$atan Rule$ Fool$

I could have picked any other title for this chapter; Under $atan$ A$$ (U.S.A.);
U.$. of Apathy; You’re All In$ane; etc. and they’d all be true. The parallel
I often use is found in The Wizard Of Oz scene when the cowardly lion,
beside himself with fear, tries to run out of the Wizards castle after a few
bellows of smoke and intimidation from this pathetic imposter behind the cur-
tain. It would take an egoless dog to pull the curtain back and reveal the
truth because all the people of the city of Oz were too insane to admit the
presence of feet showing below the curtain all along. Too afraid.
I saw the provocative slogan; $atan Rule$ Fool$ painted on the back of a brown
leather jacket in Berkeley, Ca. and the power of that message hit like a
locomotive. Suddenly the madness of man was articulately represented in words.
As I write this chapter Americas people are under mind control and too afraid
to care whether or not our government is or is not molesting them with the real
murderer of John Lennon, too afraid to demand the trial they never saw for the
ALLEGED killer, Mark David Chapman, too afraid to admit that they have become
slaves to the materialistic age wallowing with a 52% divorce rate and an average
work week of 52 hrs. @ week, and other signs of cultural disease. In particular
the otherwise wise and good people of the San Francisco bay area are blind
and naive to the truth of its local radio talk station; KGO, a self admitted
C.I.A. owned station staffed by government liars for hire, particularly the
so called liberal hosts like Bernie Ward, Ray Talliofaro and John Rothman, the
latter a former aid to Tricky Dicky. The bay area succors up to their act like
so many dupes engaged in mental masturbation when they should be carrying signs
of protest in the streets instead. In fact they don’t get it that talk radio
IS a government plot to rub out the message of the 60’s and keep the public on
the phone with punch pulling hosts instead of out in the streets.
I can safely say that Ray Talliofaro is a fraud as well as Bernie and John. I
can safely say that the conservative hosts; Ronn Owen, Pete Wilson, Gene Burns
and Bill Wattenburg are C.I.A. paid liars for hire knowingly subverting all
of us because; 1) they are and 2) they can’t afford to sue me for fear my message
would gain news print if they tried.
In truth they are all guilty of conspiracy in the coverup of Lennons murder and
should be rounded up and jailed for treason.
More on this station and all talk radio can be found in the other chapters lo-
cated at the end of this chapter with gold titles. Please do read Working Class Hero
Killers and other chapters about KGO.
Before I launch into the trust of the title of this chapter I’d like to first
revisit the call I made to Ray Talliofaro last 10/29/05. Ray is the
one who disingenuously says things like ” Oh, what a wonderful call. I thank
you very much for your call…” and other tricks after he cuts the caller off
before he makes even more sense.
I said; “Good morning, Ray. You and Bernie and John Rothman provide a great
venue for catharsis and mental mastubation but you’re not getting the job done.”
(Ray) “Well what should I do?”
“We could stop Bush via the sins of his father regarding John Lennon’s murder.
(Ray) “What do you mean?”
“I found the killer’s face and true identity in Time and Newsweek issues that were
printed months before the murder. I found Mark David Chapman’s letter to the
editor in U.S. News and World Report printed three weeks before the murder where
he says how Reagan is moving him, with a gun, into a hostile square. I found Richard
Nixon’s book The Real War, that talks about killing John Lennon, sitting next
to Reagan in issues of Time and Newsweek that were released the day of the
murder under the headline; “Who’s In?””Who’s Out?”
Why don’t you talk about that, Ray? If it weren’t for you and the liberal hosts
the people of the bay area would put KGO out of business and your right wing hosts
would have no venue at all.”
(Ray) “So what should I do? Fire Ronn Owen and the others?”
“You’re a trick to give them a venue at all.”
(Ray) (Makes ridiculous, sarcastic remarks to insinuate that I’m a whacko.)
“Ray, why don’t you make the Lennon murder evidence a banner issue and REALLY
go after Bush. His father was head of the C.I.A. when the plans were made?
You’ve admitted, before, that KGO is a C.I.A. owned station and that you vote
(Ray) “Oh yes, absolutely. “(sarcastically)
“Now that we have “lennonmurdertruth.com to see for ourselves you can’t get
away with badmouthing me anymore…”
At which point he cuts me off and I turn up my radio to hear him say:
“That dirty son of a bitch…he is crazy…insane…” etc..
