Had I not found evidence in 1982 and come forward, in a very public way,
with my findings others who threatened the status quo may have already
been killed as well.
Oh, and by the way, and to prod you into taking this more seriously, a
year after I went public with my findings a woman let me listen to a tape of
famous activist Dick Gregory making a public speech. This is one excerpt;
” Did you KNOW that the woman who killed John Balushi was WITH John
Lennon the night before he was killed?!…”
For those of you who don’t remember, Mrs. Smith was a back up singer for
Gordon Lightfoot prior to Balushi’s overdose. And there she was, in the same
room as John Lennon the night before his murder! Getting a last look???!!!
After helping to kill Balushi she got a wrist slap, no jail time, and is living free
up in Canada where she is from.
In late 1992 I absolutely saved Bruce Springsteen’s life when I got on New
York talk radio and warned his friends to tell him to stop palling around with
and having jam sessions with Stephen King (As was the case then.) That
King is stalking him for murder and that he already killed John Lennon. The
two haven’t been seen together since. HOORAY!
Barbara Streisand, Martin Sheen, Sean Penn and other activists aside,
Tiger Woods is the next big celebrity the government is afraid of, I suspect.
I’ve been saying this for years, way before Trent Lott spilled his bigoted guts
recently at Strom Thurmans 100th birthday party. Partly because he is black,
but mostly because he has the worlds rapt attention and because he is a
deeper, more substantial celebrity who likely has ambitions bigger than just
being the worlds best golfer. It’s a feeling I have that he will use his celebrity
someday to help change the world. You can bet he won’t be conventional or
predictable. I think he has a social conscience larger than most celebrities.
Nowadays the government , I have noticed , kills these types before they be-
come political or obviously in the governments face, so as not to arrouse
suspicion. There have been a few I won’t name here. But I’ve noticed. In
fact, Tiger is getting the same kind of death threats that Lennon used to get.
Recently he was kneed in his knee, and that, right after a gallery member
threw an orange on the green while he was putting the week before. In fact
Tiger just had orthoscopic knee surgery.
Because I doubt anyone else is better qualified to speak up and sound
the alarm, I’m sounding that alarm. I wanted to be the best golfer in the world
once and I wanted to change the world with that gig, myself.
Honestly though, I am the most dangerous man on the planet as far as the
government is concerned. I know it and so do they. Who else but me would
stand up and interupt Henry Kissinger from the third row to loudly say’ ” Mr.
Kissinger, we want to know the truth about John Lennon’s murder.” ? as I
did in the late eighties at a Santa Rosa appearance. He chose October 09,
John Lennon’s birthday, to appear, after I scared him off of his first sheduled
appearance on December 08, John’s death day. After I interupted his
speech he looked down between his legs and remarked; “Where did that
come from.”
I’ll say this about Henry. He didn’t leave evidence that I have found if he had
any role in John’s death.
I’m the one the government wants to kill more than anyone else. Please
don’t wait till they do before you learn to take a stand.
As I write these words the local library has suddenly made it impossible to
access my website pages. I’m investigating that situation. It works at non
library computers, so it’s not a problem with my host or server. If it turns out
that my site is being blocked I’ll sue them for violating my rights. Let me know
if any of you are having problems (See About Author page for address.)
(Subsequently the local library is carrying my site again.)
Please allow me to take a more visceral stance and taunt you with King’s
many insults towards all of you. Let me also show you how phony human
adults really are, but especially when confronted with having to confront
ones own evil government.
It’s insulting for all of you to do nothing when King taunts you for being;
“Shitters” as he puts it in his movie Christine or “You blind, obsessive fools.”
in Firestarter. It’s clear he has a contempt for all of you. It’s clear Stephen
King hates humanity and each and every one of you. He knew that killing
John would only “Sow more dragon’s teeth…” as he puts it. He knew no
good would come of it, only evil. He was rejected and tormented by his peers
as a child in Portland, Maine. I can vouch for Portland’s people to be a little
meaner than other places I’ve been to and I can see how King’s brain was
poisoned by their wickedness. Some kind of distemper or inbreeding or
I don’t know what. I can see how King went bad at an early age. His father
walked out to get a paper one day and never came back, his mother was
a debate queen in school and I can see her being overbearing and different.
