CHP Stalking me?

Actually it could be our governor or attorney general Bill Lockyer or
even Creams Towing of Santa Rosa AND the California Highway Patrol stalking me,
going after my wallet, my licence and my sloganed van lately with phony tickets.
In the past few months I have received two suspicious tickets from the CHP and
I notice that my record is clean except for a false listing of a 1989 ticket for
driving on a suspended licence. I have never been cited for such an offense except
possibly once in the 1970’s. This false listing on my record is pure fraud.
That such a listing appears on my record suggests to me that the authorities
are after my driver’s licence to get my website address off the streets.
In fact, since purchasing another mini-van I have been pulled over three times in
as many weeks and cited once, even though it has no slogans on it yet.
I had to swerve to the shoulder to avoid rearending stopped traffic on hwy 101
recently and was pulled over within seconds of doing so and cited even after I
told the officer I had no choice and that such a maneuver is completely legal.
Seconds later another CHP car was there as well. A CHP traffic block had been
the cause of suddenly stopped traffic, besides.
Months earlier a fire truck who had been following me for twenty minutes radioed
the CHP to cite me for weaving even though I wasn’t (the wind gusts momentarily
blew my other high top van around for a few seconds). I drove like a nun the rest
of the journey. I wasn’t cited for weaving but an illegal search of my van result-
ed in a seperate, unrelated ticket that I am in the process of dismissing via an
intercept program.
Perhaps Arnold S. or Bill Lockyer are after my wallet/ licence/ website advertisement.
I think that they may both be abusing their office, in fact, in doing so.
Meanwhile I will keep you posted if this latest ticket isn’t dismissed as it
should be. Everyone has the right to dodge a rear end collision if the shoulder
is clear. That the officer saw all this and still cited me is suspicious.
If Arnold Schwarzenegger or Bill Lockyer are abusing their offices you should want
to know about that too.
Meanwhile I will be putting my website on my new gas saver van and parade it up and
down California’s freeways and roads for your information.