security. It’s just a fact. He NOW claims he is against immigration and could fix it if only we’d give him “..the power…” to. We let you be president, fairly or unfairly, isn’t that enough power Mr. Fix It? KNOW, people, that he is about dismantling your country. Nothing else but that. Beady eyed as could be. Have you noticed how is slits for eyes resemble two upside down smiles, FROWNS, people? Add his mouth and you see three sinister frowns looking back at you, Don’t you? Remove his transplanted pubic hair on his head and he is the spitting image of evil “Mr. Wilson” from “The Simpsons”. Cadaverous, besides.

I say to all, BUY Trump’s superimposed $2.00 bill with his face on it so as to give him back what Biden and this woman grabbing $83 million wants to take away from him. And his sneaker line. It’s a way to affordably undo Biden’s evil. His face probably BELONGS on a bill he’s so revolutionary and against the commie takeover we’re all in  the middle of. LET Biden know we aren’t going to lose and we aren’t going anywhere. And I actually am an R.F.K. Jr. supporter, first, and a Trump supporter right behind him. You can trust me. My I Q is 165, not 95. I actually finished in the top 3 % of my language portion of the S.A.T., besides. I was the first human, at only 17, to ever trisect an angle with a compass and straightedge, besides. I think outside the box. Best artist in my high school, to boot. Take advantage of me, people.

Use me soon or lose me, California. A year from today, if you haven’t helped me come forward, I will move to another state before Leon Panetta and evil Gavin Newsom assassinate me. My taxes will, instead, support THAT state if I ever get mega wealthy and famous like you all dread. I’d hate to have to call California limp wristed, cowardly, jealous, unjust, boot-licking no count commies, someday. Wouldn’t you??????

By the way, I saw Panetta on television last week and he looks terrible. Like a man who hasn’t slept in a month. Pillows under his eyes, his forehead furrowed as a farmer’s field. I’ve been exposing him lately. A psychiatric evaluation of him might reveal a severely psychotic man. I think it may be related to the above chapter’s contents with plans to impound my van using a restaurant to do so. That he IS probably plotting my assassination as we speak. A very sick and dangerous and corrupt man; Leon Panetta. Just more reason to believe the locals assertion that the Italian mafia rule the central coast of California. So far, the Biden types have been using very high speed “traffic accidents” to try to kill me. Have YOU ever been T-boned by a car going 60 mph only to watch as that intersection was paved over the next day, the motorist not even cited for her red light violation? Or having a uniformed Navy cadet try to violently ram your narrow wheelbase Toyota van at 75 mph just a few years later only to have THAT motorist not cited, also? Obama  / Biden did that to me, people of America. 2010 and 2014. Remember that when you vote. Only a closet communist would dare to try to kill America’s biggest living hero, me.

This would not be the first time I’ve had to call Taylor Swift out for her associations on my website. Either she once had the foolishness to proclaim her admiration for, yes, Stephen King, or she is possibly an undercover government agent plying her singing career and the popularity it has created to do the government’s bidding. I’ll admit, the latter seems a little far fetched. “Oh, c’mon, she’ worked hard to get a career in music and you’re delirious.” I’ll admit, it sounds a little far fetched. That having been said, if she is not a calculating, undercover government agent using our infatuation with singing stars as a platform to do the government’s bidding, then she MUST BE trying to piggyback on OTHER celebrities who are liked to make HER more liked, via association. “Oh, everybody buys Stephen King novels so I’ll pretend to be his fan and convert HIS fans to ME.” Or; “The government who really runs me ASKED me to proclaim my admiration for King to boost HIS acceptance ratings since Steve Lightfoot and his van is parading all over Florida, now..” I pointed this out several years ago and she immediately STOPPED proclaiming her love for King.

The point being, if our government or our enemy’s government were smart enough to infiltrate John Lennon’s life with evil government agent Yoko Ono, who ordered San Francisco police to kidnap and pistol whip me unconscious in handcuffs in 1987 (She did), all the while pretending to be John’s loving wife (She was his arch enemy) ANYTHING is possible.


We were told, initially, that the drone that killed our three black service members got by our defenses because they had to shut them off to allow our own drone to land minutes before. That is a lie. An expert radio caller pointed out that all our friendly drones have responders to identify them over enemy drones negating the necessity to shut off our radar at all. So did Biden ALLOW an enemy drone to penetrate our base in Syria or did he use our own drone to target a black barracks?

Now we see Biden avenging the attack over these black victims, like a chivalrous, gallant man standing up for the blacks, even posthumously promoting one of them to Sergeant, to show his support for the black man. “Gulf Of Tonkin” ring a bell, people? Another phony attack on us we had to go to war in Viet Nam over. Wake up, people. I know about Biden and his brand of evil You don’t. The very blacks he is pretending to avenge he may have sacrificed for his own political gain. His desperation to embroil us in a world war seems to be an attempt to turn our heads away from a photo of Stephen King getting John Lennon’s autograph, I think. I think he knew, in advance, that that barracks had only blacks in it and he used them, killed them, to push his agenda.

We are under a communist takeover, I can’t stress on you all enough.

I know, a lot of you want to call me a nut for saying the probable truth that I can’t expect you brainwashed worker bees to appreciate or even fathom. That’s why God invented heroes like John Lennon and me, for example. Yeah, I’ll say it. You won’t.


The media failed to let us know exactly WHAT kind of job this father had in government. (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) They have since put a tight lid on the whole story so as not remind us all that this man who did this, who even made a 17 minute video of him making a speech while holding his father’s head up, merely acted on the same rage half of America feels about Biden, generally. It’s as if God threw this horror in our faces to say; “At least he D-I-D something, people. You who just sit on your loss and your hands like losers and wimps. Biden IS a commie rat.”

Like mass shooters that burst like a pimple on the face of humanity, this act was, in my opinion, the result of just such simmering, underlying hostility that HALF of all you readers feel about Biden and this commie take over of our election, presidency, D.O.J. media and government. I cannot endorse this man’s means or methods, but it really IS an apt description of what is wrong with our parents and our government.

Hey, even Trump is a wimp when it comes to arresting Stephen King. I told him in late 2020 he’d lose to fraud if he didn’t. He was keeping up with my posts, too. His team was sending me e-mails almost weekly. The fact he had the chance but WILTED and did nothing has EVERYTHING to do with his troubles today. KARMA! My balls intimidate even Donald, heroic Trump, much less the rest of you. I’ll bet J,F.K. Jr. won’t wimp out on me if he becomes our president. He has reason to be as angry as me about political assassination. Right now the media – run by the Jews – hate him even MORE than Trump. All the more reason to vote J.F,K. Jr., people.

Regarding MY expose, all you parents ARE corrupt and evil to ignore me. That government employed father probably WAS a traitor to America and his son, just like all you parents are for ignoring my photo of King getting Lennon’s last autograph. If your children knew the truth about you all in this regard they’d probably kill and decapitate all of you, too. Until you parents are OUTRAGED over my evidence and arrest try and execute Stephen King you are ALL traitors.

By the way, did you all know that Raffensburger, the man who was in charge of the efficacy and legitimacy of the 2020 election was an ENGINEER by profession, first???!!!! He probably DID rig the Dominion voting machines, with our F.B.I.’s help, as only an engineer COULD! Maybe his head belongs on a post. I’m speaking figuratively, of course.

Certainly you should all be joining my Sunday rallies in downtown Monterey, Ca. C’mon, you wimps. Grow a goddamn spine for once in your miserable lives and protest over, come together over, John Lennon like he sang to let you know come the day our government killed him. They did. Admit it.



As I spoke on television last night (1-16-’24) at the Monterey City Council meeting, I alerted the council that I will be moving to Utah in a little over a year if Monterey can’t pull it’s head out of it’s butt and help me succeed in bringing Stephen King to justice before then. I said; “I’ve learned that people are more important than place.” I pointed out that, far from pledging allegiance to liberty and justice for all, Monterey is, in fact, a hypocrite protecting Stephen King at the expense of their children who are being deprived of the truth. I reminded them that they resent my presence and the truth when they should be hoisting me on their shoulders with pride. When I said I’d be moving a Jewish woman behind me said; “Good!” Interesting as I was going to include in my speech (But didn’t have the time to say.) that my main enemies over time have been Jews, homosexuals and toothless, homeless pan handlers.

The Jews hate me because they own our media and can’t stand me upstaging them and their power someday with the truth. They were likely the one group most behind Lennon’s assassination and just so John wouldn’t be around to preach peace after Israel blew up Saddam Hussein’s nuclear facility in 1981. They did, and John was too dead to complain. You see?

The homosexuals hate me because they don’t give a rat’s ass about the children who will have to live with their parent’s mistakes. Also, because they want the next super hero to NOT be a heterosexual.

The toothless, homeless losers need an excuse for their failure. If I clean up our satanic politics they will have no excuse for not being better off. They LIKE blaming the world for their bad luck.

So, there, people. If YOU hate me there is some connection to these groups, something in common with them and you. Beware. Most of you other groups hate me because I am pulling down the curtain on your satanic lives and you are jealous of me for being a hero. Most of you resent that you even NEED a hero. You evil parents hate me because you all KNOW I am doing your job in exposing King and you know you are too douche baggy to do so yourselves. I remind you that, in reality, you fear government more than you love yourselves and your children. It’s just a FACT! It cannot be denied and you want to keep that a secret.


You poor fools need me because I know more about politics than you do. Only a hero like me can trump the politics with truth and free speech. I watched as Mondale, Ferraro, Dukakis, Gore and others deliberately LOST ON PURPOSE to insure the other side won. The powers that be sew up both ends and don’t take chances. Trump slipped by because they underestimated his chances. I helped Trump win with 300 national talk radio calls over three years, prior.

I prefer an R.F.K. Jr, president, now, since Trump couldn’t find the spine to arrest Stephen King. Nevertheless, I prefer Trump over the rest.

I also noticed how one of the Jan. 6, 2020 Capital police was caught tearing out a window to let protesters in only to change his tune immediately after realizing his act was caught on phone cameras. He then started violently pushing protesters to convince the camera he WASN’T trying to abet their raiding of the Capitol. The F.B.I., people. They abetted the whole thing with Nancy Pelosi, et al. They set a trap for Trump and were agent provocateurs. This film is being reviewed by Congress today (1-25-’24) as we speak. Our F.B.I. , C.I.A., media, etc, have sold America out for the new world order they will be at the top of. Money and selfish greed over freedom.

Biden is spouting how Trump is the threat to democracy when it is HE who is. He acts as if he isn’t deliberately flooding America with immigrants, causing inflation to destroy our economy and cripple the elderly on their fixed incomes. He acts as if he isn’t weaponizing the courts, media and government against his opponents. He acts as if his son, Hunter, was never caught on film getting a blow job from a hooker, getting dirty money from China and our other enemies and a myriad of disgraces any other president would never get away with.. He acts as if he isn’t trying to put Harris in as our first, ever, woman president when he bows out, mid term, over senility. He is the definition of 180 degrees from the truth rhetoric to con us. A Soviet trademark. Only one such as I could see through all this smoke and mirrors.

I even think China foisted Covid – 19 on the world to remove Trump. A terrorist / political act.

The Clintons invited Stephen King in The White House for a secret meeting ten days before the Oklahoma City bomb went off. Obama put a medal of the arts award around King’s satanic neck in The White House in 2016. You SEE, folks? Communists slitting our throats with our F.B.I.’s approval.

So there. Let’s watch and see if I’m right or wrong. Better yet, break my story and head it all off at the pass. You poor shorn and brainwashed sheep need me.



Hey, what’s up America? Burdened by a lack of heroes to protect you? Suffering under wars in Israel, and Ukraine? Looking forward to a dodgy election cycle? Inflation and immigration destroying your country? You’re all a hot, sticky, ugly, satanic mess. You killed all your heroes and now you can’t even stand up to the man who murdered John Lennon; psycho horror writer Stephen King. THE Stephen King. You didn’t think he got his ideas anywhere else, do you? Oh, no. He’s been rubbing his evil hands together salivating at how he killed your hero and took John’s place, culturally, and got away with it all because you’re all too stupid to care. Too brainwashed to be free and also because you’re all way too cowardly. Cowardly. Very cowardly. Look at you pathetic parents. My website van has been all over the landscape and you probably lie to your kids I’m a nut and not to be taken seriously. That’s about your speed. Stupid, lazy, scared, boot-licking fear of your government that won’t let you admit I might be right. Won’t let you rescue your kids from evil Stephen King and help me when I protest downtown every Sunday at noon. Things you’d all do if you weren’t under the evil of your Jewish media. Oh, they are in control of your minds and your media and they think Lennon was too smart to be allowed to live and lead the rest of us. THEY must have complete control and THEY decide if you are sick as Satan or well. Guess where they stand, too?

Your kids know I’m right. They’ve seen my website and King getting Lennon;’s autograph. They’ve seen Mark David King Chapman and Chapman’s letter linking Reagan weeks before the murder and the codes in Time and Newsweek’s headlines that spill the beans in no uncertain terms about what REALLY happened to John Lennon then. They’ve read what’s in Nixon’s book; The Real War sitting next to Reagan the day of the murder that explains why John Lennon must be killed. All under the ominous headline; “Who’s In?” “Who’s Out?”. In their eyes you’re all just a bunch of phonies and cowards and child molesters who abuse their kids WITH Stephen King. They know you’d rather protect King than them. They all KNOW it, too. And you wonder WHY mass shootings and Fentanyl suicide is on the rise. Shame on you parents.


My next billboard.

Oh, yes. Prove me wrong and find a spine and stand next to me every Sunday at noon in downtown Monterey on Alvarado Street. I DARE YOU! If you, as a people, don’t find your spine in time I will move, probably to UTAH, and find I have no more time for you. Then you’ll wish you pulled your heads out of your stinky asses sooner.

Your unsung evidence super hero; Steve Lightfoot

But seriously, last Dec. 8. 2023, the day all of the central coast decided to stiff the John Lennon man and avoid his rally, I lost a great amount of love and respect for my fellow man. I now know that the Monterey peninsula is too afraid of their shadow to be my people, perhaps. I watched for several years as they just ducked their heads and scampered off in disgrace knowing that I’ve been right about King killing John Lennon all this time. Maybe KSCO Radio has turned them into limp wristed Lennon killers. There is no such thing as the perfect place AND people, I’m afraid. There’s always a tradeoff, I’ve noticed. If there is no honoring of the messenger in the next year the messenger will honor another location, probably Utah, to live. If that happens I’ll be forthright to the world, after, why I moved. That is IF I can even stomach living in America at all it’s become so satanic and stupid all of a sudden. 50 % pure commercials on their television just scratches the surface. Oh, there was a brief MOMENT, only, when the people here WERE better than they are now. That was right before the police here gave me two consecutive tickets in a very public manner. Up to that point many were smiling at me and giving me a lot of thumbs up as they walked by my parked website van. They were feeling the hugeness of this story for one month. But then they turned coat and ran, after. Weaklings, you see. Cowards. Unworthy. Too scared of their government to care about themselves. Too weak as parents to stand up to Stephen King. They’re busy protecting HIM, in fact.


It turns out that the Monterey area is plagued with the corruption of the Panetta political family that has corrupted the courts here and the law enforcement personnel. The public just looks the other way and, therefor, becomes corrupted, themselves. Terrorized into lowering their standards. It’s a family affair, as in mafia, in my opinion, (All the locals know Italian mafia run this area.) and the junior Panetta is now in charge of your purse strings. Hundreds of millions of YOUR dollars under his control. Leon’s control, probably, being the elder. Leon, the former Nixon aid and C.I.A. chief and things of that nefarious nature. He has family members who are judges and all kinds of Italians running the D.O.J.. You’re all bitter, corrupted, overworked Lennon killers, now. Sucking under evil Stephen King. It’s the weather and scenery, not the people, that makes this place attractive at all. Pity. pity, pity, you’re all being corrupted by a bunch of money corrupted losers protecting America’s mortal enemy; Stephen King Your poor kids.


Even Michael Zwerling, owner of K.S.C.O. Radio in Santa Cruz is busy protecting Stephen King at all our expense I’ve finally figured out. In spite of his allowing me hundreds of instances of air time and even several interviews over six years, he has been busy making sure that I am only viewed by the public as a pathetic, delusional, crazy person who couldn’t possibly be right about his claim that the government let Stephen King murder John Lennon and covered it up with a Mark Chapman smoke screen scenario. I recall a week after his first interview with me saying over the air waves; “Most people of Santa Cruz think Steve Lightfoot is a crazy person.” That’s the oldest trick in the book; “Everybody knows.” mind control talk.

Just last Saturday, 12, 23, ’23 I let everybody know it, too. the conversation went like this;

M.Z. ;”Steve, is that you?” (He had just tried to ignore my call and only picked up because I called back on another line. In fact, I was the only person on hold but, when he first picked me up he changed tactics and took a brand new caller saying how I had already been on. At that moment I was reminding him ; “Yeah, but you let Rory call twice to bad me for ten minutes, don’t you?!” But that was muted.)

S.L.: “Can I talk? Rory has nine kids. I’m a better parent to those kids than he is if he thinks any one BUT Stephen King murdered John Lennon. And I’ve noticed you, Michael, have been playing ‘good cop’ ‘bad cop’ with your paid callers who put me down. You pretend to defend me but, meanwhile, your paid callers bad mouth me for several minutes, each time. “Problem is Steve’s a French fry short of a Happy Meal’,(Me mocking Rory) Rory can’t hold my jock strap!” Michael, you’ve created a culture of limp wristed Lennon killers. If this area doesn’t wake up and help me expose and punish Stephen King I will probably move. If you don’t have the spine I don’t have the time.

M.Z.: “But you’re blaming me?”

S.L.: ” It’s all about the results, Mike, and there’s a reason people don’t take me seriously and I think you’re the reason (pregnant pause)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            M.Z.: “So, you’re going from saying how great a guy I am to now how saying I’m not?”

S.L.: “You only cast me in a negative light. You take everyone’s jealousy of the messenger and exploit that emotion to turn the public against me. I’m sorry if you’re all so jealous of me you can’t save yourselves but if you don’t have the spine I don’t have the time for you and I will move. And you do it like C.I.A…..”;

(At that point the show ended and went off air but we kept talking;”)

S.L.:”…like C.I.A. in Hippy cloth. But it’s not just you, Mike, it’s the whole Jewish media.”

M.Z.; “Most people of Santa Cruz think that Steve Lightfoot is a crazy person…”

S.L.; “No, you ASSUME that. You want to impress that that is what people think when they don’t. You do it deliberately. It’s the oldest media trick in the world and you said the same exact thing a week after my first interview to shoot me down…”

M.Z.: “Well, Steve, we’re not on air now but I can only say how disappointed I am in you that you would turn on me, now.”

S.L.”It’s YOU who have turned on ME! I’ve been on to you from the start, Michael when you said that after our first inter…”

Spoken like a duplicitous, deceptive media Jew blaming me for exactly what he is guilty of; “turning” on ME. You’ll notice he tried, although it was just off air thinking it might be his last chance to use it, to repeat his subversive line; “but I’m the only one who gives you air time who knows who you are. Most people in Santa Cruz think that Steve Lightfoot is a crazy person.” He knew, all along, that people are controlled by the media and that he could corral me into the “Kooky nut” category if he hired enough hosts to put me down and give me the bum’s rush. There was Jack Stine, Jim Two, Dave Michaels, “Billy Sunshine”, even callers (I think they are paid callers to boost interest in the conversation) Rory from Watsonville and Don from Salinas. They seem like innocent random callers but they are probably not. At every turn there was Michael Zwerling manning the puppet strings to cast me as a whacko and not a hero with hard evidence. I recall, too, how upset Mike was when I used the term “C.I.A. in Hippy cloth” about K.S.C.O. in the past. As if that was the magic sentence that would expose them for what they really, probably are. I wonder if the show ended there or after i said it again. I DO know that my call from the hour before was, not only blacked out from rebroadcasting on the following Sunday, but the whole HOUR was blocked out allowing for an HOUR of dead static like I’ve never witnessed before. What could I have said then that was so illuminating that he would suffer an hour of lost air time just to squelch it? The guest was talking about how we should all support Israel. Here’s what I said following a loss of the guest after the air went dead from a malfunction;

“Me? Yeah, I’ll fill up the air time while you sort things out. I’m the John Lennon man. Your guest was making the case for Israel but exactly WHEN did Israel stop being a secret ally of Moscow ever since the Rosenbergs gave them our A – bomb secrets? Oh, by the way, my new sign on my website van reads; “I’M LEGIT. SO, WHO’S F.O.S.?” I think people can figure it out.. And while I’m waiting, let me sing a verse or two of song I just wrote. (Me singing.)”All the Lennon killers, one by one, murdered all their heroes with a gun, now there’s no one left and nothing’s fun, what H-A-AVE we done?…And so this is Christmas and what have we done? Murdered John Lennon with Stephen King’s gu-u-un…” And, people, if you can’t find your spine I haven’t got the time for you and I may move. If you don’t find a spine I haven’t got the time…” Was cut off.

Now, as you will learn, I think the Jews have a serious screw loose and should be removed from their monopolistic role in our media. I think they are our secret enemy and really work for Moscow. That they, exclusively, controlled the Lennon murder cover-up is a demonstrable fact. That, alone, pegs them as being our enemy. They also have a sick need to justify the crucifixion and the assassination of any geniuses like myself who come down the pike. I also think that homosexuals are lacking in empathy for the children who are being screwed by the Chapman lie and Lennon cover-up. That they lack the necessary wisdom to care about what kind of world the children will inherit being that they don’t reproduce children to begin with. I think that should be weighed when deciding what to do about my self imposed divorce from K.S.C.O. and their role in protecting King at your expense. I think Michael Zwerling is BOTH and he should be viewed with caution, accordingly. Is he a bona fide member of the C.I.A.? I wonder. Most talk radio is under their control. We’re so NOT a free country where the media is concerned.

If they won’t allow me to talk exclusively about elements concerning my evidence, screw THEM! Let them dry up like unpicked grapes. They taught me that a community – the central coast – doesn’t have to be homosexual to be a culture of faggots. The feminized, limp wristed excuses the cast at that station make to put me down is embarrassing for the central coast. Of course their owner, Michael Zwerling, has everything to do about that, too. I now think he thinks he is a smarter than Steve Lightfoot Jew who thinks he can wash me up with how he portrays me and my position in our lives. By marginalizing my message as a side show with no merit. To downplay it and render it irrelevant, like he has always done. I suspect he IS a bisexual or homosexual based on my sense about him, anyway. The very demographic, only behind lesbians and toothless winos, who have always resented my heterosexual dominance in our hero slot. I guess I am the very opposite of a lesbian in that respect and life’s biggest losers.

Congratulations, everyone. You’ve just offended me to the point I don’t need you or care what you think about me, now. YOU SLOBS NEED ME!!!! If you never figure that out, you lose, not me. I already know that you’re all unworthy phonies who I will save only to clean up the world for me, not the public at large. You, as a species, are too stupid without a hero and you’re too stupid to stop killing the ones you have and will go the way of the dinosaur, someday, I trust. You’re too jealous to be saved. God made a bad batch. He SHOULD be ASHAMED!. Utter masochists as upside down, satanic and flawed and evil as can be. Stephen King OWNS you! All your religions are an exercise in ridiculousness as you stand dripping wet in his urine stream.

I learned that Henry Kissinger has been, all this time, a frequent haunter of the halls of the Kremlin in Moscow. I’ve always suspected he was a Kremlin agent. He and Nixon and Reagan and Jew; Stephen King and Yoko Ono and Mark Chapman. Time, Newsweek, U.S. News. All slitting our throats and killing our one voice of sanity and reason. Henry died days after I first ever blamed him of being the one who advised Nixon TO kill John Lennon on this website. To cut to the chase, Israel is a bigger mistake than Viet Nam. The Jews own our media and you’re all being brainwashed by them and their evil agenda to kill Arabs. They work for Moscow and have ever since the Rosenburg’s gave them our A-bomb secrets. If you idiots want to overlook that and let them get you feeling guilty for being an anti Semite SHAME ON YOU! The fact IS our 80 % Jewish controlled mass media – isn’t that a conspiracy? –  is ANTI AMERICAN. They are slitting our throats with it as they get the whole world to hate us for arming their genocidal rampage against the Islamic religion that Britain wants to kill. As PLANNED! That’s why Britain PUT the Jews there in the midst of their enemies. To constantly start wars and kill Arabs. It’s the Crusades, Part Two, people. It took Lennon to wake you up about Viet Nam and stop that war with his Tricky Dicky lyrics and give peace a chance lyrics. But John was right and all of us stupid Americans were wrong until we listened to John. All along!. Now the people that let Stephen King assassinate John Lennon and covered up his crime after are trying to control the media and your minds. How evil is that? They are foisting on you the same holocaust you foisted on them, once. You see? They can’t help but destroy all mankind but Jews. Stephen King and his evil are just the beginning of their plan. They want you evil from the inside, out, first. They know they must poison you all, spiritually, first.

You may be too jealous of me to have me save you, now. But that’s your fault for being so stupid, jealous, cowardly, phony and unworthy of me and my evidence to begin with. Mommy ad Daddy raised irresponsible, common slobs and phonies, I’m afraid. I’ll be dead in 35 years and I know that you have all been cruelly, jealously resisting me for decades and resenting me for BEING a hero. Fuck you, fools. Save your God damned selves. And you ARE very God damned, indeed, in case you haven’t noticed. You’re too jealous of me to let me save all of you. As if you losers haven’t always needed a hero. Stephen King rules you stupid fools. Good luck without me and this evidence. Your lack of class has left me cold.

Will I ever bother to entertain you with lyrics and melody after this monster expose breaks of it’s own weight? I have no idea. I doubt you’re worth the effort, frankly. Might I sing other’s songs for you? I do have a great voice and can really sing. I don’t know. I just follow my instincts and the truth, wherever it leads me. Meanwhile Stephen King has led you all astray and you are all too helpless to save yourselves with hard evidence. Evidence and a hero with courage. Pity.

What have I learned that other celebrities have not? That mankind is a satanic, masochistic monster bent on self destruction given the right nudging. Stephen King, the media Jews, Moscow and our enemies nudged you into protecting the worst monster on the planet that ever raped you blind; Stephen King. You’re all upside down like a trick by Satan, himself. As you cowards mock me for being brave America is dying under you evil apathy. You poor sinners.




(Citizen Alert regarding Leon Panetta of Monterey, Ca. politics and his efforts to have me killed. My hero status has attracted my enemies in the Monterey / Santa Cruz area and Leon Panetta is practically admitting, lately, that he is the one behind the dozens of police and court abuses I’ve endured since 2019, here. There are sections below that present my many court motions. Let me say, here, that Leon Panetta has proven himself to be a deranged sadist caught chuckling uncontrollably on 60 Minutes decades ago while recounting his role in killing thousands of Iraqi’s. This, before 9/11. A former Nixon aid and later C.I.A. chief, he is molesting me, the messenger, with almost a dozen police episodes in just three years time involving six officers who lied in their efforts to hobble my activism. Leon Panetta has corrupted several officers, chief Hober, D.A..’s Jefferey Rosel and Jeannine Pacioni, more than four judges and even a judge relative of his who he has slated to oversea my upcoming appeal on a matter where my rights to subpoena several officer witnesses were denied. twice. My website van is their target. They are trying to take it off the streets. The Panetta dynasty must be undone, not just for my sake, but all our sake. He is a corrupt millstone around Monterey county’s neck. Because he is at the top of the political power structure here our department of justice, much of it staffed with Italians and mafia, I’m told, is a farce and utterly corrupt. He is a corrupt, proven criminal and has no business in our political structure. His congressman son, Jimmy, I don’t trust to be in charge of our purse strings, either. One local who worked for Leon in his home got on radio last year warning us all that he should not be in charge of anything political here after having listened to him and his beliefs for two weeks. I agree. Read it all and find out why, please. That he actually has a Panetta ‘think tank’ Institute that he is pushing is distressing. He strikes me as a cross eyed, caved in face looking cabbage patch doll kind of figure wearing a tortured expression on his face as if he is insane, no less. He used to work for Richard Nixon and is now protecting Stephen King, John Lennon’s real murderer. As such he is all of our enemy. If I should die anytime time soon blame him .I consider him corrupt, criminal, deranged and dangerous.)

You people need to all pull your stupid heads out, now! You like to pretend to yourselves that I must be a nut to think what I do but it’s all of you who are nuts in reality. Very nuts, in fact. My evidence is proof and it speaks for itself. A child can see it is King getting the autograph and everything else. You’re all insane, upside down, inside out, under Stephen King’s smelly butt stupid, in fact. Under our Jewish run media’s meddling to cover up the truth all this time. How stupid is the public??? Now you’re paying for your cowardly, phony ways, too. Your lives have been unraveling and America has been tumbling ever since self confessed Jewish communist; King, and our mortal enemies kidnapped you blind, obsessive fools.

I deserve everybody’s support. I do not deserve your evil, cowardly and phony apathy.

(Introduction – While this site is mostly about my discovery of the killer’s face and true identity, the killer’s alleged name and attached letter to the editor found printed weeks before the murder where he states that Reagan is moving him, armed, into a hostile square in major magazines along with government bold print coded messages all about Lennon’s upcoming murder for five months including what Nixon writes in “The Real War” sitting next to just elected Reagan the day of the murder that explains why John Lennon must be assassinated as well as the hints in King’s many novels, while this site is all about mostly that, a second aspect has forced my hand, your collective depravity where admitting truth and demanding truth and justice are concerned. You’re all mind controlled turncoats and don’t even know it. You are under a spell and I have to break it. I have to offend you with other truths, as well, such as the political dynamics that killed Lennon and made you so sick in the first place. The real truth is so outlandish you won’t believe it, at first. The truth of our lives is truly satanic. An I.Q. of 165 and almost acing my S.A.T. definitely helps to understand it but let me please TRY to explain it all to you; To begin with, I am not an anti-Semite. I do think the Semite media is our enemy and other things that can be proven but I hope they get well in time for themselves and try harder to fit into society than they have in the past. For example; I have discovered that the Jews have left a trail of responsibility regarding John Lennon’s murder that can’t be denied. Subsequent study has taught me that their inbreeding and religion, even, may have skewed their mind to all our detriment and that the scar of the Holocaust has driven them to commit atrocities such as letting Stephen King kill John Lennon to punish mankind for what mankind did to them in the 1940’s. That what happened to them has created a monster that I can see before all of the rest of you. That they may have even thought John Lennon was the Second Coming and had to be killed. Things that unpleasant and hard to swallow, at first.)

Following the Monterey, California’s public’s no show this December 8, rally I conducted in downtown Monterey, allow me to offer up my upcoming billboards all about it;


(My current one reads; “I’M LEGIT. SO, WHO’S F.O.S.?” as in who’s full of shit.)


(Insert); Before I begin, the people of Israel deserved everything Hamas did to them on October 7, 2023. Why?, you ask? They were aware that Netanyahu’s government was kidnapping and imprisoning tens of thousands of Palestinians, held indefinitely, without even being charged in many cases, and allowed that to happen without protesting the danger it presented to them. They have only themselves to blame until Netanyahu is deposed and tried for genocidal war crimes. Netanyahu sacrificed their lives for his desire to wipe out his neighbors. He set up the excuse to retaliate and all the people just closed their eyes and got punished for it. Period! Similarly we Americans deserved for Stephen King to murder John Lennon because we, ourselves, (You, yourselves) were hideous phonies and sell outs and cowards all this time and even before he was killed. Not once in our hero killing past did anyone BUT ME ever protest the cover-ups and lies and now that I have proof you all pretend you are blind. You DESERVED Stephen King’s evil take over of our lives. You were pathetic, soft, spoiled stewards of America and we got sacked by a self admitted Jewish Communist horror writer / murderer. For four decades you have been too unworthy of the truth to even admit it much less demand it. Standing up to your government is more than your spine can stand. You get the lackluster, boring, mediocre music you now have to listen to, too. So, now, you have been kidnapped by your Jewish controlled, subversive media who is lying to you, yet, again. Only after 45 days since Oct 7 are we being told that Israel has been unlawfully imprisoning nearly ten thousand Palestinians indefinitely without even filing charges all this time. Many for throwing rocks, for example. No wonder they were attacked and hostages taken then. Only NOW are we, the public, allowed to know what any of the demands of Hamas are. They want their people freed. Whodathought? Also, our Israeli controlled media is behaving badly in that anyone who speaks out in defense of Palestine is either blackballed or worse. Actor Susan Sarandon was dropped by her publicist agency for her exercise of free speech. Like half of Hollywood and our media her publicists are, no doubt, likely Jewish. A week earlier, just days after Elon Musk also said something honest about the Jews his huge rocket exploded. The unwary might not think that Israel could exact such retribution so swiftly and treacherously, but I know better. They are TOO plugged into our military might and access to it. Their stewardship of OUR media has been exposed by THEIR tendency to censor anything they don’t want us to know. Just more evidence to show why the Jews must be stripped of their overwhelming  influence in OUR media. Their control of it has led us to the brink of WWIII by their use of propaganda. What other demands are Hamas asking?)

If you’re too cowardly to stand up to your now exposed government and media and avenge John Lennon and save your raped selves then I would truly HOPE God takes you out for taking up valuable space on earth that could be better used by someone else other than hero killing, cowardly, classless ingrates and monsters. When the quality is gone the quantity doesn’t really matter. I saw the moment we were all almost killed in the mid 1960’s by a monster asteroid. The rock that I saw in the mid 60’s, bigger than a mountain and faster than the blink of an eye, missed us by only 3,000 miles or less. I KNOW what God can do about a planet of monsters. You have NO idea. Remember the dinosaurs? God must have shown me that sight for a reason, I suppose. It motivated me to get to the bottom of Lennon’s murder when all of you were upside down, then.. I have a very real avenging angel, besides, I’ve noticed. Truly supernatural, in fact. Right now you are fools with your evil lips wrapped around Stephen King’s evil penis. I have proof! Recently, and right after I mailed dozens of my evidence magazines to Bangor, Maine to warn them about how King’s book “Rage” in the 70’s started the school shooting syndrome, they (Maine) were the victims of our biggest mass shooting this year. King said, after; “You have to stop electing politicians who are apologists for murderers.” Throwing his naked ass as much in their faces as he can to TAUNT them all to get them to fold like a cheap suit. Daring them to arrest him over what they all already know. Playing psychology with them as prescribed, no doubt, by his government handlers. “Yeah, I killed John Lennon, Mainers. Whaddayagonnadoaboutit, anyway? Arrest me? expose me? PROTEST THE COVER-UP? You pussies. You blind, obsessive fools. Now bow down and kiss my evil ass while I continue to hypnotize you and urinate all over you.” They do, too. Mainers are busy apologizing for their resident murderer / horror author. Mass shooting Karma? The timing, just weeks after I mailed them my warning, is ominous. All you parents are a satanic disgrace stepping aside while King molests all your children, too. If you can’t change you don’t deserve me, my singing, a world at peace or my evidence or even a good life on earth. Hate to have to be the messenger on that fact. I’d love for all of you to pull your socks up and put your foot down and prove me wrong about all that. Instead you must DESREVE war in the middle east, Stephen King and his influence, the mass shootings, war and all the rest of the ugliness you attract and live in. You can still change in time, though, – I hope.

And, so, let me politely explain here, before I let loose below, that you people are too jealous of the messenger, too afraid of Stephen King and our provably evil government to save your sorry asses if America and all of your lives depended upon it. IMPOTENT! Without a HERO you’re all without eyes, ears and a tongue and a brain. Stephen King’s evil crime has MADE YOU ALL EVIL!!!!! I think you all must have a death wish over killing the Indians to be so lame, now, in the face of my evidence. Like the Bob Dylan song; ‘Positively 4th St.’ “…you’d rather see me paralyzed…” than help me expose my findings. You people are sick. You always have been, apparently, too. I know because of how you can’t help but call me a wacko rather than face up to the evidence. It’s all you’ve got. A phony excuse you have to make up to wash your hands of any responsibility. Your ancient shouts of “Free Barabbas!” echo in the wind. I know because my own family, mother, father and siblings, PROVED to me how sick you all must be. They all admitted I was right initially only to turn coat later and claim blindness. Boot-licking cowards and turncoats. My own family is ALSO a sick, hero killing, cowardly, boot-licking, pathetic, apathetic rat. Like all of you. McCartney once endorsed me – barely – at the 1990 Berkeley concert but has since turned coat as well. (I have the tape for proof.) Only I, apparently, am spared the mass psychosis you’re all under. Me, your endangered hero in waiting.

I KNOW what is happening in the mid east. The “Great Satan”- us – is teaching the small Satan – Israel – how to kill off the indigenous Muslims there like we did our native population. That’s the real reason we put the Jews there to begin with, to start wars and kill Islamists. It’s a tactic of oppressing their neighbors to the point of outrage until they lash out and give Israel an excuse to ethnically cleanse the area under the guise of killing Hamas. Like what’s happening now. 11,000,00 civilians killed and hardly any Hamas operatives killed so far. You see? Meanwhile the Jews have, with our government’s permission, taken over our media, long ago, and is painting the false picture you’re all watching now. World opinion proved to be more pro Palestine than Israel but their media is now claiming the opposite, brainwashing all of you. You’re all good little Soviets now, aren’t you? Getting the party line from your evil Israeli controlled mass media. You should all be ashamed. This is a pivotal point in all our lives and America is caught committing genocide and being evil. Only bad karma can follow, too.

What if it’s The Crusades part II? It is, but our Christian religion and the Jew’s Judeo religion is allowing evil Stephen King to get away with assassinating good John Lennon and, therefor,  those religions are proving as evil as the worst parts of Islam. Religion has no mechanism to get their followers to actually DO what’s right in a crisis, after all. To even act in their own self interest. Religion, my evidence has proved, is impotent. John Lennon knew then, and I know, now, that religion is a farce misleading you into thinking you’re better than you really are. Giving you a false sense of righteousness. Even with our religions you are all still too weak and evil to care I-F Stephen King murdered John Lennon or not. Under religion Stephen King has made a mockery of you all for being so superstitious and foolish. You’re all dripping wet with his urine. Aren’t you all? Even as you attend services every week. Just great big ugly hypocrites using religion like a bar of soap to make you feel clean when you’re all hideous in reality. So, so much for any moral superiority regarding OUR killing off the Muslims so Israel can take over that area. That’s what evil you’re all up to right now. It takes a real hero to see it and then tell it like it is. I’m celibate by choice you’re all so sexy, by the way. That’s sincerity. I can see what your egos won’t let you see about yourselves.

To make matters worse it was John Lennon’s birthday, practically, Oct. 7, (Oct. 9 being John’s birthday) that Israel stood down for seven hours and let Hamas commit atrocities. They probably even orchestrated it all, I think. Now it’s Israel committing atrocities but our embedded media is telling you it’s not. It seems that my story must be getting close to breaking for this all to be the case, I think. I had a scheduled rally before the war broke out days before and I’m getting somewhat famous, locally. I used to wonder would the powers that be crack open a can of WWIII to stop my story if it ever got close enough to scare them. ApparentLY!

You people MUST arrest, try and execute evil asshole of the universe and traitor to mankind; Stephen King or you will all go straight to hell. There is no sidestepping this act of justice. Hell on earth. You’re already there. Anything less will find me moving out of America if you can’t do exactly that. And I’ll let the world know what phonies Americans are and why the rest of us all must stand up to America’s evil cover-up. Tell the world how sick Americans have all become. You victims need me a LOT more than I need you. I’ll be dead in 35 years or less. You dolts have to live here in hell for a lot longer if you fail my evidence. You need ME. I can take or leave you if you prove unworthy of truth and justice. Right now you all are exactly unworthy, too. So I DO sound a little angry over your collective stupidity. EXCUSE ME! Nobody on earth is more deserving of acclaim and recognition and being honored by society. Like Jesus was, then. Like then I am, instead, mocked and resented by cowardly all of you, instead. You sicko’s would crucify ME if you could. Christ’s crucifixion didn’t save you sinners, after all. Morally, you’re all upside down. Truthfully, you’re all evil under the Chapman lie and you’ll all remain so until King is exposed, arrested, tried and executed. There’s no way around that, either.

Although I have been blessed from above, lately, suddenly, with singing abilities found almost no where else on earth, as good as anyone alive today, I am not so vain that I care what anybody thinks about me. I think it’s just that I am more alive than the rest of you and CAN tap into that artistry and talent I never had before. It started in 2019 when I did it to calm my nerves from the stress of the police terror campaign against me, then. It was a case of get famous and bring MYRSELF forward before the government kills me, or else. The big, bad wolf of getting assassinated was at my door step. Motivated? Oh, yeah. I asked myself; “Where would I choose to rather be and what would I be doing if I could choose?” Being the next Sinatra or Beatles came immediately to mind and, wouldn’t you know it, the magic started to happen right away. Within a year my voice changed for the better due to being muscular and in condition. Then it started to get exciting for ME and it’s just fed itself to where it’s arrived. I’m happy with the cards I’ve been dealt in that regard. However, execute King or I’ll go Cat Stevens silent on you all in a heartbeat and renounce your plastic, phony world for all the rest of the world to see. I sing from my website van to prove to resentful society that I am the real deal and you’d all better pay attention. Now call me a crazy person as I sing JUST EXACTLY like the greats gone by. Tourists don’t bat an eye and think it’s a C.D. of the original artist until they turn around and see it’s all just me singing to a karaoke disk from my parked website van. I’ve gotten more than one $40. tip from them, too. I don’t even ask for tips. At least God is PARTLY on my side. The question IS; do you deserve a hero like me? You were too depraved, phony, brainwashed, scared and apathetic to deserve Lennon and you got Stephen King, instead for your sins, then. Can you afford to let the next “Beatles” like phenomenon – me, Steve Lightfoot –  skip you and leave you unserved? Unentertained? Uneducated? Under evolved? It sounds egotistical but it’s not. You’re all hurting in that regard. As you are, the  top entertainers rely on the big choreography productions, bells and whistles and props and even voice filters to compensate a lack of true genius behind it all. I can hardly hear the lyrics at all, in fact. None of them is taking political stands like Lennon did, either. In contrast I’d be a political activist / singer and in that order. It’s the real artists job TO CHANGE THE WORLD. I could save you all. At least I know it. It’s a ton of work and danger I hate to have to exert but am duty bound to, regardless. I’m not a sideshow like McCowardly. Or do you deserve, instead, Stephen King and nobody else really special? Like you’ve had it since 1969? Or even extinction by asteroid? If I am suddenly blessed with singing powers I say it’s because I am extremely experienced with life and have lived life more vigorously than the common man gets close to ever doing. My soul has been forged differently. I’ve lived the lyrics in the first place. I’m currently going where NO man has gone before. It’s a miracle I’m still alive exposing so huge a truth about our government.

(O.K., now on with the tough love you morons seem to need. I won’t make the mistake Jesus and John Lennon made in treating you too nice. We all know how well that all ended, don’t we? You put this chip on my shoulder and you now have to live with it. You laughed with joyous glee when I told you at U.C. Berkeley that my father had just been killed in a plane crash in 1984.”Goody, goody, Mr. Bigshot. That’ll teach you to be a hero!” You depraved, jealous sicko’s. Pony up and expose my findings or eat shit from me, after, world. I hold your property values and reputations in the palm of my soon to be world famous hands. I don’t care what you think about me in the meantime. I won’t be a fool over your evil jealousy and apathy. My father used to call people like all of you; “slobs”. It’s your evil nature to kill the hero and the messenger and I know it know better than anyone.)

By the way, people, I have to let you all know that I can see your resentfulness towards my heroism and evidence. You evil, jealous, money controlled, hero killing masochists. Get well. Without me and my evidence, without justice – execution – for Stephen King before he dies of old age, you will likely fall to your enemies. The ones who did this to you. Satanic societies can’t last. Does that wake you all up? Don’t hate me for sitting on top of the story of our lives. My photo of Stephen King getting Lennon’s autograph is a glimpse into our enemy’s –  possibly Israel’s and Russia’s – hatred towards America and nothing less. Caught on film slitting our throats. Hate yourself for stalling it’s disclosure. You are the real victims, until. Stephen King rules you stupid fools. Wake up.

Can’t wrap you pea brains around the concept of this provable outrage? Stephen King murdered John Lennon in real life!!!??? That’s right, people. He did That’s what heroes are for. To make up for your shortfalls.


That KSCO is a Jewish dominated station is accurate. My overall take on it is that it is a swishy, feminized, Jewish monopolized station bent on poo pooing my evidence and the importance of what it represents. In a subversive, deliberate way to sway the public away from my cause. To cast me in a certain marginalized light, only. Michael Zwerling once got very sensitive about my characterization that K.S.C.O. is “C.I.A in hippy cloth”. As if it really is. The owner, Michael Zwerling, Billy Sunshine, Dennis Prager, Wayne Root, Jim Two, I believe, and several others are all Jewish. I have always known, since encountering the opposition to my expose, that it is the Jewish run media spouting Chapman propaganda and no one else. That it is they who are exclusively covering up John Lennon’s murder and may even have been centrally behind the plot that killed John. That the Jews have a jealousy problem with killing our heroes and messiahs and anyone smarter than they are. They may have even thought that John was the second coming and HAD to be killed in their sick, religious minds. Howard Cosell, Barbara Walters, Albert Goldman and more have been the only ones peddling the Mark Chapman lie all this time. That Judaism attaches itself to the man Judas as their religion’s namesake is sickening, I think. A Villain. That the Jews have never apologized for killing Christ is also appalling. They haven’t learned their lesson, apparently, and probably WOULD kill The Second Coming if they could get away with it. They DID have a major role in killing John Lennon. And so, now, after I wondered how it was a homosexual (It’s just a sense I get from Michael.) Jewish radio station owner, the very demographic that has opposed me, might be allowing me air time to expose my evidence find, I find it all WAS too good to be true, that they were knocking me to the margins of discussion never once acknowledging I might be right or that it might be a vital news issue. A typical example, “…he makes so much sense but then he goes back to his Lennon stuff that we don’t care about..” As if it were NOT the biggest news on the planet in hundreds of years. The public is media controlled and they often fall for it.

Their often repeated promo reads; “We keep our friends close and our enemies closer.” I must be one of their enemies that they have been ‘pretending’ to let on their air waves. I now think that they really wanted to merely de fang me and inoculate the public to my cause by portraying me in a pathetic light, belittling my evidence and cause. A week after my first big interview Zwerling remarked  on air; “Everybody in Santa Cruz thinks Steve Lightfoot is a crazy person.” Subsequently host Dave Michaels tried to shoot me down in a second interview refusing to let me walk the listener through the ten minute description of how I found the evidence to begin with. As if that might light up a listeners ability to understand WHAT I found. He tried to ridicule my evidence as non evidence, etc., then. Following Zwerling’s orders, no doubt.

Lately co host “Billy Sunshine” has made it a point to assassinate my character calling me mentally ill, etc.. Zwerling used to have another Lightfoot character assassin who used to do the same thing. A reformed heroin junkie named Jack Stine before Jack sued K.S.C.O. for contract issues. Big money. Billy Sunshine admitted on radio, once; “If you’re as smart as me you don’t have to work to get rich.” He also has admitted that he got his million dollar house, etc. from inheriting it from his now deceased wife who he married knowing she was terminally ill. Since he has ridiculed me for thinking that Jews are reptiles (I never said that) let me say that, if he married her for her inheritance then that is a reptilian, sub human trait I don’t respect. He is a depraved turd in my book. The VERY LAST person anyone should listen to about wisdom or morals or advice. Only because he IS a Jew is he still working there he is so scandalous. He is a jealous, boot-licking turd who knows I’m right about Stephen King killing John Lennon yet, he, at every opportunity, tries to call me mentally ill. He insinuates that it is cruel to allow me air time to expose how insane I must be, etc. To cast me in a pitiable light.  A 180 degree away from the truth liar / propagandist. No wonder. He ADMITS HE was judged to be mentally ill, insane, himself, by an expert in his past and can’t be considered mentally fit, now. I think he was trying to evade the draft, then. A real scoundrel who has no moral weight to wield to begin with. He has never investigated my website because he is a coward who knows I’m right and he can’t stand it. Let’s all follow jealous loser, traitor, hero hating, “just a gigolo”, Billy Sunshine. A great big 6’2” tall sponge / coward letting Stephen King get a pass for killing the world’s biggest hero; John :Lennon. Betraying all of you to shoot me and my heroic activism down. He’s just sick enough to represent a deadly threat to me he is so jealous of my virtue that he completely lacks. That makes him an anti-hero. Him AND King. King, by the way is, yes, a Jew, I believe, too. He warns us a dozen times in Different Seasons, written a year after John’s murder, “Beware the Jewish / communist plot to destroy the U.S..” besides. He should know. Billy Sunshine admits to his leanings towards communism, in fact.

I, myself, have zero mental illness history and zero drug history except for pot. I’ve never taken any kind of pills, either. I don’t even drink alcohol. My father was doctor and surgeon and I take care of myself physically and mentally. I’m so fit and unimpeachable they can’t stand it, it seems. Anyone else I doubt would be so sound after what I’ve been through, too.

Rory of Watsonville, a humble strawberry farmer, I think, is what I call an ‘old maid’ caller. Someone who missed the boat of life and is desperately lonely and needs a radio audience to talk to for his attention fix. He calls almost daily and likes to cast me as mentally ill and a broken record and that a dime a dozen radio nutritionist is more newsworthy than who killed John Lennon. I think he might be a paid government caller / propagandist, no less, like possibly Billy Sunshine as well, he is so set on tripping up my progress. I’m sure some stations pay certain regular callers just to stimulate conversation. He, too, has admitted to never inspecting my WEBSITE! Another phony who knows I’m right. He says; “I don’t have to read your evidence, I’ve met you and you strike me as off balanced…” How ignorant a man is that? It may just be that my historic importance showcases his pedestrian tone by contrast and he is jealous I outshine everything about him. He resents a huge fish in his small pond. And he likes to think he is so smart and such a sage. I’ve seen him turn into a pumpkin after the first three minutes. He starts to repeat himself, get lost, go off in ten different directions and collapse in front of the audience. A real lonely hearts club kind of caller with serious mental issues of his own, in my opinion.

Don of Salinas. Another aging, old maid type who recently compared me to Don Quixote tilting at windmills. He called to stomp on my first interview saying; “You have no humility!” At least I have my pride. I care if King killed John Lennon. He doesn’t. Another lonely loser jealous of the man with something big and vital to say. He likes to be a big shot in a small pond and can’t stand a big fish showing him up, either. All the lonely people, where do they all come from?

Co host Jim Two. He admits to being either a Jew or a homosexual (One of several in the station) He claims he is a 400 pound black lesbian in transition but he is not. His M.O. is to giggle like a homosexual every time I make sense to shoot my truth down. As if his giggling will convince others I must be ridiculous. No. It may be because he is a Jew or a homosexual and he is jealous of my virtue that he has none of. I represent all that he is not. His stock in trade is trivia, in fact, on the radio. Real important subject. Trivia. I’ve said, before, that, because homosexuals don’t reproduce, they have less interest in leaving the world a better place for the kids. That that is why they, Jews and beggars with no teeth emerge as my biggest detractors.

Manager / host ; Dave Michaels;

He has interviewed me three times and the second and third interviews were fair. The first was a hit job on me and my evidence and credibility. He recently said, yesterday (12- 2- ’23 ) “Jeeze. Is there a way to cast an evil spell on Steve (Lightfoot)? He probably doesn’t believe in all that and it might not work on him.” So you can see how much HE is on my side. Trying to toss banana peels in my path. It all emanates from the top, down. Zwerling may not be our friend, after all. As time marches on the stereotypical types that always censored me or marginalized me, media Jews, homosexuals and wino’s who beg for a living, are all playing out to be true.

Michael Zwerling will not allow me to spend $210. dollars for several ads like very body else is allowed. $35. @ minute, I’m told. I tried to recently and his excuse was; “I don’t want you to waste your money that way…it doesn’t fit our typical business oriented format….” “But I might want to just re brand myself. I don’t care if it makes me money or not..” I replied. No change in his stand. I notice he has been playing “good” cop / “bad” cop with me, too. He plays my defender as his hosts berate me and keeps it up for many minutes so his hosts can have more time to find reasons why I am not an important caller. All the while he is paving time for his hosts to cut me down he is casting himself as my defender. A typical, disingenuous, manipulative Jew.

There’s more, but I worry for KSCO’s future now that the public has seen them in this light this long. They know KSCO is my enemy and, therefore, all our enemy. ” Keeping Santa Cruz Obtuse” should be their anacronym. Or; keeping S.C. oppressed.

I closed out that last show by saying something like this only to have Billy anything BUT sunshine said, after; “As I said; Mental illness!!”

Let me just say that Israel needs to change and assimilate better than they have in their sorry past. They’ve always kept to just themselves, including breeding,. Kidnapping ten thousand Palestinians without formal charges, taking hostages, is why they were attacked Oct 7. They WANTED Palestine to attack to give them an excuse to commit genocide against them and wipe them out. That’s why Britain put them there. We see them killing fifteen thousand already,. Civilians. We are fools to trust Israel or the Jews with running our media. They are protecting Mankind’s arch enemy; Jew, Stephen King. Stephen King warns us a dozen times in one book written a year after he killed John; “Beware the Jewish / Communist plot against the U,.S.”

I’ll second that . Beware my detractors. They are YOUR ENEMIES!



I hate to have to interrupt this section to alert all of you to the evil machinations of local politician Leon Panetta, former C.I.A. chief. It seems, since I got my new website van, that he has overseen the evil conspiracy that has found me suffering the following list of abuses that, given a just legal system and a lawyer with courage, would land him on the smelly end of the stick and a lawsuit claiming millions for the violations of my rights in his efforts to stop my evidence expose. He has so corrupted our entire D.O.J. that there are no good lawyers here to help me. Rather than listing it all let me give you a look at my now entered motion to remove his blood relative from judging my appeals case regarding motorcycle officer Kopp who deliberately hid in my blind spot to take my eyes off the road to catch me going through a red light. In the trial that followed I was prevented from calling other officers to the stand to show a pattern of fraud and abuse. Twice! I would have been able to prove that at least six officers lied and committed fraud in their efforts to sand bag me with tickets I don’t deserve to have my website van removed from the streets this way.