He, his brother and her lived in a tiny, tiny, I can’t really call it a house. I can
see how other kids would pick on him and sour his fertile mind.
Today King thinks all you are good for is turning food into feces. In his Play-
boy interview in 1983 he says “There I got a chance to scrub the whole human
race, and man it was fun!” ” I love death and destruction…” etc. (See King’s
Writings page) Although he is generous enough to keep the people of Bang-
or, Maine quiet with a baseball field, hospital and university grants, he is a
cheap and contemptuous tipper I’ve heard. I’ve also heard from several people
in Bangor that he was convicted of having sex with a 15 year old in 1992 and
had to pay a large fine to Belfast, Maine. The press protected him from that
disclosure, but it’s real. I’ve also heard that King frequently pays teenagers of
both sexes for sex. That’s right, America. The media is protecting him, not you.
I’ve heard this from the people of Maine when I was there for several months
in 1992.
He tried to slap me with a protection from harassment motion once. I took on
his lawyer and defeated it. I told the judge he can sue me for slander if he
wants, but I’ll never stop exposing him. The judge agreed.
Have any of my critics even asked themselves; “Why doesn’t King sue me
if I’m not absolutely correct.” The answer is; Because I AM absolutely cor-
rect and he would only prove it with a court case.
I even met King once. I was on talk radio one morning in Bangor saying
that the most disturbed man in Bangor was Stephen King. Later that day he
came downtown to confront me (He HATES to be called crazy). I was walking
and playing my guitar, singing a political song about him, when he came
walking towards me. As we passed each other (He thought I’d be tucked in
a closed stores doorway, where I had been) he looked at me. I could see
a strobe light brightness in his eyes, even though I was wearing sunglasses.
It was a truly unique sight. I almost thought he might be an alien that shining
in his eyes was so bright. We both continued in opposite directions. I took
position at ground zero, downtown, in front of everybody, and continued singing
my song. He button-hooked back to me and, as he approached, he waved
his trigger finger at me as if to say ” I’ll get you you @#!*!!!” I ignored him as he
stood right next to me, ready to shove my guitar neck down his throat if he tried
anything, and, when he could see I wasn’t interested in talking to him, crouched
down and whispered; “Take care. I w-w-want you t-to t-t-ake c-care.” and then
sauntered off in his hunched walk.
The vibe I got from him was this; “Don’t hate me. You’re right. I was wrong.
I messed up. I don’t care what these other shitters think, but I don’t want you
to hate me. If they were all like you I wouldn’t hate this world and everybody.”
It really happened. The encounter. I may be wrong about what his vibe was
but we were both just inches away from each other once.
The point I’d like to make here is that if everybody WAS like me, the op-
posite of phony, King wouldn’t have felt the need to kill Lennon to punish us
all. The other side of my statement is that everyone is a phony.
The government knows this fact about us and used it against us when their
media told us that JOHN was a phony. After they told us that it was JOHN and
not us, we went into our phony mode of the coverup and blamed John for our
sins. The government knows us better than our mothers do, I think.
I’m willing to bet that public phoniness is THE biggest reason we always
let the government rape us with political assassination. In fact The Catcher
In The Rye that King was reading after the murder showcases the phoniness
of, not kids, young people or children, but the inherent phoniness found only
in adults. J. D. Salinger’s message was that we are all phonies. Given
the fact that we never tried the killer of the most loved man on earth, that we
looked the other way like wretched sinners, I believe Salinger is correct. The
fact that we’ve never challenged any political assassination is scary-phony.