A full 30 minutes passes before any other caller is put on and then he reads an
e-mail that KGO staff submitted, as if it were by a caller, that was too
propagandistic to be true;
“Regarding the John Lennon caller…I sorely miss John Lennon and his opposition
to war, especially in these insane times. It’s true Nixon tried to deport him
but never had plans to assassinate him…While it’s true that there is a
strong resemblance between Mark Chapman and Stephen King, Mark David
Chapman is the real killer of John Lennon and he will spend the rest of his sorry
life rotting in a jail cell like Charles Manson.”
Without explaining how I know it was a station generated e-mail and not a real
listener (It was too slick) it was tagged with the same first name (Joanne)
as the caller Ray was discussing before I called. I also know that, in the past,
KGO screeners have posed as callers to put me down (I know their voices.)
Now how does all this tie into my chapter title; $atan Rule$ Fool$ ?
I will hold KGO staff up as examples of our willingness to destroy our world
and our future for the trade off of money.
Most of you rationalize your lives something like this: “Well, gee, our system
is the best in the world, the most free and productive, we all have warm houses,
beds, televisions, clean food, water, two cars, pizza, sports and gadgets
galore. We MUST have the best lives on earth.”
That is the easy, feel good observation, one that was systematically ingrained into
all of you through commercials and commercialism.
It’s a lot harder for any of you to say something like this;
“We give away half of our waking lives to work at jobs we don’t really like,
we give fully half of all we earn to the government, when all is said and
done, our way of life, if reproduced by the rest of the world, would destroy
the O Zone layer and deplete our levels of oxygen and the planet would die.
Our lives are spent, when not working, watching or listening to commercials an
average of TWO hours a day among the four hours you listen to radio and tv.
Our health is among the worst on earth, especially with cancer and heart disease.
Our fast food outlets are serving as much fat as they are food and are not
even as appetizing as some dog food.
Our marriage statistics prove that more fail than not and our teen suicide rate
is four times what it was twenty years ago.
If you jump on the money gravytrain and get a good job there is no end to your
need for more money. Suddenly you are imprisoned in a cycle of having to work
more just to keep up with the needs of having money; outrageous taxes,
tax experts, investment councel, lawyers.
By the time you have jumped through all the necessary hoops you are STILL work-
ing into old age. If the governments scheme of killing you with tobacco additives,
alcohol, saturated fats and sugar has failed to kill you by age 65 THEN, maybe,
you can retire and spend your last years watching Jeopardy and other game shows
as you slide into a vegetative, sedentary state before you spend the last years
of your life abandoned, drooling in a wheelchair in a rest home.
Now I am NOT just harping negatively about our system. In fact I used to be
very much a part of the American dream lusting for sex, money, at least two
houses, a helicoptor, jet, fancy cars and gadjets galore. I was doctors son and
enjoyed a private boat, airplane and all the comforts of modern life as a boy.
Dear reader, having spent over twenty years trying to break through the madness
of your mass apathy I now appreciate that I must sever your similar lusts and
shatter your illusions about your lives before you will even see me and this
huge truth for what it is. In short, you all need an excorcism.
In fact, nearly everyone is very much ashamed of themselves regarding Lennon’s
assassination. My courage and fidelity to truth, justice and the American way
makes others feel inadequate, even emasculated when confronted with having to
care about righting the wrong and standing tall, proud, free and brave and do
our duty to ourselves and our children and expose and jail the big, bad guys.
Furthermore, in spite of the corporate slavery that our lives are being sucked
dry for, you all tolerate it for many different reasons; sex, family and all the
trappings of domestic bliss. Once you reproduce life you experience a tre-
mendous sense of power and authority that does NOT translate into the reality
of your lives socio-politically. And yet you move forward, content, tragically.
As I write this chapter some politician in Washington D.C. is trying to buy
America’s silence about the Iraq war by upping the death gratuity from $12k to
$100k @ death. It is a classic example of how the government corrupts you by
dangling a dollar bill in front of your face.
The truth of this cynical plan is to silence America from protesting the war like
we did in Vietnam and to postpone their plan to reinstate the draft.
