Beware Bob Grant, et al.

Bob Grant; venerable, venomous ABC propagandist/ talk show host, has just tried
to sink his poison into all of you, New York. Don’t you let him.
I can say, freely, without worry of legal backlash, that Bob Grant is a
“liar for hire” aiding and abetting the coverup of John Lennon’s political
assassination. A study of his work between Dec. 08, ’80 and June of ’82 may
also reveal that he knowingly mislead you with the Mark David Chapman lie.
To be fair most talk show hosts then were getting the orders to make the
public buy into the decoy, Chapman lie.
Lately, only because I dared to broach the subject of my findings on his show,
he has twice called me “…a sick, very sick. obsessive individual..who
I shall protect all of you from…”
In reality, I am not sick but Bob is afraid and guilty, with a lot to hide
and he has resorted to Soviet mind control tactic 101: ” label the messenger.”
“marginalize the messenger”, “demonize the messenger” in slandering me.
I’ve never taken medication in my life, probably unlike Bob, and I’ve never
been judged mentally deficient. I’m probably as normal as most of you.
I am not so gullible to buy into the media as most of you, though, and so,
let me teach all of you just how the media got you to all forget about
putting Mark Decoy Chapman on trial at all, in the first place.
First, our government saturated America with cocain, unlike any other time,
to demoralize you all. To assault your moral authority.
Second, John was killed at a time when the government knew that you would be
too busy Christmas shopping to keep close tabs on justice. Further, the
media told you that Chapman wanted fame and suggested we give him as little
coverage as possible.
Howard Cosell brainwashed all of you at once in the fourth quarter of
Monday Night Football hitting as large an audience as possible before people
started to whisper among themselves.
Before the crime media moguls pre-soaked your minds with a mini drama;
Dallas a.k.a. “Who Shot J.R.?” It was dragged out and hyped until you
were weary of it all and then it was solved on Thanksgiving, just weeks before
somebody shot J.L.. By then you were worn out and desensitized to who shot
Yoko, told all of you, after, via a letter to the public in Rolling Stone, to
“…let the courts decide…” She even told all of us to observe a mass
period of silence for several minutes days after.
Meanwhile, after branding John as a “phony”, and “…the evil that had to be
removed..” in The Enquirer, we were told that Chapman would be ordered to undergo
a 60 day psychiatric evaluation before he would be allowed to enter a plea.
Months rolled by and no word. Just when people were getting antsy about
Chapman another young, pudgy man; Hinckley, shot Reagan and Brady.
At that moment the tables were changed to Hinckley, even though he also
wanted fame. Now the media was all over Hinckley and, mysteriously, off of
Mark Decoy Chapman.
A year and a half of media silence was interupted, one day only, and
buried way back in a tiny clipping, with a story explaining that Chapman
had decided to plead guilty, behind closed doors, two days before his trial.
During all this time the media hosts and talk show hosts like Bob Grant
were adjusting your brains like a mechanic adjusts a carburator. These
traitors to America and it’s people were likely seated at meetings with
their obedient bosses who gave them their instructions and talking points.
I can see Bob Grant now, or maybe some of you New Yorkers can remember him
saying then how anyone who thinks our government killed Lennon must be
” a very, very sick individual.”
Hey Bob, be careful. I have you on tape already slandering me.
The mechanics of the coverup involved dozons, if not hundreds of people all
willing to sell you out for money and promotions. How could they all keep a
secret? Cowardice and fear is how.
Certain police, judges, D.A.’s, prison officials, media moguls and journal-
ists all had to orchestrate to pull this crime off. Underneith it all
pure human evil was required.
Chapman, for example, is a millionair oil man’s son. His father was an
executive for Amoco Oil in Decatur, Georgia. I discovered this
fact from his neighbor, accidentally, when a woman approached me in Decatur
outside a supermarket there in 1996. I guarantee no media told any of you.
It so happens that Hinckley was also, not only an oil man’s son, but his
father and George H.W. Bush had summer homes, as I heard, I
believe, in Colorado, on the same block. Furthermore they had known each
other for 18 years prior to John Hinckley’s supposed assassination attempt.
It’s all enough to make me wonder did Brady get plastic surgery to simulate
a bullet wound. They managed to pass the Brady Bill. More importantly this
major news story made it possible to divert all of you away from Chapman.
I have no proof here but I don’t believe Reagan was shot at all America.
Remember, he’s from Hollywood, the land of pretend and make believe.
That wave he made when he was shot looked rehearsed and staged, besides.
If you look at the footage a secret service agent pushes Brady down from the
back of his head, perhaps squishing a red dye pack in the process. If you want
to believe he isn’t faking his paralysis I can’t expect you to comprehend
the depths of government evils. I contend that it was all planned years
in advance, even without proof. The right wing wants your guns. That’s one
reason they used a gun to kill Lennon; to make you hate your guns.
