(Refer to the chapter first in line at the end of this one to understand what these court
motions relate to)

Declaration of Steve Lightfoot;

I declare, under penalty of perjury, that the following is all true.

I am the controversial citizen who is exposing evidence that proves our government assassina-

ted John Lennon. I have been subjected to, perhaps, unprecedented police and court abuses in

the past 29 years that I have been an activist including police kidnapping and beatings and more.

While not every citation I have received since was politically motivated and unjust at least

90 percent of all were and were subsequently dismissed at great expense to me in terms of

time, energy and peace of mind. I have had my character assassinated on no less than the

national tv news including two portrayals on the now defunct tv show American Journal.

This citation, here, I think, was the product of tampering with the three preceeding lights

all of which brought me and one other motorist to three consecutive last second stops before

the light at Sloat and 19th Avenue snapped a photo of my van just making the intersection.

Even though my front tires may not have been into the intersection my front bumper was. This

having to do with an unusually long nose (over two feet longer than most cars relative to my

front axel.) The sensors that trip the camera that are under the asphalt do not allow for this

unusual van design where the driver, literally, sits directly over the front axel. Furthermore,

in contradiction to the stated times on the photo sheet the yellow light was only three

seconds long, not four. The sequence of three consecutive last second yellow lights that

brought me and one other motorist to three very unusual stops found us looking at each

other, stopped, as if to ask the question; “What’s going on with these lights?” This prompted

both of us to get a running start and up to speed quickly to get out of this sequence of

frustration. He was directly behind me when the fourth consecutive yellow light lit, both

of us doing the speed limit, and it would have been unsafe for me to suddenly stop then.

I had a clear view of all traffic for blocks and no other motorist was anywhwere. I did the

prudent and most safe thing by proceeding. It was at 3:30 am, the safest hour of the week.

The evidence photos show that this motorist was right behind me even after he slowed down.

To add to the suspicion, in the thousands of times I have been at that same intersection

never have I encountered such a sequence of consecutive stops, ever, and hours before I

found myself being photographed a policeman in the Westlake Mall in Daly City, just a few

miles away, involuntarilly stomped his accelerater in surprise when he saw me enter the lot.

I am a familiar sight there for the police and I wondered, then, what was he aware of

that I should be alarmed about that would cause him to stomp his pedal in surprise.

I wondered, after, was the city of San Francisco using the wee small hours of the morning

to engage in unfair tactics to catch motorists at the only hours when such sequencing of

lights would not present a danger to the otherwise busy intersection to enhance revenue or

was the city of San Francisco targeting me, specifically. It absolutely felt like there

was a human brain behind the lights or that there were other sensors under asphalt, yards

away, that could be used to trigger the lights to unfairly entrap motorists. The fact that

the fourth light tripped in spite of both me and the other motorist getting a head start

suggests foul play on the part of the city. That revenue enhancement tactics were trying

to turn an intersection into a $500.00 dollar toll booth for late night motorists.

Although I enjoyed several years of peace in California where I was not persecuted prior to

this citation, just weeks after redoing the slogans on my website emblazened van and just

months after Jerry Brown was elected governor, I have suddenly been besieged with several

consecutive citations, all at once, though I drive an average of 35 thousand miles per year and

have had no valid citations in almost ten years. Indeed, the transparency and unfairness

and agressiveness of the way this ticket was issued suggests that the state may be trying to

abet me into an act of retaliation and provoke a criminal response from me so the state

can jail me to stop my activism. This seemed to be a constant element – provocative unfairness –

in the past and I do think the government is desperately trying to trick me into what would

otherwise be an uncharacteristic act on my part. My record of 57 years on this earth shows

no crimes, whatsoever, misdemeanor or otherwise, in my history. A fact I am proud of.

A lesser man probably would have retaliated in some manner or form but I have not.

I am convinced that this and other recent tickets I have suddenly received, en mass, are

unjust and politically motivated, besides being illegitimate on their face. I am convinced

that this sudden attack on my drivers licence is either an attempt to get my controversial web-

site emblazened van off the streets via a planned suspension of my licence or, worse, an attempt

to set me up for a fatal traffic accident after providing the unsuspecting public with a litany

of violations to show recklessness on my part that I don’t deserve.

Already I may have been the victim of just such an attempt in 2007 involving a woman who ran

a red light doing over 55 m.p.h. in Concord, California after I legally turned left on a

green arrow. Nobody was cited then and the police conducted that incident suspiciously.

Even the scene was paved over just days later perhaps to remove all evidence.

Stephen King, himself, the man I am accusing, was almost killed in a traffic accident in 1999

when he was hit while walking by a van. The driver wound up dead, months later though only

43 years old and, I’ve heard, died on Stephen king’s birthday. I believe the government tried

to kill King to silence my story.

This declaration will show a pattern of fraud and abuse that I believe this ticket and

other tickets represent.

I, Steve Lightfoot, declare that I have suffered decades of police abuse starting in 1983

since San Francisco Secret Service agent Terry Chodash surprised me with an interview at

the Santa Rosa Public Library following a tip from a sheriff who my father

alerted relating to evidence I discovered that proves our government assassinated John Lennon.

