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The guilty smirk that has attached itself to your collective faces upon seeing the efforts
of this one man crusade to expose the truth is quite telling. Quite universal, in fact. If
words could be attached to your guilty smirks they would sound like this;

“Hey, Mr. Bigshot, with your automatic Pulitzer, Nobel prize winning find of a story who sees
us for the dupes and cowards and fools we all are; We are afraid of jumping ship for your
better world you’d like us to be part of. We ARE ALL in a tremendous amount of pain and
suffering and are JEALOUS that YOU aren’t afraid of the government like we are. If only we
had your courage we could break your story and get out from under the yoke of our oppres-
sive government and the bankers and the oil people and the military and money, itself, and
walk upright, like you, with our heads held high, but…but…well, we’re all afraid of standing
up for ourselves and helping you help us up out of our misery, so excuse us all while we
smirk at our collective cowardliness that is not up to the task. We know we are all
ridiculous slaves running on herd instict and have already been stampeded into a prison
of work, more work and more work and even more work to keep our oppressors satisfied.
We have let the media convince us to eschew your evidence and brand you a whacko rather
than admit it is all of US who are the real whacko’s of the story. Yes, we’re all sick.
We know they lied and we know we never even tried to question the story about Chapman.
We know we let him skip trial and we know what all that meant. Excuse us while we snicker
and smirk at your, well, heroism. We are not worthy of it, Steve Lightfoot. Don’t you see?
We are jealous that you have the wisdom and courage to escape the pain we are all in. We are
jealous that we don’t have the courage and sanity and common sense that you have.
Please forgive us for being so stupid and, well, yeah, un-American, too. We’re just ridiculous
in our cowardliness.”

