Osama Been Gotten;

Indeed, it may be true that our govt. seals murdered Osama Bin Laden this first week of
May, 2011. After all, they told you so and you should just trust them to handle the situation
as their wisdom seems fit.
Until we all see the film of the actual assassination from the lens mounted on the helmet
of the shooter that was, no doubt, employed, none of us should believe anything we’re being
told. That’s my advice. Until the actual film footage of his body being lowered into the
ocean is shown to us all (you can bet there is such film, if true), then you’d all be Soviet
class asses to believe what we’re being told.
Anything less than the measures I’ve recommended would be a defeat for our right to know, a
free press and the whole concept of truth, justice and the American way.
I found it very disingenuous of Barrack Obama to end his announcement of the hit with the
phrase; “.. undivided, with liberty and justice for all.”
He knows, full well, that we are not any such nation, at all. He knows that Stephen King
is a murderer, at large, protected by the media and the powers that be. He knows that
his withholding of the proof is an assault on liberty, and justice for all. That it is
merely capitulation to the designs of the new world order crowd that is moving America to-
wards despotism and authoritarianism. He surely knows all that. Like every president since
after J.F.K. he is owned by the corporate, media and military powers that be.
Benazir Bhutto, who was assassinated by our puppet president Sharif of Pakistan, told the
world, years ago, that Osama was already dead. Days later she was shot in the head.
Like the Bob Dylan song says; “There’s something happenin and you don’t know what it is,
do you, Mr. Jones?”
I’m also wise enough to know that part of this secrecy on the part of the administration is
to wait until I, Steve Lightfoot, express my doubts only to be trumped, later, with the
withheld film footage as the media continues to try to wash me up before the truth breaks out.
If Bin Laden is dead then so is our former partner with the C.I.A. whose family was es-
corted out of America on 9’12, the only airplanes allowed, that day.
Recall the military raid to capture Manuel Noriega before his loose tongue exposed the
Bush family’s trafficking of cocaine into America? Now the truth is under lock and key.
There are a few imutable facts that suggest our govt. knew of the 9’11 attack, in advance,
and allowed it to occur for the purpose of insinuating our forces in the middle east to
control the oil resources, frankly. The same reason we support Israel; to go after that oil.
Exhibet number one;
The helicopter footage of the one tower expanding on all sides by several yards, outwards,
like a balloon being blown out, right before a massive, loud boom is heard and the building
then starts to fall.
It was only shown one time and one time only. Kind of like Paul McCartney’s real quote the
day after John’s death; “Well, that was John’s thing. “The Event” he called it.”
That, too, was only aired once and never again.
Regarding the footage, only a powerful explosive could have forced the towers walls to swell
outwards like that. It was a clear demolition, in my opinion, to cement the impact of the attack.
Exhibet two;
The order to stand down the jet interceptors for twenty minutes until the second tower was hit.
The list goes on and on; The spiriting out of the country all the steel so it could not
be analyzed for explosives residue, first, and on and on and on.
Regardless of what the truth is about Osama Bin Laden and our C.I.A.’s role in the event
the truth remains that America is living under a nightmare until Stephen King is exposed,
tried and jailed for life for murdering John Lennon in our evil government’s crime of
the century.
Until I am allowed to come forward and tell America the truth of that matter you’re all
stupid; “.. peasants, as far as I can see.” Poor, brainwashed softies lacking courage.
However much you all may mean well, you’re all not well. You’ve al been very sick ever
since the lie about Mark David Chapman corrupted you.
Stephen King knows what “blind, obsessive fools” you all are. He profusely blathered
that phrase, over and over, in Firestarter, just months before he proved it by robbing all
of you “blind, obsessive fools” out of John Lennon and the impact he could have had on
us all.
Now you’re all acting stupid waiting for someone other than yourselves to break this story
wide open for all the world to see. I spent decades demonstrating in the wind, already.
I need demonstrators before I can do anything.

P.S. In case some of you don’t know I have already had guns pointed in my face three times,
I’ve been kidnapped and beaten unconscious by police and have been terrorized on nu-
merous occasions by our phony govt.. Even my father’s plane crash in 1984 was suspicious.
At any point I could be killed like Osama or J.F.K. or R.F.K..
Shame on silent humanity, the root of all world strife, for not seeming to even care.
The watching world must be horrified.