That may well be my next four foot long bumper stricker to compliment my website van.
Will any of you brainwashed cowards get a clue if you should see it driving down the free-
way? Will you give my message even a thought, or will the majority of you drive by and just
shake it off as another message?
My slogan might be; SMELL YOUR ‘JOKE’ LIVES or; SILENT U.S. SOVIET CLASS, or;
SILENT AMERICA NOT ‘BRAVE’. You name it, I can’t be rude enough to shake all of
you by the lapels to get your heads out of the toilet our government put them in.
CAN you smell the sick joke all of your lives are? Your lives kidnapped by satanic politicians
and urinated on by a man who molests all of your children with horror movies and novels.
Your lives, cradel to grave, destroyed and stunted and perverted, all of you robbed!
Considering Lennon was assassinated at the same time the Soviets shot the Pope you all
can’t be sure that Nixon and Reagan were even on our side to do something so evil. What
possible result could it achieve if not to terrorize the people of America and to pervert
you, after, too keep all of you off balance and evil and easy to control?
You hate that I have the testicles to tell on your evil government while you have none.
You hate that I am a hero showing up all of you in front of your poor, abandoned children.
What kind of parents are all of you to need me to get outraged over the hard evidence I
have already delivered? What kind of sick pukes are all of you, anyway?
Are you ALL too stupid to interpret the evidence? Will that be your phony excuse if the
story breaks without your giving a God damn? Is that what you’ll try to tell the world?
Or will all of you prove my observations wrong? Will you all come to your f-ing SENSES?
Will you picket your lying mass media or will you NOT picket your lying mass media? THAT
is the question. If you all did THAT then I could actually HELP you with the other big issues you
ARE willing to protest over. Bottom line; you need me to get anywhere. I’m a hero, bigger,
maybe, than you all deserve. It takes a hero to take on the powers that be. By yourselves
you can’t win and there are no heroes besides me to take advantage of. You killed them all.
Until all of you begin to care about THIS matter you remain eligable for another bumper