EXPOSE this or DESERVE Bush;

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this expose relates to your lives.
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Who our next president is depends, entirely, on whether you and enough of
your friends achieve news coverage of this Lennon expose. Period.
I’m so absolutely sure that Bush will be rigged into office again that
I will wager $1,ooo. to any one person who wants to bet on Kerry.
If this expose breaks in time to point the finger of guilt on Bush’s father,
who was head of the C.I.A. when the plans to murder John Lennon were made,
then I wager that Bush will lose.
Why am I willing to put money where my mouth is? I’ll tell you why; I’ve
seen what’s happening happen too many times before. Whether Kerry and Edwards
are running to lose, on purpose, whether the Diebold computer voting machines
are rigged, whether Bush gets Osama Binladen before the election, whether a major
terrorist attack happens here, whether Kerry gets more votes or not, Bush Jr.
will be sworn in as our next president.
You don’t have to be a spectator and let it go down with all the terrorism,
war, domestic fascism and media mind control that will follow.
To break this expose you must be chastised, verbally, a little, because you are
all in such a state of fear and paralysis and strong buttons must be pushed
and I will push them.
You must all be excorcised, in a word.
If any of you don’t already know, I discovered government codes in the bold print
headline messages of back issues of Time, Newsweek and U.S. News and World
Report magazines that plug into the subject of Lennon’s, then upcomming,
murder in their not so secret cryptography. These codes only exist in issues
surrounding the muder for a five month period.
These government codes in government produced magazines include like photos
of just elected Reagan sitting next to Nixon’s book, The Real War, which
explains why people like Lennon, who he tried to deport, must be assassinated.
These photos appear the day of the murder below the headlines: “Who’s In?
Who’s Out?” and “Fitting together the pieces of a complicated jigsaw puzzle.”
in Time and; “..Head-hunting in Pacific Palisades..” in Newsweek, for example.
I also found the killer’s face and true identity printed months before the crime.
I also found Mark David Chapman, the alleged name of the killer, attached to
a letter to the editor where he explains that: “Reagan…is moving (him)…armed,
…to a hostile square…” in print three weeks before the murder.
I also discovered that author Stephen King, the creepy guy who writes those
creepy horror novels, is the man photographed getting Lennon’s last autograph,
not Chapman, as we were lead to believe.
I discovered, not only that Chapman is, like John Hinckley, the son of a rich
oil executive, a willing decoy only, but that King writes about; “The fellow
who killed John Lennon..” in three books but also of the themes of the murder
right down to getting his victims autograph first.
As if all this wasn’t enough I have King’s handwritten confession letter
and another letter where he tries to bribe me.
Bush Jr. is a scared little coward about all of this and he is overtly getting
me fired from every job I’ve had since March of 2003. Several, in all. In
one instance in Gualala, Ca. my boss admitted that Deputy-Coronor; Michael
Gander, pressured him to fire me, which he did, the next day.
I have been waiting tables, mostly, lately.
In all I counted four instances where the sheriff or police were conspi-
cuously present before I lost my jobs.
Now I want to assure all of you that the reason has less to do with
my performance. I’m better than most and have been head dinner waiter at
a country club for almost a year and had no problems there until the new
club president forced the management to fire me.
After that job I successfully managed a retail golf shop for over two
years, even winning local acclaim and increased business by 30%.
No, dear reader, Bush is stalking me, trying to break me, financially, to
stop my activism, just like he went after terrorist money sources.
I didn’t used to have the problem of keeping my jobs until Bush Jr.’s term.
Look at all the lost jobs celebrities are experiencing since they spoke
out against him. He’s a fascist president.
Before I heard I was fired from this last job I noticed that Bush, Colin Powell
and two other prominent cabinet members were wearing exactly my server uni-
form one day; a sky blue shirt, blue tie and black slacks. Bush was even
serving drinks at a picnic, like a waiter. I wondered were they trying to
let me know that yet another cabosh had been arranged with my current job.
What do you people think? If you think I’m paranoid please read my
Current Update chapter on police terrorism.
As I write these words, July 09,’04, I am fighting a fraudulent traffic
ticket that was issued the day after one of my firings and on the first day I
arrived in Monterey, where the police have a record of ticketing me as soon
as I hit town, as if to send a message.
It’s a fact that most of the tickets I’ve received in the last 15 years have
been from Monterey police, though I spend only 5% of my time there.
Even a local celebrity, resident Republican and former mayor of Carmel, may
be behind some abuses, apparently.
Ultimately, Bush and the F.B.I. and other agencies, some of you are
naive enough to trust, are hoping I am forced to commit a crime to survive,
now that my unemployment is out.
If you haven’t read the chapter “Current Update” you would think that
I’m paranoid, but I’m not.
They want to kill me, ultimately, and lock me up in the meantime.
It’s classic Soviet style harassment. I’m not reading anything that isn’t
going on. I’m positive that Bush is exactly behind most, if not all, of this,
using the local police, peddling God knows what lies about me.
I will find out the names of two sheriffs, and others, and I will keep
you abreast of my situation. My situation is under fire because I threaten
Bush’s rigged re-election. You won’t stop it without me and BUSH KNOWS
THIS, whether any of you do or not.
I am the biggest thing that can go wrong for Bush between now and the
election. Nothing else but this Lennon expose. This is what can stop him.
You shouldn’t be so blind that I have to tell you this.
I need you to realize this and get off your duffs and get involved for your
sake and not just mine.
I’m willing to bet a grand that Bush will win without my expose. Trust me,
I’ve seen this sham go on for years. You will all be caught flat-footed
if you don’t help me. You will all lose. Bush Jr., son of the C.I.A., will
be sworn in again. Your nightmare will get even worse, and worse, if you
don’t succeed in bringing me and my evidence forward in time, you will all
deserve Bush Jr. again, especially some of you silent, snickering liberals
who like to mock me and the truth. You’re supposed to be smarter than
right wing, knee jerk fascists who let radio hosts tell them what to think.

