Venice Beach Attacking Messenger;

Hi! I’m Steve Lightfoot, the owner of the van and website;,
an expose that proves, via Time and Newsweek government headline codes, including the kill-
er’s face, name and letter in print before the crime, that Nixon and Reagan arranged for horror
writer Stephen King to actually murder John Lennon. Some kind of government fear plot a-
gainst us. That Mark David Chapman is Big Govt. Lie. You phonies have known, all along.
To even deny the concept without a good look equals child abuse. Read all about it on
my new development’s page, the chapter titled DENIAL EQUALS CHILD ABUSE. Add Yoko
Ono to the plot and you get a flavor of our real life, government produced nightmare.
Read, also, there, the details about a new attack on me.
There is a street musician who, I think, hogs a Venice Beach spot, 7 days a week, I think,
pretty much non stop, till dark; the piano player. I think he could be part of an L.A.P.D.
anti free speech campaign there. No one with any message can get a word in edgewise.
This conflict ired me to the point of making a public complaint about it which sprung from
the woodwork a man who I thought was a police agent / provocatour 20 years ago when he
knifed my tire. Now that I was pointing out that it is a no free speech zone under L.A.P.D.
mind control, out pops this old trouble-maker who I always suspected was a cop. That was on
May 23, 2013. 20 years later, harassing me, still. Now he has commited a crime.
This April 4, 2014, he sucker punched me in the jaw as hard as he could while his tag team
partner, a woman, vandalized my signs. I had been playing my guitar there. Days later the
same woman made criminal threats against my van and life.
Although it is mostly one unhappy and angry man who actually resembles a 40-‘sh Charles Man-
son who has attacked me, all of Venice Beach is to blame for allowing itself to be overrun by
hoodlums and drug dealers and criminals. Indeed, Venice Beach has become a ghetto, sort of.
It’s beach atmosphere is tainted by that steady carnivalesque piano sound that seems to drown
out all forms of free speech at the spots that matter there. Apparently with police approval.
Anyone who thinks there is not a censorship program throughout L.A.’s hot spots with police
playing pro active roles to keep free speech suppressed is, simply, ignorant and naďve. On
the last murder anniversary, for example, two police cars pulled up to block my signs at the
Santa Monica Prominade. One of hundreds of stunts I’ve endured over three decades. See my
chapter Current Update to see the dozons of police beatings, kidnapping, etc. I’ve endured.
And so, when this same, then, young punk in his 20’s knifed my tire because I wouldn’t buy his
bogus bag of pot about 20 years ago, my first thought was that he might be in cahoots with
the police to harass my free speech. There was no explanation for the level of animosity this
155 lb. man, about 5’8″ tall with brown hair had against me unless he was working with them.
Though he was huddled among his gang buddies when I confronted him about it minutes later
no punches were thrown, yet he didn’t deny knifing my tire behind my back.
Ever since, this guy has had a grudge against me that he has managed to suppress for all these
years until last spring, May 23, 2013, when he popped out of the woodwork to start a fight
knowing that I had a valuable guitar to protect. As soon as I put it away he was gone.
I let the crowd know that and, this last April 4, 2014, he emerged, again, only this time to
sucker punch me with a left roundhouse to my jaw after he used his girlfriend to distract me.
Again, once I put my valuables away he was gone. I am an athletic, 175 male, six feet tall.
The details I will list below in my official police report, but I am informing all of Venice
Beach that you are air-heads without a classy bone in your bodies if you don’t care about who
really murdered John Lennon, especially since you boot-licking cowards let Chapman skip
trial when it happened. What I’ve learned, most, over time, is that people, you’re the
problem. You simply don’t care about anything.
I represent all that is classy and brave and good about you, the man who attacked me repre-
sents all that is sick, cowardly, jealous and evil about you. His shame is on you. He is
your enemy and your children’s enemy. Anyone who attacks me is a sick man, indeed.
You will have to decide who you are going to protect; me or him.
To all his friends who think he’s cool, the L.A.P.D. seem to be his best friend now that I am
trying to arrest him.
Maybe my first impressions of him were correct; that he’s part of a government plot to stop my
free speech. That he is not to be trusted by anyone.
Meanwhile I pray that you air-heads get more responsible and start to care about my situation
as I am America’s real hero and I deserve for all of you to march me to your lying media with
my hard evidence. Your riff-raff beach scene needs some attention, too, in my opinion. And
your police are trying to tell me they don’t make assault arrests unless one is injured to
the point of needing medical care. Is that true., L.A.? I don’t think so. And the security
camera’s that surely DID capture much of the attack on me didn’t capture the attack, I’m
being told.
Get on my site and new development’s page and get a clue, you clowns.
It seems I’ll have to find out who’s behind the police’s refusal, so far, to make an arrest.
I knew, coming to L.A., that the system, very much like Russia’s, would attack me. Would
set up agent provocatours to try and get me in trouble or even killed. If I get hurt or kil-
led you should blame yourselves for being weak; Lost Angeles instead of Los Angeles.

Whether any of you can understand, or not, this expose of mine will go down as being bigger
than The Beatles in terms of social change. Everybody’s jealous of me. Get over it.
Stop molesting your children with your cowardly coverup and murderer; Stephen King.