Yoko Ono IS a govt. cunt!

That’s right, everybody. Let this K.G.B. witch sue me if I’m slandering her or defaming her.
In fact, I may just put this four foot long message on my bumper, soon;
“Yoko Ono IS a govt. c##t!
“Yoko’s a govt. witch”
“Yoko Ono; Modern ‘Judas'”
Beware ‘Agent’ Yoko Ono”
“Yoko rules silent U.S.”
“‘Agent’ Yoko also involved”
Which one works for you people? Is there any message I can post that will get you to admit
what all of you demonstrated you already knew in 1968; That Yoko Ono was infiltrating The
Beatles on behalf of the government from day one?
Yoko Ono is the bitch from Big Brother we all KNEW she was from day one when we all hissed
at the mention of her name. A government ‘Judas’, a ‘Black Widow’; “Oh, NO!, YOKO!”
Yes, dear reader, your faces all squished up from Yoko Ono’s butt cheeks and other body parts
that have been sitting on you since 1968, I’m certain, Yoko Ono was “Tricky Dicky’s” ultra,
stealth, secret agent, hero killer/Judas. She set John up for the government and would have
been killed, too, if she were really John’s loving wife. She was the cover-up’s “Ace In The Hole”.
Wake up and smell the nightmare, Nightmarica. Take a look through the glass onion layers of
Orwellian evil, in real life, as it’s all still, pathetically, happening to all of you.
I found out after Yoko’s security detail had me kidnapped, handcuffed and beaten unconscious in
San Francisco in 1987 for merely giving her an envelope with copies of my magazine to get to
Paul, George and Ringo. That’s all I did. Turns out she had the N.Y.P.D. hold a gun to John’s
house servant, Fred Seaman, to get John’s journals back years earlier. Government cunt.
She’s the witch sitting on all of New York city keeping everybody quiet and apathetic. “Oh,
well, let Yoko do something if there’s anything funny going on. She’s the one who would do
something if there was anyone who would do something. His wife, for God’s sake.”
Just the phony, cop out excuse you all want to make to pass the buck. Yoko IS the funny
thing going on. She’s keeping a lid on things. She’s protecting her 500 million dollar payday
for playing her part. Coldest fish in the sea. Her parents deserted her because of our war
with Japan which explains part of why why she secretly hates America and all of you.
“K.G.B.!!?? Really, now, Steve Lightfoot. You’re risking your all important credibility with
such an outlandish remark that implies that Nixon and Reagan were Soviet plants imploding
the United States of America?”
That’s exactly what I’m saying, dear reader. That our government has sold us all out a long
time ago to the idea of the government absolutely controlling the masses they rule over.
Media mind control, financial control, killing all anti government heroes, all control.
I’m saying that Time magazine, after Algier Hiss, it’s editor in chief, admitted to being
a communist in the 50’s, was allowed to continue to be our premier magazine, anyway.
I’m saying that John Lennon was killed with a handgun during the exact same time that the
Soviets were caught shooting the Pope. I’m saying that there is a nexus, there, not a
coincidence. I’m saying that Yoko Ono and the Nixon, Reagan crowd, working for the Soviets
in real life, and with the permission of our own sell out / infiltrated government, arranged
to intercept The Beatles by breaking the band up, first, then getting it’s true leader, John Len-
non, out of the public eye long enough for his hard core fans to be burdened with money
matters before assassinating him and covering up his murder with the help of Yoko (Agent) Ono.
The Beatles, you see, were changing the world for the better and our government could’t afford
for that to happen. They needed the media to control you, instead. And it does now that our
beloved hero, John Lennon, isn’t there to help us like a real big brother should.
It’s a war between our right to have a big brother, “One of us.” heroes and the government’s
attempt to replace that right with assassinating them and being a ‘Phony’ substitute big brother.
You can read all about why I think Yoko is the Judas of our times in my Chapter below
titled; “Yoko’s No Good”
And that’s putting it politely.