Please take notice that I, Steve Lightfoot, the appellant, will move to remove judge Panetta from hearing my appeals case due to a conflict of interest that prejudices this judge regarding my case. This because the elder Leon Panetta, a former C.I.A. chief, has most likely taken part in a conspiracy to obstruct justice where John Lennon’s murder is concerned and is most likely responsible for the many citations and false charges I have had to fight since I got my newer website van in 2019. Too many agencies and jurisdictions are involved and only a top ranked politician such as Leon Panetta could explain such a campaign against me. I happen to be the man who discovered evidence that proves what really happened when John Lennon was killed. That our government assassinated him. Our government and Leon Panetta are desperately trying to stop my activism and would like it if I were killed, in fact. In the matter before the court I was prevented from calling witnesses, six other police officers who can be proved to have lied in their efforts to cite me in the recent past, to show a pattern of fraud and abuse and the appointment of judge Panetta in this appeals hearing, I allege, is designed to double down on the corruption already committed against my rights by judge Sillman and thwart my legal motion to reverse the judgement against me. This judge Panetta has reason to believe I will destroy the Panetta dynasty in Monterey county after I am brought forward to present my findings that prove our government murdered John Lennon in 1980. Having discovered the killer’s face and true identity and alleged name and letter linking himself to Reagan before the crime and codes in the headlines of three major magazines as well as supportive evidence found in Nixon’s book ‘The Real War’ that describes why John Lennon must be assassinated and what is found in Stephen King’s many horror novels, I will most likely become world famous after disclosure is made and be in a position to remove the Panetta dynasty from their government appointments, including even this judge’s post, over Leon’s corrupt practices once I am brought forward. In fact, I have already declared that I will do exactly that at numerous televised Monterey city council meetings in 2022 and on my website and hundreds of newsletters I passed out then. For judge Panetta to deny knowledge of this activity of mine is simply not credible. This judge is not here to rightfully grant my appeal and offer an olive branch or my hearing date would not have been scheduled for the day before my annual protest rally on December 8, the anniversary of Lennon’s murder. This marks the second time in as many years this December 7 date has called me to court, in fact. My request for a continuance to December 15 has not been answered in almost two months time, as well. Even if this judge was not a Panetta these circumstances, alone, suggest the court is abusing my rights and that this judge, whomever it may be, should be removed on that basis, alone. I am not being treated in a fair manner, already. I am, instead, being taunted and antagonized, in my opinion, by the judge. This court has, in too many ways to be denied, demonstrated contempt for this appellant.

To begin with, I just found out that judge Panetta is the one handling my case of I’d have removed this judge long ago. As an outspoken adversary of Leon Panetta, who this judge is directly related to, I would not get a fair hearing from this judge. I have already been publicly advertising how corrupt I think Leon Panetta is and that he is apparently in charge of the multi agency plot to remove my website van from the streets that has found me having to fight a flurry of false charges and citations I did not deserve. That judge Panetta is slated to hear my appeals case is almost an admission from Leon Panetta that, indeed, he IS the one behind my many police and court problems. Just as I have been advertising for almost two years, now.

(1); The campaign to take my website van off the streets began in January of 2019 when a retired Santa Cruz police officer, Bill Rawson, connected me with a man I hired to drive me one block to a dental operation. This man, Chris Malsack, who admitted on police video; “I’ll bury a car in a heartbeat. It’s just an inanimate object.” left my van out of gear on a downslope with me in the back section. Had I not climbed into the driver’s seat to stop it it would have plowed into another lot and done untold damages. My newly painted and lettered van suffered over $2,000.00 in damages and I was blamed for an accident I was innocent of. Even though my blood tested negative for drugs or alcohol I was cited for D.U.I.. My speedy trial rights were denied for over two years and I had to fire two lawyers who were throwing my case and recuse three judges, one who admitted in writing that he is prejudiced against me before it was dismissed in the interest of justice. Even as it was being dismissed a prosecutor was caught trying to introduce evidence never before allowed in any prior cases, ever. My insistence on representing myself was my saving grace, I think.

(2); On April Fool’s Day, 2019, months later, another CHP officer from the same station as the first, cited me for unsafe lane change. The car I was behind suddenly slowed after seeing him following us both forcing me to merge into the next lane to avoid an accident. I was never unsafe. He failed to appear after my trial was rescheduled after he tried to schedule it for the anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake. I had mentioned that date to the other officer suggesting his attempt to introduce that date was deliberate and possibly to taunt me. An hour before that citation someone had let the air out of one of my tires.

(3); On August 28, 2020, while in the middle of fighting that first D.U.I. charge, and while sporting a sign on my van that read; “D.A. ROSELL IN PLOT TO KILL ME”, several officers descended on me following a report I had touched a car while parking. I was singing to a sidewalk crowd at the time and reached into my van’s back section in the dark for a bottle of olive oil to coat my throat with only to grab the wrong identical bottle that had less than a teaspoon of brandy in it. The officer was right there to grab it from my hands. Video shows the lid was tightly screwed on and my mouth never near it. It shows it in my hands for only one second, in fact. In spite of this sergeant Newby ordered officer Phillips to cite me for open container because he thought I was trying to take a sip from it. Phillips promised not to if I was sober. I blew 0.00, twice. Officers Newby and Phillips both lied to me. Officer Herndon, after admitting I caused no damage to the other car, called me a week later demanding my insurance information or he’d up my charges. Even though the other driver refused to file a complaint or find damages officer Herndon took it upon himself, illegally, to list an accident on my report. Three officers lying, all in one night, to prosecute me. They were hoping to cite me for another D.U.I. though I’ve never been convicted of one in my life.

(4); On July 18, 2021 Monterey motorcycle officer Kopp presented himself to me in a 7 – 11 driveway on Lighthouse Avenue and followed immediately behind me. Fully aware that he was behind me I noticed he was suddenly out of sight and nowhere to be seen in my rear view mirror. We were going through three consecutive lighted intersections on a downslope and if I stopped he might get hurt in the process. It was while looking for him that the last light changed and I was cited for a violation. His “trick” worked, apparently. Video shows that he drove in my blind spot in the lane’s right section to hide himself, deliberately. Immediately after he went to the station. I had a stack of leaflets about his corrupt chief, Hober, on my dash at the time. In that trial judge Sillman refused to allow me to call other officers to show a pattern of fraud and abuse, twice! In the second round of un recognized subpoenas even officer Silonzolchic, who never argued against the subpoena, was prevented from taking the stand. My other motions to dismiss over discriminatory prosecution and for a change of venue and for removing Judge Sillman were ignored as well. I was deprived of my trial rights. Had I been able to question these other officers I would have been able to show a pattern of fraud and abuse that would have rendered Kopp’s denial that he baited me to violate by hiding in my blind spot as not being credible. My case would have and should have been dismissed.

(5); On December 8, 2021 officer Hill refused to pursue a complaint I issued against a John Russo who deliberately plowed his huge truck into my protest sign and rear bumper after trying to block my annual protest for over an hour parked in a yellow zone. This John Russo, a stranger to me, called me a “Piece of s###.” initially. Officer Hill’s report was a piece of fiction mostly portraying me as an angry man. This was when I learned from the locals about how Monterey is controlled by the Italian mafia. John Russo’s hit and run and damage to my sign was excused by the police.

(6); In July of 2022 Monterey officer Hall cited me for unnecessary noise for singing, unassisted, from my van to a Sinatra CD. He, conveniently, did not activate his body camera, even though it would have established a violation or not if my system could be heard beyond 50 feet.. My own tests showed I was NOT in violation.

(7); Two days later I was cited for a peace disturbance from officer Mosqueda for the same thing just two spaces away from the other. This was a blatant false report made by The Whisky Club bar who bragged on radio, after, that Leon Panetta is a prominent member of their ‘club’. The owner even lied to suggest I was shouting to the crowd. I never shouted at all. Only because I was not ready to endure the stress of having to, again, subpoena several lying officers to a trial that would have denied my subpoenas did I make a plea to the first if the fines on both were waived and the second charged dismissed. In both matters I was not guilty. Weeks before this bar owner’s false complaint another bar owner across the street, Paul Whitecross, threatened to “Smash your (my) face like a pumpkin…we don’t care about you…we have ways to stop you..” I even managed to tape record his remarks.

It was after these back to back assaults on my rights that I began exposing Leon Panetta via talk radio, signs on my van, “PANETTA MOLESTING MESSENGER” televised city council meetings and newsletters and my website. His son, Jimmy, in each instance, came on television days later to release funds for public projects. Apparently he was fully aware of my activism against his family name and doing damage control. I’m sure this judge Panetta is also aware of my activism in the past in this regard. To deny so would not be credible being as active as I was in this campaign in so small a community as Monterey.

(8); In August of 2021 a man was parked halfway into my parking space forcing me to touch his bumper to not be in violation, myself. This was a police / library lot. The man threatened to physically hit me forcing me to retreat into the library where I tried to get the librarian to call police but she would not. Minutes later, in the presence of this man who never opened his mouth or asked for insurance or anything, I was allowed to leave. There was no damage I caused to his car. Months later I received a summons from D.A. Pacioni for ‘hit and run.’ My public defender; Daniel Kutter, is a witness to the fact that officer Silonzolchic’s report that he ever spoke with me on my phone is a complete lie made out of whole cloth. I showed him that phone’s record shows no activity for weeks prior to his claim of talking with me. A new phone had replaced that phone that he accessed from old police files. He claimed he spoke with me but I hung up after he asked for my insurance information. That never happened at all. That matter was dismissed due to lack of evidence but was dragged out for months even after I proved my van could not have caused his asphalt scrape from the start. A year after the incident this same man was found dead in his car in the exact parking space where we met a year before. I thought he might be a police operative trying to set me up. Strange.

(9); On July 13, 2023, while in another law enforcement parking lot, the Marina court lot, an off duty correctional officer, Nuduenza, claimed I dented his car while exiting my van with my door. I did not damage his car as I was very careful not to. I had just left the Salinas court and they would have known I was on my way to the Marina lot. I denied his ludicrous claim and he never followed up with further discussion of the matter and I walked out of the building and left. I noticed he had re parked his car before accusing me to obfuscate any measurements I might make. An hour later and ten miles away on a street where I often watch television this same man approached me. I called him out for being a ‘scammer’ and he threatened to assault me. When I said; “You’re going to end up in the police station if you don’t stop.” he shot back, angrily; “I AM police!” He tried to claim I was responsible for a prior dent too low on his door for my van to have made contact with. When I explained this he changed his complaint to another location three feet away on his door handle pointing to a sliver of paint that was not a match to mine. I told him any insurance company will be able to prove he is lying. He never, not once, mentioned asking for my insurance. Because he threatened me, physically and verbally, I immediately went to the station to file a report with sergeant Nino. Nino, conveniently, was not wearing his body camera, either. His report was deliberate fiction. I had to return after reading it to point out his errors. According to Nino I collided with his car and was asked multiple times for insurance. Nonsense. This man never made a claim against me after, in fact.

(10); For the second time in two years I noticed my court appearance date for this appeal was listed as December 7, a day before my annual December 8 murder anniversary rally. I entered a motion for a continuance citing that my advertising efforts would suffer if I had to arrive on that date and would the court please move the date a week later for December 15 instead. Almost two months went by and no response. I went, in person, to your office in mid November to ask the clerk to notify the judge I am waiting for a response and need it soon.

(11); Another week of no response found me calling your office again. Having had two phone calls disconnected by your staff twice in a row, I went to your office in person again to find out what’s going on on November 23 at 3:45 pm. The male clerk informed me the judge was Panetta. I thought it was Sillman all this time. I immediately asked him if this judge was related to Leon Panetta. He claimed I was interrupting him and did not answer. At another point I asked, again, and he, again, claimed if I didn’t stop interrupting him he’d leave. He refused to even answer my pertinent question.

All these episodes suggest, indeed, that this county’s department of justice is engaged in corruption where I am concerned. There is no way all this is by coincidence. None of what has happened to me could have taken place without this area’s top politicians knowing about it. Probably orchestrating it all, in fact. Now I discover that this man whose reputation will go south in a hurry after I am brought forward for discovering the evidence relating to John Lennon’s murder is slated to have a blood relative of his to handle my appeal here. A proper judge would have to agree that my rights to call witnesses to show a pattern of fraud and abuse to undercut officer Kopp’s testimony were valid and my subpoenas were wrongfully denied. And that other motions were wrongfully denied, as well. For judge Panetta to hear my case represents a conflict of interest and the judge should remove him or herself from my case. It’s obvious to me that the sins and misconduct of judge Sillman that deprived me of a fair trial this judge Panetta wants  to establish as being valid to wrongfully deny my appeal. A non partisan judge might not be willing to deny my rights this way. Should this judge Panetta be allowed to rule in my matter and find against me it would prompt a lawsuit including damages. Any statute limits I may be able to excuse if I can prove that no lawyer would help me in the interim. My subpoena rights are absolute and my appeal is valid. Officer Kopp’s claim he did not entrap me into a violation would have been rendered not credible had the other officers many lies been fleshed out in court. It would have made a huge difference. In my website entries and newsletters I have described Leon as a corrupt politician protecting Stephen King and the Lennon murder cover up and that he is an accessory to that murder cover-up and is engaged in obstruction of justice in harassing me and that he wants me dead and kept from disclosing my evidence that exposes the very highest offices of our land that he once represented as C.I.A. chief. He even worked for Richard Nixon who is implicated in my Lennon expose. Judge Panetta, I allege, has been assigned to my appeal because this court, this judge and Leon Panetta, all have a vested interest in hobbling me and my activism by denying my appeal. Even if this is the first this judge Panetta has heard of my activism to oust the Panetta’s from politics in Monterey after I am in a position of fame he or she is aware of it now and there exists a real conflict of interest that requires another judge handle my appeal.

I would love to believe it is all a coincidence and that this judge has no idea who I am or what I have said and done in the past to ensure that Monterey is relieved of the Panetta dynasty that has corrupted it’s department of justice and this county. That I have vowed, publicly, to unseat the Panetta dynasty is threat enough to make Leon Panetta appoint his relative to hear my case to frustrate me, yet again. I believe that IS the case and respectfully request a new judge be appointed. It should offend judge Panetta that Leon is apparently attempting to corrupt even his relative, this judge, to rule against me and not just several officers, judges and district attorneys already.

That this is the case suggests to me that Leon Panetta has plans to either kill me or something else I don’t know about or he wouldn’t be so openly targeting me. Once I am famous I will have the upper hand and, rightfully, a commission should be assembled to assess the danger I am already in and bring me and my findings forward before he tries to further stop me.

As your offices were closed these past days surrounding Thanksgiving I was prevented from filing this motion sooner than today, Monday, the 28th. My request for a continuance to December 15, 2023 that I filed months ago should be honored. In either case my motion here should be granted and found to be timely as I acted immediately upon discovering who the judge in this matter was and I gave ample notice. There is time to appoint another judge to hear my appeal. Unless it can be proved that this judge is not related to Leon Panetta my motion should be granted. And, even so, my request for a continuance that has been ignored for two months, the December 8 date looming near, suggests that this judge, related to Leon or not, has already displayed a contempt for the appellant and should be replaced on that basis as well.

I declare, under penalty of perjury, that he above is all true and correct.

Dated November 26, 2023.



Appellant; Steven Lightfoot


Now, back to where we were before this interruption.

(BY THE WAY I PROTEST EVERY SUNDAY IN DOWNTOWN MONTEREY ON ALVARADO STREET. FROM NOON TILL , until you prove a no show. I can’t save you if you can’t help me. No one else can save you in time, either, but me. King really crippled you poor bastards. You all need me but you can’t even see me.

My billboard on the back of my van currently reads;


My next one might just read;    DESERVE ME OR DESERVE WWIII.    You all have been so pathetic and derelict in your duty to care and get outraged over my findings. John Lennon, people. The government killed him and left evidence to PROVE IT! SO Get off your asses, you sh–asses! What else could you all be until King is arrested? Your heads are so far up your butts you can’t see squat. King rules you blind fools. Wake up! While you lick ice cream cones to lick your wounds he is urinating all over all of you. The people he works for are eating your lunch and destroying America and on YOUR WATCH!

I’m riding all up and down California this week to get the word out. Some people might actually log on to my website and get informed. Before WWIII upstages my expose and ruins our lives.. I told you natural born hypocrites decades ago that the world WOULD get worse until King is punished and now, as if to head off my expose before it reaches critical mass, the powers that be are MAKING your lives hell, all over. And using Lennon’s birthday to launch their attack. That’s how I know it was Israel behind the attack as much as Gaza. You’ll see.

Before you read below this brief overview of our WWIII situation, it’s true, compared to me, the messenger and finder of this evidence, everybody else must be stupid as hell, indeed. As if you all don’t already KNOW that the media won’t tell us and that you will have to MAKE them tell us. You all already KNOW that the courts won’t help me, either. Griping publicly that evidence exists to prove the government let a horror writer kill and then replace John Lennon is no feat of heroism or genius, after all. Not with hard evidence. Pretty normal self respecting behavior, in fact. More like you’re all cowardly as hell, instead, truth be known. Cowardly Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow all rolled into one dysfunctional, bootlicking victim. Media mind controlled masochists. Fools who allowed Chapman to skip a trial entirely, in fact. Oh, YES you all did! You don’t even need evidence to revolt. But you have evidence. Real, hard, incontrovertible evidence that proves Time and Newsweek and U. S. News magazines are government rags who use their bold print headlines to document secrets in code. Well, at least that’s what they used to do until I exposed them in 1983. The killer’s face and true identity; Stephen King, not Chapman, getting John’s last autograph.. Mark David Chapman hiding attached to a letter to the editor three weeks before the murder where Chapman admits the giant hand of Reagan is moving him, armed, into a hostile square. Nixon’s book; The Real War, sitting next to Reagan the day of the murder under the headline; “Who’s In?” “Who’s Out?”, a book that details why people like John Lennon must be assassinated in the name of conducting war. He actually titles it “The Nixon Doctrine” Then there’s the cornucopia of confessions in King’s many novels, two of which actually have the sentence; “The fellow who killed John Lennon…” PROOF Stephen King pulled the trigger while Chapman was waiting in a nearby police precinct before they were switched inside. That’s right. Proof our government and probably others, assassinated John Lennon and, for all we know, just so Israel could bomb Saddam Hussein’s nuclear facility in 1981 and not have John’s voice interject itself along the way if a war broke out. That sick. Even Yoko is a commie rat agent. I found out the hard way.

That the truth takes the form of a message laden website van driving around and taking talk radio pot shots to overcome the media blockade shouldn’t surprise you. I am what real, uncensored truth looks like. I’m so rare you can’t even see me. If you were better people I wouldn’t still be twisting in the wind. I’d be the biggest celebrity since Jesus saving your sorry butts, big time. But that would mean you snowflakes would have to stick your necks out and stand by me during my rallies. Ooooohhh? You’d actually have to ACT brave and not just sing about how brave you supposedly are at sporting events. You portray yourselves in your movies as that kind of people but, in reality, you’re as sorry and phony and scared and useless as can be. I am a 40 year witness to your mass foolishness..

A 20 minute 60 Minutes style nationally televised presentation of the best evidence is all it would take to get King arrested, tried and executed. And everybody knows it, too. What makes all of you evil is how you pretend to yourselves I must be a nut instead of being responsible. I’m a hero. Do you deserve one? So far your evil denial has found you deserving evil Stephen King. You victims stand dripping wet from having been standing in Stephen King’s urine stream all this time, too. The people behind this plot, Nixon and Reagan, work for some world order nightmare shadow government and the people in this group have been laughing at all of you ‘stupid Americans’ who are blind to the cover-up and what they’re up to. As you laugh at me they are laughing harder at idiotic all of you. I happen to KNOW more than the rest of you about it because my life is in extreme danger and I HAVE to know the truth just to stay alive. Especially lately, the state of Zion, the faction of bad Jews trying to destroy us all, not just America, wants me dead and for my expose to stop yesterday. Oh, I’m telling, too.

Before I start, let me say I’ve said all this decades ago but have kept it out of conversation for the last two decades. Exposing the Jewish media monopoly only works if you’re already famous. Meanwhile they DO decide who is and is not allowed to BE famous. Now, however, I must stop WWIII for my sake if not all of ours. Exposing this now is necessary, regardless.

Let me also say this; This attack on October 7 was DESIGNED to provoke WWIII. The wanton depravity and heinousness of it all suggests that was the motive. To incite WWIII. To inflame passions. This would be an advantage to the Jews who are the vastly more militarized of the two groups. A way to take back Gaza and the newly discovered natural gas and oil riches recently found there. A way to also stave off my expose rally on Lennon’s birthday? Just like Charles Manson killed those people to start a race war. I think it was Israel who allowed it to happen and likely abetted it all. Very much like Hitler setting the Reichstag ablaze to start a war, then. WWII, in fact.” Piss them off long enough and they’ll lash out.” tactics.

I didn’t start out with a chip on my shoulder against the media  and Zionist Jews UNTIL I learned they are the only ones who mentioned Mark Chapman’s name and covered up King’s crime  King, I believe, just happens to also be a Jew. He even warns us a dozen times in “Different Seasons” written a year after his crime,; “Beware the Jewish / Communist plot against the U.S..” Howard Cosell, Larry King, Barbara Walters, Richard Goldman, etc. spewing the Chapman lie, exclusively. When I confronted Larry King on KGO Talk Radio decades ago about it he admitted; “…It’s O.K., (Host Ronn Owen tried to apologize for my barbed call.)The truth is all going to all come out, eventually, anyway…” At least he admitted his role. I have reason to believe the Jews, perhaps, were behind the idea to murder John Lennon. Jewish Henry Kissinger, namely, may have prompted the whole thing. He was Nixon’s advisor and Henry felt the need to speak at my home town of Santa Rosa in the 80’s during my activism’s early days and on Lennon’s murder anniversary, no less. He was a no show following my activism about it there and rescheduled for Lennon’s birthday, in fact. No coincidence but a concession that it was about me, not Santa Rosa. Apparently he felt ignored and left out of my expose and wanted me to KNOW it was HIS idea, all along. Kissinger was always against Lennon and prompted Nixon to try to deport him in the 70’s. I recall how only a dozen people showed up to see him, a humiliation, and how I interrupted him to say; “Mr. Kissinger. We want the truth about John Lennon’s murder.” He couldn’t resist insinuating, after, that I would never see my story break in my lifetime and walked off the stage. I happen to think that the loss of John Lennon describes the flavor of the depravity of going along with whatever vision they may have for us all. A dark, flawed vision we must avoid. Life has already become cheap since we killed John Lennon with our ignorance and apathy. Mass shootings, Fentanyl suicide, war, etc,,etc,..If it turns out that Strom Thurmond, who WAS very openly against Lennon, was also a Jew I wouldn’t be surprised at all.

So, if I am now prejudiced it is because I have reason to be. I, wonder, in the darkest recesses of my imaginings; did they kill John because they secretly feared he was the second coming of Jesus Christ and that that was all the reason they needed. Their guilt of killing Christ has haunted them ever since and they seem to know that that is one reason the world seems to hate them so much. All their bad karma ever since, too. Jesus and Christianity scares them, I think. Why the need to make assassinating John so extremely SATANIC and involve a horror writer, for example? Let his evil ass take over, after, and poison society? As if to defy God and all that is good. As if to get back at us all for trying to extinguish them, once. We’re all a witness to Netanyahu’s evil need for revenge, lately. I now wonder do they have a knee jerk need to destroy us all for our having tried to destroy them in the 1940’s and are they, unwittingly, leading us down a dark, evil path in their natural need for revenge on mankind. I doubt, even if this worry is founded, that even they have have an idea this dynamic is even a possibility. That they have made a carnival tourist trade out of the Holy Land is obnoxious, I think, too. They should not be able to cheapen it all and profit off of Christ’s death that way. They should not be the ones to portray it all. If any location should be owned by the whole world, perhaps, it is there. That may even be a possible solution to our collective dilemma.

My life depends on knowing what end is up in our world and I happen to have a valuable insight to our universal dilemma. While most of you focus on comfort and materialism and such I focus on the meaning of our lives and the truth of our politics. I have to to stay alive. I know that, only after Stephen King is punished, can any of us pretend to be sane or well or moral at all. That we’re doomed and sick until then. Meanwhile STOPPING this WWIII that Israel is willing to foist on all mankind just so THEY can have a religion based nation state, unlike any other religion, is a necessary thing I have to do. Israel, as it is, is an abomination, not a nation. It’s a farce. It always has been since 1948, in fact.

It just so happens America and the world are utter FOOLS to go along with the media narrative that we should support Israel over the Arabs. I am convinced the state if Israel will backstab America and turn us over to our enemies in the end. The Rosenberg’s handing Moscow our A-bomb secrets, then, is just the tip of the iceberg with them. That Israel represents a complete contradiction to our belief in a separation of church and state is glaring, but it takes me to explain why this American belief and principle must not be sidestepped for the Jews who want to live there. That move in 1948 is and always was a mistake born out of guilt, not logic. A colossal mistake that will doom us into WWIII if we don’t admit our mistake, now, and disperse the Jews and treat them like the rest of all of us who have done just that, already. No special state for your special religion. No way, no how. Forget it. Fate will not allow it, in my opinion.

You all may have noticed that the world has NOT BEEN FOOLED into siding with Israel. In fact, the opposite. More anti Israel sentiment than vice versa is what is happening. It doesn’t take a genius like me to figure out that they have been treating their neighbors like shit all this time and like slaves and as a lower class race while gobbling up territory and everything else along the way. We get it. THANK G-O-D-! The Jews would have you believe that, because they are so much ‘smarter’ than the rest of mankind, that they should rule the world someday. The problem is, in my opinion, is that they have a screw loose, already, from all that inbreeding they have been up to all this time. Having sex with only fellow Jews is at the heart of their problems. Their brand of smart is dangerous because they are so primed to lash out at us all for the Holocaust. They can’t even see it. Just as they want to turn the Muslims into their slaves, as admitted by Netanyahu recently, to compensate for their slave past under the Egyptians, they also want to extinguish us all for what we tried to do to them. Oh, it’s pretty apparent, too. LOOK at your media. How many images of government agents brandishing guns to scare you are you seeing? How many images of murder and the wanton wasting of human life are you being exposed to every day on television prime time? Hundreds of times every day. Remember how they made a mockery of our culture with ‘Married With Children’? Rubbing obnoxious Al Bundy and his air brained family in our faces for the fools we Americans can be? Making fun of us all. The media IS our enemy. Killing Lennon with a gun was part and parcel of a plot to take away our second amendment, people. King, a rabid activist against it, is open about it, too. Scaring you with agents brandishing guns galore every night is how they are scaring you off of them, too. “We’re taking you over! Surrender!” “Police state coming through!…” Who else do you all think is running our media? I think  behind Israel, it is also Russia, by the way.

Albert Einstein was a genius Jew. He proved to be smarter than all the other races to solve what he did. What he solved was a way to end all life on earth with his splitting of the atom, if I’m not mistaken, however. He did so right after the Jews were almost snuffed out by the rest of mankind. In some ways he can’t be blamed for giving us a little payback as all Jews must have wanted to lash out at all humanity, then, for our bad behavior. I’m sure Albert was unaware of any such dynamic motivating him. There are plenty of Jews who gave us great songs and lyrics that we all loved. I’m sure that 90 % of Jews are good Jews, in fact. If Bob Dylan were brave enough to help me come forward he could absolve a lot of our our angst against Jews. Why only 90 % and not 99 %? It’s because for three percent of our population to already run over 50 % of our media and banks and other vital infrastructure proves they are conspiring –  CONSPIRING – to control us all in doing so. They have their own dangerous agenda. There are probably one a half MILLION Jews who are NOT good Jews who are in this conspiracy. Otherwise such a lop sided result could not be possible. It surely is not coincidence. It started during WWII, in fact, this communist invasion trying to disembowel the United States. ‘McCarthyism’ was not unfounded then. Even Ronald Reagan married a women on that commie blacklist; Nancy Baker. This while he was president of our screen actor’s guild when that industry was under scrutiny. Didn’t know that, did you? Reagan never attended church, either.

If you examine Israel it’s worse than Russia in terms of it’s Big Brother mentality. Surveillance state, apartheid politics with it’s neighbors, a ‘might’ makes ‘right’ mentality, a parasitical relationship with America who supplies them with all they need to do whatever they’re up to. Somehow it is only Israel and Russia currently engaged in IDENTICAL OPERATIONS! Bombing the snot out of their lesser militarized neighbors. Apartment buildings, too, just like Putin used to set up with explosives to start a war in Chenchnya and then blame it on the Chechnyians. It’s enough to make us all wonder was Israel and Russia behind 9/11. So many buildings free falling everywhere. Cruschev’s 1960 pledge to “Bury your grandchildren”  may have been delivered then, after all. Those then grandchildren were in those buildings in 2001. They certainly were buried, too. There’s the persistent rumors of hundreds of Jews not going to work there that day, the way millions in silver there were relocated, first, and the way the scene of those buildings on fire as they looked that day can be found in our folded up twenty dollar bill. The Federal Reserve printed them and guess who runs that organization? Same thing with the ten dollar bill. With the Five it’s a case of ;” you see ’em, now you don’t.” It can’t all be coincidence, people..

“But we were told the Saudi’s did it. Isn’t that we attacked Iraq after?” You see, people? You’re all lost. Guess who needs to un monopolize our media , now? The people that have you so confused that you don’t care IF Stephen King murdered John Lennon. To say they are entirely to blame is a lie as our own government is up to it’s evil reasons, too, for this to be the case. Oh, I’m sure our government is using Israel as a wedge to stem the Islamic influence there. That they worry their religion is a threat to us here in America. But you don’t THEM monopolizing our media, banks and infrastructure, do you? What I see is a possible plot by the Kremlin, long ago, to make the entire Islamic world hate America by putting the Jews in Israel and all the wars that would incite. To tie us to Israel. Similarly it could be argued the Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese people were all soured to America from the wars we got entangles with there. Makes Moscow suddenly seem very smart, indeed. Find a way to make the whole rest of the world hate America. Real smart U.S. government. Either you’ve been played by someone all this time or you mistakenly think that by bombing people you can imprint them with your campaigns to be subservient and fear you forever. Who’s religion is the real threat, America? Who has a chip on their shoulder regarding the Holocaust? Not Muslims. There’s no way the Jews failed to notice how we took in so many Nazi’s after the war. Or that it was Russia who killed Hitler in his bunker, not us. Again, reader, remember the Rosenberg’s. Let’s not pretend they trust us at all. Has no one noticed but me how similar the religious robes are between Moscow’s orthodox religion and Judaism’s orthodox robes? Practically identical.

The day before the Gulf War an Israeli bulldozer killed an American protester who was standing in the way of their razing of a Palestinian neighborhood to make room for more Jews. This pretty, young, blonde teenager was of no consequence to them, apparently, or to even us. We never protested over that, either. The name Jew and Judaism even pays homage to Judas as if he was a great man who delivered us all from the Messiah. They have never apologized for killing Jesus and recognize him as merely a prophet and no more. They have, in spite of all this, and in spite of a 20 to 1 disadvantage in numbers of Christians in America, managed to put Judeo / Christian versus Christian / Judeo on our tongues. Let’s see; the people who helped  the Romans kill Jesus, Christianity’s founding figure, get first billing on a description of what is being alleged as our religious reality. Seems kind of contradictory to me. Adversarial? Trump gave Jerusalem capital status and has a Jewish son in law. Because he, one time, only, during his first few months in office, sided with the Palestinian perspective the Jews have blackballed him from political office ever again if they can help it. New York City, also known as Jew York City, and the Jewish U.S. mass media have declared open war on Trump since he was elected in 2016. They have decided Trump is a no go for them and we Americans have to bend to their will is what I see happening. That Trump can’t see this is puzzling. And you all thought it was just the Democrats. Only Republicans versus Democrats. You people fall for that??!!

In the 90’s., I believe, Itzack(?) Rabin, Israel’s leader, was shot in the back and assassinated by an ISRAELI!. You see, Rabin wanted a solution that allowed the Palestinians to live side by side with Israel. This is not what Israel wants at all. They want ALL that region for Jews only. They want to muscle out all the indigenous people so they can have that region just for the Jews. They are the new Nazis and they can’t even seem to help themselves. They have a need to do unto others what the world tried to do unto them. They must be PREVENTED from conducting policy that entangles the rest of the world with their selfish, vengeful agendas. When Trump, one time, expressed a right for the Palestinians to also live there they black balled him as if they have a right to decide who is and is not OUR president. THAT’S Un- American. It’s also illegal. How dare they try to tell US who we can and can’t vote for. How dare THEY weaponized our justice system to decide OUR destiny. That’s authoritarianism and totalitarianism. That’s what N.Y.C. and our Jewish run media are doing, though. Only I, apparently, dare call it conspiracy.

Hey, I’m not convinced Trump is better than R.F.K. Jr.. The media hates them both equally, so they both must be good for America. The point is our elections have been wrongfully poisoned.

Once this expose changes the world and stops this attempt by Israel to start WWIII we will have to dismantle whatever media and other monopolies they have created. I suspect it was Israel and not Palestine who started the conflict on October 7. Why? Because they are the masters of deception and the 180 degree lie. Them and Russia. That it occurred on John Lennon’s birthday, practically, tells me it WAS the Jews who KNEW of this attack plan and welcomed it. They may have even had an active undercover role in it’s planning, in fact. Only the Jews have something to worry about if my expose breaks and Lennon’s birthday is the ‘tell’ they left behind.

You see, people. I happen to know that the hero is what is missing from society. I could be your hero and save you in ways you can’t imagine. More so than anyone on earth in my humble opinion. The people who killed Jesus, Lennon, M.L.K., J.F.K., R.F.K. know how vitally important the hero is, too. The hero is the most powerful weapon a society can have. More powerful and effective than even religion. Just kill all the heroes and society is yours for the raping. Without a hero to guide us you’re all are as controllable as cattle. I can prove it, too. Lobotomized, for all intents and purposes. Decapitated, no less. In killing our heroes the government keeps cutting off the head of the our snake, They keep cutting out our tongues, every time. Taking away our VOICE! Leaving us to depend on their government run media for guidance. Religion the government uses to control you with, in fact. The reason you all are immune from caring IF Stephen King killed John Lennon is because this hero has not been brought forward for you to use. If you ever do bring me forward – and nobody BUT you people can do that – I will render religion ridiculous for having left you so blind, apathetic and helpless in so moral an issue as the one I am championing; punishing Stephen King and revealing the satanic, ugly truth of our lives. I’ve been out there with my evidence and website vans for decades and all you can do is play dead. Religion made you that weak and phony. Only the hero can save you. You can’t save yourselves, apparently.

John knew that religion was a farce that was CAUSING world unrest and, let’s face it.

What the Jews SHOULD be doing, in my humble opinion, is this; Stop using bogus religion as a cudgel to push your selfish political agendas. Stop wearing your hair and clothing so weirdly that you alienate all normal peoples with it. Stop trying to erect a nation based on Judaism. No other religion has a nation nor should you or anyone else. Stop trying to build a nation for just ethnic Jews. That, too, is nowhere else on earth. Stop having sex with mostly only Jews and get a better, more robust genetic profile. Abandon the need to kill all of humanity for trying to once kill them. Recognize this sick need of theirs they can’t even see. Disperse among all humanity like all of the rest of us have managed to do. Stop trying to destroy America because we took in Nazi’s after the war. Stop trusting in Moscow for killing Hitler in his bunker. Stop serving Satanic agendas like television violence and the promotion of a police state take over of our land. Stop insinuating your selfish, materialistic, dark, sub human, money based vision on the rest of us all who have higher values. De monopolize your role in our mass media, banks, federal reserve, and the rest of what you have no business in to take over in America. Otherwise you WILL attract a backlash, I promise you. If you don’t we WILL de monopolize your role in America.

Finally, ask yourselves what it is about YOUR BEHAVIOR that pitted the world against you in the past. Was it your refusal to have sex with non Jews that made the world distrust you? Was it your selfish ways of exploiting others around you via commerce or finances that favored only fellow Jews? Was it your vision of a master race of Jews controlling the rest of us all? Could it be, now, your attempt to drag us all into WWIII just so YOU can have what nobody deserves, a nation dedicated to any one religion? Grow up! You’re really not all that.

We’re not going to snuff you out like a bad mistake. WE made that mistake before. We admit it, too. That was so wrong. While it was Hitler it was also all of us for being blind and phony about it all. Just like Americans are blind and phony about my Lennon evidence. The Jewish response to the Holocaust has been punishing us all ever since, too. We’re all in this mess together and, only together, will we get out of the mess. Stop trying to SEPARATE yourselves from the world by concentrating Jewishness. You should consider your yarmulkes that hide your bald spot as a symbol of shame that your inbreeding has left you so physically bald and dependent on glasses to see. Who knows what psychological defects inbreeding may have caused as well. The exact opposite is the answer. Join the human race, Jews. Like the rest of us all have. I don’t think the rest of humanity will EVER tolerate any group who wants to shut out the rest of everybody while they try to develop a separate species from the rest of us. Especially if that tiny minority tries to control vital world governments infrastructure. I doubt the world will ever let any one group decide for the rest of us all what is best or monopolize the media, etc.. But that’s what you’re nakedly up to, apparently. If you’re so smart you think you deserve to rule us then why is John Lennon dead and not serving us like he should be doing? Lennon was smarter and wiser than all you Jews and the rest of us put together. Killing him was as wrong as killing Jesus. Now we live in a mass shooter world for your assassination ways ‘wisdom’ .If the Jews were a party to Lennon’s assassination then they are too damaged and tasteless and reptilian to be trusted with leading anyone much less all of humanity. We liked you better when you wrote great songs. When you were more like Jesus who probably WAS the King of the Jews. Be more Christ like and less like Satan, frankly. Jesus was a Jew. Are you all just jealous that he was better than the rest of you? Is that it?! Could you also not stand to be upstaged by a genius like John Lennon? Did his brilliance intimidate you? Were you afraid of “good” taking over? If you DID kill Lennon was letting a monster horror writer  loose on society after killing our hero a good idea? Do you think evil is how to defeat good? Sure looks that way. No room for that bullshit any longer. Your subconscious crusade to destroy humanity for trying to destroy you is over.

I sincerely believe, and would hope, that a mountain sized asteroid  – like the one I saw that just missed us at “BLIP!” speed in the 60’s – has our name on it if we don’t punish King before he dies. That we’d be better off dead than letting King get away with what he DID. That God would know, then, if he made a mistake in making us in the first place. It’s as if Lennon’s murder – “The Event” –  is a test to see what we’re made of as a species. So far, I’d not blame God if he put us out of our misery for not being able to respond to the evidence I have brought you and at great personal risk, sacrifice and hardship. Talk about a bunch of ingrates cruising for a bruising. Repent, people. YEAH, YOU! There must be some rhyme and reason to explain why I saw it that night and then, later, discovered the crime of our lives. Knowing how fragile earth is accounts for my caring more than the rest of you, for sure. You dolts have no concept or idea how much we are like sitting ducks relying on our good behavior to dodge an asteroid. That’s all we CAN do. Nothing man could invent could do anything to effect the power of what I SAW! God IS almighty.

I’m just a guy from Montana, raised in northern California who was breast fed from a farm girl  and raised by a physician father with three siblings who thinks he has found something the rest of your are insane not be utterly OUTRAGED by. Why aren’t you all outraged? “Cowardly Lion”? That’s why WWIII is waiting to punish you if you don’t recognize the Lennon murder evidence, soon. John knew he would be assassinated and told Paul to say to the world, after; “Well that was John’s thing; “The Event” he called it.” That’s exactly what Paul said the next day, in fact. The modern crucifixion and John knew it, then. World changing when it all comes out. The truth, that is.

The cause is great. The cause is bigger than even fame or history. It is you, the public, who are lost. Bring me forward before your apathy brings you, civilization and America all down.


(Now, back to my earlier entries on the subject before I was interrupted by WWIII from my October 9 rally I had planned. But, first, an overview statement about all of the above; “What’s Israel all about Steve?” “It’s about Moscow using our association with it and all the wars it creates as a mechanism to make the Islamic world hate us. Just the way I think the Kremlin tricked us into making the Asians hate us for all those stupid wars we got sucked into. I think the state of Zion wants America to pay and go belly up for helping Hitler and will backstab us, ultimately, for Russia, their homeland and ethnic birthplace.)


My Oct. 9 rally which was to be held on John Lennon’s birthday was rudely interrupted on Oct 7 when Israel, the state of Zion, stood down and allowed 15 breaches to occur in the most guarded wall in our world and then allowed angry Muslims to rape, kidnap and pillage and plunder the people of Israel for SEVEN HOURS before being allowed to return to Gaza with their 200 or so captives.

After my story breaks no claim that I didn’t have evidence is going to fly. In contrast, the watching world will all know that you were all weaklings and monsters of denial and evil, instead. That my evidence speaks for itself and always has and always will. The killer’s face, true identity, alleged name and letter linking Reagan, bold print government codes in the headlines of our biggest magazines all about Lennon’s then upcoming murder, Richard Nixon’s book “The Real War” next to Reagan the day of the murder under the headline; “Who’s In?” “Who’s Out?” that discusses, at length, why John Lennon must be assassinated and King’s many confessions all about it, as well. All that and his non denial of my claims in all this time. Once this is exposed your phoniness will also be exposed for denying it all.

Oh, WHATTT!? A war in the middle east? How convenient to launch on John Lennon’s birthday, practically. Two days before his birthday Israel allowed 15 separate breaches of the most guarded wall in the world so that Gaza militants could kidnap and kill hundreds of citizens. For seven hours they allowed these militants to do their evil and get those hostages back to Gaza and now we are seeing Israel blow up as much of Gaza and it’s people as they think they can get away with. Almost as if they wanted it to all happen. And now that they are blowing up even the underground tunnels it is clear that rescuing the hostages is the last thing they really care about. They only care about the state of Zion, even their own people as well as ours, be damned. I think they’ve killed almost ten thousand people so far, mostly all innocent civilians. Maybe they want to claim the rich off shore natural gas deposits and oil deposits that were discovered after Israel gave Gaza to the Palestinians. At the time they thought it was the gutter zone of the area.

I only hope that Israel so exposes itself to the world for the asshole of the human race it is in the process. So far they are doing a good job of that.

“We are a higher race…we are special…we only breed among ourselves…we lock out all others not like us and then blame them for being prejudiced against us……..we monopolize entire industries like mass media and banks to control the rest of the world who tried to kill us, once…… we wear our hair and robes and garb to offend whatever other cultures exist. No matter that we now have bald spots on our heads and bad eyesight and big noses and a reptilian outlook, psychologically speaking, for our inbreeding ways…we tricked the U.S. to go against it’s belief of a separation of church and state…..not only do we have a God ordained right to this land but we have the right to control all the utilities of all the people who surround us and assume landlord status over them………”

So much bullshit I can’t stand to parrot it, in fact. I write all about it in what is below, but first, let me comment on Stephen King and the Lewiston, Maine mass shooting that happened during the same news cycle.

I mailed dozens of packets with my magazine and such to the people of Bangor, Maine just weeks ago. To businesses I thought should know. For the first time in over a decade. I explained how the mass shooting phenomenon IS a Stephen King inspired reality. I explained how correct they were in the mid 1970’s to kick him out of Herman, Maine over his book “Rage” about a boy who shoots up his classmates. This before there were mass shootings in America. I explained that he wants to bring this madness about to confiscate our guns and end our second amendment and that was one reason he murdered John Lennon with a gun; to make us hate our guns. I explained that he is working for America’s mortal enemies in doing so.

And what does King have to say about the event? “Stop being apologists for murderers….. a process of rinse and repeat…” to compare it to  our washing our hair. To cheapen it.

That’s evil asshole, murderer of John Lennon, Jewish Communist provocateur Stephen King, all right. You people of Maine have been apologizing for this murderer for decades and you all KNOW IT! All of the world has been apologizing for my finding his face  getting Lennon’s last autograph posing as Chapman.

Like I said yesterday at my weekly Sunday rally; “Deserve me or deserve WWIII” Either get off your apathetic, evil, cowardly asses and join my protests and expose, arrest, try and execute Stephen King or you all D-E-S-E-R-V-E everything fate is doling out lately. God knows you are all insane with denial and fear and sin not to join my protests. Deny it and eat asteroid, I say.

(Well, my Oct 9 rally WAS the topic of discussion just before war broke out in Israel. As if God knew, or the Muslims knew that all of you were too dense to care about my evidence rally, they chose Lennon’s birthday to strike out at Israel in no uncertain terms. So, before I let you scroll down to what I asked of you all that Oct 9, John Lennon’s birthday, (Conflict started days before) let me offer my two cents on the current situation plaguing you apathetic accomplices.

Mid East War!
My first foray on radio on the subject found me saying that; “… Israel’s hands aren’t completely clean in this mess…those high rise buildings they took down in retaliation were wired, beforehand, with explosives in case the matter would ever come to blows with Hamas. That launched missiles couldn’t bring them down the way they fell straight down, all at once, that they just pressed a button…. People calling for obliterating Gaza sound like Hitler did only about he Jews….Perhaps the moral of the story is not to procreate with prejudice.. Of all the religions or races out there the Jews keep to themselves probably more than any other. So, now, after they’ve shut everybody else out ,they find themselves painted into a corner…”

Aren’t I the outspoken one? My opinion matters more than most, too. I just may become the world’s next John Lennon, like it or not, and what I have to say here is important.

I subsequently learned that Israel holds control of even the Gaza strip’s electricity and water. And probably have controlled this all this time. How would YOU like to live under your infringing neighbor’s thumb like that? “Sleep tight, we have your buildings wired to kill you all if you misbehave. ” It makes the Kremlin look TAME! – And, by the way, it WAS Russia who bombed THEIR own people’s high rises to blame it on Chechnya to start a war, recently. – How’d you like to live in a high rise already booby trapped to kill hundreds at once at the push of a retaliatory button? Suddenly I am beginning to SEE why the instigators in this might not be the instigators, after all. That Israel might be more to blame than we Americans are probably being told. As if to declare; “We will kill one thousand of you for every one of us you kill.” Netanyahu took down two high rises at once amidst even more war atrocities. And that’s what I’m seeing, so far, people.

It’s an age old mid east tenet and parable about a man who tempts his neighbor to steal his goat that is tied to a post to then kill him without legal ramification. It’s called “Getting One’s Goat.” That’s what I see the Israeli government doing; tying a goat to a post and then killing his enemy when he tries to steal it. By applying the screws to their neighbors, controlling them, their utilities, and oppressing them like landlords the Israeli government fervently HOPES the Palestinians strike out in rage so as to give them a reason to then take their neighbors out in revenge only at a ten to one ratio. Eventually, I think, the Jews want to rid the mid east of it’s neighbors to create the new world order government capital there, someday. That’s right, people. And our own government has blood on it’s hands, too.

On top of all that I think Israel is playing it cozy with Putin and the Kremlin and always HAS! ‘Remember the Rosenberg’s’ is no joking matter. From the start the Jews betrayed the United States. Another point of merit; the Jews ethnic origin is, if I’m not mistaken, not in the middle east alt all, but the Caucases region of Russia. That would explain their pale complexion compared to the native Palestinians. As for religion that is another just as relevant matter all by itself. I think, at the risk of appearing to sound anti-Semitic, (I am not) I have to warn all you media controlled drones from going along with the media spin.

That Hamas resorted to wanton depravity to make their point is regrettable. And that message is; “We hate you people and how you treat us. Leave!” That Israel wants to erase the race that attacked them shows me how they are aping the behavior of their long ago oppressors, the German Nazis. That the Jews are becoming the manifestation of their fears. That they, perhaps, have a knee jerk reaction to do unto others as was once done unto them.

What would John Lennon do? A good question since he was exactly the kind of voice we would all need right now. After all, he was more trusted and respected about the truth and politics than anyone on earth, frankly. That’s why our government killed him. He trumped the system. We know what he’d say; “Get rid of religion. Start there.”

Personally, I would recommend a re thinking about affording ANY religion or race a plot of biblically ordained land. Vatican City comes to mind as the only other place like that besides Israel. It was terrible that the Jews were ever suffering under the act of the human race trying to extinguish them in the early 1940’s and we see the results of it all, today. That the world put them there in Israel after WWII was a move born out of a collective guilt as much as anything and may just not be a decision made in wisdom. AFTER ALL. I think

I, personally, have grave concerns whether Israel is playing both sides of the fence between us and Russia, for example. Remember the Rosenburg’s, for example. They only gave Moscow our A-bomb secrets. Having since seen them come out of the woodworks when the Lennon murder cover-up lie was being told, almost all by Jewish talking heads, I know they are not to be trusted with our morals or our media. I actually do believe that their excessive inbreeding has resulted in, not only bald spots and bad vision, but also of a moral loose screw that seems to be missing. That they embrace a reptilian outlook on the world compared to mankind at large. I think the fallacy of ANY religion has to be OUTED before the world goes up in flames over any made out of bullshit dogma. My own Catholic dogma included. ALL RELIGION IS BOGUS! Their mostly Jewish controlled media is still protecting Stephen King and may even have killed Lennon so he couldn’t oppose Israel’s already laid plans to take out Iraq’s nuclear facility in 1981. To keep his two cents out of their war plans. If the government of Israel is that stupid I have to sound the alarm and warn all of you not to be stampeded into doing unto Israel’s neighbors what Hitler did to them. How can we be sure their oppressive tactics, all along, didn’t set this scenario up for us to have to clean up, after?

That Netanyahu is their leader, now, is no surprise. He comes across as a narcissistic, mindless oaf bent on starting war with it’s neighbors by foisting oppressive tactics on their lives until they explode SO he can then kill them at a one to one thousand ratio and wipe them all out until all that land is just for the Jews. That I am the only one pointing out this obvious abomination is no surprise. I am preaching to a mind arrested human race. A paralyzed human race. Could that be a result of mostly one race or religion controlling our mass media as is the case with America?

I happen to think that concentrating the Jews or the Palestinians and giving either a state is not a good idea. Putin wants to give Palestine a state, for example, to pose as their ally and not Israel’s. That’s his tactics, though, to deceive 180 degrees from the truth. If you look at what kind of a state Israel is it is the most big brother government on the face of the earth, bar none. Almost like a testing ground or prototype for The Kremlin’s plans for us all. That we are supporting them is almost like an excuse to kill off the natives to erect a world government center there someday. If our political future looks like Israel we should all be alarmed. I think their willingness to infringe on an angry native population and live, themselves, like a people under constant siege is insane. I think they have always had a problem with getting along with any other group that is not a Jew. That’s the problem, I think  That they lock out the rest of the world from even interbreeding with them is at the heart of their problems. They don’t TRUST or APPROVE of the rest of humanity, apparently. THAT’S why they can’t get along. They don’t respect or trust the rest of the world. I think their evil government has painted the Jews into a corner they don’t deserve. I don’t think good Jews approve of Kremlin like tactics, galore. Masked, of course under the pitch line; “Most democratic government in the middle east.” What’s really going on with our government, Moscow’s government and Israel, really?

Not only were the Jews foisted on the people of the middle east in 1948, they also assumed superior rule over their neighbors as if they were entitled to rule over others. That circumcision exists, almost universally by Jews, suggest they know better than God, for example. The Jews bad rap, historically, has to do with a sense that they take advantage of and exploit others to give only them the advantage. That, unrestrained, it would be THEY who would eliminate the rest of everybody so they could rule the planet all by themselves. I actually fear there may exist, in their collective brain, an impulse to take out the whole world as they were all almost taken out. That they can’t see or help it, even. I happen to believe we are asking them to kill all their neighbors over time if we do not reign them in, now, and limit the concentration of ANY race or, especially, any religion to take over ANY region of our world. It has been humanity’s EXCEPTION they made for Israel that has created our troubles, now. Undoing this mess starts with dispersing the Jews among all humanity and force them to join instead of fight and sabotage the human race. At the heart of it all religion looms as the excuse humans attach to to push their own governments and  sinful ambitions, all in the name of “God”.

Looking back on history no small amount of jealousy exists with the Jews where heroes and prophets are concerned. Jesus represented a threat to their high priests concepts of theology. That almost 100 percent of the journalists peddling the Mark Chapman lie just happened to be Jewish; Cosell. Barbara Walters, Larry King, Goldman, etc. tells me the Jews, perhaps, were most behind the assassination of John Lennon, another Jesus like figure whose genius was already a proven fact of life. Somebody SMARTER  and better than they were. A threat to their insecurities and fantasies that they are the chosen race and smarter than the rest of us.. That Stephen King is the triggerman suggests, if it was the Jews, that they just might be our mortal enemy and possibly be working for Russia, where they originated, in fact. Stephen King, himself, may be a Jew. I think he admitted it, once. Considering what he did to the world I’d be ashamed if he was if I were a Jew. I’d lead the call to expose, arrest, try and execute his evil ass, in fact. Just to wash my hands of him. To repudiate him to the world. If I were a Jew. That they are, instead, protecting him with a Chapman cover-up suggests to me that the Jews are America’s secret arch enemy. Slitting our throat with that monster of evil and hatred. Killing us from the inside, out. Rotting our morals. Perverting us with pure evil and treachery. Demoralizing us, ‘Big Brother’ Orwellian style.

Not all media Jews are bad. Some hate the Zionist brand of Jewish media as much as I do. In 1992 when I was brandishing a huge sign all over Manhattan; “BARBARA WALTERS AND CHAPMAN ARE BRAINWASHING YOU” a local Jewish run newspaper there made sure that it was on their front page in a photo to let New Yorkers know she was a bad Jew. Good for that newspaper. I don’t think even most Jews are bad, just maybe ten percent, unfortunately.

By the way, I was never brought up to be prejudiced. I actually supported the Israel protesters at U.C. Berkeley in the mid ’80’s  before I became ‘post’- judiced about them. I have come to judge them AFTER learning about them and not before. I implore the Jew to re examine his clinging to his religion that cuts off men’s penis tips from the moment of birth and other weirdisms like a blanket and hiding from the rest of the world where breeding is concerned and stop pretending that you know better than the rest of the world. If you are so smart why is John Lennon dead? Maybe because you’re stupid, instead? Maybe jealous of people smarter than you? Heroes like me, and Jesus and John Lennon, who actually ARE smarter than you need to speak up while free speech is still allowed. Your religion has screwed you up in my opinion. It’s a mask to compensate your insecurities, truth be told. It’s not just me, either. MOST of the world distrusts the Jews. There might be a reason you Jews might want to examine. Just maybe.

If Israel was not a contradiction to what America stands for than nothing is. It’s a state based upon a RELIGION! Our formula for freedom and peace and prosperity requires that we leave religion out of the affairs of government. That our GOVERNMENT(S) ever put the Jews there is and will always be a mistake. We now see the abuses of power Israel has demonstrated in their revenge bombing of Gaza. It’s clear than both sides absolutely hate each other. When I see the overkill in Israel’s bombing campaign it occurred to me, someday, I will be seeing Israel nuked on camera for their karma, in fact. That this unholy, Un-American move to put ANY religious group of people ANYWHERE on earth is a mistake that must be reversed. The Jews must find the rest of the world to call home, like the rest of the human race, and not one nation for Jews only. Putting a group so bent on isolating the rest of the world from even breeding with them anywhere to call their religious home only compounds the world’s problem with the Jews.  If anything the Jews must be kept FROM conspiring and cloistering and concentrating in isolation from the rest of the world. They must be FORCED out of their paranoid, distrustful view of the rest of humanity. They must live among the rest of us and not isolate themselves like they do.