In fact we learn to lie somewhere after we can talk and the age of about
eight. We have to learn it from our parents and other adults. The native
American Indians were one of the few peoples who didn’t. Hence the term
“White man speak with forked tongue.” Lying was alien to them, even in
adulthood. We Americans are taught to lie by the media and our selfish,
backstabbing culture, besides. Our media and our government WANT us
to be corrupt and they WANT us to surrender our moral authority. That’s
why the government lets us all cheat, a little, on our tax returns. They know
that if we know we are dishonest we will be less inclined to nail them when
they are caught being dishonest. Teaching us to be liars and cheats is
part of the governments way of subduing us. Except for using a different
name to sneak onto talk radio, I don’t lie, cheat or steal. I’m one of the most
honest people I know. I don’t waste energy moving sideways on people.
Talk radio is the only exception I can recall, and that is to beat their scam.
They pretend to be for everyone, and should be, but they’re not . This aside,
I have my moral authority. The government can’t audit me or nail me for
anything. I don’t play into their hands, surrendering to their level of conduct.
I’m in a position to blow the whistle on them. They’ve got nothing on me.
Now I’d like to point out how our media and government uses sex, money,
violence and even drug use against us.
This next section may seem a little off track, and let me first say that the
danger I am in makes it hard to establish any close relationship with any-
one. The government may have already killed my Dad just to scare me.
And let me first say that I consider sex one of the greatest things in life.
Having said that, I stopped having sex a few years ago because I choose
not to breed in captivity. Some of the most noble creatures on earth can
not breed in captivity. Mostly animals at the top of the food chain. I choose
not to because every woman I meet is living under a filthy lie and I would be
a little evil to make love to anyone under that condition. It’s as if everyone
is dripping with Stephen King’s urine all over them, and I won’t make love
to a tragic victim. I’ll protect myself from damaging my feelings. If you knew
everything that I know you wouldn’t either.
I’ve had over seventy sexual partners in my 20’s alone. I’m not proud
of a lot of it and I’m aware that most American’s are sexually screwed up by
virtue of the fact that they are American’s, living in a plastic culture. I’ve had
great sex, bad sex and mediocre sex, like most of you.
I blame our media for overemphasizing sex and cheapening it. Furthermore,
they know that sex has a way of sanctifying everything, including evil. Like
so much water under the bridge compared to the excitement of sex. After
you’ve made love in the presense of evil you begin to embrace the evil.
The reason I have taken this unusual tack, introducing our sex lives, into
the equation, is because you are doped with sex and t.v.. Let’s face it. Sex
is a powerful, primal, emotional part of being human. The government has
found a way to keep you distracted with it. They have taken the slogan
“Let em eat cake.” to another level; ” Let em have sex to keep them pacified.”
The government uses “Statecraft” and hires psychologists so that they can
play you like a Pavlovian fiddle. They have become expert at it. Mostly,
you will notice that true love is not allowed in our media. Every sexual rela-
tionship you see is casual and easy and meaningless. True love, can liber-
ate all of us and the government knows this and teaches us to be shallow.
Money is another way the government controls us. Of course we all need
some money to survive in our culture but the media encourages money
worship. Dallas, Dynasty, game shows, fancy cars, fancy lifestyles. They
project unrealistic ideals most of us will never achieve and use this spin like
a carrot on a stick, to keep you distracted, as much as anything else. In fact
just thinking about money takes up at least 20% of most peoples thoughts.
And once you go for the carrot and commit your life to climbing the money tree
the government further distracts you with a maze of legalistic mumbo jumbo
to KEEP you distracted and confused. Legal loopholes, write offs, invest-
ments, etc. Pretty soon you have no room to think about your lives.
Had Lennon been killed in the 60’s his fans would have revolted. By the time
1980 rolled around they were too busy running on that hampster wheel to do
a damn thing but keep up. Now they had families and bills and oppression.
If I ever do make hundreds of millions of dollars you can bet I will spend most
of it on educating you and providing an antidote to the mass media. I’ll need
some of it to fight the many enemies who will try to attack me, too. My fantasy
is to live in a secluded log house with environmentally friendly features and to
set an example for the rest of us. One of responsibility, not greed.
Violence on t. v. and the movies. Why!? Why does the Jewish media monoply
push violence on us all the time? You know the stats; some ten to twenty
murders daily etc. etc. etc..
