In case you haven’t spotted my little, white “” em-
blazed van running around the upper east coast lately then let me tell you; I
AM driving all over letting deserving or undeserving Americans know where you
can find some truth in our sick, psychotic, phony, media controlled world.
In fact, if you were me and you had any idea what all of you look like from
my perspective you would understand why I spend a lot of time just trying to
to come up with the right words to say to make you apathetic MONSTERS
understand. The right slogan to put on my van next.
For a long time it has been; COME TOGETHER OVER THIS. Hard to beat except that
you people aren’t picketing the media yet. Should I put up; WAKE UP, YOU WEAK
FOOLS or CONFESS YOUR MESS, PHONY U.S. or would that just alienate you?
Should I use; BIGGER THAN WATERGATE or would you still remain a weak person?
Forgive me if I sound a little bit perturbed by all of you, especially New Yorkers, but
you have to admit that you all are acting unspeakably insane regarding my
coming forward with evidence. As if any of you even saw a trial for Lennon’s
killer. There wasn’t one.
Sean Lennon was quoted in The New Yorker a few years back saying;” Anyone who
doesn’t think that the U.S. government was behind my father’s death either hasn’t
given the matter enough thought or is insane..” INSANE, you people. Insane.
As if you wouldn’t appreciate the world media showing you, with clear photos,
that it is author; Stephen King, NOT Mark Chapman, getting Lennon’s last auto-
graph hours before he was shot in the back by author Stephen King, the man cap-
tured on film getting the autograph, not Chapman, like you were all told.
As if you wouldn’t be able to make hay out of Mark David King Chapman and Chap-
man’s letter to the editor, also printed just weeks before the murder in U.S.
News magazine and how Chapman explains that Reagan is moving him, armed into a
hostile square, his only worry being whether or not Reagan is being wise.
As if you didn’t need to know that Nixon’s book; “The Real War”, which is seen
next to Reagan the day of the murder under the headlines;”Who’s In?””Who’s
Out?” and “Fitting together the pieces of a complicated jigsaw puzzle..”, explains
why “..rock” John Lennon must be assassinated, the public be damned.
As If “You blind, obsessive fools..”, that Stephen King calls all of you, couldn’t
benefit from all of the incriminating evidence offered up in the bold print government
codes that you’ll only find in Time, Newsweek and U.S. News magazines and only for
five months surrounding the night of Dec. 08, 1980. Up to 70% of the headlines read
like military cryptography about Lennon’s murder:”Johnny Comes Marching Home-
Thinking About John Lennon-The Real John Lennon-Kiss, kiss, bang, bang, ouch, ouch.-
The Real Richard Nixon-All The President’s Magazines-Who’s In? Who’s Out? etc..
Wouldn’t you parents want to know that King writes about “Johnny, Richard Nixon,
The Catcher In The Rye, shooting a man in the back, getting a politician’s
autograph before trying to kill him, even John Lennon, himself?????
Do you Bangor, Maine residents care that King now is registering Florida as
his primary residence since he learned of my visit back east?
To be blunt and to the point, do you poor, brainwashed, media controlled, hypocritical
fools respect yourselves enough to picket the media and demand truth and justice?
Can you do it on Oct 09,2008? In front of ABC News station at Columbus and
67th St. N.Y.N.Y.? That’s Lennon’s birthday. Dec. 08 you’ll all be too busy Christ-
mas shopping, ob$$e$$ively so. Can you people of Maine pick a media outlet and
show me that you can break this story?
After what Nixon did to all of you, after what the mass media has knowingly
done to all of you with the coverup, you need an excorcism, paralyzed America.
I’m just the messenger you all need to get well again. You’re all so damaged, indeed.
E-mail me with your support and suggestions so I can demonstrate with you.
( ) or write me at General Delivery, N.Y.N.Y. 10001.
This is ten times bigger than Wategate and so much more important. Now, while
King is on the run, only you people can break a story this big. COME TOGETHER,
RIGHT NOW – WAKE UP! You must all get involved and start demonstrating.