Now, even though I’m convinced that Bush Jr. is squarely behind this job
denial campaign against me, I have to say that the U.S. public’s willingness
to go along with this outright discrimination and fascism is obscene also.
Even bending to police pressure is just as bad, even worse.
If any of these wrongful dismissals had to do with that then shame on
you, people of America. You’re behaving like big brother’s bootlickers.
I’m not perfect myself, but all of you are brainwashed fools regarding
what you think the truth is about Lennon’s political assassination.
For any of you to even question my evidence in the face of your letting
Chapman skip a trial is absurd as hell to begin with. Get a clue.
If the concept of our government letting a horror writer kill John Lennon and
then molest you after with the opposite message is too much to believe,
then try not being so naive, now that there’s proof. Open your minds.
I’m feeling that you’ve all drited too far away, morally, for my safety,
and excuse me for laying into you to get your attention.
You might as well be Soviet class slobs, the kind your parents warned you
about. I’m here, now, to point out just how sick all of you have become
since you let Lennon’s alleged killer skip a public trial, the stupidest,
most cowardly thing you all ever did in my lifetime, bar none. It was
the exact moment America’s people lost their nerve. It was the exact moment that
all of you let our enemies know what paper tigers, what a house of cards,
what pinko turncoats, Americans really are.
Who will forget half of New York City laying on their backs in Central Park,
staring into space, defeated and silent in full surrender, the day after
John Lennon Lennon was murdered. Most of them thought, then,; “Wow! I can’t
believe our government would stoop so low as to kill John Lennon. What is
our world coming to?”
That’s what most people my age were really thinking then, at least the
more honest and intelligent people. They were all too familiar with Nixon’s
recent past attempts to deport John.
Even my own parents acted like thumbsucking infants over that. Little
bootlicking babies, my own parents.
Now that there is proof of what really happened America is hiding from it
in utter shame and fear.
Exactly you who tuck your children into bed at night, you are molesting them
with your hypocracy, silence, denial and inaction. Moreover, you are molest-
ing your own children with a murderer. Not just any murderer, but the murder-
er who shot your most beloved rock star and celebrity that you ever cared for.
You should be breathing fire down your government and media’s necks as a
matter of your own personal freedom and human dignity and pride.
You who pet your cat or dog and lavish so much human kindness on them,
you fear your government more than you love yourself. You tolerate the
son of the former head of the C.I.A. as your selected, not even elected,
president. Just like Russia has IT’S former head of the K.G.B., Putin, as
it’s president. You overlook the Bush family monopoly who had two states
and the presidency all locked up under their control at one time. You forget
the S&L; scandal that defrauded thousands and you ignore that your vice
president is tight with ENRON and their malfeasance and that Cheney ran
Halliburton, now profiting from this illegal war. Oh, and Barbara Bush’s
huge investments in prison building, now making us second only to Russia.
You who just closed a sale with your customer, you tolerate Condoleeza Rice,
whose last job was with the worlds biggest oil firm, to be the head of your
national security. You tolerate the fact that there is even an oil tanker
named after her while she lies to all of you about w.m.d.’s instead of the oil
as the real reason our national security has drawn us into an undeclared war.
You tolerate having Colin Powell’s son, Michael Powell, son of the military/
industrial complex, as head of your Federal Communications Commission.
Now all Clear Channel stations are banning Lennon’s song, Imagine. Fact.
You tolerate “Rush Limbaugh only” states to decide, via electoral count,
who the next president is and you allow all your news to funnel through
a centralized bureaucracy, like Russia does.
You who just installed a motorist’s brakes on his GMC truck, you tolerate
a mass media that is under almost complete Jewish control and has been since
the 50’s. You don’t care that they are destroying America with violence,
shows that make you stupid, deliberately, and that you are lied to every
night and day by the very news announcers you should be able to trust.
You don’t care that 50 cents of every dollar your sports heroes make is for
keeping you distracted from your politics. That big brother is using them.
Ditto most of your tabloid celebrities.
You who just attended your daughters wedding and wished the couple well, you
tolerate a talk show climate that is 95% right wing, just like Russia and
China, and you don’t CARE that this is so. You’re too busy making money.
Nothing could be so important that your comfort zone need be disturbed.
