Help me if you can, people. This monster expose needs a movement to
over-ride the media stonewall, the court stonewall and the resistance
of the weaker members of society that want to keep this covered up.
If you think I can take my evidence through normal channels and succeed
you are naive and defensless.
Lately America, in general, seems to be united in covering this up.
Ultimately it may take hoards of demonstraters at media outlets to succeed.
This, the footnotes and new developments page, is mostly my editorial
section. I vent my feelings and thoughts here. There are multiple chapters
you can click onto located at the bottom of each section.
The first thought I want to convey is that I am NOT a ‘whacko’ or
‘theorist’ or fanatic. I am a normal person, just like you, doing a
very heroic and dangerous thing in bringing this expose to light.
I have endured media defamation and terrorism from multiple police
departments and an ocean of resistance from my fellow man. As a result I
have some ‘issues’ with society (It’s very dense and unwise and scared.)
and, as a result, I sometimes come across as arrogant and righteous.
Please forgive this psychological nuance and see through my faults and
admit your own instead of blaming me for not being as perfect as Jesus
Christ. In fact his death is proof no man is good enough to please everybody.
The second point I want to impress upon you is that this expose shows us
that the right wing, the F.B.I., the C.I.A. and the whole big brother
apparatus has an evil agenda that includes stunting us with evil and
diabolical measures designed to keep us from realizing our true power and
potential. If someone comes along with a powerful message of hope,
our government will, not only kill that man, but try to undo his message with
the opposite influence.
Letting Stephen King shoot John Lennon was just such a crime; designed
to malign all of us. To kill good and replace it with evil.
All to keep us down and stupid and scared.
Heaven forbid we should function as free and healthy human beings!
I think president Eisenhower warned us about the military/industrial
complex and what it might do to America.
Currently each and every one of you parents are letting a murderer molest
your children via horror books and movies. This expose proves it.
Let me say it again; You silent, do nothing, scared, foolish, pinko, commie
parents are stepping aside and allowing the government to molest you and
your children with a satanic, monster, Stephen King, whether you have
the decency and integrity and honesty to admit it or not.
This expose uncovers, once and for all, the fact that we all DO live
under many conspiracies, many of them evil.
This expose proves our most powerful magazines are government con-
trolled, indeed, that they lay out coded information, cryptographically.
Frankly, I believe that the Jews, who came mostly from the former U.S.S.R.,
have taken over these magazines and our banks and the media, generally,
to defeat us for their motherland, Russia.
But what do I know? I only cracked their codes before any of you did.
Remember the Rosenbergs. They sold Russia our A-bomb secrets WHILE we
were fighting Hitler.
I also believe that our government is O.K. with all that because govern-
ment will grow more powerful at the same time. They’ve sold YOU out.
This expose challenges ALL of us to stop being hypocrites. To
actually practice what we preach. Even if that means pulling society’s
pants down and jailing powerful people, even former presidents.
It should sober all of you up to know that the government that
killed John Lennon knew, in advance, that you would all duck a trial
for Chapman and not ask questions if only spoonfed the proper amount
of propaganda, shame and fear.
Except for me the government managed to turn the rest of you into
Do you people even KNOW that you are acting like fools. Pizza chomp-
ing, t.v. hypnotized, sports addicted, money obsessed, mind controlled,
media terrorized, yellow-bellied pinko fools?
That the San Francisco bay area has sat silent on this evidence for over
twenty years, my own family and friends included, is dispicable.
That only the toddlers in Bangor, Maine raised their voices in protest with
me when I was there, is dispicable.
You have all been terrorized into submission by the very government that
you pretend defends your freedoms.
The same government that is molesting you, behind your backs, with evil.
The good news is that you now have more power than the govern-
ment. You have this expose to revolutionize your lives with.
Of course if you lack the courage to use this evidence you are powerLESS.
If you find SOME self respect and courage to actually do something
with this monster story you will experience the all consuming relief
of one who has just come up for air after being submerged for a few
minutes underwater.
That gasping, heaving feeling of satisfaction and relief and health.
You probably have no idea of just how valuable this story is. You
probably don’t think that the coverup has slowed all of you down
with shame and depression, but it has.
You may not believe that everything will turn around after this
story breaks worldwide, but it will.
Even Viagra might go out of business!
You may not believe that without this story breaking nothing CAN turn
around. Furthermore you will find that until you break this story everything
will only continue to get worse, like a curse from God, for being so weak.
The bottom line is that ALL of you, rich, poor and inbetween have been
living in the center of a very real nightmare. A wicked, perverse, self
destructive, tragic nightmare.
This nightmare has dampened your economy and mired you in self doubt
and shame.
Unless you take a stand, and not just read these words, and take adequate
steps to jail Stephen King, the nightmare will continue and, ultimately,
destroy America as you know it.
I have suffered to know the truth you have been ducking for too long.
I can only lead you to the facts. You must choose between hypocracy
and heroism. There is no fence sitting here.
What you have here is Stephen King, and all his evil, urinating down on
all of you and your children after murdering the man you once loved
more than any other. URINATING on all of you.