If the Jews never got their reputation for exploiting everyone who is not a Jew, if they were never kicked out of every place they’ve ever been over THAT BEHAVIOR, if they allowed themselves to mate with other people who are not Jews, if they got along with their neighbors or respected their fellow non Jew human being and didn’t feel the compulsion to take over the banks the media, the energy and everything else they have demonstrated a sick need for since I’ve been alive, if they were perfect humans not predating on the rest of the human race, if their jealousy never killed Jesus and John Lennon and they never felt threatened by anyone else who is smarter than they are and didn’t kill society’s heroes, if all that were the case, I would STILL be dead set against our role in allowing the Jews to take over ANY PATCH OF LAND ON EARTH! Why are they so special that only they would be granted such a right? I’m not aware that Ireland is off limits to the rest of the world because they are Christians. They don’t seem to require a country to call their religious base. Christians have dispersed all over the world and, except for the illegitimate tiny Vatican City, don’t feel the need to have a world home base to maintain their faith. They don’t seem to conspire against the rest of humanity like the Jews have always demonstrated until there is no one left but Christians. If  you people cannot see that Israel, the state, not necessarily the people, wants to wipe out the native indigenous people from the entire middle east using the United States like a slave attack dog then you are quite dense, indeed. Goat on a post technique, too. If you people cannot see that whatever real reasons our government may have to establish a Jewish homeland / Military machine is for evil purposes of exploiting that region for our own greed and foolishness, then you are too phony to be believed. If you trust that Israel is not back stabbing The United States of America all the way to hell, you, again, are misled fools. Stephen King, and he should know, warns us several times in one of his books written a year after he killed our hero; “Beware the Jewish / Communist plot against the U.S.” If the Jews had anything to do with letting him murder John Lennon then they must be considered our enemy. Our arch enemy, in fact. Putin is probably chortling with glee at Americas blindness. Did I mention that the true ethnic origin of the Jews in in Russia?

I happen to believe that all that inbreeding has cost the Jew some of his human faculties, frankly, namely his humanness. Something has been lost in the translation of generations of cutting off the rest of the human gene pool to procreate with. If you want to watch the world descend into a fireball of hell just let Israel grow and concentrate and throw it’s religion around. We’re seeing just exactly that, lately, aren’t we? They would start WWIII just to get their patch of ground, screw the rest of the world. They would, perhaps, even kill a john Lennon JUST so he couldn’t pipe up, after, if they took out Saddam Hussein’s nuclear facility. Evil narcissists!

O.K., I’ve found I have more to say so as not to leave this vital, universal issue only half baked.

If you happen by a Jewish neighborhood, say, in New York City, and see a group of young men in peculiar garb, hats and braids on the side of their heads, black robe like jackets, milling around you get the feeling that they might be victims of inbreeding with their bald spots and glasses, pale complexion and almost universal look among each other. Rather frail and sickly looking, even. Not the embodiment of a robust, cross pollinated human being. Their fashion sense screams ; “We are NOT LIKE ANY OF YOU we are, in fact, VERY OPPOSITE OF YOU.” As peculiar as humanly possible it would seem. I remember opening the door of N.Y. C.’s ABC’s lobby to see a dozen men in black robes and beads and hats only to be told that they were the “Big” owners of ABC, then. It is a conceded fact that they do monopolize the media more than any other group. Not just ABC. Most of all the alphabet groups, in fact, truth be told. America’s mass media IS a Jewish monopoly, admit it or not. That’s un-American. It’s evil.

At the forefront of my “opinions” about Jews and our world is the argument that it should be a “SIN” to only breed among your particular religious sect. I say sect because I don’t want to rile you up by saying what I think; “CULT” All religion I have proven irrelevant and bogus and impotent or I’d have been brought forward decades ago as a hero with hard evidence against our government in a crime against it’s people. You people would have risen up in outrage and hoisted me on your shoulders like you pretend you all would in your movies. Good would win and evil would lose. But, no, your apathy and denial have proven the exact opposite. Evil wins and good loses. “Nightmarica”.  Look at our mass shooting phenomenon.(As I write this dozens were just shot up by a man in Lewiston, Maine and just weeks after Bangor received dozens of my magazines that prove what King did. King, the man they once kicked out of Herman, Maine for his writing about a boy who shoots up his classmates. “Rage” he wrote in the mid 1970’s when America HAD no mass shootings.) While you pretend all is well Stephen King is urinating on you like paralyzed morons. Dripping wet, by the way. All of you still, standing under his urine stream. If religion worked this would not be the case. You would not all be pretending I must be a nut and you’d be busy exposing arresting, trying and executing Stephen King for the foreign enemy agent against us he is. Instead you satanic creatures are PROTECTING the cover-up. It was King’s evil act that MADE you all sick, too. You poor, silenced masochists.

But Judaism is a bogus religion fashioned to control it’s followers. Like most religions are. Like most religions it’s based on a tailor made version of reality with misinterpretations and representations and false arguments galore. A hall of mirrors. If any ONE religion is right all others must be wrong. If you only breed among like minded cultists you are less likely to concede that your religion just might not be the “chosen” religion, after all. And, so, we see religion versus religion as the cause of most of man’s inhumanity against itself. Still, today.

Want some examples? “”God” decreed the Jews the land of Israel” That is a manipulative, self serving, false pile of pure crap. For example. For starters. The Jews are using it to start WWIII, too, the rest of humanity be damned. Selfish narcissists endangering the rest of us. And for land that no religion should have any right to.

My own Catholic back round, I have to admit, produces a pedophile cult at the top of it’s hierarchy. How humble am I to ADMIT that? Try it, yourselves. Independent thought.

Unlike many Jews I am the product of cross breeding with other peoples and faiths. I am part English, Irish, Scottish and half Serbian. That I know of. As such I have a robust combination of traits that we should all strive for. It’s a recognized fact of life, biologically. You can’t do that by only breeding among yourselves. I was raised Catholic and drifted away from ALL religion after all you people, my own family included, proved how helpless you all are under it’s false shield. I’m probably CLOSER to the truth than ANY religion BECAUSE I have an open, intelligent, independent mind. I’m relying on what my creator gave ME to understand my world. The whole world has already been proven wrong where my expose is concerned. Maybe self reliance is the path for us all compared to what we’re doing. Group think has become group stink.

Procreating with prejudice is what I advise against where the Jews are concerned. If their faith is so weak that a controverting point of view would sway them they ‘have no faith to lose and you know it…,’ to quote Bob Dylan. It can only lead to delusional thinking and fantasy, not to mention a weakened physiology and, I think, psychology.

My own experience found me in my frisky youth in bed, naked with a naked, beautiful girl once only to be stopped because I was not a Jew. Instead I listened to her describe her experiences in a Kibutz. Apparently the Jews program and indoctrinate people with this Kibutz exposure. So I know this procreating with prejudice is a fact of their faith. In spite of THIS PREJUDICE on their part it is the rest of the world, you see, who is prejudiced against them. If we ARE prejudiced against them it is because they don’t trust the rest of us to even breed with. What could they be up to with all that secrecy and shutting out the rest of us? Their conduct breeds distrust.

That’s the problem at the center of the Jew’s problems with the world who mostly agrees they have a problem with getting along with their fellow man. That they have displayed a tendency to conspire and cloister mostly among themselves and often exploit those around them who are not Jews. I call this a narcissistic outlook on life where only they, themselves, matter.  An “Us” versus “the world” mentality. Not an “Us’ WITH the world mentality. When even 50 percent of our mass media is controlled by a group of people who represent only 3 percent of our population to NOT cry conspiracy is a mistake. Ditto our banks and other vital industries.

Would the Jews, using Israel as a lever, sabotage The United States and double cross us for Russia? I think it’s a well demonstrated fact, already. In other words, deceive us, get us to finance their world headquarters, create their military and ultimately do us in at the last minute. I have to tell you the signs are there and we must all face them. To be stampeded into supporting Israel by a media they control would be the height of stupidity. Are we all being used by The Jews via Israel? Are they allegiant to anyone but themselves?

It’s a fact the Lennon murder cover up was a Jewish media thing, entirely. Every one with the treasonous words; Mark Chapman on their lips WAS Jewish, for example. And such a treacherous crime against all humanity it WAS!  Sicking sicko; Stephen King and his evil on all of us after killing the best man on earth that could have ever saved us in times like we now find ourselves was the crime of the century. Whomever was behind Lennon’s murder, they stand exposed as a sick group of sadists steeped in pure evil and the enemy of all mankind. As if to get back at the whole world for trying to extinguish the Jews in the 1940’s? That America took in many Nazis after the war was not missed by them, no sir. At first I imagined, if they were to blame, that it must have been over jealousy that John Lennon was more brilliant than any of them were that motivated them. That they feared Lennon’s brilliant mind would expose religion, generally, and, therefore, undermine the Jews. As I became educated on the real politics of the world I discovered that their history is rife with connections to our arch enemy Russia. The Rosenberg’s spied for the Kremlin at the SAME TIME the Kremlin took the lead ahead of America to support the establishment of Israel for the Jews. As we stab our ideals in the back and combine religion and state to support their religious state there and supply Israel with all the technology to turn the middle east into big brother incarnate we are the architects of the Kremlins plans to do exactly this and set the stage for the backstab in the end. That the Jewish bloodline is based, not in Israel, but the Caucuses of Russia, should wake all of you up.

I notice two things occurring at the same time; Moscow is bombing buildings in Ukraine and Israel is bombing buildings in Gaza. Isn’t THAT interesting??!! Is there a connection??!! We may be right to save Ukraine but I think we are being slaughtered, ultimately, for going against our belief system that forbids what we are doing with Israel. I trust Ukraine more than Israel. I trust a separation of church and state is the path we should take at all times and circumstances.

More than any other people the Jews are most inclined to harbor thoughts of destroying the whole rest of the world for trying to do just that to them once upon a time. It’s just a natural consequence of their experience. As we witness the Hell they have forced on Gaza with no water or fuel for hospitals as they bomb and kill hundreds of civilians every day is to witness a genocide by Israel. They WANT the Palestinians to suffer and die and they even admit, openly, that they want to wipe Hamas “from the face of the earth.” Like Hitler  once tried on them.

Let me tell you something, state of Zion, the idea you fear you can never kill. If YOU don’t change the world will defeat you, ultimately. It is YOUR mistakes with inbreeding and religion that have caused your poor standing with the rest of the world, admit it. Before Hitler was born others noticed an exploitive nature to your “religion”. In seeking a state of Zion you are interested in promoting exactly what has caused all your problems your whole lives. Concentrating the Jews is a recipe for disaster. Dispersing the Jews like the rest of mankind is the answer.

What all of you readers need is for me to achieve world fame with my expose and then let me direct you back to sanity and embarrass ALL religion before it destroys us all. But then you’d have to actually practice what you preach and protest the existing injustice.

Well, that’s enough input from me on the subject for today.

I was telling the Monterey city council last week that San Francisco and Berkeley have fallen into disgrace lately over their shame at not helping me come forward when I was there for decades in the 80, and early 90’s. Now they know that, when the rubber met the road, when they had the chance to live up to their once noble reputation, they were “Nowhere Man” incarnate. Apathetic, defeated, scared, boot-licking cover-up class phonies. Actually PROTECTING their enemy Stephen King and deserting America, their children and themselves in the process. Opening the door wide for satanic forces at play destroying America. Some pretend I’m a nut with only a theory to make themselves feel better about themselves, in fact. Like the words of a song; “Deep in your beds the truth is known, you do not stand together, you stand alone.”

Right now Monterey and Santa Cruz are on the same chopping block if they can’t find THEIR spine in time. Find your spine, people. You don’t want to be a fallen city, too, with no spirit or pride or self respect. You’re all fools under a sick lie and you’re all so insane, evil and disgustingly classless that I stopped having sex with any of you since the mid 1990’s. That’s how unsexy you are as you hide behind your phoniness. Get sexy, again, and give a God damn who really killed John Lennon. If you cannot avenge him, the once most loved and respected man on the face of the earth, then you can’t avenge anyone or anything if you tried. Admit it.

Look at the human feces factor and business exodus from San Francisco and the crime and car break ins, etc.. Pathetic. Berkeley is no better looking like skid row on Telegraph Avenue with half the shops closed. You haven’t heard a political peep out of San Francisco or Berkeley since I was there in the 80’s. My heroic presence has left them in tatters for not helping me. They lost their self respect and self image and all confidence in themselves to do anything that matters politically. I exposed them to themselves.

You all need to stand by me as I rally on Alvarado Street in downtown Monterey. Right now you’re too weak to even think about it,. It’s your JOB, people. It’s your DUTY to help me. Don’t you victims of Stephen King’s evil understand? OFF YOUR ASSES, MASSES!

Speaking of Oct. 9, John’s birthday, my home town of Santa Rosa burned down on Lennon’s birthday, their biggest disaster, ever, God was so displeased with them, too. Don’t invite bad karma. If King dies before he is arrested only a monster asteroid would be just karma for so stupid a species that could not stand up for itself with the hard evidence I have given you. I have already prayed for that if you can’t find a spine in time when I was being interviewed on the radio here 2-14-17 on KSCO. And for your own good, besides. I saw a planet killer rock just miss us in the mid 1960’s people. “BLIP!”  it was so fast and bigger than a mountain. Like John sang; STAND BY ME and COME TOGETHER OVER ME. Well, noon, this Monday where will you be standing? It’s either with me or Stephen King. Doing nothing puts you in the loser’s slot. Protesting will put you into the brave new age of life under truth. King cut your tongues out. He murdered our best and brightest hero; John Lennon. He quotes Haldane, a former Soviet sympathizer, too. Are you going to let him get away with trying to destroy America and all of you???!!!!! He’s raping your children with horror as we speak.

Blaming me for not being nicer won’t wash. You killed Jesus and he was perfect. Change, people. You have a job to do just to be worthy of my evidence. P-R-O-T-E-S-T.



WWW.LENNONMURDERTRUTH.COM……. It’s there for YOUR information

Slogan of the day; ‘SAVING YOU BRAINWASHED MONSTERS! (Currently I sport the sign on the back of my website van; “PEOPLE, Y-O-U-‘-R-E THE PROBLEM”


KSCO Radio has a part time co host, “Billy Sunshine” who has been taking irresponsible pot shots at me and my credibility and I am calling his jealous, corrupt, ignorant ass out on the carpet for it, right here. In fact, I challenge him to a one hour back and forth interview. Because he is a hit and run artist I doubt he is up to it.

I accused Billy, recently, of possibly being an F.B.I. staffer who is posing as a common citizen sent to destroy my credibility like “Colonel Terry” before him. (Funny how my enemies have cartoon names, it seems). His response was to say; “O.K. I’m F.B.I. What else?” I know that police officers have to admit if they are or are not police and it seems his answer was practiced as much as it may have been spontaneous. He said, earlier, that I am ;”…insane, damaged…”, and worse in what I’d describe as a propaganda piece style hit job on me and my evidence. When I asked him if he has ever visited my website he said; “Why should anybody look up your website. I’ve heard you speak enough to know that you’re crazy…” I responded. “That’s the problem. You call me a nut yet have never even looked up the evidence you claim is bunk.” Another caller said of him, after; “Billy you’re lonely, you’re all alone because of how you think…get a life, Billy Sunshine… He is an ignorant idiot..” So it’s not just me who thinks he stinks.

I recall thinking how morally bankrupt he is long ago over his inability to consider how evil an act Stephen King committed. That he suggest I just move on and forget about it and let it go. Back then I called and confronted him saying; “I’d like to know if you knew of your now deceased wife’s terminal illness before or after you met?” I was suggesting that he married her BECAUSE he knew she’d be dead soon and he could get her million dollar house, etc., for just being her husband for a few years and that that was his real motivation for marrying her. I’d say it may be true, folks, truth be known. Anyone who would stab all of YOU in the back and try to defame me and assassinate my character to try to stop my expose from saving you is a monster just for that. That it is HE who is damaged, in real life. I reminded him the other day that “…especially government types hate me because they love to suck that government tit and that they are the exact opposite of me and can’t stand that I can stand up to their “street gang” who like to control us all with fear. They love to call me a nut and a wacko, especially, out of pure jealousy that I’m not sell outs like them.”

I do think that Billy is a government plant sent to wash me and my expose up. I suspect the same was true for Colonel Terry before he was 86’d for threatening Michael Zwerling with legal action if he allowed me to promote my cause over his station airwaves. I offered him $1,000. once if he could say he has ever read my website. He had not. You SEE, PEOPLE? I also suspect that “Don” from Salinas is another agent provocateur. He was the most venomous caller to tarnish me in my very first interview in 2017 then and he suggested the other day that I am like the character in Don Quixote suggesting I am merely tilting at windmills and not to be taken seriously.. Rory, another “prima donna” frequent caller may also be as he, too, came out of the woodwork to try to shoot me down my last interview. I know, from experience, that our government exactly plants these callers wherever I am a regular caller to wash me up. That that is a fact of talk radio where is concerned. That there are government paid actors who shadow me and my activity on radio over the past three decades and sow the seeds of denial and doubt as if the evil deep state’s future depended upon it.


P.S. David Michaels who recently gave me two one hour interviews in one month is even suspect. He remarked, right after, during the fair, “Is that Steve Lightfoot’s van being crushed by monster trucks?”. To even plant that thought is a tell, in my opinion. This brings into question Michael Zwerling, the station owner. His promos often suggest ; “..we keep our enemies even closer..” Is KSCO C.I.A.? Like most of our media, I’ve learned? I have to wonder. You people are the target of these abusive, treacherous callers who try to shoot me and my heroic evidence down. They are your evil enemies. These callers are pure poison to the airwaves and I hope most of you can see that. Now, on to my website’s New Developments page;

P.S. Bangor, Maine got whacked by the biggest storm in 15 years a week after receiving 20 copies of my evidence and magazine recently. Supernatural forces at work? The last storm that big was in 2008, my last visit there.




I found the government bold print codes in Time and Newsweek and U.S. News magazines that prove what happened to John Lennon and the killer’s face and true identity and Chapman’s letter linking Reagan, all before the crime! I found King’s writings all about the elements of the murder and mountains of additional evidence in Nixon’s book; “The Real War” positioned next to Reagan the day of the murder to prove, without a doubt, that they all murdered John Lennon and that Chapman is just a look-alike decoy who fooled you fools. That the mass media deliberately and treacherously deceived all of you. And you can’t STAND that I have found all this proof. You hate the hero who is saving you. You want to lick your ice cream cones as you descend into hell, don’t you? I have to save you Mafia Inc. kidnapped, defiled monsters. And you thought that letting Stephen King kill John Lennon and get away with it wouldn’t destroy you. People, Stephen King DESTROYED YOU. Face up to it. Stand up to him and fight back.

I was watching television in my van last week in a golf course parking lot and I could hear the men next to me remarking out loud slogans that they were reading on my van; “”Author Stephen King Murdered John Lennon” Boy, how could we be so stupid all this time to think it was Hinckley?”

What is remarkable is how condescendingly sure of himself he was that I was a kook. I yelled back through my open window so he could hear me; “You were all told it was Chapman, you said Hinckley, so who’s crazy, now?” That shut him up.

This is a PERFECT illustration of how wrong all of YOU are and how RIGHT I AM. A majority of Americans think it was Hinckley, not Chapman, who murdered John Lennon. Here is this man who can’t recall a trial for anybody, who allowed a no trial scenario to exist when it should have been the trial of the century, then. Here we have a man so cock sure he isn’t a brainwashed idiot under the evil of real killer Stephen King and his influence that he finds himself mocking the hero in his midst who could save his sorry, brainwashed ass. He isn’t capable of knowing that, in this censorship ruled, phony world we live in, the truth LOOKS like a crazy van with slogans on it to get the world’s attention, somehow. He’s probably oblivious to the fact that the “conspiracy theorist” label is a C.I.A. originated slogan and a product of his media mind controlling him to dismiss people like me. I call these types “Stepford Wives” for being so insipid. He can’t fathom the POSSIBILITY  the Hinckley shooting was a Hollywood / government / media hoax  / smokescreen timed for the Lennon murder cover-up. That blanks were likely fired and red dye packs were employed to fool the viewer. To confuse us with who shot who at the time. Two pudgy men in their 20’s shooting world figures at almost the same time. That man was easily confused. I have no proof the Hinckley episode was staged but I believe it, indeed, was. The second Amendment took two hits for the price of one with Lennon being killed by a gun and Reagan allegedly getting shot with a gun to enact a Brady Bill. You see, people? It’s a complicated, sinister, evil world. Meanwhile, Stephen King is poised, after, to warp us all with fear like our government wants.

Meanwhile, I’ve just learned that Stephen King IS back in Bangor, Maine, after all, at least during the summer when his other government witness protection home in Florida is too hot to live at. Apparently he gets off humiliating his neighbors with how stupid and evil they really are. I was really disappointed to learn this after once thinking they were noble and good people, after all, for kicking him all the way to Florida. Half of Bangor knows I’m right about my evidence since I spent several months there in 1992. If they don’t then they are evil and stupid, frankly. Brainwashed saps. I gave away many, many dozens of magazines with King’s mug getting Lennon’s autograph my third visit there with my new website van in 2002. I noticed, in that third visit, they all seemed to look past it and pretended it wasn’t there at all. As if they had been brainwashed by their local television and newspaper media into thinking I’m a whacko to be dismissed. It is truly a setting for the soon to be infamous slogan “The Bangor Syndrome” a la “The Stockholm Syndrome” about taking sides with your captors. People of Bangor, you’re idiots under evil. Wake UP!! The man from California who you resent for being right is S-O-O-O right you can’t stand it. Now you’re all Twilight Zone insane! Pull your heads out, people. Your evil government made you this sick USING Stephen King’s evil against you.

Stephen King confided to his bookshop owner friend, then, Mitchell, Scott, Stuart – I forget his name –  the one who owned the bookstore at the center of town, then, who sold all King’s books, that he, not only killed John Lennon in a government plot, but that he was afraid he was going to “FRY” for it. I was discussing the possible future for King with him one night saying that, after he was convicted, I would let him share the television stage with me someday, role playing. He’d be the responsible one and me the apathetic slob. Kind of a way of redeeming himself. Just as I was in the middle of this pie in the sky fantasy, I’ll now admit it was, this friend of King furiously blurted out; “HE’S AFRAID HE’S GONNA FRY!!!!!!!!”” to snap me out of my rambling nonsense. I must have a talent for drawing out those huge confessions without even trying.

So, there, folks. You were well in the 70’s when Herman Maine kicked King out of their town over his evil writings, then, about a boy shooting up his classmates. The book “Rage”. NOW you’re right out of a Rod Serling Twilight Zone episode you’re all so swept away with evil. Now you are all very sick to allow him to live among you as if he is an upstanding citizen. Truth be told you permit his evil because he is a big taxpayer and you like that. Hey buys you off with baseball fields and college grants and every other trick in the book. Behind the scenes he refers to all of you as “shitters!” as depicted in “Christine”. Remember? Pretty sick, I think. I haven’t even mentioned that he was convicted of sex with a 15 year old in 1992 in Belfast , Maine, either. Oh, you probably wonder why the media is hiding that fact, too. The media is government controlled. The mass media is America’s enemy bent on overthrowing us.

Until Stephen King is exposed, arrested, tried, convicted and publicly EXECUTED for all the world to see, be it via injection or a firing squad, you people are as sick as Satan, himself. You are all in need of an exorcism. The night John Lennon was killed half of everybody wanted to take a bazooka to the killers’ evil ass. They were right about what to do to this man, then, just like Herman, Maine was right to kick King out for starting what would become the school shooting epidemic, then. They just didn’t know HOW evil a man Stephen King really was. His getting kicked out of that town so poisoned him against all mankind he had no compunctions in killing our beloved hero, later. His revenge against his tormenters, like Carrie killed her tormentors. Stephen King must, barring his turning state’s evidence against other living co-conspirators, be executed to deter others, especially our government, from ever killing a hero like John Lennon ever again. If we, as a people do not execute him then you are all the real monsters of this terrible story. Hypocrites, cowards and phonies. Meanwhile he has humiliated you to the point of ridiculousness with what he has done to all mankind. So far, evil is defeating good or you’d all get outraged as I am about him. I can see it; he is urinating all over your decency and he’s doing it on purpose fueled by hatred, his real and only talent. He is overly polite in public for a reason. He needs to keep you all fooled. He’s NOT”…such a nice man…”

Bangor, I’m counting on you to expose, arrest, and give King the justice he so perfectly deserves. You’ll have to parade with signs in front of your court buildings and media outlets. “LENNONMURDERTRUTH.COM should be one of your signs, for example. McCartney’s a douche bag and no help so it’s really up to you people to break this news wide open or it will stay undisclosed. Deserve disclosure; demonstrate! You will all thank me, after. Like coming up for air after being under water for five minutes, you will gasp at the feeling of truth and justice again. It will be beautiful. Punishing King is what is required for you all to ever be well again. You need the exorcism. Otherwise you will all live and die as douche bags for evil. Meanwhile, I will replace him as your cultural leader and entertain you with great singing, etc.(Something new I didn’t know I had in me.) not to mention the power of “good”  vs, “evil” If your apathy doesn’t get me killed, first, that is. If I die before my 100th birthday I blame each and every one of YOU for sitting on your hands while I sweated bullets for 40 years. Below you’ll find what chief Dave Hober is up to in Monterey. He’s a criminal and accessory to the Lennon murder cover-up. He has corrupted at least 10 officers who have lied and committed fraud against me in just three years. I even have the videos to prove their lies.

What do you say, people of Bangor? I remember my first letter to you in 1992 started with the sentence; “Good people of Bangor, Maine….” So, prove me right about it, won’t you? Stand up to evil Stephen King. He is using you, trust me. He revels in corrupting you with fear and evil.


Oh, yes, YOU definitely contributed to the assassination of John Lennon and everybody else you saw fall in your lifetime. Your impossible APATHY and PHONINESS!. The REASON, I think, mass shooters pick on average run of the mill people to mow down is because they feel THEY are responsible for all the woes of the world, somehow, And, somehow, they – YOU – all ARE! It’s usually the average slob these shooters pick on to teach some kind of lesson to. ISN’T IT?? It’s usually not politicians or people in government but average citizens, instead. What must they all be doing wrong to so anger these distraught shooters? You only have to take a look at the people of Bangor, Maine who know King is a sociopath and a murderer yet tolerate him in their midst, nonetheless. “The Bangor Syndrome” cannot be far off from being in our lexicon of human foibles. They PRETEND not to know but, believe me, they all know. When I was there in 1992 for several months only a toddler in her stroller joined my battle cry to jail King, then. She seemed to know what I was saying and found herself and her bravery all alone in Bangor. Her parents were, and still are, A.W.O.L..I wish people weren’t jealous and afraid of heroes like me. “The Catcher in The Rye” that the government used to brainwash you with was about adult phoniness. They tried to make you blame John when it was really phony all of you swallowing their cover-up lie at the time. John was the least phony human on earth, frankly. The kids aren’t so weak and sinful, apparently. That little girl in her stroller heard me saying how “Stephen King is the focus of evil in Bangor, Maine. We must all JAIL Stephen King…” She joined right in and seconded the thought out loud. Brave, beautiful, sane her. Why are the rest of you all so royally screwed up? This expose has proved the ineffectiveness of all religion that you’re all so sick.

Do I sound extreme and angry with all of you, myself? Probably. I feel like making a billboard that reads;




Look at you all. As you “…sit and drink your coffee, couched in your indifference, like shells upon the shore, you can hear the ocean roar….” In all your dangling conversations the ones you never have are the ones that matter MOST to all of us. “Did Chapman, a lone assassin, kill huge John Lennon all by himself or were devious players involved to mind control us by ridding us of John’s controversial influence?” “Did Oswald act alone or were the F.B.I. and mafia etc. all involved in real life? Was Moscow to blame?” “Is the fact that Chapman skipped a trial, altogether, and was allowed to be heard behind closed doors, no media allowed, to plead guilty a year and half behind schedule, was all that suspect or legit?” “Is that guy with the ludicrous claim that Stephen King assassinated John Lennon in a Nixon, Reagan plot true or false?”

If whatever I say here offends anyone, I’m sorry if you are offended. Will I behave perfectly like Jesus and offend nobody? No. We all saw what you did to him, anyway. I am the messenger you have created. I am the messenger you deserve. Find another if you can. In spite of your mistreatment of me I will save you fools, anyway. I’m a better singer than a complainer.


When I heard the news Lennon had just been shot my mind immediately rang like a bell; “Oh, my God! This is bigger than Kennedy and just like it. No crazy lone gunman did this, This was big people involved for big reasons..” I consoled myself with the thought; “My fellow Americans won’t be fooled this time. The trial will expose all their lies about this.” And then there was no trial. Hinckley had shot Reagan (allegedly) and switched the subject to him from Chapman. Just as the psychiatric evaluation for Chapman was delinquent. How convenient. The ‘trial of the century’ was, somehow, omitted completely. I was so deflated I sold my possessions and stored the rest and bought a bicycle and quit life as I knew it and I lived outdoors just singing along to The Beatles on my Sony Walkman for about a year and a half. One day I read how Chapman had plead guilty “because God told (him) to” and how it was a tiny clipping in the back section of the newspaper. This a year and a half too late to match what we were told about his plea date.  No trial but a closed door hearing with no media allowed. It was like the government had just admitted to me that they had killed John and this was their way of admitting it. To put so huge a story on page 15 in a tiny clipping. I even had a vanity license plate made for my bike; U.S GOVT, PLANNED JOHN LENNON’S DEATH, right after. Several weeks later I found myself turning up a street and down a street, involuntarily. I wondered what was going on. I then saw the library in Pacific Beach, Ca. staring at me and I knew I had to go inside and that something big was about to happen. I white knuckled my brakes and wrapped my lock around my bike and burst through the front doors and spotted a year and a half old copy of Us magazine with John and Yoko on the cover and grabbed it and went to the magazine section grabbing everything I could dated Dec. 15, 1980 since John was killed on Dec. 8.. Little did I know that all these magazines came out on Dec. 8 and there was no murder story to read about Lennon’s killer. The headlines, however, read like government codes all about Lennon’s murder, I noticed. “All The President’s Magazines…A Bombshell Case Goes Pfffht!….F.B.I.’s Show of Shows…The Great Black and White Secret…Heeding Those Subtle Signs…Death Comes From The Prime Minister…Unholy Ministry…A Gambler’s Luck Runs Out…” Then I noticed, in Time magazine, just elected Reagan sitting at his desk under the huge headline; “Who’s In?” “Who’s Out?” and next to Nixon’s book; ‘The Real War’. Below it was the headline; “Fitting together the pieces of a complicated jigsaw puzzle.” It was the moment my mind first realized these might be government codes in the headlines about John’s murder. “Reagan’s In” ” Lennon’s Out”., you see? Even though the article was supposedly about the cabinet choices. I saw the same picture in Newsweek and so I grabbed ‘The Real War’ and it opened RIGHT TO the paragraphs about why we need to assassinate people like John Lennon. He comes right out and says’ “..the rock stars…who say ‘war’ is ‘bad’ and ‘peace’ is ‘good’.” It was a disgustingly awful feeling that went over me as I noticed more and more activity in the headlines of both these magazines and that it could not all be a coincidence. I had just learned that Nixon and Reagan were behind Chapman killing John Lennon and that these magazines were aligned with our government and contained codes about big goings on behind all our backs. It would be months later that I would find Mark David King Chapman and his letter linking Reagan and the killer’s face and real identity; Stephen King. I read, in that Us magazine, how Nixon tried to deport Lennon and his reasons why. It was all adding up and as if the evidence was designed to fall into my lap by fate. It was all so informative and all at once. I was sick to my stomach and left the library having been enlightened enough for one day. A week later I visited the big library in San Diego and realized I HAD discovered government codes in these magazines. It was so profuse as to be embarrassing for the government to be so flagrant and careless about it all. Did they think we’re all too stupid to spot them? I was soon on my way to my hometown of Santa Rosa, Ca. where I felt less in danger, leaving a girlfriend behind. I had cracked government codes in the bold print and Nixon and Reagan were caught in the crosshairs of it all. I knew I had stumbled onto the story of the century, at least!

Months later, I discovered Mark David Chapman and his letter that explains how Reagan is moving him, armed, into a hostile square. Any doubts I may have had were gone. It was ALL adding up. Then, because the codes fizzle out outside the five month zone before and slightly after the crime, I found myself scrolling backwards with almost zero code activity when a face scrolled by and I rewound it and immediately recognized the code below the face; “One Great Big ‘Zippo’ lighter” as a description of the killer in his raincoat, crouched, gun blazing fire into the night. I recognized the code, first. I matched the photos up with the autograph hound and it WAS a perfect match. Chapman’s face was NOT a match. That it also read Stephen King didn’t register with me. I was sure it must be a fake name for Chapman. Days later my brother told me; “You better read the article, Steve.” As I did the horror hit me full force. “Oh, my God! No way! Nixon, you GENIUS! Who could ever believe all this? The horror writer of all those movies killed John Lennon and now nobody will ever believe me.!” I had no idea who Stephen King even was until I read the article about “Firestarter” in that Sept. 15, 1980 issue of Time. I then read enough of his writings to know it was all too true. “Johnny, Nixon; the old witch hunter, himself, The Catcher in The Rye…Mark, shooting a man in the shoulder blades…” My GOD! NOW how do I convince the warped world of this bizarre truth? Shortly after this final puzzle piece I was surprised by Terry Chodash of the San Francisco Secret Service who interviewed me, never denying my claims. After that my life became harassment, court terrorism hell. Many dozens of false charges I had to fight and beat. I was also savagely beaten a few times, even.

A few years later I learned that Yoko Ono is in on the plot after her security had me kidnapped, handcuffed and beaten unconscious for just giving her my evidence to get to Paul, George and Ringo at an art gallery she was attending that night. I would later learn that our media and court are as corrupt as the plot that killed John and it was now up to only the public to break this news story. Only just recently have I learned that our government and media are under our mafia. Really.

I would then learn that the public had been corrupted by the media to the point of masochism and my job was now up against a real challenge forcing me to have to EXORCIZE my fellow man before he could even begin to help me or even care.


It took getting the razz by them in Monterey and Santa Cruz, California – about eight phony citations and charges in just a few years – and it took learning that Robert Kennedy getting the same razz by them as Trump is getting to figure it all out, but I figured out WHO killed the Kennedy’s M.L.K. and others and who probably stole the 2020 vote they are so threatened of losing their grip on our F.B.I. and whole government. I found out WHO OWNS our F.B.I.; the Italian mafia, that’s who. The same group who admitted to rigging the 1960 election for J.F.K. and then killed him for his attempts, with Bobby, to erase the mafia in America, then. Now they are charging Trump with defrauding the public and for interfering with a government process when it is THEY who are defrauding us out of electing Trump this time, not just last time. That the F.B.I. is apparently involved only proves WHY the steal wasn’t located. It was a total inside job BY the F.B.I. for the Italian mafia who wear J. Edgar Hoover’s name on all their buildings. You see,  it was he who denied that the mafia ever existed and then was the first to call R.F.K. to let him know his brother had just been killed. By them. To rub it in; “Take on the MAFIA, R.F. K.? We just killed your brother. You best play like me and allow them to own the F.B.I. because they’ll kill you if you don’t.” or sentiments to that effect.

For example; a car that generates electricity from the rotation of all four wheels. Like playing cards in your bicycle spokes. A little drag involved but electricity produced WITHOUT PG&E or ANY stinking electric company. That’s what you NEED. Half the batteries and weight and no electric bill. The ONLY reason you won’t get that technology is because I’m not famous enough to demand it. Until I AM famous they will deprive you of this money and planet saving technology. They control you all with money and such, you see? You all NEED ME!!!!! Wake up!

Back to the mafia take over of The United States of America. We all know from the non fiction movies The Godfather parts one and two that it was in the mobs interest to own judges and District Attorneys, then. To keep their boys out of jail and such. Since those days before WWII they have metastasized and just gobbled up all that was once left of our respectable system. The Department of Justice? Like the F.B.I. they control all of it.. Now it means; “Just Us!” They get a cut of all the fines it generates. We’re talking billions of dollars per year the MAFIA puts in THEIR pockets from our court cases nationwide. It’s a racket. The Attorney Generals, D.A.s, the leader of the F.B.I. and C.I.A.? All in on it. In Monterey and Santa Cruz, well know Italian mafia strongholds, even the judges and police are on the take doing whatever they are told to do by the upper bosses in the mafia. Leon Panetta, Congressman, and former presidential aid, Italian. Jeannine Pacioni, the Monterey D.A., Italian, Judge Manetta, and down the line. That’s right, citizens of California. It’s absolutely even worse in L.A. and other big cities back east like N.Y.C. Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, New Orleans, D.C. and on and on. The toll roads and parking mafias that shake the locals from their ankles aren’t even seen in the west. Back east it’s a given. The mafia owns the east coast, especially. That they also own our government’s Washington D.C. apparatus, almost entirely, is alarming and should piss all of you off. Problem is, you’re their decapitated douche bags, lately. With no heroes left to give you hope you have given up hope.

I have to believe they have their fingers in big oil and electric companies and media as well. The Jewish mafia seems to control the media. It is a well known fact that the Rothchild family, overseas, has owned PG&E for decades. That’s a racket. Trillions of dollars per year if not per month. You see how they became one of the three biggest most powerful families on earth? DO YOU??!! These are the people foisting already obsolete technology on you just to make themselves money while the planet burns from their greedy ways instead of allowing the car I described above to be produced and save us all a ton of work and money and planet warming. You don’t think these powerful families aren’t mafia, themselves? If not they surely use them to get their ways, trust me.

Joe Biden has, singlehandedly, almost doubled the price of oil and in less than two years time. He’s pushing for electric cars that are too heavy and costly than what we could do if we weren’t under ‘mob’ rule. Joe WORKS for these mafia bastards. Trust me. He DOES!!!  So did Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, Obama and the Bushes. They all did what the mafia told them to do. Meanwhile, they conduct media photo ops to suggest they are legislating laws to curb inflation as they do the opposite behind your backs. Deliberately mind controlling you. Duping you. In media speak these mafia are called oligarchs. The word mafia almost is never mentioned.

Did you like seeing your president’s head explode in a parade or his brother lying on his back with over a dozen (YES!) bullets in his body or Martin Luther King Jr.’s head take a bullet. Did you like it the night John Lennon was killed, taking point blank bullets in the back on his doorstep in the middle of his comeback? Did you like watching Trump’s huge lead disappear after midnight in 2020 right after the television feed and the count went blank for two hours in between? Basement Joe Biden being declared the winner? Do you like all of Washington D.C. and N.Y.C. taking part in this biased, orchestrated conspiracy to stop Trump or R.F.K. Jr., now? Don’t like any of it, do you? You HATE it, despise it, fear it, hate it, all. Blame you mafia and your apathy about it all.

I used to blame Moscow and the Kremlin for all our woes in this regard. Now I realize our own evil Italian and Jewish mafias are behind a lot of it as well. Knowing that our country is run by the mafia – or Oligarchs, as we’re told – would only give the Kremlin new ideas and a new way to penetrate our system with one of THEIR mafia groups muscling in on our depraved system of smoke and mirrors. I think it has already happened, people. Our looking the other way has allowed our most dangerous enemy, the mafia, to take over our country’s government and media. I now view one of my very favorite singers, Sinatra, in a new light. His attitude was flawed. He had feet of clay to cozy up with so venomous an arch enemy of the United States of America, after all. Too bad. Right now you’re all making the same, fatal mistake and it’s far later  than you could possibly know, compared to all that I have known for decades. I had to find out that Yoko was  John’s no good arch enemy, that McCartney was a pussy, that the media was a Jewish lie factory,. that both parties were the same wolf in sheep’s clothing (Even Trump doesn’t know that, yet.) and, now, finally, that our Italian and Jewish mafias are our greatest enemy and are caught red handed killing America, deliberately, and not just John Lennon. Biden is their executive salesman and their obedient, boot-licking PUPPET. PERIOD! Just like Nixon, Reagan,  Bush Sr. and Jr., Clinton, Obama were (ARE) and others waiting their turn to do us in.

And, so I say to all of you fence sitting , silent, apathetic communists who don’t care if Stephen King shot John Lennon to destroy our soul. He did, you know. If you want to play stupid and pretend otherwise, poor, stupid, phony you. This evil, dark force that has cursed this land for centuries. That’s what it looks like; Stephen King getting Lennon’s autograph hours before killing him, posing as Chapman. And all of you too busy licking the mafia boot that kicked your bloodied ribs in to stand up for yourselves and fight back. As pathetic as all the talking heads in our media trumpeting the demise of Trump and R.F.K. Jr.. Like of bunch of monkeys hooked on crack telling us all lies. Lies for their big paycheck, sadly. Kidnapped cowards, all. Why, just yesterday; 8-9-’23, a man in Utah was shot to death for threatening to kill Biden on social media. Apparently he was simply, methodically assassinated under the guise of trying to arrest him. He had guns in his house and was, therefor, killed preemptively rather than trying to take him alive. It was 5:00 am and this man wasn’t even awake before he was killed. You like that kind of America, America? Joe landed in Utah just hours later and he gets no media flack. Doesn’t that just FEEL like mafia to all of you? Maybe Nazi, even? You see?  Wake the fuck up, people.

When Whitey Bolger, the Irish mafioso, was linked to the F.B.I. as an informant many of you were perplexed why. The F.B.I. is owned by the mafia is why, people. When the poppy fields of Afghanistan were NOT bombed, but PROTECTED, you were all wondering; “WHAT??? When a certain John Russo in Monterey dented my protest sign on the 42’nd anniversary of Lennon’s murder with his huge truck after telling me he thinks I’m a “piece of shit..” I had no idea who he was or that the Italian mafia run Monterey and Santa Cruz according to the locals. No wonder officer Hill let him off and tried to make me the bad guy when I made a report. They run our local police, you see? In Florida King resides in a witness protection house on a Florida key. You’ve all heard of “Club Fed.” and the cushy jails the mob gets to serve time in. It all makes sense only now. Ever since the 30’s the mob has had it’s evil grip on our system, people. Through fear and murder and intimidation they have taken over our F.B.I. and D.O.J. and more. Now, today, they are defrauding the U.S. public of their 2020 vote and now our 2024 vote. They are caught in mid stride offering only a “Whaddagonnadoaboutit?” to you bovine creatures. They know that by blaming Trump of defrauding us that we will look 180 degrees away from the real truth of the matter. It’s called mind control. You, not I, are all under it, now. I’m a hero saving your sorry asses. My courage isn’t supposed to be possible but it is real, apparently. I just can’t stomach living under evil is the truth of my courage. I fear that more than anything. So should all of you.

Mr. Russo and his malevolent, meddling ilk must harbor a lot of guilt about Lennon’s murder. I recall how a local here, just months before Stephen King was mowed down by a van, told me that my expose could be stopped by an auto accident. Was he aware of a plot to kill King, then? To shut my story up? And I thought he was trying to threaten my life. King knows he is no safer than I and I worry a story will soon emerge that Chapman has died in prison to muddy the waters of my evidence. It doesn’t pay to be in bed with the mafia. By the way, you all already are.

I must say I’m a little disappointed in the world that the people behind all this treachery are just a group of power mad money worshipers and not some other more philosophical group. Kind of like pearls before swine. Drug cartels poisoning society and criminals after just money. How dare anybody’s lust for more money and power DARE kill one such as a John Lennon. Our species NEEDS these geniuses just to survive! Look at how much influence I will have someday; cars that are free to drive, etc… Just a hint of the possibilities.

Somehow, somewhere along the way this genetic rooted link to  acquiring absolute power in our world got started. They say it was Sicily. A breeding ground for inbreeding, actually. An island apart unto itself. In The Godfather part II a family mourning the assassination of one of their own was then attacked by the same people who killed their father just to make sure there were none to enforce revenge, later. Something akin to that kind of mentality. A depraved, selfish, short sighted outlook rooted in violence and horror. Simple survival instincts without much thought to justice or fairness or sanctity of life, after. In another scene in Godfather part I the wife of Michael Corleone says that his lifestyle is “UNHOLY!” No truer words could have been said. The same Vito Corleone that killed Don Fanucci because his leaching mafia lifestyle was unjust and crooked BECAME exactly that same kind of selfish bastard, himself. It’s a disease; mafiaism.

I once heard a story, for example, of a mafioso who killed a family’s father and then, without their knowing he was involved in the murder, invited them to dine at his house. Little did the family know that their father’s remains were in the rice that they were eating. That kind  of sadism and evil. Satanic! Not good for the rest of us that the people who lord over our F.B.I. and government and media are these kind of sick bastards to begin with. UNHOLY! SICK!, DEPRAVED!, EVIL!.

I recall my father being killed in a plane crash on the tenth anniversary of Nixon’s resignation and a week after Stephen King sent me a threat letter warning me of “Phase Three” since I won’t cease my investigation. Did they think I’d quit because of their terrorism if it was their act? How stupid. It only made me determined to squash them all like a bug someday and I  WILL, too. That these words are up on my site insure this even if I am killed by them. Fuck them. They only scare pussies and I’m not one. Did they also hang my Father’s dog in a drape chord weeks before like a warning? Who cares? I’m too busy fearing what our world will end up like if I DON’T squash them all like the bug they really are. I don’t care if I die trying, either.

Is maybe ten percent of your effort being siphoned straight into Italian’s pockets behind your backs? Are Italians or Jews or Irishmen or anyone getting a cut of all our court’s fines?, taxes, gasoline purchases, credit card purchases, insurance purchases, hospital expenses, etc..? I want to know. Don’t all of you? No one group of people should get more than they earn from a society and that is just not the case right now. IS IT? J. Edgar Hoover was mafioso. I’ll say it. He was the mob’s man in power in our government, then, and they force the F.B.I. to wear his name on all their buildings just to keep them in line and keep on protecting the mob. They own the Dept. of Justice and perhaps the media along with the Jewish mafia. How DO you all explain how a 3 % demographic  of America runs 50 % of all media, here? It’s a CONSPIRACY, is what.

The man who rammed my sign with his truck, I think, is driving a new Corvette mid engine car with his name on his vanity plate. J. RUSSO.  Also beware the owner of Brittania Arms who told me “We don’t care about you…we have ways to stop you….I’ll smash your face like a pumpkin…” Paul Whitecross. Also Mitchell  Suwanhane(?) of The Whisky Club across the street who cited me for just singing near his business, or Dave Hober, the M.P.D. chief who has been terrorizing me with several tickets all at once. Corrupting several officers in the process. Screw their effort to stop me. I have a job to do and you all have to help me and not expect me to bring this monster story in to shore alone.

How sad that more money, more cars, more whiskey , etc. can make men do such evil against all mankind just for their selfish selves? Sad. It used to be our F.B.I told the mafia what was up. Now it’s the opposite. BEWARE! Trump. apparently DID win in 2020. Only because the F.B.I. was helping the mafia with voting machines and ballot irregularities did Basement Biden get appointed our president. Now the very people who defrauded us all of America, itself, are labeling Trump as the defrauder. How transparent to one such as I. Mind control 101.

Personally, I’d wish R.F.K. Jr. were elected in 2024. I’d vote for Trump only second. He had his chance to arrest King and he balked. I gave him my stuff. Pity. Another weakling who can’t grasp what he’s up against. Right or wrong Kennedy might at least get us on a moral compass that will save us.

My profound knowledge of our politics tells me Desantis is the puppet for our next go around. Another fellow Italian in our presidency to seal ‘their’ deal. He was VERY quick to admit Biden won in 2020, Too quick, you see? Biden is T-O-A-S-T-! Hunter was broadcast naked getting a blow job from a hooker last week on national television. Biden’s a bluff candidate to ensure Desantis gets in. Of course the mob plays both sides, republican and democrat. It’s how they keep you mere mortals confused. I watched several candidates lose on purpose over my watch and this is no different. Biden is the open door for Desantis, IN MY OPINION.

OF COURSE, DESANTIS COULD ALWAYS ARREST STEPHEN KING INSTEAD OF PROTECT HIM ON A FLORIDA KEY IN A WITNESS PROTECTION MANSION LIKE HE’S DOING PRESENTLY. You see? I gave him my magazine in 2021 and information to get King arrested. Is he a mafia puppet? Everybody keep your eyes open.

About my own experiences with our Italian mafia takeover of our entire government.

In 1983 I was summoned to a Santa Rosa, Ca. court with two suspicious sounding crimes I had zero to do with; “Breaking and Entering” and “Attempted Grand Theft” Let’s see; I ”broke into” and “entered” our magazine government codes all about John Lennon’s murder and tried to “steal” the evidence for myself to expose the bastards who killed him. I went to court about five times and each time I was the only person, whatsoever, in the room. It was dismissed after all this weirdness. Somebody was trying to intimidate me, it seemed.

About the same time I was arrested in Santa Rosa for sleeping outdoors and then flown by a plane to Salinas over a years old riding a bicycle on a sidewalk ticket I got in Pacific Beach, Ca. In the Salinas jail I was poisoned by the staff who selectively made sure I got the tainted burrito.  From there I was bussed to Oakland, then to San Francisco, then to Sacramento, then to Vista Ca. near San Diego over a weeks time. The warden in Vista sat me down for a conversation; “Hey, Lightfoot, we’ve got to talk about this John Lemmon thing of yours. We could cut you up into tiny pieces and flush you down the toilet and no one would ever know or care.” I challenged his assumption about that and I was bussed to San Diego where my fine was dismissed with time served. I thought, at the time, it was just corrupt police, not mafia.

That riding a bicycle ticket was issued, not by a regular police car, but a style of black government car with a rich Italian looking man in the back seat presiding over it all. They must have resented my license plate on my bicycle that read; “U.S. GOVT. PLANNED JOHN LENNON’S DEATH” That was weeks before I discovered my evidence just a block away, in fact.

In late summer of 1984 I received a threat letter from a horror writer (Turned out to be Stephen King’s handwriting I would later learn.) On the inside with a manuscript titled “Rubber Monkeys”, a script not fit for public consumption it was so gross, probably one of King’s unpublished efforts, I found the following hand scrawled message; “Mr. Lightfoot, you haven’t gotten the whole story , yet, but, since you won’t cease your investigation I thought I might as well clue you to “Phase Three” Dennis C. Lee.” Eight years later a second letter from King, signed Stephen King, showed me the handwritings matched exactly except for the letter capital “I” which he awkwardly tried to pencil in to hide his distinctive real “I”.

About a week or two after this first letter my Father was killed in a small airplane crash in New Zealand on the tenth anniversary of Nixon’s resignation, no less. Weeks before that I would learn his beloved dog, ‘Jollie’, was found hanged in a drape chord. like a mob threat. I figured it was just Nixon and his nastiness to blame, not the Italian mafia. Maybe a coincidence but likely not.

In 1987 I was kidnapped, handcuffed and pistol whipped unconscious by S.F.P.D.  for giving Yoko Ono my evidence to get to the other Beatles. This was at the Dyansin Art Gallery in San Francisco.  I was ushered in ahead of hundreds of waiting in line by management, in fact. It was her security staff who started the episode, too. I was dropped off at the hospital, after, and slandered by a false report stating I was yelling death threats to Yoko Ono. Ridiculous. I would later learn that Yoko ordered this and that she was John’s enemy. She even lived in Berkeley, secretly, spying on my for two years I later learned. Again, I just figured it was our evil police. Hundreds of other lesser episodes would follow me.

In 1987, two days before the famous Golden Gate Bridgewalk event, I was arrested and my signs confiscated so I couldn’t attend and advertise my evidence. Months later two martial artists broke my nose on a sidewalk and dislocated my shoulder over nothing. D.A. Costello refused to honor my citizen’s arrest days later and let Thomas Decker, who I positively identified, go. Costello That’s an Italian mafia name we’ve all heard of, in fact. I was sure it was the F.B.I., then, nonetheless.

In 1994(5)(?), in Santa Cruz, I was arrested for suspicion of trespassing for advertising that ‘STEPHEN KING IS A MURDERER; IT’S TRUE OR HE’D SUE” holding up a huge sign at a book signing event he was attending. While in jail for two days I was slandered on national television news as a stalker of Stephen King and then released without being charged..                                                                                                                                                                                                           In 2010 I was almost killed under Obama / Biden – twice –  when a car broadsided me at 60 mph knocking my delivery truck on it’s side. The intersection was paved over the very next day. Very weird. No one was cited, besides. I was supposed to be dead, I suppose. Either she ran a red light or the Concord, Ca. traffic control room with monitors that they have gave us both green lights. After moving to Southern Ca. it was getting so weird with phony red light camera tickets I was getting I didn’t deserve up north, another high speed “accident’ occurred while I was on I 5. A uniformed Navy cadet rammed his truck as hard as he could into my narrow wheelbase Toyota van and tried to run off. His tire left a six foot long by two foot wide rubber mark across the length of the van. I chased him down and the CHP, who took 45 minutes to arrive, decided not to cite him, either! He admitted he was doing 75 mph, ten over the limit, too. I thought it was the military, this time, and not the mafia. Them and the CHP.

In 2019, after letting a retired policeman from Santa Cruz know I needed a ride to my dental operation he fixed me up with a man; Chris Malsack. This former officer knew who I was though I had no idea this coffee shop owner was a cop. This Chris Malsack exited my van with the van in neutral and pushed it down a hill forcing me to jump from the back section into the driver’s seat to avoid mayhem and crashing into another lot, below. My new, just painted and lettered van was wrecked a little, anyway. Though no drugs or alcohol were in my system I was cited for DUI and tortured for over two years in court and three judges I had to recuse and two lawyers I had to fire before it was finally dismissed. I thought, at the time, how evil our own F.B.I. must be to try a stunt like that. Only they could pull that much damage off with so little opportunity. At the same time another ticket on April Fool’s day months later from the same CHP office was dismissed after a no show by the officer. During those trials I happened to fender bend an uniformed officer who just happened to pull out behind me as I was trying to park at the last moment. As my new van was being wrecked my other van was being sabotaged by Jack Fox Auto who happens to have a contract with police vehicles. The judge (Mendoza) in small claims denied my claim for over $2,000. in damages in that separate matter.

While in mid fight with this DUI ticket, while brandishing a billboard on my van that read; “D.A. ROSELL IN PLOT TO KILL ME” (The S.C. D.A.) Six Monterey police officers all ganged up on my for tapping a license plate while parking. At one point they all rushed me from a circle formation to see if I’d react so they could cite me for resisting arrest. They tried to DUI me, again, until I blew a 0.00, twice. They cited me for something else they promised not to and even turned that no damage license plate tap, that the owner agreed was not damaged, and made that into a accident on my DMV record. A year later a man in a police / library  parking lot  claimed I hit and ran in another parking incident. He was found dead a year later in his car in the exact parking space where we met after my matter was dismissed due to lack of evidence. VERY WEIRD, PEOPLE.

