You silly monkeys

America is a satanic, not so funny place, lately; You all suffer under the enormous loss
of John Lennon, the one man who could have united all of you and given you power and hope,
but you are also making a millionaire out of his real life killer; author, Stephen King.
You lick ice cream cones, smoke weed, drink booze, take prescription pills and such to
help dull the pain all of you are obviously in, yet you pretend not to care about the
evidence find I have delivered to you on a silver platter as if you feel unworthy of even
living under the truth.
Compressed natural gas, green vehicles get well over 100 miles to the gallon at about $2.00
per gallon yet you are unmoved by this fact as well. You are like lazy masochists bent
on repeating the mistakes of your parents no matter what. In reality you are all afraid.
I recently wrote a song and the lyrics go;

“Live wire walking on a high wire
Poor life hanging by a thread
Busting the government for John Lennon’s murder
Lucky I’m not already dead
So many years, still, nobody cares
Left here with my fears
Am I really going anywhere?
You all turned your backs on John Lennon
With the lame excuse; ‘He’s dead’
You people don’t care about nothing
You’re all sick in your head
You say that you’re free – Ha! – ‘home of the brave’
In reality you’re a media brainwashed slave

It is a lament to all your foolishness and second class lifestyle of living under an obscene,
monstrous lie when you don’t have to. All you have to do is care about this expose and
march it down the government owned media’s throat. But you must DO something.
If I were to broadcast a primal message to all of you out there it would sound like this:
You turncoat, boot-licking, media controlled, jealous, hero killing, cowards.
I might also add; shameless, phony, lying, child molesting, satanic, sinful bastards.
I might also add; scared, silent, anti-American, brainwashed, second class fools.
I hope you all get the drift. You want to let your evil media brand me as crazy just so
you can screw yourselves with a government, media coverup that is guaranteed to ruin all
of your lives and futures. You’re all, collectively, very, very sick, indeed.
“No trial necessary for John Lennon’s killer. We’re all insane, self destructive phonies.”
That’s the message you are all broadcasting to the watching world who wonders why are
Americans such hypocritical, blind, phonies.
It’s as if you are all addicted to your masochistic realtionship with your evil government.
I was on Coast to Coast last Wed. at 1:55 am – a guest was talking about human fear – and I
said; “…I could lecture about this subject for hours. 2,000 years ago we allowed our first
born sons to be slaughtered by the government rather than stand up to them. Our acquiessence
and silence following J.F.K.’s murder and later his brothers murder, like see no evil,
speak no evil monkeys, is another example. We failed to even put John Lennon’s alleged kil-
ler on trial and, in fact, refuse to admit that photos prove it is author; Stephen King,
not Chapman, getting John’s last autograph. The people of Bangor, Maine would rather let
America go to hell than expose him for what he did.”
George, the host, interupted to say; “What are you talking about?” I replied;
“ Bangor KNOWS he killed Lennon but are too frozen with fear of
the government to expose him.”
At that point George Norey, like a sinner, himself, exclaimed; “Give me a break.” and
hung up on me. “No, George, I won’t give you a break. Talk radio is a sham without discussion
about this worlds biggest expose. YOU grow up!”
That same morning at about 9:55 on KABC’s John Phillip’s show, in response to how spineless
people are towards their government, I said; “Nothing on this planet is as cowardly and maso-
chistic as people’s relationship towards their government. In spite of the governments adver-
tising of the fact we would rather call the messenger crazy than admit that it is Stephen
King, not Chapman, getting John Lennon’s last autograph…” at which point he cut me off.
It’s all too true, you boot-licking, phony cowards. True, true, true, true.
Look at San Diego’s evil, government radio talk show; KOGO. Three out of three of the hosts
I have talked with ALL are busy poisoning their audience with propoganda that I am a crazy
person not to be taken seriously. They are government propogandists deceiving you. La
Donna, Chip (?) and Merrill are ALL betraying all of you with lies about me. And why?
Money, jealousy and fear. That’s why. Their sister station, KGO, in San Francisco is an
outed C.I.A. owned station and KOGO is likely also a C.I.A. owned station. Those of you
who may be snickering that I am a paranoid fool, you, yourselves, are the fool. Not me.