You who just made another deposit in the college fund for your teenage son,
you tolerate the government killing every genius and hero that ever came
down the pike to help you. You just don’t care about this part of your
warped, twisted, perverted, stunted, mediocre lives or even that politi-
cal assassination is at the heart of your misery and mediocrity.
You who just clocked out after another productive day at the office, you
eat food that is mostly bad for you because you don’t have enough of a say
in who your food and drug administration chief is, and you just assume
that they MUST be looking out for your health instead of how to kill you
before you collect all your social security. You haven’t been able to stop
big tobacco from adding poisons to it’s products either. Did you know
that Reagan’s F.D.A. chief was the guy who tested hallucinogenic drugs
on G.I.’s in the 50’s and 60’s?
You who just took your kids to the movies, you just polluted their minds with
mindlessness and mayhem, likely. You just lowered their I.Q. and worse, you
didn’t even suspect that all that non stop action had an imprinting effect
on all of you, or that all that violence is to condition you for war.
You who just filled your Viagra subscription, you are a dupe, indeed.
How do I tell you that your shame over betraying yourselves and John
Lennon, allowing his killer to skip trial, and your subsequent, insipid
non response to his murder evidence, all these years, is exactly WHY
most of you are feeling less romantic and sexy since that defeat.
You now all realize that, deep down, you don’t really stand for anything.
I don’t expect you to admit it, but it’s a fact.
You have let your politics spin SO out of control that you now have to
work so much more that you are too pooped to function like a healthy human
being, just like your wife, who is also overworked, tired and disfunctional.
Pills. Who knows what long term effects that will have on mankind, dependancy?
Oh, and what ABOUT your 52% divorce rate and your 52 hrs. @ week job?
If you all broke this story you could use me to orchestrate a return to a
one paycheck economy and you and your spouse wouldn’t feel so oppressed.
Meanwhile, you let the corporations modernize China, resulting in an oil crisis,
pollution and lost jobs here, and now you’re letting the corporations try
the same thing with the middle east instead of trying to replace big oil
with solar/windmill roofs on every house, all electric vehicles and things
that lead to peace and free time instead of oppression, pollution and war.
Instead of having mostly transcontinental trade that pollutes oceans and
air we could find a better way of doing business and structuring our
economies accordingly.
No politician, court or media will stop big oil from stopping every attempt
to change the world for the better if they will lose any power.
You really need someone like me to unseat your current “Powers that be.”
You have never had any hero long enough to see change though, because you
all tolerate political assassination.
You who just got a letter from your son in the middle east, you should
pray he doesn’t get killed because you fed him a line of bull so you could
let the state pay for his college education.
You with your middle aged feet propped up on the footpegs of your new Harley
Davidson, your head now less in the open breeze, thinking you’ve got it
all in the land of the free, YOU AREN’T FREE! You’re Stephen King’s obedient
coward, showing our enemies how quickly you are willing to turn coat.
Just as sure as the earth rotates around the sun.
As I recall, our ancestors tried to kill Galileo for telling you that truth.
And you, reading THIS website, you are better than most Americans.
But all of you are insane and living in a world that is crazy and satanic.
Are you all really just suckers for the lowest common denominator?
Have you ever even thought of the subject of the progression of mankind, once?
Why do some of you run from the truth?
Inaction is a form of persecution when a guy like me comes forward with a
case too big for conventional proceedures. You’re all guilty of leaving me out
in the cold. Face up to it.
How are you going to lead the world or even remain free without real heroes?
You have gone bad America. You have lost your pride, your courage, your
decency and your minds. Sorry it has to be me to tell you the ugly truth.
D-O-N-‘-T call yourselves American’s until you can all stop acting like
obedient, silent, complicit Soviet class slobs. You’re too soft lately.
Do you think I’m making points with you having to be the one to have to
tell you? Do you think I enjoy having to come off so acerbically?
I don’t, but you Americans let the government assassinate nice guys.
Stephen King knows that your sin is my biggest enemy. Before he shot John
Lennon he wrote, repeatedly, “You blind, obsessive fools.”
Just today, July 15,2004, I received my second e-mail from Stephen King.
It’s his name on the return web address.
The language sounds like his, though it could be an imposter, but he writes;