Am I close, people? Or do you lie to yourselves that I must be a nut to think that author Step-
hen King murdered anyone?
Bottom line is King has N-E-V-E-R, E-V-E-R, O-N-C-E denied my claims that has sent him into
celebrity exile, king of the low profile. All but out of sight. Never seen on the late night
shows or any media, for that matter. His lawyers have instructed him not to stir the pot.
Not to prod his billions of victims with a foray into the public limelight he wanted.
In fact, the closest King ever came to even trying to deny my claims occured in 1995 in
Santa Cruz when a small girl asked him if he killed John Lennon while he was at a book signing.
His remark; “No…..(dramatic, long pause)…comment.” He couldn’t just say “No.”
Stephen King is the most reclusive celebrity for a reason. Steve Lightfoot is right. Stephen
King belongs in jail for murder or in front of a firing squad for treason.
Didn’t the government already try to run him down with a van in 1999 to shut my story up?
Didn’t they then kill the driver of that van six months later on King’s birthday?
It’s a crazy world you all live in, isn’t it?
What’s Harrisson Ford, Sylvester Stalone, and almost every actor in Hollywood doing if not
wearing a police or military or F.B.I. or C.I.A. uniform and modeling for Big Brother?
Well, Hollywood celebrities? Am I not spot on?
What ever happened to celebrities like John Lennon or Lenny Bruce who struck a blow for the
PEOPLE, instead? All hiding under the sheets, it seems. Well, maybe singling out Harrisson
Ford is a stretch as he is actually a mild offender compared to most of the rest of Holly-
wood. In fact I’m not sure he has ever modeled for the government and worn their cloth.
I guess it’s just that he is so likeable that I named him in the hope he never goes that route.
The poor, new, unknown actors all have to do it to get work in Hollywood. They all have to
brandish firearms and shoot human beings and kill people on TV to get work. Just a fact.
The government is trying to confiscate your guns and has to make you all insane with vio-
lence, first. Don’t you people see? They have to brand you with fear of the government, at least.
Television has become a mind control device for the military and oil people and the corporate
machine and all of you are its victims. They still use real humans to tell you lies on the
evening news and to filter and control what you perceive to be real. They, too, are your undoers,
people. All in the name of money. Fame is not so glamorous anymore the public has become
such a shallow bore. Who wants to impress the public anymore? Not worth the effort.
And so let’s talk money; THE GOD WE TRUST; I said so on Red Eye talk radio last night that
money is designed to exploit 90% of the population so the other 10% can make out big. That we’d
all be happier hunting buffalo with a bow and arrow than what we do today. Of course that means
not having to work, pay taxes, pay for gas or even drive cars. When you think of it it is the
structure of our economy that demands we drive distances every day at all. It’s as if big oil
has layed out our lives so that we have to drive everywhere just to survive.
The hosts tried to defend money extolling the longer life expectancy and medical care today.
I never got the chance to counter that native Americans from the twelfth century lived to
be over 100 years old and didn’t get cancer or any number of diseases we suffer under today
with our recycled sewage water we drink and all the chemicals in our foods etc..
It should be mentioned, also, that, while the Indians lived into old age in the twelfth century,
the civilized, industrialized europeans who worked like dogs then only lived half as long.
I was born a doctors son and pitied people from an early age for scrambling after money.
How undignified and cheap and unworthy of a life it all seemed to me, then.
Yes, you are all living in a sea of pain and misery and it is no wonder the undeveloped world
is so terrified of the planet embracing your materialistic madness that will poison this
planet and already has. No wonder there are terrorists to try and stop your madness, people.
President Madison’s notion of an integrated society, an industrialized world, beat out Thomas
Jefferson’s vision of agrarian self reliance for all people. What a pity.
As if we really landed a man on the moon it is our love of money and industry that has pol-
luted our water and poisoned our food and genetically modified even the seeds we plant. It is
the reason we are so sick today compared to how we’d be if we lived off of nature as it is.
It’s the reason 80% of you take drugs or drink booze or pop pills to cope with the madness of
having to give the machine fully 50% OF YOUR WAKING LIVES to work in the first place. Listen
to your ads pushing pills; “…may cause internal bleeding,…even death…see your doctor
to see if (fill in the blank) is right for you.” What has “big pharma” done to you all?
The death of your spirituality is such a tragedy I can’t muster the words to describe it. Blame
your mass media for that, too. Such violence piped into your brains beginning with the cartoons
you were raised on. It IS satanic. Your lives.
No one who was ever alive in 1200 on North American soil would trade places with a Donald
Trump if he could. It just wouldn’t be worth all the pollution and insanity and slavery.
Anyone who knows this world knows that everything has a catch, a trick, a lie or a con behind it.
White Man still speaks with forked tongue. It’s how the industrialized world functions.
How many years does each American waste just watching or listening to hyped up commercials?
Four, at least, in his lifetime, I’ll bet. MADNESS!
Nixon opened up China to industrialization and life has gotten worse for the whole planet.
More pollution less jobs at home, products that break instead of last. Only the sacred auto-
mobile has improved. Apparently big oil is in control, more than you’d like to think. As for the
cell phones, etc. I hope we get past this phase of people getting cross-eyed and
carpel tunnel syndrome and brain rot from using them at the expense of real life. We should
not depend on any machine(s), in general. We could all be stranded if big brother pulled
the plug, you see. We’d be at their mercy, then.
Celebrities, do you care? The public is satanic in its opposition to my evidence pulling down
all their britches for the world to see. They have taken sides with the coverup like the media
controlled masochists they are. What are YOU celebs willing to do to change things? You are
this country’s faux royaly. So what are you good for besides promoting gun violence and
the takeover of big brother in our lives? Aren’t YOU PEOPLE supposed to be role models and
leaders for the public who has no voice?
I do know, for a fact, that most of you Hollywood celebrities read my website and this page.
My recent chapter; Perverse Public Apathetic rearranged and sobered up your collective faces, I
noticed. What do YOU stand for, really, Robert Redford? Save the world, but not if it means defend-
ing John Lennon? There is no way to the revolution but through Don’t kid
yourselves that there are any shortcuts. Until Stephen King is jailed for murder nothing will
ever really change. Satanic societies have to excise the cancer or remain sick.
So, celebrities, I’ve met many of you and you have my magazine. What are you willing to do?
Will you organize and unite and come together over John Lennon murder evidence or just suck your
thumbs on the sidelines while this planet descends further into its utter madness and cruelty
and exploitation? The terrorized, numbed down public is just waiting for the government to kill me.
They are out to lunch, so it is up to you.
Now I am aware that Matt Damon and Ben Afleck and other young celebs are ahead of most in terms
of being involved in our world, and good for them. They were among the first who showed awareness
of me, though it might have been my imagination. Well, here’s your cause, here’s your lever.
Together, we can trump all politics.
A special thanks to the late Morton Downey Jr. who gave me three consecutive days on his L.A.
radio show (15 minutes a pop). He was the most American celebrity and/or member of the media
who did his duty to out this story. That Nixon died of a stroke weeks later was a good thing.
(Ding Dong…)
The rest of the media has shown no courage. Even Paul McCartney’s 1990 Berkeley concert plug
about me; “Yeah, Steeeeeeve! That’s right. I don’t know what YOU think Berkeley, but I
want you to know we LIKE it and we need you as a people to GET to the promised land….”
was a big help but nearly enough.
A little more balls next time, Paul, please.

