Chapman lie: Society’s phoniness.

Lennon was called a “phony” by Mark Chapman and was listed as his reason for killing John.
How about this, America, people of the planet;
Because all of YOU are phonies and because John Lennon was the least phony human on earth
and because he was dangerous to the establishment, he was called the phony so all of you
could go back to your “Mickey Duck and your Donald Fuck…” lives. (Lennon lyrics from the
song Steel And Glass on the Menlove Ave. album.) To blame John for all of YOUR sins.
The government run media trotted out Mark David Chapman. M-A-R-K—D-A-V-I-D—C-H-A-P-
M-A-N!!!!!!!! Oh, what an evil trick was done to mankind that night. Howard Cosell, as if announc-
ing a Christian being slain in the Roman Colusium, during Monday Night slaughterfest Football,
spoke the evil three words that made you all sick and insane.
And you have been, ever since.
Sucking your defeated thumbs and saying goodbye to everything you ever loved about John
Lennon and everything he stood for and could have achieved if only all of you weren’t such
pathetic, apathetic, guilty, hero killing, boot-licking douche bags.
Oh, you can’t deny it or lie your way out of it. You never even saw a trial for Chapman. You
sack of phoniness and boot-licking retardedness. You scared, mind controlled phony.
You should all be ashamed of your child abusing selves. Or do your kids deserve to live under
King’s evil and your cowardly lie?
Three words, no trial to make sure, and my evidence screaming out at all of you for decades and
all you can do is play victim. / phony / fool. The “Bangor Syndrome” will soon be an official
word set to describe just how sick all humans really are. Those sick, blind morons.
My website van has the slogan;
“Chapman lie = child abuse.”
Again, I defy any of you to prove my evidence or claims wrong.
None of you ever have in all this time. None of you has seriously ever TRIED to prove me
wrong. But, then again, I’m right.
Chapman lie got your courage, brave America?

Oh, yes, and I’m such a jerk for complaining about your hero abuse and neglect.
Who’s really to blame for my attitude, you or me?

“But they caught him there at the scene…he admitted to it…”
Are you people really that retarded? Really!!!???
Do any of you still trust government agent Yoko Ono or the mass media anymore?
Pity Paul McCartney is spineless or he could do something with the fame we gave him.