The state of California, possibly even the governor, Jerry Brown, the man accountable for
everything below him, may be trying to assassinate me via a fatal traffic accident. The facts
suggest that our government may be trying to kill me in an intersection, red light. fatality.
Paranoid? Out of bounds? Crying wolf?
No, no, and no.
In fact, I have received two red light camera tickets in the mail in almost as few months.
This, in spite of the fact that I haven’t received a valid traffic citation in several
years. The only one I remember was one in Stephen King’s hometown of Portland, Maine is-
sued hours after I was interrogated by police for sleeping in my van the night I arrived.
Now it’s as if California is trying to give the news reporters a list of prior violations to later
explain away why I wound up dead in a fatal traffic accident when it was really an assassination.
I can almost see the news readers now; “Steve Lightfoot had run up a string of red light viola-
tions prior to this tragic accident…”
Already I let you readers know that on June 22, 2007 I was almost killed when a woman
ran a red light in Concord, California, T-boning my delivery truck at about 55 mph knock-
ing my vehicle ten yards, sideways, before it tipped over.
God being on my side, no one was really hurt.
I wondered, then, was the government trying to kill me this way?
In fact, witness accounts suggest that the lights weren’t working properly, suggesting
there were two green lights, simultainiously.
I was not cited, nor was anyone. One witnness claimed he also had a green light. He was facing
opposite me. Did all three of us have a green light?
I inquired with the city of Concord and learned that their lights can be manually operated
by remote control from a building.
I know, for a fact, that my light was a green arrow that I had waited a minute for.
It is entirely possible that just juch a remote control trick was pulled to give me a green
arrow when it wasn’t safe, knowing, from video surveillance, that another car was only a
hundreds yards away doing 55 mph, a perfect set up to kill Steve Lightfoot before his
Lennon murder expose breaks wide open and make it look like an accident. And all the more
convenient, in a meat delivery truck and not my controversial van, itself.
If true you might ask; “Would our govt. kill a U.S. citizen with a trick green light just tio kill
me?” Of course they would.
Now, it seems I am being targeted by this states red light camera system using trickery to
force a violation when no violation was committed. Using abbreviated yellow lights and even
Hours before the first rigged red light a Daly City police car involuntarilly jumped on his gas
pedal at the sight of me driving into the West Lake Mall. I was a familiar sight there so
what’s going on so unusual that an officer would get excited and startled by my presence
only a mile or two away from the light that would later entrap my van? Did he know something
I didn’t, perhaps about the state’s plan to start hitting me with red light camera tickets,
namely the one at Sloat and 19th Ave. in San Francisco that I could be predicted to go to?
Before this intersection incident I took a long, several hour nap before driving through the
gauntlet of 19th Ave.. In fact I started out at after 3:00 am specifically to have the safest
trip with the least amount of traffic, coincidentally, at the least congested hour of any week;
3:30 am on a Monday following a Sunday night.
It’s the quietest half hour of the week at that intersection, the perfect time to spring
a stunt that would otherwise CAUSE accidents
there. A stunt like three consecutive lights that turn yellow just as you near the light, as
was the case then. The one other person on the road and I looked at each other at the third stop
like; “What’s going on with these lights?” It was as if we were trapped in a sequence that
forced us to stop at the last second at every consecutive light. To get out of this sequence we
both got up to the speed limit quickly, me in front, both of us accelerating when the
turned yellow, again, at the last second. With the other car behind me, accelerating, and
no one else on the road anywhere in sight and having vision up and down Sloat, I made it through
the light rather than cause an accident having the motorist behind me rear end me if I slam-
med on my brakes.
I actually made the light, even the photos show that my bumper is over the line. My front
axel is directly beneith my drivers seat, not in front of my feet as with most vehicles.
The camera light is set off by pressure sensors in the road thus giving a false ticket to any-
one whose front axel is two feet farther behind the front bumper. The law specifies it
is the front bumper, not the tires, that has to cross the line before a red. My bumper was
over the line even though my front tires may not have been.
Furthermore, the yellow light was shorter than the 3.2 seconds required by law in a 30 mph
zone. It was more like 2.2 it seemed to me. If the state is just trying to tag every sucker
$480.00 just for entering that intersection using such tricks the state should be ashamed.