P.S. Poor, pathetic, silent, under Yoko’s evil spell like John was, too, Paul McCartney, is too
unsophisticated to see through her. I guess that makes me smarter than Paul McCartney.
I know for a fact I’m a hell of a lot braver and, in spite of my verbal venom, care more
about all of you than he does.
Like John was, I’m the very definition of the “good’ Big brother we all need as a species.
Life without someone like us would be worse than death and that’s why we’re so brave.
Hate me all you want for being so righteous but I am America’s “Best Man.” I have proof.
Proof you weaklings don’t want to confront. Or WILL you JAIL Stephen King? I can’t do it
without all of America’s help. It has to break, first, then go to the courts, second, or
you will be poisoned with media mind control and corruption from the government. You have
to take to the streets FOR THIS, for a change.

Meanwhile, you all look pretty stupid with Yoko Ono’s cunt marks and butt cheek marks all
squished into your unsuspecting faces. She’s been sitting on all of you long enough.

P.S. Do I think that Nixon and Reagan, both, were impostors infiltrating our presidency to
destroy America? Yes, I do.
You have to realize, with the Cuban missile crisis both countries were threatened. No holds
are barred in such situations and Moscow may have felt justified to penetrate our presidency
for self preservation. They knew that the best strategy would be to transform us into the kind
of country that fit their vision via infiltration. The infiltration was so thick in the 50’s it was cal-
led out on the world stage and all of Hollywood was suspect.
Enter president of the screen actors guild, Ronald Reagan. And he married Nancy Baker who was
on the commie black list. Go figure. Then in 1980 with Lennon’s murder and in 1981 with his own
faked episode of getting shot, he came after America’s guns and gun ownership rights. Didn’t he?!
Stephen King is an outspoken enemy of the N.R.A.. He recently remarked that the N.R.A. should
have to clean the walls of Sandy Hook. Even though King, himself, wrote “Rage”, a book about
a student shooting up his whole class, back in 1975 before the phenomenon even existed.
King, who warns us, several times, in one book he wrote right after assassinating our hero;
“Beware the Jewish, communist plot against the U.S..” I think King is Jewish, besides. I
believe he was spotted with the crowd in Bohemian Grove where all the Free Masons, etc. meet.
King is part of the disintegrate America campaign that our government is, apparently, O.K. with.

W-A-K-E—–U-P, Nightmarica.

Was Nov. 22, ’63 a Soviet, take-over coup. We’re the Soviets, Kruschev, Castro, the K.G.B.
etc., behind the assassination of J.F.K. and was it more than just that, a hostile takeover
of our government under the threat of nuclear blackmail?
I can almost see the memo they could have delivered if that was the case;
“Your young president was about to start a nuclear war and, well, we killed him and we’re taking
you over as of now. Any resistance will be met with all out destruction of your major cities.
Relax. We’re just stepping up our agenda a few years early and all of you government people will
be positioned well for what is to come. We will even let it seem like you defeated us and fake
our demise down the road to keep the public unaware. We have it all laid out.”

I recall Eisenhower’s famous warning to us all before he left office;
“Beware the military/industrial complex….”
I think he may have already known about this transfer of power, then. This merging of both
super-powers into one “Big Brother” machine.
At that time the infiltration and subversion by the Soviets was so rife it could not be ig-
nored. The media, Hollywood, our government. I’ve seen the Time magazine codes a week before
J.F.K.’s murder enough to know Nixon was centrally behind that assassination. Was Nixon a Soviet
agent all along? Was Reagan a Soviet plant, too?
It took me decades to recon that that is probably exactly the case.
I recall how we had a Russian whose last name was Shalikasvili at the head of our military
not too long ago, that Clinton told us to side with Moscow over the Chechnian rebels when
he was president and the way our Pentagon has assumed central command of our police depart-
ments as evidenced after the Fergussen, Missouri incident when a Pentagon officer took to national
television to calm the public the day after.
I’ve noticed how all of our mass media is hostile to the truth and is molesting us all with
gun violence and stupefying programming. America has become, more than just like Soviet era
Russia, it has become silent, scared and satanic. Pro-cover-up, boot-licking sick and weak.

And so I say to all of you boot-licking, blindfolded, so called Americans;
“Wake up and smell your nightmare.”

If I am right about all of this you, the U.S. public, would be the very last to know.