In fact, just the other day, to show you how afraid of me KOGO is, “Chip” took my call
while he was actually off the air during a commercial as if I was on live radio. I wasn’t.
He was just pretty sure, according to his censor/screener who knows my voice, that it was,
indeed, me and he didn’t want to chance my remarks making it to your ears.
In fact I find these kind of ‘censors’ to be the focus of evil of American culture. That all
of you citizens don’t sneak in your own remarks to endorse me, to thwart their efforts to
suppress me, reflects badly on all of America. It shows what boot-lickers you all really are.
Americas people are hero hostile, in fact.
It’s the nature of your ingrained sin and fear of government. You are satanic, in that sense.
You relish it when I, the hero of the day, am put down by your real enemies and oppressors,
those manning the nations microphones; the media, the government, your mommy and daddy.
You love to take a bath in their stew of filth and poison and you fear the light of day
when it comes to actually carrying a billboard and protesting the coverup of John Lennon’s
murder that none of you even saw a trial for in the first place.
I put a man in his place last week when he claimed, in one breath, that he had read my
site and, in the other breath, denounced me as crazy. When I replied, simply; “Your apathy
is cowardice.” you could see his whole being shudder, like hit by a bullet of truth.
And so I will tell you all; “Your apathy, your denial and blindness is all cowardice.”
I should also say that I was once a spineless, boot-licking coward like all of you are, once,
too. It took over a year of listening to The Beatles music on my walkman, and little else
in my life, before I found the courage to investigate the library for some answers. I
just had no idea that I was a tool being used by God that day to uncover this mega-news
event. I had no idea that only I was eligible enough out of the whole planet to be the one
chosen to out this story. But I was. The finding of the evidence was as biblical in nature
as anything I have ever witnessed in my life. I could feel the presence of the Almighty on
my shoulder rooting me on, urging me forward and opening the exact pages needed to see,
without any doubt, what I was discovering. It was a nausiating, stomach churning event, indeed.
I thought, at the time; “My poor fellow human beings. They don’t know.” I also realized that
it would take at least several months to get this size of a news story out. It would be
as many months later that I discovered Chapman’s letter to the editor linking himself to
Reagan and the killer’s face and true identity; Stephen King, and that he writes about;
“The fellow who killed John Lennon…” in at least three of his books. It would take me
years of frustration to understand just what monsters all of you are and why you would
rather call me crazy than admit what you all really know; that I am correct, not crazy,
after all. It would take time to realize that Yoko Ono is as evil as we all sensed way
back when she hit the scene. You see, we, as a people, know much more than we let on.
On the one hand you all KNEW, deep inside, that Yoko was a government agent sent to de-
stroy The Beatles and John Lennon, a “Black Widow” kind of spy. I had an oriental girlfriend
even before she met John and I didn’t understand everyones unexplained disdain and hatred
of Yoko. You yourselves, didn’t understand what it was that you all, instictively, sensed.
And, yet, YOU were all correct, then. I had to find out the hard way after she ordered the
S.F.P.D. to kidnap and pistolwhip me unconscious in the back of a police van while I was
handcuffed and helpless in October of 1987.
So, you see, you all also KNEW that Lennon’s murder was a government assassination when it
happened, then. That’s why you kept quiet when there was no trial for Chapman. YOU
ALL KNEW!!! You just pretend, now, that you don’t. God made you cowards, at heart, I guess.
Look at all of you; looking the other way when Nixon and Reagan let evil Stephen King
murder John Lennon on Jim Morrison’s birthday, no trial for Chapman, government bold
print codes hanging out all over the place, the killer’s face and letter linking himself
to Reagan all printed before the crime, my brave website that hands it to you on a silver
platter and, still, you refuse to see, speak and hear evil. You silly monkeys.
Like a knee to the groin it hurts you to know that I consider all of mankind to be subhuman.
That I think of all of you as kidnapped cowards working for the coverup.
It’s not so much that you don’t care who killed John Lennon-you all do care, intensely- it’s
that you are headless, leaderless, directionless and lost in your own pitiful malaise.