In my opinion it is to keep us war like so that we will fight for Israel. Violence
is glorified and actors all over Hollywood are used to promote it. The same
way they are used to push lawyers, soldiers and government employees and
police on us. Everyone in hollywood is wearing a uniform or a tie it seems.
Moreover violence keeps us oppressed. Violence reduces us all to our lowest
common denominator and it keeps us as far away from love as possible.
The Beatles movie Yellow Submarine portrayed the Blue Meanies (code
words for police and soldiers, I think) as trying to kill love. Love really is
the answer. Not a war for Israel. The media keeps us as close to our
primative, animal roots as they can. Apparently evolution and a higher con-
sciousness scares our government. They might lose control of our minds.
The culture of violence reduces your ability to demand a trial for John Len-
non’s killer. Just another murder out of the dozons you watch every day.
Let’s talk sports worship for a minute. Have you ever asked yourselve why
athletes are paid more than heroes in our culture? I wanted to be one once.
Well, to begin with, there are no real heroes, our government kills them. But
I love golf. I don’t particularly watch football or basketball or baseball except
for the season’s finale events, but I watch golf. I’m not content to be just a
spectator. If I’m not playing it I’m not watching it. For many of you sports is
as much a part of your lives as work. Walk by any bar and witness the row of
grown men glued to the tube like pups nursing their mothers teet. The media
and the government knows about your primal attraction to physical prowess.
I have a theory that athletes are paid more than heroes because they keep you
hypnotized, resting in your chair, not thinking about politics, so you’ll all be
ready to go back to work on Monday. Back and forth. Back and forth. End
zone to end zone, picher to catcher, back and forth. HYPNOTIZED. The great
electronic pacifier keeps you there. But the media needs the athletes to keep
you there, not thinking about what else is going on. I would venture to say that
70 cents of every dollar they are paid is because they are useful distractions.
Now let’s talk about why the government wants you, that’s right, WANTS you
to be stoned on drugs.
Tests have already proven that a monkey will forego food for cocaine. That they
will, literally, starve to death rather than give up cocaine. Right before John
Lennon was killed cocaine use in America was at an all time high. You can
dismiss the rumours that both George Herbert Walker Bush and even Bill
Clinton were both involved in the heavy trafficing of cocaine into America. I
believe those rumours. Boy, were we without any moral authority then. We
didn’t respect ourselves enough to even try Chapman we were so miserable
with our habits. I have never bought cocaine and I’ve only tried it several
times in my life. I will admit, however, that I sometimes abuse marijuana.
By abuse I mean that I can’t have it intermittently, say once a week, if I have
any on hand. I go for months without, every year, but when I have it I smoke
it. I’m not proud of it. I know I am happier, more energetic, clear-headed etc.
without it, but I’ve learned to rely on it as a crutch to make it through hard
emotional times, such as the last 20 years since my life is in danger. I know
that cleansing my system of it makes me feel pleasure more and that the
blood flows more freely into certain body parts of the body, giving me the
vigor of a twenty year old again, but even I have to watch my drug use. In
fact I am currently fasting from pot. You should all know that pot restricts
the deeper, rapid eye movement level of sleep, besides. I’m refreshed.
The point I’m making, people, is that we live in a very Orwellian culture and
our government looks upon us like a rancher looks upon his livestock..
With tobacco the government systematically kills us before we can collect
our social security AS A MATTER OF POLICY! And then they tax us to death
with every pack we buy. Add it all up and tobacco puts about three hundred
thousand dollars per user in it’s pockets, average. If not a lot more. Thank
God I ‘ve never smoked tobacco. I hear the government puts cyanide and other
toxins in it, besides.
Don’t let the government and the media treat you like a monkey. There is
too much wrong with this world and our politics that needs cleaning up to be
bogged down in their evil game of controlling you through your baser, animal
instincts; namely sex, violence, greed, drugs, the media and more.