They are still up to their tricks in the M.P.D. Chief Hober has since tried to cite me twice in three days for singing from my van. I knew from another earlier ticket they set me up with when officer Kopp hid in my blind spot to take my eyes off the road through a light that my several subpoenas I would have issued would be ignored like they did months earlier and I made a plea agreement to work off the fines with 8 hours of community service wiping one off my record.

There’s much more I could list, but why? I’ve given you all enough reason to do something about it all. Keeping me alive should be your job one priority now. I hold the key to political change, after. There is nobody like me on earth who can so change our world.

I’ve already described how an Italian named Russo rammed my signs on my anniversary rally and such. I now KNOW that he Italian mafia O-W-N-S our entire government. THEY tell our politicians and officials what their jobs are and our government has capitulated. They and the F.B.I. they control are behind the Trump indictment fraud and the stolen 2020 vote. They fear Trump because he’s not on board with them being at the top of our government. I am now absolutely certain the mafia owns our government and has for decades and that they killed our presidents, senators, heroes, civil rights leaders and that they are too diseased to stop if we don’t stop them, ourselves. By the way, the black community should know that, in Monterey, land of Italian mafia rule, there is a lot of “Driving while black” tickets doled out for political purposes, if you know what I mean. Especially you should all care about thius.

Whenever I advertise the Panetta family, here, being mafia, the D.A. Paccioni, being Italian, etc., Jimmy Panetta will come on television days later and open up the purse strings he is in control of to dole out millions for this and for that to appease the locals. Exactly why we need to get the Italian mafia out of our government. They should not BE in control of our purse in the first place. They occupy the most powerful posts in our government and they are suffocating America to DEATH with their evil. They are trying to defraud us all, again, in yet another election fraud / scheme. Our wimpy officials in government can’t or won’t stand up to them.

They use Stephen King to dumb you down and keep you scared and afraid. They don’t care about planet warming or anything other than how much money is in it for them. Idealists like John Lennon are in their greedy way. If there is not a car that charges itself without a motor I say it is only because THEY won’t allow it. They own oil and electricity companies all over. Our government has capitulated to them over greed and fear. They are empowered by the public fearing them. I say we expose, arrest, try and execute King to humiliate THEM and, with my celebrity input, put them out of business as they know it, once and for all. Together, TOGETHER we can do it, people. You have my evidence and my heroism and courage and voice. Use it.

You have my evidence, people. Stand up and fight back! I need you all to PROTEST with me every Sunday at noon in downtown Monterey, Ca.. Alvarado Street. You’re all boot-licking insane masochists until you all wake up and HELP ME!!!!! Just even admit it for one second, please. Get brave and find a spine in time before your evil apathy gets me killed, too. I am the Godsend you are too evil to recognize right now. This evidence is your luckiest day, ever! You were made evil by Stephen King’s crime, believe it or not, or you all would be as outraged as I am. It’s just a fact. You’re all insane now. Get well, America. Hurry, please.


Incidentally, do you all have any idea what a mile in my shoes feels like? It’s like being yards away from the top of the mountain only to have to exorcise all of mankind before they can even care about what I do to actually get there. King has so crippled and castrated and decapitated all of you you don’t dare begin to admit it. I KNOW why your kids are going berserk. Their parents are asleep at the switch. Phony. King has rendered you all RIDICULOUS!. The stakes could NOT BE higher. If I’m right our arch enemies from abroad are killing our heroes to cripple us as a people and nation and only this expose can stop them in time. A matter of Heaven or Hell for us all. Our own secret government has already sold us out, our F.B.I. media, etc..

While I AM on the subject, consider how much I already know about all of you. I know my own flesh and blood immediate family members basically chose to lick cover-up boot and succumb to the crime sheepishly. Lick Big Brother’s evil boot! Render unto Caesar! I found that out about all of you, too. 90 % of you, anyway.. Maybe 10 % of you have expressed encouragement instead of resistance, I’ll admit. But even you choose NOT to take a stand and make things happen. “I’ll let someone else be the first to stand by his message in public.”???

I’ve notice how my immediate geographical region is stiffing my website magazine, most of customers being from where my website van isn’t even seen. As if you, as a group, collectively, have decided to NOT let this news out and hinder me with a boycott. Oh, yeah, admit it all you phonies and cowards,. That IS you, PROVABLY, or I’d get most of my support from here in California where I advertise the most. But I AM saving an ingrate species bent, apparently, on killing every hero who pops his head up and outshines and out thinks the rest of us mere mortals. The government, for whatever reason, is the vehicle you use to do your dirty work, too. How sick is THAT!? The very group bent on manipulating and using and exploiting you you let kill the very breed that can save you fools. The ONLY breed that can. The hero.

Let’s see, we’ve got John Lennon’s WIFE, Yoko Ono, found out to have been his mortal enemy since before they met. Sent by the government to break up The Beatle’s because John was too big to assassinate at the time. His WIFE is his enemy. He was blind to the evil under his nose all the while. Lots of you still are.

We’ve got all his fans, the public, letting Mark Decoy Chapman skip a trial altogether because you all KNEW the government killed John and didn’t want to stir things up and make a stink. YOU, THE PUBLIC, stepped aside as the police and the government made my life terrorism hell for decades for all my heroic efforts to save your raped, sorry asses. Maybe 12 people at one time ever standing by my rally efforts. Usually zero, occasionally several. Mostly just a resentful of my heroism. “Leave us alone. We all KNOW what happened to John we just don’t want to have to deal with it, O.K.? Now let my just call you a whacko so I can live with myself.” kind of phony, guilty slob.

We have the government who’s supposed to protect us from foreign powers assassinating our heroes after first infiltrating our highest offices. People like Nixon, Kissinger, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Obama, all working for a secret world order government that cuts America’s balls off, first. Cuts our tongue out. So our F.B.I. and C.I.A. and our oligarchs, corporate leaders and justice system, the courts and police ALL SELLING US OUT! Not only letting King kill Lennon but now protecting him in Florida with a witness protection compound on a  private key.

We have our mass media who’s supposed to protect us FROM government protecting ONLY GOVERNMENT in reality. Our media has been taken over. Maybe by foreigners or even our own deep state we like to ignore the presence of. Using us, manipulating us, poisoning us. Controlling us with fear and evil and murder and grizzlyness. Making it possible for a Stephen King monster to assassinate a great hero like John Lennon REPLACE HIM and get scot free away with it, crippling humanity in the process. MAKING US ALL EVIL!!!!! No less. And all while you, the people, let them. Underneath it all we have the Italian and Jewish mafias running our government and rigging our elections and mind controlling us with the media. America is dead. already, under the ugliness of a mob takeover of our entire government. YOU are the spineless weaklings who are too afraid of them to stand up to it all. Poor, pitiful, phony all of you.

Lately I get a vibe from the ghetto thugs in the Monterey area I see in my face all of a sudden that the government has been trying to recruit some gang member to take care of me before I become the most credible and powerful man in the world. Like John used to be. You know, working the channels to see if they can get them to kill me before I save your ingrate asses. THEY know I will change everything. The story and truth this evidence reveals will save you fools. I am their worst nightmare.

And you victim / masochists wonder why your world has descended into mass shootings hell all of a sudden. You WONDER!!!!!! Wake up, weaklings and grow some balls before you’re all transgendered, computer controlled  or hit with a virus under China and Russia and the world order’s control. Our politicians are selling America for big bucks. Money killing the U.S..

I can see the evil you’re under. Money and the pursuit of it has crippled your senses of what is right and what is wrong. What matters and what doesn’t. Your, OUR, world  is run by men who ONLY pursue money and they decide how we all live. These monsters with half their brains missing and uncultivated. Our nation’s history is littered with how polluters and monopolists and tycoons and industrialists and crooks have kidnapped society and laid waste to morals and principles and values in their money lusting wake. And they have all manipulated all of YOU with money, too. You’re all so busy surviving, scurrying like squirrels to keep up with inflation and the other tools they use to oppress you. You were too stupid without a hero to NOT see how the women’s lib movement was high jacked to put women to work and almost double your taxes then. You are mind controlled with money worship game shows and your are encouraged to go out and make more money by all your churches. Police and F.B.I. shows abound all pointing their guns at you on prime time and wasting human life to terrorize you. Your churches can’t save you from your own phoniness and cowardliness and save you from real evil, though, or King would have been exposed, arrested, tried and executed by now. Until he IS you’re all very sick and perverted.

Only a hero can save you fools, now. I am IT, too. People like silent Paul McCowardly don’t rate. They are the real “Nowhere Man” among us taking up celebrity space they don’t deserve that should be made for heroes like John Lennon and yours truly. Yoko? She laughs at you stupid fools. Just like King does.

Can there be any hope or use for a species so evil, self destructive, satanic and weak? Think about it, people. You have to start thinking about all this. You phony parents are protecting the government and Stephen King who hurt you instead of yourselves and your children. Hate my heroism and evidence all you want but you’re all paying for King’s evil crime against you. Aren’t you?? It’s time HE PAID and you are all saved, instead. Execute evil assassin Stephen King. He really DOES have Hell to pay.



Before we get started, BIDEN, apparently, is up to his tricks with me. All in this one week I have three emergencies to deal with; 1) My 5-30-’23 court date for two singing in public citations 2) my website provider has to change my site to another server as the one they have is being replaced with one NOT highjacked. It has to be done by the same day as my court appearance. Their entire client list has to change as well. 3) A case of apparent fraud to tack on a point I don’t deserve to my driver’s license has occurred a block away from the 2014 assault I suffered when a stranger sucker punched me and was then let off by corrupt police who were behind it, I think. Now that I was at the scene several years later, what do you know; a man is blocking traffic forcing me up a side alley that finds a man’s bumper touching mine and he sets me up by not asking for insurance only to claim twice what his car is worth a month later for prior damage or something his crowding my bumper caused, not me.  All this landing on my plate on the same week. Our C.I.A. and Biden or just crazy coincidence? Somewhere below is an account of Obama / Biden’s 2010 and 2015 attempts to kill me in two very high speed “accidents” in case you think I’m over reacting. In 2017 my site was completely hacked, for example, between episodes of receiving e-mails from Stephen King and gross horror imagery. And all this amidst an unprecedented spate of several false tickets and criminal charges since 2019 here in the Monterey area.

Oh, and yeah, it is a lot like waterboarding me for 40 years, your apathy and silence in the face of evidence. I have to exorcize you warped, corrupted, decapitated phonies. Humanity is having a hard time stepping up like a man to face it’s mess.

One other matter; my singing from my website van all over town. What’s THAT all about? Well, I sing instead of rant and rave like an activist against the wicked world. What I have to say politically will wait until I have the world’s stage. Until then the truth you can’t seem to handle. So I sing, instead. Normally the police know that if they molest me I will scream at the public, after. Not any more, you see? That’s why I sing. It’s a way of showing you all how right I am and always have been. I couldn’t sing as well as everybody tells me do if I didn’t have the confidence of knowing how right I AM! I have nothing to be ashamed of, especially being a silent phony in the face of vital evidence we all need. Nothing, by comparison, could be more humiliating than that. I CAN sing pretty astonishingly good, too. As good as ANYBODY ON EARTH! and I’ve seen Sinatra sing in person. Suddenly and out of the blue. Like God is pulling the strings of fate. I AM creating a big buzz. So I’m not boring anybody, myself included. It’s a great way to convey the intensity and hugeness of my expose via great(?) singing. Of course, half the battle is now having a muscularly developed voice with all the practice. Mostly, though, I am motivated since getting killed by everybody’s apathy and the police is the ALTERNATIVE. I HAVE to sing just to survive this wicked, denial prone world. To survive YOU!

A little about why it is I may sound a little arrogant and edgy. For over four decades I have been mocked by jealous society for being a hero in the midst your mass surrender to insanity. You parents can protect Stephen King but you can’t protect your children, you see? The most famous and loved person on earth was allowed to die in vain, his alleged killer allowed to completely skip a trial, altogether, and after all the danger John was in since Nixon’s deportation efforts in the 70’s. I have to sustain being neglected by a satanic culture that you HAVE ALL BECOME. It’s as if the government has poisoned your tap water with a drug to make you all spineless and stupid. It’s not that you’re bad people so much as it is you have been made bad by evil. Calculated, Orwellian, government evil. Made evil by your government, or maybe a foreign government(s) who has been caught perverting you all on purpose. You CAN’T explain away that they had their reasons. They are caught red handed having molested you as a species with pure evil intent to control you. To repress and oppress you. ALL OF YOU. How can you stand to even ADMIT that is and has been the case all this disgraceful time?. Just a fact. It’s too complicated to explain here. Let’s just say your phoniness, weakness and sin has cost me my youth while I waited for you to do the right thing only to find you’re all a stinking, phony, wounded, jealous, dysfunctional, hero killing mess. You cling to ineffectual religion like a bar of soap to make you feel clean while, in fact, you’re all under evil, now. If it were not for my efforts you’d all rather I got killed just so you wouldn’t have to care or get your hands dirty. That’s why you’re called a “Rat Race”. You are the sad case I have to save with the truth and hard evidence. Don’t blame me for coming across like sandpaper after all your evil, hero killing past. YOU all grow up!

I was recently on the radio (6-19,’23) and spoke the following words;

“.I’m not really into violence and this will sound gross, but, for all of us to achieve full exorcism of our condition we should all have to be forced to watch, via world simulcast television, a live event; a firing squad tearing into Stephen King.” A public slaying of our evil dragon.

There was a time when it seemed plausible that would not be necessary. I recall trying to convince a friend of Stephen King in Bangor, Maine, in 1992, his bookseller friend, Stuart or Scott, I forget, that King need not be too concerned, that I’d allow him to come out of his cell now and then and role play on television someday with me as the apathetic citizen and him the responsible one. To rehabilitate him that way. As I was explaining this pie in the sky notion his friend furiously blurted out; “He’s afraid he’s gonna FRY!!!!” as if I was talking crazy talk. Time has proven how often I overestimate the goodness of my fellow man and I have to agree, now, that is probably not in the cards. No, for us to all be healed he’ll have to be APPROPRIATELY punished. Justice must be served. Sanity must be restored. Your, our exorcism, demands we do exactly that. Death by firing squad is the logical choice as he has betrayed all humanity in robbing us of Lennon’s influence and  time has proven our world has crashed and burned for killing him, after all. He deliberately destroyed and poisoned us and humiliated us and defiled us will evil intent. He deliberately destroyed the better future we were entitled to. That he should get the same treatment the Rosenberg’s got for giving Moscow our A-bomb secrets; death by firing squad. Not so much to just punish him but to humiliate and put in their place King’s handlers. Who are THEY” The Rockefellers, Rothchild’s The royal family, The Kremlin, Kissinger? Whomever. They need to have their pet monster humiliated before the world to send a message to all evil bastards everywhere. We WILL not be victimized by their evil any more. We will smack them down and put them in their place even if just by publicly killing their assassin for hire. We can all stop working to oust them, if necessary, too. Before they grab our guns and psychologically castrate us, completely.

Look at how far away from sanity and justice you all are NOW. ” Oh, so what if Stephen King killed John Lennon? It’s in the past, anyway. We’re too terrorized, now, too spoiled to have to care about justice and truth anyway. I’m an insane person.” That’s the road to America’s implosion. Or haven’t the past four decades already proven that? Mass shootings every day, suicide off the charts, etc. , etc., etc.. Even bizarre weather and heat and storms, to boot.

Because humanity is a slob – sorry, just the truth, especially collectively –  that needs a hero to function properly, a hero that oversees the politicians and corporations and militaries, you all have to be held accountable in this fashion, too. King has said that; “… the N.R.A. should have to be forced to wash off the guts off the walls of Sandy Hook..” because he is our enemy bent on disarming us of our second amendment. He’s a traitor, a saboteur. He despises the whole idea of America. I say the U.S. public should be forced to have to watch Stephen King executed to punish THEM for being sympathetic to him and the evil he represents all this stupid time. For sucking up to Satan like a bunch of pussies. For being willing victims of the evil King forced on us all and not having the sense or the spine to stand up to him, instead. You all need this exorcism you can’t get any other way. I’m not just talking. I’ve already made it known that, even if I DO become the world’s biggest celebrity after this news breaks, I volunteer to be on that firing squad, if necessary, just to emphasize how stupid you all have been for NOT punishing him decades ago when you knew what he did. Like Atticus Finch in “To Kill A Mockingbird”, someone has to be the adult in the room and kill the mad dog when the mad dog endangers all society.  Conversely, “…it’s a sin to kill a Mockingbird (A John Lennon) who only graces the world with it’s song.” to quote the movie. For us to treat King as anything BUT our mortal, traitorous enemy is a drastic and fatal and foolish mistake. I realize, as I write these words, that King and others will argue that Lennon was the mad dog that needed to be killed. That’s the kind of evil world you all live in. Government mind control spinmeisters. Like the ones who spoon fed you all the Chapman lie. You need a hero like Lennon or myself to steer you straight and narrow so that the powers that be don’t succeed in brainwashing and confusing you as they have proven they will. It’s a sad money ruled world we live in that is run by evil people at the top. The ONLY way I’d be willing to let King live is if he turned witness against the still living hidden puppet masters he works for to the point several living conspirators are convicted and punished and exposed with King. He’d have to expose the big ugly reality that rules our lives. It would be a dramatic redemption. It would have to be a believable, revealing event or it wouldn’t wash. For these past four decades you have been living in hell on earth and refused to believe it. Time’s up and the truth is coming out in spite of your evil cover-up, cowardly ways, people. Without me, the hero, you’d all be Soviet slobs by now, I think. I hate to sound so self important but I, frankly, AM so important. You can’t conceive of admitting that fact, though. I’m showing up weak, phony everybody, even religion, and you can’t stand the light of day that I offer you on a silver platter. You can’t stand admitting that you all NEED a hero. Just like you needed parents when you uttered your first helpless cry. You don’t think that Jesus was a hero? He was exactly that.


John sang the lyrics; “…Hatred and jealousy gonna be the death of me, I guess I knew it right from the start…”

The real reason King killed Lennon, the reason Nixon had to exact revenge on John for ridiculing him in his songs, the reason Reagan and the media all went in on it had to do with supreme jealousy. That and hatred. That poisonous emotion. They all knew that Lennon had, without even trying, achieved the pinnacle of fame and cultural influence and respect. He was, literally, without peer. Every language and nation knew who he was. At the very, very top of all society as the world’s most famous and respected human being. They were jealous of all that power. He had swung from the highest vine and pulled off a miraculous career in his songwriting, singing and instrumentation not to mention his lecturing us all on conscience. “Nowhere man, please listen. You don’t know what you’re missing…” He openly offended us at his own expense just to impress upon us the questioning our working class situation and opening up the concepts of living without war, money, greed, religion, countries. He had the master plan that all the politicians have wanted to achieve, a homogenous, united world. The only difference is WHAT would that world look like, after? John’s enemies want totalitarian, Orwellian control of everything about all your lives. They demand a money ruled world where you get exploited and they get rich and the planet gets killed with all their phony industry they stir up just to make money. They want to invade our bodies with drugs and who knows what. They would like to neuter us if they could, frankly. You don’t think King’s “The Stand” WASN’T all about Covid -19? It was. He knew about it decades before it was unleashed on us all. He’s part of that insider crowd. They are motivated by greed, mostly, and selfishness and all that comes with that. Our best interests are never served with their agenda. They win, we all lose in the bargain. Always. John, on the other hand, wanted to remove the trappings that tempt us all to sin and stray and screw things up. “No need for greed or hunger..” Sure a lot of us would not want to go that far. Not yet, anyway. John’s plans screwed the opposition’s machine right in it’s heart; money, possessions, industry, commerce, media manipulation, manipulation of currency and inflation, etc. etc.,. Thomas Jefferson lamented that we did NOT adopt an agrarian, self sustaining society from our start. John was acting in OUR best interests and that pissed off the powers that be. They knew that, once tasted, we would never go back to the rat race ever again and they’d all be out on their sick, dirty, dinosaur asses.

Stephen King, especially was jealous of one so great as John Lennon. How dare HE get all the marbles at birth? How dare anyone BUT Stephen King get the sheepskin from God. I can almost hear him speak; “His Dad left him, like mine did me, and he turned out alright. Why didn’t I? It’s not fair. Everybody LOVES John Lennon and peace and love and changing the world. Nobody loves hatred, horror and scaring the shit out of people. Life’s not FAIR! I deserve to have the stage all to myself and his comeback will just screw my career up. I’ll be in the shadows forever and no one will ever know the wonder of fear and hatred and sickness. Damn his being right about everything. Meanwhile the politicians want a guy like me around and have promised me the fame and fortune I crave if I just kill John Lennon. I’d pay THEM for that. I’ve learned that Yoko is in their pockets, too, so there’s that. The getaway. Chapman looks enough like me to fool the public and everything is set. I hate the world for what it did to me. I was teased and ridiculed my whole life, (‘Carrie’ was his autobiography in that regard.) even kicked out of Herman, Maine for writing about a school shooter at the time when there weren’t any. I’m a narcissist from hell and only my needs matter. FUCK THE WHOLE GOD DAMNED WORLD I CAN’T WAIT TO KILL YOUR HERO, JOHN LENNON, AND HURT YOU ALL BACK!!!!”

That’s the secret mind of your writer ,buddy, Stephen King, everybody. Feel like a moron now? Oh, you know it’s true because if I wasn’t correct he’d sue my ass, wouldn’t he? Everybody knows he never has and has never denied my claims, even. So there, phony humanity. Oh, and lest I forget; the media is also covering up King’s 1992 Belfast, Maine conviction for having sex with a 15 year old. He plead no contest and paid a huge fine I was informed while visiting there. He admits, in his 1980 Playboy interview that he once even considered killing his children!

You can see the hatred radiating from King’s aura in the autograph photo hours before the murder. “I’m going to kill you, you Motherfucker! I hate your ass so much I can hardly wait. This hatred rush you’re greatness is giving me and the opportunity to fuck over the whole human race at once is what I live for. See ya in about three hours, sucker. Don’t forget to bring your government agent, actor / wife Yoko, you’re stupid enough to trust, too.!”

I remember, before ever finding my evidence, wondering how a mild mannered expression like Chapman’s was able to so transform into a map of pure, furious hatred, later, on December 08. I would learn it was because they were two different people.

Speaking of Chapman. Another jealous douche bag. What kind of turd would sacrifice his reputation forever and have to hide from society, forever, and live with his parents? (That’s what I’ve heard from prisoners who never saw him in Attica like we were all told.) Why would he get involved in such a sick plot? I think he blames his bad LSD trip that made him go insane years before on John Lennon’s influence and that that was his axe to grind against John. He was allegedly already in the military at Fort Chaffee and also in Lebanon before 1980 according to the media. Maybe he is military. I once knew a psychopathic liar when I was young. It wasn’t until a year later I learned her real name, for example. They’re out there, people. People who live to deceive others. They are out there. Maybe Chapman gets off duping the whole human race. He IS on the side of pure evil. He needs to face the same punishment we give Stephen King, I think. Yoko, now 90,(?) will probably die soon and her certain role offers less proof.

Finally, Yoko Oh, No!!!

We all booed and hissed at her arrival like she was a government agent sent to bust up The Beatles, THEN!. We were all RIGHT. Shows you how phony we all are now not to admit what we’ve always felt about her. I had to get kidnapped and handcuffed and beaten unconscious by her security in 1987 to figure it out for sure. She now has scooted her guilty wheelchair bound, very ill ass all the way to Switzerland I have so exposed her In New York City. That douche bag Paul McCartney trusts her a little scares me. He must be drug damaged and addled. He may BE a moron. He is definitely missing a humanity screw somewhere, I assure you. (He knows I’m right and I have him on tape yelling out my name at Berkeley to endorse me, then, in 1990. He just lacks the balls to stand up and get things done. Had I not taped it I’d have missed it.)

So, there, folks. We have a moral obligation to expose, arrest, try, convict and very publicly execute traitor, saboteur, assassin, monster; Stephen King. Just to exorcise ourselves of the damage his crime has caused us. To be able to stop the mass shootings, suicides and everything else he caused. We need it to regain our sanity and justice. That’s the VALUE OF justice. It allows for the guilty to pay instead of the rest of us. He pays . We stop paying. The alternative is He rules over our crippled, desecrated lives forever and WE PAY and we all lose our freedoms and America in the process. That’s our dilemma.

It’s a no brainer but only I, apparently, am well enough to act on the information you all have. I’m basically waiting for you scared, flat footed weaklings to catch up to hero, messenger; Steve Lightfoot and stand next to me and hold up signs demanding media disclosure. You know, every Sunday at noon in downtown Monterey, California. Like you should have all done decades ago. Meanwhile “SCARED U.S. ABUSING MESSENGER”

You absurd, satanic giggle pusses. You can’t afford to snicker at the messenger and mock the truth any more. You have to confront it. We ALL have to try and execute Stephen evil King just to exorcise ourselves.

You have to decide whether you are going to get me killed with your apathy or kill Stephen King, instead. You have to decide, people. You have already martyred my youth. If I should die of anything but old age, into my 100’s, I’m so well preserved, I will blame mostly all of YOU PEOPE who could have saved me and yourselves in time, instead.


Currently at least 9, possibly 10, police officers have wrongfully tried to ascribe points against my driver’s license I didn’t deserve. This in just over four years time. The agenda, it seems, is to focus on small parking lot incidents to whittle away at trying to get my website emblazoned van off the streets. In 2021 I had to fight the DMV to retain my license. I wrote to the president and told him all about this treachery I’m fighting. I think he listened, too.

In 2017 two officers were laying in wait on a darkened corner for me to see if I’d run a stop sign. a block away from where they knew I slept at night. At the time another man was trying to infiltrate my life there and he ended up breaking his girlfriend’s wrist right after I cut ties from him. The officer did not show at court and that was dismissed.

On Jan 10, 2019, aware that I was in need of a ride to my dentist’s office for an operation and right after buying a new van and painting it and while I was in the process of lettering it, one Chris Malsack left me in the back section of my van on an incline in neutral and may have even pushed it from behind forcing me to jump into the driver’s seat and stop it from plowing into another lot and causing mayhem. I did but dented a fender and a fence and fainted from the adrenalin rush it caused. I was sidetracked from my operation for new teeth as a result and charged with D.U.I. even though there was 0.00 reading for any drugs or alcohol in my system. The accident was listed as MY fault. It also cost me over $2,000. in repairs. This man who set me up in a rolling van was recommended to me by former Santa Cruz officer Bill Rawson. I didn’t know he was an officer when I asked him if any of his restaurant customers were interested in making $40. to drive me one block. He knew who I was, though. Malsack said on police video; “I’ll bury a cart in a heartbeat. It’s just an inanimate object….he (I) should beware who you’re hiring….” AND that he was sat down to watch a two hour video days before; “America’s Worst Accidents” For over two years I was molested in the courts having to recuse three judges and fire two lawyers who were throwing my case on purpose. My speedy trial rights were ignored. Ultimately, when it became clear I would represent myself and after the D.A. tried to illegally introduce evidence in a manner never permitted before, anywhere, my case was dismissed.

Three months after that citation and personal catastrophe and on April Fool’s Day, another CHP officer from the same station as the first cited me for unsafe lane change when I had to swerve to avoid another car who suddenly slowed for no reason in front of me. (He noticed a CHP car behind us) He failed to appear, also, but only after he tried to reschedule our trial for the anniversary of the Loma Prietta earthquake that I mentioned to his fellow officer in the first matter. I noticed the first part of the video was missing and I challenged that it may have shown the officer parked, first, waiting to follow me after exiting a store I was at.. An hour before that ticket someone had flattened one of my tires.

On August 28, 2020, while advertising; “D.A. ROSELL IN PLOT TO KILL ME” (The Santa Cruz District Attorney), the sign affixed to my van, Monterey police cited me for open container after promising not to if I passed a sobriety test. Their initial attempt to D.U.I. me failed when I blew a 0.00, twice. Officer Phillip’s sergeant Newby ordered him to cite me, anyway, for open container (There was only one teaspoon of brandy in it) and lied that the video showed I was trying to take a sip. Video proves that is a lie as the lid was on and I had only had it in my hand one second mistaking it for an identical bottle of olive oil I wanted to coat my throat with while singing in public. Officer Herndon, in his attempt to also cite me for an accident, had to admit over the intercom; “There is no damage to the car” I was trying to park across the street earlier and may have gently tapped a license plate. Even the owner agreed there was no damage or need to file a complaint and he declined the officer’s attempt to cite me. A week later Herndon threatened me over the phone that he’d up my charges if I didn’t give him my insurance information. Behind my back he ascribed that non incident as an accident on my DMV record. DESPERATE!

On October 1, 2020, while trying to park in the Santa Cruz courthouse lot, an out of uniform officer pulled out from his space right after I passed it and as I was backing up to take a spot that was opening up. I hit his bumper and I accepted responsibility for that.

On July 18, 2021, while I had a stack of flyers on my dash I was distributing about his chief Hober’s plot against me, officer Kopp (That’s right) hid himself in my blind spot on his motorcycle after brazenly following me from a 7-11 parking lot on (That’s right) Lighthouse Avenue as I was navigating three lights in row. He used a police trick to catch me looking in my rear view mirror to see where he disappeared to and the last light may have caught me. He immediately went to his station, after, mission accomplished.

In the trial that followed I was railroaded by judge Sillman after my subpoenas for several officers were ignored, twice, even the officer from Seaside who didn’t contest the subpoena. My attempts to show a pattern of fraud and abuse were deprived of me. Wrongfully. That matter is under appeal as I speak I could have shown how it was LIKELY the officer deliberately hid in my blind spot to make me violate while paying attention to him had the other officers been forced to answer questions.

On August 23, 2021 a man in a police / library parking lot in Seaside was parked halfway into my space and I had to touch his bumper with mine to park safely. He got out and tried to fight me and I tried to call police from inside the library. They were too busy to and I eventually left with this man standing there not asking me for anything regarding insurance. Months later I received a summons to appear for misdemeanor “Hit and run” charges. In spite of my reasons given not to Monterey D.A. Jeannine Paccioni proceeded and I was molested for months with a public defender who seemed to be throwing my case. The citing officer, Silonzolchic, lied from whole cloth that he ever spoke to me on my phone claiming I hung up when asked about insurance. My public defender is a witness to the fact that phone was last used a month earlier as I had a new phone by then. The photos of evidence suggest the D.A. KNEW I could not have caused his asphalt scrape underneath his bumper that my van could not have reached in the first place and it was ultimately dismissed due to lack of evidence.

Several months after that this man who filed the false report was found DEAD in his car in the exact same parking space where we met a year before. Police tape around his car with a sheet over the windshield. I happened to drive by that day or I’d have never known this alarming fact.

On June 20 , 2021 a man was driving 25 mph in a 5 mph parking lot and he tried to jump ahead of my already turning van forcing me to stop. Only a crayon mark of yellow paint was transferred with zero damage and neither of us filed a claim. I”M the one who called CHP to take a report but he refused to because it was in a private lot. A YEAR LATER this man DID file a claim and my AAA insurance never notified me until months after the fact was completed. Even his camera showed him speeding through the lot and, yet, AAA failed me. I changed companies over that.

On April 20(?) 2022 a woman was almost stopped in the middle of the road and I honked for her to drive. At the next light she, again, lingered on a green light  for several seconds and I, again, honked. She turned right and so I moved up and looked left and hit her bumper as she had started and stopped, again, for no reason. I was blamed for that.

Last Spring, 2023, in Venice, Ca. ((Near exactly where a man, years earlier, hit me in the jaw and was let go by police who seemed to know him) a man claimed I backed into his bumper when I did not. He was so close to me that when I took my foot off the brake to go forward the two inches of back slide found our bumpers touching softly. I saw no damage and he never asked to see my insurance and dismissed me claiming he had my license plate if he ever needed it. A month later HE tried to file a claim and I told his insurance company (AAA) to pound sand. He was responsible for asking me, then, for insurance and chose not to and, since he was trying to claim $6,000.00 for zero damage I could have caused, I knew he was scamming me trying to blame me for pre existing damages. I told AAA all of that. I haven’t heard from them since. Some unscrupulous man trying to commit insurance fraud at my expense.

And so, now, July 13, 2023, again in a police vehicle parking lot, the Marina court lot, a man (6 foot tall , 200 pounds) was parked near where I usually park there. As I had tried to deliver documents to the D.A. an hour earlier in Salinas the courts had reason to suspect I’d next go to Marina for delivery of the same. As I exited my van I had to very gently lean my car door against the man’s black SUV. to squeeze out. He poked his head around the corner just to witness this and said nothing. Ten minutes later, and after he re parked his car to obfuscate measurements for comparison, he claimed I dented his car. He never asked for insurance and I told him I touched his car, only, and caused zero damage. I exited the building and walked to my van and left and he never pursued me. I knew he was a scam artist. An hour later and ten miles away in Monterey on a hidden street where I usually park to watch television, this same man was waiting and yelling at me. I told him he was a scammer and he tried to fight me. (How could he have KNOWN where I park?) When I said; “If you don’t stop you’re going to end up in the police station tonight.” he replied immediately; “I AM police!” I replied; “So, you’re trying to set me UP!!??” I looked at his car and he tried to point to a rock dent my door COULD NOT HAVE MADE. When I told him this fact and pointed to a place four feet away where I know I touched, he CHANGED HIS STORY to a new spot on his door handle. The paint didn’t match mine. Again, my door could NOT have made contact with that spot Too high. I told him if he wants to go the insurance route they’d PROVE he was lying.  I said, in parting, “I’m sorry if I touched your car but that’s all I did.” and I walked away. He never asked for insurance but yelled threats instead; “If I ever see you I’ll kick your ass…I should kick your ass, old man” He then lingered in his car long enough to make a phone call, I think, and I took his license plate down as he passed. He saw me and threatened, again; “You’ve been given notice…You’re going to have a bad day…you don’t even live here.”

I went to the police station to file a report and this same office I was at minutes before was suddenly glum and concerned looking compared to happy go lucky before. As if he had called THEM to let them know his mission had failed. I don’t know. Sergeant Nino took the report and tried to shoot down everything I said and bristled that I thought this was a police sting gone bad. Having read the resulting police report Sgt. Brian Nino flagrantly lied and misrepresented everything to make it look like I refused to offer insurance and was involved in a collision. In fact there was no collision, no one was driving, it was a case of me exiting my parked van and very gently leaning my door against his car since he was parked askew. I think he and scammer John Niduenza of Monterey are playing tag team with me John is so willing to profusely lie in the report, himself. He never mentioned the word “insurance” once. Not once. According to Sgt. Nino he claims to have asked for it multiple times. Nope, not once, folks. It so happens Niduenza is a correctional officer, after all. Like he said when he blurted out; “I AM police!” I’m aware that Leon Panetta, the local politician here, is behind all this corruption, besides.

August 29, 2023;

I was wondering when the government was going to hatch a plot from the Salvation Army homeless center I sometimes frequent. It would be typical to find myself in a physical altercation with an undercover agent provocateur. Like the above incident. This day, however, found me arriving to see someone’s sleeping bag in a parking space that I usually occupy and I pulled it out of the way and got in my van to back up. I suddenly noticed a woman in a wheelchair behind my van and waited for her to leave. She stayed there in spite of my back up beeper going off and my back up lights engaged, my foot on the brake. I put it in park and exited to find her in her wheelchair just waiting for me to back into her so she could turn my life upside down in a flash. WHAT kind of a person does that?! I let everybody know, especially her, that someone was trying to set me up. When I asked a man who was there what he thought it was all about he said; “I think it’s all about jealousy…” He may be right. It may have also been a police sting gone awry, I think.

So, here we are, folks. And you all W-O-N-D-E-R why I have lost my patience with all of you ingrates who don’t care about what I go through to bring you truth and justice. Almost as if you enlist the police to do your dirty work to satisfy your need to persecute the hero and get away with letting the government molest you with John Lennon’s real killer; Stephen King. Sick!

In 1984, when I told the students at U.C. Berkeley that my father had just been killed in a plane crash, suspiciously on Nixon’s 10th resignation anniversary, and a week after receiving a threat letter from a horror writer, they all LAUGHED. They could not contain their evil squeals of glee at my sorrow; “HA!, HA!, Mr. Bigshot. They killed your DAD! GOOD! That’ll teach you to save our evil asses!” I could almost exactly read their evil minds.

You are the kind of species who, without a hero to save you, would rather turn on MORE air conditioners to stay cool and harm the O zone even MORE and kill the planet rather than stop the industrial lifestyle causing it. “Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can…” John tried to warn us, then. So did Jim Morrison of The Doors; “…smog will get you pretty soon, ship of fools, ship of fools..”

You need a hero to save you from more than just the man poisoning you who killed Lennon. Until Stephen King is EXECUTED for his evil crime against all mankind you are all evil and blind. And insane. Grow up, you sick, ice cream cone licking, brainwashed perverts.


July 18, 2023;

While still on theme and before I usher you to what’s below I made an iconic talk radio call to KSCO yesterday. They were discussing religion and God and I called and said:

“Hi, guys. When I was young I was raised a Catholic and was an alter boy, even, and I believed most of that stuff. I remember my father telling us kids that we have to be better than average because the average person is a slob. * Fully 80 %, he said and I believe it. It’s probably more like 90 %, in fact. And so when the American public let Lennon’s killer skip trial and never complained, after, I knew that they were no help and I actually stumbled onto evidence; government codes in major magazines that prove what happened to John Lennon. And I saw how the public laughed at me when my father was killed and my nose later broken while exposing my find and I wondered why are people so evil to ignore evidence so obvious a child can figure it out. When I was first interviewed on KSCO I said that I didn’t believe in God. It was just before my Mother died and it was the only year of my life I did not believe in God. I thought if there is a God then why did he make us so evil and prone to evil and self destructive to look the other way in such an huge matter. If there is a God it’s not a good God. But then the police and courts here started to mess with me and my life and saw how all my enemies were smited by God, after, or some weird force and I realized that there is a God and he is real, after all…”

At that point I was cut off and a heated debate followed as I listened. I fact I had prayed that a mountain sized asteroid wipe us out as a spec8ies for our own good if we can’t jail Stephen King in my lifetime when I was interviewed in 2017. I argued that whatever kind of life we would lead after would be worse than death, itself. I saw one just miss us in 1966 “BLIP” That fast, one quarter the distance of the moon and bigger than a mountain. I KNOW how fragile your silly little world really is. I KNOW only our good behavior stands a chance of averting one, someday, too.

People divert their eyes when they walk by my display of the matching photographs from my van’s window. They KNOW it’s King, not Chapman. They knew Chapman was a lie, then, when it happened, when he was never even tried. They have just accepted the evil as part of life. Their wretched life, not mine. I have chosen celibacy since the mid ’90’s, people, I’m so sincere about knowing how untouchable you are in your present depraved, terrorized state. I can’t get next to that and I couldn’t be more sincere if you don’t think so. I’m glad I enjoyed that part of life when the world was good and I was young at least. I’m sure, if your jealousy and fear of government doesn’t get me killed, first, that I’ll have the best sex life a man can have after having saved an entire species from itself. From evil. From the Lennon murder cover-up.

I consider you, the public, like a beautiful statue I found on the beach only it’s covered with layers and layers of crud and gook and barnacles. Symbolic of the media brainwash campaign, the terrorism involved in killing our hero on his door step, the replacement of Lennon with King, the swapping of good for evil, all of that. Gook!

I have spent 40, plus, years washing your crud and gook off of you because I know a beautiful object exists underneath. YOU don’t think so but I KNOW so. You’re all just all temporarily sick in your hearts and your heads and all because Stephen King has been laughing at you and humiliating you all this time as you scoop up his poop of a message of books and movies. He rules over you warped, evil fools as you listen to second rate music.

A-D-M-I-T…. I-T…..P-E-O-P-L-E

Until King is exposed, arrested, tried and, that’s right, EXECUTED you’re all stuck on stupid Stupidity on steroids, in fact. It’s important we execute him to make an example of him and humiliate, not only him, but his handlers. The most evil people in the world who RUN our lives. That secret society bunch of bastards who control every aspect of our lives. Anything less would be inviting King, with all his money, to have me killed while he is in jail. No, no. If I am to be killed he must never be alive to enjoy that. We have to kill Stephen King because what he did is as grievous and sinister and treacherous a crime as can be committed in our world. John Lennon was the best person on earth for us all to listen to and we needed his wisdom and heroism. We must establish a deterent.

When John sang “Imagine no possessions” he was serious. Our industrial revolution IS killing the planet. Period! When Jim Morrison sang; “Smog will get you pretty soon, ship of fools, ship of fools…” Ditto. Now you need me to tell you that punishing Stephen King is the only way you, as a people, as a species, will ever be able to stand up for yourselves and be free and brave, again. You all NEED the exorcism.

Sounds mushy but it’s the God’s truth and you better start coming around to helping me, people.


May 22, 2023;

Hello, everybody. How are you? As the messenger of this expose I can tell you you are all in severe need of a hero. Me. That’s right. Religion has proven impotent in the face of evil. Alone, you lack the wisdom, courage, intelligence and vision to extricate yourselves from the hell our government has foisted on you in letting author Stephen King murder John Lennon and fill the vacuum he created . Why, without me, you’d have let Chapman skip a trial for eternity and never have ever known what a sick and satanic stew you’ve all been in all this time. Forty years of reflection has taught me only our enemy could have done this to us. Had I not reared my head with this evidence we’d all be Soviet slobs by now I think. China and Russia, now that i am getting close to full disclosure, seem to be instigating war to stop this expose from saving our nation. Very seriously, folks.

Imagine; Yoko Ono is our enemy. She was John’s arch enemy all this time since before they met. Nixon, Reagan, our media, our courts. Our enemies!  Time and Newsweek and U.S. News magazines are government rags who code documented secrets in their bold print headline messages for decades. (At lest until my discovery in the mid 80’s when they went elsewhere with their codes. By the way Time’s editor admitted in the 50’s McCarthy hearings to being a communist)  The killers’ alleged name and attached letter to the editor linking Reagan and the killer’s face and true identity – Stephen king – in print weeks before the murder as well.  King’s writings that include the twice repeated line’ “…the fellow who killed John Lennon” in two of his books as well as shooting a man between the shoulder blades, getting a politicians autograph hours before trying to shoot him and on and on. “Johnny…Nixon, the old witch hunter himself…The Catcher In The Rye….’Mark’….who sees his fantasies become reality and  proves best equipped to handle the relentless nightmare of Salem’s Lot…” King has never denied my claims. My 1992 stay in Bangor, Maine ran him all the way to an island in Florida, in fact. Turns out he lives in a witness protection house and is being protected by our evil government.

All this treachery and evil swimming all around us all this time.  Meanwhile you have all endured A.I.D.S., Covid-19 , the Gulf war(s), 9-11, mandated vaccines and lock downs, climactic, catastrophic events from tornadoes to floods to heat waves and fires, like never before. Your children are shooting each other at school and elsewhere, weekly!. Their suicide rate with Fentanyl has become an epidemic, also. All manner of adults are also engaged in taking out the average, apparently guilty, Joe and Jane who represents the guilty public in mass shootings. Things are not well in America. Do any of you realize that Stephen King, in the early 70’s when there were no school shootings, wrote a book titled “Rage” under the pen name of Richard Bachman about a boy who shoots up his classmates?. Do any of you know what a vocal activist he has become regarding outlawing our Second Amendment?  He is rubbing his hands with glee with every shooting, I assure you. Do any of you think; “Wow! another shooter outraged at our apathy, cowardliness and phoniness regarding Stephen King killing John Lennon” I doubt it. Meanwhile, all of you are staring at me and my website van as if I am a crazy person with radical beliefs. This in the face of having never even seen Mark Chapman brought to a trial in the first place to see if we were being told the truth, then. That’s when the screw came loose in your world, people. This under the knowledge that Nixon tried to deport John for his outspokenness against war. You ARE a nation of raped phonies.

But in reality none of you really think I am a nut. In reality most of you already know I am dead right correct about my claims. Especially where I live and drive my website van around you are all shunning my website magazine you’re so fearful I might succeed. Or maybe jealous. I am of the opinion that all of you are afraid to stand up to your evil government or even admit they did this to us all. That you can’t bring yourselves to admit you’ve all been so stupid and evil for so long. That you are cowards in the face of evil. Look at Paul McCowardly who actually endorsed me in 1990 at his Berkeley concert on April Fool’s Day when he yelled out; “Yeah, Steeeeeve! That’s right. I don’t know what you think, Berkeley, but I want you to know that we like it and we need you, as a people, to get to the promised land…Use your POWER!….” If I didn’t tape it I’d have missed it it was so feckless and weak an endorsement. Like Paul, you all KNOW I’m right but lack the courage to take a stand and back me up. ME, the hero who could save us all from evil.  More powerful and effective than even religion. It’s like watching all of you crater and fold like a cheap suit at the hint of attack on you. Sick Puppies! There is no other word to describe you all. In fact, Stephen King, in a 80’s commencement speech at a college campus, remarked to the students, then; “…if you think……then you’re all sick puppies..”

Paul is still sucking his treasonous thumb under his bed sheets. Yoko I ran out of America a decade ago all the way to Switzerland, King all the way to a key in Florida, a witness protection home. You and your children are shooting up your phony fellow man in between Fentanyl suicide urges. Are you all just going to sit still for what King did to us? Have you people no spine or self respect at all? Right now you’re all silenced Soviets. Admit it. Our deep state knew that, in killing Lennon ,they would be decapitating you, the public. Cutting YOUR tongue out. They KNEW that King would poison you to the point they’d take away your guns, after. You slobs gonna let them get away with it? Every day you wait you’re waterboarding your hero, me.

P.S. SPOILER ALERT!; There is a SEAN O’HARE from Dublin, Ireland, I think, who told me, last year, he was going to destroy my credibility in the British Kingdom because I incorrectly marked Beach instead of Heath and he didn’t get his magazine on time. I warned him, before he flies off on his broom handle, that my enemies have a habit of  getting karmic payback.

Apparently he was not impressed. Someone please let me know if he has suffered bad karma, lately. Not one sale from England or Ireland in all this time, since. To begin with, I lose money on those sales as I don’t add on extra shipping ($4.00 more). In the second place, I think Mr. O’Hare could be government he was so hostile to me, the hero of the Lennon expose. Thirdly, if people in those countries were dissuaded from me because of his efforts, shame on you weaklings who are likely just looking for an excuse not to care. Just like McCowardly. And I AM half English / Irish / Scottish. So, there, Sean hair up your butt. England and Ireland are wondering are you the government sabotaging the truth. Your anger was so forthcoming it seemed you hated me from the minute you heard of me and had ulterior reasons for buying my magazine to begin with. The free-by I supplied you with, after, should make me the good guy, anyway.  No other complaints in thousands sold.


That’s the slogan I sport on my van’s rear section lately.

I just found out a propogandist in Europe is writing about me. A Sam Kemp(?) from England, I think, wrote; “…even though Chapman stood there and was arrested on the spot… but Lightfoot doesn’t seem to pay attention to evidence….I’ve seen the face match he claims and I must admit it is startling….but, honestly, the only thing in common is the coke bottle sunglasses they both have….. “He then made some comical attempt to end his rant  to send the listener into ‘Ridiculousnessland’ as if to laugh at my claims. To belittle me as much as he could.  I’ve seen this tactic dozens of times over the decades, too. This pattern of humor to confuse and diminish.

It is HE who is not paying attention to evidence. Only King has the coke bottle glasses. Chapman has the exact opposite prescription as the autograph hound (King). That’s why King took them off in his second photo for the magazines before the crime. The same reason he also hid his dimples. Chapman doesn’t have the dimples of the autograph hound. The conspirators all knew that autograph photo was to be taken and that they screwed up in the Sept. 15, ’80 photo of King that could prove Chapman is the imposter.

So, poor Sam Kemp is burdened with the knowledge he is a fraud and an enemy of all of us to try to trivialize so weighty a matter as this IS.  He is your jealous, evil enemy, people. England.

Until King is exposed, until  ALL OF YOU PEOPLE punish his ass the shootings will only get worse. I KNOW. King, under the pen name Richard Bachman, in the early 70;s, wrote a book titled “RAGE” about a young boy who shoots up his classmates. King is also a rabid anti 2nd Amendment activist and wants to disarm all of you Americans he hates so much. I assure you, as the bodies tally up in these mass shootings, Stephen King is rubbing his palms in delight at your downfall. You’re too stupid to stand up to him and what he did to you all. Aren’t you all?

I have noticed, also, lately, that many of you parents ARE SATANIC and ENJOY punishing your children with evil and your apathy and benign neglect. You poor, sick, evil puppies!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             OVERVIEW:

What is immediately below DOES sound a little scatological as I regard this first page of my editorial section as valuable property since most of you have a limited attention span and I need to get my point across right here, right now. I throw things in out of nowhere and it must seem a little jumbled. If I may be brief and condense things, I want you all to know how insane you all are NOT to care INTENSELY about my evidence find. That’s right; utterly insane. Everybody. Upside down, inside out. Ironically stupid in every way humanly possible.

TOO MISERABLE TO CARE, U.S.? That’s one slogan I think applies

None of your parents saw Chapman put on trial. They all knew how Nixon tried for years to deport Lennon over his peace activism in our politics. They knew all about John’s “Tricky Dicky” song lyrics and how dangerous it was for John to make a comeback with Reagan’s election. They were already reeling from the other assassinations with M.L.K., R.F.K. and J.F.K.. Your parents knew ALL of that. They STILL kept their mouths shut, even when Chapman’s 60 day psychiatric evaluation lapsed into a year and a half of silence. Even without the benefit of a trial for all of us to see. He wasn’t killed like Oswald. Now was our chance to see how real the story was under the microscope of a public trial to make sure it wasn’t political assassination. They KNEW the tiny, too late to be true, back page clipping about Chapman’s guilty plea behind closed doors – no media allowed – was a hoax to give them an excuse to be a douche bag and do nothing, after. After all, Hinckley, a similar, pudgy shooter came along just in time shooting Reagan (Allegedly) to change the subject. The government has given you a scapegoat in look-alike / actor Chapman and so you’ve all just resigned  yourselves to victimhood. You’d rather not know the grizzly truth, it seems. You’d rather suffer in silence. You fools.

I noticed a mass resentment, not gratitude, from society for my heroism. For the first year and a half, only, you’d yell at me with my signs; “Get a life!”…” Get a job!”…Who cares?!” It didn’t matter what town, SOMEONE would yell that universally felt message to me. Then it stopped, entirely. Suddenly. As if you all knew I was too smart to quit. EVER!


Until that happens you’re all doomed. It matters not what else may happen. Until that headline is a reality your lives are a stupid, sick tragedy. You’re all just asking for an asteroid as I see it.



(To attorneys responding to my inquiries please scroll down a ways, here, and find the chapters about Panetta and F.B.I. abuses against me, etc. I am, perhaps, the most abused citizen in California history including having been kidnapped and beaten unconscious in a police van. This just months after martial artists broke my face on a sidewalk and dislocated my arm and dozens of similar episodes that involve abusing the courts to harass and terrorize me. Big compensation is due me and any attorney not afraid to take on the evil government against me.

See LENNONMURDERTRUTH.COM’S New developments page for details.

That’s right. It’s not just about unruly customers. The Whisky Club just recently opened and I don’t know about their staffing. If I never existed they both STILL are a magnet for any violent outbursts in the area just being at ground zero, central, of Monterey and being bars.

You see, both of these places are, apparently, in a conspiracy to stop my evidence activism. They, apparently, have ties to the police and even Leon Panetta who I think is my biggest enemy here. If they disagree they should sue me. They know I have evidence to suggest exactly that, however. I’ve noticed that Monterey is as corrupt as it is scenic.

Three weeks before both Mechanic’s Bank and Whisky Club had me cited twice in three days for singing from my van Paul Whitecross, owner of Brittania Arms, approached me outside his bar and told me he’d; “..smash your (My) face like a pumpkin…we don’t care about you.. we have ways to stop you…” I happened to tape record those remarks. The owner’s wife of Whisky Club, months before they were even open, filmed me trying to park near their establishment with her phone. She is an elected government official with the airport, I’ve learned, and she hates my heroism. Selling booze automatically makes them less than heroic. Promoting vice. They even bragged about how Leon Panetta is a central member of their insider “Club” last December on the radio.

Mitchell Swanhee(?) (Indian?) of Whisky Club might be the “We” tag team partner of Paul Whitecross.

Officers Mosqueda and Hall were the citing officers. Neither attempted to see if my C.D. player was audible from over 50 feet – the legal distance allowed – (I tested and I was NOT audible beyond 40 feet) Meanwhile the judge; Maria Mendoza, is behaving like a criminal operating with complete immunity her conduct has been so blatantly corrupt and illegal. Leon Panetta, who I am exposing with billboards, is likely rubbing his hands with criminal glee in the backround, too. He used to work for the very politicians who killed Lennon. Being a former C.I.A, chief makes him evil as well. None of the extreme corruption in the police and courts of Monterey I have witnessed could be POSSIBLE if Leon wasn’t in charge of it all. If Leon was not aware of this corruption then he wouldn’t be doing his job. One of my signs reads; ‘END ITALIAN MAFIA RULE IN MONTEREY’ My stature as local truth hero has flushed all these bastards out.

Anyway, there is much below (Scroll)  detailing the facts about all this. For now, understand that, if a mass shooting should, God forbid, happen here, it will most likely come from one of these two establishments. B-E-W-A-R-E. My list of bad karma episodes against my enemies is eye opening. Read it. You’ll understand, then.

The Mechanic’s Bank manager objected to my singing years ago even though I was pretty quiet. I thought, then, that she may be working in concert with our corrupt police and chief Dave Hober. It was an unreasonable request. I’ve been singing all over the area for three years, without incident, before and after these two citations in a row. That I received two in a row suggests a desperate plot to see if they can make something stick since the first one didn’t make me stop..

In 2002(?) I reported a cocaine dealer / bar owner to Pacific Grove P.D. and ran him and his poison out of county just for abusing me, once. I gave him fair warning right before I did, too. I wonder do these two bars ALSO sell cocaine on the side? (With Monterey government approval?) They seem unusually interested. Chomping at the bit to punish me. Brittania Arms resented me years ago, in fact. I wondered, then, was it about that coke dealer I turned in. I wondered, then, did his bar sell cocaine to Monterey. They really seem to hate me and I think over that 2002 incident, frankly. I’m glad I ran a coke dealer out of Monterey.

ANYone who declares themselves an enemy of me declares they are YOUR enemy, too. They know that my expose will liberate oppressed mankind like no story in our lifetimes. They want to, apparently, keep you suffering in darkness and evil like you’ve all been for 40 years, now. They are selling vice and escape, not solutions. And you WONDER why mass shootings are taking you over in the first place. Don’t let these parties get a way with abusing your evidence hero. Boycott them, generally, please. They are a bad influence on our decency.


