America, you’re upside down;

Welcome to my Footnotes and new developments page. There is where I offer
my opinions about this expose and the world that wants to keep it covered up.
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This, my current topic, upside down America, is motivated by a meanness I now
see in my fellow man, especially where this monster expose is concerned.
Almost to the point of masochism and child abuse is the average persons posture
towards dealing with this truth.
“Leave us alone…John’s dead…save the whale…get a job…who cares.” etc..
But it’s more than just that. There is a new and ugly meanness out there in
my fellow Americans and it is a blind, self destructive trait that I think you
should all be more aware of.
Of course, as the messenger of this expose, the man who has tried for twenty
years to make all of you care, I speak from a position unique in our society.
I am the exception, the unplanned for gadfly you aren’t accustomed to. I
shouldn’t have the courage to be in the way of your sin and ignorance and
your lust for money and possessions on your great merry go round of farce but
here I am anyway, defying your collective murder and coverup, daring you to
respect yourselves enough to avenge your fallen hero, John Lennon.
You are called INFIDELS and GREAT SATAN by a vast segment of the world and
many of you dismiss the claim outright and regard the notion as absurd.
Listen to me people of America. Any country that cannot send Stephen King to
jail for killing John Lennon with the hard evidence I have presented, no mat-
ter how ludicrous sounding it may be at first, IS VERY satanic indeed.
Many of you young readers did NOT backstab John Lennon by turning a blind
eye while his killer escaped trial and many of you weren’t born when John died
and you are in a better position to hear these words than some of your guilt
ridden parents and adults who DID do JUST that. If I use words like “You”
collectively or “You” instead of “We” I hope you are not offended. I used to be
an irresponsible, mind controlled, hero killing sinner but I have changed.
Lately this messenger is suffering the wrath of a public gone bad and I must
speak out to defend myself and reform all of you before you kill me like John.
Let’s begin with your allowing Chapman to skip a public trial altogether.
You allowed a 60 day psychiatric evaluation to turn into a year and a half of
silence and you let the media get away with calling John “The Anti-Christ”…
and a phony right off the bat. And you began licking icecream to sooth the
shame, your blinders firmly affixed.
When Chapman was allowed to plead guilty, behind closed doors, without a peep
of media or public access, a year and a half later, only I had the gumption,
the guts, the pride and courage and self respect to challenge the coverup.
I turned to the library to find out what happened to Chapman initially. I
wasn’t looking for C.I.A. crypto codes in the headlines of Time, Newsweek and
U.S. News and World Report magazines, far from it. I was looking for the mur-
der reports to establish a trail for Chapman to explain how he skipped trial.
For a detailed description of all I found please refer to About Author section
of the web site where I take you through the discovery process as I experienced
it. For now understand that I discovered government codes in the bold print
headlines in these three magazines that plug into the subject of John Lennon’s,
then upcoming, murder as well as the obvious intent of the articles they are at-
tached to;”Johnny Comes Marching Home…Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang, Ouch, Ouch!…
The Job Richard Nixon Really Wanted; Blasting the Opposition…The Real John
Lennon…The Real Richard Nixon..” etc.
I discovered Nixon’s book; The Real War, sitting up front next to just elected
Ronald Reagan in Time and Newsweek issues that were released the day of the
murder and that it describes why people like John Lennon, who he tried to deport
once, must be assassinated.
The accompanying codes read; “Who’s In? Who’s Out?…Fitting together the
pieces of a complicated jigsaw puzzle…” and;” Head-hunting…”
I also discovered, in these obviously C.I.A. affiliated magazines, Mark David
Chapman attached to a letter to the editor that was printed three weeks before
the murder where Chapman explains that he is;”…armed,,,waiting to be moved
into a hostile square…by the giant hand of Ronald Reagan.”
I also discovered the killers face and true identity in print three and two
months before the murder:”Stephen King; ‘One great big Zippo lighter'” and ” Step-
hen King; ‘Perils of pyrokinesis.'”
Pyrokinesis means fire and movement and One great big Zippo lighter is what King
looks like three months later when he pulls the trigger at night five times.
In these related book reviews about his then current book “Firestarter” his face
is shown. It so happens that his face exactly matches the one of the man we
all saw getting John’s autograph just hours before he shot him.
Mark David Chapman does NOT match this photo.
