When I am forced to say what needs to be said it comes out sounding like this;’
“Guilty, phony, silent, snickering U.S. public…infidels, repent!”
If you were in Santa Cruz this second Saturday of July 2010 you may have seen me saying,
very matter of factly, exactly that, over and over as I stood next to my van holding my evi-
dence magazine.
Santa Cruz knows me well and most know I’m right but they aren’t heroic, yet.
In fact, the human condition is so dreary regarding the public’s ability to care about
political assassination that I am left to survive in a world that is tenuous, subhuman and sick.
Last July Paul McCartney, predictably, condoned John Lennon’s murder with his seal of silence.
His S.F. concert came and went as just another capitalistic enterprise where he just flew
off with his money and offered no glimmer of humanity or hope or concern for John or us.
He kept his mouth zipped, though he knows all about me and endorsed me, live, at the
1990 Berkeley, Ca. concert. It was a meek effort, at that. I have it on tape.
Such a sick species, humans. You don’t collectively seem to care about what affects our lives
the most; political assassination. That which determines the tone of everything else.
You all have the power to frustrate me but I have the power to express my weighty opinions
of the world and it’s people one day for history. “The Cowards of Capitalism” would rock
your boat if I wrote that book. As it is I will write “Apathy Is The Enemy” (Copyright c 1984
All Rights Reserved by Steve Lightfoot)
Right now you all ARE snickering, guilty, scared, fools. Overworked slaves, no less, being
defiled by an avalanche of commercialism, commercials, sports and I.Q. lowering sitcoms, end-
less money worship and imposed violence, human degradation and desensitization and fear. All
that is wrong with humans manifested in your blind habit of following the yellow brick road.
Slaves terrorized by your own government as you exist in fear under the barrel of their gun.
Like the scores of women wanting to marry Van Der Sloot, the murderer, lately, like the
captive too paralyzed with fear to make his escape when he could, why do most of you people
live your lives in fear and suffering, your automatic smiles and laughs notwithstanding?
Capitalism without free speech and heroes like John Lennon to guide it is an abomination.
Because of how you are made you either need a real hero or a phony substitute called ‘the
government’ to follow. Regardless of what any of you may think, a single, solitary, prominent
genius like John Lennon can do more good for us all than all the mini groups of the world
combined. There is something very jealous in most of you that won’t admit that. And yet you
worship Jesus as if you would not crucify him, again, today. Let the government do it. Let
two presidents arrange for a horror murderer to pull the trigger and ride roughshod over
all of you, after.
Isn’t that the truth of the matter?

Of course it’s the govt. trolls of Santa Cruz that have riled my ire, now; the gang of short
undercover agent provacateurs that pose as pot dealers but go out of their way to pester
me (take note, public), add the hospitality host/female who sucks up to the police agenda to
discourage me from my guitar and singing downtown and even the hollow lady who runs the
coffee kiosk outside of Moes Books, like a little ‘brownshirt’ troublemaker.
These unenlightened fools throw cold water on Santa Cruz, truth and beauty.
It’s knowing that they are but the warts on the rest of you, so called, polite people who
rely on them to keep your hands over you eyes, mouths and ears, just like monkeys do.
Pull your heads out, please, people. I need brave Americans, not turncoats, to help me.
Can you stand up for yourselves for a change? Your govt. let Stephen King murder John
Lennon and you can’t remember a trial for Chapman to begin with.
I dare you people to care. You all WILL have to take your bodies and concerns to your local
news outlet or appropriate media. This truth won’t happen without a consensus of citizens
massing on the media. I am just one man with the plan. But where are the rest of you?

I parked outside an establishment when the bouncer outside told me; “A crazy guy shot John
Lennon. They caught him on the spot.” I replied; “Does that make you feel good, to say a
crazy person shot John Lennon? That’s just what the govt. knew you wanted to hear. It
lets you off the hook from having to do anything about it. After all, there’s nothing you
can do to stop a crazy person. You’re let completely off the hook. That’s why they TOLD
you a crazy person shot Lennon. You don’t want to have to deal with the govt.’s dirt.”
The bouncer regressed back into his pablum fed mode and I had to interupt. I said; “A
crazy person didn’t kill John Lennon or J.F.K. or Martin Luther King, but they told you
that, then, too. It’s what they always tell you when they kill one of your favorites.” I explained
how Chapman was waiting in the police station while King was being arrested for the murder,
ushered away with a detective coat over his head, and that they were switched inside. He
asked me some more questions and I said; “Nixon and Reagan wanted him out of the way.”
He shot back; “Then why didn’t they just deport him?” “Nixon tried to deport him for four
years in the 70’s.” I said; ” It failed. He finally deported him, permanently. No crazy guy
shot John Lennon like you were told. That was all just a bunch of hogwash.”
The point I’m making is that all of you were fed pablum, the kind the govt. knew you would
clutch onto. Are you all such timid, scared fools that I have to remind you of that fact?
Come on, “land of the deceaved and the home of the slave”, do I have to educate you?
It is the biggest scandal of this whole expose; the public’s incumbant apathy and deinal
in the face of earthshaking evidence. No wonder the world is a mess. Look in the mirror.