While you’re thinking things over, a thought;
If the rest of the world lived like America the planet would die from abuse and pollution.
Any society that turns a blind eye to the evidence that proves Stephen King, not Chapman,
is the one getting Lennon’s autograph is, indeed, satanic. Your apathy indicts the American
way as a fraud culture held together with lies and corruption and mind control.
There is a reason the back to earther’s are terrified of our way of life destroying theirs.
Our media has labeled them terrorists, though.
Right before I discovered my evidence in 1982 I attended a Hare Krishna speaker event and I
was moved after learning that the simple, soft, cushy “bed” we all sleep on is one of the
main addictions that distract us from a life free of the struggles of having to work so much.
During that year I lived outdoors on a 12 speed bike and discovered, on those occassions I
“Got lucky” and slept indoors, that most of you COOK yourselves at 70 degrees but are just
too used to cooking yourselves that you don’t realize it. Soft beds, heat controlled indoor temp-
erature controls, electronic gadgets, cars, boats, phones. All of it unecessary. All of
it less sane than working less and living closer to nature.
You people can’t really blame other cultures for being afraid of our system destroying their
simpler, happier, less neurotic style of living.
I think it is the most remote tribes of the Amazon jungle who are the happiest people on
earth today.
Meanwhile our lifestyle may “cause internal bleeding, vomiting…even death.” Just watch the
nightly news to understand what I’m talking about all you John Lennon killing cowards.
It doesn’t matter what your class or income level. All of you are currently on your knees
licking big brother’s boots. Worshiping satan and money. It took a no trial for John Lennon’s
killer scenario to make ME step back and take a closer look at our world.
Why ARE you parents turning a blind eye while Stephen King molests your kids?
Who among you is not a John Lennon killing coward? A child and self molesting fool? A
And yet you let the media brand John as the phony in our midst the nigt they killed him.
In spite of his faults and marrying his enemy; agent Yoko Ono, John was the least phony,
industrialized human on earth.
That’s why the government feared him so.
Fear God. Jail Stephen King. Expose your evil government.

John Lennon once sang;

“We’re born in a prison, we live in a prison, we work in a prison, love in a prison, and
die in a prison, as a rule.
Reach for yourselves and your battered mates.
Wood becomes flute when it is loved.”

(To be continued…..)


The title could just as easily read CAPITALISM IS OPPRESSIVE or CAPITALISM IS
A doctor’s son, at birth, I was innitially repulsed by the less economically fortunate
peers around me who clamored after money. How undignified and cheap, I thought.
As a young man in my early 20’s I sincerely thought; “If only I had lots of money everything
else would be terrific and fine. That’s the answer; make a lot of money.”
The environment had already poisoned me in just a dozon or so years to think like that.
Having just quit a job peddling fine food to the rich I am more sure than ever that rich
people have a royal bug up their butts.
It’s as if the suffering and pain of just getting to their position has so poisoned their
souls that they seem to be the unhappiest people on earth, frankly. Bitter, afraid, self-
ish, stingy, better than everyone else. Miserable.
It’s as if life is a great equalizer. The poor seem happy in squaler, the rich seem unhappy
in their usually empty palaces. Their maids and housekeepers seem happier than they are.
To illustrate my premise, that capitalism is oppressive, inhumane and satanic let me play
out the following imaginary interviews;

“What do you do for a living?”
“I slave away serving rich people food, clearing their tables and kissing as much hiney as
possible to collect my subsistance.”

