Only you can prevent political assassination. Only you can stop the
government from killing our heroes. And yet we have done nothing, ever,
to stop the killing until I came along, that is, and took a stand.
I wonder how many of you reading this realize just how far we must
go before we can live like a free people.
It’s the difference between heaven and hell the way we could live
and the way we do live. Today we live in a state of insanity and shame.
We could change that but it’s up to all of you, each of you, to change
now and make a stand. I believe that the way we live is far from as
good as we have been lead to believe. I think that we work to much
and think too little. I know we can all live better, happier, more
meaningful lives after we grapple with this monster expose and use
it for all it’s worth. It’s our duty to ourselves and our kids.
Stop the insanity and care about this issue, now.
You need someone, a folk hero, like John Lennon was, even someone like
me, to point out the absurdities of our collective lives so that we can
get on with the business of changing the world. You need someone who can
call the government out on the carpet as well as your neighbors and friends
and relatives, even yourselves, before you can stand even a whisper of a chance
of fighting the dark, evil forces that really are conspiring against you.
Much of the darkness comes from within all of us, all of you, and not just
big brother gone power mad. You need someone who has given up the very
things that ensnare you; money, job, bills, laws, rules, legislation, domestic
responsibilities, paperwork and paperpushing and media mind control to get
a clue to where you all are facing.
As John Lennon once said; “How can we go forward when we don’t know which
way we’re facing?”
I have given up most of those things since John Lennon was assassinated by
our evil, I’ll say it again, by OUR EVIL government. Not because I made
a conscious decision to but because I had no other choice. Being the messenger
of so large and epoch making a news event such as the truth of John Lennon’s
murder has transformed me and pulled me away from the very things that had
been blinding me for most of my life. Now that I have seen behind the look-
ing glass, so to speak, I think I DO represent a potent force for change.
I’m not perfect, but nobody is anyway. Before I change my mind I think you
would all do well to trust me.
Were it not for John Lennon, for example, I would have been a victim of the
narrow, uninspired thinking of my parents and peers and I might well have ended
up like a lot of people, married to the wrong woman, the wrong job, raising kids
to make the same mistakes many of us are all making, and being a victim of
our evil governments plot to enslave us the way a cook sqeezes a lemon for
all the juice it has in it. Because of John Lennon I can see the treadmill of utter
slavery 90% of us all are on. Surely God did not intend for us, the supposedly
most intelligent life form on this planet, to give away half of our waking lives to
work, much less work that none of us would do unless we were paid well in the
first place. Work that defines our place in society and that corrodes our brains
and imaginations with the tedious monotony of basically B.S. machinations.
Even the celebrities can’t see how they’re being manipulated by the powers that
run the media and movies and tabloids. Even our elite, royalty class I wouldn’t
trade places with if it meant having to peddle the wares they are asked to.
We, as a culture, HAVE lost our way and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to under-
stand why MOST marriages and families FAIL. We are living wrong.
When I think of all the jobs most people do to pay their bills I can’t help but see
the human potential being wasted, 24 /7 365 days a year. You can’t even try to
convince the average person that the two paycheck economy is the result of pure,
conspiratorial politics and not economics. That half of the people who think
they have to work to raise a family really don’t, if only they had a leader, a folk
hero, to call the dirty bastards who tricked all of you out on the carpet.
When I remind some that our world wide oxygen levels have fallen from 35%,
forty years ago, to 13% today most respond with the fools logic of; ” Well I won’t
be here in 60 years anyway.” No matter that low oxygen levels in the blood account
for the drastic increase in disease and the growing reliance on pills and drugs.
If I had the power I’d like to give the whole world a broad slap in the face to shock
them back to their senses. I do have the giggest news story on the planet.
Won’t you all help me break it and go mainstream, the way Lennon did, and offer
my courage, insights and visions of this better world I see? I really can’t hang
with all of you the way you ARE living. I really can change the world if you will
demonstrate to our evil government that you won’t let them get away with killing
me the way you all did let them get away with killing John Lennon, the one man
who least deserved to be betrayed by us all. If you will break this story,(YOU
CAN NOT TRUST THE MEDIA ) I promise not to sell out and give up. John
never did, he just got tricked by Yoko Ono like the rest of New York and America.
I’ll be your folk hero if you change enough to deserve one again.
We were better people in the 60’s, we had hope and leaders. Now that only
athletes are left to look to as heroes it’s time we cultivated Steve
Lightfoot and
I once wanted to be golf star and ther’es nothing wrong with sports.
But we are living in shame if that’s the only heroes we have left.
My vision of a better world involves a sense of community that can protect
it’s heroes, number one, and then unite behind them, number two.
The way we are built requires that we follow someone or something. If you
have no hero you will follow the government whether you admit it or not.
The government is an evil leader and I don’t think I have to dredge up world
history to prove that. If I lower the number of hours we all have
to work to pay our bills, if I start a trend towards self reliance and a
return to the soil and family and our waning sense of humanity only the
government and tax collector loses. The rest of us win.
Was 9/11 a government plot to legalize government spying on our private
and business computers? It looks that way to me. Are our soldiers dying
every week while our evil government tries to grab that mid east oil?
Are most of you too stressed out from the workaholic U.S. lifestyle
to care?
Maybe you should consider sticking your necks out for a change and at
least try to help me break the biggest news story ever told in America.
I suggest sneaking in plugs for my website on talk radio shows and other
easy to do things like picketing your local news outlets and media.
.COM” are the kind of posters you could and should be carrying in front
of your local media stations.
Please visit my other chapters listed below. Just click.
It’s time you started to care for a change…
Thank you, Steve Lightfoot