Perverse Public Apathetic

Yeah, read my other chapters. too, like You Phucking Phonies and others to get a glimpse
of what you must all know about yourselves and your world.
No, I am not a nasty, mean person. In fact it’s all of you who are mean and nasty to allow
John Lennon to be murdered without putting his alleged killer on public trial. I have to be
rude just to slap you to your better senses, however. I’m speaking to a hellish public.
Personally, I won’t bring a child into this world until it is fit for him or her. The rest
of you don’t seem to mind that you are alright with letting the man who murdered your hero,
John Lennon, molest your kids with his horror novels and movies. Seems very unsexy to me.
You seem alright, also, with letting Mark Chapman skip what should have been the trial of
the century. After all, public justice would have been automatic given the history all of
you have with keeping your heroes alive. To make sure it was all as we were told and not some
government assassination papered over with a lie and an actor and a guilty mass media.
None of you saw anything resembling public justice for that monumental murder. No trial.
Mark David Chapman made all of you his chumps. Some mental case son of an oil executive
who switched with Stephen King after the corrupt N.Y.P.D. arrested King to admit guilt and
lead all of you over the cliff of unreality with some help from Howard Cosell and, years
later, Barbara Walters who interviewd him, all the while knowing she was brainwashing
all of you for her big corporate bucks.
By the time King was let out the back door and jetted back to Bangor, Maine Chapman was
slinging his Atlanta accent all over the place to scam the world. They had both gained 30
pounds, each, to blend their look alike traits even more and King promptly grew a full beard
to hide his autograph hound face for two years. The hype was short lived and Chapman was
trundled off, not to a big trial of the century spotlight, but a 60 day psychiatric evaluation
which never happened, and then Hinckley stole the spotlight for a year and a half to distract
all of you until Chapman made a tiny, back page where the media announced that he had just
skipped trial and plead guilty, behind closed doors, with no media showing us anything.
That King wrote about John Lennon’s murder in a newspaper article titled “I Read The News
Today, Oh Boy” the day after the murder was just more sand in your crying eyes.
Who among you ever demanded public justice for John Lennon? No one. Only me, a year and a
half later.
I know, as the messenger, that it is all because you are all cowards and boot-lickers, at heart,
who lack the stomach to stand up to your government and to stand up for yourselves. That
you are all the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow, lacking heart, courage and brains.
Sinners as your church puts it. Weaklings as I put it.
None of you seem to have a spine or standards or morals or common sense. You are all adrift
on a sea of despair and hopelessness, working 40 to 50 hours a week, like a slave, who has
given over his or her very life to the state and the almighty dollar. You are exhausted.
Consider the price you pay for being so, well, stupid and weak and satanic.
The revolution my expose promises is walking past all of you. You are stuck working 40 to
50 hours per week, husband AND wife, lately, stuck with living in a madhouse of irony and
strife and desecration while Stephen King molests you while the media betrays you and while
the politicians use you and abuse you. You don’t have a hero such as Steve Lightfoot or John
Lennon to harness your collective power at all! You are rudderless fools being molested.
Your violence epidemic and school shootings and such are now closing in on you from all
sides and there is nowhere to escape to. You are damned by your own gutlessness. In fact
the government has spent generations cowing all of you with assassination and oppression.
They have all of you drinking recycled sewage water from your tap and watching dozons of
gun murders, daily, on your television. They have perverted you, each and every one of you.
Fundamentally, the government has seperated all of you from the sheperd. You have only
sports heroes to look up to. Real heroes like me are marginalized to the fringes of ob-
scurity. You are good Soviet slobs. Without a sheperd or hero you have NO power, period.
Your elections are rigged, the media is the C.I.A. and all is farse, even Obama. Powerless.
I stood apart from the ice cream cone licking cowards in 1981 and 1982 and took a year off
from work and society to contemplate the murder of John Lennon before I, literally, stum-
bled onto hard evidence that proves the incomprehensible.
Now, 30 years later, I know more about all of you than your mothers do. What a mess you
all are, too.
Tired of living with your lips locked around Stephen King’s penis, cowering on your knees?
No, you’re not. You’re just a good Soviet succumbing to the terrorism campaign against you.
Imagine all of you being outraged to the point of street protests over my findings. Imagine
all of you people caring, deeply, about John Lennon’s murder like healthy organisms. Imagine
all of you forcing the media to disclose my findings for all the world to see and then
watching the whole organic, living thing unfold with King under arrest and making world
headlines as, perhaps, hundreds of people kill themselves at the news it’s so huge a story.
Many hundreds killed themselves within hours of Lennon’s assassination, even entire families,
so don’t blame the messenger that the news is bad. Good can’t come until it’s outed.
If the news is that bad what have you all been living under all this time? Pure evil.
Imagine all of you being sovereign over your government for a change. Imagine all of you
living under the truth. Imagine all of you not being a bunch of boot-licking douchebags.
You’ll need to keep me alive and bring me forward or even this story won’t really save you.
You absolutely need the messenger, a hero, a singular figure to help you get well again.
The government has always known this fact about all of you – your need for a hero – and
it’s why they have consistantly assassinated all of your real heroes. Haven’t they?
I predict an asteroid of consequence to punish you all if I die. I’ve seen it, too. Beware.
This IS the biggest news since Christ. That none of you give it a second thought should
really alarm you. You half cooked, perverted, speak no evil, scared primates.

(To be continued…)