“I sweat outdoors laying asphalt and hope I don’t get mowed down in traffic.”

“I attach a widget to another widget half of my waking life. A mindless, repetitave job.”

“I model government uniforms and brandish guns for the television and movie industry.”

“I wash dishes half of my waking life and just poop out on my days off to recover.”

“I con people out of their money to satisfy the lusts of my exploitive boss at a desk job.”

“I sell people the latest swoop of a fender to replace their perfectly fine automobile.”

“I exploit the masses and steal their houses when they go into forclosure. I’m a banker.”

“I really exploit the masses, even slave drive the masses and dictate over them. I’m in
the oil industry.”

“I’m a politician. I keep the oil people in power and scare the masses with war. Oh, and
did I mention? I kill the public’s heroes so they can never get a leg up on changing things.”

Who among you is as happy as the native North American in the year 1200? None of you.

It’s not enough that money is liquid and can be used for any and everything. The system has
to change things all the time to manipulate it to their advantage; raise or lower the in-
terest rate here, adjust this there, etc.”
It’s a cruel con that is oppressive to at least 80% of all of you. The other 20% are not
so happy either with all their toys. I should know. I once made $22.00 a day just in interest.
I once had tens of thousands of dollars in the bank and it only made me less miserable.
It didn’t make me happy.
When Stephen King made a veiled bribe “I’ll give you anything you want…” if I’d quit my
story I turned him down.
The rest of you would have probably taken the $30 million and turned your back on the world.
That’s what rich people do. It’s a fraud system.

So what is the answer?
I don’t have the complete answer but a back to the earth platform would be a good start.
No electricity, no air conditioning, no mining, no pollution, no manufacturing, no commerce,
no asphalt, wires, television, movies, pizza, cars, busses, jets.


YOUR LIFE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just people living in tribes, together, for their own best interest. Farming and herding. The way
man lived for millions of years before the industrial revolution. It’s pretty easy to build
a shelter or home. Most animals do, in fact. No money or exchange of services, no doing one
kind of job while another does a different niche. Non integrated, self reliant.
Fishing, relaxing, breathing fresh air, drinking clean, healthy water, worshiping the stars
at night instead of a sports event.
Living in harmony with your own souls for a change.
Getting the 50% of your life you sacrificed for money and all it doesn’t buy, BACK!

It won’t happen at once and retiring militaries will take time and a world wide response.
Money has become the devil’s playground and we must grind it to a halt for it has taken
over our lives.
In case some of you haven’t figured out the capitalist system of profit, profit is achieved
via the amount of work the working class can be tricked into performing. The more hours you
surrender of your life for work and the less money you accept to perform this tragic exchange
the more the people at the top make. It’s all about enslaving people as much as they will
accept. Rising inflation is ahedge against the working class from staying ahead of the in-
justices involved. By the time they find themselves starving or broke (Usually years) the
top percent have already fleeced you even if you eventually demand a raise.
I saw McDonald’s employees demanding $15. @ hr. recently. That’s what it takes to even break
even today, people. Wake up!!! Or are McDonald’s employees smarter than you?
Ideally the wife and mother would be home taking care of that job ONLY! Ideally the other half
would need only to work 30 hours per week to provide a dignified living. The reason that is
not the case is greed and power and media mind control.
If you knew what I know about all of you you would know that people are as predictable and
controllable as animal livestock.
Consider me the first cow to jump the ranchers fence for freedom and a real life.
Work is highly overrated. Humans work far more than the rest of God’s kingdom

