Judge Begert in F.B.I. plot to kill me?

I really am pretty sure that Judge Michael Begert of the San Francisco court system is in-
volved with an F.B.I./ C.I.A. plot to assassinate me in an already planned traffic “accident”.
Already, last June of 2007, I was almost killed when a woman ran a red light doing almost 60
mph knocking my delivery truck 20 feet sideways before it tipped over.
In that mysterious incident the woman who ran the red light was not cited. Nobody was.
The intersection was paved over just two days later and I wondered, then, was the government
still trying to kill me?
Now, it seems that the cowardly city of San Francisco, the city that has abused me more
than any other, is using bad actors like Michael Begert, city attorney; John Kennedy,
maybe commissioner Culver in Oakland and others to set me up for, either a fatal accident,
or to try to suspend my licence to get my controversial, website sloganed van off the streets.
Right now I am in the bay area, up from San Diego, to settle my statement on appeal for
a red light camera ticket that was suspiciously issued a year ago, almost to the day.
The events surrounding this ticket and three others that were all suspiciously issued in
a two month period last spring screams that I am being witch-hunted when you consider that,
except for this brief spate of multiple tickets issued all at once to overwhelm me, I have
driven almost 240 thousand miles over seven years without a single valid ticket in all
that driving.
Not only did all three parties to my case; the court clerk, the city attorney and police
legal claim to have never received my proof of service filings, only the city attorney
admitted receiving another set of mailings, also proof of serviced, and, now, I’ve just
learned, Judge Begert failed to send my appeal and statements to the appelate court and
is almost two months delinquent. I can only guess that he wants to protect himself from
the appelate court of learning of the multiple incidents of fraud already committed.
In Oakland, Commissioner Culver, who replaced Commissioner Carter after he was disqualified,
promised he would make a ruling on my motion to dismiss due to lack of a speedy trial
a month ago. He gave me a private line to reach him and he promised to dismiss my case
if, indeed, it is true that the officer took over four months to turn the ticket over to
the court system.
Now, he is instructing me not to ever call that line he gave me, is avoiding me and is
reneging on all his promises made in court.
He may well be disqualified for fraud, too.

Meanwhile, where is cowardly, lilly livered, cowardly, thumbsucking Paul McCartney in all
of this maddening turmoil? Where?
Meanwhile, where is the U.S. public who stands to gain the most from my efforts?
Standing on the sidelines waiting for the guillotine to chop my head off. That’s where.
You people are all insane where truth and justice are concerned. Cowards all.
Maybe America must die to avenge our injustices against the native Americans. That seems
to be the force at play in these polluted, subhuman, cowardly, miserable, insane times.

Until further notice please read ‘You Silly Monkeys’ chapter. It’s a good one to start with.

(To be continued….)