Jerry Brown is not the liberal crusader you think. He was the media’s choice for governor
and he is a pure establishment politician. If he is after me, specifically, then good luck,
Jerry Brown, you may need it.
This second notice I received in the mail was a complete surprise and don’t know much about.
I feel endangered at this point and am sounding the alarm.
My drivers license may also be a target as I drive my website everywhere I go.
I’ll keep you posted. Steve Lightfoot


As I write these words you, the U.S. public, are the kind of people who stand for Rupert Murdock
being allowed to murder the whistleblower who busted his empire the day before he, Rupert,
denied everything he is accused of before a panel that will, likely, excuse him of all.
As I write these words you, the public, are the kind of people who allow the transit police
to murder citizen after citizen, even Oscar Grant’s best friend, likely, and on the same day yet,
another, bay area city’s transit police kill yet another citizen.
I can prove that you are the kind of people who are willing to let Stephen King get away
with murdering John Lennon. Pure, human evil on display for 30 years now.
You’re all busted and you’re all wet.
You are like the fools in The Wizard of Oz who lack the courage, the brains and the heart to
do what’s right and stand up to the charade behind the curtain.
You are, likely, only semi-evolved humans, still running from your primate roots, your hands
over your eyes, mouths and ears.
Aren’t you all?
The year of the Mesherle verdict I accused all the outraged citizens of lacking the back-
bone to use my Lennon evidence against the govt. and that that weakness told the govt. all
it needed to know about your real resolve; that you, as a people, lack real resolve. When
the rubber meets the road and you have the expose you’ve needed since forever, you wilt
and turn your backs, en mass, like animals, swallowing every media tid bit that keeps all
of you phony and afraid. You deny the hard evidence its due in a masochistic spasm you all
seem slaves to. Damned, in a word.
Here we are, many months later, having Bart police kill a youth the same week Mesherle is re-
leased and a week later Oscar Grant’s best friend is assassinated and on the same day another
youth is killed by transit police.
Is the transit police system the first visible evidence we are all going Soviet?
Is the media protection of evil, murderous, Orwellian, un-American Rupert Murdoch a testiment
to your failure as citizens, your failure as Americans?
I think so.
When the driver of the van that mowed down Stephen King was found dead six months later, and
after King, alone, petitioned for more severe punishment than the court gave him, no one in
Maine was asking any real questions. But Bangor is ground zero for America’s denial.
I don’t even know the name of this whistleblower who died the day before Murdock testified
before a panel of establishment bureaucrats. KGO radio hosts are poo pooing every suspicion
dismissing the dead whistleblower’s demise as health related and not suspicious, according
to police and’ …So let’s just move past it…”
I say wake up you Lennon killing, media controlled, yellow bellied turncoat, phonies.
What kind of mush have you all become?
My expose is the one the govt. fears most. And the one you fear the most, too, it seems.
As this entry ends Boener and Obama are coming to you like two door to door salesmen who
are both working for the same Rockefeller crowd to explain to all of you why it is that the
“Baby Boomer’s” social security fund is to be the sacrificial cow of this entire charade.
That America must dumb itself down to fit into the new world order and that the middle class
must lose its power to the corporate globalists.
That medical and other entitlements to the biggest population ever must be trimmed. That
all you worker bees are going to have to slave away into your late 70’s to get squat.
Behind the scenes those pulling all the strings are, no doubt, joking amongst themselves;
” They’re all getting screwed by Boner! Ha,ha!”
Well, haven’t silent all of you been a tragic joke since Stephen King rode roughshod over
all you once held sacred? Haven’t all your lives been a mockery since King murdered Lennon?
You’d rather live like peasants under the barrell of a gun than picket your lying media and
actually USE hard evidence against the govt. for once in your lives.
And you shudder at the Norwegian terrorist for telling you that only violence will move you.

It just goes to show why it is that your evil govt. always murders your superstars. Without
one you’re all disfunctional. Without one of you, apart from the govt., who has proven his
merit, as John Lennon did, to rise to a position of influencing the masses you, as a species,
can’t function in a healthy manner. The only other alternative is mind control that is
produced by your govt. media apparatus.
The way you all live now.
Speaking of influential celebrities aren’t all of you celebrities of todays scene an ir-
relevent embarasment until you take a stand for outing John Lennon’s real killer now that
you can’t honestly say you don’t know any better?