He tilts his large head sideways 25 degrees to his right when he talks to you. He doesn’t want you to see him for who he really is. He thinks he’s smarter than you and has more inside information than you and that you are a peon that he can exploit and fool. He thinks you need him to decide for you what is best for you and that you don’t know better. He may be angling to run for our president, I’ve heard, too. He looks like an aged cabbage patch doll with narrow set beady eyes that seem cross eyed, somehow, his face caving into it’s center. Leon Panetta is a C.I.A. brand of corrupt A-hole as far as you and I are concerned. He is the reason the PEOPLE of Monterey are meek, sheepish, quiet and keep their heads down and work so hard like you all do. Harder than you should were your government not so corrupt. His brand of corruption has scared all of you into behaving like sheep. He is, apparently, very much a part of the Italian mafia that locals will tell you have ruled Monterey and Santa Cruz for decades. Look at your D.A.; Pacioni, for example, and Dean Flippo before that. He sits at the top of the political pyramid, here. Former White House aid for several presidents and very much a part of the “Deep State” and the “Swamp”. He is absolutely morally corrupt and may even have murderous plans where I am concerned. In my opinion he has corrupted all that is below him and that’s the entire Monterey County government and police and court system. I KNOW. My hero status as the messenger with hard evidence that proves his former boss; Richard Nixon and others arranged for horror writer Stephen King to murder John Lennon has fleshed him out of the woodworks. Since I became a threat to the powers that be that he works for he has weaponized his courts and police to terrorize me. Just as if he was a Soviet stooge.                                                                                                                                                                                                            Ever since early 2019 when I inherited enough money to fix my teeth and get a new website van our police and courts have been molesting me like old men in black robes gang raping the hero. In just over three years, between Santa Cruz and Monterey, Panetta has set me up, twice, corrupted over nine officers in Monterey and three in Santa Cruz. In Monterey nine officers actually, provably, lied in the course of issuing me six citations. Not only did they all lie, video proves they all lied. When I later tried to subpoena these officers judge Sillman swatted down my subpoenas, illegally. Twice. In Santa Cruz three officers were involved in two citations that were dropped, eventually. In one case my newly painted and lettered van was rolled down a hill in neutral with me in the back section. I was set up by a retired S.C. police officer (Bill Rawson) who coached a man (Chris Malsack) to do so in his duties to drive me to a dental operation. Only because I jumped into the driver’s seat in time did I avoid a catastrophe. Thinking I must have taken medication officers cited me for D.U.I. even though, when I was tested, I blew 0.00 in both alcohol and drugs. For over two years S.C.D.A. Jeffery Rosell molested and terrorized me forcing me to fire two attorneys and remove three judges before the charge was dismissed. He ignored my speedy trial rights in the process by two years. The other ticket, issued months later on April Fool’s Day from the same C.H.P. station as before, was dismissed when the officer didn’t show. I even think police tried to stop my dentist from finishing my teeth, after. The episode cost me over $2,000.00 in body repairs and trigger4ed a recurrence of P.T.S.D. While fighting that ticket Monterey police chief; Dave Hober sent officers to try to cite me, again, for D.U.I. until I blew another 0.00. A different ticket was issued, instead, that I was promised would not be issued. Then, a year later, officer Kopp overtly followed behind me on his motorcycle only to immediately hide himself in my blind spot hoping he’d catch me looking for him in my rear view mirror through a set of two traffic lights on a downslope. He did. Just as he intended to. Of course, hew denied it in court, that he used a police trick to cite me. A year later officer Silonzolchec of Seaside Police lied from whole cloth that he ever spoke to me on the phone in his attempt to cite me for a hit and run charge I was innocent of. (My phone record proves it was last used months before he claimed to have called me. I had a new phone, then.) It was dismissed due to lack of evidence (There was no hit and run or damages.) but only after D.A. Pacioni terrorized me over it long after she knew of these red flag issues. Months later I learned the complainant was found dead in his car in the exact same parking spot where we met a year before. Then, to keep the heat on, officers Hall and Mosqueda cited me for singing unassisted from my van in downtown Monterey as I have for years. I happen to sing well enough to make people realize I’m no nut, after all, but sing as good as the pros. They fear the public will see this, too. In fact, just before the tickets, I was getting multiple shows of public support Two tickets in three days, both bogus, as video proves my volume was too low to hear from 50 feet away, my legal right. Now that I am trying to remove two judges who have proven their biases against me in two cases, a small claims matter where Maria Mendoza allowed Jack Fox Auto to sabotage my Toyota van to the tune of $2,300.00 and another red light ticket the same judge I am trying to remove is deciding I can’t. To read her order to strike my request is to witness human hypocrisy and deceit at it’s height. Pure bullshit, frankly.

The Whisky Club Bar  and Mechanic’s Bank are the two complainants. Whisky Club brags on radio how Leon and Jimmy Panetta are among their elite membership and that their bar is a meeting place for the leaders of Monterey. I notice the wife of the owner of Whisky Club is an elected official, in fact. Alarmingly, Paul Whitecross, owner of Brittania Arms bar across the street, verbally threatened to “smash your (My) face like a pumpkin…we don’t care about you, we have ways to stop you..” three weeks before Whisky bar cited me. I was fortunate enough to have tape recorded his remarks, too.

Speaking of Jimmy Panetta, Leon’s nepotistic son riding Daddy’s coat trails for a cushy government job, when I got on the radio and made these complaints about Panetta public his response was to release government funds for this and for that instead of denying my claims. What else CAN he do? He’s trying to buy you off if you’ll let him molest and kill the messenger who is trying to rescue us all from evil Stephen King who killed John Lennon. I’ve noticed lots of funds he is suddenly releasing to you people. I wouldn’t trust him to be in that position, frankly, people of Monterey. The LAST person who should be baby sitting or, possibly, siphoning our tax money for himself and who knows what else?.

Last year a radio caller opined about Leon; “You know, I worked for him for a few weeks and, after listening to him and understanding more about him, I don’t think he should be in government at all.” I agree. Don’t you? I recall watching him giggle uncontrollably on 60 Minutes one night a dozen years ago as he told of how many Iraqi’s he slaughtered working for The White House. I knew he was a sociopathic monster, then. A sick man and a sadist. Laughing uncontrollably about killing people. He couldn’t control his sick giggling about it all.

Bottom line about Panetta; He is all about protecting evil Stephen King and the government that killed John Lennon and in poisoning all of you at the same time. Nothing less, either. He is the definition of the corrupt politician. I think he’s Italian mafia corrupt, besides. Stinking up the moral and spiritual vibes here in Monterey. Like a millstone of evil around your necks.

I protest every Sunday on Alvarado Street in downtown Monterey. I need the public to stand by me and bring me forward before May 30, 2023 when I have to go to court, next. I will use my enormous fame, someday to remove these bastards from our area but I need you people to help me come forward before their evil kills me, instead.



Before I list what is below I must point out that I am important enough to be on Biden’s and Governor Newsom’s radar. That they are both behind everything below. In 2010 and 2015, under Obama/ Biden, I was struck by two cars at very high speeds; 60 and 75 mph an almost killed. In the T-bone “accident” that knocked my delivery truck on it’s side the intersection was paved over the next day to hide something, I think.. Include , also our F.B.I. and C.I.A. and a few other alphabet agencies who are not our friends. They know how big and powerful and influential I WILL BE someday. I scare them.

Oh, and, yes, I was interviewed by the Secret Service in 1983. Agent Terry Chodash even asked me; “Are you a vampire?” as if he is part of this sick culture that killed John Lennon.

Any person obstructing my ability to come forward with my evidence findings is our common enemy. Automatically these people are on the side of evil, fear and darkness and not on the side of truth and justice. Often these types worship money to a fault and lack a broader perspective. Sell outs. Typically these people are wed to big brother, the establishment, especially law enforcement. The first to suckle up to the security of a big brother and enlarge the police state.  Also, typically, these people are jealous of my virtue and courage because they lack both, themselves. I have the courage the local D.A. lacks, for example. I am left having to do his or her job, arrest Stephen King, in the meantime. I’ve noticed certain demographics determines a preference to be on my side or not. Extremely down and out beggars are my historic enemies. The winos and toothless sort of human who wants to blame an unjust world for his failures. If I clean up the world they will lose that excuse for how low they’ve become. People with little or no artistic or intellectual talents don’t appreciate my findings. Homosexuals seem to have the least amount of empathy regarding issues of right and wrong, here, I’ve noticed. Decades of observation have taught me they, more than heterosexuals, seem blind to why my issue matters at all to the world. Morally retarded, I suppose. I have nothing against homosexuals, I welcome the fact that they lower population expansion, for example. That they are the natural by product of overpopulation, in fact. They have a place in our world to be sure. It’s just that in matters that affect the next generation of humans – children – that are created via heterosexual means, they seem blind, completely. They seem to have a blind spot regarding why a horror writer should not be influencing kids after killing their parent’s hero, for example.  Maybe they resent that the next big messenger is a heterosexual. I don’t know. They are not the best equipped to rescue fallen mankind. Not interested in heroics or humanity so much. That’s my opinion. For that matter most heterosexuals are also afraid to admit that good and evil are the issues wrapped around my cause and that they are derelict in their duties NOT to hoist me on their shoulders and demand media disclosure and arrest Stephen King., themselves. That they are protecting their arch enemy at the expense of their own children and themselves. Some are more impotent in the face of evil than others. I do have thousands of fans. Maybe millions.

Paul McCartney’s silence all this time has me wondering about HIS psychology. (His 1990 April Fool’s Day concert plug for me at Berkeley was weak and pathetic.) More swishy than we think? I know Ringo once opined that England should have won the Revolutionary War, not America. Their silence in the face of the evidence I have produced at great danger to myself shows us all what a hero is not. Their silence is truly anti-heroic, not just un-heroic. Anti life, in fact.

Regardless, humanity’s sperm count is down 50 % in the past 50 years, our testosterone levels down 20 % in the past 20 years and gender confusion abounds in a once more normal America. Has Stephen King’s crime destroyed all mankind? I think so. His 1970’s book “Rage” is about a school shooter before there were school shooters. Stupid public!

The local Monterey District Attorney; Jeannine Pacioni, (Italian), former White House aid Leon Panetta (Italian) the Monterey police chief; Dave Hober, his officers Phillips, Herndon, Newby, Kopp, Hill – all of whom lied in the issuance of two different citations as well as officer Silonzolchec of then Seaside police who lied from whole cloth in a matter that was dismissed Alarmingly the complainant was found dead in his car in the parking space where we met a year later. Include, also, District Attorney for Santa Cruz; Rosell, who tried to convict me of a D.U.I. charge where I blew 0.00 for drugs and alcohol yet I was molested by bogus judges and attorneys for over two years before it was dismissed. A certain Chris Malsack who left me in my van’s rear section while he rolled it in neutral down an incline to wreck my new van. He was part of their conspiracy with retired officer Bill Rawson who set me up with him.

The owner of The Whisky Club; Mitchell Swanhee(?) and his wife who cited me last July 9 for singing from my van as I have been doing without incident for three years. Booze peddlers. This two days after I was cited for the same thing a few parking spaces away. I believe the manager of Mechanic’s Bank made the first complaint. Officers Hall and Mosqueda, the two officers involved. Their own body cam proves my volume was within the 50 foot sound radius I’m legally allowed. They, too, are our common enemies. Mosqueda failed to investigate two threat e-mails Stephen King sent me, in fact. Include, also, Brittania Arms pub owner Paul Whitecross who I taped when he threatened me weeks before the two citations when he said; “…I’ll smash your face like a pumpkin…we don’t care about you…we have ways to stop you…” Is even Clint Eastwood maybe behind some of my troubles? Maybe. See site for details. Monterey has emerged as a corrupt, dirty little Italian mafia run fiefdom bent on killing me, ultimately. As nasty and dirty, politically, as it’s scenery is beautiful. Ironic. Tragic. Historic, too. I’ll be famous, soon.

Incidentally, in 2001(?) I ran a cocaine dealer / bar owner out of Monterey for abusing me, then. I told his staff to clean out his drawers before I went to the police. I always used to wonder why so many bar owners, since, hate me. I wouldn’t be surprised if The Whisky Club and maybe even Brittania Arms are government SANCTIONED cocaine dealers for Monterey, the ‘finer things in life’, perhaps, meaning more than just booze. You know, supplying the high and mighty in a safe, controlled way. Government officials included. I’m world wise, people. It’s very possible, especially in Panetta’s thoroughly corrupted government of Monterey. Regardless, pushing alcohol, alone, is not a good thing for a city already high, demographically, for alcoholics. Especially since the wife of The Whisky Club is an elected government official for the Monterey Airport. Don’t want any drunk pilots, do we? It seems the crowd that likes to drink away the world’s problems have a problem with me. I dare to fix what’s wrong, instead.

Add the former Jack Fox Auto that sabotaged my other van in 2019. (They changed their name.- Near Goodwill in Seaside.) They have a police repair contract, besides.

Add judges Stephen Sillman and Mendoza of the Marina courts. Both demonstrated criminal conduct that railroaded me in one traffic matter and in a small claims matter against Jack Fox I should have won for $2.300.00 in damages done. A corrupt commissioner is currently trying to deny my right to remove them from my pending matters.

In all I have been unjustly cited six times in three years (Three of them criminal misdemeanor charges, and me with 69 years of a crime free record.) Both of my vans were sabotaged by people associated with police. Over $5,000.00 in vehicle damages done to me by our enemies. Only one ticket, so far, has stuck. It was only because Judge Sillman is crooked and corrupt. Our common enemy. That matter is under appeal as I write this.

I will someday use my fame (Realistically I’ll be THE most famous human on earth after disclosure for a few years at least. I also CAN sing.) to oust all these characters – including Jimmy Panetta, Leon’s son – from Monterey before I have anything to do with Monterey entertainment wise. I’ll speak out about it and name names, trust me. They have caused me injury I won’t forgive. If Monterey disagrees they can travel 500 miles to see my concerts while I bad mouth their character for NOT ousting my enemies, after. Our enemies.

A white, middle aged, female manager with dark hair at Red’s Donuts in downtown Monterey has, apparently, been campaigning against me spreading outlandish, malicious lies about me to make people give me dagger stares as they exit the shop and look at me. I don’t know WHAT she’s saying but she has made her enormous disdain of me well known. She is an old maid, to my knowledge, once sporting a cartoon with a woman’s wedding gown dressed skeleton in a chair, the caption: “Waiting for the right man.” Recently she sported a slogan; “If you haven’t got anything nice to say about someone then you’ve come to the right place.” She has no excuse to remain unmarried all this time like me. I am in too much danger to be married. Then, again, I don’t know much about her except that I find her consistently bitter. Maybe that’s why.

I challenge her to sport one of MY favorite slogans; Jonathon Swift’s quote; “You can always tell who the genius of a community is. He’s the one the town folks are bad mouthing the most.”

So what is is about government employees, law enforcement officials, alcohol pushers and sugar pushers for them to come out of the wood works to stop me? Jealousy, guilt and misery. I think.


Heroes like me come along all too infrequently and I might be mankind’s last hope. I honestly expect a monster asteroid will end human life, soon, if King ISN’T arrested and punished.


And, now, a word about my avenging and guardian angels;

I must interrupt the content below about how lame and dysfunctional all of you people were regarding my Dec. 8, ’23 rally in downtown Monterey with this public service announcement to help prevent any more of you from falling into the bad karma trap where me and my Lennon expose are concerned. After I gob smack you all with the laundry list of events that prove the existence of an avenging angel you can then go back to being boot-licking fools for not having descended on my rally like bees to honey. You see, I seem to have a very robust avenging angel, and not just a guardian angel keeping me above ground enough to get this story out.

I was on my way to document all this yesterday (Early March 2023) when, yet, another instance reared it’s head; The manager of an institution that offers free coffee and meals and showers to the homeless that I occasionally take advantage of was absent. I was told he had a bad fall and hurt himself the day before. Strange, he and I had just been at odds the week before. It seemed he was systematically trying to discourage me from coming there by withholding services. To the point I e-mailed his supervisor about it all. So, here I find, yet, another instance of why nobody should indulge in harming me, and I learned about this AS I was about to list the dozens of other alarming episodes.

(INSERT April 2023) I HAD FALL on March 31, 2023 (?) and did face plant into a cement wall after stumbling on a crooked sidewalk in downtown Salinas. One spectator said; “Better call 9-11!”

I said, “Screw that. Is my forehead all bloody?” It wasn’t and I just walked away with a slight headache and some bloody spots on my knees and nose and fore head.

Only I, of blessed karma, could come out smelling like a rose and HEAL three old injuries by doing so. My right eye that was damaged in a gang beating / mugging in Harlem N.Y. in 2008 was knocked back into place days after my recent stumble while I was watching television in my van. It started to wander up and out of place, independently, and I was panicking my eyes were going blind. A second later all was well and, ever since, I see better! Something was un pinged from that 2008 beating in that fall and I see better, now. My plastic surgery in 1990 on a broken nose that left an imperfect patch of cartilage up high was knocked down to a better profile. My nose looks better, now. And, finally, my 2014 episode of whip lash in Venice Beach when I was sucker punched from the side is now, also, better. My eyes, nose and neck all IMPROVED from MY fall, you see.

Let’s start with my credentials to even have avenging and guardian angels.

I was born the very instant we were detonating the H-bomb test in the Bikini Islands, March 01, 1954. 10;30 a.m., Montana time. Our largest, ever, weapon’s test. Pretty amazing, already.

While learning how to play poker for the first time, in spite of five players, five shuffles and two cuts, I was DEALT, RIGHT OFF THE START, a Royal Flush. My doctor father was stunned into several seconds of silence before he explained to my siblings what my hand was.

About the same period of time I happened to see something hardly anyone in all history has ever seen. In 57 years I have only found one other witness to this monster asteroid that almost DID kill us all in the blink of an eye. Bigger than Mount Shasta, some 20 miles across in diameter, and so fast “Blip!” describes the sight as it flashed silently from one side of the sky to the other. All in a millisecond. Ten times closer to earth than the moon, it was a sight that changed me deep inside. Before I had no concept that we could all be wiped out so effortlessly and suddenly and powerfully or by a force so incomprehensibly fast. My first thought was “We all almost just died.” I never told a soul for years I was afraid they’d think I was crazy. The rest of you slobs probably still think you can sin and sin and sin and NOT get wiped out for it. Don’t you? This life changing sight explains why I know how important jailing Stephen King really is. What strikes me about it all was how it was set up for me on a silver platter for emphasis. I rarely ever slept outdoors, maybe twice a year, and this was one of those nights. No sooner did I settle into my sleeping bag and adjust my pillow when I looked up to the sky just in time to witness the event. It was as if I was singled out to be a witness.

My last name; Lightfoot, almost screams “carrier of the truth”. My first name; Steven, means to stand on a street corner and protest, loudly.

As a very young boy I FOUND myself asking myself WHY I always flipped through Time magazine backwards to front and only read the headlines. Many years later doing just that led to discovering my whole Lennon expose.

In 1971, four years before somebody else got credit for the same thing, I became the first human being to trisect an angle with just a compass and a straight edge. Seeing a bias with an arc segment versus a line segment I intuitively merely butterflied the procedure the opposite way to reverse the bias which presented not just two points, but a set of two points. Now all you have to do is bisect these sets of points and, viola!, perfect trisection of both acute and obtuse angles. Less geometry wisdom and more intuitive wisdom. I beat out Newton, Galileo, Einstein. My geometry teacher, then, Dick Nixon, (Not Richard) who accommodated me in his home one night had to agree with me saying; “Now, if you could write down in an equation and explain why this works you’d be world famous..” What struck me was how easy it was, taking a total of 30 minutes of my time before it was solved. My first hunch proved right.

No flash in the pan, me, I then scored in the top 3% in my S.A.T. language section and top 13 % in math where I merely took the common sense guess to get lucky. I don’t like math.  I was also the best artist in my high school.

In 1982, while flipping through year and a half old issues of Time and Newsweek magazines to re read the story about Mark Chapman I accidentally stumbled onto highly sophisticated , yet pretty obvious, government codes in the headlines about Lennon’s then upcoming murder. Months later I would also find the killer’s alleged name and letter linking Reagan and the killer’s face and true identity printed just before the murder. Again, in a most uncanny way, I discovered, yet, another of life’s biggest secrets. Little, ol me.

Now, the laundry list of too weird to be a coincidence episodes;

As a young boy, while flying my new model airplane on a string , the neighborhood kids asked to take turns. I allowed them and they crashed it, over and over and over, deliberately, into the sidewalk. It was my first look at jealousy. I was about six years old. A few years later these same boys hit me in the face for no reason, to the point my father had a talk with their father about it.  A few years later these two boy’s father was burned alive while trying to put out a water heater fire that exploded across the street. The boom could be heard for several blocks. He mistook a can of gasoline for water, believe it or not.  By the time my dad got there it was too late. Just a coincidence, I thought, at the time. Those boys never bothered me again and even avoided me.

In 1973(?) a college roommate of mine, Hartmut G###, I suspect, deliberately bent my left thumb back, hard, while I slept. He knew how badly I wanted to play pro golf and I caught him before doing something at night to another roommate of mine. He drove a GTO and me an MGB. A year later or so my father said to me; “Steve, an old roommate of yours, Hartmut G###, is in the hospital. He wrecked his sportscar (He had purchased a Volvo two seater sports car like my MGB.)..Why don’t you come see him?” I had to explain why, disappointing my dad I could be so cold. It must have freaked Hartmut out to find my father treating him after what he did to my thumb. Do you think? My no show taught Hartmut that, asleep or not, I knew it was him that wrenched my thumb that night.

In about 1971 my father, while flying us (our entire family) all in his private plane over mountain tops in Lake Tahoe, California, resorted to playing “chicken” with SEVERAL mountaintops. Only I had the wherewithal to consider he might be serious about taking us all out then and there. He was a complicated man, my father. In 1984, on the tenth anniversary of Nixon’s resignation and a week after Stephen King mailed me a threat letter, my father died as a passenger on a ski lift plane in New Zealand on a mountaintop near Christ’s Church. Just exactly as he may have considered killing me a dozen years before. Amazing!

His friend, a sheriff in my hometown who my father confided in, turned me in to the Secret Service and F.B.I. before Terry Chodash, an agent, interviewed me in early 1983.  After that my life became terrorism hell. I was promptly charged with “Breaking and Entering” and “Attempted Grand Theft”, before the false charges were dropped. For weeks I was the only person in attendance in the court room. Spooky. This sheriff was promoted to detective, after, but then died of colon cancer shortly thereafter. He was in his 50’s, only. I recall how I, as a ten year old, opened his combination lock on his weight room in one try to his amazement, then.

In 1987 a Thomas Decker and his six foot seven inch tall accomplice teamed up to break my nose on a sidewalk and dislocate my arm using martial arts. They even tried to break my hip with their boots. A year later this Thomas Decker was sporting a mouth with zero teeth all of a sudden. Either somebody knocked them all out or he lost them to meth abuse, I suspect. He was dressing with expensive cloths I noticed for a while and he must have been paid for his thumping me. All he said was “We don’t need the publicity.” before doing his spin moves.  Of course the D.A. Costello, refused to charge him. He was last seen living in a sleeping bag in Golden gate Park. It may be that Sylvia Chase and Jim Paymar, two news anchors whose names appeared a month earlier on my billboard, were behind the hit, I don’t know. They both were fired and had to move to the east coast to get a job, after, I noticed.

Dianne Feinstein, mayor of San Francisco, then, made my new billboard; “FEINSTEIN AND S.F.P.D. HIRING THUGS TO CRIPPLE ME”  Two days before the Golden Gate Bridge walk and exactly a month before I was assaulted she had the police confiscate my signs and arrest me only to drop charges days after the bridge walk was over. She found herself with a bridge nearly collapsing under the weight of the people. Her earlier idea to upgrade with cement backfired and she had to then spend millions to rip out all that new concrete and lay down lighter weight asphalt. “Ha, Ha! Dianne!”

About the same year a man who kicked me in the back to deliberately injure me was next seen a year later in a wheelchair, the same leg that kicked me the one he permanently hurt.  By now I was starting to notice a pattern involving an avenging angel punishing my trespassers.

A week before the late 90’s Loma Prieta earthquake I visited Santa Cruz for the first time, ever. Every other major city of the bay area I had already visited. I recall thinking as I left a week later, how sad that no one cared about Lennon’s murder, even in Santa Cruz. I thought the worst might happen. Not only DID it happen, it happened exactly as I took the podium in Santa Rosa at a City Council meeting. The room was shaking over 100 miles away from the epicenter. All the bay area was affected. The bay area that betrayed me and John Lennon. I recall joking with citizens who saw the shake on the televised meeting; “I really shake things up at city hall.”

In 1992, world famous newspaper columnist Herb Caan died of a heart attack a week after slandering me in The San Francisco Chronicle. I remember his words; “Our Mr. Lighfoot is now making a fool of himself in Bangor, Maine accusing Stephen King of being John Lennon’s murderer…” And he’s a newspaper man who knew I was right about all that, anyway.

In 1994(?) I was given three consecutive days on L.A. talk radio, 15 minutes per day, to air my evidence where Nixon was living at the time. Morton Downey Jr., actor Robert Downey’s father, was the brave host and I let loose with my best and pulled down “Tricky Dicky’s” pants but good. Two or three weeks later and an hour after I then, again, confronted Henry Kissinger on talk radio, Nixon suffered what would be a fatal stroke. I always thought he had my father killed in that plane crash and now I had just killed him, legally, with stress and the truth.

(I will forget a lot of instances, here, but will put them down after I remember them.)

In the early 90’s(?) in Santa Rosa I asked the City Council to help me prosecute King. Their vice mayor came out on record a month later proclaiming that they would not help me nor was it their duty. His remarks made a write up in the paper, in fact. A few months later he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

In the mid 90’s Monterey experienced it’s worst, ever, one day of rain that turned the peninsula into an island. Amazingly, that was the night when the Monterey police arrested me on suspicion of theft regarding a poncho I found on the street. They immediately dismissed the charge but it rained in a torrent hours after the drama.

Fast forward to June 1999 and Stephen King was struck by a van and seriously inured, almost killed, in fact. Dozens of broken bones leaving him on crutches in time to watch his daughter marry a black lesbian woman. I had been in his hometown of Bangor, Maine, years before, for six months, driving in my van. In 1992 he had my ticketed several times in a few days and other tricks he played on me – once hiring two teenagers to try to disconnect my brake lines.  I caught them in the act. –  King was being found guilty of having sex with a 15 year old that year in Belfast, Maine. The moral of the story, though, is how he had me falsely arrested and slandered on the national televised news as a stalker for displaying a sign outside his book signing in Santa Cruz in 1994 that read; STEPHEN KING IS A MURDERER; IT’S TRUE OR HE’D SUE”. That night, before a crowd, he said; “I guess we took a few shingles off of his (My) roof, today…” Then HE got mowed down in Lewiston, Maine and almost killed, years later. I ran him out of Maine and he has lived in Florida for decades, now, secretly.

Several years ago Charlie Rose of television fame was on top of the world getting media perk after media perk after interviewing Stephen King three times in one year when nobody else would. Suddenly he was seen everywhere, rewarded for providing King with interviews. Then, flushed with his success, one day, he tried to give a news woman a kiss on live television and was last seen off all media air, entirely. I call THAT the Stephen King curse.

I remember how it was about 2015 that a navy jet ran over the runway and into the ocean just as I happened to be sunbathing on Coronado island near San Diego. Just hundreds of yards away. I was watching them land and practice and it happened as I was walking off the beach. Months before a navy cadet, in uniform, in pickup truck with rubber fenders rammed his truck hard into my narrow wheelbase Toyota van at 75 mph and I could have rolled and been killed. It was the second time in five years I had been a victim of another vehicle plowing into me at over 60 mph, the first a T – bone at an intersection that was mysteriously paved over the next day. And, so it seemed like payback for the Navy for crashing into my vehicle months before. They suffered millions in damages, me, just elbow grease and thinner to wipe the six foot long rubber skid mark off my van. And all while I just happened to be sunbathing there for the first time in twenty years.

In 2016(?) while in Goleta near Santa Barbara I was ticketed for crossing a line turning right. It was exactly where I had slept the day before and the cop may have been looking for me. Santa Barbara is Reagan country and, if the officer wasn’t partisan, the judge absolutely was when she relished finding me guilty. So much so, in fact, that I warned her of the impending bad karma that would probably befall the area for their crime against me, today. By then I was well aware of my avenging angel powers. In just the two years following that presumptuous remark, made on court television, for proof, they suffered three major oil spills off their coast ruining three summers there, their worst fires ever, followed by their worst mudslides, ever, followed by a mass shooter at the U.C.S.B campus where many students were shot and mowed down by his car. This last fact just a mile from where I was ticketed. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, Goleta suffered a fire that destroyed either 500 or 5,000 houses, I think the paper said.. That judge must have been reeling at the time of all this bad karma, remembering my taped remarks.

In 2017, on the Venice beach boardwalk near L.A. I was struck violently with a roundhouse haymaker punch while holding my guitar. The assailant went running away when I put my guitar down momentarily and scurried away from me, after. The police and D.A. refused to arrest him and acted like friends when they met. Even the watching crowd seemed to enjoy my misery and I made a one hour rambling rant up and down their boardwalk about how even Jim Morrison of The Doors left that town it was so drug infested and depraved. I cleared the boardwalk in one hour with that speech. The next DAY a man was struck and killed by lightning there. Right on the beach where I spoke. In the years that followed the boardwalk descended into a community of druggie homeless tents taking over the beach, their urine taking over the ocean breeze lowering the image of the neighborhood. Riff Raff took it over.

On John Lennon’s birthday, several years ago, a PG&E device sparked the worst fire in my hometown’s history. Santa Rosa. I happened to be in Healdsburg just ten miles away from the epicenter preparing to have my van serviced the next day. I was living in Monterey at the time. I awoke to a red sky and didn’t realize it was Lennon’s birthday until days later. Santa Rosa failed and tormented it’s evidence hero before all that.

In 2019, while about to receive a dental operation, and right after I inherited almost $100, 000.00, law enforcement used that as a platform to wreck my newly painted van and charge me with a crime of driving while intoxicated. I made the mistake of asking a retired Santa Cruz officer / coffee shop owner if he knew of anyone willing to drive me one block to an appointment. He knew who I was, though.  A Chris Malsack lept out of my van with the door open, in neutral, and may have even then pushed it from behind to get it rolling. I had to jump from the back section into the driver’s seat to stop it from doing more serious damage. It still suffered over $2,000.00 damages, though. I had 0.00 alcohol or drugs they hoped to find but prosecuted me, anyway. FOR OVER TWO YEARS before it was dismissed in the interest of justice. Meanwhile I was forced to endure having to fire two lawyers and recuse three judges along the way.  I never gave up my speedy trial rights, either. Completely bogus, all around. State Terrorism. Period! It was the sheriff and C.H.P. who instigated the citation and, low and behold, while in mid stride with all that court criminality around me, a dozen sheriff’s and C.H.P. cars passed my van on the freeway in pursuit of another man named Steven, also in a van. He (Steven Carrillo) then shot and killed a sheriff from the same station that cited me and another C.H.P. officer in the hand, ALSO from the same station involved with me. I, in fact, warned the C.H.P. officer a year earlier to get out if he’s in a plot to avoid any bad karma.

Then, the worst thunderstorms, ever, torched the very neighborhood of both the D.A. prosecuting me and the officer Rawson who set me up with this driver, evacuating them from their homes as Santa Cruz suffered it’s worst fires, ever.  Ever see the movie “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot” ?

On December 07, 2019, as I was being interviewed on KSCO Radio a caller remarked; “Even if Stephen King DID kill John Lennon, it’s old news, now, and not important…” I responded by saying this; “If that’s the best mankind can do in dealing with this news, if mankind cannot jail Stephen King in my lifetime, then I pray a mountain sized asteroid puts this weak race out of it’s misery for it’s own good….” I continued to say that a humanity that weak, compared to how they could live under the truth armed with evidence, is too pitiful to go on reproducing. Too stupid to deserve such a magnificent planet. Unworthy of life, itself. I’m sure many listeners indulged in jealous mocking of me thinking how pitiful I must be to think MY thoughts are that important to our future at all. Exactly a few weeks later America and the world were hit with Covid -19, a germ warfare agent that got released in China about the exact time I made those remarks. Coincidence? Again? Really? I am not the second coming but I’m sure this world will try to brand me as the anti-Christ after I am famous the amazing coincidences surrounding me are so profuse. Just because mankind is sick. Hey, somebody has to man up and save you slobs, is all. Otherwise I’m just a little smarter and wiser and braver than you all are. That’s all, maybe.

Several Monterey establishments that 86’d me from their businesses were all shut down for years right after their jealous outbursts. The Bull and Bear I 86’d myself from due to their discriminate passing me over in the karaoke rotation. Covid-19 closed them down a week later, indefinitely.  Lollapalooza bar that actually served Stephen King weeks earlier was also shut down permanently. Brittania Arms, for two years, maybe for 86ing me a year earlier. A waitress at a local golf course cafe who was alarmed at my even remarking about my avenging angel complained to management that it made her feel threatened. I was 86’d from their cafe as a result. Months later she was re purposed into having to drive a snack golf cart around for tips instead of waitressing. This lasted for years, too. Only now has that cafe re-opened.

December 09, 2022 to present (3-9-’23) Almost 90 days and 90 nights of non stop rain since Monterey stiffed my anniversary rally. Since the Whisky Club bar, the Mechanic’s Bank and the M.P.D. cited me twice in three days for singing from my van like I have been doing for years, before and since. Since ducking my Lennon murder evidence, now, for decades. Last night the rain and wind threatened to blow down trees and trees were blown over. No electricity for most of Monterey, 1 mph traffic everywhere with no signal lights and it’s getting hairy weather wise around here. Since my Dec. 8 rally fell flat with no support Monterey county has suffered 100 million in damages and dozens of lost lives. Another big storm is due this week, still. Roofs are caving in from all the snow fall all over California and it seems TO ME that God is getting you all ready to wake up and jail Stephen King before you all get a monster asteroid up your ungrateful, ignorant butts. That God is warning you, incrementally.(P.S. I found out, the next day, that, had I slept at my usual place that night of the high winds, a 600 pound tree branch would have fallen on my van, I noticed. Seems I was protected in the event just by sleeping in Pacific Grove that night.)

Oh, I did mention the mid 90’s one night of rain here that turned the peninsula into an island just hours after the M.P.D. falsely tried to arrest me for finding a poncho on the sidewalk, right? (I did.)

And so we arrive at the present with the local manager of a homeless center getting hospitalized for a bad fall days after he and I got into an argument, there, and as I am under court attack by Panetta and his corrupt government and courts and police. (See the details at the end of this section.) The two back to back citations issued by Whisky Club and Mechanic’s Bank in mid July of 2022 and the police cars that descended on me scared off the public who had been giving me thumbs up and applause for my singing. By the time my  December 8  rally rolled around I experienced a no show for the only time in the last three years. Almost exactly after that blew up in my face Monterey experienced perhaps the very wettest and worst winter in it’s history. It continues. In my opinion bad karma will HAVE to continue until Stephen King is wearing hand cuffs. Until then bad karma is what you all deserve. Are you slobs up to it, is the question. Or would you all rather be his prisoner of fear, too weak to stand up to his evil, sociopathic crime against us all? The crime that BEGAN your national melt down.

The sign I’m brandishing on my van lately reads; CALLING ME NUTS KEEPS YOU STUPID

The riddle involved in this expose is such that it seems like God is trying to see just how ridiculous a species he created by shoving all this irony, evil and upside down-ness on us and watching as you ALL respond by suckling up to the tit of the boot that kicked us in the ribs instead of arresting the monster and ending the madness. As if to justify, first, any cataclysm he may be considering. If you don’t think the epidemic of mass shootings plaguing America, especially, aren’t related to King killing John Lennon and your apathy about it you aren’t even paying attention. His mid 70’s book; “Rage” was about a school shooter before there were school shooters. He enjoys your national meltdown, too. Incrementally, we are being warned something’s wrong and evil among us.

I don’t look at it as wishing death on mankind as much as I see myself giving humanity a chance to AVOID such an otherwise deserved and certain fate by redeeming itself by jailing Stephen King. Like a man. Not the coward humanity has become. But for me you may be all doomed.

I’m sure I forgot at least a dozen other examples I could list. The problem is if I need more examples you all need your heads examined not to notice a supernatural phenomenon going on, here. If I need anything more than my website’s listed evidence to motivate all of mankind to descend on their lying media to out this news and arrest Stephen King then humanity is utterly mad to begin with, anyway. And you ARE all mad, trust me. Jesus used parables because he knew that mankind’s heart was hard and it’s eyes closed, otherwise. If King ADMITTED he killed Lennon you’d all STILL sit on your hands, admit it. You just love fearing and licking that government boot so much, don’t you? Oh, by the way, Jesus died BECAUSE of our sins. If his death saved us why are you all STILL killing the smart guy? Truth MIGHT save you, though.


And, yet, there is more, people, my guardian angel. Let’s start with last week, March 9, 2023. Just two days before I was on television at the Monterey City Council meeting explaining how it was that I was detained and almost arrested by M.P.D. for finding a poncho on a sidewalk hours before the mid 90’s deluge that turned the peninsula into an island began. I added how it is, now, that beginning the day after Monterey failed my Dec. 8 anniversary rally it has rained cats and dogs for 90 days and 90 nights in Monterey costing 100 million in damages and lost lives and all, I think, for molesting me with two tickets in a row in downtown for singing from my van like I have been doing for years and scaring off the public who had been supporting me until then. My three minutes expired and I walked out of the meeting. Two days later the wind and rain was so bad it knocked out power in all of Monterey for two days and knocked down trees everywhere. A levee broke, too, flooding a whole town. I happened to park in Pacific Grove, for whatever reason, that night instead of my usual spot in Monterey. As the wind howled and the100 foot tall trees all around me groaned I thought I must be nuts to stay parked there. A tree might fall and ruin my van. The next day I joined everybody in 1 mph traffic with all the signals out back to my normal spot, eventually, and noticed the next morning when I awoke that the one tree above where I normally park had been blown down and was now on the sidewalk with chainsaw cuts already made by city workers. Had I been there over 600 pounds of tree would have ruined my fiberglass roof. BUT my GUARDIAN ANGEL spared me, yet, again. Meanwhile my avenging angel kicked a little ass.

When I was about 14 years old, while hunting, two people were in the woods, one putting my head in the cross hairs of a scope 22 Ithica rifle. I was sitting down eating a banana. I heard a loud explosion from about 100 yards away and felt something graze my right ear. I looked behind me and saw a plume of dust rising and a single blade of grass waving back and forth. Someone had just tried to kill me yet I was, again, spared. I will spare the guilty the shame of announcing who they are but they both know that they both have paid a karmic price for it with their less than perfect lives, lately. Ironically, the trigger man was severely beaten with a belt weeks later by (Withheld), not for trying to kill me, but because he had not put the scope on straight after using it. It was as if (Withheld) knew what happened without knowing why. A nervous breakdown, also, years after, and karma took it’s toll on him. The event was so traumatic to me I blocked it out, completely, for decades. Only decades later a matter concerning (Withheld) estate prompted me to remember at all.

When I was only about three years old me and a neighborhood kid would hit these shiny things for hours on a porch with hammers. They were 22 bullets I would later learn. How nobody in that circle of enthusiastic kids watching ever got hit is a miracle.

In both of my high speed “accidents” in 2010 and 2015 I could easily have been killed but emerged unscathed. The first involved a woman gunning it to get through a red light as it had changed hitting my meat delivery truck (Not my website van, conveniently.) broadside at about 60 mph in Concord, Ca.. My truck was knocked 30 feet sideways before landing on it’s side, my trainee / passenger spared by the door frame and the woman by her crumple zone, airbags and seatbelts. Her Toyota Landrunner was snub nosed to the windshield, too. Nobody was hurt. A miracle. Two days later I was good enough to hobble to the scene on crutches to take photos of the intersection. I thought I was set up and that someone tried to assassinate me, frankly. I saw that the intersection was freshly repaved with new asphalt destroying the scene of the accident. To make matters even more suspicious the woman who ran the light wasn’t cited though witnesses saw her run the light. AND I learned from a city employee that that city has a room where all it’s traffic signals can be manually controlled. Barack Obama, our president, then, must have been mortified. Did I turn his hair grey?

In the second “accident”, years alter after I moved to southern California for fear of my life up north, and also under Barack Obama, a uniformed navy cadet, about 20 years old and 110 pounds, slammed his Toyota Tacoma with rubber fenders hard into my narrow wheel based Toyota van doing, by his own admission, 75 mph. It left a six foot by two feet rubber skid mark all across my van and I had to chase him down to get him to pull over. The C.H.P. took 45 minutes to respond (To hold a meeting after learning I was involved?). Highly unusual, too, they did not cite this man who admitted driving ten miles over the limit when he ran into me. Very bizarre. My van did NOT roll and I did NOT die.

In 2001, while driving to San Rafael, Ca. to see my club builder (I managed a custom golf shop at the time.) and an hour after having my brakes installed, I found myself on the steep, downhill north side of the famous “Waldo Grade” It was drizzly and suddenly traffic was stopped in my lane and I had to merge, hard, out of it to avoid a catastrophe. My new brakes, you see, were slick and not braking too well and I found myself swirling in the middle of heavy traffic doing three complete donuts at about 65 mph until I came to a stop in the middle of the freeway. Nobody was hit and, when I drove away, drivers who witnessed the event looked at me like I was a ghost to be alive. I attribute my miracle “save” to having had my undercarriage coated with  heavy weatherproofing in 1992 while in Maine which made my vehicle’s center of gravity very low or I may have rolled, instead.

When I was mugged and savagely beaten in 2008 by a gang of 10 young men in Spanish Harlem, Manhattan N.Y. I emerged with a broken jaw that, miraculously, fell into place, perfectly, two nights later, (I could here the pieces click and lock) and even my temporarily damaged right eye is back to almost normal, now. Weeks later one of the assailants who recognized me (They had my camera and saw my van) said; “Man, you almost DIED!” when he saw me holding signs in Washington Park.

Just hours before that assault  I discovered that someone had pushed a lit cigar into my van’s cab and it burned a hole in my door fabric. Someone had tried to burn down my van. That also didn’t happen. That traumatic discovery is why I found myself looking for a bag of pot to calm my nerves that night.

When I was 21 (1975) and zig zagging, testing my new Pirelli tires (When tires are at their slickest) on my ’72 MGB doing 75 mph I suddenly found myself going sideways down the freeway and then backwards but I saw an off ramp and took it.BACKWARDS at 75 mph. A smile lit up across my face at the fun of this ride and I had complete confidence I would be alright. I DID manage to come to a stop just before crashing into a cyclone fence. My former high school girlfriend’s brother actually saw the whole event play out. What I had to wonder at, looking at my tire tracks, was the perfect half donut I made around a light pole I don’t remember even seeing. Had I not instinctually done that I ‘d have hit it and my gas tank would have exploded and who knows what else.

A year before that, while on route to see that same, then, former girlfriend, I hit a patch of mud that found my MGB swinging both rear tires off the road rounding a hairpin turn and over a cliff only to hear them both thump back onto the roadway again or I’d have fallen thirty feet and who knows what. A full 180 degrees of my cars rear end swinging over a cliff and then back on to the road. Whew!!

I’ll admit I was a little rambunctious in my early 20’s (Totally mild mannered, now.) but most of these accidents were the result of slippery new equipment or mud or other drivers, not entirely me. All that adventure has made me a very safe driver, today. Because I worry a head on collision is on the menu for me where my political enemies are concerned, I drive on the outside edge of my lane whenever I’m driving against oncoming traffic, just to be extra safe, in fact.

Lucky Lightfoot? I’m sure there’s much more that I don’t happen to remember, now, (There was the time I held that same car at 90 degrees through mud sliding sideways for several seconds through a series of S curves, a drop off on one side and a cliff face on the other..) but there is some evidence I have an Guardian angel and not just an Avenging angel.

What about all of you, however? Are you pissing God off for being washouts and weaklings in the face of Lennon murder evidence? For siding with evil???? For protecting mankind’s enemy; Stephen King? For martyring my youth? Is he or she deciding if a space rock is the only answer for all of you? Is God bored with your lack of humanity and is he thinking of delivering the rock I saw in 1966 to “put you out of your misery” for being so helpless and stupid? Is he convinced his recipe was a mistake when he made us? Time too start life over? Even if you’re all just jealous of me for finding the evidence, that’s reason enough.

I honestly believe that if I am killed by your irresponsible apathy that you will all perish from just such an asteroid like the one I saw in 1966. That that’s WHY I saw it. To let me know what’s out there that can destroy us and make sure we never deserve such a fate. To, then, pick ME to find the goldmine of hard evidence that CAN save us all and run with it. To see if mankind is smart enough to recognize and listen to it’s heroes and not crucify them for being smarter than the masses. Currently I’m convinced it would serve you all right, too. Any species that wastes it’s heroes and lets villains kill them and take over are evil incarnate and are, in fact, most probably, better off dead.

(Library time expiring, will continue, later….)

Now, back to my failed Dec. 8 rally and your responsibility for that..                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ….There I was, December 08, Lennon’s murder anniversary, armed with evidence and courage  and billboards, a stack of my evidence magazines, color photos of King and Chapman and the autograph hound, a stack of signs for people to grab onto and everything a well public would need to take advantage of. I even distributed almost 1,000 flyers about the rally all over Monterey and Santa Cruz. For weeks I erected signs on my van advertising my rally’s time and place. I stood there in downtown Monterey with a huge sign that read; “STEPHEN KING IS A MURDERER; IT’S TRUE OR HE’D SUE” all next to my emblazoned website van smack dab in the center of downtown Monterey. I was on talk radio for weeks advertising my rally. For two decades my van(s) and website have been up and I’m somewhat famous with the talk radio crowd. I have discovered the killer’s face, alleged name and letter linking Reagan just before the crime and government codes all about Lennon’s then upcoming murder in back issues of Time, Newsweek and U.S. News magazines. How many “brave’ Americans showed up to support me? None. That’s how many. What a nation of cowards if ever there was one. I’m telling, too. I’ve learned the hard way that you, as a species, are sick, jealous hero killers and masochists. You’re all so miserable having to struggle and work and put up with all the hypocrisy in life and all the taxes and tricks of living under government that you actually feel good about the death of anyone better than the rest of us like a John Lennon. It makes you all feel less stupid than you really are. “Wow! Life’s a lot easier, now,  not having to live up to the standards of a wiser, braver man among us who seems to have the answers to our problems. Can’t let anyone show up religion and government. No sir, We’re not ready for that…”. You’re afraid of your governments. Boot-lickers, in a word. Not me. Nope. That just sucks, people. How do you stand it, living like a slave under the thumb of pure evil?  If you only respond to fear let me advise you that I may have the say so in whether or not a mountain sized asteroid wipes out all your stupidity for good. Don’t be too surprised if I am seen, soon, brandishing a sign that will






Hi, people. Steve Lightfoot, here, of and the yellow website van. Since my 1982 discovery of government codes in the headlines of major magazines including Chapman’s letter linking Reagan and the killer’s face and true identity (Stephen King, not Chapman) my life has become terrorism hell. Monterey is especially corrupt.

The title headline will be my next billboard and if you are receiving this flyer / hand out you already know I am brandishing it for all to see. In fact, the reverse side reads; “IS WHISKEY CLUB A ‘WISE GUY’ CLUB? Locals know the Italian mafia has always ruled the government of Monterey and Santa Cruz counties. Screw ANY mafia presence anywhere in America. The fact that they are molesting me with phony tickets (Two in just three days.) with their corrupt police department is proof that they are too pussy to stand up to evil asshole at large, geek / assassin; Stephen King. Stephen King is, in fact, jerking THEM around like a dog. The Italian mafia of Monterey licking the boot of government EVIL! You’ve got your District Attorney Pacioni and your two biggest politicians Leon and Jimmy Panetta, all Italian, and Dean Flippo who was the former D.A.. A John Russo (Italian?) rammed his truck into my van and billboards two Lennon murder anniversaries ago at my rally and was let go by officer Hill who refused to pursue the matter. He said to me, first; “I think you’re a piece of shit!” Siding out of fear with the bad guys. Like pussies. Then there is Paul Whitecross, likely an Englishman like me, who threatened me in front of his Brittania Arms Pub saying; “I’ll smash your face like a pumpkin…we don’t care about you…we have ways to stop you…” I happened to tape record those remarks. (He also owns The Monarch pub in Pacific Gove. This just weeks before his friend across the street, owner of The Whisky Club, who admits on radio that Leon and Jimmy Panetta are among their den of leaders in their “Think Tank” bar of probably court and police officials, etc., falsely cited me for a peace disturbance where there was none last July 9, 2022. Two days earlier The Mechanic’s Bank manager had me cited for singing from my van, also. For three years I’ve BEEN singing from my van exactly as I did those two days without a ticket. I have continued to do so a hundred times since without a citation including immediately while the officers were still present.. So why two in a row all at once when I was within the 50 feet limit requirement for amplified sound (My van’s C.D. player)? The police CLAIM they did not record my activity with body cam. They have zero hard evidence! Even if the W.C. owners used a cell phone they have no evidence. It just happened to be the first day I was holding billboards from my driver’s window. Prior to those two display / terrorism arrests downtown the public was giving me lots of thumbs up and high fives. (You ARE capable of being good.) So it appears even you, the public, are in their cross hairs. I knew Leon Panetta was a sick man when I watched him giggle uncontrollably on 60 Minutes as he reveled in how he killed thousands of Iraqi’s under various presidents he worked for. Jimmy, his son, seems to be a lot like Hunter Biden, riding Daddy’s coattails. Time to end this unholy dynasty controlling our police and courts.

And then there’s Clint Eastwood, another person of power who has a history with me. In 1980(?) he had an associate of his buy me a drink with a knock out drug in it while I was on a date with his girlfriend. REALLY! I passed out in her arms and remained out for a whole day, people. I regret not busting Clint, then. I made the mistake of giving him celebrity allowances and just kept quiet about it, until, until 2001. Kind of like all of you sicko’s give Stephen King a pass for destroying our world.  He must have had penis problems to do that to another man. He never was convincing as the leading man in his movie roles I’ve also noticed. In 2001 he tried to befriend me at a golf event until I gave him the slip. Then, a year later, I refused him a slice of my pizza because I was sick at the time.  He wasn’t happy and had me set up and removed from the grounds, towing my van and me off the Pebble Beach grounds. (The origin of his subsequent famous movie line; “Get off my lawn, punk!”) At THAT point I first let loose with flyers about his 1980 trick on me and was promptly allowed back in to watch the golf. but I ruffled his feathers but good, I know. I’m sure what he did 1n 1980 has hurt him more than it hurt me. Is he now trying to exact revenge before he dies and sic his police on me? Mistake! You see, just days before these tickets I had to get on KSCO Radio and explain all this because a Clint Eastwood called and may have tried to intimidate me from ever exposing that ever again.; “…because you know what I know that you know…when Ii was having sex with Salinas women…if you get in my way again, punk, I’ll blast you into the ground…” Of course I had to explain.

These are the people in our midst who I believe are molesting me with their corrupt court system. Obama / Biden tried, twice to kill me in high speed accidents (60 and 75 mph incidents), In the first T-bone incident the intersection was paved over the next day to destroy evidence.!!!!!! Obama even gave Stephen King a medal in the White House. In 1995 Clinton invited King to The White House. They all know what he did.  We’re all under government evil!. Visit my website’s ‘ “New Developments” page. Check out the chapter titled; ‘Dec 7, 2019 Interview’ Rummage around and SEE what I’m up against. Unprecedented abuses for any Californian in all our history. Hundreds of incidents, kidnapping, beatings, gun pointing and false arrests. Even my father’s suspicious plane crash, initially. Recent events are listed below, here.

What can YOU do about it? I protest every Sunday at noon in downtown Monterey on Alvarado Street. I have plenty of evidence and signs for you to hold.

(Now, back to where I was before I was so rudely interrupted. about your pussy no show for my rally)

(……..I notice it rained hard for 40 days and 40 nights and caused 100 million in damages to our area. It so happens it started right after you FAILED to help me rally Dec. 8, 2022.The last time it rained this hard was over 20 years ago the night the Monterey police first  tried to arrest me for a bogus charge then that was dismissed. That one day of torrential rain made the peninsula an island. I think I have an avenging angel.)

My next move? To erect a huge billboard to beckon an asteroid to take you weaklings out of your misery. That’s right. Something nobody has ever done to my knowledge. I’m advertising to God, himself, what a disaster his creation, humanity, really turned out to be. Ruled by Satan and against all that is good and truthful. Too weak and pitiful to withstand the use of evil by government against them.

When I was 12 I saw a 50 mile wide asteroid just miss earth. It was as if I was chosen to see this sight. Only once or twice a year did I ever sleep outdoors in my back yard. No sooner did I fluff up my pillow and settle in and look up to the sky and there it suddenly was; ” BLIP!!!!” As if shown to me on a silver platter. From one end of the sky to the other in a split second. Utterly soundless for being so close, I recall. From California to Hawaii in about three seconds, people. (Our media says it takes an asteroid three minutes to go from coast to coast, people. It’s a lie. More like four seconds time. They say they can avert one. That’s a lie, too. The power involved is otherworldly and incomprehensible.) The trail took up about one SIXTH of the sky. Orange and yellow, too, not just white. If I had blinked I would have missed it. Right away, my thought was; “We all almost just died!” I saw man’s worst nightmare, the one that DID kill the last residents here, the dinosaurs, almost kill us all, too. I told nobody about this for years for fear they’d think I was crazy. I met a man last month who saw the same thing from North Carolina. All the same elements of date, time and direction and scope. It was real and just happened recently. There are mountains out there still waiting to kill all life on earth, practically. I imagine a freeze would follow whatever fiery initial cataclysm occurred. The dirt kicked up would soon blot out the sun and unless you were able to burrow underground you’d not make it. Like the last time. The Gulf of Mexico is a CRATER, PEOPLE!!! That’s how big they are. California’s central valley looks like an asteroid divot from a glancing blow that jumped over the L.A. mountains and carved out the Sea of Cortez between Mexico and Baja. It all lines up, too. Big rocks out there.
I saw it. I KNOW what sitting ducks we all are. YOU DON”T. You blithering fools have NO IDEA! But you worry I might be God’s designated decider, don’t you? I really have thought, since, that I was shown this sight for a reason. That I might have been the one person good enough alive to spare us all, then, but that I had better warn my fellow man, somehow, to deserve a better fate and become better people, like me, too, or else. That I was to discover the cryptographic evidence to prove what happed to Lennon later was my purpose, I suppose.
I actually prayed for this asteroid to take us all out if we did not jail King in my lifetime while being interviewed on KSCO Radio on Dec. 7, 2019. (Check for yourselves in their archives.) It was in response to a caller who said that, even if I was right and King DID kill Lennon, it was old news and no longer important. You see how evil people are in their opinions? God MADE you evil that way. All of you! Two weeks later Covid hit the wicked world, too.
Look at Paul McCowardly’s life since he betrayed us all with silence; Linda, his wife, died. He then failed in a marriage to a one legged woman and his music petered out like John predicted it would. George Harrison, too, the “Quiet One”, died of an illness after almost being killed by a nut with a knife, first. Silence did him in, I think, too. Of all people to turn coat; Paul and George. Paul’s actually looking under slept and worried, lately, fearing the truth will all come out and his cowardliness will be as famous as he is, himself. What a cowardly, stupid fool! As if he couldn’t at least put my website address on a t-shirt in public, even. He has the fame but not the spine.
The moment I was being born America was in the process of exploding our biggest weapons test ever, the Bikini Island H-Bomb test. The same exact HOUR, people. (3-1-’54, 10:00am Montana time.) I think I must be a special person to be able to say that, see the world’s biggest asteroid near miss AND discover the evidence regarding what John called “The Event” about his murder that he knew would take place, even then.
If nothing else, my billboard campaign will put my message in it’s proper context and perspective. Even if the asteroid waits until I am dead in 35 years. Meanwhile, Russia is rigging our elections, taking out our power stations, here, as we speak, killing our heroes, and your own children are shooting each other in school they are so upset with the world their parents left them to begin with, not to mention killing themselves with Fentanyl. You’ve all BEEN getting spanked by God all this time since America slid down the toilet since Lennon’s death. You won’t admit it, that you’re lives are a joke. But I WILL. PUBLICLY, too. Just watch, people, what I think of your killing John Lennon with your evil apathy. You say how DARE I summon an asteroid for your just dessert. How dare YOU not care if Stephen King killed John Lennon.
The media was supposed to protect the public mostly from their evil government. A whistleblower watchdog type of agency. Now it is an agency devoted to protecting the government from the public’s right to know. ISN’T IT?? It has BECOME the government in real life. And instead of confronting them and marching me on your shoulders to the media for disclosure, what are you all doing?? You’re keeping quiet for their sake at your expense. Who let that happen? You did.