The reason Jesus, Ganghi, J.F.K., M.L.K., R.F.K., John Lennon and others were assassinated
by the government of their day is because the government knows that these leaders are
the vital connection without which you are impotent and powerless and without a voice.
When I hear some cowardly moron say; “Who cares? Lennon is dead.” I understand that what he
is really saying is; “I’m so ashamed I was too much of a slob to keep John Lennon alive.
Now I’m too weak to believe what I used to believe in because the government has scared
me so”
I feel sorry for that self deluded monkey with his tail tucked between his buttcheeks.
He is sucking the penis of his enemy while said enemy is urinating all over him.
Millions of you smugly say to yourselves: “Well everybody knows they caught John Lennon’s
killer at the scene and arrested him on the spot, so who needs a trial?”
You stupid monkeys. You phony monkeys. You lying cowards. You hero killing slobs.
Chapman was in the police station while Stephen King murdered Lennon. The complicit, evil
N.Y.P.D. and mass media and courts were all in on the coverup and King was switched with
Chapman only minutes after the crime.
You all need an excorcism. You have become evil and corrupted by your traitorous media
personalities who lap up the big bucks they are paid to deceive you. Your talk show hosts
and news readers and media news celebrities. They are your oppressors today. They are your
enemy today. They are varnished in money and spew poison while King molests you all.
Like the Nazi’s paid off their victims to join them and spy on their neighbors and help
them conquer their neighbors, money is the lubricant that’s defeating your whole culture.
All your jewish media whores are the same traitors, getting paid to lie to you. Getting
paid to make the expose seem out of fashion and taste and to embrace the coverup, instead.
You are but their corrupted cowardly co-conspirators, stewing in your shameful silence.
I’m reminded of a vivid dream I had in 1982 just before my discovery of the evidence. I
came upon a restaurant located up some huge tree and overheard the cooks while they were
putting poison in the food. I tried to alert the patrons before they partook of the food and
discovered, to my horror, that they were there, expressly, for ritual suicide via eating the
poisoned food. The patrons were angry with me for trying to warn them of what was about
to take place. It was a window into what I would learn about all of you, later, in trying
to usher this mega story forward. I’ve learned what boot-licking masochists all of you
can be. You relish in the corruption of life and decency like a drug you have to have.
If you were real Americans instead of the Soviet Americans you have all become you would
picket the media and demand that jews; Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Dennis Prager, Michael
Savage, et all, all be tried for treason and conspiracy. But you are not real Americans. You
are, instead “The land of the deceived and the overworked slave.”
As my other chapters below suggest, you are getting sheperded into another rigged presi-
dential election guaranteeing Obama’s re-election by default of the republicans who are
losing on purpose to keep Obama, a secret republican, world order fascist, right where he
is; escalating mideast wars, raising gas prices, passing laws to arrest people like me
for informing people like you what’s really going on, namely, the murder of America.
What I believe is hard to swallow. What I can prove is equally hard to swallow;
The killer’s face and true identity printed months before the crime; author Stephen King;
The killer’s alleged name and attached letter to the editor printed three weeks before the
crime where Chapman links himself with Reagan who is moving him, armed, into a hostile square:
Richard Nixon’s book, The Real War, photographed in Time and Newsweek the day of the murder,
at Reagan’s side, a book that details why John Lennon must be assassinated. In fact, the
accompanying headline code above just elected Reagan reads; “Who’s in?””Who’s out?” Get it?
Bold print, C.I.A./K.G.B. codes in the headlines of said magazines in only the issues sur-
rounding the crime. Headline codes like “Johnny Comes Marching Home; Kiss, kiss, bang,
bang,ouch, ouch; The job Richard Nixon realy wanted; blasting the opposition; etc. etc..:
In fact, Stephen King was advertised “One great big ‘Zippo’ lighter.” three months before he
looked like one, his gun blazing fire from his raincoat in the night air.
Stephen King’s writings include getting a famous polititians autograph before laying in ambush
waiting to shoot him, later, etc. etc..: He even writes; “The fellow who killed John Len-
non…” in three of his books. Furthermore, he has NEVER denied my claims in 30 years.
