My Public Image

It took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that the human race is
insane. Not me. Now, to look at me do street theater one might get the op-
posite impression but, still, it’s just me doing what I have to to arrest your
insanity and apathy. I hate having to do it, myself. I’d much rather be civil
and normal looking and all that but in this world where I have only five seconds
to get you to think I have to press buttons that are controversial and, at times,
insulting: “Hey!, all you Lennon killing phonies. You never tried Chapman in the
first place.” “May God damn your Lennon murder coverup.”; “Still hiding behind your
Chapman lie?” as I stand with my website emblazoned billboard with 4 inch
letters. The reverse side actually reads” WHO WILL HELP ME PROTEST?” Well,
do you think that will work in New York? That’s why I stick to the shock tones.
Hard to beleive I am a doctors son, accomplished golfer, never been
convicted of a crime in my life etc. but if you happen by and see me one day
next to my van and I sound a little whack, it’s only me trying to make you think
outside the box the media has you in. Me, unbrainwashing you in five seconds.
I was walking by a fancy Manhatten sidewalk cafe, recently and spoke up loudly;
“Whichever table can remember a trial for John Lennon’s murder, I’ll buy your
dinner.” Everyone had a smile of bewilderment when they were stunned to realize
that nobody in the whole restaurant could remember a trial for Lennon’s murder.
And they were left frozen with that expression as I walked away. A lot like Jay
Leno’s sidewalk interviews where Americans reveal their lack of awareness.
You should try it sometime. It’s a safe bet, you can’t lose. You can only stand
terrified at the state of Americans.
And so if you should hear me say something rude and confrontational like; “No-
where man, please listen.” or “Only monkeys cover up.” or ” Chapman’s a lie, you
poor, Lennon killing phonies.” realize that you need the nudge.
If you see me declaring, loudly; ” Working class hero killers.” or ” Lennon kil-
ling public, wake up.” realize that I’m not crazy; all of you are, collectively.
We all know how you treated nice Jesus and nice John Lennon, now don’t we?
When I stand with my sign and magazine I feel the lyrics; “He’s as blind as he
can be. Just sees what he wants to see. Nowhere Man can you see me at all?”
The words are about you people, not me.
I remember the way the students at Berkeley enjoyed my misery when my father
was killed in a suspicious plane crash in 1984 (squeeling with glee, no less)
and so if I knew that there was a “nice” button you responded to I would try
that approach instead. We can’t all be genius songwriters and musicians like
The Beatles, though.
John, himself, often expressed his regret about the human condition in his less
publicized songs; In Steel and Glass he re wrote a line to say; “There you stand
with your toilet sand, and your Mickey Duck and your Donald fuuuuuuck!”
He was refering to New Yorkers playing with their pet poop sand while surrounded
by the vestiges of a plastic culture. At least that’s what I think.
In his song Isolation he screams out; “I don’t expect you to understand, after
you’ve caused so much pain. But then again, you’re not to blame. You’re just a
human. A victim of the insane.”
When I sing Imagine I sometimes change the second verse to:” Imagine there’s no
countries, they’ll shoot you in the back, let Stephen King pull the trigger while
Mark Chapman leads you off track” When I sing Working Class Hero I change the
words to; “As soon as you’re born they make you feel small, by killing your
heroes, yes, killing them all, till all you’ve got left’s someone dribbling
a ball” as well as; “”You think you’re so hip and you think you’re so cool. But
you’re Stephen King’s cowardly, perverted fool, making love under all of his
drizzle and drool.”
The Rolling Stones started a riot at Altemont with the words; “Who killed the Ken-
nedy’s when after all it was you and me.”
That’s what you all need to know, that you all killed John Lennon and your
apathy is threatening to also kill me.
If you people were sane and loved yourselves I would only have to hang out a
sign that reads: “Lennon murder evidence!” and you’d all run to get my magazine.
Then, after you examined my findings, you’d all mob the media for full disclosure.
You would all insist on America’s right to know. You’d all arrest Stephen King.
IF you were all well.
I have a lighter side, in fact here is a little song I wrote about the “Fair-
ness Doctrine” regarding allowing more liberal talk radio on the air. It’s
sung to the tune of Ray Charles’ “Busted” I call it the “Right Wing Talk Blues”;

“In the name of what’s fair, now liberals get air, I’m busted.
Alternative views are making the news, I’m busted.
Our monopoly’s gone and it won’t be long
Till everyone knows that the Right is wrong,
And, brother, that’s why I’m singing this song, I’m busted.
(Verse two) Well I had a nice gig now they say I’m too big, I’m busted.
Now people will know that I’m just a Joe can’t be trusted.
I pounded those libs with my lies and my fibs, I foamed at the mouth till I had to wear bibs,
And it’s getting harder to brainwash your kids…(Discordant, baleful outro):
I’ve got the bluuuuuuues”

Now, I don’t think anything short of controlling who buys media will make a real
difference, but it’s just a jingle. I also have more serious song beginnings;

“The silly masses, laughing in their dark despair. Killed John Lennon, saw
no trial and no one even cares.
Lying to your children; “It’s the fan the papers pinned.”
Living’s easy swallowing that pill.
Lights that used to signal you’re the human race have dimmed.
Your smokey eyes are glazing over, still.”