All your heroes have been killed and only I haven’t surrendered to the terrorism. I won’t
keep my head down like McCartney and others. I’m your only hope. You can’t lead yourselves.
The women’s movement to the workplace is proof it’s all a shell game and phony. Women didn’t
USED to have to work. It was all a trick to double taxes and keep you too busy working to
oppose the machine.
As you all stand you are too insane to care if Stephen King actually murdered John Lennon.
Too insane to recall seeing a trial for Chapman. You’re addicts out of control and you need
a hero to get well again. I know how Moses felt when he returned to see his people worshiping
a golden calf. Wake up you infidels.
In 1962 America WAS a GREAT country. Then our enemies killed J.F.K. and the house began to
disintegrate. Now big corporations, the Rockefeller dynasty, cruel Monsanto and a foreign run
media have doused that once good country and every president works for the same military –
industrial octopus that is in bed with Moscow. Obama, Bush, Clinton, it doesn’t matter, anymore.
It’s all the same evil, Orwellian, anti- average man, exploitive, thieving, lying regime.

I know, I know. It will take a cataclysmic event like an asteroid to FORCE you to take
my advice, if any of you survive.
Keep up with protecting Stephen King and that just might happen.

(To be continued…)

Before you foray into my other chapters below please understand that all my niceness over
the last three decades was wasted on an apathetic, scared U.S. public who let me rot on
the vine and some of what you read will reflect that. I’ve resorted to verbal warfare with
all of you rather than commiting a crime to force the story out.
I’m far from as nasty as I must seem but righteously pissed off at all of you for being so
afraid to get on board and help me out this news.
Don’t judge me by my angry verbiage. It was a sick public that caused me to resort to harsh
words in the first place.
I’m a nice person, underneith.

Let me leave you with an upbeat selection of my various song lyrics. The melodies are at
least as good, by the way.;

Live wire walking on a high wire
Poor life hanging by a thread
Busting the government for John Lennon’s murder
Lucky I’m not already dead.
So many years, still, nobody cares.
Left here with my fears,
Am I really going anywhere?

You all turned your backs on John Lennon
With the lame excuse ‘He’s dead.’
You people don’t care about nothing
You’re all sick in your head.
You say that you’re free
‘Home of the brave’
In reality you’re a media controlled slave

(Still in progress…) Next

The silly masses laughing in their dark despair
Killed John Lennon, saw no trial and no one even cares.
Lying to you children; ‘It’s the fan the papers pinned.’
Living’s easy swallowing that pill.
Lights that used to signal we’re the human race have dimmed
Your smokey eyes are glazing over still

(One verse only until it is all cleaned up and improved…) Next;

Mommy and Daddy love money more than they love baby
Till Lennon’s killer’s tried it’s the terrible truth, not maybe
John Lennon’s killer never went to trial because you’re morally lazy
Now your children have to pick up the pieces in a world gone crazy

There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done
There’s nothing you can sing that can’t be sung

You bring home the bacon and the paycheck year after year
Still you’re dining at the table of cowardice, hypocracy and fear
Bubble brained you’re entertained on television, football and beer
Now another lying politician’s war is drawing near

There’s nothing you can make that can’t be made
There’s no one you can save that can’t be saved

Deliver me from evil and temptation

Mommy and Daddy love money more than they love baby
Till Lennon’s killer’s tried it’s the terrible truth, not maybe

(Written at the start of Gulf War I. Next)

I’m a short haired, yellow bellied son of Tricky Dicky guy
And I’ll swallow every tax hike, politician, war and lie
I’m polled, I’m media controlled, yeah, I
I’m a short haired, yellow bellied son of Tricky Dicky guy

I’m a short haired, yellow bellied son of tTricky Dicky guy
And I lick those government boots and don’t know why
I’m in a masochistic mode, yeah, I
I’m a short haired, yellow bellied son of Tricky Dicky guy

(You’ll notice most of my songs are unfinished and only half baked. Next)

My very first song, ever circa 1985;

When I was just a young man growing up in California
I fell in love with Beatle’s music like so many others in America
P.S. I Love You, All My Loving, I Want To Hold Your Hand
All You Need Is Love, Give peace A Chance, She Loves You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

The Man who stood there waiting in the shadows, yeah the man who shot John Lennon down
The man who got the autograph he had no trial for all we know he just skipped town
We were told his name was Mark David Chapman
But you’ll find his name in print before it happened
In a magazine and Chapman’s letter
Links himself with Reagan weeks before the murder.