Indisputable, incontrovertible evidence.
As if you needed any evidence at all. There was no public trial at all for Chapman. If you
were good Americans you would have protested that fact, alone, when it happened.
Instead, you are more like the jealous, wicked faux hippies I encountered in Santa Cruz
in 1994 when I was picketing a Stephen King booksigning. Instead of joining my protest
they were busy throwing eggs at me and my parked van from the building above me. Pure
cowardly,boot-licking, masochistic human evil on display.
I BELIEVE, as opposed to can prove, that Yoko Ono always was a K.G.B. agent sent to break
up the Beatles so John could be assassinated, later, by Moscow.
I believe that Nixon and Reagan and others were all Soviet agents underminig America and
that we have been under Moscow and London’s fist since 1963. In fact, I can prove, with the
same Time and Newsweek codes of that day, that Nixon had J.F.K. killed. That’s right.
I believe that our media is all run by transplanted Soviet jews like the names already listed.
That the editor in chief of Time magazine was an admitted communist during the 1950’s
is a matter of fact.
I believe that America is a world order state and is being gobbled up by globalist
oil companies, corporations and the military.
I believe that Nixon empowered China in the 70’s to have them defeat us in the future.
I believe that t.v. is satanic and being used to destroy your souls with excessive violence.
I believet that the media is owned by the K.G.B. and C.I.A. and the military. I can prove
that the media is, mostly, jewish controlled.
I believe that the Soviet Union won the cold war and that America was secretly defeated.
It all sounds crazy but it’s what makes sense to me knowing all that I know. In fact, only
this view supports the facts of our lives, lately. Nothing else but what I’ve described.
I HAVE to know the truth to stay alive. You fools don’t. I’ve given the matter real thought.
I am not the sort of American who was caught licking his ice cream cone, obsessively, after
John Lennon’s murder like I witnessed in the early ’80’s. I was lapping up Beatles music,
not licking my wounds in defeat like most of you were.
I should be that singular celebrity that gives all of you a voice. Nobody knows more about
what ails all of you better than I. Nobody is braver or more prepared to challenge the
“powers that be” more than I. You are all kidnapped fools not to hoist me atop your shoulders
all the way to your local media outlet and demand full disclosure and immediate arrests
of Stephen King and the prosecutors who let him out the back door.
You want a better life and world? Without me to give you focus and voice you won’t succeed.
Look at the occupy crowd; chickens running around with their heads cut off. Confused.
Without me you will be lied to to by big oil and their media till you’re all dead. Without
me you’ll always be a two paycheck slave culture too tired and blind to fight back.
I am considering the power of free speech to rustle up some results. Consider driving
down your local freeway and seeing my website van with a huge bumper sticker that reads;
It’s legal as John Lennon’s lyric “You’re still fucking peasants as far as I can see.”
Too bad he was too stoned to see through Yoko and all her deceit.
I will be up to such irritating prose, soon.
You turncoat, boot-licking, John Lennon killing cowards.
You all secretly resent me for showing all of you up by doing the right thing. The
rest of you are too scared to DO the right thing. You’re all sellouts compared to me.
And LOOK at the price you are all paying with our economy and politics today. You will
either grow up and help me come forward or remain urinated on masochists till you die.
God IS punishing Lennon killing man ‘not so’ kind. Isn’t he? You should hope he doesn’t wipe
us all out with the monster asteroid that I saw just miss us in the mid 1960’s; bigger
than a mountain and so fast it went from California to Hawaii in about one second.

P.S. No, I’m not as mean a person as I seem. I was made tough by your collective jealousy
that wants to kill all your geniuses and heroes for trying to help you live better lives.
I know that you resent anyone who wants to warn you about the poisoned food you are
conditioned, by the evil media, to eat. I know all about the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and
the Cowardly Lion in all of you that is afraid to stand up to the “Wizard”.
My own sinful family taught me all I need to know about all of you. You’re good and evil.
Being a ‘nice’ celebrity got Jesus and John killed. I plan to head you all off instead.

Want more? Read my other chapters immediately below. Or you can remain ignorant, castrated
media controlled fools.