Mayor Garcetti & Chief Beck Assaulting Me;

Figuratively speaking, of course. They had some dirt bag, loser, drug dealer,violent crimi-
nal, agent provocatour at Venice beach actually deliver the roundouse sucker punch to my
head, full force, but it was likely these two, I believe now more than before, who may have
orchestrated it. It was an attempt to break my jaw that failed but did cause some neck dam-
age and possibly a tooth. I have yet to find out.
First, let me say that the man who hit me may be just a homeless loser with an insecurity
problem but I don’t think so. As my other chapters relate, he began showing signs of undo in-
terference in my life almost 18 years ago when he knifed a tire of mine because I turned
down his offer of Mexican weed when I asked for ‘kind’ bud that day. I still feel his provo-
cation was contrived, even orchestrated, then. Either that or he has some kind of homosexual
attraction to me or a father who rejected him or some other flaw with his mentality for such
actions. He may well be a brain rotted meth head in trouble now doing the fed ‘favors’.
I’ve been a target of your U.S. police for decades and have even been kidnapped, hand cuffed
and beaten unconscious in San Francisco in 1987 by officers Rist and Hall. Fact. No real
reason, just a made up lie by them, then. I was never charged, just kidnapped and beaten.
I believe my initial instincts that this man and Nathan, the piano player there, are on
police payroll, undercover, shutting down free speech there, generally, but especially tar-
geting MY free speech as Nathan has amply demonstrated, consistantly. A fake musician who
can’t keep time and likes to step on “Imagine” for example. I’ve heard he’s a speed addict.
All along I’ve had the gut instinct that the 150 pound short legged, hook jawed 40’ish sun
baked drug dealer who hit me has always been a troublemaker / police agent / provocatour.
The hardest evidence I have to connect mayor Garcetti and chief Beck to the assault on me
is what a man said to me and the police immediately after the assault when the police arrived
to make an arrest. He said; “He’s not important (Meaning me) some one just sprayed mace down
the block. Arrest him, instead.” The police actually DID abandon my call and things started
off ‘fishy’ right away. You see, when my assailant 18 years ealier kifed my tire I confront-
ed him while he hid among his gang buddies with skateboards and told him what a coward and
asshole I thought he was, then. I had to brandish pepper spray at one point to thwart a gang
attack. Do you people see the nexus here? Do I have to explain the coincidence and the fact
that he’d have to know all about what happened 18 years earlier, like a police team, all along?
The feds have a way of letting their target know when they’re behind something. A combination
of Rumplestiltskin and terrorism they can’t seem to contain. Someone sprayed mace. I doubt it.
Other than that there were dozons of witnesses and film showing the shadow of the blow that hit
me and visible swelling at the base of my neck and tooth discomfort and the footage showing
the assailant stalking me after as I tried to secure my valuable guitar while his girlfriend
is seen throwing my signs, like I alleged, and my testimony as a victim which included death
threats they made before I tried to arrest them two days later. The police seemed like they
were the assailants old friend and made no arrest, however. Bizarre as hell.
The film was seemingly edited, cropped, putting the actual attack inches out of frame and so much
was NOT done by police that I suggest you all read the other chapters below detailing everything.
Now, after five months of patience and dozons of visits to prosecute, I just learned that
city attorney, Claudia Miller, declined to issue an arrest for the man who tried to break
my jaw and threatened my life via his girlfriend because of lack of evidence. A case, I’m told,
of my word against his. But it’s not that, people. The whole thing has reeked from the start.
Initially my case was given to detective Blocker then Gamboa who both transfered. Then to de-
tective Steven Dalzel who only reluctantly took photos of my injuries three weeks after he was
assigned my case and only because I insisted.
I’m crying mother fucking BULLSHIT!!, people.
In all likelyhood Rockefeller, Obama, governor Jerry Brown, mayor Garcetti and chief Beck
are all in bed with the F.B.I. and C.I.A. in a terror plot against me to stall my free speech
and injure me and it’s all part of the great American tradition of killing it’s populist folk heroes.
People just like me. A revolutionary with the goods on the government.
I’m passing this flyer / bulletin out where it happened and if the assailant wants to con-
front me I’ll be able to defend myself, my guitar safe this time. He knows I can kick his
jealous ass. I hope to run him and Nathan out of L.A. county. You people need to help, too.
This news of no prosecution comes at the same time another man who once threatened me
years ago has e-mailed me requesting I join some social media site and be his buddy(?) I don’t
think so. His name is Ted Brooks and my Sept. 9, 2014 entry in the chapter “Occasional Diary
and Thoughts” details that situation.
Garcetti portrays himself as a kind,populist, leftist, L.A. sort of politician sensitive to lib-
eral causes but he may be being groomed by the Rockefeller’s to someday lose on purpose in
a presidential bid to get the other guy in. That’s how politics works in this country. His father,
Gil Garcetti, threw the O.J. trial to avoid race riots, then. A fact no one wants to admit.
Chief Charlie Beck has the facial stigmata of a murderer. A sinister glint in his eyes.
I don’t trust either of these men or Obama to be innocent of the assault on me. Laurel and
Hardy could have done a better job of prosecuting my case. L.A. can’t be that incompetent.
Another deceptive trait among these politicians is their attempt to endanger the public
by reducing the number of arrests, and they’ve admitted to this, to falsely lower the crime
statistics for cosmetic, political purposes. To fool you, the public, that all is well.
All is not well, people, and all of you are equally guilty of hero jealousy and abuse.
Get over your pathetic scared, jealous selves and help me come forward and soon. You
people, the public, have always been behind your cowardly government’s assassinations.
You’re all sick and I’m the victim of your jealousy and apathy and your boot licking ways.
Own up to it you ice cream cone licking cowards. You’re not real Americans or even brave.
Right now, the man who tried to break my jaw is just the poster boy for your mass hero envy.
My Lennon murder evidence is your ticket out of the hell your lives have become. Power.
Why ARE all of you pussies afraid of weilding power over your evil, cowardly government?
That’s the two sided sign all of you should be marching in front of your media and courts.