Pretty grim, huh? I’ll spare you more until you bring me forward.
It’s tragic that people, even New Yorkers, would rather throw themselves off the 85th floor
than prevent political evil with evidence, when they have the chance to begin
with, in the first place.
I say this not to scare you but to let you know that I saw a monster meteor-
ite in the mid 60’s while stargazing one night. Bigger than a mountain and
faster than anything, it missed our planet by only a few thousand miles. It was
so fast and big that, either I was the only one who saw it, or the government kept
it secret so as not to scare us. Nothing man can do to stop such a force.
I know how fragile we all are. You don’t. I hope your apathy doesn’t leave us
all open to God’s wrath, someday.
Meanwhile, I just want you all to know that I am not trying to piss anyone off
with my testy remarks or scare you away from my rally at ABC News Bldg on Oct.
09,’08 at W.67th and Columbus Ave. in N.Y.N.Y.. I need your attendance. I’m
trying to get all of you pissed off at your stupid, sinful, weak selves. Trying
to get you outraged like you should be. Talking nice doesn’t work with you.
Which brings me back to my controversial image as an insulting, ranting bore.
YOU try to stand on a street corner and even get a New Yorker to see you. You
can say such outrageous things as I’ve already listed and not even be heard.
You might BARELY get a few passers by to wince even a lttle or think, for even
a moment, about your message. You could say something like that somewhere else
and start a riot. Not New York, though. New Yorkers are so sure that they’re
smarter than the rest of the world that your thoughts don’t matter. And even if they did,
they’re too busy working to pay the obscene rent to ponder life, itself.
“Seinfeld”, the sitcom, often claimed to be a show about nothing, yet it was a
show about neurotic, larcenous, screwed up New Yorkers coping with New York
stress. It is one of the only sitcoms I ever watch. It’s sometimes brilliant.
Jerry, himself, jumps right down there with the rest of the sinners, only with
more class and composure than the rest. He’ll hang himself out to dry as a self-
ish, backstabbing New Yorker, openly. He’s making public commentary.
Your condition, people of New York, has more to do with my conduct than me.
I can’t afford to be naive about who and what you people really are. Listen to
Bob Dylans’ “Positively Fourth St.” and you should know that I know that you’d
rather “see me paralyzed” than help me succeed. Even though I’m on your side.
New York, unlike any city or place I’ve seen, you are the least human and
least well of them all. You need class. You need to forget about money for one
minute and think about what you’re doing.
Last night I couldn’t help myself from approaching shoppers and asking them;
“Guess why New Yorkers never saw a trial for John Lennon’s murder?”
They’d reply; “I don’t know. Why?” and I’d reply; “Because New York is nuts.”
And then to prove it they’d say something like; “It’s not important.”
Now, goddammit, New York, snap out of it. Who hit you so hard that they knocked
all the pride and decency out of you? What sick hold has money got on you so
that nothing else matters? Don’t you give a damn if Stephen King shot John Lennon?
I look at your state of mind and see a disaster in the making. God will not
allow such misery and folly to continue, for your sake, nevermind the world.
Now I know that the mass media is the bully that killed your spirit and crippled
your souls. I know it’s not all your fault, New Yorkers. Yet you are like the
battered spouse who comes back for more. It’s a mass human tragedy.
The assassinations of the Kennedys and Dr. King and rock stars beginning with
Buddy Holly have all taken their dehumanizing toll on all of you.
Your media representatives, your news personalities all paint a rosy, very ‘up’
attitude and picture. One minute they’re telling you of a student gunman who
shot up his classmates, like Stephen King’s book; “Rage” and the next minute
they’re all smiling how wonderful life is and ” don’t I look good on television?”
It’s so phony and sickening, the parade of media that is thrown at you, that no
wonder you’re so sick.
I told Sean Hannity, yesterday: “It’s sad, as an Irishman myself, to see you carry-
ing such propagandistic water for the state of Israel. You’re just a waterboy for
Israel.” I should have added that he’s a waterboy for big oil and the military/
industrial complex, too. He is such a whore for his big paycheck.
More of you should combat your evil media. I also called Mark Levin, another ABC
neo-con talk host and told him; “We’re all getting sick of you media jews tel-
ling all of us what to think.” He got so mad he replied; “If I could reach through
this phone line I’d punish you like you’ve never been punished before.”
Yet, another ABC host; Bob Grant, has raved at how much he would like to have me
committed so I could be injected with government drugs.”
I’ve seen the bearded, capped, black robed owners of ABC in their lobby.
I am not an anti-Semite. The FACT is that our United States media is controlled
by mostly jews and they dictate what you see and hear and it’s not a U.S.
friendly operation at all. Rather, this jewish media monopoly is anti-U.S..
By now you are all wrong not to notice who runs the media and what are they up to.
Whoever runs your media let Stephen King murder John Lennon and take over, after.
Whoever runs our media is evil and must be arrested or America will die.
I hate to bring up the jew but I have to bring up reality or you will not be
able to see me at all. I will out controversy anyone. I will rout out our media if I
become famous until it is American, in principle, and serves our well being,
not some mind control device for the growth of the state of Israel.
It’s because our governmnet is using the jews and the state of Israel as an
excuse to start wars in oil rich contries that I have to bring it up. Why do
think we’re fighting Israels enemies? It’s all mind control. admit it or not.
Why do you think big oil is warming up our one planet? It’s media mind control.
You’re all so screwed up from the aftermath that you’re letting evil writers kill
your heroes and watching their horror movies.
I’m on to them even if you’re not. It’s me versus them and I have to call them
out or these bastards will kill me.
A country like America that is under media poisoning warfare needs a scandal,
an expose, like mine to get well again. It’s a classic battle and I need your
help if you can get well long enough to protest.
Please get well, New Yorkers. You are ALL sicker than you know and I need you
to get well so you will care so you can protest. Snap out of it New York.

I listen to advice and suggestions; E-mail me.