Entry message;

Since my website was hacked almost a month ago (My About Author page was replaced with a puls-
ating image of a cadaver whose throat was slit and lips cut off, and my New Developments page
was missing and replaced with; “Keck, keck… kecles, keck”) since all of that happened I have
taken a look at my recent entries and found how tortured I must be to discover how bitter I do
come across and at how often I call all of you guilty, apathetic, cowardly, boot-licking,
child abusing phonies. Or words to that effect. I believe all of that is only too true and I
can’t apologize for saying the truth about your evil state, but I would like to let you all
know that, until I learned all this about all of you, I was the nicest guy in the world. In
fact, when I initially stumbled onto the evidence my first thought about all of you was;
“My poor fellow man. Doesn’t even know!” And that was before I found out that Stephen King
was the real life killer.
Since then I have learned a simple and ugly fact about all of you. You are all very sick
boot-licking cowards, indeed. You all really are as sick as Stephen King could make you.
Your strange behavior will invent new words for the dictionary; “The Bangor Syndrome” to de-
scribe how the people of Bangor, Maine, for example, allowed King his freedom in the wake of
the obvious evidence I presented in the several visits I made there with my website and van.
That aside, you should all know that I wish I could endure your jealousy and sickness with
a little less bitching and moaning, after all. Ultimately you all made me bitter with your
role in the cover-up. I now know that all of you are more than just apathetic; you are all
pro cover-up and a force of evil unto yourselves. I know that all your various religions are
spineless and useless against real evil in our lifetimes and serve as a cop out mechanism for
you. Your impotent religions won’t make you the kind of people you should be, the kind who
would demonstrate in public to jail Stephen King and whomever else in our government that can
be punished for killing John Lennon until the whole world knew the truth and the guilty were
held accountable.
As you have all already demonstrated to the watching world you’d all rather let King molest
you and your children, you’d rather let world war three break out, you’d all rather let our
world go to hell than do that.
Your’e the problem, people. YOU.
If King admitted he murdered Lennon I doubt any of you would admit you heard him say it. If he
got up on stage at the half time ceremony at the Super Bowl and SHOWED you the photo’s of him
getting John Lennon’s autograph and ADMITTED he murdered John, you’d all do nothing. Probably.
You allowed Chapman to skip trial to begin with you’re so afraid of your government.
Now I appreciate that all of you would rather I get killed than any of you have to admit to
your children how weak and hypocritical and boot-licking you all really are.
It took me decades of life in the trenches of this expose to understand the satan in all people.
You’d all rather suffer in silence than reap the good life you could all enjoy under truth
and justice. You people are not truthful or just.
You people are afraid.
Now that I have that out in plain sight for all of you to see I hope you will understand how
frustrating it is for me to try and be your hero when you are really hero killing machines.
I listened to one of John Lennon’s last ever written songs; “Real Love” and noticed he, too,
was beside himself with the stupidity of the masses, all of you. He wrote, just before we
all murdered him;
” I don’t expect you to understand
The kingdom of heaven is in your hands
I don’t expect you to awake from your dreams
It’s too late for crying, now it seems…”
People like John Lennon, Gandhi, Jesus and others who made us better people have it hard.
Don’t look down your hypocritical noses and dismiss me for being a bitter messenger after
what you all put me through. In truth it is all of you who are too bitter to care about my
evidence. Too miserable. My wrestling with you all these decades has taken its toll on me.
Following a brutal, violent attack on me last April I have taken off the gloves with the public.
As to the politics of the day;
All of you are being used to fight the Great Crusades all over again. It’s because Islam is
a real threat to money and materialism and bankers and corporations and other planet killing
enterprises. The Queen, etc., all governments can’t have the world gravitate towards a simpler,
less industrialized way of life. That would change everything. It would hurt the rich. The powers
that be don’t want you to ever experience a life without mostly just work and materialism.
It’s why we’re killing people called ISIS and before them Al Queda now that we’ve whipped them
into a frenzy with wars that killed many of their family members under the Bush dynasty and
now Obama, Obama being just another flavor of Bush working for Bush’s exact same bosses.
Jeb Bush will probably be your next president you’re all so fascist and rigged.
The Great Crusades all over again. Why do you all suspect we established Israel in 1948?
The famous “Goat On A Post” tactic to provoke Islamists. To stir up the Islams so we could
kill them. That’s why. You’re all being used and tricked.
When Obama killed Osama Bin Laden the operation was called “Operation Geronimo”. Just
like the U.S. killed millions of Indians to take over this land we are up to exactly the same thing
now only it’s the religious followers of Islam. I believe it was Prescott Bush who robbed
Geronimo’s grave to steal his skull and bones, like a trophy celebrating that genocide.
Beware all the media talking heads and their twisted as their ties lies on the subject. Just
think of the media as Pravda to even begin to understand them.
(To be continued…. read other chapters below. They’re the ones that provoked my enemies to
hack my site. I’d recommend the chapter Salinger/Chapman/King and, in the Occasional
Diary chapter entries dated; June-25 and 30, July-27, August 20 and 25 and September 16.
Of course see all about the L.A. politicians and the assault on me last April as I might be
in more danger than I think and your apathy on the subject is what my enemies count on.)

While I have your attention here allow me to present the lyrics of the song I was singing
on April 4,2014 at Venice beach before I was approached by a man in a wig and disguise who
hit me in the head with a roundhouse punch that went un-investigated or prosecuted by police.


Live wire walking on a high wire
Poor life hanging by a thread
Busting the government for John Lennon’s murder
Lucky I’m not already dead.
So many years, still, nobody cares
Left here with my fears, am I really going anywhere?
You all turned your backs on John Lennon
With the lame excuse; “He’s dead!”
You people don’t care about nothing
You’re all sick in your head
You say that you’re free,’Home of the brave’
In reality you’re a media controlled slave…”

I was displaying two signs at the time as well;