It’s already bad enough that Americans are enticed to commit mass murder and to
even get killed themselves just for a free education and medical benefits and
a small military pension. Now the military-industrial complex that Eisenhower
tried to warn us about is saying to all of you; “We’ve crippled your economy
with runnaway deficits and debt and there are no real jobs out there, thanks
to our lust for pirating the mideast oil reserve via a corporate, farce war.
We’re costing every family roughly $90.00 @ day to prosecute it, already $4
hundred billion, now how would you like to work for us and send your son into
battle so he doesn’t end up on welfare? We’ll even throw in $100k if he gets killed.”
Now I know many of you will take that poison bait and just hush up. You may even
make love with that payoff in the back of your minds as you prepare to conceive
your next child, like an insurance policy to help you make it in this money strap-
ped world. HOW unromantic. How disgusting. Your sons life is worth $100k.
Whatever happened to the America that stood up to the military when it was wrong,
like the protesters of the 60’s? Whatever is stopping all of you from converting
to all electric powered vehicles and demanding solar and wind power in every house?
Your addiction to money, that’s what.
It’s what makes Ray Talliofaro and Bernie Ward and John Rothman betray all of
you as they keep you stuck like flies on flypaper, masturbating with a telephone,
instead of showing up in the streets with billboards.
It’s what makes the women of KGO laugh satanically as they contribute to the
charade as they read the news and make a joke out of truth as they add frosting
to the cake of that C.I.A. owned stations subversive proaganda.
To her credit, Susan Shoestack, once my nemesis, has since left that vampire cult
to raise her child. She was, for years, Ronn Owen’s front line of defense inter-
cepting my calls with her ability to detect my voice. Good for you, Susan.
As for the other screeners at KGO, in particular Jonathan Service, Gene Burns
censor-agent, he clings to the false hope of becoming a host someday. He would
be the first in 30 years. I’ve told him that only C.I.A. trained propagandists are
groomed for that job, not citizens.
Meanwhile he rakes in the big bucks to keep all of you mislead and deprived of
the real truths.
Ray has admitted to listening to the $20.00 dollar bills stack in the ATM machines
as he makes his regular $500.00 withdrawals. He stands there, his ear to the metal
wall, listening, enthralled with the wonders of money.
John Rothman, once an aid to Richard Nixon, a former government agent with top
secret security clearance credentials, is your basic money obsessed jewish host
carrying water for Israel as he deliberately deceives the liberals of the bay area
into thinking he is on their side when he is not. He is very subversive and devious
with the lie, I’ve noticed. Beware.
Ronn Owen is the favorite of the old maid crowd, focusing on softball issues.
He makes millions per year. Once he disigenuously opened up the poll lines to see
if I should be a guest on his show. When so many calls came through that the
computer shut down he admitted that that was only the second time in 25 years that
had ever happened. Suddenly he lost interest in what the listeners thought.
A self admitted gadjet freak he basks in luxery cruises every year and surrounds
himself with opulence and meaninglessness.
Like Michael Luckoff, the station manager, a Romanian jew I’ve heard, Ronn is
also jewish and only pretends to oppose Bush.
I am NOT an anti-semite. I do call out jewish controlled stations on the carpet,
however, as I am convinced that it is an evil conspiracy against America that a
group representing 2.8% of us happens to control 80% of our mass media.
In fact I am very aware that most of these media jews come from Russia, KNEW’s
Michael Savage included.
Gene Burns is a self confessed agnostic, as is Ray Talliofaro.
Pete Wilson is a softball issues host whose allegiance to “big brother knows best”
is transparent in spite of his claim to being balanced and impartial.
I suspect he is a Wisconsin C.I.A. agent transplant.
Dr. Bill Wattenberg, former nuclear physicist and designer of nuclear weapons of
mass destrustion is, in my opinion, a browbeating snowjob artist and shill for the
military-industrial complex. He will lie to to you and dismiss anyone who disa-
grees with him as an ignorant slob.
Bernie Ward, all 400 pounds of him, has a Sunday show called God Talk. It seems
more like God “Chop” to me. He admits he is no fan of christianity or religion.
And yet he calls himself a Catholic.
If you read my other chapter you will learn that he specializes in focusing the
debate just off of center, directing you away from the powerful arguments.
Ray won’t say, when questioned, if he is or is not jewish. I suspect he is.
A whole lot of anti-christianity going on at KGO, don’t you people think?!
It also happens to be a fact that KSFO is its sister station and shares the
same BUILDING and MANAGERS! 900 Front St. S.F..