This is a story all about three big magazines
Time and newsweek, U.S. News and world report documented everything.
Only in the issues surrounding the crime you’ll find bold print codes
Double meaning messages written in the headlines – The truth is told.

You’ll even find in print before the murder takes place
Advertised ‘One great big Zippo lighter, the killer’s face
Hold on every one of us it’s not Mark David Chapman
That was just an alias cause he writes horror fiction
The man who wrote ‘The Shining’, ‘Salem’s Lot’ and ‘Carrie’
The face belongs to Stephen King. People THAT’S scary.

Nowhere near as good as ‘I Call Your Name’ John’s first, at age 13, but something.

Closing thought;
Jesus, Gandhi, Linclon, Davy Crockett, J.F.K., R.F.K., M.L.K., Buddy Holly, Jimmy Hendrix,
Jim Morrison, Mamma Cass, Kirt Cobain, Bob Marley, John Balushi, David Kenny (Writer of ‘Animal
House’) John Lennon, and a dozon others.
Will you vampires please pull your heads up from the bowl of heroes blood you have been
lapping at all this time and strike a blow to your oppressors before you kill me next?

P.S. John Lennon was assassinated on Jim Morrison’s birthday, so enough with your denial.


An hour after writing the above sentence I learned that Ray Manzerak, organist and co- found-
er of The Doors, had just died from some form of cancer. I happened the same day as the massive
tornado that leveled Moore, Oklahoma. I noticed that the national news went so long on that
event that the death of this rock star was not mentioned at all. Right away that sent a red flag
up in the air. Did our government have a reason to give Ray cancer to kill him?
Since 2006 he had possession of my magazine and my own personal karaoke tapes of Beatles
and Doors songs that I hand delivered to him. If he even discussed it on his phone to anyone our
government would have known that. Trust me on this, people. America is under ‘big brother’.
Like George Harrisson, who sat on this evidence and also died similarly, Ray Manzerak failed to
beat the government to the punch, if the government had a any role in either of their premature
deaths, and use their stature to shed a light on my findings.
Maybe they both just were unlucky and got cancer, but maybe not. Hugo Chavez accused our
government of giving him cancer. We all suspect that Israel poisoned Yasser Arafat, too.
I accuse our government of, literally, rigging the elections weeks ago in Venezuela, after.
So, lesson learned, celebrities; Don’t sit on evidence. Remove the threat your knowing repre-
sents and use it or lose your life.
Sadly, with no reprisal to fear before they both died, they both remained silent. CRAZY.
And you wonder at your own paralysis, people.


There is a sidewalk pianist at the heart of the Venice Beach, Ca. boardwalk who monopolizes
this best spot to be heard almost to the exclusion of any one else who might want to be heard
This Thursday, May, 23, 2013, after he interupted my early morning guitar playing there, I raised
a voice to say;”I wouldn’t mind so much that he monopolizes this spot if he played better piano
but he plays too fast, like a madman, as if to drown out any other sound in the area. I even
wonder, sometimes, is he L.A.P.D. undercover babysitting the only hot spot in Venice Beach….”
This was met with his rebuttal, which I politely let him render, only to add;
Why must you hog this spot 60 hours a week? I only ask for two hours a week.”
Then a street punk loser, all 5 foot nine and 150 pounds of him, a punk who flattened my
van’s tire there fifteen years ago, sideled up to me and my $3,000. classical guitar and
caused me to wade into the restaurant to protect it. He was gone after I returned minutes later.
I spoke up and said; “Looks like L.A.P.D is after my $3,000. guitar, people.”
AT THAT POINT a man, looking eirilly like the black man who butchered a soldier in London
the day before spoke up to the sitting cafe patrons to say; “Why don’t you people be ac-
countable and responsible for yourselves, instead of blaming your government? Be accountable
for yourselves…” when I interjected to say: “Or get butchered to death on a London street.”
Everybody knew that he was sounding just like the man who made a similar speech after hacking
the soldier to death.
He suddenly shut up.
Most telling during the exchange, when a patron said something to him, he replied, twice;
“He’s your guy, not ours.” referring to me. This shows an ‘us’ vs ‘them’ mindset.
I then addressed the restaurant staff to appeal to them since the patrons were too apathetic
to care; “Do you really want your space monopolized by the maddening, rapid fire jingle, jingle,
jangel, jangel kaleidescope of madness this piano player represents? He has no respect for
the song. He’s in it for the distraction.”