P.S. To all the animals of the earth, I’m sorry. You are blameless. Satanic man is not, however. Me? I am just speaking truth to evil. That’s all. Evil, apathetic, hero killing all of you. I care more about what I think of you than what you may think of me. I have to live with you monsters. Your shallowness and depravity have found me avoiding sex for decades, now. Congratulations. Oh, and by the way, on occasions where I was about to get close to one of your own, you’d all gang up and jump in and ruin it all. So how sick are all of you to be so afraid I might reproduce?

You, as a society, allow the government to kill off your influential heroes much the same way the Aztecs and the Inca’s sacrificed infants and virgins to volcanos and knives. It makes you feel better about yourselves and less reliant on smarter people than you and your politicians to lead you. “Well, at least I’m better off than John Lennon, for a change. I feel good about that. His superior intellect intimidated me and forced me to rise to higher standards than the slob standards we all cling to like peasants. We can go back to being lazy, lead by the nose ring slobs again. Wheww!!”

“What ‘s the point of living if you can’t let the government murder people smarter than the rest of us?..It’s the only real sport that matters, actually.”

Pretty ugly picture of humanity, right, people? And only you can change that fact about yourself by caring enough about my evidence to demand that Stephen King be punished for what he did to the world and John Lennon.

To all the people who resent me and what I stand for; you morons. I’ll be dead in 35 years and you’ll possibly be stuck not learning from my evidence find and die as stupid as I found you if you fail to honor my find. I already know that you could never be pleased about me no matter how I presented myself. Jesus, too, was not guilty for what you did to him, either. Nobody was saved by his crucifixion. You’re all still letting Barabbas free and killing John Lennon, still. AREN’T YOU?! You’ve deliberately martyred my youth, so karma you, twice, if you resent my coming forward with evidence that you victims desperately need.



Steve Lightfoot, here, of In 1982 I discovered government codes in Time and Newsweek’s headlines printed just before Lennon’s murder that proves a Nixon, Reagan Stephen King conspiracy. Go ahead and see for yourselves. I dare you all.

There’s more about Lennon’s murder evidence but, in the meantime, your apathy is giving the corrupt Monterey government and courts and police free reign to molest me in the hopes they can kill me with stress and just keep me tied up fighting their false charges every year.. Instead, the central coast just endured $100 million dollars in losses and dozens of deaths due to Biblical flooding for 40 days and nights right after nobody attended my rally, as well as a rained out AT&T golf tournament. I didn’t know what was the reason I have had to endure all this blatant abuse at first. Now I realize I have to alert all of the central California coast of the danger the Panetta political family here represents. Had I not endured an onslaught of abuse I’d have never suspected the rotten head as being the Panetta political machine that has cast a shadow of corruption over the area and America. I’m even suggesting foreign enemy status where their politics is headed. That they may also represent the Italian mafia that runs the central coast is also a given as far as I can see.

Just as “Billy Sunshine” of KSCO Radio may be a professional propogandist to assassinate my character with lies, the Panetta family seems to embrace the “Woke” outlook of the world order crowd that thinks they know better than us free citizens how to live our lives. More urgently, I hear Leon Panetta, who worked under evil Richard Nixon and also Clinton and Bush, is going to run for PRESIDENT IN 2024!!!!!  Clinton secretly met with Stephen King in The White House a week before the Oklahoma City bomb went off. Obama / Biden gave Stephen King a medal of the arts award in The White House KNOWING he murdered John Lennon. Bush Sr, was C.I.A. chief in 1980. It’s as if our country is festooned with enemies and infiltrates galore!  I cringe watching Jimmy Panetta, Leon’s son, amidst he crowd on television watching and applauding Joe Biden’s “State of the Union” speech last week. Too much evil too close to power for our own good. “Billy Sunshine” wants you to think that I am mentally ill and insane and not all of you, instead. No, it IS all of you who are insane to let Chapman skip a trial from the start and it is I who is the MOST sane of everybody, in fact, regarding Lennon’s murder. Just a provable fact. I’m a hero, in fact. The biggest the world has seen SINCE Lennon. Let’s examine the moral fiber of a Billy Sunshine; He is now suddenly a millionaire after surviving the death of his terminally ill former millionaire wife. I’d like to ask him, simply; “At what point in your relationship did you understand that she was going to die from her illness?” and, secondly; “Did that knowledge influence your decision to marry her?” You see, morals matter, people. Some people are more reptilian that the rest of us, I think, and should be rejected, outright, to advise us at all. Their beliefs are harmful to the rest of human kind. Consider all this the next time you hear KSCO Radio’s Billy Sunshine give you advice about me and Lennon’s murder. He also seems seething with jealousy of me and my importance and my evidence find. For that matter, understand that KSCO’s radical change in staffing and programming reflects the fact that all political talk radio is now removed from my living area. Last year it was KGO that was replaced with sports, only, and now KSCO is staying away from political talk, generally. While a.m. host Rob Carson is political I am not allowed to participate in his show at all, behind the scenes. Behind the scenes the powers that be are castrating all of YOU PEOPLE going after talk radio to go after me. But, then, you can’t admit I might even BE that important. Our government knows I am.

I knew that Leon Panetta was a sick man when I watched him chuckle uncontrollably while discussing how many Iraqi’s he killed on the show 60 Minutes years ago. Like a cross eyed, sadistic cabbage patch doll. One radio caller opined, after visiting Leon for a week, that he should not be anywhere near politics. Now I learn that all this Monterey corruption I am suffering under is likely emanating from him and the Italian mafia that actually DOES run the central coast. They are protected by media and government. Our D.A. Pacioni, a judge; Manetta, and Dean Flippo, the former D.A., all Italian. The long term natives here KNOW this Italian mafia is real. “The Whisky Club”, a bar in downtown Monterey, charged me with a peace disturbance last August two days after another ticket was issued for unnecessary noise. My crime in both instances? Singing, unassisted, from my van to CD’s as I have done for three years without any tickets. It’s a scam, people, and Whisky Club is not innocent at all. In fact, they bragged last December on the radio how they attract the “leadership class” in Monterey and that the Panetta’s are among their most elite in this respect. They practically said, right out loud; “Hey, Mr. businessman. Want to rub shoulders with the Panetta’s and see what favors he can, for a price, arrange for you? We’re your club. We grind out government corruption right here!””

I now brandish a sign that reads; ‘END ITALIAN MAFIA RULE IN MONTEREY” and, on the reverse side; “IS WHISKEY CLUB A ‘WISE GUY’ CLUB?” They don’t scare me. I’m scaring them, however. Even the local Salvation Army is denying me services lately as if the police asked them to get rid of me. (I save money on coffee mostly to offset the court fees they are going after with their multiple false charges all of a sudden.) Read about some of it here a few paragraphs down, in fact. There’s even more in the chapter “Dec 7 2019 Interview.” found listed at the bottom of this chapter. Unbelievable but all true.

I protest every Sunday at noon in downtown Monterey on Alvarado St.. I need your help, people. I have plenty of signs for you to hold. Just show up and stand by me. Please.

What does King think of my activities? His close friend in Bangor, Maine once screamed at me; “He’s afraid he’s going to fry!!!” Stephen King has never denied my claims. Don’t you.

Sincerely, Your unsung hero; Steve Lightfoot


In the meantime, let me show you what my van messages read to get a glimpse of the truth;

My van is a yellow 2000 Chevy Astro van with a high top. Of course the website;” adorns all four sides. The rear bumper reads ; THE TRUTH – HANDLE IT. The side skirts read; “COME CLEAN, LYING U.S.” and “GOVT. PLOT UNCOVERED”. The front hood reads; “Help Me Come Forward.” The rest of the messages that spread out akimbo read; “Be Better Than You Are – Care…Guilty Public Apathetic…Stand Up To the Cover-up…NIXON, REAGAN, STEPHEN KING CONSPIRACY…Author Stephen King Murdered John Lennon…King Isn’t Denying It…Chapman Story Media Hoax…Nixon’s Sick Trick On You…Blowing Up Your Cover-up…Smell Your Nightmare…Speak Evil Or Be Evil…Face Up To The Facts…Govt. Media Our Enemy…” On the fiberglass top the headlines read; “Demand Disclosure – Demonstrate…Jail Murderer; Stephen King…Lennon Killers, Repent…Up Your Cowardly Cover-up…Lost U.S. Under a Lie…Deserve Truth – Demonstrate”
It’s quite a sight rolling all over the place, mostly the south bay near Monterey, Ca.. People look at it as though it is in a foreign language and walk away more perplexed than informed. Not used to a dose of reality, I guess.
Some campaign posters I plan on erecting as I stand with my LENNON MURDER TRUTH. COM sign and my time and place rally posters read;
Just for example. I have plenty of signs for you all to hold. Dozens. Bring your own if you like. Although I must sound like a braggard and a jerk I assure you I am the opposite of all that. Try wrestling with the evil human race for four decades and see how polite YOU emerge. I am the ultimate optimist. My enormous reservoir of goodness, humility and other qualities have kept me alive and still whistleblowing all these dangerous years. Anyone who DOESN’T care is a negative cynic and coward.
As I fret over the next few weeks while I disseminate 1,000 of the above printed flyers all over the Monterey Peninsula I am overwhelmed with the knowledge that you people are tragically damaged goods and possibly too masochistic to respond. Too afraid to stick you heads up to protest and too afraid of your shadow to make the future a brighter pace. Too evil. You all have no idea how much you are controlled by the government controlled media. Stephen King has been laughing at me and my efforts knowing he has already poisoned all of you to the point you are broken and without your pride. Stephen King murdered America and your pride and John Lennon, all at once. I, only recently, have cone to understand only the former U.S.S.R. could be responsible for this crime. America is very vulnerable right now. Look at our elections. Russia is bragging, now, how they are hacking our elections. Is that how America plans to lose? Too crippled and silenced by evil to fight back?
You can see how evil you all are for having ignored me and the evidence for decades, now. I will include in my upcoming four part movie the episode at U.C. Berkeley in 1984 when the students squealed with glee when I told them my father had just been killed in a suspicious plane crash. Messenger envy and resentment, all rooted in satanic masochism. Muffled squeals of glee all around me. I know things about you all that only a hero COULD know. It’s not a pretty picture. When I advertise; “CRIMINAL PUBLIC APATHETIC” I’m only too correct about humanity. You are a raped and abused husk of a human being. Your insidious government and it’s influence over you has turned you all against yourselves. You may doubt me on this but you will someday learn that there is a whole division in our government that is dedicated to mind controlling you. They employ sadomasochistic techniques that even I am unaware of. They know you all better than your mothers do. It’s the reason why you can’t recall a trial for Chapman and the reason you run away from my findings. Last summer, just as I was starting to get supporters all over giving me thumbs up, like an upcoming celebrity, the Monterey police conspicuously cited me downtown twice in three days to scare YOU all off and it seems to have worked for them. That’s how you are kept down, people. Fear being pushed by your evil government. There’s a reason you are exposed to the wanton slaughter of human life on prime time television with guns intimidating you all the while. They are breaking you down to eventually take away your guns. They are also keeping you sick and off balance on purpose so you CAN’T respond to evidence at all. They have you reacting to it in a most masochistic, self destructive way. Whereas you should all pounce on my opportunity to protest and out this news, you are, instead, on the side of Stephen King and you want to protect him and the government.
AREN’T YOU ALL??????? Your lives are a horror movie, indeed. The hero is missing from your lives, is all. Were you well I’d be on your shoulders, tomorrow, all of us demanding media disclosure. But you’re all not well.
Oh, I WISH I was wrong about this. Time will tell. December 08 is days away and I think you may all be too scared to care. Prove me wrong and save yourselves from pure government evil. I dare you to stand up for yourselves and stand up to Stephen King and jail his sociopathic ass. You would have done this in 1983 if you were well at all, then. When I started to inform you.
Speaking of time will tell. Someday, if your jealousy and apathy and fear of government doesn’t get me killed, I will be the world’s most famous human being. Just a likely fact. Just like Lennon used to be. Whatever I say will be picked up by every microphone the media can muster. On top of that I might even become the world’s best selling singing artist. I don’t know what has happened, but since I was attacked by Santa Cruz authorities in a plot that involved them wrecking my newly painted and logo-d van and pressing false charges that were eventually dropped, I have developed, almost overnight, into a singer who can mimic the great vocalists as well as anyone on earth. It started when I could suddenly sing in keys I could never reach before. The timing and phrasing, suddenly more second nature. I wish I didn’t have to brag but I do to keep you from killing me. It’s my new weapon to show the doubting masses that I am, indeed, worth paying attention to. I sing from my van to remind the public I am no mere mortal but a very important messenger. I couldn’t sing as well as I do and be a crazy person all at the same time. I write my own stuff, too, and I will be a force to be reckoned with, I assure you.
Some samples read; “The silly masses, laughing in their dark despair, killed John Lennon, saw no trial and no one even cares. Lying to your children; “It’s the fan the papers pinned” living’s easy swallowing that pill. Lights that used to signal you’re the human race have dimmed, your smoky eyes are glazing over, still…” Another first liner; “Live wire walking on a high wire, poor life hanging by a thread. Busting the government for John Lennon’s murder. Lucky I’m not already dead…..”
You get the drift. The point is I will have to tell the watching world someday WHY it is I’ll shun Paul McCartney once I am famous. Oh, I WILL, too. Too late for his jealous, weakling ass. He betrayed us all keeping his mouth shut all this dangerous time for me and all of us. He is exactly the kind of celebrity we all don’t need. There to collect our money but “Nowhere Man” when his courage is needed. His 1990 April Fool’s Day shout out in 1990 at his Berkeley concert; ‘Yeah, Steeeeeeve! That’s right. I don’t know about YOU, Berkeley, but I want you all to know we LIKE it and we need you as a PEOPLE to GET to the promised land…” was so weak I missed it from the 8th row, center stage. Had I not taped it I would never have heard it at all. Are Julian, Sean and Ringo listening? Similarly I will remind the public that my hometown of Santa Rosa burned down in it’s worst P,G & E fire event, ever, on John Lennon’s birthday after ignoring me all those decades. Like karma. Ditto Santa Cruz with it’s worst, ever, lightning fires the same year they messed with me. The fires hit exactly the neighborhoods of the D.A. and the officer who instigated matters. Ditto a list of other amazing things that convince me God is real if only in the vengeful sense of things. One occurring AS dozens of the same enforcement officials who hurt me passed me on the freeway. One was killed the other shot in the hand as they pursued another “Steve” also in a van that day. Amazing. The list is too long to ignore. I am actually worried a 50 mile wide sized asteroid WILL do you all in someday if you fail to jail King in my lifetime. When I was 12 I saw just such a monster just miss us all. Just last month I ran into another man who saw the same event only from North Carolina instead of northern California. Imagine a mountain going so fast, “Blip!”, and it’s gone. I saw it. Should you all side with King and waste John Lennon I think your lives would be worse than death, anyway.


Jan. 5, 2023 –

To bring you up to date, I have been under assault from the police in Santa Cruz and Monterey since I inherited money and bought a new website van. In fact, they wrecked my newly painted and lettered van in Jan. of 2019 and tried to blame me for what their operative did in leaving me in the back of my van on an incline with the lever left in neutral. I had to jump into the front seat from the back section of my van to rescue it from plowing through a fence and doing who knows what damage. My dental operation was used as a staging ground to ruin my life. I made the mistake of asking retired S.C. police office Bill Rawson if he knew of anyone who would be willing top drive me to an operation. I would learn that his friend, Chris Malsack, was sat down by someone days before he wrecked my van to watch a video of “America’s Worst Accidents” After he did so he is on video admitting; “I’ll bury a car in a heartbeat. It’s just an inanimate object…”

I was charged with D.U.I. in spite of a zero drug or alcohol reading. 0.00 reading, folks. For over two years I had to fight the charge, fire two lawyers who were throwing my case and recuse three judges for their abuses. My speedy trial rights were also ignored. When it became clear that I was ready to defend myself by myself the charge was dismissed in the interest of justice.

WHILE that matter was pending and while a poster on my van read; ” D.A. ROSELL IN PLOT TO KILL ME”, chief Hober of M.P.D. ALSO tried to D.U.I. me.  When I again blew a 0.00 he had to dismiss but cited me for something else based on his sergeant Newby’s lies. In that matter no less than three officers all lied. Video can prove this, besides.

Then, officer Kopp entrapped me into a violation (7.18.’21) by hiding his motorcycle in my blind spot making me wonder was he right behind me after first making sure he saw me follow him from a 7/11 parking lot. While watching my rear view mirror to find him he alleges I ran a light. Even if true it was his police trick that was implemented to do so.

Then Seaside officer Silonzolchick lied out of whole cloth (8,23, 21) falsely claiming he called me on my phone involving another criminal charge of hit and run. This regarding a man whose bumper I barely tapped while parking. He claimed I hung up after he asked for my insurance information. All lies. The phone he claimed to have called was replaced with another and my public defender saw my old phone hadn’t been used since a month before he claimed to have called me. After that charge was also dismissed due to lack of evidence (There was no damage my van caused) the complainant was found dead in his car in the exact same parking space a year later. VERY WEIRD, INDEED!

So, now, in mid 2022, I had to clear the air on KSCO Radio about a caller who claimed to be Clint Eastwood who said things only I would understand regarding a woman we were both dating in 1980 including the night an associate of his slipped me a ” ruffi ” drink that knocked me out 20 minutes later at her apartment. I exposed him once before, 20 years ago, over the incident after he had my van towed off his Pebble Beach grounds. His famous movie line; “Get of my lawn, punk,” was exactly about that incident. And, so now, I had to explain things all over again in case this WAS Clint threatening me over it.

12 days later ticket one and 14 days later ticket two for singing from may van. Was Clint behind the two tickets? Maybe. Maybe not. Even before that radio spot Mr. Whitecross of Brittania Arms threatened physical violence against me if I sang near his place. I managed to tape record his remarks then including when he also said to me; “We have ways to stop you.” When I explained this to officer Mosqueda and that I had the taped remarks for proof he wasn’t interested. Officer Mosqueda has failed to investigate two e-mails from Stephen King where I am threatened.

So, now I have to defend myself from two charge for singing in public. I taped myself that day from 50 feet away and I was not audible even with my C.D. player on full volume. I will also introduce the fact that they are too close to legally complain, less than 50 feet, as well as putting Jack Whitecross on the stand to show conspiracy among these two bars to ruin my life.

If I still lose I will put these bars out of business for their trespasses. That’s what this news flyer is about, in fact. I happen to wonder do both The Whisky Bar and Brittania Arms sell cocaine on the side. You know, “The finer things in life” they advertise. I say this because they would probably already KNOW that I, in 2001, turned in bar owner “Whitey” to Pacific Grove police for being a major cocaine dealer. I told his bartender to clean out their drawers because I was going to report his boss to police. And I did. Whitey and his bar left the county months later. They shouldn’t have been such coked up assholes to me, then. Leon Panetta or Clint Eastwood or chief Hober likely are behind these two tickets but maybe that 2001 incident has put me on certain bar owners hate lists for relocating this cocaine dealer / bar owner to another state. Monterey county is corrupt enough to allow this to happen in my opinion. To ALLOW a bar to sell cocaine to a select sector of the public. “The Club” sells expensive gasoline, I mean whiskey, it all just tastes like gasoline to me. I heard their representative say for $6,000.00 you can get such and such whiskey by the case. How ridiculous is that? Right across the street the same government prohibits Walgreens from even selling wine and beer. Can’t have booze  sales ruining our downtown. Right. Monterey county has a very high incident of alcoholism, already. Makes you wonder why. I know that these two counties are corrupt, already. It takes a hero to flush these types out, it seems.

You may not care, but these bar owners are against my exposing Stephen King for murdering our beloved John Lennon. Already they are the bad guys AND they’re pushing alcoholism. They offer the corrupt a place to drown their guilt with expensive gasoline as they perhaps use that bar to conduct secretive political meetings that affect all of us. Dirty politics stuff.

Windows curtained off from public scrutiny. Very strange store front, people. Beware!

P.S. Funny how Frank Sinatra drank only Jack Daniels and that sufficed if anyone thinks that expensive booze matters. It’s all like gasoline to me, frankly. Alcohol is a depressant, anyway.

Dec. 01, 2022; Getting CLOSE, people.

Well, I suppose I should start with yesterday’s phone call to KSCO as my lead into why I find myself in full exorcist mode with all of you, suddenly. Humanity’s warts are coming out in full display. Wanna take a look? Lets START with the phone call;

KSCO: ..”our buddie, Steve Lightfoot..”
(Me)”What’s this I hear about someone talking about me behind my back? (Something about how cruel it was to exploit (my) mental condition having me on the air at all.)”
…I notice professional propogandist from The Pentagon, “Colonel Terry”, has been bad mouthing me to say I threaten the safety of Stephen King just to give your listeners what they want to hear so they can stay evil and not help me come forward and remove MY LIFE from danger…”
KSCO: “Well we don’t have Terry here to defend himself so…”
(Me)”What about me not being there today while you allowed others to belittle me?…Shame on anyone bad mouthing me, of all people, the one hero in our midst we’re lucky to have in the first place…Have you even looked at my website and seen the evidence you reject?”
(“Billy Sunshine”)”Why should I look at your website?”
(Me) “Because until you see what I have to prove my case you’re talking out of your rear end…I’m the only one in all of Santa Cruz with the testosterone to stand up to the same Stephen King you’re all willing to bend over for….Same with “Colonel Terry” who admitted he’s never seen my site….”

Then I called back, minutes later, while “Rory”, a daily caller, was on the line.. The host, Dave Michaels, left him, also, on the air with me.

(Me) “Compared to me the regular callers on KSCO are estrogen unfused douche bags and old maids and Lonely Hearts with no life other than to get attention who have nothing of importance and earth shaking to say…”
(Rory) “But Steve, you have a problem. You have a messiah complex…”
(Me) “No, I do NOT. Your jealousy that I HAVE something to say makes you think that….You call DAILY, like an animal who couldn’t get a mate, out of loneliness, and you have nothing to say that’s important, ever….None of you can stand that I have hard evidence and none of you care to even investigate it in all this time with my website right there defying you find any errors you claim…”

There was more.



Hi, everybody. Steve Lightfoot, here, the most un-sung hero on the face of the earth if I may humbly say. Why, my prodigiousness regarding earth shaking, hard evidence is such that it has caught all of you flat-footed and phony as can be. It’s not even a matter of my having the evidence or not. Nobody has been telling me in all this time that I don’t have evidence to prove author Stephen King is the real life killer of John Lennon. Nobody is denying that Nixon and Reagan, both, orchestrated the plot to assassinate John Lennon, first thing, in Reagan’s presidency, to get his pro peace message out of the picture. Nobody is claiming I HAVEN’T cracked C.I.A. codes in the headlines of Time, Newsweek and U.S. News magazines surrounding the crime including the killer’s face, alleged name and letter linking Reagan and more all printed before the murder. Nobody has argued that Chapman is not, in real life, a stand in look-alike decoy to fool all of you who was waiting with NYPD staff in a nearby precinct waiting to be switched with King later. Nobody has been claiming it is NOT Stephen King getting Lennon’s last autograph or that he has ever even denied my claims in all this time.

In fact, if Stephen King came out on the stage at Super Bowl halftime ceremonies and ADMITTED he murdered John Lennon out of jealousy and hate and political reasons it’s debatable whether or not any of you would do anything about it, after. That you’re all that spineless and sick. That is worth talking about. Just that. Why are all of you so sympathetic to the devil? To evil? Why do you, as a species, not rise up and stand up for yourselves against it and defeat the evil that has kidnapped, defiled and raped you? You all HAVE hard evidence for once in your tragic assassination riddled lives. You’re all insane not to use it. Insane.

And, so, I won’t be defending my evidence here so much as it is all on my website;, and you can judge for yourselves. Instead, I will be hammering home the message that ONLY YOU CAN BREAK THIS MONSTER EXPOSE and that, if you don’t start demonstrating to demand media disclosure, even the quality of your orgasms and every aspect of your lives will suffer from here to eternity and beyond. If you fail to demand the truth from your government controlled media you don’t deserve to live under truth and justice at all in the first place.

In my first interview, here, in 2017, I publicly prayed that a mountain sized asteroid like the one I saw that just missed us in the 60’s wipe us all out for our own good if we cannot punish Stephen King in my lifetime. I meant it then and I still mean it. The life you would be living after being that lame and stupid would be worse than death, itself, and, if I am the decider in the matter I say be done with so sick and weak a species. For your own good, too.

I also said, in that first interview, that I don’t necessarily believe in God. I do now. Only for one year did I have my doubts. Since then a flurry of F.B.I. and police and court shenanigans have molested my life and I have watched as offender after offender has been struck down by such bad karma and so reliably that I do, again, believe in God or all this could not be happening. In fact, as I look over my shoulder and take inventory, I’d say there is more than a 50/50 chance of that asteroid whacking you all to smitherines if King is allowed to skate for this by you in my lifetime. You people all have a duty to avenge John Lennon and punish his murderer.

I am well aware that many of you are getting ready to welcome my expose and bring me forward. This interview, the second in a month, lately, is a sign of that. I don’t want to be too critical of all of you because many of you ARE on my side but just haven’t come forward, yet. I do want to say a few things, though. It takes me to tell you that the main reason you have taken so long to care about this has to do with boot-licking fear of your government that you just can’t help. Even my own parents and siblings were and are in the same boat, here. And all your relatives and friends included. That FEAR has been holding you back and keeping you down and the media and our government has been making sure you stay that way. That they keep you sick and off balance and train you to call me a theorist and such. They make sure that the police issue very public citations and arrests of me every time you get close to helping me. They are fueled by evil and all that is bad in our world. They rely on your going along with it all, too. King has called all of you his “co-conspirators”, even, in a San Francisco speech he made.

Let me take risks here and declare that it is all of you who need me more than I need you. I’ll be dead in 35 years, probably, and most of you will still be here either sucking under evil or thriving under truth and justice. Only I can bring about the latter scenario. No side stepping of MY issue will be enough to save you no matter what else you might do. There is no getting around this issue and your future – all of your futures – depends on it. King will either be punished by all of society for his crime against us all or you will be punished by karma for being so lame and stupid NOT to.

I have my doubts that my story would automatically break if I were to wind up dead, somehow. We’d both like to think that you’d all rise up if the man avenging John Lennon was also assassinated for his heroism. But maybe you all would not. I think you would, however. Jealousy is no small factor in your way, believe me. I’ve seen too much of everybody’s jealousy of me to deny it. But even if you’re all good enough to avenge me, with me out of the picture, you’d only get 50 percent of the possible benefits from this historic expose.

Thank you for listening.

Hero in waiting; Steve Lightfoot


You’ve noticed me singing from my yellow website van; LENNONMURDERTRUTH.COM about Nixon and Reagan arranging for Stephen King to murder John Lennon. If you bring me forward before I get too old I’ll probably be the next John Lennon and as famous or even more so. And that’s not even for my singing. However, my singing has gone from 60 mph to 600 mph in just four years. I AM motivated. I am singing to stay alive. If I don’t show you a sign to prove, somehow, that I am totally legit about what I say I will be killed by your ignorance and apathy. Locally the Italian mafia have been molesting me with our un-American court system that they control. They have cost me thousands of dollars and damaged two of my vans in one month, even. They wanted me to react and commit a crime of revenge but I’m not so stupid, you see.  (See my New Developments. Page for details.)

I found the killer’s face and true identity, his alleged name and letter linking Reagan and government codes in the headlines of Time, Newsweek and U.S. News magazines only for five months surrounding the crime. I found much more to prove all I claim. The government knows you all KNOW I’M RIGHT about it all, too. They know you better than you know you. The only reason you all seem uninterested is because you are A-F-R-A-I-D. You live in fear of your own evil government and the mafia who run our government, I found out. “The Wizard of Oz” and “The Godfather” are the two most compelling movies of our lives for a reason. These describe our lot in life under a government or mafia who control us. You lack the brains, heart and courage to stand up to them, too. Admit it or not, you are a media controlled, anti-heroic culture who lets government kill people like me for trying to save all of you. My peers looked the other way when Chapman was allowed to skip a trial, for example. Everyone but me, that is. You all ARE very, very sick and I have just the evidence to save you with. I need HUNDREDS of you (Why not?) to join my rally every Sunday at noon in downtown Monterey on Alvarado Street. Every day you pretend I’m just a whacko or a nut YOU ALL LOSE, BIG TIME! We need each other. I need you to break my story, you need me to save you, after. King may end up facing a firing squad when it’s all over but so be it rather than all of YOU pay for his most evil crime that can be committed. Stand up for yourselves, people. You have brave me to back YOU all up. Now, protest or stay losers. Your choice. If I should end up dead I hope you will all blame yourselves for being so stupid, now. If an asteroid should wipe your timid, scared butts off the face of the earth don’t say I didn’t warn you why, now. It would be a better fate than living in a world that let Stephen King murder John Lennon and just get away with it, believe me. Talk about gutLESS!. I know you’re better than that, so help me, people.

Support your brave hero – save yourselves – Steve Lightfoot


(Now enjoy my court paperwork and tribulations there.)

In rebuttal to the courts finding to uphold my conviction while ignoring the fact that I was denied my rights to call witnesses to show a pattern of fraud and abuse against me, generally, I object to and contest the courts finding and will present my reasons why, here.

If a citizen can show that his citation was the product of police fraud or entrapment he is entitled to a dismissal of the charges. Similarly, if a citizen can show a pattern of fraud and abuse by other police in other matters, and especially police from the same department, he is entitled to show this to the court regardless of whether they were or were not present in the citation at hand. There are hundreds of precedents to establish this fact of law and, except for the fact that opening legal books triggers P.T.S.D. in me due to past police abuses, I would list them here. I challenge the court to disprove this, instead. For the above considerations a motion to dismiss due to discriminatory prosecution is also in order. All these defendant rights were denied to me and the court decided to find me guilty, regardless of the law, because I admitted to the violation in court last December 15, 2023 in my oral argument for my appeal. It matters not if I committed a violation if the violation was the result of a police trick to take my eyes off the road and this was demonstrated via police video that showed the officer hiding in my blind spot for two blocks. There is no other explanation for violating knowing I was being followed by a police motorcycle. This is why such laws were installed, to protect citizens from discriminate conduct by police and this was just that. The officer picked the busiest section of all the county to trip me up with four lights in a quarter mile downhill stretch and got lucky catching me trying to find him so as not to injure him if a sudden stop was necessary. Too many other episodes involving Monterey and Seaside police officers provably lying on video and more have occurred in the last few years and this matter must also be considered in that light. The court prevented me from presenting this light. The finding to uphold my conviction is in error and must be overturned. If I must go to a higher court I respectfully request that, now.

The evidence presented in my many motions establishes justifiable reason to suspect police fraud and abuse against me due to my status as a whistleblower in the government’s crime of assassinating John Lennon. The wealth of evidence, in fact, suggests that this county and court may, indeed, be involved in the very government cover-up I allege on my website. If this is the case the matter should be transferred to another jurisdiction as I cannot receive justice in Monterey County. Furthermore, the matter should be looked into to see if this court is eligible for charges to be brought against its agents involved. There is a wealth of evidence to suggest this county is protecting Stephen King and the government who killed John Lennon by harassing me. That’s conspiracy. Only because lawyers lack enough courage in this area to help me pursue this avenue have I not brought up conspiracy charges myself. Any time restrictive statutes may be overturned someday if I can prove this is the case, now, and act later.

I argued that I was entrapped by a police trick to catch me looking in my rear view mirror to find the suddenly invisible motorcycle officer Kopp and unable to concentrate on the signals at the same time. That his disappearance presented a dangerous situation if I had to stop suddenly. That his sliding into my blind spot after presenting himself and overtly following me was a trick to see if I would miss one of four consecutive lights, a section of roadway with more lights than any other section of Monterey county, in fact. I argued that, if that was the case, it amounts to entrapment and should be dismissed on that basis. I argued that my calling other officers to show a pattern of fraud and abuse in several, recent, previous matters was necessary to show that and would have resulted in a different outcome and showed officer Kopp in a different light; one of deliberately trying to make me violate by hiding in my blind spot causing me to fear if my sudden stop might endanger the officer who might be directly behind me. That there was ample evidence based on his fellow officers willingness to lie to show that he was not just innocently following me and must happened to catch me not looking at the road. I argued that there is no other explanation to explain my violation knowing I was being followed by a police officer other than that I was tricked into looking for the officer who had disappeared. Whether I violated or not is not the question. The question is was I set up with a police trick and are there other recent incidents of Monterey police lying in the issuance of other citations against me. If there were other instances and I was deprived of showing this to the court then I was deprived, illegally, of my trial rights This court, in it’s argument, strayed away from this central theme of mine that my subpoena rights were violated. That’s the issue here and the court tried to skate around the issue. I had evidence to show that officer Kopp may not be telling the truth in his testimony based on other recent incidents involving several other lying members of his department. If I was entrapped or showed reasonable doubt whether I was the ticket would have to be thrown out. I was not allowed to present whether or not that was the case except via hearsay from only me. Had the other officers testified and been found out to have lied it would have made a tremendous difference in my case. I only had to present reasonable doubt and that I could easily have done. The court’s argument that other matters and other officer’s testimony is irrelevant  to my case strips me of my rights not to be entrapped by police and the court’s finding is in error. The court cannot rule against me based on their arguments given.

I mentioned this element in my written arguments and focused, at the oral argument, on presenting the numerous suspicious, fraudulent episodes involving these several officers to show that they could be proven, via police video, of lying in at least four incidents and how that factors into the credibility of officer Kopp’s testimony.

The court argued that the other officers testimony was not relevant to my case when it absolutely was and is. As a citizen of America I am protected from being entrapped into a violation. I am similarly protected from being hunted by law enforcement. If said abuses reach a point where there emerges a pattern then these other matters do apply to my case. This was exactly the case and the court is in error to argue that the other officers testimony was not vital to showing this pattern of fraud and abuse which could have exonerated me if it could shed even a shadow of a doubt about the motives of officer Kopp..

The court argued it was a waste of time to allow their testimony. It was a breach of my rights is what it was. If the court doesn’t have time to honor my subpoenas then it doesn’t have time for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. If the court is correct then the other courts are in error to have laws that state otherwise. Courts that declare I have a right not be a victim of police fraud and discrimination. I allege this court, not the established laws about harassment and entrapment and fraud, in in error. The court is still required to contest any subpoena with papers to quash it. This was not the case in my first attempts to serve officers. Without any motions to quash my first round of subpoenas the court is without basis to deny my subpoenas.

In the second appearance my subpoenas were, again, ignored except by officer Silonzolchic who was present and who did not present any contest to his appearance. That Judge Sillman also refused to let him testify was in error. The court cannot argue that my subpoenas were improper. If the second batch were it was because of the court clerk who made the error and not me. She knew of my case and gave me the forms I asked for. If even he, alone, had been allowed to testify I would have been able to prove that he lied from whole cloth that he ever spoke to me on my phone in late August of 2021. That since expired phone’s record proves it was last used months before that date as I had a new phone I was using at the time. That would have presented reasonable doubt about the testimony of officer Kopp.

In all, all my rights not to be discriminately targeted and set up and entrapped were ignored and not considered. I had a mountain of testimony to show I was being systematically harassed by other members of the same police department responsible for this citation and was not allowed to present it. Had I been able to question these officers it would have been made clear that there is good chance officer Kopp was also deliberately engaged in fraud in how he hid in my blind spot to make me violate.

Regarding my argument that the court has been holding my case up and has not presented me with the lowered fine amount this is also true. (Since rectified last week.) In fact, case number 23AP000010, a Mr. Gutierrez, I believe, had his appeal’s oral argument scheduled the same day as mine, December 7, 2023. His appeal was issued exactly a year after mine so there is reason to believe the court deliberately held up my appeal for a year more than necessary. As such I have changed my mind about traffic school since my ticket will automatically come off my record this summer. The court said my fine is now only $200. They indicated I was entitled to a $290. refund since I paid the fine years ago and have a receipt of over $530. to show. I have never received any refund or reimbursement of the over $530. paid. If I can also have the amount I pre paid for traffic school refunded I ask for that, now. In all I am overpaid by over $330. (I have since applied for a refund and I’m awaiting a refund from the court that was never sent.) I should also point out that the bailiff at Dept 3 on Dec 7, 2023 asked me if I’d like to return on December 8, the next day. That is the same day I explicitly made clear I was not available for in my motions. Had I not appeared on Dec 7 I wonder would the judge have gone forward, anyway, and refused my right to oral argument later.  In other instances the appeals clerk calendared dates that were in direct conflict with other court matters at the time. The court has, seemingly, deliberately, tried to harass me in the process or all this would not be the case..

Meanwhile I await your decision to move this matter to a higher court to overturn your ruling that upheld my conviction. The court was in error for the reasons stated in this motion.

I declare, under penalty of perjury, that he above is true and correct.

Dated January 2, 2024



Sincerely, Steve Lightfoot (Appelant)


Request to expunge incident dated July 18, 2021;

This matter is currently under appeal and shouldn’t even be on my record until that is finalized. My final oral arguments are upcoming. I was deprived of a fair trial in that my subpoenas for several officer s were wrongfully quashed – twice – depriving me of my right to show a pattern of fraud and abuse by Monterey police, the agency behind the ticket. In fact I was ready to prove that six other officers either lied or committed fraud against me in other recent episodes. I attribute these other incidents to a vicious campaign by police to stop my activism that exposes our government in John Lennon’s assassination in 1980. That the authorities are desperate to remove my website logoed van from the streets using abusive tactics to wrongfully cite me. I wrote Steven Gordon, the DMV’s president, about this and he responded by telling me this is the process I have to go through to expunge matters I think were unfairly attributed to me. In this matter I was driving normally on Lighthouse Ave. in Monterey, Ca., eastbound, when I saw a motorcycle officer waiting in a 7-11 driveway. He brazenly followed immediately behind my website van and he was visible in my rear view mirror for the first three seconds until he slid into my blind spot in the right portion of our shared lane. He did so, deliberately, for several seconds, as his video shows, as we were going through a series of signals in a row on a downslope, I think, to take my eyes off the road to find where he disappeared to. It worked, too. The next thing I knew I was being signaled over having never seen a red or yellow light. The video shows the signal had changed as I was looking in my rear view mirror to make sure, if I had to stop, I wouldn’t injure the officer who very well may have been directly behind my too close to see. Being on a downslope, even if the light was red, I would have endangered the invisible officer if I had to stop abruptly. By quashing my subpoenas for other officers my rights to show a pattern of fraud my rights and a fair trial I was deprived of. I ask this agency to remove this point from my record even though it is due to come off in several months. That my appeal has lasted so long – over a year – is suspicious in itself. Only because I used Ticket Snipers to fight my charge initially and had to pay the fine up front, was this put on my record at all. I am applying for low cost insurance and their requirements don’t allow for the points I have listed, wrongfully, in my opinion, against, me. There is no way I would have committed a violation, knowing I was being followed by a police officer had he not resorted to tactics to take my eyes off the road to make sure he wasn’t hidden right behind me.

I ask for the incident dated June 20, 2021 to also be expunged as I was not properly notified by my insurance about it’s existence until after they blamed me for a year old incident in a golf course parking lot where a speeding driver in an electric Tesla tried to race ahead of me to take a parking spot.

In fact, I was already making a left turn in a 5 mph zoned parking lot when a Tesla raced from zero to 25 mph from a distance of 50 yards to where I was driving in just seconds clipping my bumper. Because he was at fault I called CHP to file a report but he refused claiming it was in a private lot. This driver told me he was there to golf with his drinking buddies and he SEEMED drunk, in fact, then. A half hour later I noticed he had left the lot, entirely, perhaps fearing he might be breathalized, I suppose. Either way he seemed to be lying about something. A year went by and there was no attempt by him to make a claim and, as there was only a paint transfer and no impression at all, I figured he had merely wiped the mark off with gasoline like I did mine and went on with his life. Suddenly I was notified, a year after the fact, that I had this new claim against me and that it was decided without my being notified, first. I was not allowed to contest blame at all. I was not allowed to examine the claimant’s repair bill or anything. I was ambushed a year after the fact with a false claim against me and my insurance company failed to properly notify me before a decision was made. This claimant was guilty and that’s why he waited a year to file a claim in the hopes it would squeak by unnoticed. I switched from AAA over this after being with them for over 30 years. Now I have this point against me I don’t deserve. It, too, is scheduled to come off soon but I need it taken off immediately, please. My insurance company claimed his vehicle camera showed me at fault. I viewed the film and it showed NOTHING. Just a millisecond of contact between us both with no indication of who was at fault, only that he was speeding. There is no evidence against me to show fault, only that the other driver was driving 20 mph over the limit there as he tried to race in front of my already turning van. This point I absolutely do not deserve. I made the call to CHP, after all. Had a report been made he would have been blamed. Had my insurer notified me, first, his claim would have been denied.

I ask for the incident on April 05, 2022 by expunged, as well. This was a case of a confused, erratic driver stopping and starting irrationally who stopped unnecessarily after she merged into her free and clear roadway with no other cars in sight anywhere. Her stopping, after merging, was the real cause of what happened. Initially I saw this female driver stopped in a 25 mph roadway and I honked from 50 yards behind her to get her to drive.  We drove another block and arrived at a four way stop and took turns cuing into position to turn right. When it was her turn to merge and turn right she was stopped for no reason for several seconds. She had the green light and there were no other cars anywhere in sight. I honked at her, again, and she started to drive. I slowly inched forward and took a last second look to my left to make sure it was clear and I gently impacted her rear bumper because she had, AGAIN,  stopped without cause, causing the accident. She was driving like a crazy or distracted person or this would never have happened at all.

I am asking the DMV to expunge these matters from my record. Please. I don’t deserve any of them. Before 2019 my record and insurance rates were both great. After that, when I got my new, better website van, authorities tried to desperately take away my license and are now trying to take away my insurance making it too expensive for me, living on only $857. per month Social Security. I wrote your president about my situation months ago.

I could list the time my father was killed in 1984 in a plane crash on the anniversary of Nixon’s resignation, days after Stephen King (Lennon’s real life killer) threatened me in a letter and of a time I was kidnapped, handcuffed and beaten unconscious by S.F.P.D. officers Rist and Hall in 1987. In 1983 two false charges – eventually dismissed – of attempted grand theft and breaking and entering I had zero to do with was leveled at me and hundreds of other abuses hurled at me for exposing Lennon’s murder. Evidence found on my website and the van the authorities are trying to take off the streets with multiple attempts, defrauding me, in the process.

I’m the same good driver I have always been. Only since my new website van hit the streets have I been assaulted illegally with points I never deserved. The way my insurance company handled matters makes me suspicious they were even prompted by authorities to mess up my life not allowing me to know about matters until after they went around my back to add points.

Please help me remove these points I don’t deserve so I can afford insurance and be able to advertise my evidence and come forward and out of danger. I have been continuously insured since 1990 and obey all laws and always have. I have no criminal record, besides, and I’m 69 years old. Only in the past few years have I experienced so brazen and multipronged an effort by the government to stop me. I don’t deserve any of this.

I declare, under penalty of perjury, that the above is all true and correct.

Dated November 20, 2023

Thank you. Sincerely,



Steven Mark Lightfoot



Motion to rescind Motion For A Change of Venue

Please take notice that I, the defendant in the above entitled matter, will move to rescind and vacate my motion for a change of venue as new incidents warrant a revision, entirely, to present my case at a later stage of the proceedings. I will present a new motion for a change of venue at a later date.

I declare, under penalty of perjury, that the above is true and correct

Dated February 08, 2023


Steve Lightfoot (defendant)


Motion To Grant Appeal


Please take notice that the court of appeals is delinquent by three months, in responding to my Opening Statement. In the meantime, I notice that this delay is costing me money on my insurance as the point I elected to erase via traffic school is now on my DMV record. This delay is also affecting my two other matters yet to be heard. Both Judge Maldonado and Judge Sillman are unfit to try my upcoming cases as both have displayed a bias against me. I am facing both of them soon and may have to contest them both without the benefit of knowing the results of my appeal that also describes the reasons both are unfit to try me fairly. I believe this court and jurisdiction has contempt for the defendant, no less, as I am threatening to uncover John Lennon’s political assassination for what it really was, a Nixon, Reagan plot. Leon Panetta worked for both Nixon and Bush and may be behind this corruption I am experiencing. In this matter I argued that the Panetta political family is perhaps behind my troubles. I now allege that this circumstance is endangering my life as the powerful, local Panetta political family is associated with the very  bar that recently, subsequently falsely charged me with a peace disturbance where there was none. My charges of a witch hunt are becoming more and more founded. This matter should have been completed by now before I have to face new charges that involve the same arguments of discriminatory prosecution. I am to be seen in court in a few weeks time, in fact, on these two new matters and this other matter is not yet resolved due to the delinquency of this court.. My appeal statement accurately describes the torrent of political abuses the police have foisted on me. So much so, in fact, that the County of Monterey now has another reason to deny me justice as i have a very good case against them and they fear I might pursue damages. That judge Sillman ignored the list of abuses described in my motion to dismiss due to discriminatory prosecution is at the core of my complaint. That and the way my subpoenas were quashed, twice, once with no papers to support the quash. I have a right not to be judged by such a jurisdiction with so much motive to keep me deprived of my rights and hobbled, both financially and with tickets I don’t deserve. That a change of venue is not exclusive to just whether or not the jury pool is tainted but that judicial bias is also relevant. I will take this argument to the next court all the way to The Supreme Court to establish this right if my appeal is not granted.

My case should be dismissed based on this delinquency in the court of appeals that is  harming me in ways  presented here.

I declare, under penalty of perjury, that the above is true and correct.

Dated February 08, 2023


Steve Lightfoot (Defendant)

Motion to Show Cause To Recuse Judge  ______________Mendoza _________ Stephen Sillman,

Defendant Steven Lightfoot respectfully requests that Judge Stephen Sillman be disqualified under the CCP Section  S170.1(a)(6)(C) Defendant believes that any reasonable person aware of the facts and circumstances would believe that Judge Sillman is biased and prejudiced and has ignored the law.

Defendant Steven Lightfoot respectfully requests that Judge __________Mendoza be disqualified under CCP Section   S170.1(a)(6)(C) Defendant believes that any reasonable person aware of the facts and circumstances would believe that Judge Mendoza is biased and prejudiced and has ignored the law.

Please take notice that I move to recuse Judge Sillman as well as Judge Judge Mendoza and to show cause. I want to rescind her rulings on two motions regarding peremptory challenge and change of venue, besides. I would like to schedule a hearing on the matter at the earliest convenience, please.

Because the evidence of wrongdoing by police is so blatant in my case(s), as well as the courts, I am concerned my life is in danger if police and the courts are acting this way, already. I am an activist being deprived of my right to charge another for John Lennon’s murder with proof and this circumstance has led to decades of terrorism, not just harassment, not just hundreds of unwarranted tickets by police, and all because my evidence involves, also, the government. The chances my case is ripe for new precedent setting rulings is greater than not, I think.

Judge Mendoza I ask the court to recuse because she has demonstrated a bias against me by ignoring a mountain of evidence in a small claims matter against an auto repair shop with a police contract that sabotaged my van in 2019 costing me over $2,300.00 in extra repairs I had to make. I will list the details below but any normal shop would have had my van running after paying them in advance for an engine swap. Also because she has tried, three times now, in two cases, to rule on a change of venue motion even after she was removed from the case. Currently she denied one motion yet allowed another motion even though both were not filed in a timely manner. This shows a bias, too. I have already tried to remove her in past matters as well and her attempt to insinuate herself on the matters before the court, now, placing herself in charge, is wrong and must be reversed. She cannot give me a fair trial.

Judge Sillman I ask the court to recuse, also, because he has shown, in a recent traffic case, a bias against me similarly ignoring a mountain of evidence to prove my life has been terrorized by police over decades including the six local police who were caught lying in three other matters recently. My motion to dismiss due to discriminatory prosecution listed too many facts to suggest I am being persecuted and not just prosecuted. Evidence too glaring to dismiss that I will detail below. I ask to recuse him also because he unlawfully deprived me of my right to subpoena witnesses to show falsehoods they told using video evidence to prove all this. Even once where there was no attempt to oppose the subpoenas and another case where a Seaside officer was allowed to avoid his subpoena with no contesting papers at all, ever. These witnesses would have shown that my case should have been dismissed because dishonesty in recent cases suggests officer Kopp may also be lying. That officer Kopp deliberately hid himself in my blind spot to take my eyes off the road on a downhill stretch with two consecutive signals. That amounts to entrapment. There are simply too many instances of officers caught lying when compared to the video evidence for that not to be the case. In depriving me of this trial right he showed his bias to convict me at all costs regardless of the evidence.  At one point I made a motion, then, to remove him. Like Judge Mendoza, Judge Sillman has demonstrated a bias against me that cannot be ignored. He is among the list of judges to hear my case if Mendoza is removed and he must also be blocked from hearing my case. He cannot give me a fair trial.

Because the stakes are life and death where I am concerned my future motions to dismiss and motion for a change of venue must be ruled on by judges who have not already shown a bias against me. I will argue that a tainted jury pool is not exclusive to a change of venue motion. I will argue that this county has shown a corruption that warrants another county, not Santa Cruz, not Monterey, to hear my cases and why this, too, is grounds for a change of venue. Both of these judges and this county have demonstrated that they cannot be fair with me.

I must first alert the court to the criminal nature of the court, not me, in these two case against me and address the nature of why my motion for a change of venue needs to be re heard by a more legitimate judge and not one I have already told the court I am intent on removing via a peremptory challenge. A fact years old, in fact, where I previously removed her. That Judge Mendoza disqualified the motion to vacate my original change of venue motion because it was filed too late, yet allowed the peremptory challenge motion in which I inadvertently listed the wrong name, even though it, too, was filed too late, shows judicial bias against me. She can’t be trusted to be fair in my cases and I insist she and judge Sillman be removed. I will list why Judge Sillman should also be removed from my case. Beyond the court’s already demonstrated kangaroo court tactics that I will list below, the court’s may also be exposing themselves to being a part of the John Lennon murder cover-up that I am exposing that I claim has accounted for most of my recent citations since I started to make a more serious effort to get the public on my side and help expose my findings. I will list too many unwarranted tickets in too few years, most already dismissed, to not be a conspiracy against me. Absent tangible proof of a violation; video / audio evidence gathered from over the allowed 50 foot limit the court is harassing my free speech rights, relying on hostile witnesses who have even threatened me. These unwarranted prosecutions are causing undue stress which has resulted in P.T.S.D.. The video I have seen shows that my C.D. player cannot be heard beyond 45 feet. This captured on officer Andrews(?) camera and only because I took the initiative to pace off the distance with my recorder in hand, Andrews following behind me, or he would never had checked to see if I was or was or not in violation. The police are also ignoring my claim that one bar owner verbally threatened to harm me even though I told him I also have his remarks on tape. The court is acting both irresponsible and dangerously. Officers are being corrupted in the process of citing me and this is progressively putting my life in danger. The court is aware that two bar owners, including the complaining party, have expressed hostility towards me well before the citations were issued and that the Panetta political family, who I have claimed in papers is behind the witch hunt against me, is even a member in their “club” .according to an aired radio spot where the owner admitted this fact. Recently, on March 01, 2023, my birthday, officer Hall, the same who cited me on July 7, again approached me to ask me to sing quieter. To my knowledge there was no complaining party to prompt his arrival and I had only been there for several minutes. Minutes later he approached me with his citation book in hand to intimidate me, I think. The following morning he was accompanied by a “Chaplain” at the same location. This marks the second instance where an officer has tried to stop me from singing before any complaint was lodged. The first over a year ago when a bicycle officer tried to stop me before I even parked. All these reasons factor into why Judges Mendoza and Sillman must be recused from hearing any part of my cases. Both have already shown the court their willingness to sweep aside all these relevant facts. Mountains of evidence over decades that show discrimination where I am concerned. Mendoza has demonstrated unusual conduct suggesting she is intent on being my judge even if it means selectively applying the law to do so and is, for the third time, equally intent on having my case conducted in Monterey where I claim I cannot get a fair trial. There is no Judge Maldonado in Monterey and, as such, I have not exercised my peremptory challenge yet on anyone. If the court disagrees I still can remove her and Sillman if I can show cause. I can show valid cause to remove both these judges. I have already expressed these concerns in former motions in other matters where I tried to remove both of them, in fact. No justice can be served until both are removed from hearing my cases.

Technically, I don’t think I am acting as my own attorney, yet, as I expressed on January 23, 2023, just taking care of items under time constraints. This matter of which judge is to preside is one of those issues which I would require of any attorney I might find. That an honest, medically excusable mistake was made by me and has altered the course of my trials and should be corrected as soon as possible. Her ruling on a motion to recuse Maldonado that was not timely filed is mistake on the court’s part. There is much more though.  I want to calendar a hearing on the matter well before May 30, 2023. At the earliest convenience, to calm my nerves. It should be granted based on even  my reasoning and the law.