The point I am making is that KGO and most large talk stations are, in reality,
C.I.A. money whores dismantling America with our corrupt governments blessings.
While my last girlfriend was jewish and I harbor no prejudice against jews, whatsoever,
I think that there is something wrong with all of YOU that you don’t question,
at all, this transparent media monopoly of former Soviet transplants!
That KGO could actually BE KGB..
Well, there I’ve said it, the probable, yet unbelievable, big picture truth.
Now I hope you see the tragic consequences of big money and our mass media.
Even a died in the wool, true blue American will do Moscow’s bidding for the
right price. Perhaps unknowingly.
None of Americas right wing hosts believe what they are instructed to say. They do
it for their million dollar jobs, period! Our real enemies use them and their
greed to undo us all.
Like the media many of you will surrender your freedoms for money. You’ve already
surrendered your freedom where women are concerned. Under the guise of womens
lib they no longer are free to raise their children or keep up with the news
and politics. Now that they have taken the bait the goverment has doubled the
price of everything and they can’t get out of the trap they’re in.
Now heroes like me are but a pimple on the political horizon as far as they are
concerned. They are too pooped to ponder what is true anymore.
They are gyrating like a hamster on the treadmill of materialism chasing a
piece of paper with a picture of a dead president on it, mindlessly.
Until all of you take your focus off of money you truly are at the mercy of the
Orwellian nightmare that allowed a disgusting horror writer to take over our culture
after killing our one true voice of power and hope; John Lennon.
Before some of you dismiss my opinions as unfounded or ridiculous allow me to
present some facts;
John Rothman and Peter Jennings, both ABC representatives, have ADMITTED to
studying broadcasting in Moscow, Russia.
When I was in New York at the ABC studio I saw a black robed group of hassidic
jews in the lobby and I learned from the doorman that they were the “Big” owners
of ABC.
Both Vladamir Putin and George W. Bush are simultaniously savaging social se-
curity as I write these words and W. affectionately calls Putin “Puti Put”
W.’s grandfather, Prescott Bush, was Hitlers banker and, literally, was involved
in the supplying of the deadly gasses used in Aushwitz.
Even I am puzzled by the jews aligning themselves with Bush. The best answer
may be that Bush and that family are, either being played like a fiddle by the
jews for Russia, their former mother country, or that the Bush family is playing
the jews like a fiddle, setting Israel up for annihilation, ultimately.
Then again, maybe Russia and America are using the jews. I don’t know.
My gut tells me the Bush family is part of the American Nazi Party, though.
Bush claims to be a “christian” yet his father was behind the satanic circum-
stances of Lennon’s murder, circumstances that can only be interpreted as a
frontal assault on decency and all Americans values. A case of evil killing good.
Russia is five times as large as America, has more billionairs than any country,
a military capability equal to ours, more resources, including oil, than any other
country and has returned, recently, to its Soviet era policies.
Stephen King warns us, several times in one book; “Beware the jewish-communist
plot against the U.S..”
The “red scare” of the Joe McCarthy era coincided with the sudden jewish infil-
tration of our media.
Reagan, allegedly a commie hunter in his role as president of the screen actors
guild, married Nancy Baker who was on the commie black list!
Nixon and Reagan increased the size of our government by 20% and Nixon took us
off the gold standard and bombed Cambodia on Christmas day, thereby trashing our
credibility worldwide and he demoralized our military via Viet Nam.
Having met almost all of the democratic presidential candidates since 1984 I can
tell you that they deliberately lost and Dukakis even belittled me at Crissy
Field in San Francisco when I shouted out for him to use Reagan’s Lennon murder
evidence scandal.
Gary Hart came to my little Jr. College to meet me and then torpedoed his bid
with a sex scandal weeks later.
Readers, it’s time to be as radical as reality. It’s time to point out our jewish media
monopoly and everything else going on around us and admit that something very
strange IS going on.
Nixon wrote in The Real War that “…the Soviets will launch a ‘strategic sur-
render’ someday only to return for the kill, later, after we have been demoralized.”
I just found out that Ed Shultz, the radio host, also a jew, is as bogus as KGO.
The enemies of America are in place like Soviet flypaper sandbagging the liberals
everywhere and all of you are too busy chasing money, playing their game, to get
a handle on the situation all around us.