“Okay, I did it. I shot Johnny and blasted him off the face of the earth.
Now what are you going to do about it, what can you do about it?
P.S. Read “My Life” if you haven’t already, notice how big it is? Remind
you of anyone?:”

If it is King he knows how paralyzed you all are, morally, politically and in
every other way that matters.
It used to be you were all too good a people to let him mock all of you
and you would have revolted, taken to the streets and demanded his arrest.
What has he done to all of you that you can’t defend your decency,
did he kill youir hero? He’s not urinating on me. I can stand up to him.
He’s urinating down only on all of silent you, America, not me.
Now, what are YOU going to do about it?
It may well have been King’s e-mail. He was sighted in Guerneville, Ca., near
where I live, just before the Bohemian Grove billionair event began. He may
well be one of the invitees there as we speak, meeting with all the
politicians and oil executives and Bush’s bosses.
King writes about “Johnny” in The Dead Zone, a year before the murder.
Also, King has written before: “Yes, yes, I did it. I made you sick, I made
you hurt. I devised this agony just for you and it will be with you
always now.” in Cujo, written right after John’s murder.
In Different Season’s, written in 1982, King admits, in the opening page,;
“…I am one…willing to own up to what they did. I committed murder…
I also hadn’t planned on getting caught, but caught I was…”
In 20 years King has never e-mailed me until twice, this last week.
His first e-mail insulted my sanity and so I responded;

“If you are the Stephen King of my expose, try getting used to 20 years be-
hind bars. I’m right and you know it. Save your B.S. for somone else.
-Steve Lightfoot”