Until you change and get informed and act, that remains the case.
I have a vision of that future that finds the media elite, the
prominent celebrities, engaged in changing the government.
In the 60’s that was more the case than it is today. Today we find
Paul McCartney, of all people, chickening out in his duty to use
his fame to override the media coverup. There is no hope for mankind
with that kind of cowardice in high places.
He knows full well all about this expose.
Shame on Paul for hiding behind his family and listening to shrinks who tell
him it’s o.k. to let the world down. I can prove he has known about me
for over twelve years via a tape recording I have of him ENDORSING me,
by name, live at the 1990 Berkeley, Ca. concert. ( See other chapters.)
Then there are those of you still hiding behind Yoko Ono’s act.
Yoko, in my opinion, is part of the murder conspiracy that killed John, an AGENT!
I had to almost get killed by her security to see the light but she
can be nothing else except the worlds biggest hypocrite and coward.
I believe she must be with the government.(see other chapters for details)
I hope Sean sees through her better than John did.
My vision of the future includes a full expose of this crime and has
King, ultimately, being arrested and charged and tried, found guilty and
jailed for at least 20 years.
The only question is when will you, the public find the guts to help?
Reagan may not live to see arrest or trial but I think it is satanic
that America is hesitant to charge an old man who just happens to
be a former U.S.president on that basis alone. For all any of us
really know he may be faking his alzheimers disease to avoid arrest.
In my vision of the future the whole value system we all have been
conditioned to accept will be challenged, top to bottom, until suffi-
cient change has taken place and our misery index is cut in half.
I have come to learn that the average worker is squeezed like a lemon by
the present system until he is made mad by the amount of misery he is
asked to endure to make it in this world.
Your divorce rate, teen suicide rate, murder rate and epidemic apathy is my proof.
You all lack the energy to care anymore.
A two paycheck economy will not be necessary in my vision of the future.
Sports viewing will be uninteresting by comparison to what else we
will all be busy doing with our lives in my vision of the future.
Exposing this story is your inheritence. God’s grace on guilty
all of you. Break this story or you can’t get better. There is no other
way, in your lifetime, to harness the power THIS story has.
Does living under the truth scares all of you?
Can you admit that you have NEVER, EVER before LIVED under the truth?
You have ONLY lived under a lie, always, before. Just like YOUR parents.
Don’t you all think that you deserve, as a prerequisite to mental
health, the right to live under the truth?
If you can’t run with this expose how can you deserve to live under
the truth in your lifetime?
Do you expect me to break this story all by myself? Well, do you?
What WILL YOU DO to help me?


That all of us were brainwashed about Lennon’s murder is a provable
fact. But just how sophisticated was the campaign that caught all of us
Well, believe it or not, the sitcom drama “Dallas” was brought into
play with the invention of the “Who Shot J.R.?” episodes that was
solved on Thanksgiving Day, two weeks before the murder of J.L..
For several weeks America was beat over the head with a media hype campaign
that blew the “J.R.” drama out of proportion. Finally it was solved and
we could all go back to our lives. We thought.
Two weeks later. “Oh no! Not “Who shot J.L.” now? We’re sick of it,
already! Leave us alone!”
That’s how many of us subconsciously felt.
But “Shogun” was also lowering our ideals before John was murdered.
We remember the previews of the the beheading scene, over and over.
And then there was Stephen King’s “The Shining” about to make
it’s t.v. debut. You remember the previews; Jack Nicholsen, teeth
bared, with the axe through the door. “Here’s Johnny!”
At the same time Stephen King was writing a piece for Playboy, the same
issue that carried Lennon’s last interview.
And this just months after his book release of Firestarter mocks all of you
with his oft repeated line; “You blind, obsessive fools.”
George H.W.Bush, then head ot the C.I.A. had succeeded in getting America
overstocked with cocain to get us off balance.
Jimmy Carter had just lost to Reagan and we were into a change of scene,
naturally. In with the new, out with the old.
John, meanwhile was making an unprecedented comeback with no less than four
albums slated for release, music he had written almost spontaniously.
Yoko Ono was in her position. She could be counted on to cover up the truth,
to cremate John’s remains against John’s will, tell all of us to;
“Let the courts decide…” . She had been in her position for years
waiting for this moment. It was she who decided against a late night
snack out on the town and ordered the limo home. It was she who RAN well
ahead of John and out of the way of what was coming.
John was shot. John was shot on Monday night so that a large segment
of the U.S. population could be brainwashed, en mass, via Monday Night
Football. That’s right! Howard “tell it like it is” Cosell on the mic.
His words brainwashed the world. What a contrast; ” tell it like
it is” telling us all a lie. It was a powerful element of the campaign.
Not only that but amidst the violence of a salivating crowd huddled
around the fourth quarter were we told the lie, like a sport event.
Meanwhile King was huddled into the police station with a police overcoat
over his face and switched with Chapman inside. Chapman’s fingerprints
were transfered to the gun and the album cover after King’s were wiped off.
(The media today is pushing the notion that it is Chapman’s prints on the
album cover up for auction.)
