I was right. You got punked!

As I type these words John Kerry is just minutes away from conceeding the
2004 election to George W. Bush just as he and Bush and all the operatives,
media and otherwise, who skewed the real results to make Bush the winner had
planned, all along.
America, you got punked and I was right, as usual, once again. In fact five
months ago I went public with a one thousand dollar bet that Bush would be the
declared winner and that Kerry was part of that plan. No one took my bet.
I offered it over radio air waves to various media hosts but no takers.
It’s time you admitted that maybe I’m a hero and not a whacko, as you’ve been
conditioned to believe. It’s time you admit that maybe I know a little more
about our lives than you thought I did.
It’s time you admitted that this 20 year old story is more powerful today
than all the votes the democrats made this election. More powerful than your
right to vote!!!!!
HAD you been wiser and not sadder you would have made hay of this Lennon expose
and Bush Jr. would never have been re-elected.
Had you made hay of this story in 1982 when I first risked my life to tell you
Reagan would never have been re-elected, Bush Sr. would never have been elect-
ed, and Bush Jr. would never have been elected at all.
But you democrats seem to think you know better than me and look at you;
losers without a spine, again.
You need to know that you will continue to live mislead and corrupted lives
until you expose this story for all it’s worth. Right now democrats deserve
Bush for four more years and not me and my monster expose.
Until you change and grow up and help me, that remains the case.
When I hear that McCartney is adding “Kerry” to his Let It Be song at concerts
and thinking that will have any result; “let it be Kerry…” I just have to shake
my head. When I see Bon Jovi endorsing Kerry in his concert and saying,
after, that “..I want to know that I did what I could…” I shudder.
They both know that Bush’s father can likely be linked to John Lennon’s murder
and that my expose will plunge the Bush family into political oblivion and yet
they claim they can’t give my expose a little needed publicity.
They don’t get it that that is why God invented celebrities.
The democrats don’t get it that their party is part and parcel of the other
party, the republican party, in a grand sceme of rigged elections and the
presevation of the powers that be, that candidates like Skull and Bones Kerry
work for the Bush’s in all probability.
I saw all the signs right away. Kerry’s lackluster senate record, his luke-
warm persona, goulish, cadaverous look, his marriage to a corporate billionair.
I saw him steer clear of all the hot button issues that could have sunk Bush
and distract us with Vietnam and other crap.
When he got broadsided over it he remained silent, for weeks, in the wake of
the swift boat gang slander campaign.(To be continued… P.S. Check out
my other chapters to find out just how right I really was.)