His response was spirited and could have been Freudian frustration at his limits
on doing anything about my expose.
How would you like to help me put him behind bars for 20 years? That would
heal all of you a little. How would you like to defend John Lennon and
every next new hero that comes along? If you can’t avenge John Lennon then
you can’t avenge anyone. If you can’t avenge your heroes you are doomed.
If it is true that you are the worlds most free people, then why are you too
scared to confront your government with hard evidence while you finally have it?
Why do all of you, instead, snicker and joke about this expose as if admitting
it were true would prove that all of you can actually be wrong all at once.
That you’re really, royally, all screwed up, after all?
I can prove it. Can’t you admit that your coverup is offending the rest
of the world that has known about this evidence for decades?
The world knows what turncoats you can all be. Face up to it U.S. public;
You’re the real reason John Lennon is dead. You weren’t strong enough to
scare the government with a backlash movement like you should have,
even without evidence. The ” no trial, necessary ” whitewash was enough.
Do you think I’ll let you keep acting so foolishly after I get up there?
You might as well change now, before I scold you into better behavior later.
America’s real enemy is your apathy. Yours, U.S. public, average citizen.
Reports of Russia losing the cold war have been greatly exaggerated.
Indeed, Nixon warned us in 1980 that they would conduct a “strategic sur-
render” Now it seems we’ve become just like them, only more moneyed.
Moscow brags the worlds most billionairs in one city, not New York. They have
a land mass four times ours and aren’t likely to cede power to the U.S..
Maybe Bush and Putin are trying to build big brother together. You don’t see
Bush condemning the recent murder of one of our Forbes magazine journalists
for exposing who Russia’s billionairs are.
Well, DO you?
I do believe our government is going for a big brother revolution here.
Killing John was step one in making us stupid enough to manipulate.
Prove me wrong and help me carry a sign in front of a media outlet.
I would love to see you all well again. Really! You just need courage.
Prove to me you are a good American. Hoist a sign that reads Lennon murder
coverup! Be a man. Be a woman. Show some self respect and sovereignty
over your corrupt politicians.
Prove to me you ARE a people who DO stand for truth, justice and the Ameri-
can way.
Some day I will, either be killed by your apathy and corruption, or I
will be one of the worlds most famous and influential celebrities. Don’t
make me have to scold you then for not towing the line. Stop being Reagan’s
“See no evil, speak no evil” Bonzo’s.
Don’t act like monsters. It wasn’t until I had a website that you people
turned on me. What are you afraid of. That I’ll succeed?
If I don’t succeed then America and all of you and your offspring really
are going straight to hell, but then how could you not after letting
Stephen King get away with killing John Lennon?
You people all need an excorcism. Nixon, Reagan and King have poisoned
all of you at the most profound level of your humanity. Lennon’s murder
dropped your collective quality of life by half, overnight, but you can’t see.
The coverup is what is doing all of you in. Wake up, repent and help me.
If you don’t you will get Bush, again, period. Don’t be stupid. Act. A-C-T-!
(To be continued…)
(Someone with a Stephen King e-mail return address has e-mailed me,
yet again, twice, since his first two.
I will refrain from commenting on them until I can better determine who
it really is. )
July 31, 2004; update;
OK, I havent’t been able, yet, to determine if this e-mailer really is the
Stephen King of my expose but I think it might be. My reasons follow;
1)He mailed me at a time when I had put the re-election of Bush as your reason
to care about my expose and he wrote at a time when I was in financial crisis.
2) In his third e-mail (which I haven’t described) he says;
“…Stephen King= Makes so much money he gives it away by the trunkload..”
As if, yet another attempt, to bribe me.
3)In his fourth e-mail (also not described yet) he makes subtle threats
that allude to my demise, including a “Steve Lightfoot R.I.P.” rhyme and later
uses profanity refering to me.
4) When I asked him a question that only he would know the answer to he,
while not answering correctly, answered in a way that suggests he knew the
real answer but chose to dance around it.
5) Last Thursday morning, July 29, 2004, at 3:00 AM, while I slept in my
motorhome in Monterey, someone, either fired a gun right next to my van, or
expolded a firecracker. I got out immediately and smelled gunpowder but
saw nobody. I also saw no cardboard fragments or debris, suggesting that it was,
indeed, a gunshot.
I have a witness to the explosion, a woman who was awakened also.
It may have been just anyone, I suppose, but it could have been someone upset
at my message, a police officer, a friend of King or who knows?
The witness said she may have surveillance film of what happened.
All of this is enough to make me alert you to the drama or I would wait
until this Stephen King e-mailer gave me more clues to his identity.
If I should die anytime soon point the fingers of guilt at all of the
following; Stephen King, the Bush family, the F.B.I. and C.I.A., Time,
Newsweek and U.S.News and World Report magazines, the Rockefellers and
big oil, ABC or their affiliates; KGO and KSFO radio, even Israel or Russia.
Oh, and most of all, all of you and my own family for being flatfooted
ingrates for not hoisting me on your shoulders to the media outlets to
help me come forward like you all should have decades ago.

Now, if some of you think of me as an unpleasant sounding complainaholic
with little nice to say about the human condition, understand that I used
to be the most pleasant sort. In fact, only a supreme optimist would think
that you were capable of outing this evidence to begin with.
If you knew the truth about yourselves like I do you would be even worse.
You have no idea just how stupid people are.
Ponder these facts before you label me.
If you do your job as a people we can usher forth a new, better world.
It’s a job for the public, not the government or the media or the courts.
You will have to complain publicly with billboards, signs, talk show spots
and other street methods first.
That is what I want from all of you. You can also contact me at:


or you can write me at

Steve Lightfoot
General Delivery
Santa Rosa, Ca. 95402

Let me know how we can network and succeed, together.
Thank you for listening, don’t wait until I am proved right about Bush’s
rigged re-election, Steve Lightfoot

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Thank you, Steve Lightfoot