I have not yet filed my motion to dismiss due to discriminatory prosecution., another motion I will require of whomever represents me. I will have to call several officers to the stand for that motion and trial if necessary. II doubt that either judge would allow me to call witnesses to show previous, multiple instances of lying among officers as demonstrated already by Sillman. He allowed several officers to ignore subpoenas, twice, once without contesting papers at all. I have a right to call witnesses if it will show dishonesty in other officers regarding me. I have a right to show why the officers in my cases are, therefor, impeachable. I doubt either judge would afford me a fair hearing. Before that motion is made I need to find a judge and jurisdiction that can be fair with me.

I was in court on February 27, 2023 in anticipation of, mostly, my request for a 90 day continuance and my peremptory motion to challenge Judge Mendoza. Because I suffer from P.T.S.D. regarding the volume of police and court abuses I have suffered due to unlawful persecution over my exposing evidence against our government in the matter of John Lennon’s political assassination (See I mistakenly listed Judge Maldonado instead of Mendoza as I had intended. This happened before with her and she would have known I meant to list her. She knows there is no Judge Maldonado in Monterey county. She said I could only exercise peremptory challenge once. Since there is no Judge Maldonado in Monterey county I have not exercised my motion, yet. I have not listed a judge in your jurisdiction who could have heard my case. The appropriate ruling would be to allow me to correct my honest mistake, especially since it was caused by my P.T.S.D.. At my last appearance before her I said that, before I do anything, I want to get an attorney as I was not fit to represent myself. I think I explained I had P.T.S.D.. On February 27, 2023, and before I could object, she began to rule on motions. For the third time with me in two matters she immediately tried to rule on a motion for change of venue. Her attempt to do so last month is one reason why I entered a motion to vacate that motion and to revise it later. To make sure she had nothing to do with ruling on it. Except for my motion to allow 90 days to find a lawyer all my other motions were intended to be on the ready in the event my request for 90 days was denied and only if that time was denied. When I tried to interrupt her to first remove her via peremptory challenge she denied that motion because I listed Maldonado and not her. I tried to explain that I have this disorder that sometimes confuses me and I’d like to correct that mistake right now and remove her. I explained how she wrongfully found for the defendant in a 2019 small claims case against an auto repair company who did over $2,300.00 worth of damages to my van. I explained how the court may have even called the defendant to urge him to court as he arrived 45 minutes late and that she ignored a mountain of evidence to prove their company had caused said damages on my website emblazoned van. The defendant could not deny that he had deliberately cut my wire harness and, prior to my closing argument, never even denied my claims against him. He also drained my gearbox of oil and damaged my shift mechanism, drained my battery, and forced me to finish his engine replacement job and suspension work, elsewhere at a cost of over $1,500.00 not counting the yet unfixed shift mechanism. It was undriveable when he delivered my van to me and only after I called police to report his attempts to steal my vehicle and not give it to me. I paid Jack Fox Auto for an engine swap and suspension work in advance. I presented the extra bills to her, too. Jack Fox has a police contract and this was the second van in one month damaged by people associated with police. That she ignored all these facts, alone, rules her unfit to rule on my matters. She shook her head in disgust at the defendant over all these issues yet ruled in his favor. I said that I cannot get a fair trial from her. When I argued that I made a motion to vacate my original motion for change of venue and that she could not rule on that matter she replied that I had to have that motion in 10 days before court and that it was, therefor, invalid. At the same time, however, my motion for peremptory challenge, which was filed the same day as the other, she found valid. This is improper and a demonstration of this county’s bias and agenda where I am concerned. It serves to bolster my argument for a change of venue and a new judge if not an outright dismissal since prejudice and selective maneuvering by a judge have already presented themselves. It bolsters my upcoming motion to dismiss for discriminatory prosecution. That she allowed the one motion and denied the other shows a flagrant attempt to manipulate my case and deprive me of my rights. Her conduct in court was tantamount to entrapment, as well, I think, ignoring my verbal motions and not allowing me to speak. Already she is displaying a bias against me, not only in that small claims matter, but here, too, engaging in improper kangaroo court tactics. She was in error to allow that motion in and rule on it at all. By her own admission it was filed too late to be valid. She refused to listen and bolted out of the court room before I could object. I suspect that is why my matter was held off until being heard last, so she could exit without my objections being heard. This, too, perhaps, shows selective maneuvering by this court and judge.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    In fact, this is the second time I have made the same mistake of confusing Mendoza with Maldonado. I think I listed other objections then regarding her trying also to rule on a change of venue motion in a case where she was already recused. So there are three separate instances of her showing a bias or agenda where I am concerned regarding my right to a fair venue. Now it occurs to me that Maldonado is a judge from Santa Cruz whose name I observed in 2019 before a set up D.U.I. charge I was innocent of was dismissed there. That matter was so wrongfully prosecuted and traumatic it caused me a recurrence of P.T.S.D., then. Even before I made this same mistake twice I have come out and declared my P.T.S.D. caused exclusively by police and court abuses over decades. She ruled on a motion to grant 90 days continuance before arraignment to find an attorney. That is the only motion she was entitled to rule on. Had she denied that request I would have enacted the other motions and only under that circumstance. At our last meeting on January 23 I even declared I need an attorney before I do anything else in my behalf. I explained how just opening my evidence files of abuses against me over the decades triggers a shut down response disabling me to defend myself. I was and am still in the process of looking for an attorney and, technically, am not acting as my own attorney except in matters such as a continuance motion while still looking. I have time constraints to address in the middle of my search. She knows this, too. Besides removing her I need to have this court  reverse her ruling on the motion for change of venue and and my peremptory challenge. Whatever mistake I inadvertently may have made there is a justifiable, medical reason for the mistake. Her first order of business should have been the peremptory challenge issue and not any other matters until that was addressed, first. I have reason to believe Judge Mendoza is a rubber stamp for a corrupt Monterey county court and police system intent on hobbling my finances and my expose activities regarding Lennon’s assassination. We remember the F.B.I. attempts to have Martin Luther King Jr. commit suicide with damning photos from the 60’s. I think the courts may be trying to stress me and shorten my life or hobble my health from it all. The court does not like to hear this dirty fact about life in America where whistle blowers against the government’s are persecuted but it is a relevant factor. In fact it is a central factor. I have been prevented from exercising my right to make a citizen’s arrest on a murderer though I have proof of his guilt. And just because the government is involved with the murder. This is a violation of my rights to equal justice under the law and any prosecution of me until this is rectified is, technically, invalid. Ultimately, I have reason to believe my life is in danger from our government until my John Lennon story and evidence are made national news and that this and other citations represent a threat to my heath and safety as they are overtly discriminate and provocative in nature. I have reason to believe all this flurry of citations is intended to make to  make me even react in a reciprocal criminal manner out of frustration to entrap me that way. To criminalize me. Three recent attempts to do so with criminal citations have been dismissed or reduced to an infraction already in just three year’s time, so the court cannot say that I am not being unfairly targeted. It’s the kind of thing our F.B.I. does to people they don’t like. In other papers I list that the Secret Service has already interviewed me. To suggest I am being hyperbolic about my claims here are preposterous. My list of abuses over four decades in my last traffic matter that Judge Sillman selectively overlooked were unprecedented in scope, frankly. Already officer Mosqueda has tried to turn this on it’s head describing me as mentally ill rather than admit the obviousness of the assault against me by the courts I am under and have been under, especially lately, but for decades.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      My motions on other previous matters claim that I have hard evidence – video and written reports that contradict each other – to show at least six Monterey County officers lied in the process of three unwarranted citation issued against me in as many years. Most recently, in a traffic matter, Judge Sillman wrongfully allowed my subpoenas for these several officers to be ignored, once even without the benefit of contesting papers to quash. I intended to show why these officers are not to be believed and therefor why this officer should not be believed. Video shows that the officer rode in my blind spot on his motorcycle after blatantly following me in full view seconds before just as I was to go through two, downhill, consecutive signals. He did catch me looking in my rear view mirror, but  for concern for the officer’s safety if I had to suddenly stop. I think I fell for a police trick that he deliberately used to entrap me. Had I been allowed to question these officers my motion to dismiss due to discriminatory prosecution would have to have been granted. Anything the other officer said after would have to be dismissed as suspect.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    In another recent matter that was dismissed for lack of evidence in a hit and run charge I was innocent of the complainant was found dead in his car in the exact same parking spot we met a year later. The first 2019 – 20121 Santa Cruz recent matter was horrendous as there is evidence to suggest a man who was recommended to me by a retired police officer there left my newly painted and lettered van in neutral with me in the back section for a dental operation I was to have. One witness saw him go to the back of my van and he may have even pushed it to get it rolling. He was also caught on video admitting; “…I’ll bury a car in a heartbeat. it’s just an inanimate object…” and also admitting that he watched a video of “America’s Worst Accidents” days before. My van was wrecked. 0.00 evidence of drugs or alcohol they were looking for were found yet I was prosecuted with a D.U.I. charge for two years, anyway, and in violation of my speedy trial rights which I never waived. It was dismissed, ultimately. I had to remove two lawyers for throwing my case and three judges were also recused, one, judge Seigel, who admitted, in writing, a bias against me. That I am alleging a bias in judges here in Monterey is based on facts and conduct they both have displayed that warrant recusal. In fact, Judge Sillman mockingly remarked then how it was I thought Leon Panetta was behind my troubles. It now appears, according to a radio spot aired on December 23, 2022, that the manager of The Whisky Club involved in this July 9, 2022 citation, was caught bragging how it is that the Panetta’s are, indeed, central members of their club and bar and that other leader types in the area congregate there if any one is interested in rubbing shoulders with them. So, months after mocking my claim the Panetta’s are behind my troubles, this bar, The Whisky Club, who lists them as central members, was caught wrongfully citing me for a peace disturbance where there was none. Leon Panetta has ties to Nixon, for example, who my Lennon evidence indicts. In fact, three weeks before that citation, across from The Whisky Club, the owner of Brittania Arms Pub, Paul Whitecross, was taped remarking that he’d; “…smash your (My) face like a pumpkin…we don’t care about you…we have ways to stop you…”  Officer Mosqueda, when I told him of this man and my taped remarks by him, refused to investigate my claim.  He seemed more interested in helping these bar owners who hate me “take care of (me)”  to quote Paul Whitecross. Officer Mosqueda has also been ignoring two threatening e-mails sent to me from a Stephen King, one for over a year ago. Two theft cases I have reported in on year have also been neglected by police.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Regarding Judge Sillman, he ignored a mountain of evidence that proves I am being unfairly abused, not only by Monterey and Seaside and Santa Cruz authorities, but also multiple agencies over four decades that include my being kidnapped, being beaten unconscious while handcuffed in 1987, enduring multiple gun pointing episodes by police and at least five misdemeanor charges that were dismissed, three just recently. That he also quashed the subpoenas for six officers who I could have proved to have lied in their duties and reports shows his agenda and bias. Especially biased was his denying my right to subpoenas that were not challenged by the court with papers the first time. His disallowing officer Silonzolchic to testify, even though his appearance was never challenged by any body or the City Attorney, showed a bias as well. He seemed determined to achieve a pre selected outcome throughout my trial. I spoke then and said that I intended to show that his claim he ever spoke to me on my cellphone was a lie made from whole cloth and that the phone he claimed to call me on had been de activated and was last used several weeks before making his claim impossible. By any standard this conduct is amazingly corrupt, both on the judge’s and the officer’s part.

In my 2021 traffic case Judge Sillman seemed to understand my belief that I may have, indeed, fallen for a police trick. All this at a time when I was handing out leaflets about his chief Hober’s crimes against me, a stack of them on my dash, in fact. He chose to deny my subpoena rights to show this with other witnesses who could be proven guilty of lying with hard evidence. Had I been able to show dishonesty in other officers I could have shown that officer Kopp’s claim he did not ride in my blind spot to distract me from the road would have been impeached. Then I could have made a case for entrapment.

In order to show cause and motive to harass me I will first have to introduce the killer of John Lennon’s matching face photographed getting his autograph before killing him as well as three months before. It’s Stephen King, not Mark Chapman. I will have to show Mark David Chapman printed three weeks before the crime attached to a letter that links him to president-elect Reagan who is moving him; “…armed…into a hostile square…” I will have to introduce examples of the bold print cryptography that exists that proves the plot to kill Lennon. I will have to show these exhibits to establish a motive why the government is interested in ticketing me so much. I will have to subpoena several officers and show video evidence that proves they all lied in their efforts to cite me multiple times to show a bias and an agenda to cite me at all costs. If I am prevented from doing all of this my rights not be discriminately prosecuted will be voided. So far both of these judges have shown an unwillingness to allow me my rights in this regard. They cannot provide me with a fair trial if they have already demonstrated an unwillingness to afford me these rights. These rights are guaranteed to me.

To stay alive I have had to advertise, very publicly, with large billboards; “..PANETTA .MOLESTING MESSENGER”….”STOP CHIEF HOBER’S PLOT TO KILL ME”..”END ITALIAN MAFIA RULE IN MONTEREY”…”IS WHISKEY CLUB A ‘WISE GUY’ CLUB?”. I also had to and will have to speak at City Council meetings and make these same allegations. Just having to alert the public to my plight necessarily involves irritating court and police officials. Whatever contempt I claim they already have towards me only is heightened by this necessary activism by me. This only makes them more determined to violate my rights. I have every intention of torpedoing any presidential ambitions Panetta or his son may ever entertain and they know I even use talk radio to help inform the public to protect me. Of course these powerful politicians, the most powerful in the area, are interested in stopping me and have a bias against me, especially now that my activism is more robust, lately. To suggest otherwise would be preposterous. The courts could not be as corrupted as I find them if the Panetta’s, the most powerful government personalities in the area, were not, somehow, responsible.

Even Clint Eastwood who had an associate buy me a “knock out” drink in 1980 while I was on a date with his girlfriend and who, 20 years later, towed my van off his golf grounds for rebuffing his attempt to be my friend, may have had a hand in ordering these citations just two days apart. Twelve days earlier I had to explain what a “Clint Eastwood” who called KSCO Radio meant when he said’; “..because you know what I know that you know…when I was having sex with Salinas women you tried to get in my way, punk,..” I had to protect myself from what may have been a threat by him to me via radio on a station he knows I listen to, often. He, as a former mayor of Carmel and just being the biggest celebrity in the area probably does have influence with our officials. Either way, Clint or the police, these two tickets may have been contrived as the only difference between the other hundreds of times I sang there was the fact that I was, for the first time, also displaying signs from my driver’s window. The volume was the same as always. Under the circumstances listed above officer Mosqueda’s testimony can’t be trusted if he claims my stereo could be heard from beyond the 50 feet I am allowed. He never tried to establish how loud my volume was. His one remark about it being; “It doesn’t sound too bad to me..” Only because I walked off the distance with a tape recorder can the veracity of his claims be proved or disproved. I have yet to view his body camera but I have already established with Andrew’s video that the volume drops off, completely, at less than 45 feet. My legally allowed from any distance unassisted singing voice has always been louder or I wouldn’t be able to hear myself sing. The C.D. has to be quieter, always. As previously stated, I doubt either Mendoza or Sillman will allow me to subpoena other officers to show why Mosqueda and the Whisky Club owner should not be believed. In the first ticket the officer chose not to use his body camera. That could have determined the truth. Very suspicious conduct in a citation that requires evidence regarding volume. In both instances the officers failed to test the volume level with a pace off and recorder. Only I did that. It would appear both officers were interested in NOT measuring the legality of my actions. That should have been job one, normally, I think.

I have every intention of finding a famous attorney, if necessary, preferably, who wants to defend me and use my plight to also showcase his talents and promote civil rights. My civil rights and rights to equal protection under the law are being denied until the Manhattan N.Y D.A. accepts my Lennon murder evidence and convenes a grand jury instead of blocking me at the entrance as he has three times in three decades I am being denied my rights. I am being denied equal protection under the law. That right, alone, could rescue me from the danger I’m in but I can’t even file murder charges even with evidence. There is a gaping hole in our justice system until I can file these charges against Stephen King and our government. Both of these judges and the court system in Monterey have demonstrated a contempt for me, the defendant. This court and county know that I also have every intention of suing the State of California and the counties of Monterey and Santa Cruz for their abuses against my free speech rights, my P.T.S.D. and their one sided application of the law. That my P.T.S.D. is a current factor in my life and is a result of these abuses. As such this county has a motive to further hobble my finances to stop that and harass me with citation after citation after citation as demonstrated already and cannot provide a proper venue for my case. This county has vested interest and motive in finding me guilty and hobbling me financially and emotionally.

The recent chronological list of wrongdoing by the police and courts here are as follows;

In the ’90’s I was detained and questioned in the M.P.D.’s station about a poncho I found on a sidewalk. They wanted to cite me for theft where there was none. It was dismissed, immediately, but I remember our biggest deluge, ever, hours later, that turned the peninsula into an island.

During that same time I was cited for speeding on Alvarado Street when I was not. Only after I arrived with a witness who saw the facts was my court room and matter “disappeared” entirely, my matter dismissed with no hearing.

(My mother died in mid 2018 and I inherited a lot of money. Enough to fix my mouth and buy a newer van and paint it and letter it with my website. I thought, at the time, how my enemies must be shaking in their boots now that I have two vans to get my story out. Just a week later I would learn just how concerned they all were. A flurry of police and probably also F.B.I. activity against me.)

Jan. 10, 2019 – my van was wrecked and I was charged with a D.U.I. where there was a 0.00 reading for drugs of or alcohol. My speedy trial rights were denied and I had to fire two lawyers and remove three judges before it was dismissed in the interest of justice. Even as it was dismissed the D.A. was trying to introduce never before applied testing procedures and without proper notice, first. Evidence suggests my hired driver, recommended by a police officer, was coached by police to leave my van in neutral on a downslope with me in the back section.

April 01, 2019 – I was cited by an officer from the same station who cited me on Jan. 10, now for a lane change charge that was dismissed when the officer failed to show. Before that no show I noticed my trial was rescheduled to fall on the anniversary of The Loma Prietta Earthquake that I brought up and mentioned to his fellow officer months before.

2019 – Judge Mendoza allowed Jack Fox Auto Repair, who I paid in advance, to get away with cutting my wire harness and damaging my gearbox as well as draining my gear oil and other damages totaling $2,300.00 when any reputable shop would have had my new engine running instead of requiring me to spend thousands to get it running, after. Interestingly, this shop has a police contract making this the second van in as many months ruined by people associated with police.

August 28, 2020 – While sporting a sign on my van that read’ “D.A. ROSELL IN PLOT TO KILL ME” regarding the then pending Santa Cruz charge, Monterey officers cited me for “Open container” after promising not to if I passed a sobriety test. I blew 0.00, twice, yet was given the other citation because Sergeant Newby tried to suggest I tried to sip from the bottle even though video shows otherwise. Video shows the lid on tight and never touched by me as it was in my hands for only one second as I mistook it for a bottle of olive oil. In that instance officer Herndon filed an accident report where there was no damage or complaint by the other party who declined to make a report. My DMV record was affected as a result and attempts were made, after, to pull my license. This, after declaring “There is no damage…” on the police intercom minutes before. Sergeant Newby, officer Phillips and officer Herndon all lied in that matter.

2020 or 2021 – Officer Mosqueda was asked to investigate a threat e-mail sent to me from a Stephen King. He never got back to me for years and did nothing but turn it over to the F.B.I., he claims.

July 18, 2021 – At a time when I was now distributing news letters about his chief Hober’s abuses against me, a stack of them on my dash, officer Kopp presented himself to me on his motorcycle in a 7-11 driveway before blatantly following me through a series of two consecutive downhill signals. He immediately hid himself in my blind spot forcing me to  look in my rear view mirror to see where he disappeared in case I had to stop suddenly. If he pulled a police trick on me it worked. He immediately went straight to his station, right after.

August 23, 2021 – Officer Silonzolchic of Seaside P.D. issued a complaint of hit and run against me regarding a man who threatened to punch me in a library parking lot. My gentle bumper tap on his bumper caused zero damage and I tried to call police but the librarian was busy. When I did leave the other party never tried to stop me. Months later I had to respond to this false report. I would learn that the officer lied from whole cloth that he ever contacted me via my phone. In fact it was de activated weeks earlier and was last used five weeks before he claims to have called me. I had a new phone by then. Daniel Kutter, my public defender, is a witness to this fact. D.A. Pacioni was informed of this, too, and the fact that whatever asphalt scrape under his bumper my yellow van could not have made to begin with. In spite of these facts the case dragged out for several weeks before it was dismissed for lack of evidence. Several months after dismissal the complainant was found dead in his car in the exact same parking space where we met. I, at one point, wondered if he was a police undercover agent / provocateur. I happened to be in the library parking that day or I’d have never known of his dying.

2021 – A Monterey bicycle officer, heavy set, with short hair, tried to stop me from singing even before I parked.

2022 – Judge Sillman tried my case with officer Kopp and over looked a mountain of evidence that proves I have been a political target of law enforcement since 1983 following an interview with Terry Chodash of the S.F. Secret Service. A kidnapping and beating while handcuffed that left me unconscious, gun pointing episodes, assaults that disfigured and temporarily crippled me. Dozens of false arrests even before the events listed above. In one case he ignored a political cartoon made of me where I am the target of a police shooting gallery game. This following the 1995 sting operation to slander me on national television as a stalker of Stephen King by Santa Cruz police. The phony trespass charge was dismissed days later after the damage to my reputation was done. Judge Sillman is not fit to judge my matters. In the process of ignoring crimes against me by the state, and as previously stated, he allowed several officers to ignore my subpoenas, even though their appearance was never challenged in court. I subpoenaed them all, again, and, still, he refused to allow them to appear. Even officer Silonszolchic who offered no contest papers, ever. This time the court clerk, deliberately, I think, filled out the wrong civil subpoenas to frustrate my defense. These civil, versus criminal, subpoenas were listed as why my subpoenas should be quashed. That was done by the court who was aware of my case and I claim it was done intentionally to frustrate my defense. So, not only was the judge showing a bias, even the clerk was involved in torpedoing my defense. This goes to the point I need a change of venue as even the clerk and not just the police and judges are involved in wrongdoing against me.

July 7, 2022 – Officer Hall cited me for “Unnecessary Noise” even though I was singing from my van as I have been doing for three years without a citation before. He chose not to use his body camera to prove my C.D. player was louder than could be heard from 50 feet away and made no attempt to check this requirement. When I tried to check with my recorder he refused to allow me to. I checked, after, and found I was within legal limits.

July 9, 2022 – As if to punish me for refusing to stop singing from my van, officer Mosqueda, two days after the first citation, cited me for a misdemeanor “Peace Disturbance” two days after the first ticket. I am still trying to access his video but have seen officer Andrew’s(?) video and it shows my C.D. player drops out of volume from less than 45 feet away. I was legal, then, also. Only because I walked off the distance with my tape player was any evidence taken of this crucial matter. Neither officer made any attempt to measure my volume against a 50 foot distance mark. Ironic as this is the matter that determines innocence or guilt. Volume level from 50 feet. That officer both officers did not employ their video suggests they are trying to hide something. I will have to wait to see if Mosqueda also chose not to video his arrest to prove or disprove my guilt. Officer Andrew’s video is redacted, I notice. It omits the part where he is approaching my van from his car to check my volume level. This would seem to be the most logical thing to record, his experience with my volume level as he approached me. He never did, though. Only after he was on me was his volume activated. Even then, other parts of his video are also missing. Mosqueda, when I told him of a man, a bar owner, who I have on tape from weeks earlier threatening to; “…smash your (My) face like a pumpkin…we don’t care about you.. we have ways to stop you..”  refused to pursue the matter or ask to listen to my recording of this verbal threat against me. Even though I had reason to suspect the complainant might be the same man. It turned out to be, in fact, the complainants friend from across the street, another bar owner; Paul Whitecross of Brittania Arms. Mosqueda seemed to have an agenda that didn’t allow for the facts that suggest I was being unfairly targeted by the two bar owners who have tried to shoo my van away from their businesses in the past. Even months before The Whisky Club was opened I caught the owners wife videoing me on her phone to intimidate me.

January(?) 2023; I received another threat / e-mail from a Stephen King and gave it to officer Mosqueda to investigate. No response, yet, on that matter, either. This e-mail included a photo of what looks like a package bomb with the words; ‘DEFINITELY NOT BEES” scrawled on it. I have since learned that my website host company has been receiving packages for a Michelle Lightfoot who doesn’t work there. That the first package had ion lithium batteries listed as contents is not too far off from being a package bomb as they do explode and ignite. So it may be that my enemies may be trying to get my host company to drop me using terror tactics. One former employer admitted to me that a sheriff knocked on his door and ordered him to fire me in 2002. So the suspicion is founded.

March 01, 2023 – My birthday, officer Hall, again, approached me about my singing. I showed him I am well within my decibel limits and he left only to return with his ticket book in hand as if to intimidate me, I think, as he walked by. The next day he was there with a “Chaplain” for whatever reason. When I asked him if he cited me before he claimed he didn’t know as he; ” cites a lot of people”. He would know if he cited me from my distinctive, yellow website van, before. I have reason to believe he is lying that he doesn’t remember.

Since I inherited money the people associated with police and the courts have cost me over $4,500 in damages I didn’t deserve to my vehicles, alone, via leaving me in the back with the van in neutral or sabotaging my other van with deliberate damages. The first lawyer I approached wanted $15,000.00 just to begin. Add my recent court costs and it is clear the state, the county, the government, all want to bleed my finances dry so as to disable my Lennon activism as well as my legal attempts to counter this assault on my life. This county has such a vested interest and cannot fairly be used as a venue for my cases. Even the clerk who filled out improper subpoenas showed a bias against me. Santa Cruz is equally unfit to try my matters, as well. Judge Mendoza’s ruling on my motion for a change of venue and peremptory challenge must be reversed and saved for a more fair judge and venue. The stakes involved and the circumstances listed show that a change of venue is warranted and the first matter of business is to reverse Mendoza’s rulings and remove her and Judge Sillman from my cases.

This county has a history of discriminatory prosecution against me. These matters are part of my defense. Both judges have shown a disregard for my rights in court in these matters. My future request for a change of venue and current request for another judge besides judges Mendoza and Sillman and a reversal of Mendoza’s two improper rulings are in order.


There are more reasons and arguments I intend to present in person.

I declare, under penalty of perjury, the above is true and correct

Dated March 15, 2023


Steve Lightfoot (Defendant)



People of the State of California (Plaintiff))


Steven Lightfoot (Defendant)


Please take notice that I, Steve Lightfoot, will move to remove judge Maria Mendoza from my cases exercising a peremptory challenge as I find her unfit to give me a fair trial.

I made an honest mistake in mislabeling the name Mendoza with Maldonado in late February. I stated this fact then and there immediately upon discovery and that I intended to recuse Mendoza, not Maldonado. She refused even though, since there is nobody named Maldonado in Monterey’s roster of judges, I have not technically used my peremptory challenge on anyone who exists. It was an honest mistake and it should have been rectified and she should have recused herself. That she did not bolsters my claims that she is biased and has proven herself biased towards me before in a small claims case where the defendant in that matter admitted to sabotaging my vehicle and cutting my wire harness. I paid for an engine swap and should have had a running vehicle. Not only did I have to spend and additional $1,400.00 to get it running, after, it still needs repairs to the shift mechanism that was broken while in that shop and more. This shop also drained my transmission fluid to prove I had a valid case yet Mendoza ruled against me with bills totaling $2,300.00. I had to call the police to even remove my van from their shop because they wanted to keep it. Only because I am a hot potato politically with evidence in John Lennon’s murder (See and the Monterey government would like to silence me, did she do so. The only explanation is that she was made aware of who I am and was either given orders from her superiors to throw my case to financially hobble me or she just has a bias against me for being a whistleblower of consequence. I believe my website was mentioned in my case. That she was most likely involved in a conspiracy, no less, to deny me the justice I deserved. At the same time another criminal matter that was dismissed in Santa Cruz found a third party (Chris Malsack), an associate of a police officer (Bill Rawson), leaving my other van in neutral as it rolled down a hill with me in the back section which caused an additional $2,000.00 plus in damages to me. Two matters involving thousands of dollars of damages to two of my website vans in one month by people associated with police. The auto shop involved in my small claims case has a police contract, for example. The details I listed in other pleadings on that other matter show a vividly obvious plot against my Lennon murder activism by local police, courts and officials and that Maria Mendoza may well be a part of this conspiracy that I claim is against me. She can’t prove she is not and there does exist reasonable cause to suspect she might be and that is reason enough.

Judge Mendoza has also acted as a prosecutor and not a judge in her conduct with me. All I have to do is show why a reasonable person familiar with the facts would agree that I cannot get a fair trial from her to succeed with my motion to remove her with cause filed in March ’23. My pleadings did show more than sufficient reason. Instead of recusing herself she issued a list of, I think, fraudulent attempts to subvert my claim. In her papers she mentions how I won’t be able to appeal my case on this ground. It shows her determination to find me guilty, first. She has proven herself to me, already, to be a thoroughly corrupted official apparently in a conspiracy with others to financially bleed me. I have opinions that include Leon Panetta being a major conspirator as I am exposing Nixon, his former boss, in Lennon’s murder and he once worked for our C.I.A. who is also involved and he is the most powerful politician in Monterey. I know, from first hand experience, that the courts in Monterey and Santa Cruz are corrupted. The Monterey police are, too. Undeniably. That could only happen if Leon Panetta was involved as he oversees all of Monterey’s government. That I have experienced so much overt corruption in so little time already – listed in other pleadings – suggests that only such a politician could account for the level of corruption I have witnessed in our police and courts. I have reason to believe that Judge Mendoza is in a conspiracy with, most probably, people connected to D.A. Jeannine Pacioni and Leon Panetta and she, alone, has already cost me $2,300.00 in damages I deserved to be paid and only because she, apparently, deliberately threw my case. Any other man with a similar case would have been awarded the claim instead of having it denied. I even have reason to believe the defendant was called by the court that day to show up as he arrived 45 minutes late. He might otherwise have forgotten we had a court date. That’s bias.

Maria Mendoza’s other attempts to insinuate herself into my other matters where she was already recused suggests she has a stake in my cases and needs to be part of them for whatever reason. The way I was put last to be heard Feb. 27, and the way she exited the court room before I could object shows she is, apparently, in a conspiracy and not just irrational to adjust the cue to be able to do that. I doubt I was heard last by accident. She is manipulating my cases. If she is not a valid Judge and just a commissioner then I do not accept her on that basis as well. A bona fide Judge will be better versed in  the issues I bring, besides. I reject her if she is not a bona fide judge. I deserve to have my matters heard by a judge not a commissioner.

If she is not recused I believe my rights to call witnesses and other officers to show a pattern of fraud and abuse by police will be wrongfully denied. That she will deny my rights not to be targeted for prosecution over my free speech activities that exposes our government. I plan to call the bar owner’s wife and another bar owner  who threatened to; “Stop (me)…” as well as several other officers who evidence proves all lied, to the stand to show this. The litmus test for my citation is can my C.D. player be heard or not from a distance of over 50 feet? In spite of police video and my own tape that proves the volume falls off at only 40 feet I feel Maria Mendoza will ignore this exculpatory evidence. The fact that neither officer ever tested the 50 foot radius to measure my sound to see if I was in violation to begin with I claim she will also ignore. Both complainants were well within the 50 foot radius and are not protected from hearing any sound from my van.

If she is removed via peremptory challenge I challenge her refusal to remove Judge Sillman, as well, as he also demonstrated a bias against me. He has already denied my subpoena rights and my other rights.  A reasonable person familiar with my pleadings would have to agree. I deserve an unbiased, bona fide Judge. If Stephen Sillman is not a bon a fide judge I also refuse him on that basis besides my other reasons given already.

I have shown good cause to remove Maria Mendoza, already, in my motion to recuse for cause.. A reasonable person would have to agree. She claims otherwise, without merit, however. She has demonstrated a desperate attempt to thwart my motions with legal acrobatics that don’t truly apply and don’t meet the legal tests and overlooks my more valid reasons. I have not technically issued a valid peremptory challenge as there is no Judge Maldonado. Nobody applicable was listed in my first attempt. My honest mistake I acknowledged immediately at my February 27, 2023 hearing and I also stated that I would like to make the correction, now, and recuse Mendoza. Since she did not then, I move to recuse her, now.



Not being a lawyer and having already stated that I am not qualified to represent myself due to P.T.S.D. and having, nevertheless, offered motions already, please take notice that I, the defendant, will move to have an iudependant hearing regarding the proceedings, so far. I want a third party, a supervisory party, to review the rulings made already and challenge their legitimacy. I am certain that rules have been broken and laws ignored and that my rights as a defendant are being denied to me. As stated from the start, I feel Maria Mendoza is biased against me and her subsequent rulings thus far have only demonstrated my charges of bias, unlawfulness and denial of my rights.

Her most recent denial due to untimely filing regarding a peremptory challenge, for example, overlooks the fact that I was timely February 27, 2023 when I orally challenged her in court to say I want for her, not Maldonado, to be recused from my case. I was timely and in order to make this motion orally on the spot. I made it clear that I intended for her name, not Maldonado’s, to be listed in my initial peremptory challenge and that my P,T,S.D. accounted for the mistake as I’ve been subjected to so many judges the past few years and merely made a technical mistake that I wanted to rectify immediately. I explained how her ruling regarding a small claims case I was denied in 2019 showed her to be biased against me having to do with the fact that my Lennon murder evidence activism has caused me other similar incidents of others damaging my vehicles suddenly. That her ruling was likely due to this consideration.  At that point she bolted out of the courtroom while I was in the process of objecting to her ruling on the matter. She probably deliberately held my case to very last was, I think, to precisely exit the room if I objected. All this violates my rights as a defendant and I want the matter reviewed.

In self defense of my life I have had to publicly expose Leon and Jimmy  Panetta, D.A. Jeannine Pacioni, and even the Italian mafia that I have heard from the locals runs Monterey. A John Russo, for example, apparently and Italian, deliberately rammed my van and sign last Dec. 8, 2022 after calling me a “Piece of s—..” Officer Hill refused to pursue his hit and run, besides.  I have been appearing on City Council televised meetings damaging the reputations of these officials including Maria Mendoza and the Italian mafia, but especially Leon Panetta who is at the top of all the corruption I have been subjected to lately. I have to to do all this to avert any attempt to kill me, the brave, endangered messenger in the Lennon expose. It so happens Leon used to head the C.I.A. and work for Nixon, both of whom are implicated in my evidence findings about John Lennon’s murder. My other motions reveal a ghastly amount of corruption against me by court and police officials since January of 2019. The local justice system and police, I allege, have been discriminately weaponized against my activism.

Every ruling Maria Mendoza has made so far is suspect. Especially since I have had to call her actions out, publicly, there is no way she can be objective and unbiased against me. Judge Seigel of Santa Cruz, in 2020, admitted, in a written declaration, that he was biased against me and he recused himself. Judge Mendoza should do the same and find another judge to substitute. That she seems determined to rule in my case is suspicious all by itself. She is demonstrating unusual behavior to prevent my cases from being heard by another. As if she has a vested interest. My oral motion in court in February was sufficient to remove her. My other arguments that I do not accept a commissioner over a judge is timely because I only knew of this being the case recently. I responded as soon as possible. My other arguments are valid and deserve to be heard by an oversight agency, perhaps a judicial review board, I suspect, as well as the district attorney..

If I am forced to have her hear my case I claim she will deny subpoenas and ignore evidence and witnesses I plan to call. She will ignore video proof that my C.D. player volume is inaudible after  moving 40 feet away and thus I am not committing a crime. The law allows 50 feet. I allege that she will ignore this exculpatory evidence in my defense.

Besides all these reasons she has a financial incentive to find me guilty and hobble me financially because I have already made it clear I intend to sue the county and state over the abuses leveled against me lately. I claim she is but one of a dozen officials who have either lied or abused the legal system. She may find herself a defendant in any future case I may make.

She cannot fairly rule on any of my matters and my cases should be turned over to a bona fide judge if she or Sillman are only commissioners. They have both demonstrated bias.

If I am forced to have her hear my cases I will have to mount a campaign and remove these officials from office, after. This fact, also, makes it unlikely that she can be fair with me.

I declare, under penalty of perjury, that the above is true and correct

Dated April 13, 2023



Steven Lightfoot (Defendant)



Please take notice that I, the defendant, will move to recuse any commissioner assigned to my case and insist on having a bona fide judge hear my cases. Already I have expressed my reasons to remove commissioner Mendoza and Sillman on prejudicial grounds and conflict of interest grounds. This motion is to ensure that the complex matter of my cases has the benefit of a judges scrutiny and knowledge of the law. Mine involves complex matters regarding First Amendment rights and matters of discriminatory prosecution and other matters not usually dealt with in traffic and other  routine, minor matters.

I have made this request at the earliest convenience since I just learned of this fact recently. I expressed this in my last motion weeks ago. Until recently I was under the impression these two commissioners were judges. They are not and I want a judge for my cases. I also want another party than Mendoza to rule on this as I believe she has an agenda regarding me and can’t be a fair arbiter.

I declare, under penalty of perjury, that the above is true and correct.

Dated May, 7, 2023, _____________________________________________________

Steve Lightfoot, Defendant.

District Attorney; Jeannine Pacioni

Letter to persuade you you dismiss my two “singing in public” charges.

My case is yet to go to arraignment as I am looking out of county for a lawyer to represent me. This is more a letter than a motion in this regard in the hopes I can persuade you to dismiss my two cases as there is more than a reasonable doubt as to my being in violation and whether the courts and police are or are not a party to a conspiracy to cover up John Lennon’s political assassination, harassing me away from my political activism. As it is Jefferey Rosell and M.P.D. chief Hober’s names WILL BE in my upcoming four part movie after I am brought forward. Their names on billboards, etc.. The state terrorism they exposed me to merits this, already. The trauma Santa Cruz and Monterey counties have committed against me will be for the world to see, someday, I assure you. I don’t want it to get to the point where I have to explain to Monterey residents that I will conduct no concerts within 100 miles of YOUR home residence someday. That I will do no concerts within 100 miles of Monterey until the Italian mafia is also ousted from their current status. I imagine I could relocate the Panetta family, too, someday.  Just erecting a billboard in front of KRON T.V. station for one week in 1987 relocated their two anchors to the east coast, after, and I know I’ll be more powerful after disclosure and I have the world’s attention. I doubt you know how close I am, already, to achieving full disclosure. Then what?

I’ve even noticed supernatural influences; the lightning fires that evacuated Rosell from his home in 2020, the Steven Carrillo van shootings that wounded and killed officers from the very stations that prosecuted me there a year before. That day, in fact, a dozen patrol cars passed me on Hwy. 1 on route to that melee. That all occurred as their courts were engaged in a conspiracy against me that was dismissed after two years of terrorizing me. The worst winter in Monterey history costing over 100 million in damages just occurred as I am being tormented with these two tickets. In 1997(?) when a one day rainfall turned the peninsula into an island overnight I noticed, then, that the M.P.D. tried to arrest me two hours earlier for a theft of a poncho I found on a sidewalk. “Instant karma”? There is a chapter somewhere in all about this supernatural phenomenon my enemies should know about. I feel obliged to tell you, first. Regardless, I will make sure the next hero doesn’t have my current enemies to have to deal with, ever, after.

Please do research the several motions I’ve already made in my two pending cases. Please view officer Andrews video from the 9th of July 2022. It shows my volume falling silent after a distance of just 42 feet. Perfectly legal. Similar to your improper 2001 filing of a charge against me for hit and run I was never guilty of that was dismissed over lack of evidence, later, I am asking you to re examine my two upcoming cases as I believe there is evidence, physical evidence, that exonerates me. Exculpatory evidence.

The law states that an amplified sound must be low enough in volume so as not to be heard from beyond a 50 foot radius. Only because I insisted on measuring the distance with a tape recorder in the second matter did any officer establish this. As officer Adams(?) video shows, the sound of my C.D. player falls silent at 45 feet. This is captured on his video but also on my tape recorder.

In the first matter I was not allowed to do so by officer Hall. Both officers Hall and Mosqueda had their chance to tape my volume as they approached my parked van but chose not to do so. This would seem to be job one to prove what distance my sound system could be heard from. That they both failed to conduct such a common sense test raises flags. As they walked to my vehicle their video is mute. Only after they are right on me is the sound engaged. This, alone, seems suspicious. I suspect they left it mute because the sound could only be heard from less than 50 feet. Officer Hall, in the first ticket, decided NOT to employ his video in a case of noise volume where it would have been a crucial matter of police common sense. I doubt it was just an oversight but, rather, due to the fact a video would have exonerated me.

Both complainants; The Whisky Club and The Mechanic’s Bank on Alvarado Street, were well within the 50 foot radius when they complained and are not protected from hearing my sounds at all. I was parked right in front of the bank (Ten feet away) and just one parking space away from in front of the Whisky Club (30 feet away)

Though I had been singing from my van in these same locations hundreds of times in the past four years without any tickets, though I had done so in a dozen other locations in that time without any citation, I received these two tickets in a three day period at a time when I was, for the first time, ever, brandishing political signs from my driver’s window as I sang. I even wonder, still, did my KSCO Radio call 12 days earlier that exposed Clint Eastwood of having someone administer a knock out drug to my while I was on a date with his girlfriend in 1980 have something to do with the chief’s decision to suddenly cite me. Did Clint apply pressure? I don’t know if it was that or my sign displays but these two tickets were both out of the blue. I always make sure my volume is within the legal limits as I know the police are out to cover up John Lennon’s murder that I am exposing. I have to be extra careful about not getting tickets. That doesn’t seem to matter, though, with this county. I suspect Leon Panetta, who once worked for Nixon who I am exposing, might be behind these tickets and he may well be. I have witnessed so much overt corruption in this county with the police and courts that he, as the top politician in the area, is responsible for and would have knowledge of. I suspect the Italian mafia that locals swear run this county are behind these tickets as a John Russo, a stranger who rammed my van and sign last Dec. 8, 2021 after calling me a; “.. piece of shit…” was allowed to escape responsibility for his actions when officer Hill refused to pursue my complaint of hit and run.

Two days before the second ticket I gave the police chief; Dave Hober’s assistant, a copy of my newsletter exposing the first ticket I got that day. That I was immediately cited again right after and that it was escalated to a misdemeanor suggests my newsletter may have caused him to cite me twice.

If you examine my cases you will find that these two tickets are but a small part of a larger campaign against me. Ever since early 1983 when S.F. Secret Service agent Terry Chodash interviewed me my life has been turned into a terrorism hell. I HAVE been kidnapped handcuffed and been beaten unconscious, for example. One of hundreds of abuses. Right after my Mother died in 2018 and I inherited money these two counties have amped up the government campaign against me. It started in January of 2019 when a police officer apparently trained a citizen I hired to drive me one block crashed my van in route to a medical operation I was to have. Two years later the phony D.U.I. charge against me involving 0.00 alcohol or drugs was dismissed. Both Santa Cruz and Monterey counties have emerged as participants in the Lennon murder cover-up. A high crime. It took heroic me to flush out all this corruption, apparently. Persecuting me relies on my NOT becoming famous, someday. That’s a stupid assumption. I WILL become, not only world famous, but historically famous and important. Trust me. My undaunted courage and commitment and God, apparently, will see me through.

Meanwhile, commissioner Maria Mendoza who wrongfully allowed Jack Fox Auto to sabotage my 1989 Toyota van costing me $2,300.00 in a small claims case in 2019 proved to me she is unfit to judge my case, now. That she is a party to a corrupt conspiracy against me. That is why I moved to remove her initially. Because I suffer from P.T.S.D. from all my police trials I wrongfully listed her as judge Maldonado. I explained this mistake then at my first appearance and tried to verbally remove her initially but she refused to allow this. She knew I made this exact same mistake years before regarding her and still refused me. I personally find her to be a thoroughly corrupt official who harbors contempt against me, no less. My most recent motion is to remove her because I refuse to accept a commissioner for my cases.

If this matter is not dismissed I will call on several officers including chief Hober and witnesses to prove I am being witch hunted over my Lennon murder evidence activism. If they are allowed to avoid my subpoenas I will introduce police video to prove several officers lied in their process of citing me as reason to call into question their credibility. Because I managed to tape record Paul Whitecross, owner of Brittania Arms bar when he threatened me saying; “I’ll smash your face like a pumpkin…we don’t care about you…we have ways to stop you…” just weeks before his friend across the street cited me, here, I will call him to the stand as well. The Whisky Club’s owner’s wife, I’ve learned, is an elected city official. I will call her to ask why she was recording me on her cell phone months before her store was even opened in her attempts to keep me away from her establishment. Mitchell’s claim I was yelling, ever, at all is a lie. There is no evidence. I told you, last year, before any video surfaced, that it would show I was NOT too loud and this has turned out to be the case.

I am convinced that the real criminals here, the police, the courts and these bar owners, are involved in a John Lennon murder cover-up conspiracy and I am the sacrificial collaterally damaged citizen. That is all legally actionable. There exists promotional mid December 2022 radio tape of the Whisky Club’s owner bragging how Leon and Jimmy Panetta are among their elite membership, besides.

I have just returned from a trip to southern California and found out MOST people there already know all about me, unlike before, when I used to live there. I am famous, already, apparently. It was quite an eye opener seeing fame rear it’s head so suddenly with everybody waiving at the sight of my van.

The only concession I will make is to admit that my stereo could be heard from 42 feet and was louder than I thought. Still legal, but louder than I am, now and have been, since. It’s interesting that I have sung hundreds of times before and since these tickets without incident. The court cannot claim I am in need of reform or remorse. Nevertheless, now my volume level is inaudible from only 35 feet. I only need to impress walkers by and there are plenty. More than twice since these tickets have officers tried to, again, cite me. Suspiciously on my birthday last March 1st officer Hall, who cited me in the first ticket, tried to cite me again but I was too quiet. He lied to me when I asked him the next day if he cited me before for the same thing. He claimed he doesn’t remember. Me with my website van. Ridiculous. Me who has been actively exposing his boss, chief Hober, for years, several officers in his department illegally disregarding my subpoenas, twice. Officer Mosqueda of the second ticket also tried to cite me again, since, but I was too quiet. He has twice ignored my requests to investigate two e-mails a Stephen King sent me as well as a theft matter to show his partisanship. Talk about a double standard. I’m all over the City Council meetings with these complaints, too. I’ve also just discovered how to use Yelp.

Regardless, Mendoza should be removed from my cases. To allow her to rule after she so disgraced herself in allowing a repair shop to do $2,300.00 of damages to my other van with impunity is asking for God’s wrath, in my opinion. Right now, for example, mass shootings are the norm. They will just get worse, too. Only my expose can stop them, too. Stephen King, who murdered John Lennon and is an anti 2nd Amendment activist, wrote a book titled “Rage” in the 70’s about a student shooting up his classmates. Now that the parents are ignoring my evidence mass shooters are intervening in this sick nation’s cover-up and apathy, it seems. I am entitled to a judge and neither she or commissioner Sillman is a judge. I have also asked to recuse him. Do you have any pause when you consider that you are, in fact, preventing the killer of John Lennon from facing justice and, therefore, promoting mass shootings in the process? That’s right. Were you a great D.A. you’d convene a grand jury and investigate my claims and force New York to arrest and try Stephen King. Are you afraid of the Italian mafia not to do so? You would remove my life from the danger I am in. Do only I, apparently, have the courage to do the right thing?

I sing to show the public I am a force to be reckoned with. I know the world is resistant to admit I’m right. Too scared, frankly, of the government. I could legally speak politics, instead, and really annoy people. I have to woo the masses to do the right thing and show them I am not going anywhere and that I am a world class player. I sing as good as anyone alive today, even Michael Buble, all of a sudden. I don’t know what has happened but I sing twice as good as I ever could before all this police abuse. I am motivated to stay alive and it comes easily, now. I must have a guardian angel. I responded to police terrorism by becoming a great singer, overnight. I am a fighter. I was forced to dig deep and I did. That’s one thing I CAN do to get people to admit I must be right, after all. A lot easier than a pro golf career I abandoned. Routinely people say I have a great voice. When people tip me it’s tens and twenties, not small change. I don’t even try to accept tips, either. Most appreciate my singing. Why these merchants of vice and alcohol don’t like me is, frankly, their problem, not mine. They chose to do business in the center of downtown Monterey where noise is a given. Where free speech is practiced most. They are not entitled to a noise free environment. I was within my decibel limits and don’t deserve these citations. Please read my motions and I think you’ll agree. There are dozens of other establishments who like my singing. One restaurant owner in Pacific Grove, in fact, gave me a gift, a sculpture, in appreciation last year. I’m SURE my singing accounts for 5% of your tourism, besides. I create a buzz and I know it.

By the way, the man who falsely complained I committed hit and run in 2001 that you dismissed after way too much court trauma to begin with, he was found dead in his car a year later and in the same exact parking space where we met! You can’t say things aren’t suspicious where these tickets and me are concerned. I mentioned this fact before with you. That will be in my movie, count on it.

If I am put through the trauma of a trial for this I expect karma will protect me, regardless. If I were a party to it I wouldn’t want to reap the karma inherent in so criminal and treasonous a maneuver.

No matter what you choose to do or not do, I will never stop singing as I have been doing. I know it’s breaking my story. I am within my rights to do so. Who’s really breaking our laws?

I declare, under penalty of perjury, that the above is all true and correct

Dated May 12, 20023


Sincerely, Steve Lightfoot (Defendant)

District Attorney; Jeannine Pacioni;

Dear Ma’am,

Regarding my latest letter to you last week I want to offer a proposal to your office to ameliorate the pending situation regarding two tickets for singing in public so as to do as little damage to my psyche as possible. I would like to agree to plead no contest to the first citation (7-7-’22) if your office will only fine me $50.00 for that “unnecessary noise” ticket and dismiss, outright, the second ticket (7-9-’22) for the same offense listed as “disturbing the peace”. Once before, when the court agreed to replace Judge Mendoza with a judge from the Salinas court system for a 8-28-20 traffic related citation, I was only fined $50.00 as I was and still am eligible for reduced amounts as I only receive a total of $857.00 per month Social Security and food stamps. My current income is less than my needs as it is and I have to supplement my lifestyle with regular visits to the Salvation Army homeless center to save on coffee and meals or I’d soon be flat broke. I have lived in a van, nonstop, for over 38 years, straight. I do spend $100.00 per month on storage and I have to pay for gas, oil and auto insurance, registration, smog and repairs. My total savings will total less than $3,000.00 in money after June 2023. I own a 1989 non operational Toyota van with 335,000 miles that I store in a driveway as well as the van I drive today, a 2000 Chevy Astro. As such that amount of fine is fair and I can’t even afford that low amount my situation is so dire. I am just an automotive emergency repair cost away from being destitute. I have to eat exclusively from my food stamps allotment to break even and that depends on no unusual expenses, not even fast food.

I still maintain that I am not guilty of either offense. There exists one possibility in the first instance where, because of a defective track on a C.D., my volume may have jumped for one half of one song but it happened to occur exactly as the officer approached me and I take that fact, alone, as a sign to recognize and acknowledge any possibility I may have been in violation. Only because of that fact am I willing to make my offer at all. In that instance I had to turn my engine on because the volume was so low at the start of one song I couldn’t hear it at all. I thought my battery was low. In mid song the track increases in volume, one of only two tracks on that C.D.. I WANT to find a valid cause for the citation as I am certain there is a politically motivated reason the police really want to cite me; my John Lennon murder evidence activism that exposes Leon Panetta’s old boss Richard Nixon, for example. I know that, regardless of all else, there is a campaign with the M.P.D. to cite me over the fact that I represent a threat to the Lennon cover-up. Their conduct already shows this as their proceedings with me in court have been so fraudulent, not only here, but also in Santa Cruz and all right after my Mother died and I received an inheritance, now mostly all gone. On top of all that I have reason to believe the government deliberately wrecked my newly painted van, then. That was also the month Jack Fox Auto was sabotaging my other Toyota van, too. The case that Judge Mendoza outrageously, wrongfully ruled on.

I am in the position of not being able to reward or encourage my enemies – our government – with any show of retreat. Even so, I want to be completely above the law even when I am being unfairly singled out. If I had a jury decide I believe I could win both cases based on past abuses against me, alone. I had no idea my misdemeanor was reduced to an infraction until last February. I was counting on an attorney and a jury but am now finding it hard to get even an attorney. If I could find an attorney with courage enough to defend me I’d make no offers. I have no confidence in Judge Mendoza’s fairness. I know how much damage this situation has already caused me and I want to be done with it sooner than later and I’m willing to make this offer, now, as the alternative is possibly months of appeal and other machinations that distract from my free speech needs. My offer is more than fair and demonstrates my willingness to not abuse my rights. I have a right to sing, unassisted, from my parked van to drum up support for my website and the evidence I need the public to care about. It’s my way of NOT offending society with just speaking politics, instead, like I used to do. So long as my C.D. can’t be heard from beyond a 50 foot radius under existing ambient conditions I am legal to do what I do. I am also going to fix, this week, my driver’s side speaker so I can hear my system better and lower the overall volume level as that has been a contributing factor I never noticed before I did some sound checks.

Speaking of sound checks, I recently noticed that only when there is NO traffic on Alvarado Street can my sound system be ever so slightly detected from 50 feet. Even the sound of normal conversation can be heard from that distance, too, though. At that level I have to stand right next to my open driver’s side window to barely be able to hear the sound enough to sing along with it. I am legally responsible for not being heard under ambient decibel levels, however. I have evidence to show I was not in violation; my own tape as well as the police video, that shows my volume falls off from only 36 to 45 feet that day. In neither instance did any officer, himself, measure a 50 foot distance to see if I was or was not in violation. Neither is there audible video of my levels as the officers approached my vehicle. They know better. In both instances the officers should have marched me to a place 50 feet away and determined, then, was I or was not in violation BEFORE deciding to cite me. Had they done that they would not have cited me and I wouldn’t have spent the past several months tortured with these charges. Basic police procedure. One is not cited, for example, for a D.U.I. without police first obtaining a reading of over .08. These officers conducted no such test to determine whether I was audible from beyond 50 feet or not.

Regarding the citation I am asking for outright dismissal; the second one on 7-9-’22. That citation is completely bogus and unwarranted. At no time did I ever yell to anyone that day as they claim and at no time was my system too loud. I believe the video shows him saying; “…he yells at people…” talking in the past tense, not even regarding that day. By the way, I don’t yell at people. I know better as it only turns people off to my message. The complainant is making false claims he has no evidence for. That business owner’s wife was caught recording me on her cell phone trying to park one day near her business months before they were even opened. She is an elected city official with the airport, besides, and has ties to Monterey politics. Her bar openly bragged on radio how the Panetta’s, who I claim are behind my troubles, are elite members OF their club. Her husband, Mitchell, may be the other half of “We” that Brittania Arms owner, Paul Whitecross, referred to when he threatened me “…I’ll smash your face like a pumpkin…we have ways to stop you…we don’t care about you…” just three weeks before being cited across the street at The Whisky Club by his neighbor and fellow bar owner. I managed to tape those remarks, too. I believe I’ve explained this, already.