UnAmerican Neu York;
That’s right. Neu as in neurotic York. You may mean well but you’re not well.
Don’t hate me for saying the truth about you. You need an excorcism.
Letting John Lennon’s killer skip a public trial was, perhaps, the single most
obscene thing the people of America have ever all done, collectively. It was
fascist and cowardly and evil and spineless and shame on you for all succumbing
to the evil of assassination like that. That February of 1981, when the people
of America failed to question it’s media and courts, may well be the day that
America died and surrendered. Now the world and our enemies know that the
people are NOT so steadfast or allegiant, after all, that they WILL compromise
and renounce once dearly held views.
Your selfish retreat into the backround, your aloofness, your apathy, your
smugness and blindness has already cost America a great deal, to the point that
I say that now, in July, you’re Un-American and a grave threat to our country.
There’s more to life than just making a buck, New York.
You let John Lennon’s killer skip a public trial!. No buts about it, you stunk
up the whole world with that and you showed that America has lost its community.
You’ve all got to get off the medias evil nipple and make your own news.
Living in an overcrowded, stressful, sirens blaring , money obsessed envirinment
is no excuse for dropping the ball on a trial for John Lennon’s killer. In fact there is no
excuse for so many people living in such a small place. If I had my way I’d
reduce, by 10%, the number of people living here in the name of sanity and decency.
What’s wrong with America is especially wrong with New York, New York, if you
don’t mind my affrontary at saying so, New Yorkers. In fact it’s the part of you
that is inured from dealing with the issues that are all around you. Walking over
a dead body comes to mind, letting your numbers grow so much that the garbage is to
the point that Manhatten smells like a toxic landfill site. Recently video caught New
Yorkers doing nothing to help a man just plowed down in broad daylight by a
fleeing motorist, left to die. That kind of disengagement is sub-human.
Letting the courts skip a very public trial for John Lennon’s killer comes,
especially, to mind. Perhaps the biggest betrayal of America ever by New York.
You really were wrong about that and you are even more wrong now keeping quiet.
You strike me like the characters in The Wizard Of Oz while they are petitioning
The Wizard; children looking for someone other than themselves to take care of
their problems as if they had no talent or responsibility or duty themselves.
I’d go so far as to say that those really behind the 911 attack factored your
apathy into their decision to go ahead with the whole, diaboloical plot.
I’ve been alive since 1954 and I can’t remember a worse time for America than now,
the summer of 2008. The middle class is being massacred by world order plots.
I point out that hundreds of books were written about J.F.K.’s murder, even
now, one out about R.F.K., actually naming the secret service man who’s gun match-
es the three bullets fired upwards into Robert’s lower torso, one of 13 bullet
holes fired, America. And you sit still, waiting for Obama or Tiger Woods or
Bono or Springsteen or me to be next.
America can’t survive with it’s people’s heads in the sand. The people who have
been plotting our demise were behind John lennon’s murder.
Our real enemies wrap themselves in the American flag and the Right Wing.
That’s where we are being attacked from, the Right Wing, the military industrial
complex that Eisenhower warned us about. To arrange for Stephen King to kill
John Lennon can only be a plot from our most zealous enemy; I say Russia. But
even if it’s from some other source it’s still a plot to poison the people
of America and to terrorize the whole world. A plot to kill “good” and promote “evil”.
THINK, now, about just what YOU can accomplish by helping me picket ABC studio
this October 09; Yoko Ono will be climbing the curtains looking for a place to
hide; Chapman, who never stood trial, will be hauled in under conspiracy charges
and sat down in front of the world for his role as decoy; King will be filmed in
handcuffs doing the perp walk on worldwide television, his fans agast. All major
media will be exposed as government mind control stations and but little else.
Time, Newsweek and U.S. News will likely fold, never to molest us again.
Many of the still living co-conspirators will also be arrested and tried. The nation
and the world will get the excorcism it has needed since Dallas 1963; Our enemies
will be unmasked and sent scurrying to their holes terrified of your might.
Once you, as a people, come together and organize and, most importantly, start to care,
you poor, blind fools will become heroes, overnight and revered as the same U.S.
public that backed off big oil from drilling offshore these past decades, the people
who stopped nuclear plants and more “Three Mile Island”s. The people who stop-
ped the Viet Nam war in the 70’s and whose activism unleashed the civil rights
movement and racial equality. You people can stun the world and find your
confidence again and make Watergate look like a dress rehearsal for what John
called “The Event” meaning his death. That’s what McCartney said the day after
John’s murder; “Well, that was John’s thing; ‘The Event’ he called it.”
McCartney endorsed me, live, at the April 01, 1990 Berkeley,
Ca. concert. Barely. I have it on tape.
Do any of you realize just how much power you are sitting on?
When will you people admit that your lives are a real life nightmare, “Nightmarica”?
I’ve got Stephen King staring back at you getting Lennon’s last autograph,
daring you to find your sanity.
More than the island of Manhatten smells until you are standing with me to
expose this outrage.

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Sincerely, Steve Lightfoot

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