Welcome to my updates page. Just a quick list of abuses against me since I bought my
larger, nicer van last March of 2001; This would be the one that sports the large
www.lennonmurdertruth.com logo the length of its exterior.
The day after I submitted title paperwork of said van to the D.M.V. I was pulled over for
allegedly running a red light at the offrampt nearest my then place of employment by officer
Weezner of San Jose P.D.. He lied about vital elements of the scene and about my remarks
and I told the judge as much. My fine was reduced from $271. to $65. if I’d agree to a two
year probation period for red lights. My appeal was squashed.
Several months later a red light camera activated after the light went from red to green to
yellow to red, all within seven seconds. The yellow was about two seconds or less.
An hour earlier I saw a man in an expensive three piece suit standing conspicuously right
next to my van in a parking lot near the intersection. He was talking on a cell phone and I
remembered how he looked out of place and worried.
I checked my mail only to receive nothing for over five months. Then a collection notice
asking for $530. arrived.
I have subsequently beaten that ticket but there’s more.
In mid December of 2001, while in New York City organizing an evidence rally, I was given
a bogus parking ticket every other day over a six day period. Three in all.
The first was issued at night within three minutes of my parking and was stuffed complete-
ly out of sight inside my door-jam. I would find it several days later and learned that it was
for parking next to a hydrant. I went to the Commissioner and even he couldn’t read the cor-

rect address and he told me if I could prove there was no hydrant he would dismiss it later.
An inspection of the scene revealed it was 72nd, not 74th Street and that the hydrant was
covered with a city barrel with reflective tape around it, completely hiding it.
Two days after the first ticket I got one while at my van having just left it for several seconds
to get a new stub at the machine. As I’m walking back to my van there is a parking officer
writing a ticket.
I beat that ticket the next day when I showed the Commissioner that my new stub was
purchased four minutes before she wrote my ticket.
Two tickets in a row issued SECONDS after I left my van within two days.
Three days later I got another ticket while watching T.V. in the back while parked at a
poorly advertised bus stop, made even harder to see due to another car that was also
parked in front of the lower sign in front of me. This is the second time in two seperate
trips to New York at the exact same spot. The problem is the sign is sideways and invi-
sible from one of the two available entrances to that spot. It was while going to the
hearing for that ticket that I discovered the ticket from a week earlier.
But the real story is how the Appeals Unit there is handling my appeal on the last two
tickets. Before I left I saw the supervisor in person and explained my intentions to appeal
and he gave me an appeal form to fill out and a fee waiver form as well. I filed both
papers on time and didn’t hear from them for weeks. Since then they have returned my
appeal and photos and all my papers back to me SEVERAL times falsely claiming that a
certain paper was missing and needed. Only once was that true until I had one of the
papers notorized and sent.
In the interum they have threatened me with auction of my van, damaging my credit, puit-
ting a hold on my bank accounts etc. in an effort to extort over $230 from me for two
parking tickets that have been uinder appeal now for seven months. And I just recently
received yet another threat from their collection office.
Just a really corrupt, in your face, terroristic experience that continues even now.
After I returned to California I got another red light ticket within one minute of leaving my
parking spot at at crosswalk that has two trees completely blocking out the overhead
signals. Moreover the signals are shuttered and right at the perimeter of the U.C. Campus
where I had just finished an evidence rally/speach.
Two days earlier I was followed at the exact same spot by another officer and also just
seconds after leaving my parking space.
I have subsequently beaten that red light ticket as well. In the process of fighting it, how-
ever, I discovered that the records of an old arrest I was trying to seal and destroy the
records of have been altered to suggest I had a lawyer and a jury trial and several pre-
trial appearances before the charge was dismissed. None of that is true. As I recall both
that and another similar false charge was dismissed the next day.

Most alarming though, was an assault I suffered a month after the very first red light ticket.
Thomas Gilbert of Sunnyvale, Ca. drew a knife to my throat while held in a headlock and
tried to break my nose seconds later in what I have to believe was a set up attack due to
the way the police tried to let him off claiming he wasn’t there before they left. I checked
and saw he was still there and called 911 as he threatened me with taunts of; “”..the police
here are on the take…won’t do you any good when you’re dead….”
Nothing in the charges mentioned the knife at my throat and the clerk, thinking I was a rel-
ative of the defendant, assured me he would get off with a peace disturbance, and, event-
ually, that’s just what happened, in spite of the fact that he was already on probation, as I
recall, for another conviction for something else. Apparently he is associated with the
“Hells Angels” motorcycle crowd.
Once, after I returned to the courtroom, I caught Judge Sneider conversing with his
collegues ; “…I just think this is going to be a knock down, drag out situation here…”
This, right after I fully testified to the events of April 08, 2001 in Mr. Gilberts presence.
I still have the scar to show, my second in 14 years.

It should also be pointed out that I was unlawfully escorted off the grounds of the A.T.-
& T. Pebble Beach golf tournement grounds shortly after returning from my cross
country trip. I was allowed back in two days later after i put up a huff.

Who do I think is behind this sudden flurry of state terrorism? Bush , Cheney and
company of course, but also perhaps California Attorney General Bill Lockyer it seems
to be so state wide, and blatant.

Oh, and did I mention that the Santa Rosa Police dented my van with a flashlight and
then denied it when I complained in the middle of all this?

That’s all for now. Keep keeping me alive. Break this story.

Thank you. Steve Lightfoot

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