Coast to Coast radio of the Art Bell, George Nori crowd, etc., is a C.I.A. hoax to distract
America from reality. In essence Coast to Coast holds America’s hands consoling them that
there is a voice of truth out there exposing the government and they put on a good act to
make you think so.
Another thing Coast to Coast radio does is distract you with subjects that are non existant.
Alien aircraft, aliens, etc.. They know that there has never been an alien spacecraft within
200 light years of earth but know that by making you think about such things that the
government can buy time to do their agenda while you’re all looking into nonsense instead
of tackling the big issues of politics on this planet in your lifetimes.
I recall the last time George Nori and I talked. He remarked; “So you’re still on that Lennon
kick, huh?” as if it wasn’t important. Ian (I forget his last name) who used to be with
Coast to Coast also tried to trivialize me in the past like every other radio show.
Last night, (July 31, 2013), I called to offer my opinion that the phenomenon of adult
phoniness is at the heart of all our political shortcomings. The producer asked me to
elaborate and I told him “If I tell you what kind of activism I do you won’t put me on the.
air.” He challenged me and even said; “If you can prove that we’ll put you on the air.”
I explained that the hosts have already resorted to character assassination against me and
it’s not likely. He continued; “Why haven’t the media exposed this?” I explained that the
mass media is under C.I.A. control and is not allowed to and is, in fact, ordered to margin-
alize me. He kept up his act and pretended to want to know what my proof was. When I told
him he came up with every phony reason why it wasn’t proof. I could have offered a taped
confession by King and he’d have poo poo’d that. He was proving my original point that all
adults are phony and only a child will admit what his eyes see even if the truth is hurtful.
I told him, at that point; “You are a censor, the lowest form of life on this earth. You don’t
fool me at all.” When I said that he didn’t deny it but reveled in the back and forth un-
til he hung up on me. When I called back he had done something to prevent me from even try-
ing to call back. He had kept me on the line, deliberately, long enough to trace something
on my phone (The number is blocked).
I shut my phone off, removed the battery and Syn chip and called back later to let him know
that I will expose Coast to Coast as a C.I.A. program all over talk radio and my site.
So there you have the outline of why you can’t trust A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G that is allowed to
broadcast to a mass audience. Everything short of garage stations that have a 20 mile radius
are under the C.I.A. tent. That you doubt me is testiment to how well they have completely
controlled your minds.
The beautiful thing about being the hard hitting truth is you can find out who the bad guys
are based on how they bash you.
I’ve been there, done that, and I know the score. I’ve been crashing talk radio for decades
and I know what the score is. I’ve been on the air at least two thousand times.
Take my word on this public. I know what I’m talking about.
Or you can put your trust in a radio show that penetrates all of society and believe that
the government isn’t in the mix on all that. If you want to look up to the skies for aliens
while your politicians are screwing you all here on earth, if you believe that George Nori
sincerely wants to expose the government that allows him to broadcast every where, coast to
coast, then you are a fool. That’s all.
For your information, Coast to Coast is the equivalent of government fly paper. They are
there, partly, to gain the trust of those with scandalous information so that you call them
to air your news only to have them go behind your back, after, and report you to the C.I.A..
Coast to Coast is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
They are a censor, the lowest form of life on this earth.