Are you Nukewortyhy, N.Y.C?

Well, ARE you people of New York City nukeworthy? Are you or are you not begging God,
Almighty, for a nuclear cleansing, once and for all? I’m of the opinion that God would think
of such a disaster as an act of mercy; that you’d all be better off dead than living under
satan’s thumb, the way you are living now. I’ve been here for over six months and I have
some opinions that suggest you’re twice as wicked and depraved as you think you are. As
a Californian I have a fresh perspective. My soul hasn’t been sucked out of me by the
monster that is New York City. I have a heart and I DO CARE if John Lennon was murdered
by our govt.. Many of you DO NOT! Since you have actually visited my website you may be
better than the average New Yorker. You are probably in the top 3%, morally, for that, alone.
3%, however, may not be enough to save New York City. I appreciate that most of you try to
be good and noble and civilized; when you rob someone you may throw back his wallet and
I.D., when you gang up and kick someone a dozon times in the head you may do so with
a measure of restraint and mercy. When you deliberately scratch or dent a parked vehicle
just because you’re miserable and mean you may keep the damages small. When you wipe
your own feces all over my vehicle you may keep the damages to that alone. When you
break someones jaw or almost put an eye out some goodness in you may stop you from kil-
ling that complete stranger. When you muscle your way through traffic and almost dent my van,
you somehow manage to just miss me most of the time. When you want to scream out at
me; “Who CARES who shot John Lennon, you loudmouth freak?” you keep it to yourselves
most of the time. Often, though, you let me know how angry you are with me for being good.
I must point out that the Wall St. blowuot occured at exactly the same time you failed to
join my Oct 9 rally at ABC-TV studio. I must point out that exactly six hours after I pray-
ed for God to destroy the whole human race with a giant asteroid, the first plane hit
the south tower on 9’11 in N.Y.C.. I have only prayed this once. It just happened to be
at midnight, California time, minutes into the day of Sept 11, 2001. Coincidence or extra
sensory perception? In fact, Mohammed Atta was asleep in Portland, Me., King’s birthplace,
when I prayed that prayer. I was shaking and full of angst, almost possessed. You see, I
knew that the way you are all living is a blasphemy and an abomination, as I know it, still.
I sincerely worry about N.Y.C. getting nuked for its subhuman wickedness. A lot like Yoko
Ono, New Yorkers are a cold, uncaring, selfish lot, capable of incredible evil and usually
it occurs out of your NOT doing anything when something is required. A trial for Mark
David Chapman stands out as something you failed to demand, perhaps your most cowardly
act, ever, New Yorkers. Now you are failing to act on my finding of evidence against the
govt. regarding John Lennon’s murder. In so doing you are exposing the rest of America to
monstrous, Orwellian evil and you may only think that God isn’t taking notes. He is.
New York City is no way to live if you are a human being. It is wrong and heartless and
without soul. God would not want for you to continue living like this for long. Trust me.
Yoko Ono is your patron villian. She is like a govt. witch controlling all of you as she
guards the coverup and her ill gotten wealth. Until you stand up to her and the govt. and
murderer; Stephen King, you are all in grave danger the way I see it. I won’t be back
any time soon if you fail to protest between now and Dec. 8,’08. See my first chapter for
details of how you can redeem yourselves. If you fail to out this expose may God help
you all. Your money obsession won’t save you. You are creating a vacuum for evil.
I’ll be somewhere else and you’ll have to break this expose without me. If you make the
news with a protest I’m just 48 hours away from joining you before New York City gets
nuked for betraying John Lennon if you don’t. I wouldn’t say all this if my antenna wasn’t
telling me that you are nukeworthy, N.Y.C.. I can only recommend that you get truthworthy,