I learned, recently, that two Sacramento, Ca. radio stations are floating false
trial balloon stories alleging that I, the famous Lennon murder activist, commit-
ted suicide last month. I am more famous and important than most of you realize.
Of course they are spreading lies. I have never, ever, considered suicide in
my life and if you ever hear of such a tale you’ll know you are being scammed.
I would commit a crime to break my story before I would ever do that.
I think the Russia-U.S. shadow government plans to kill me and make it look like
suicide, though, and these stories are but their way of testing the waters, first,
to see if the public will care.
I am the modern day Paul Revere exposing something bigger and more dangerous
than Paul Revere ever imagined.
If I die and all of you continue to pay taxes then you will know that it was
really all of you that got me killed for being such douchebags, politically.
Paul McCartney may be too hooked on materialism and money to help save me.
I need all of you to sneak my website address on talk radio and to take my web
address and put it on billboards and clog the streets and stop traffic.
The 60’s generation got things done. They weren’t clinging to the false charade
of talk radio and the democrats. They stopped tricky Dicky and Viet Nam with
street protests, they got arrested, they got their bodies billyclubbed.
That’s what you will have to do to succeed.
Money has destroyed the fabric of our society and you need to grow a spine.
You are now like the guard dog feasting on a slab of meat (money worship) while
the bad guys are getting past all of you.

James Paul McCartney passed the baton of his popularity to me this last Super Bowl
with his horrifying conduct on stage. The change in the crowd WAS palpable as he
pounded out Live And Let Die amid a hellish red pyrotechniques that, literally,
was our collective vision of what hell looks like.
In fact, much of America was hoping that he would rip off his shirt to reveal
my website address. Here was his chance to beat the government censorship of my
evidence against John’s killers.
I’m not delusional to say that. Indeed 20% of America has heard of me, including
the winning quarterback who was raised in northern California. Many, many
Americans were hoping for something from Paul.
But no, little Jimmy won’t give John any limelight, out of his own jealousy.
To better understand small Paul visit my other chapter:” Paul McCowardly”, listed
below the end of this one.
At this Superbowl he hit the stage looking like an entertainer promoting the
former Soviet Union with his black star on his red undershirt. Had the colors been
reversed our government would not have allowed him on at all.
Ringo once said: “The English should have won the war.” regarding America, and
it’s no surprise to me that little Jimmy has no fondness for us either. I’m not
surprised that his silence is as much about destroying America as his jealousy
of John’s bigger status with the world.
I noticed that Paul used Can’t Buy Me Love over the P.A. system before he took
the stage, as if to respond to my latest barb about him being too materialistic
to help me a few days earlier.
What was pathetic was the way he looked the camera in the eye, as if he were try-
ing to say something to me, specifically, when he sang the lyrics; “…for well
you know that it’s a fool who plays it cool by making his world a little colder.”
from Hey Jude.
Paul, you have no sage advice to give me. I consider you to be an undeveloped human
being, lacking a spine, lacking wisdom, lacking leadership. I consider you my junior.
In fact, let me give you some needed sage advice and wisdom:
Your attitude of letting John’s killers get away with what they did is, indeed,
making all of our world a lot colder and even unsafe for anyone like John Len-
non to try to ever help us again.
The whole purpose of being a celebrity is to change the world. You don’t get that.
You think it’s about being a star and getting rich and famous. Poor Paul.
Now Americans know you can’t be counted on when they need you and they have
left you for me now, the only hero on the stage. I could feel the energy leave
you while the crowd gasped at the horror of your song selection. Now they turn
to me, barely famous. It was a seminole moment in time when the torch WAS passed.
The whole U.S. media who DOES know about me watched you sing Satan’s praises as
your hellish display unfurled itself amid red flames and bombastic booms.
In fact Live And Let Die was a commercial song you were commissioned to write
for a James Bond Movie, was it not?
Selling out for big bucks, being manipulated by the media machine. No wonder
the government didn’t kill you. No, you are right up there with Bush Sr. and
Bill Clinton, sharing the same government sponsored messages at the Superbowl.
How did it feel to be an opening act for a sports event only to interupted in
Hey Jude to get the bums rush so play could resume? Diginfied?
Well, you got your millions that night for trying to help the government get
away with John’s murder, trying to tell us all to live and let die. I hope
you’re happy, but judging from the look on your face while performing, you’re not.