Let me say that John Lennon did abuse his status when he popularized
drug use, and whether the Kennedy assassinations pushed us to drugs to
begin with, he should have known better. To his credit he was drug free
when he died and even wrote a song called Clean Up Time. He was on
his way to giving us back our moral authority. He was on his way to em-
powering us all again.
Now we live in a world where the average household works 70 hours per
week when it used to be 40, in a world where the divorce rate is over 50%
when it used to be 20%, where up to 8 % of our population is homeless
when it used to be 1%. Now we live in a world that hasn’t seen a rock star
or any star in any field even close to the magnificence of The Beatles, and
it’s been thirty years now. We have become stagnant and unauthentic. We
now live in a world of teen gangs and terrorism. We live in a sewer and don’t
seem to have even the intelligence to see it or admit it. The great experi-
ment called America is failing. The Jewish media monopoly has been system-
atically destroying us all. Our politicians, whether they be Democrat or Repub-
lican, have been playing the same game on us and we really have no choice
anymore. Sugar coated totalitarianism is what we have now. The media
decides for you whether I am a hero or a whacko and you have no mind of
your own anymore. Really!! The fact that my home town of Santa Rosa has
avoided my website, in spite of it’s high profile and my emblazened van, is
proof. The fact that Berkeley and San Francisco and other so called bastions
of free speech can’t speak up to save their lives, or even mine, is proof. The
elections today are decided by the hinterland states who only get the Rush
Limbaugh perspective. The Republicans rely on the ignorance factor and the
electoral vote process where each state has its number and they target them.
The media is evil and the media controls you, more than you know. K.G.O
talk radio in San Francisco has tied the bay area down like Gulliver with their
lies and propaganda about me. I’ve got tapes if you know a good defamation
of character lawyer. I plan to dissolve them someday for America’s good.(See
Someone needs to tell you that the restroom we are in stinks to high heaven
and that there is a better America waiting for us and the world on the other
side of this expose. The cowardly silence of Paul McCartney, most of all,
signals that we are all but dead in the water. If he plays Live And Let Die
in public ever again then we will also know that he never got over being ex-
tremely jealous of John Lennon to begin with. Paul just doesn’t get it; Yoko
Ono deliberately distanced the two for government purposes.
He once actually yelled out my name in endorsement during the instrumental
of Fool On The Hill at the 1990 Berkeley concert but it was weak. (See some of
my other pages for more details including Bush Sr.s mention of my story during
the 1992 Richmond, Va. presidential debate.)
Meanwhile he should take a look around at the kharma he has been reaping
lately. Linda’s death, his bouts with thoughts of suicide and his commercial-
ized tours lately. Even George’s death.
My own family, my mother and siblings, all cowards too. My country , it’s govern-
ment and media, villians of satanic proportions. Scared monkeys, all. True.
I’ll never forget the photo of all the Lennon fans in Central Park, flat on their
backs, looking skyward, defeated, the day after John was murdered. You’ve all
been just like that ever since. Take that same photo and add thought bubbles
and they’d probably have read: “Damn! We didn’t think the government would
actually kill The Beatles! But they did and we’re Soviet class scum now.”
Damn you paralyzed people. Stand up for yourselves! You are truly damned
until you do. You will never have a more powerful issue to fight the govern-
ment with than and what it represents. If you can’t
defend John Lennon who can you defend? The answer is nobody. John
knew he would be killed and even asked McCartney to tell the world, after,
“That was John’s thing ‘The Event’ he called it.” as Paul did the next day.
The event that would get them caught and busted. THE EVENT that would
change the world, once and for all
Those of you who are already on this website should consider yourselves
leadership material in this fight You are not the mindless mush variety of
human but one who is actually capable of understanding where this story
can take us. At least I hope so..
I had a conversation the other night, outside of a karaoke bar, with a woman
who, perhaps, represents a lot of America. Unfortunately. I remarked that
people don’t care if the government let Stephen King kill John Lennon or not.
She replied; ” I don’t care about that stuff. They’re dead. The government
always kills our heroes. They’re going to kill us next and that’s what I’m wor-
ried about. That’s why I don’t care about them (Lennon and the Kennedys).”
