Keep your guns, change your media.

It’s the 18th of June, 2015 and a mass shooting at a Charleston, South Carolina church has caused
Jeb Bush to cancel his planned speech there, today, and Barack Obama, like Bush’s father’s run-
ning mate, Reagan, used it as a reason to abolish or remake our gun ownership laws.
I’ve never seen such a transparent attempt by a politician to pry our guns from our hands.
It’s almost as if Jeb and Barack are converging on Charleston on the same day to point to
our gun rights as cause for change. I’m not saying that this shooter works for Rockefeller
and the new world order and that Jeb and Barack had prior knowledge of the shooting and
that it’s all a government plot and conspiracy, but who really knows? Both parties are
really united behind our backs. A tag team of paternal and maternal role players taking turns.
If Barack Obama and the right wing, who are also after our guns, really were serious about
gun violence then they would first revamp our mass media and fire the current leadership that
is FOISTING gun violence on us and MAKING us violent with their constant imprinting of it.
The C.I.A. owns and runs our mass media. It’s a fucking fact you don’t have the guts to ponder.
People of America, the people who most want to take away your guns are the very same crowd
who arranged for Stephen King to murder John Lennon and then replace his message with one
of fear, instead.
Stephen King is an open opponent of the second amendment, chastising the NRA for Sandy Hook
rather than blame himself for his 1970’s book “Rage” about a student shooting up his class.
Stephen King, who warns us, a dozen times in “Different Seasons”, I think,;
“Beware the Jewish, communist plot against the U.S..”
You see, you overworked and propagandized people, Reagan and Nixon killed Lennon with a gun
to make you all hate guns. Reagan faked getting shot months later to cover up Lennon’s murder
AND to go after your guns with his “Brady Bill”. Jeb Bush AND Barack Obama are after your guns
and are willing to warp you and make you sick with media violence to cause these mass shoot-
ings. The only difference is Jeb will not show you his real cards. May even lie to you.
You had all better wake up before only your police and military are allowed to own guns.
Already our Pentagon has assumed jurisdiction over our cities police departments as evidenced
by their top brass taking the media podium the day after the Fergussen, Missouri police killing
of a man to tell all to relax and be quiet. Already our police have been instructed to shoot
to kill to avoid a lawsuit from any survivors and you had all just better wake up!
We’re in the throes of a world order take-over.

June 19, 2015, a day after the above was entered, and CHINA is chiming in how America must
do more to disarm Americans.
The number one reason our government and China’s government haven’t UNITED, behind our backs,
to take away your freedoms that were installed by our founding fathers, is BECAUSE they will
have to come under fire from all of us if they tried. We HAVE our guns and they fear that.
Anyone else who tells any of you anything but the scenario I have laid out above is igorant,
in my opinion, and should start by jailing Stephen King for murdering John Lennon just to
find out how sick they have been all this time. A real head clearer.
Once Stephen King is jailed and you all have to confront your ugly mess you will all be a
changed species, no less.