How utterly, shockingly, horrifically phony all of you are.
I’ve written a chapter before about this aspect of the story, your phoniness as people.
When Lennon was shot and you were all told that a lone nut job shot John Lennon you were
all at a critical crossroad. You were saying to yourselves; “But, wait, I’ve been told the same
thing before about others who were killed by our government. Am I not a phony to believe
this plot line, once, again? Do I want to go forward with my life being a phony and buying
this suspicious story rather than demanding the truth and getting to the bottom of things?”
You were all there thinking just exactly THAT while the media plied you with propaganda.
At exactly that critical juncture the media told you that it was JOHN who was the phony
and that’s why Chapman shot him; because he preached no possessions but lived in a fancy
New York apartment building, etc.
The C.I.A. run mass media was spoon-feeding all of you the same story line to mess with
your heads and confuse you and seduce you into blaming John Lennon for YOUR being a
phony to even begin to buy the lone assassin theory, once, again.
Today none of you recall a trial for that Chapman fellow. Most of you think it’s Hinckley and
you’re all hideous, satanic phonies, just like the government knew you would be.
Let me repeat, people. You never saw Chapman stand trial and, yet, you question ME!?! You
stand still for the lone nut story without the benefit of a public trial to make sure?!
After all the deportation efforts Nixon went through to get John’s opinions out of America?!
A child will shriek with horror at the sight of Stephen King getting Lennon’s autograph.
Read that sentence 100 times, people. A CHILD will shriek with recognition of who is who
and they can ADMIT what their eyes are seeing. “Oh, my GOD! It IS Stephen King!!!”
An adult will never admit it’s King at all. Rather, the adult will be phony and lie to himself
why it’s not. In fact, Stephen King was reading The Catcher In The Rye, which is about the
phenomena of phoniness being unique to only adults and not children. S.D. Salinger’s book
exactly addressed this issue; adult phoniness.
After the corrupt New York police switched King with Chapman, after Yoko told all of you to
“let the courts decide..” you all proved that to be true. You all became boot-licking phonies.
To this day your adult phoniness resents my heroism and dreads the day I have the final say
in the whole matter and, in fact, some of you hope the government kills me, first, just so you
won’t have to be exposed for being so stupid and phony for so long in the first place. You
dread the day when hero; Steve Lightfoot tells all of your children what fools and child mo-
lesters you all were for all these decades of satanic, dysfunctional behavior in pretending
that I must just be a whacko with strange beliefs.
Deep down inside you all know I have been right all this time. It is your phoniness that
has disabled and blinded you all this time. That and your intense fear of your own government.
Now, you may recall that you all learned about the murder en masse, at once, while watch-
ing the climax of Monday Night Football. They had to ambush you all, as a group, at once,
to make the lie stick. They knew that any other way would allow too much side talk and
individual opinions taking root. They had to lie to you all at once, as a group, to prevent
that kind of rumor milling.
They really did a job on you predictable phonies.
My own mother and siblings have alternately admitted I was correct and then retracted that,
all in the space of weeks and months. Their phoniness would not let them admit what they
already had admitted.
La Donna is a KOGO radio host and she is a liar for hire. She is a government mouthpiece and
doesn’t think twice about betraying all of San Diego when she characterizes me as a whacko.
She knows better. She is a traitor to all of you and she knows I am, indeed, absolutely
correct. Her job requires of her to lie to all of you or she’ll get canned. She betrays
all of San Diego for money. She is an avowed atheist and fears no hell. She’s burning you.
Go ahead, La Donna, sue me if I’m wrong. I’m sure you read my site monthly for homework.
I’m not wrong. La Donna and a host of hosts are all liars for hire working for the coverup.
Yoko Ono is another liar for hire. The government’s “Ace in the hole” without which the Chap-
man lie would not stand a chance. If she were real she would never have advised us all to;
“let the courts decide..” If she was really in love with John she would have told us all
to distrust anything the media is saying until the facts have been born out. She knew how
desperately Nixon tried to deport him in the 70’s. In fact, she planted the marijuana joint
that got him busted. In fact, she was the one who phoned Japanese authorities to bust Paul
McCartney for the same thing when he arrived in Japan by jet. Yoko. Evil co-conspirator.
When she exited the limo, seconds before the bullets were fired, she RAN ahead of John know-
ing what was about to happen. She is an actor. I found out the hard way; I was kidnapped,
handcuffed and beaten unconscious in 1987 by her thugs. Her way of saying; “Back off.”
She was and is the ace in the hole of the whole Chapman lie. She is still keeping Manhatten
stupid as bird poop. They trust her. “Yoko’s not complaining. Why should we?”
You jealous, cowardly, infantile, hero killing phonies and bastards! My own flesh and
blood included. You sinful, evil, phony adults. You slave your lives away for money.
Now “Under the Dome” is playing nationwide, tonight. You’re all ridiculous fools living
“Under the Chapman Lie.”
King is aware, apparently, of some bio warfare the government has in store for us as depict-
ed in his plot line of people getting sick from some pathogen. You should all be scared
about THAT and not King or your government you’re so worried about offending. “My god,
they could nuke us all if they wanted. Don’t point fingers at the government. They might
hurt us back if we expose them.”
You weak, phony morons.
Expose the government now or you will likely be passing out sick, en mass, and dying some-
day soon due to some government plot to kill off a percentage of the human race for their
Already they have been mind molesting you and your children with the man who murdered
John Lennon, the one man who could have saved you from bad politics. Historically that’s
what governments do best; kill the smart guy before the rest of all of you wake up.
You just can’t admit what’s going on all around you, can you? Too phony. Too yellow.
The price you are all paying for being such cowardly, boot-licking, jealous phonies is this;
Not only are you living your only lives in utterly satanic juices, you are pissing off
the messenger, me, who can make or break America, after. Thanks to three decades of
showing me that our country is phony and satanic in the face of hard evidence I am now con-
vinced that capitalism and free market enterprise isn’t worth it anymore. That a whole new
construct must replace all that with a lifestyle that can’t be molested by government.
That everything that is must be replaced with self sufficiency and not co-dependency.
That money, itself, must be rethought.
Now you’ve offended your messenger who the rest of the world will listen to when I
do have as much power as John Lennon once had. Now I know you’re all phony and not to be
emulated. I now know that what you all embrace must be replaced. Money whores don’t care.
You are all thinking, perhaps, “We’ll just have to kill you, too, smart ass.”
You see how phony and cowardly and jealous you all are?