Several individuals have told me that both Chapman and Hinckley are members
of the World Vision organization that intercepts threats to the right wing.
Incidentally, the media revealed that Hinckley shot Reagan, partly, be-
cause of John Lennon’s murder . That’s right reader. The accompanying quotes
were’ “When Lennon died I died, you died, America died, the world died…”
and “..America; land where heroes are shot in the back…” Hinckley actually
blamed Reagan for Lennon’s murder.
And so after he was found to be insane fewer people were willing to volunteer
their similar suspicions than before. Also, a subliminal message was sent to
anyone who suspected Reagan that his being shot was punishment,(kharma)
enough. What a comlex scam and mind game.
It’s a good thing that MY mind is not easily boggled.
Chapman had to be in the police station while Stephen King was murdering John
Lennon. Certain police arrived to put an overcoat over King’s face so that
no one could photograph him. I recall an official laughing as they marched
him into the station hidden underneith.
The switch was made inside where Chapman took over and made his rehearsed
confession. King, meanwhile, made his way out a back door to a car, to a jet
back to Maine where he WROTE ABOUT LENNON’S MURDER in his local
paper the next day. The article was titled; “I Read The News Today, Oh Boy!”
Yoko, who I believe is the insider, the coverups “Ace in the hole”, RAN ahead
of John before he was shot. Perhaps a little insurance against a double cross,
double homicide??? See my chapter “Yoko’s No Good” for details. As I said, she
advised us all to wait and let the courts decide and then came out with and
album titled; “It’s All Right” at the same time that Chapman’s trial was being
Several authors came out with defamatory books about Lennon, Goldman, who
fittingly died shortly after, was the most notable.
People magazine, which is owned by Time magazine, the source of my findings,
came out with running stories about Chapman after my discovery went public to
brainwash all of you.
I endured horrendous police abuses for several years,(See “Current Update”
chapter for details) most notable being the time Yoko Ono’s security detail
kidnapped and beat me unconscious in San Francisco in 1987. All I did was
give her a sealed envelope with my findings at a Lennon art exhibit.
The East Bay Express, a newspaper in Berkeley, Ca. did a cover story to “wash
me up” and tap into the public’s jealousy and cowardliness.
PBS did a brainwash film: “The Man Who Killed John Lennon” very Soviet like in
its use of music and actors obscured by shadows. Judy Woodruff was used to
narrate the film but she pulled all her scenes from the film after she
learned that it was a propaganda piece, much to her credit. I stopped Geraldo
Rivera from doing a pre-announced interview with Chapman.
In 1992, during my first visit to Bangor, Maine, I dropped off about 50 of my
magazines, then titled; “Everybody’s Business; Who Shot John Lennon?” to the
merchants in Kennebunkport, Maine. George H.W. Bush lives there and was
running for a second term at the time. A week later he dropped over 20
points in the polls, to the point where he said on T.V.; “Nobody likes “Who
Shot John?” but…” He repeated this weeks later during the Richmond Va. presidential
debate. Wow!!!! He earned my respect there.
Then, as if to exact revenge, just months later, two huge media personalities,
Larry King and Barbara Walters interviewed Mark Chapman. Barbara did so a
week after she received my evidence in December of 1992. It was another
suspicious piece with actors hidden by shadows. Larry, to his credit, post-
poned his interview for a month, and yet they both just happen to be jews. In
fact ABC, the most jewish major network, is the one network who airs Stephen King
movies and has been the most strident of all the networks where the coverup is
concerned. I’ll boycott them after I’m famous, mark my words. Maybe Israel
wanted Iraq to start a war with its neighbors and they feared Lennon
would stop any such wars. In fact Israel bombed Iraqs’ nuclear facilty shortly
after Lennon was killed. As if they killed him in advance, just for insurance!
Barbara Walters knowingly lied to America, knowingly brainwashed all of you.
Lately she feels the need to confess her sins and let everyone know that she
was a tramp with men in her book; “Audition”
We all know her as the queen of jealousy, always trying to upstage her guests
with clothes and her own importance.
In 1994 I was set up by King and the mayor of Santa Cruz who had me arrested
for displaying a huge sign that read: STEPHEN KING IS A MURDERER; IT’S TRUE
OR HE’D SUE. at a King booksigning event. Though charges were dropped two days
later I was slandered on the national tv news as a stalker and the tv show
American Journal ran a show about me. I am no stalker. You were brainwashed.
Finally, Stephen King was mowed down by a man in a van in Lewiston, Maine in June
of 1999 and almost killed. The 41 year old driver was found dead six months
later, suspiciously.
I think the government tried to kill King to shut my story up and killed the
driver who failed, after, because he knew too much.