If you cannot grant my request as listed above I will plead not guilty to both charges and subpoena several officers who can be proved to have lied, chief Hober, the owners, Paul Whitecross, the owner’s wife and others to show discriminatory prosecution. In my last letter to you I listed the particulars including how one complainant turned up dead the next year in the very parking spot where we met. My luck allowed me to drive by the library that day or I’d have never even known this very alarming fact.

I have been willing to comply with the laws all this time, three years before and a year, almost, since these citations, having sung hundreds of times there as well as all over the area without violation. Twice the police have since tried to cite me only to find I was too quiet, after all. Once on my birthday, suspiciously, with officer Hall, who lied the next day when I asked him if he cited me before for singing. He said he didn’t recall. That’s a bald faced lie given my van and it’s distinctiveness. I want you to please appreciate that I have not pestered these businesses with protests or any retaliation for their abuses against me. In the past they’d be out of business by now. I sing less than I used to, in fact, though it’s because my now fully developed voice needs more rest than it used to need.

As this is more a letter than a motion I trust you will inform the judge of this request and grant it. I may also submit a copy to the court clerk, though. I appear on May 30, at 9:00 a.m. in department 20 in Marina. Already the court did grant my past 2020 peremptory challenge against Judge Mendoza and I am perplexed at why she refuses to recuse herself, now. Only if she grants my above listed proposal will I accept her at any stage of my proceedings. For her to remain in any other capacity is asking for an automatic appeal if I am found guilty.

So, here I stand, contrite and willing to take some responsibility for what is claimed against me, even though there is doubt in both our minds. I will have a receipt showing my now inoperable driver’s side speaker is fixed so as to be able to lower my overall volume and still hear it enough to sing along to. I should be no future problem if you will grant my request. I never sing with my system louder than my singing. That, singing unassisted, is allowed in America with no consideration for volume. As it should be. Let us not substitute this right with just a statue of a man playing his accordion like the one at Franklin and Alvarado. If I could sing with my earbuds and not have the music heard at all I wouldn’t mind that much, but it’s not possible. You have to hear yourself sing above all other sound.

I also want to apologize for any threatening tone I may have displayed in my last letter. Being tortured by a malevolent government for being America’s foremost hero is extremely disturbing and I was caught out of character. I hope you understand. It was not meant that way. Only since last Mother’s Day did it ever occur to me I could be wrong, even a little, in any of my cases. It was more intended to protect my enemies and Monterey, generally, from a supernatural force I have come to acknowledge where my enemies are concerned. It’s amazing the trail I look back on behind me in this regard. I may well have an avenging angel and I don’t want anyone caught in it’s presence. As I’ve already said a great District Attorney would instigate a grand jury investigation regarding Nixon, Reagan and Stephen King’s role in John Lennon’s assassination. I have a right to come forward and remove my life from danger. America has no greater criminals in it’s midst than those who did this to the world letting a horror writer molest us all after killing our great hero and friend, John Lennon. It’s no WONDER the kids are shooting each other at school their parents are so guilty of the cover-up. I will become world famous, soon, I honestly believe. I want to have better things to talk about than just how evil my country behaved in it’s evil efforts to stop me.

The only other thing I would ask of the court is to provide me with written court instructions for the next officer to engage his video at a distance of 50 feet to determine the legal case to cite me before any future, similar citations, please. My constitution is being taxed with all this trauma or I’d plead not guilty and defend my full list of rights. One reason I DO sing, in fact, is to offset the government’s deliberate campaign to kill me with stress. I plan on living past 100. I can’t wait for the day we are all gob smacked with the sight of Stephen King in handcuffs doing the perp walk. Until that day I will harmlessly sing as long as it takes to get the public turned around from it’s evil apathy. That’s why I live in America. I have that right.

I have told you what I am willing to do to not be a problem in this regard in the future. I hope you will accept my offer.

I declare, under penalty of perjury, that the above is true and correct


Dated May, 17, 2023



Steven Lightfoot (Defendant)

Department of Motor Vehicles – State of California

To whom it may concern, in regards to your letter requesting valid insurance for my registration, in mid June of 2023 I came to the DMV and registered but they refused to even look at my proof of insurance I showed them. The staffer told me; “They’re not asking for it.” I thought that very odd. In 30 years of continuous insurance I can’t remember that ever happening. I know the police and courts are stalking me but even my insurance companies may be acting out of the ordinary forcing me to drop them over false billing that was foisted on me at the last minute and other instances of suspicious behavior.

Recently I have endured a barrage of criminal attacks on my driving record by the authorities over my political activism where is concerned. I have an emblazoned van with that site across it along with other slogans. I can prove our government assassinated John Lennon and I’ve been terrorized for decades over it by the courts and police. I recently wrote Steven Gordon, I believe, your president, over it a few years ago. I used to pay less than a dollar a day for auto insurance for decades, in fact, my driving was so good. Until lately. I’ve always been a good driver. To see my DMV report. lately, you’d never know it. I am having trouble getting insurance. I am asking your department to remove whatever points you can and I have valid reasons to do so if I may explain. I need no more than one point to qualify for the low cost insurance available. I am retired living on food stamps and $856. per month of social security. I’m too old and too famous an activist to have anyone even hire me, frankly. I can’t afford what is being done to me. Currently I am told there are two points against me. I don’t know if the one on Aug 28, 2020 is removed or not, for example, or the one from Oct. 15 of 2020. But there are several instances where I was wrongfully listed as being at fault when I was not and I’d like to explain. Even my insurers have been acting strange, it seems.

It began on Jan. 10, 2019 (Incident one) when I was left in the back section of my van as a man I hired to drive me one block to a dental operation bizarrely jumped out with the van in neutral on an incline. One witness suggests he also may have then pushed my van from behind. By the time I realized I was rolling and jumped into the driver’s seat to stop it I had already hit a fence. Though I blew a 0.00 for alcohol and showed no evidence of pharmaceuticals in my system I was cited for D.U.I. and only after two years of terrorizing me with bad lawyers and judges was the matter dismissed. I was still hit with a point for the accident I did not cause. That is not on my record today, however.

This driver / stranger that a retired police officer recommended to me, no kidding, admitted on video”…I’ll bury a car in a heart beat. It’s just an inanimate object…two days earlier I watched a video; “America’s Worst Accidents” Did police sit him down and coach him implementing a video beforehand? It sure seems that way to me. That matter was dismissed amidst a flurry of improper court shenanigans involving me having to fire two lawyers and replace three judges, one of whom admitted in writing that he “…has a prejudice against (me).”

Then, on August 28, of 2020, (Incident two) and while displaying a billboard on my van exposing the D.A. in the above mentioned episode, I was detained, again, for D.U.I. until I blew another 0.00, twice, and was released. The promise not to cite me for open container over only a teaspoon of brandy in a bottle I mistook for olive oil while singing in public was not granted because his sergeant lied, later, suggesting the video showed me trying to sip from the bottle. The video shows the lid screwed on tight and my hand nowhere near the cap nor of me attempting any sip. It was in my hands for only one second before the officer grabbed it from my hand. I was reaching for olive oil to coat my throat and immediately produced an identical bottle of olive oil to prove it. At the same time another officer lied to blame me for a bumper tap that resulted in zero damage where even the owner declined to make a complaint and this officer demanded my insurance information over the phone a week later under threat of new charges if I didn’t. He illegally put a point on my record of an accident that never occurred. I am told the open container charge will be on my record for more than three years. It was falsely applied along with the false accident claim. Three officers in the same instance, all lying.

I am asking that it be removed from my record under the circumstances as well as any accident alleged included. I can produce video to substantiate my claims. In court the citing officer admitted he’d not cite me for that if I passed a sobriety test. The video shows no attempt to sip anything and that was the basic given for giving me that ticket. The sergeant lied.

On June 15, 2021(?) (Incident three) while already making a slow left turn in a parking lot, a man in a Tesla raced to 25 mph to try to squeeze ahead of me closing 50 yards in seconds. There was a transfer of my yellow paint with no hint of body damage to his rear lower panel. I called CHP to make a report since it was his speeding, not my driving, that caused the incident. The officer refused to make a report saying it was private property. This man I suspect was drunk as he left the premises a half hour later after telling me he was there to play golf with his drinking buddies. His damages were fixable with rag and gasoline and neither of us filed a claim as I was undamaged as well. A year later he filed a claim and AAA, my insurer, then, never notified me until after they paid his bogus claim basing their reasoning on his camera that showed nothing of anything or who was at fault. In their first information report the driver admitted driving 25 mph in a 5 mph zone. In my efforts to get a full report from them they are delinquent, still. I switched to another insurer over their conduct. I’ve been trying to resolve this but they are mysteriously unforthcoming. I was under scrutiny from the DMV at the time and wondered was he a set up artist, too.

I ask that this matter be expunged, too, as I was not at fault nor was I given any chance to contest the matter before AAA wrongfully blamed me. The evidence AAA claims is no evidence at all. It only shows him speeding and a brush of bumpers that lasts a millisecond showing nothing of my van’s motion or who was at fault.

Then, on July 18, 2021, (Incident four) with a stack of flyers on my dash exposing the chief of Monterey police; Dave Hober, for stalking me, his officer, Kopp, did glaringly present himself on a motorcycle in a 7/11 driveway and blatantly follow me. He then hid himself in my blind spot for several seconds forcing me to take my eyes off the road momentarily to see where he disappeared to. I was on a downslope and in a section with multiple intersections with lights. To stop, regardless, would have endangered the now invisible officer who could have rear ended me if I did. I did not see any light change as I was trying to find the officer and was cited for a light violation. It was a police trick, I believe, calculated to produce a violation and it did just exactly that. I was fully aware I was being followed by an officer. Why else would I run a light if not because I was set up with a police trick to do so?

I am, yes, asking for this point to also be removed from my record as it falls under the section of law relating to entrapment and the police won’t reverse it for fear of admitting it was a set-up. It absolutely was just that. My last light violation was decades prior, I believe, and it would not have happened but for the officers unusual conduct. The judge in this matter refused to allow my legal subpoenas for several officers I called, twice, thus depriving me of a fair trial. That matter is under appeal as we speak and I am scheduled to appear for an oral argument the day before the anniversary of Lennon’s murder, no less, knowing it will interfere with my annual rally on December 8. This is the second time, I believe, this exact same date has been set for me. Very suspicious, as if the authorities are taunting me, openly. I have been told by the DMV, before, that the citing agency must reverse this point, not your office. I ask for an exception here because that agency has a vested interest in hobbling my activism and finances and will not. I have already asked. I could go into more detail relating to Leon Panetta, the local politician here, who was C.I.A. chief at a time I was twice almost killed in high speed “accidents” that found no one at fault, suspiciously, and why the fix is in with me over politics. In the second matter a uniformed Navy cadet admitted he was driving 75 mph before he rammed my van. I think he tried to roll my van on the freeway. I did nothing wrong and was hit, violently. In the first accident the intersection was repaved the next day to hide evidence, for example. I am a huge threat to the government of the United States and they may have even killed my father in a plane crash months after the Secret Service interviewed me, initially. I received a threat letter weeks before in 1984 from the real killer saying; “I might as well clue you to “Phase Three” since you won’t stop your investigation…” Also weeks before  my father was killed his dog was even found hanged – like a mob threat – in a drape chord. I can’t list the dozens of terrorism actions police took over the last four decades, but many dozens including being kidnapped and pistol whipped unconscious in 1987 by officers Rist and Hall of S.F.P.D. for no valid reason. This a month after strangers broke my nose on a side walk after dislocating my shoulder. They said to me, only; “We don’t need the publicity.”

Shortly after this set up ticket above, a man in a police / library parking lot tried to claim, months after the fact, that I caused an asphalt scrape he caused before we met. (Incident five) The citing officer lied out of whole cloth that he ever contacted me on my phone. It was last used weeks before – it was replace by a new phone at the time – and my public defender is a witness to this fact. I wasn’t notified until months later by mail from the D.A.. This man’s bumper I gently touched as he was parked half way into my space but I did no damage. He allowed me to leave without complaint. This was after I tried to call the police over his physical threats to me, in fact. This matter was dismissed before trial as the judge agreed my van could not have caused said damage but this driver was found DEAD a year later in his car in the exact same parking space where we met. I happened to see the police tape and sheet over his car. How weird is that? I thought he was a police operative. Now I’ll never know.

Then, in April of 2022, (Incident six) a woman was stopped in the middle of the road. I was a dozen car lengths behind her and honked. She started to drive again. We arrived at a light and waited our turn to turn right. Even though there were no other cars anywhere and the light was green she was still stopped. I honked again and she started to drive and turn right. I pulled forward and looked left for clearance and gently impacted her rear bumper as she, again, stopped unnecessarily a third time for NO REASON. Normally the driver behind is blamed for any rear end contact but I ask for your consideration here as it was her weird driving that caused what happened. I even suspect the government and she might be working together they are so determined to take my website van off the streets. I wouldn’t be surprised.

My new insurance company should have defended my rights better I feel. But besides that they involved my insurance with another man who I never met just because he used to rent from my address years ago. A false extra billing was ascribed then rescinded and then re ascribed without reason as I was about to renew insurance. I was sent bills that differed by 200 percent. at the same time. They were possibly complicating things on purpose for all I know. Maybe, once they found out who I was, – they eventually saw my website van –  they wanted to shake me off I have such powerful enemies. I refused to pay for something I had nothing to do with; another party who I never met that they were trying to include in my policy. At the time I was told two different prices for the next six months; $350.00 and $940.00. Just a week earlier the lower price was correct then they switched prices on me the week I was due. Apparently over the mystery tenant years ago I have never even met.. And so I went shopping for another insurer only to find no one will insure me I’ve been so savaged by set ups, frankly. It all feels like standing next to a buzzing bee hive since I got my new website van on the road. They’re not even trying to hide the fact. The government seems to be tripping over their own feet in their desperate scramble to remove my website van from the streets! Parking lots, mostly court or police parking lots, are being used as the stage for these, I think, staged events. To even approach other insurers until my points are removed would only limit my options later. I have been planning this letter and request for your help, first, as I can’t afford insurance as things stand and I can’t afford to live outdoors or store my van anywhere. My $857. @ month social security does not cover my expenses and I live in a van. I am not hire able due to my controversial and political profile. Until you or time erases these points I am having to drive like a saint on pins and needles and hoping my enemies don’t cause even more episodes. I even wonder has the government contacted this insurer and had a hand in this mystery driver I never met TO make me look elsewhere. To put me in this situation that is so strange to me. It is a fact that in the red light ticket the officer cited me  just days after I switched insurers and he seemed interested in just knowing the name of the company without even checking.

Other strange events have persisted involving police officers. Recently a correctional officer, off duty, tried to suggest I dented his car opening my door in a court parking lot. Not even close. He even followed me ten miles to Monterey an hour later to where I often park and watch television and contacted me there. He never even tried to pursue the matter at the court facility when I denied his ludicrous claim as he knew I knew he was trying to set me up. Before he made his initial claim he re parked so as to eliminate any measurements I might want to make, for example. Then, an hour later, he showed me a dent that my van physically could not have made several feet away from where I gently leaned my door against his. I saw my actions and I saw zero anything where I leaned my door against his. When I pointed this fact out he quickly changed the damaged area to another far away spot on his door handle I also did not even touch. Whatever he claimed did not even match my paint at all. He never asked for my insurance which I had and was valid. I reminded him any insurance company will deny his claim as false based on my door measurements, etc.. He, instead, physically threatened me and I had to file a complaint with the police department. That’s how I discovered he was a police officer, after all. When he tried to hit me and I told him he was only going to wind up in the police station if he didn’t stop he shot back, angrily, “I AM police!” In the report the sergeant conveniently wasn’t wearing his body camera and then proceeded to make up lots of lies to paint me as “colliding” with the vehicle and that the other driver ever even asked for insurance and he lied so flagrantly that I delivered a letter of reprimand for him to correct his many ludicrous lies. In the report the other man admitted saying that I was a ..”(Expletive) liberal…” which would explain separate reason he might try to saddle me with his pre existing blemishes. To help police go after my van and get it off the street, police set up conspiracy or not.

Another matter in 2020, the only one I believe was my fault, involved, yes, another police officer who happened to back out of his space just as I drove by it and then tried to back up to get an opening parking spot. It was another, yes, court parking lot at a time they knew I would be there. Was it a set up, too? Maybe, maybe not, but it WAS, yet, another, police officer involved. Regardless, I was at fault in that matter and can appreciate that.

Can you, after all the above, appreciate the situation surrounding me and my political website van that has seen more trouble in three years than the preceding twenty years? It all started as soon as I painted my new van that someone ran into a fence, not me.

Today I received a notice from the DMV that my registration would expire in a few months if I didn’t show evidence of insurance. A low cost option exists and they included a number to call but it is only available if I have no more than one point on my record. I can’t trust my last insurer and I want to go with the low cost option your department offers. At my last registration cycle I offered valid insurance but was told by DMV that it was not requested or needed. Now I am in a bind I don’t deserve to be in. I just learned that insurers routinely notify your offices if a customer drops. I wondered how you were even aware and I was just about to turn in this request for you to drop points I don’t deserve and speed up the three month unnecessary delay. Two matters are dropping off at this time, for example, and I’d like to expedite matters so I can qualify for the new, low cost insurance right away.

The accident point from incident one is long gone. INCIDENT TWO regarding both the open container citation filed via fraud and a lie as well as the falsely administered accident point are eligible, I think, for the DMV to rescind even without the police departments help. They are too criminally complicit to do so, in my opinion even if they wanted to.

INCIDENT THREE should be dismissed, I think, as the driver never showed evidence to prove fault and waited a year to even file and my insurance company improperly never even notified me, first. and ruled on evidence that isn’t evidence at all. I tried to file a report but the officer refused, besides. I wouldn’t have called if I thought I was to blame. He is caught on camera speeding in a parking lot, besides.

INCIDENT FOUR concerning the officer baiting me to take my eyes off the road to find him is also eligible and I can supply the photos and video to prove he hid in my blind spot for several seconds, first. I can also prove my rights to call witnesses to show a pattern of fraud and abuse were denied, too. Twice. I’m awaiting a final hearing on my appeal in that matter. I am having to ask for a date change so as not to collide with my annual protest date the following day for the second time in a row, suspiciously..

INCIDENT SIX should be considered. She couldn’t have been driving more erratically. Stopped in the middle of a 25 mph street, then stopped at a green light, then stopped again after merging into a street without a car in sight anywhere, all without cause. The only way it could have been more suspicious is if it were in a court parking lot and she had a police uniform on.                                                                                                                                                                                                              Please help me as the police will not. To admit an unwarranted charge would admit to stalking me and my license. There’s just too obvious a pattern to point to and they won’t give in an inch. Even though I think I have valid cause for reversal and they probably do, too  I have never been so hounded by weirdness and the government in my life. I have PTSD from decades of police terrorism and these episodes have caused many a fretful, sleepless nights I don’t deserve. Normally saying the president of the United States wants me dead would be a stretch. Not with me, I think.

I need a fair break, here, some justice applied, to remedy the many insults to my right not to be set up for having a controversial website van on the street that can topple the powers that be. If they let Stephen King murder John Lennon they should be toppled. Before I wind up dead, please.

I’ve never knowingly been without insurance in 30 years and for me to be fighting for my driver’s license’s life, now, exposed without insurance for even a day, is not right. It’s dangerous and a violation of my rights to free speech and protest, ultimately, too. Ultimately it’s the state trying to stifle a story that they are implicated in, plain and simple. The brutal campaign began 40 years ago. Not a crime committed by me in my life yet I’ve been to court buildings at least 300 times since then. I can’t even get insurance until I lose a few points. Two may be erased already but maybe not. I don’t even know which is which anymore I’ve been so bombarded by what appears to be a blatant assault on my politics. I need the DMV’s help, here. Please do help me in these requests. Except for the October 15, 2020 event in a court parking lot in Santa Cruz all the other matters are riddled with controversy and suspicion. Every last one.  Be fair with me. I have always had a good record until I got my newer van and inherited enough money to fix my teeth. ( My Mother died ) Even that was almost stopped from happening as if the dentist was pressured by police to exit from the operation. I had to fight tooth and nail to reschedule. I’m sure my enemies dread that I am now presentable to the world when the news breaks about Lennon’s political assassination. Now I’m so broke I get food stamps and dine regularly at the Salvation Army’s pantry to save on coffee and meals. Incidentally, my other 1989 Toyota van that I use for storage was sabotaged by a shop who works on police cars to the tune of over $2,000.00 the very same month my other van was being pushed into a fence with me in the back section. I am being targeted. It’s unmistakable I hope you will see. Please appreciate that there are, not just the four incidents I’d like reversed and removed, two of which are coming off, now,  the first including two matters, but there are a total of 8 bizarre episodes in just 4 years time if you count a ticket that was dismissed issued on April Fool’s Day right after incident one when my van was wrecked. That ticket was even from the same station as the first. Of these eight FIVE occurred in parking lots, three of which were in police or court parking lots. Two involved officers out of uniform. As many as I am asking to be reversed were in parking lots with speeds of less than one mph. One while just exiting my vehicle. And, yet, the DMV is sending me a letter telling me to get insurance to keep my van on the street and avoid sleeping on the street, instead. I don’t deserve the above points that have bumped me off of insurers who could otherwise accept me. I should not be in this situation., It shows me how desperate and callous our government can be when they want you off the road. Normally I’d hire a lawyer to claim political persecution, which it absolutely, exactly is, but I have found no courage in the legal profession where clients like me exist. it’s a dreadful world we live in, all around. For that matter no lawyer will help me press charges against he real killer of John Lennon. The one who seemed willing, Melvin Belli of San Francisco, happened to die of a heart attack the week we were to be in conference about it. I’m asking your department, your offices, to intervene, even out of usual bounds, to remove some of these  points from my record so I can get insurance at all, please. I need to also expedite the removal of the two that are now three years old.

Thank you for reading this lengthy letter encompassing all the matters at once. I have official forms to include that it can attach to if you require. I also can produce video, etc., to prove everything I said here.

I declare, under penalty of perjury, that the above is true and correct.

Dated October 4, 2023


___________________________________________________________________________ Sincerely, Steve Lightfoot


To whom it may concern;

I am Steven Lightfoot, a defendant in two citations days apart regarding singing from my parked van in downtown Monterey; (7-7- and 7-9 2022). The first an “Unnecessary noise” citation, the second an “Disturbing the peace” citation. In both instances it was the level of volume of my amplified stereo and not my singing voice at issue.

I am pleading not guilty to both counts as there exists no proof of violation. Not from police or any complainant. The complainant in the second matter has a history of prejudice against me, in fact. The law allows a 50 foot radius under ambient conditions and I was within that range according to my video taped walk off in the second matter. The volume falls off after 45 feet. Officer Mosqueda even admitted on tape that my sound level was’ “not too (loud)…”In the first instance officer Hall chose not to engage his body cam when volume was such an important matter. It should have been captured for evidence but it was not. There are past issues regarding police credibility where the truth lies. This includes the complaining party of the second citation. I won’t go into those details here but I do admit that my speakers were not in proper order, my driver’s side speaker not working at all, requiring I add volume to hear the passenger side speaker farther away. I have since fixed the problem (See receipt) and can now hear my system with a lower over all volume and I should not be a problem in the future.

Meanwhile, I have been singing (unamplified) exactly as always for three years prior to and a year after the citations without incident or citation. Officer Hall, on my birthday this last March 01, tried to cite me again but could not find me in violation. This without a complaint. He even told me he did not remember citing me months earlier in the same conspicuous website van. Many hundreds of times all over the peninsula I save been singing without complaint . Most establishments welcome me and my – I hate to admit it – exceptionally good singing voice. I have a political message I am promoting and singing softens the blow of the seriousness of the issue. I sing to gain public support for my cause. There are political free speech issues in play as a result.

The reason I am writing you is to see if your department is willing to dismiss the second ticket if I plead “No contest” to the first, and only if that is not considered a moving violation or point against my DMV record. I was parked. I do so, not because I was guilty or think I am guilty – I do not – , but because fighting  these tickets will involve more than meets the eye and will only stir up my PTSD caused by hundreds of police intrusions against my expose activities over time. I would rather not have to subpoena several officers and citizens and set the stage for a public relations conflagration in it’s aftermath.

I have been a law abiding citizen my whole life with zero criminal record. I am 69 years old and that should count for something. I have not violated the law before or since these citations and have remedied the problem by getting new speakers that both work so I can hear my system at a lower volume level.

When I made this offer last court appearance the judge told me I’d have to appeal to your office via the section and supplement document listed to do so. I think she was willing to accept my offer and so I am appealing to your office.  If you are willing to dismiss both tickets I would appreciate that but am still willing to plead “No contest” to the first if you will dismiss the second in the interest of justice. If I was a little loud I have remedied the situation and have, for years, before and after, never been a problem.

As I will have to prepare papers if you are not inclined I would appreciate a prompt reply.

Awaiting your reply,


Sincerely, Steve Lightfoot

Dated June 26, 2023

Sergeant Brian Nino;

Steve Lightfoot, here, regarding yesterday’s report about a man who tried to commit insurance fraud at my expense and who also verbally threatened me.  At the outset, it may be that he is not a police operative and maybe just someone trying to exploit others over whatever prior damages he may have had. He may have chosen me due to my website message. He acted very strange from the outset when he poked his head around to watch me exit my van. As I explained I had to gently rest my car door against his car to squeeze out of my van.  As gently as is possible, too, and I saw there was no damage after I closed it. I vividly recall it was a flat painted black surface, not a door handle, that I rested it on. This act, by itself, is harmless and occurs almost daily with most drivers in today’s tight parking spaces. It was several minutes later and after he had re parked his car away from me that he spoke up to suggest I dented his car. I told him I only touched it and caused zero damage. At no time did he ask me about inspecting it or anything else and I continued out the building to my van and left. I drove to Monterey and hit chip golf shots for about an hour. Either before or after that I was at your station dropping off other documents about a separate matter. Somewhere between 3 and 4 O’clock. When I then parked to watch television in my van I was surprised to see this same man waiting for me as if he knew where I routinely parked, somehow. I found this strange. An hour later and ten miles away he happened to know where I would be. When I told him he is a scammer and that he re parked his car, first, to obscure measurements to prove it he tried to fight me. It was then I told him if he continues he’s gonna end up in the police station tonight. He immediately replied; “I AM police!” I responded back; “So, you’re trying to set me UP!??!”. I was willing to look at his vehicle and he immediately pointed to a dent I had nothing to do with, way too low and forward for my door to have contacted at all. The kind of dent a door could not have made. More like a rock thrown. When I pointed to the area some four feet away where I rested the door on he immediately changed his story to a new mark on his door handle. Again, wrong color (Not yellow, but tan.) So, he CHANGED HIS STORY, right away, when he knew I knew his first claim was impossible to be true. His claim about a door handle was also an impossible contact point, way too high for my door geometry to have matched. I told him if he wanted to go the insurance route they would be able to PROVE his claims were a lie and he never asked for insurance but rather threatened to “*** you (Me) up if I ever see you again…I should **** you up, old man..” I wanted to tell him he should be ashamed of himself for having just tried to commit insurance fraud but, instead, I remarked; “I’m sorry if I touched your car but that’s all I did.” and I walked away. As I did he yelled even more threats. I decided to get his license plate number and wondered why he lingered for a few minutes before leaving, as if he was phoning some- one. Possibly police, I wonder, now.  I say this because the personnel in your station were glum and concerned about something as if he called you, perhaps, compared to the mood an hour earlier. It was then when he said; “You’ve been put on notice…You’re going to have a bad day…you don’t even live here!” He displayed all the signs of a man ashamed of being caught in his attempt at fraud. And so I went immediately to the station to make a report.

The reason I am supplementing this for your report is I forgot to tell you I saw exactly where I rested my door and it was not his door handle at all nor the other place my door also could not have made contact with. The area I know I touched was flat, pristine and unblemished. He was attempting insurance fraud. When that failed he resorted to guilt fueled threats.

I am also writing to offer up any measurements to prove all the above. If your report tries to turn my complaint against him into cause to blame me for anything then there is cause to suspect he is, indeed, working for police in a sting operation. I mentioned how officer Herndon went around the law to put an accident report on my license when there was none. I mentioned how even his sergeant Newby admitted to me on the phone that he shouldn’t have done that. I started to mention another incident regarding a man in a parking lot claiming false damages when there were none. That was dismissed due to lack of evidence after harassing me in court for months. I mentioned that this same man was found dead in his car in the exact parking space we met a year earlier in with police tape and a sheet over his windshield. Only my luck allowed me to happen by that day to learn this alarming fact. I may or may not have mentioned that officer Silonzolchic outright lied in his Aug. 2021 report that he ever spoke to me on the phone. My public defender is a witness to the fact that the phone he alleges he called me on in August of 2021 was last used several weeks earlier in July as I had replaced it with another phone.

Had I known then what I know now I would have and may still be able to file a lawsuit against him for his fraud in that matter.

Strange, also, was officer Hill’s refusal to charge a man on Dec 8, 2021 who did deliberately damage my protest signs with his truck during that same time span.

There is corrupt policing going on in Monterey where I am concerned. I could feel a presence of danger and foreboding the morning of this latest episode suggesting to me it was most likely a police sting laying in wait for me that day or I wouldn’t have felt that alarm before it happened. I happen to have this sixth sense. The police had cause to believe I would be in that parking lot that day as I was there the day before as well and was at the District Attorney’ office an hour earlier in Salinas. If this man is a police officer or accomplice I have a right to know and will find a way to demand that information if not forthcoming. I have no illusions about whether M.P.D. is corrupt where I am concerned or not. I know there is plot to obstruct me and my website van that proves our government killed John Lennon. If this man is NOT involved with police I think I have a right to know that as well.

I declare, under penalty of perjury, that the above is true and correct.

Dated July 14, 2023


Steve Lightfoot

Motion for a continuance;

Please take notice that I, the defendant, will move for a continuance to be able to investigate what appears to be a possible police effort on July 13, 2023 to sting me in a parking lot incident in the very parking lot of this court.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   As I mentioned in previous motions I already was put through a similar scenario last 2021 when a man whose center bumper I gently touched while parking claimed I did damage to another part of his car I never touched. Though the evidence showed, all along, that this man was attempting insurance fraud at my expense, the asphalt scrape being too low on his car for my van to have contacted, I was tortured in court for months before it was finally dismissed due to lack of evidence. This was the incident where the complainant was found dead in his car in the very same, exact parking space where we met a year before. This incident occurred in a police / library parking lot.

Another incident in 2020 that also occurred in a court parking lot where a police officer exited his parking space as soon as I passed it resulted in my backing into his car attempting to park. I accepted responsibility for that as, if it was  police sting, it was amazingly successful and, therefor, improbable even though they would have known about my appearance time and that I’d be there, then.

In my motions I also mentioned another incident that was also dismissed involving a man a police officer recommended to me who left me in the back of my van in neutral on an incline and I had to jump into the driver’s seat to stop it from rolling downhill and doing greater damages. The evidence showed this man remarking on police video; “I’ll bury a car in a heartbeat, It’s just an inanimate object…..he (I) should beware who you (I) hire…”I needed a driver to drop me off at a dentist’s office. My van was damaged and I was blamed for the accident. That incident was very likely a police sting operation to try and get my website emblazoned van that exposes our government’s role in John Lennon’s murder off the streets.

In this latest episode in your own court parking lot and less than an hour after I approached the D.A.’s office in Salinas with motions I tried tp serve, and at a time when authorities would have reason to believe I’d also appear in this lot that day as I was there the day before as well, I saw a car parked next to an area I usually park at and he was slightly askew in his parking space requiring me to have to gently rest my door against his car to exit. I did so with utmost consideration and care and left zero damage. I vividly recall it was flat area, not a door handle. I’m proud of my efforts to avoid doing so, in fact. This is a common situation in all our lives and almost never results in any damage whatsoever. This was the case here. Ten minutes later a man inside the court building remarked something about me denting his car. I replied I may have touched it but I did no damage and that he was wrong. He never pursued the matter further and so I left the building and drove away. I noticed, also, that he had re parked his car destroying all ability to get accurate measurements before accusing me. Ten minutes later it occurred to me to go back and see what that weird experience was all about but choose, instead, to drop off some papers to the Monterey police department.

An hour after our meeting and ten miles away and on a street that is obscure and hard to find this same man approached me in a lot I often park at in Monterey. How could he have known how to find me or know anything about my habits if he was a stranger like he presented himself? To make matters more suspicious, when I told him he was a scammer he tried to fight me. When I told him to stop or he’d end up in the police station tonight he replied, without hesitation,; “I AM police!” It all made complete sense, now, to me, given past episodes. He also verbally threatened me. “If I ever see you again I’ll kick your ass…I should kick your ass, old man.” When I looked at his car he pointed to a dent way too far forward and low for me to have ever contacted in any situation. I pointed to a spot four feet away near where I touched and he, then, changed his story and claimed a scratch on his door handle was where I touched. The paint was not a match to mine. I replied that, too, was wrong and too high to match my door’s geometry and that if he wanted to go the insurance route they would PROVE it was a lie, also. I walked away after saying; I’m sorry if I touched your car but that’s all I did.” He only threatened me more and never asked for insurance or anything else. I wondered why he then lingered for several minutes, presumably making a phone call, and I jotted down his license plate number as he left. He added; “You’ve been put on notice…You’re going to have a very bad day…you don’t even live here..” I immediately went to the police and filed a report of verbal threats and attempted fraud.

See the report I made with Sergeant Nino and my attached report about it.

All things considered, even though he may have not been police and just trying to scam me for money over pre existing damages, maybe he incurred expenses in court and wanted to have me pay him for his losses, I don’t know, there is sufficient reason to believe he may, indeed, be involved in a police sting operation and, because it factors into my guilt or innocence in these other matters pending before the court, I need more time to properly investigate to see whether or not he is a police officer as he claimed to be. If it can be shown that he is my motion to dismiss due to discriminatory prosecution should be honored and these other matters dismissed as I have reason to believe they are, also, orchestrated involving private parties who have displayed animus to me in the past.

I am told it will take a week to know anything from his report and he told me he is not required to let me know if this man is or is not an officer.  I assume it will take at least 60 days to have an answer and I ask for a 60 day continuance to allow me to know what this last episode was all about, first. I need to know if this man is or is not a police officer.

Besides this reason to ask for more time, the same police department you advised me to request  a dismissal from has lost the papers I presented to them a month ago and I have had to re supply them with the papers. This has slowed down my defense by a month and I will need more time to see how they respond to my request before having to serve several officers with subpoenas, first, and fight both matters.

I have demonstrated unusual circumstances that warrant a closer look and I request this 60 day extension to get my defense in proper order amidst these new incidents as that may be related to the charges I am facing here, already.

I declare, under penalty of perjury, that the above is true and correct.

Dated July 16, 2023


Steve Lightfoot, Defendant

Monterey Police Department

Officer Hall and Lieutenant Andrews ;

Recently I offered a request for your office to dismiss case number 22TR015522 if I were willing to plead no contest to case number 22TR014494. Judge Mendoza may have given me incomplete advice and I am now told that only case number 22TR014494 is eligible for you, the issuing party of the citation, to dismiss in the interest of justice. I am requesting a modification of my request in that regard.

The case I am requesting has no physical evidence, no police video or taping, I’m told. Officer Hall also approached me on March 01, 2023, my birthday, some several months after the first citation, to intimidate me for legally singing in public from my van. The next day he claimed that he didn’t recall citing me in the same very unique website emblazoned van months earlier. The complaining party’s business is just ten feet away from my van and I am allowed a 50 foot radius of volume. This complainant is not protected from hearing my music from only ten feet away. No measure was taken by officer Hall ask me to lower my volume, first, or to step off the distance to see if I was in compliance or not and I was prevented from making my own taped recorded measurements. He also failed to engage his video even as he approached my van, the appropriate conduct to make a determination. In so doing he may have deprived me of my rights by abandoning normal procedure.

As I may be willing to plead no contest to one of two similar citations just days apart and perform community service and write a letter explaining why the law is written and because I offer proof of equipment modification – getting my driver’s side speaker to work so I can lower the overall volume and still be able to hear it from my driver’s seat –  I think this is a case for dismissal in the interest of justice.

The real reason I am willing to plead no contest to one if you will dismiss the other is because I anticipate a kangaroo court full of fraud and denial of my rights. I will have to serve subpoenas to several officers and a citizen bar owner to show the court a pattern of abuse against me, I think, due to my political website message about our government assassinating John Lennon. Already, in another matter now under appeal, this same court deprived me of these subpoena rights, twice, the first time without papers to justify the move as well as one other officer who did not contest the subpoena. All considered, I think the P.T.S.D. I already suffer from will be antagonized by any such similar deprivation of my rights and I’d rather not subject myself to another case of fraud, in my opinion, by our government. I’d also rather not entangle the city of Monterey in any more scandal than I have already observed. I have already challenged the fairness of the judge and even that right I am being deprived of. A pertinent new, random and unassociated incident bears fleshing out as a man claiming to be police tried to fight me and threatened me verbally after attempting fraud against me just last week. If he is I have a right to know and it would impact my defense in a positive way. My request for a continuance to find this information out has been ignored already.

I took the liberty in the second matter to walk off and tape record my sound levels and the sound fell off at 45 feet. Legal. I have my own tape of this as well as police video showing the fact. I should win both cases given this fact.

I’m asking your department to dismiss the 22TR014494 matter in the interest of justice.

If I was louder than I would have liked to have been then, even though the video shows I am within my rights, I have fixed the problem with having both speakers fixed and can now lower my sound even further and still hear the music enough to sing along to now that my driver’s side speaker works. It did not in 2022. Even as such, in four years of singing a thousand times all over the peninsula just as I was those two days, no one else has complained. I’ve sung  hundreds of times since without a single complaint making the two tickets in three days time seem all the more suspicious and political..

I will appear next on July 31, 2023 and I’d need to have an answer before then, please.

Sincerely, Steve Lightfoot

I declare, under penalty of perjury, the above is true and correct.

Dated July 20, 2023


Steve Lightfoot, Defendant (E-mail) 831-220-2281 (Phone)

Address; Steve Lightfoot, 800 Scott St., Sand City, Ca. 93955

Motion For A Continuance;

Please take notice that the defendant will move to ask for a continuance as recent matters have slowed his ability to defend himself properly.

A two year old matter that has been stagnating in the appeals court for almost a year regarding a red light citation has just come up. Maybe deliberately, in fact. The court just suddenly asked me to provide an “Opening Brief” and I must have it in by July 28, 2023. This is just days before my next appearance, here.  As such I have been very busy lately working on just that. It is very involved and time consuming. I will have to stress myself to be on time without any other matters to worry about. The appeals court failed to respond to my Proposed Statement at all in all this time. Almost a year. They may be in default for having done so. I don’t know. Meanwhile I am having to weigh matters I don’t understand in this matter at the same time. I simply cannot focus on the two matters at the same time and do my defense justice in either matter. Did the appeals court deliberately time this requirement of me with the knowledge I am already burdened with this new matter? I don’t know but it’s possible given the fraud this county has displayed against me, lately. My point is, due to unforseen circumstances, I am having to do two things at once and I simply can’t do so in such short notice.

I also asked for a continuance last week because an episode involving a man who claimed to be “police” verbally threatened me on July 13, 2023 after I accused him of attempted insurance fraud in this court’s very parking lot. I asked to have time to find out if he, indeed, is police as he claimed to be. I have discovered he is a correctional officer, after all, and is associated with law enforcement. Amidst all my other claims of police fraud, this being the second time an officer has attempted to invent an accident where there was none in just three years time, I think I have a right to better investigate this issue as it would factor into my motions to dismiss due to discriminatory prosecution in this matter. To make matters worse, Sergeant Brian Nino, who took my report about this motorists verbal threats and attempted fraud, has, himself, committed fraud in writing up his report. He lied to suggest I was ever asked for insurance by this man. I never was asked for insurance. Not only does his report claim he did, Nino claims I said he asked for insurance. That’s a bald faced lie, putting words in my mouth, deliberately, I think. That this man allegedly claims he ever asked for insurance is a lie on his part. He also lied about his remarks and threats he made. According to the report he told several lies. It strikes me an officer would know better than to lie to another officer unless he was comfortable he would not be held accountable for it. Officer Nino’s report is a cynical lie to portray my opening a door and gently resting it on another vehicle as a ‘collision’, besides. I offered him, the day after my initial report, the same document of facts I offered last week in my other motion for a continuance. In it I emphasized the fact that the word insurance never was uttered once by this man. That he is so flagrantly lying about this fact and that officer Nino is putting words in my mouth suggests to me the police are up to more fraudulent behavior against me and that this man may be part of a larger plot I deserve to explore before going to trial in this matter since I have already argued discriminatory prosecution. I will be submitting multiple complaint forms against several officers very soon, including Sergeant Nino, and I need more time to discover what is going on. To push my case through under these suspicious circumstances would be improper and not respectful of my legal rights.

To make matters more suspicious, as I left the Monterey police station yesterday (7-24-’23) at about 4:00 pm, after settling into my van, a piece of American cheese was hurled from a passing vehicle and it stuck to my window. I looked up and noticed a flat black police vehicle was, perhaps, the source as only one other small car was behind it. I found another piece of cheese, later, stuck to my body and I saved it for DNA analysis if possible to see if it was one of their officers who displayed such contempt for me and my well known website van..

I believe a proper investigation will show that chief Dave Hober may be a conspirator against my Lennon murder expose and that all these strange episodes in just three years time are not a coincidence but pure, naked discriminatory prosecution. I have physical evidence – reports and video – to prove several officers have, indeed, lied and committed fraud against me. Though my motions have been rejected already in this matter, these new episodes warrant a new look at my motion to dismiss due to discriminatory prosecution. The reason I may have been willing to offer a plea at all in this matter has to do with my belief that I cannot get a fair trial in Monterey county. That is another motion that deserves a fresh look, too. My change of venue motion.

As such, I ask the court for a continuance of 60 days to complete my appeal matter and to better investigate the most recent suspicious episode involving a correctional officer last week. It is relevant to my case here before the court.

I declare, under penalty of perjury, that the above is true and correct.

Dated July 25, 2023


Steven Lightfoot (Defendant)

Steven Lightfoot

800 Scott Street

Sand City, Ca. 93955

831-220-2281 / (e.mail)



The People of the State of California

(Plaintiff and Respondent)


Steven Lightfoot

(Defendant and Appellant)





Appellant was cited on July 18, 2021 for an infraction violation of vehicle code(………………………………………)

(……………………………) At the time he was cited he alleged that the stop seemed suspicious as he recalled seeing no red

light and that he happened to have a stack of leaflets exposing M.P.D. chief Hober’s perceived recent abuses against him

on his dash at the time.  Appellant claimed, afterwards, that the officer Kopp then went immediately to his station.

Initially appellant went through Ticket Snipers to see if his case could be dismissed via written declaration. That effort was

rejected, the fine already paid in advance per Ticket Sniper’s policy. Though over $500. was paid papers to prove hardship

were submitted after trial for fine reductions. These reductions have not been reimbursed, yet.

(Due to a loss of a website page that contained appellant’s many motions made, recently, he is unable to readily access dates. He will, instead, try to keep things in chronological order to the best of his ability. This Opening Brief was requested at a time when he is also fighting another matter in court at the very same time and cannot reasonably do better on such short notice.)

At arraignment on (……………………..) appellant appeared in the court of Marina, Ca. on (…….Old Del Monte Avenue and

plead not guilty. He also presented several motions to the court; motion to dismiss due to discriminatory prosecu-

tion; a change of venue; motion to replace a judge; and, other numerous motions. ……………………………………….

Judge Sillman rejected all the Appellant’s motions. These motions declared, under penalty of perjury, that video exists to

prove several officers from the same station all lied and committed fraud, recently, in their multiple efforts to cite the appellant.

The appellant explained why these other instances showing a pattern of fraud and abuse related to the current case.

On (……………………….. appellant had several officers from the Monterey Police Department as well as one form the Sand

City Police Department served with subpoenas provided to him by the court clerk. The clerk was aware of the case and that

it was not a civil matter but criminal. The clerk gave the appellant civil subpoenas, nonetheless.

On (……………………………..) appellant appeared for trial and discovered that none of several officers served were present.

He then discovered that this occurred in spite of the state having not submitted any papers to quash them. That they simply

ignored the order to appear. Appellant argued that their testimony was needed to demonstrate that the citing officer could                                                                                                                                                                                                              not be trusted given fraud and abuse other officers in the same department had demonstrated in the recent past.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Appellant explained that he had video evidence to show officers had lied about elements of other citations and that, therefor,

he had a right to show this suspicious pattern of what he claimed was political persecution of him over his website www.len- and associated van due to the evidence proving our government killed John Lennon contrary to

media reports about a lone gunman; Chapman.

On (……………………………) appellant issued subpoenas, again, and only officer Silonzolchic of Sand City appeared. The

prosecution argued that the subpoenas given were for civil, not criminal, and, therefore, were invalid. Sand City did not

contest Silonzolchic’s appearance and, yet, Sillman still refused to allow him to testify. Appellant argued that there is

a chance the officer deliberately hid in the appellant’s blind spot to catch him looking in the rear view mirror instead of the

lights and that, if that was the case, it was entrapment and a dismissible offense. Appellant argued that this officer’s

testimony could not be trusted and needed to bring other officers to the stand to prove a pattern of lies and fraud in recent

police episodes and described the elements involved regarding each officer not present. Appellant stated he had video

evidence to refute these other officer’s lies. The judge was not interested. The appellant then showed the judge an old

Metro Santa Cruz magazine cartoon depicting him as a target in a police shooting gallery to show a police agenda to

persecute and target the defendant. Again, the judge was not interested in any matters not directly tied to the citation at

hand. Sillman was similarly uninterested in any matters to show discriminatory prosecution not directly related to the matter

at hand. The same for all other motions made for change of venue and another judge. Appellant maintained that past

episodes of police fraud DO matter in the present citation as a pattern of fraud and abuse can be held against an officer’s

testimony That the officer hid in the defendant’s blind spot for several seconds and not in the center of the lane while going

through two consecutive signals is captured on police video.. The defendant argued that he may have done so purposefully to

catch him looking in his rear view mirror, a natural reaction to a disappearing officer on a motorcycle whose safety you

must protect while on a downgrade where a sudden stop could harm him.


1; Can the court deprive the defendant from calling other officers from other instances where he claims abuse and fraud  be-

cause they were not directly tied to just the case before the court?

2; Can the court ignore other past episodes of fraud and abuse and targeting of defendant just because they are not directly

tied to the matter before the court? This regarding the many motions rejected by the court claiming video proof of fraud.                                                                                                                                                                                                              Can motions that establish gross evidence of fraud and lies being told by multiple officers from the same police station

in so short a space of time be rejected simply because they are not directly related to the matter before the court?

3; Can a defendant be held responsible for the court clerk’s mistake in giving him the civil versus criminal subpoenas when

the clerk was aware of the case and still handed him the wrong papers??

4; Can a judge refuse to admit a witness subpoena even though no party has objected to his testimony and appearance?

5; Did defendant receive a fair trial?


Even though the defendant’s motions were rejected the defendant has a right to call witnesses of his choosing to show why

rejecting these motions was in error and why past episodes of fraud and lying by officers were fair game for the matter before

the court. The fact that defendant claimed to have video to prove these alleged lies and instances of fraud only bolsters

the need to bring these witnesses. He should be able to prove fraud and lying in the past and hold the matter before the

court under scrutiny weighing these other instances of fraud, also. Otherwise the laws that protect a citizen from being

discriminately prosecuted have no meaning if they can’t be defended with motions that offer evidence of a pattern of fraud.

There are laws that protect against acts of fraud or targeting of individuals. If there exists other instances of lies and fraud by

police with an individual they must be allowed into evidence in the current matter if the defendant feels it warranted

That there also exist hard, incontrovertible evidence in the form of video and reports made showing how officers manipulated

events and lied in person about things demands examination. The appellant has always claimed he is the target of law

enforcement because his Lennon murder evidence findings jeopardize the very government the police work for. Not allowing

this evidence deprives the defendant of a fair trial. The court errored in rejecting the motions to dismiss as well as the change

of venue and recusal motions against certain judges. The court erred in quashing the defendant’s subpoenas of several

officers. Had the defendant been able to cross examine the several other officers he would have been able to prove that

officers Phillips, Newby, Herndon, Hill and Silonzolchic all lied in previous matters, Officer Phillips admitted in another court

he told one lie. The defendant would have been able to show, with video and written reports and a cell phone that was last

used more than a month before one officer claimed to have spoken to the defendant on,  that there exists a pattern of fraud

and abuse by local police and that officer Kopp’s claim that he did not deliberately entrap the defendant into taking his eyes

off the road to see where the officer had suddenly disappeared to cannot be trusted given the se other examples of police

fraud and lies against the defendant. The defendant was well aware a police officer was behind him and only because of a

manuever the officer made was the defendant entrapped into a violation. The chances are better than not the officer’s hiding

in the defendant’s blind spot is what caused the violation. To suggest it was a deliberate maneuver cannot be ruled out.

If this amounts to entrapment the matter should have been dismissed. In being deprived of showing a provable pattern of

fraud and abuse by local police in recent episodes as well as other episodes the defendant was deprived of a fair trial. Had

this other evidence been introduced a shadow of a doubt would have to exist whether or not the defendant was entrapped.

(Due to the Appellant’s stated claim of P.T.S.D. from the mountain of police abuses in his past he is unable to undergo the rigors of locating and finding various precedents for medical reasons. During the 1980’s the appellant was busy fighting other false charges and did dive into the law books to find precedents. These were harrowing times and the visiting of these legal books triggers flashbacks to those dangerous years. The efforts are a punishing, anxiety fraught night- mare to endure amidst the torture of the incidents themselves. The intensity required to extract references and precedents and such taxes the appellants abilities do so without inducing a recurrence of P.T.S.D. and he asks the court to, instead of requiring this arduous task, prove otherwise to the appellants claim of validity. Appellant claims his arguments are backed up with precedents and only his condition prevents him from further locating them in legal books due to the triggering effects of P.T.S.D. the efforts induce.)


1; If a defendant has evidence to show that other police have lied and committed fraud against him in recent episodes then

he has a right to present said evidence and demonstrate why this new matter and officer must be examined in the light of

this other evidence to show why he, similarly, cannot be trusted. There are laws preventing police fraud and lying and

targeting of individuals and, while the appellant may be too stressed out to find the precedents due to P.T.S.D., the prece-

dents do exist or the courts must prove otherwise to deny the defendant these rights. In quashing the subpoenas and officers

from testifying defendant was deprived of a fair trial. Especially the refusal to allow even officer Silonzolchic to testify in spite

of no opposition from anyone was in error by the court. Appellant should have had the opportunity to pull out his phone and

show the court why the officer’s claim he ever spoke to the defendant in August of 2021 is a lie and, therefore, officer Kopp’s

testimony cannot be trusted.

2; That the court rejected the many other motions made before trial, the motion to dismiss, change of venue and recusal of

certain judges, etc., was also an error by the court. Ample examples of rife police abuse against the defendant were present-

ed and any reasonable person would have to agree many dozens of officers in numerous cases did, indeed, violate the

defendant’s rights in the past. That the United States Government would be concerned about a man who is disseminating

hard evidence that indicts them in John Lennon’s murder and would, in turn, focus police abuses against him is perfectly

understandable and probable. The evidence presented in the motions including a newspaper cartoon depicting the defendant

as a target in a police shooting gallery are eligible for introduction at trial to show discriminatory prosecution.

3; That the clerk may have played a role in the appellant’s defense should not be accredited to the defendant, a layman of the

law, when he was given the civil, not criminal, paperwork. In spite of this clerical error the officers who were called

should have testified.

4; Officer Silonzolchic, whose agency never contested the subpoena, should have been allowed to testify, especially. Appel-

lant explained how his provable lie about speaking to him on a cell phone that didn’t work at the time was crucial to show a

pattern of fraud and lies among the police where the defendant is concerned.

5; Past instances of police fraud and abuse, both concerning recent local police and old episodes involving other police

agencies, political cartoons depicting the defendant as a target in a police shooting gallery, factor into a defense where the

defendant claims discriminatory prosecution over his John Lennon murder evidence that indicts the government.

Being prevented from calling witnesses to show recent, rampant fraud among the police where the defendant was con-

cerned and rejecting motions that document provable instances of abuse and fraud by police denied the defendant a fair trial


the appellant’s right to show discrimination and fraud and lies by other related officers in the past via testimony,

video and written reports, was denied to him. Had he been afforded those rights he would have given the court sufficient

reason to doubt officer Kopp’s claim that he did not deliberately trick the defendant into taking his eyes off the road by

immediately hiding in his blind spot on a downslope through consecutive lights after first brazenly following him from a

driveway Had the defendant been able to demonstrate there is a possibility the officer baited him into an offense it should

have been dismissed. The defendant’s ability to do so was thwarted by the court without good reason.

Similarly, the rejection of his many motions was in error, too. There was more than enough hard evidence to conclude there

may be something suspicious about this ticket. A better judge, a better venue and a dismissal due to discriminatory prose-

cution were in order. The defendant was not allowed to present his case in this regard. There exists more than a shadow of

a doubt as to whether the officer baited the defendant into violation or not. The defendant was wrongfully deprived of present-

ing needed evidence to show this.

Dated July 26, 2023 Respectfully submitted,


Steven Lightfoot, (Appellant)



I, ____________________________________________________________, declare:

I am over the age of eighteen and not

a party to the within action

My business address is; ___________________________________________________________________________

in the county within which the within mentioned mailing (Direct deposit) occurred.

On July 27, 2023 I served the within appellant’s Opening Brief on respondent by placing a true copy thereof in the courts

possession at the Salinas, California court facility of the District Attorney’s office at ________________West Alisal Street,

Salinas, California.

I declare, under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California, that the foregoing is true and correct.


Dated July 27, 2023


I., _________________________________________________________________________


On July 27, 2023 I caused a copy of the within appellant’s Opening Brief to be deposited with the trial court below by

personally delivering a true  copy thereof to a deputy clerk of said court for delivery to the Honorable Judge Sillman,

the judge who presided below at the trial in this action.

I declare, under penalty of perjury under the laws of  the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct.

Dated July 27, 2023











Discovery Motion

Please take notice that the defendant will move to ask for discovery of the witnesses list the prosecution will bring to court. Defendant already has the other items; video and report, but still needs to know who the prosecution will bring to testify. Defendant wishes to be notified via e-mail and hard mail as soon as possible, please

Dated July 23, 2023,


Steve Lightfoot (Defendant)

Steve Lightfoot

800 Scott St. Sand City, Ca. 93955