I also discovered that King writes all about the murder in his books about “John-
ny…The Catcher In The Rye…Nixon, the old witch-hunter himself…shooting
a man in the back and even;”The fellow who killed John Lennon.” in three books!
I learned that Chapman is the son of a millionair oil executive with Amoco
in Decater, Georgia and that the only evidence of him in jail is what Time
owned People magazine says.
I have confronted King for six months in his home town of Bangor, Maine, even
stood inches away from him once, even defeated his lawyer in court when he
tried to stop me and King has NEVER denied my accusations, not once.
I have been endorsed by McCartney, live, at the Berkeley 1990 concert and have
played the tape, for proof, to college campus crowds. I have also shown the
public Bush Sr.’s remarks; “You know, nobody likes ‘Who Shot John’ but..” during
the 1992 presidential debate in Richmond, Virginia in the New York Times tran-
script about how my expose was rocking his ratings in Maine then.
And, yet, some would rather cling to that cowardly, phony government lie about
how “some nut did it, skipped trial, but is locked up somewhere, he was caught
on the spot, no conspiracy.”
I discovered all that and more, much, much more.
Am I the only one evolved enough to care?
Moreover, I find myself under attack from my fellow Americans for ratting out the
government in all its evil incarnation.
Though our country is now run by the son of the former head of the C.I.A.
while Russia is being run by the former head of the K.G.B., though our right wing is
enacting all these Orwellian measures like accessing private computers and curbing
what is broadcast on tv and radio, the Patriot Acts I and II, even talk lately
about only members of a militia having a real right to bear arms, with our
economy in the crapper, Rockefeller and big oil charging twice what we paid for
gas a dozon years ago, and terrorism and hatred of America at an all time high
all we can do is persecute and torture the one man with the one story we really
DO need to get ourselves right side up again.
Suddenly, now that I have a potent website with the goods to back up my claims
for all their kids to see, my so called fellow American is trying to stop me
via the workplace bumping me from jobs I deserve.
This is a very bad sign of the times, reminiscent of the “Good Germans” who didn’t
talk about the smoke in the air and what was really going on all around them.
Since no crowd ever carried me on their shoulders before the tv stations to
help me come forward, they are now hoping I never get the chance to pull down
the worlds pants and tell this story.
That is really a shame. YOU are going to get Bush Jr. AGAIN! unless you help
me come forward before October 2004. I’ll stake my reputation on it. I think
Kerry is running to lose, like his party often does. You’re being ambushed.
When the town of Herman, Maine kicked Stephen King out of their town because
they didn’t like his writings in the 70’s they were right side up.
Now they celebrate his financial success and embrace him as a cash cow. This,
now that they KNOW he murdered John Lennon.
On December 08, 1980, when every decent American wanted to take a bazooka to
John Lennon’s murderer, you people were right side up.
Now, you’re upside down, America.
Get well or get Bush. “Get” my expose or get Bush.
70% of America hates Bush. I’m the only way you’re going to defeat him.
Break this story or you will get a fascist country like you have now.
Break this story and the rest of the world might respect you again.
Fortunately, in your case, you at least had the class to visit this site.
There may be hope for you, but only if you act. You must become an activist.


This disgusting chapter of the unholy war on Iraq is the kind of thing pundits
get excited about. I’ve watched all the right wing radio spinsters try to
dance around this issue reading from their government scripts. Rush Lamebaugh
now says that we should pay the families of the victims millions of dollars in
compensation. Other hosts say it is war and all is fair etc..
I’ve waited for their gyrations to reveal their hand to say what I have known
all along; that this controversy was PLANNED by our psychological warfare people
to make Iraqi’s more like Americans.
That’s right. Iraqi’s are a chaste people, their women hide their bodies and sex
is a private matter. Iraqi’s women are subserviant to men.
And so when I saw the naked pyramid and heard about the sex acts performed
by our men and women in front of them and the sex acts forced upon them I knew
that our government was trying to break the Iraqi’s spirit via defiling their
most closely held values via behavior that is the antithesis of all that Iraqi’s
hold dear.
“So, you like your women fully clothed and subserviant? Well how about a woman
holding one of your men by a leash around his naked neck?!”