Now, regarding the rest of the talk radio scene, let me give you the dirt on all
the other jealous cowards out there who are trying to keep you insane and sick;
Alan Combs of “Hannity and Combs” is the biggest chicken, I think. He pretends
to be a liberal but he is not. He pairs up with sell out Sean Hannity of the ex-
treme right, after all. 1600 on the AM dial is where you’ll find him late at night.
He only lets his blind, naive callers speak for under 30 seconds at a time, usual-
ly, and has a condescending air as he sarcastically trashes the left. He says
things against Obama that he could only get away with if he was pretending to mock
the right who trash Obama. But he gets out every hideous thought there is against
Obama in the process. When I call he lets the phone ring 20 times until the
line drops off, repeatedly, and only picks up my call when there is only two seconds
left on his show as if to let me KNOW that he knows it is I on the other end of
my caller ID blocked line. I guess I’m the ony one of his callers who is smart enough
to block caller ID (Readers take note: dial *67 before you call any talk show.)
He advertises that his show only asks for name and city but his screener recent-
ly skipped over my turn for two hours, knowing it was me, until I called back to
see what was up and she wanted to know what station I was listening to to tell if
I was really calling from my claimed location. Alan Combs is a fraud and so is
“Air America” and its owner George Soros who passes himself off as an anti-right
winger crusader for the left. George Soros is using “Air America” like liberal fly
paper to trap liberals into a phony medium where their free speech is thwarted.
I repeat; There is no credible alternative talk radio in America. It’s all, either
extreme, overt right wing or extreme right wing posing as alternative left wing.
If there was any truly open format in talk radio our government would kill the
owners. America is sugar coated, totalitarianism, authoritarionism, fascism.
WABC host Mark Levin once used to pride himself as being able to bite the head off
of any liberal caller until he met me. Now he bails as soon as he recognizes my
voice and keeps his mouth shut.
Michael Savage, the same. Sean Hannity, the same. Rush Limbaugh so hates to be
perceived as a censor that he is able to allow me to speak a little, but very
rarely, if he suspects it is me calling.
There are many other jealous, sellouts who hate me for being the journalist and
crusader they WISH they could be but their big paychecks have them by their balls.
They have no balls left for the truth or for saving our Sovietized country.
The KGO station in San Francisco is a den of right wing operatives, including
Ray Taliofaro and former host Bernie Ward and the other phony “liberals”. I re-
call Ray going apoplectic when I first used to penetrate his show. I used to think
he was just a heterophobic, jealous madman until I learned that he votes republi-
can and admitted, under questioning, that; “Yes, KGO is owned by the C.I.A.. Is
there anything else you’d like to know?” The station manager Jack Swanson and their
sister station, KSFO, host Barbara Simpson both admitted this fact on air as well.
Author Mark Lane gave out the docket number that proves it is a C.I.A. owned sta-
tion one night and he has been banished from their shows ever since.
Probably all talk radio is C.I.A. affiliated, America. Get wise you girls and guys.
I recall how “The lion of the left” Bernie Ward even lied about Lennon being a
pedophile in the late ’80’s until I got him to admit that he was making it all up.
Just recently he was taken off the air following his federal indictment for traf-
ficking child porn. Instant Karma.
Every “liberal” host, regardless of the station, always tries to belittle my
Lennon murder evidence as not being important enough to discuss, especially Alan
Combs, lately.
Poor America. The foxes (Fox Network et al) and phonies manning microphones are
guarding all you brainwashed chickens. Read part two of my chapter “Protest, You
Phonies” to get my opinion why Moscow has been running America for decades, now.
This brings us up to date. I suspect that Chapman might end up dead or fake being
dead, soon. We recall how King has was mowed down by a van in 1999. Having fail-
ed to kill King, the driver was found dead just months later. The plots thicken.
I just hope you people care before I end up dead , a casualty of your apathy.
Meanwhile David Goodman, WABC screener, is a self described jew who is keeping
me from telling you people what you need to know. He recognizes my voice, you see.
That’s all for now.

P.S. There’s lots more to read below. Just click. Much of what you will read
may betray the fact that I have developed a chip on my shoulder towards
silent, apathetic society. Do not mistake this for anything other than a
normal response to butting up against a world so full of sin and weakness
that YOU, TOO, would all be similarly bent out of shape if you had to endure
what I have for the past 26 years. I am not crazy, just affected by the
worlds phoniness and the worlds craziness.
I am fully aware that my screeds rant against society’s mass insanity.
I am just fine, thank you. Someday I hope you will all be well enough to
be outraged, yourselves, at the way you all have been behaiving as well as
the danger your apathy represents to my life and safety.
Sean Lennon was quoted in The New Yorker saying that “Anyone who doesn’t
think the government killed my father either hasn’t given the issue much
thought, or is insane…”
I agree, completely.