ACCIDENT ???!!!!

An accident took place in Concord, Ca. last June 20, 2007. Me and my assistant
were T-boned by a vehicle doing well over 50 mph and the impact was so great it
knocked my delivery truck several feet sideways and over on its side. I’m
lucky to be alive. I have a sore kidney, lung and back but my wrist and foot
are feeling better.
If this was a conspiracy to kill me, like Dianna, in a car crash, I suspect it
would have to have been done by someone manually operating the lights at the
intersection. I have learned that this city has just such capabilities.
Now, in all probability, it may HAVE been just an accident. But I still know
it may not have been.
Just know that I am in danger of assassination every day of my life and shame
on all of you for subjecting me to so much danger just so you don’t have to
interupt your comfort zone and lift a finger to help bring me forward.
Where is your honor U.S. public? Have you forsaken the folkhero?
If I should die any time before this story breaks know that it was you, the
average slob, who made it possible.
If I lived in a world with people who deserved truth and justice you would
have hailed me decades ago. King would be jailed and you’d all be free.
But you are dumbed down now, I know.
I only call you all slobs because it’s true where Lennon’s and this
messenger are concerned.
Extremely suspicious was the officer who made the report. Immediately he
twisted the whole thing by trying to put words in my mouth. He said:
“How fast was the other car going,…40 mph.?”
I said; “At More!” In the report he tried to say that I had said 40
mph and not him. He also failed to make use of a witness who is certain the
driver who hit me ran a red light. That was left out of his report!
It so happens the officers took no photos or measurements and I find the city has
already paved over the entire scene!
The officer also put words in my passengers mouth to twist what happened.
Something weird IS going on.
(To be continued….)