“So, you think our sexual values are the values of the great satan? Well
how about you swim around in our cesspool of perversion on camera for a while
and all you other Iraqi’s take a good look at you fallen brothers to rub the
humiliation in?”
“Look at all your holier than U.S. fellow Iraqi’s defiling everything you be-
lieve in for the world to see.”
That’s is what is going on here America. Our governmnent trying to make Iraqi’s
more like us by bending them in the extreme opposite position from where they are.
We Americans LIKE sex, nudity, promiscuity, hedonism and women paying taxes.
You should too. Try it, you might like it.
Anyone who doubts my analysis hasn’t given the matter sufficient thought. But
then the average American can be expected to think after working his average 52
hours per week for the taxman.
All these images were designed to be broadcast to the world to humiliate
Iraqi’s and roll them around in our brand of morality to get them to “lighten up”.
That is the first thing going on here. The other part of the story is that our
government has been doing the same thing to all of us, all along, to debase US!
They do this, methodically, through use of the media and movie industry.
Just look at the hispanic tv shows; Sex, money, violence, materialism, melo-
drama. Our media is trying to debase the hispanic culture the same way here.
Think of all the murders and acts of violence all of us have been subjected
to in our warped lives. Think of all the sex scenes that debase sex and
relationships that have been shoved in our faces all our lives.
Is it any wonder 52% of marriages fail in America? (Geeze! maybe there is even
a relationship with our 52 hr. work week and our 52% divorce rate.)

Tit For Anticipated Tat;
The beheading of an American in retaliation for the sex torture matter was
probably anticipated and welcomed by the people running this war. Warfare
101; bait the enemy into conflict. Create and maintain conflict.
The ultimate aim here, as I’ve said all along, is to kill Israel’s enemies.
Our government is not afraid that the Muslims will take over America
and convert us all. Our government is afraid that materialism and capital-
ism will wane in the wake of mans natural progress and enlightenment.
Mid Eastern thinking is a threat to our governments plan of complete con-
trol over the lives of all mankind. It offers an alternative to media mind control.
Our government wants to maintain and escalate violence for the purpose of
killing Arabs and a simpler way of life.
The Mid Eastern way of thought is correct in saying we are fallen from grace
in the West.
I believe,sooner or later most Americans will give up wealth and furious work
for a simpler, more sane way of living. There is no truth to our governments line;
“We must kill these fanatical Islamists or they will kill us all someday.”
Our government wants to maintain your 52 hours of work per week pace to get
rich at your expense. Any alternative lifestyle that might make us free from
this SLAVERY scares big brother.
In turn they are trying to scare you with the big lie.
Instead of letting the military controlled mass media whip us into a frenzy or
let John Kerry lose on purpose to keep the powers that be in power (They don’t
leave the result to chance) or letting a new president continue more of the
same propaganda and imperialism and mistake upon mistake and lie upon lie….
instead of all that, use this Lennon expose and all it’s hard, concrete evi-
dence against Bush for his fathers role. Then Bush Jr. is toast.
Bush Sr. was head of the C.I.A. when the plans to kill John Lennon were made.
If you readers can’t appreciate the power of unleashing this expose it’s partly
because you are a victim of the vile U.S., jewish controlled mass media that has
been molesting you and abusing you and convincing you that this truth is
not relevent or important and is ridiculous if you even believe it.
Quite the opposite is true. This is THE biggest news on the planet. If you
unleash it you will have more power than any generation in the worlds history.
You will absolutely crush dynasties and evil conspiracies everywhere, you will,
literally, change the world and the course of human events. If you unleash
this one expose you will raise the worlds I.Q. and boy do we need that.
The truth shall set you free. But there can be no truth without this expose.
The whole truth must be told or truth is meaningless. This is the biggest
truth in modern time. It will rule the world someday. Will you reap its bounty
or leave that to another generation?
Will you suffocate it with your jealousy and fear and human evil? You sure are
paying for your 20 years of silence lately. AREN”T YOU?! Yes you all certainly
I can’t make you wise or brave, that’s up to you. Stopping this war and the gas
price ripoffs and all the fear and lies and hate is just a few demonstrations
away. You know the young people of the 60’s had a good thing going doing that.
Maybe it’s your turn to take a stand and stop being such loathsome cowards.
You’ll have to do much more than read this site. You must picket the media.
Thank you for listening- Steve Lightfoot