For the benefit of those of you who merely lack I.Q let me spell out what happened;

The government and Stephen King agreed to kill Lennon in 1975 as reflected in King’s
writings about The Catcher In The Rye, “Nixon the old witch hunter, himself..” shooting a man
between the shoulder blades, getting a famous man’s autograph before trying to assassinate
him, Johnny, etc. etc.. Then Chapman, a look-alike son of an Amoco Oil executive, was set
up as the fall guy. The New York City officials and warden etc. were all in on the plot
ready to cover up the whole thing. They did. The mass media, all C.I.A. controlled, (I know
you don’t think so) all lied to you on purpose and brainwashed you. They are doing so to
this very day. Yoko was sent to break up The Beatles from day one and, eventually, set up
and covered up her husband’s death.
The police switched King with Chapman that night.
Chapman may not be in jail at all. At least most of the time. Even the media is getting
their lie backwards; They claim Chapman plead guilty in June of 1981. False! He plead guilty,
in June of 1982! behind closed doors and out of the public eye.

Now, to the majority of people who give me thumbs up on the roadways to my website van,
(10 to 1, in fact, over middle fingers) thank you for being better than most of your fellow
Americans who just don’t care or would rather not rehash the whole murder.
You are the reason there is hope. Your 10 to 1 ratio of believing me is a good sign that the
other Americans want to help me but feel powerless.
All YOU people need to do is start picketing your lying media. Do that and hold my website
up on your billboards and the walls of the coverup will come crashing down.
It really IS THAT EASY! DEMONSTRATE! Expose your fellow Americans for the phony cowards
they ARE. Oppose their stupidity and defend your lives from their collective foolishness.
That’s what I’ve been doing for decades.
Don’t ask me to start the demonstration. I wore myself out in the 80’s in the San Francisco
bay area. You’ll have to care, then do it yourselves. If you don’t care you’re doomed.
It takes more that one person to get results.

One thing I might start doing is selling my magazine door to door in a target city. I can’t
find a good employer so maybe that’s MY next move.

Imagine that. The least phony among you driving around in my website van knocking on doors
to compensate for the media you are fools to trust.

Hey, famous people. Send me some funds so I don’t have to rob a bank. You can afford it.
Time you stopped free-loading off of my heroism and earn your right not to be assassinated.
Or are you famous people big phonies, too?
Paul’s too jealous of me and John Lennon to help. Don’t wait for him to care.

See my About Author page for my e-mail address. If you care.

P.S. I was proved right about the warning that Venice Beach Boardwalk would be the site of
a terror attack. I’m talking about the motorist who mowed down people there just two months
after I warned you all, on this website, in writing, that it just might happen there.
Go ahead, it’s at the tail end of the chapter “Get well, Follow me”

(To be continued…)