Los Angeles, is your iconic beach spot on a terrorist’s list for theater in the future?
Will a terrorist someday machine gun the diners at the Sidewalk Cafe to get your attention?
If you are paying attention, based on the events of that morning, I’d be concerned.
I trust the government who reads my blogs weekly will now keep an eye on these tall, thin ap-
parently foreigner black men who occupy that spot.
I’d like all of you to know that only a police operative would act so hostile, so quickly to my
speech and I suspect the 5’9″ white man of about 150 lbs who seems like a gang member may
have made a deal with the L.A.P.D. to help them shut down my free speech there.
All of the other major venues for speech; the restaurant sidewalk cafes at Sunset Blvd. in the
tonier section, the Santa Monica Prominade, the business area near U.C.L.A. all have various
police types and L.A.P.D. to shoo away anyone who wants to be heard. Just like Russia.
Meanwhile know that L.A.P.D. is exactly about planting agent provocatures at Venice Beach
and hogging the stage at that cafe to exclude real activists like me.
Right now, as it stands, this mad cacophony of rapid fire piano noise is a symbol of what you
all stand for. Mindless, maddening bullshit, drowning out any sanity at your biggest beach. Big
Brother rules your beach, not you.

Considering that Jim Morrisson is THE iconic sybol of L.A. music, shame on all of you Angelinos
for not standing up to this L.A.P.D.(?) babysitting of Venice Beach.
Shame on all of America, for that matter, for allowing our nations police to massacre indi-
viduals who represent no real threat at all, with a barrage of bullets. You, as a people are no
better than those butchers in London. You allow similar massacres in the name of police
terrorism every month.
The so called co-conspirator who the F.B.I. shot the same week who may or may not have con-
fessed to being part of a triple murder with one of the Boston bombers may HAVE been tor-
tured and murdered, as his father alleges, and maybe you are still being lied to.

News Falsh!!

Well, I went back to Venice Beach and, four songs into my guitar playing, there came the
“piano man” to drown out my music. before he arrived there was a drum playing bozo, suddenly, not
making music, but noise to drown me out.
I went up to the cafe patrons and told them my thoughts on this charade of musicians who
can’t do justice to the concept of music but might be undercover squatters to keep Venice
stupid and uninformed of real messages. I then asked to see the cafe manager who, for one
having long hippy hair, was quite bright and sober, indeed. He remarked that the piano man’s
rapid fire style had more to do with speed than anything else. I then asked him if the
waitress I called the week before about my concerns with terrorism at his cafe had mentioned
anything to him. He advised me that any more talk of terrorism would come down on me.
A half hour later, while a mile from the scene, driving my van, I noticed that two police
officers were very honed in on me, with eagle eyes. They passed but a minute later another
patrol car whipped a U turn with his lights on all of a sudden. I thought I was going to
be pulled over and, the way things have been going in America, maybe shot dead like a terrorist.
Nothing happened but I realized how quickly an innocent remark can get you killed in Bar-
rack Obama’s C.I.A. owned America.
It was chilling.

By the way, yes, I think Obama is a C.I.A. plot to go world order and that he is an actor.
I also think that the Venice beach boardwalk is a cacophony of pot smoke and loonacy. Kind
of like Rome before the fall. Is the C.I.A. behind all this undermining of L.A.’s beach scene?
How are any of you ever going to even see me in the first place?
Grow a brain, people. Get real, not lost.

August 5, 2013,

Now, two months later, there was a terror attack involving a motorist mowing down people on
Just almost as I predicted. It may not have been foreigners or guns but a fatal attack
on the Venice Beach Boardwalk that included dozons of others who were injured seems to
suggest I am not one to easlily dismiss when I open my mouth.
I’ve always been 30 years ahead of my peers, though.