Barbara Walters Betrayed You

In response to Barbara Walters announced retirement last week, I got on both L.A. and
national talk radio to utter the following commentary;

“Barbara Walters..the queen of jealousy, always trying to outdress and upstage her guests… I
can practically see her trying to wrap Zack Effron’s arms around her, as we speak, to make
herself look attractive…Her best friend in life was a gangster, Roy Cohn….When she meets
St. Peter he’ll say to her; ” You and Jack Ruby, ‘No soup for YOU!’ She is the moral e-
quivalent to Jack Ruby who robbed us of the truth regarding J.F.K.’s murder…In 1992 she
knowingly, premeditatively brainwashed us when she interviewed Mark Decoy Chapman….Mark
David Chapman is NOT the man photographed getting John Lennon’s last autograph and she knew
this weeks before her interview with him. She had alrerady received information…”

(At that point I was cut off.)

The next day many of the talking heads who are familiar with who I am seemed disappointed in
my harsh tone, as if she didn’t deserve it. She deserves a gallon of ice cold urine poured
all over her, people. She is the treacherous one who did more than anyone else to brainwash
all of you in order to protect the lie and Stephen King, the real life monster of your lives.
Larry King, a lesser offender of the same thing, who postponed his like interview with Chapman
then said, when confronted by me years later on San Francisco talk radio for it;
“It’s all going to eventually come out, anyway, Ronn..” (to host Ronn Owens)
At least he owned up to the fact that he knew Chapman was a decoy at the time.
Then there was Howard Cosell, the man who first told the big lie about Chapman during Monday
Night Football. He later said of it : “It’s a sordid business…” (The media and his role.)
So, yes, she knew, in advance, that Chapman was a stand in for King. I hand delivered my
magazine to her assistant weeks before the interview aired,.
Judy Woodruff, after learning the truth,after the fact, pulled her likeness from the PBS prop-
aganda piece about Chapman. Now it airs with a 20 minute space of silence marking her absence.
At least she had morals.
So no crap from any of you ingrates about how sweet Barbara BrainWaWasher Walters is, or that
she was an innocent bystander.

Now, why all the Jews behind the coverup? Barbara, Larry, Howard?
I used to imagine that the Jews feared John was the second coming of Christ and killed him out
of guilt and fear, but now I think that Israel wanted John dead before they bombed Saddam Hussein’s nuclear facility in March of 1981 so he wouldn’t stop any war that might result from
that. That his murder was step one for such a petty, meaningless strike and our government
feared John anyway.
No grudge against Jews, just the ones behind the coverup and Barbara is the worst of the
If this truth about her hastens her departure from the planet she poisoned no tears from me.
Until then I call her ‘Cotton Candy Hair’ for all the damage coloring it has done to it.
Multiple face lifts, conceitedness, an unquenchable thirst for fame and attention. Her soul must
be as balck as a bat, working until she practicaly dies. Too much money was never enough
for her. Poor, misguided thing.

More important, though, are the chapter(s) below, listed in order of relevence.