That’s right, all of you, but especially truth tested and proven phonies, the cowardly
people of Bangor, Maine, Berkeley and San Francisco, California and New York, New York.
That’s right, all you phucking phonies. You who pretend that a crazy guy named Chapman
shot John Lennon for no ryhm or reason. You, who pretend you ever saw a trial for Chap-
man in the first place. You, who molest your children with the real killer, all this time,
with some creepy nerd from Bangor, Maine named Stephen King. You phucking phonies.
It’s not because you’re all stupid as dirt and don’t really know King is a murderer, you
do know. You’re just too scared to care. You’re the real phony in the expose. All of you.
Once the world learns that you were a witness to my website emblazened van for years and
what was on my site the rest of the world will KNOW that you people were simply phony,
weak, boot-licking, turncoats who were good with the government molesting you and your
poor, defenseless children with a murderous monster! Furthermore the rest of the world will
KNOW that Bangor puts Stephen King’s welfare ahead of America’s welfare. You will remain an
example of what a god damned sinner mankind really is. Damned from birth, unable to care.
You phonies are the reason you were told it was John that was phony, to confuse you. You
even let the government blame John for YOUR collective phoniness as you excused a trial.
You so fear your nuclear weaponed military and government that you stand aside as they curse
your satanic lives, further, with pure, destructive evil. Maybe mankind is weak and evil.
I’m a witness to the latter, like none you’ve ever known or will know in your lifetimes, I’ll
bet. I’m the maligned, abused, neglected, messenger of the story. The guy who found the
government codes in Time and Newsweek magazines surrounding the crime including the killer’s
face and letter to the editor all printed BEFORE the crime took place. I’m the one you are
all lucky to have to find the truth for you. I’m the unsung, resented super-hero you don’t
seem to know what to do with.
I know, like no one else on earth, just how pathetic and phony you all are underneith the
pretense of ‘land of the free’ and ‘home of the brave’. You are neither.
You ALL would rather fork over your firstborn for slaughter than stand up to your government.
Nothing’s changed in 2,000 years. Jesus died partly in vain. He died because of, not for, our
sins. You’re still sacrificing your children’s welfare while you lay low and out of sight, still
letting your government kill the smart guy with a better way and “you’re still phucking
peasants as far as I can see”, too. You are proof that Jesus did not save mankind. In fact,
your collective lives could not be more ridiculous, humiliating, unholy, satanic and miserable.
It seems Stephen King has defacated all over the landscape that is your lives and all you can
do is look the other way and let him molest your decency as a human being, like a weakling.
Do read my other chapters immediately below this one or remain a moron.
I just got back from advertising all over the San Francisco bay area with huge billboards
that advertise my website on one and, on the other,; “YOU PHUCKING PHONIES”
I got a lot of appreciative smiles of agreement from those people, too.
You all seem to know what cowards you all have been.
Think about yourselves, people; John Lennon. Of all people you have known, is there another
more deserving of your concern? Are you people just wicked and ignorant and shallow and base
and boring, unsexy, satanic and masochistic?
I think you are more savage and depraved and inclined to lick government boot than you like
to admit. Apparently you have been deprived of heroes, generally, and now you’re all sick.
Get off your knees you phucking phonies. YOU’VE got THEM by the balls, now. Are you too
cowardly and stupid to run with hard evidence, or will you wait until I get killed in the name
of your phoniness, too? Will you ever stand up for yourselves and rise up against the govern-
ment or is America just a slogan?
I’ve seen the asteroid that can correct you all, you poor fools. You are such fools, too.

Don’t blame me for sounding angry. I should be after learning that none of you, not even
Paul McCowardly, can be trusted or counted on.
To quote an Eric Burdon and The Animals lyric;

“My faith was so much stronger then
I believed in fellow men
And I was so much older then
When I was young.”

It’s not pleasant learning that all of you are turncoat, douchebags under the government’s
thumb covering up John Lennon’s murder while the killer molests you all.

(To be continued….)