I told her that you need to expose the government with their dirt to have any
power to stand up to them. That without a story like mine, that without a
voice to represent you, you will stay under their thumb. You’ve got to be able
to connect the dots and see how this murder can be used against them
in order for you to ever have power over them. Nevertheless, she main-
tained her obtuse viewpoint and refused to open her mind to reality.
I also told her that she DESERVES to have government tyranny and corruption
and chaos and hoplessness until John Lennon’s murder and the evidence
the government left behind is important enough for her to become an activist
over. That this opportunity is unprecedented and not to be ignored.”
I will tell you all the same thing. Use this or lose your values and your country.
Dick Gregory, in that same speech where he relayed how Balushi’s killer was
with Lennon the night before he was shot, also lamented the pathetic nature
of people. He said; “…What is the matter with you people that I have to tell
all of you why these matters are vital issues? Why can’t you lead yourselves?
Why is it that you have never been able to act responsibly, but especially
where politics are concerned? WHY can’t you act in your own best interests
without having to have someone like me to prod you into action?…”
Or words similar to that.
Dick Gregory has used fasting to motivate people. To put his life in danger
to get people to take a stand. Ceasar Chavez, also fasted to get people to
care. He eventually died from the damage fasting caused.
I met Mr. Chavez in 1984 and shook his hand and thanked him for his leader-
ship. Do any of you know that he fought for immigrant farmworkers?
I would like to thank you for reading my website and this footnotes and new
developments page. Please click onto the other pages listed at the bottom.
Meanwhile I would like you to ask yourselves ; “Are you monkeys or men?”
For until this story breaks and I am removed from danger, not to mention
our freedom and the whole idea of America, until King and others who were
involved are arrested, tried, sentenced and jailed, we may call ourselves
human, but we are not men. We may not be monkeys, or even something in-
between monkeys and humans, but we cannot call ourselves men.
Men don’t sit still while Stephen King is still urinating on them and everything
that we pretend to value. Real parents don’t lie to their kids that I’m a whacko.
Real parents build a sign or billboard and stand next to me when I avail myself
as I have for twenty years. So far there are no real people in America since
the government cut out your tongues with Lennon’s murder. All I’ve seen is
a lot of jealous, yellow, oppressed masochists who would rather molest
their children with a coverup. Satan even seems to rule McCartney lately.
Please change. Please help me. Please hurry. Please evolve.
Thank you for being here, on the cutting edge of change, you are better
than most people. Now walk a mile in my shoes and act. E-mail me or write
(See About Author page for my address) Let me know what you are willing
to do. Network with other groups. I need demonstrators to plant themselves
in front of a media station with billboards that read Lennon Murder Coverup.
If you have a better idea let me know. Meanwhile I’m up against the ‘Step-
ford Wives ‘ syndrome that has everyone in my neck of the woods robotically
silent and apathetic and blindfolded. HELP!!!!
Oh, by the way; Yesterday I received a threat package of ‘Misfortune Cards’
from an unnamed sender. Each card has the all seeing eye of the Illuminati,
the one on the back of the dollar bill. On the other side are various threats
and warnings. Not unlike the threat letter King sent before my Dad was killed.
At least my website is scaring somebody. My enemies are perverted cowards.
I need brave heroes to defeat them. If I am killed good luck in leading the
rest of the world with the story. Don’t screw yourselves and wait till I am killed.
It’s bad enough that my fellow American has seen to it that I can’t have kids
or get married yet. Or even fall in love for fear of her becoming a target. I’m
48 years old and I might become irretreivably bitter towards Americans
if you torture me with inaction for much longer. Don’t make me lose faith in
America and its people. You don’t want me to become the most influential
man on earth and move to another country to point out how weak you all were.
I’m already convinced that America HAS become a perverted, money grubbing,
plastic, disfunctiuonal, subhuman culture. While I’m still alive and still in the
mood to revolutionize it and clean it up so it reflects our founding fathers
vision again, take advantage of my heroism and courage. Find some of your