Chapman did his act of confessing to the crime for the record as well.
Meanwhile King was ushered out the back door to a car to the airport where
he was flown to Bangor, Maine. He wrote a newspaper article about John’s
murder titled; “I Read The News Today, Oh Boy!” the next day!
THAT SAME DAY the media was portraying John as the “Anti-Christ” and a
“Complete phony…” according to the alleged killer, Chapman. The National
Enquirer air brushed their cover of John’s body being lead into the
crematorium to make his ears look like that of the devil. Long and pointed.
When Time magazine put John on the cover of the issue covering his murder
the artist rendered him with a smug, arrogant,condescending expression.
Above him, in the box corner, a tank rolling over him.
The very bold print codes about Lennon’s murder that this expose is
about may have been part of a mind control program to trivialize
the act, to break us down, subliminally.
Lennon was given a blitz of media fanfare but Chapman was branded as one seek-
ing fame and was summarily ignored by the media. Besides, it was Christmas
shopping season and who needed to be bothered by a murder story now?
This was a crucial piece of the coverup, timing it for Christmas, to paint
it over. In fact the story was all but dropped for several “festive” weeks
and when Chapman remained out of the news we thought it was to keep
him from getting fame for his act.
Also, like Dec. 07, when Pearl Harbor was attacked, Dec. 08 is a tough
day to demonstrate on its anniversary as school is usually out and
Christmas shopping is at full tilt. In fact I will have to use Oct. 09,
John’s birthday, to organize rallys in the future.
When that same Time cover portrait of John made the letters to to the editor
section a cold, chillingly insensitive letter was placed below it that
read: ” Does no-one have the guts to call John Lennon what he was; a media wise,
existentialist pied piper who helped lead countless youths down the rocky rathole
of drugs, rebelliousness and purposelessness?”
Just like pure Orwellian propaganda.
Some three months passed without addressing Chapman’s initial 60 day
psychiatric evaluation status. Just when we were all at the edge of our
seats for some answers HINKLEY COMES ALONG, another pudgy misfit in his
20’s with a gun, shooting a world figure and STEALS THE SHOW FOR OVER A YEAR.
Nothing about Chapman, all John Hinkley.
I discuss the fact that both Hinkley and Chapman are both sons of millionaire
oil executives in another chapter. I also discuss the POSSIBILITY that
no-one really was shot when Reagan took a bullet, not even Brady, that
it was an act, complete with plastic surgery on his forehead to make it seem real.
In fact Hinkley blamed Reagan for Lennon’s murder and was subsequently
found insane which made others who thought Reagan might have killed John
ALSO seem insane. A brilliant smokescreen.
Remember Reagan came from Hollywood, an actor.
During this akward time of news suppression I reassured myself that surely
Lennon’s legions of fans wouldn’t let this charade stand. When they all
proved me wrong I quit my job, sold my car, stored my possessions and bought
a 12 speed bike and took off to be a beach bum to sort things out.
Whatever media propaganda all of you were exposed to I avoided. The
only thing I was listening to was The Beatles on my Walkman. No t.v. or radio.
I did read the papers everyday though.
For a year and a half after the murder there was no followup of Chapman,
just pure silence. Then, one day, in June of 1982, not June of 1981 as
some other writers would have you believe, I saw a tiny, obscure news item
on about page 13 of the San Diego Union that read; “Lennon Assassin Pleads
Guilty. Sentenced 20 Years To Life.”
“…because God told me to…” said Chapman.
Just a tiny 4 inch by 3 inch clipping with no followup.
Thats when I knew we WERE being lied to. That the government DID kill John!
A month or so later I visited the library and stumbled onto the expose you are
reading now.(See About Author section for details.)
Since I went forward with my findings the media has tried to sell you Chapman
splashing guards with feces and toilet water, and the utterings of a man
possesed with evil spirits.
That’s the government splashing all of you with feces and toilet water
if you buy any of it at all. Even one word.
Every book about Chapman is pure government propaganda, written by whores.
The mass media has portrayed me ONLY in a false light. They would have
you believe I am a stalker of King and a crackpot. They want to keep
you scared of coming forward too. Meanwhile, they seem to be massaging your
jealousy of the messenger to frustrate me.
Talk radio is the C.I.A. in case you didn’t know. I can prove it.
If “they” succeed in keeping you scared from coming forward then your
future is doomed and America will pay the ultimate price for your foolishness.
Recently King was almost killed by a van in mid 1999 and the driver died
mysteriously six months later.
My opinion is that it was a government hit gone bad to kill my story.
In fact now King is hospitalized with pnemonia. Maybe the government is
trying to kill him yet again.
Time owned Entertainment Weekly is featuring King regularly in a desperate
attempt to push the mind control lately.
If you help me jail King, the best days of America lie ahead of us
instead of behind us.
What will you do? You have a duty to uphold. You will have to take action.
The world surely knows about you fence sitting on this issue and has every
right to hate you for it.
I remember when America had too much class to let anyone get away with
killing John Lennon.
Won’t you all please help me, if you can???

Thank You, sincerely, Steve Lightfoot