It is a fact that, in 1987, San Francisco officers Kevin Hall and Steven Rist kidnapped me

and pistolwhipped me unconscious while I was handcuffed in the back of their police van.

Officer Hall threatened to break my nose when we arrived at the hospital but a doctor over-

heard him. My camera was stolen and I was held for evaluation based on a false report.

My crime? I gave Yoko Ono an envelope with my findings while she attended an art exhibet at

The Dyansen Gallery in San Francisco. It simply was a documentation of my findings; (Cryp-

tographic codes in the bold print headlines in Time and Newsweek and U.S.News magazines that

relate to Lennon’s murder including the killer’s alleged name; Mark David Chapman attached

to a letter to the editor where Chapman explains, three weeks before the crime, that Ronald

Reagan is moving him “armed…into a hostile square..” as well as the killer’s face and true

identity; horror writer Stephen King. Photo’s prove it was King, not Mark Chapman, who was cap-

tured on film getting Lennon’s last autograph hours before that same man shot Lennon to death.

(See magazine suppliment; STEPHEN KING SHOT JOHN LENNON)

Officers Hall and Rist falsely asserted that I had yelled death threats to Yoko Ono. How

absurd. If true, in that crowded room of people, I would have made the national news.

I declare that just four months earlier I was seen in front of KRON TV station in San Francisco,

my nose already broken and my arm in a sling, holding up large billboards that read;


This was in response to an incident involving two martial artists who dislocated my shoulder

and smashed my face into a sidewalk after saying to me only; “We don’t need the publicity.”

I had been very visible all year with my billboards in front of KRON espousing my murder

evidence findings prior to and after the fact.

Earlier that year Feinstein’s secretary warned me to take my expose to another city.

I tried to sue the city over that kidnapping and beating but no lawyer would touch it.

The thugs who attacked me months earlier were released without charges by D.A. Costello

even after I identified one of them when I had Thomas Decker arrested.

In fact, I was issued over one hundred parking tickets in just two years time then, 90% of

which were deemed to be unjust by a judge who could see what was going on. Also, during that

time I was subjected to multiple arrests and sign confiscations and miscellanious abuses.

All charges were ultimately dismissed.

Two weeks after receiving a threat letter, apparently from Stephen King, himself, (It’s

his handwriting; See magazine) my father, Philip Lightfoot, was killed in a small plane crash

in New Zealand coincidentally on the tenth anniversary of Richard Nixon’s resignation.

Most abuses occured on then police chief Frank Jordan’s tenure and stopped, abruptly after

Mr. Casey was elected chief of police.

In 1994, in Santa Cruz, I was the victim of another police sting and portrayed on the national

major tv news networks in handcuffs as a stalker of Stephen King for simply showing up at

one of King’s booksigning engagements. This one hosted by the mayor of Santa Cruz. I was

holding a large sign that read: STEPHEN KING IS A MURDERER. IT’S TRUE OR HE’D SUE

I was released two days later and no charges were filed. The effect was to defame me.

Police have pointed guns in my face three times, once just hours after Ronald Reagan was

re-elected while I was trying to sleep. The other two times were in Palm Springs, where

Stephen King once lived. That was in 1996 and included over 15 police episodes and four

false citations that I beat and I was even jailed just for telling a crowd about the gun point-

ing episode the day before. All this activity in just a few weeks. I beat every ticket.

In 1992, the day I arrived in Bangor, Maine for the first time, King’s home town, I received

a false traffic ticket, was followed everywhere I went and even had my tape recorder and car

keys stolen from my van when I went inside a store to use a pay phone. Weeks later I was, again,

falsely cited. I beat both tickets. Years later I defeated King’s attempt to stop my

expose activities when he tried a file a protection from harassment injunction against me.

These episodes are just the tip of the iceberg relating to police fraud against me.

(See my website; Current Update chapter under New devpts. page.)

In fact, relating to this ticket and the others I have suddenly received, I haven’t had

any valid citations in almost ten years. The only one was issued in Portland, Maine, Stephen

King’s birthplace, and just hours after I hit town following a police ivestigation of me while

sleeping in my van. When I showed the judge my photos he could not find me guilty of the

charge on the citation so he allowed the officer to proclaim a new charge he made up at another

intersection. Officer Wiseman committed perjury on the stand and judge Moskowitz was, ob-

viously, corrupt, too. The entire business district of Portland received my newsletter

all about the incident.

Regarding other recent, subsequent tickets issued, one was also for a camera red light.

The second one issued just weeks after this one.

I reviewed the motion film and saw a perfect, textbook stop that I made prior to making a

right turn. I had Sergeant Eastman of the South San Franncisco police unit that moniters

these lights take a look and he agreed I had, indeed, stopped properly and he agreed to

dismiss it before court got the matter. However, it took me three calls, weeks later, to

actually get him to follow through on the last day it would have been possible before I

had to appear.

This shows that someone is going to extraordinary legths to cite me, unfairly.

In another matter I was cited just minutes after visiting Berkeley’s famous No Lo Press

bookstore that offers books on how to fight your tickets in a situation where the officer

wasn’t even looking in my direction to see what even happened. In fact, a woman had stop-

ped and waved me to go in front of her to get into the right hand lane to make a right

turn but the officer spent all his time fiddling with his handlebars and something affixed

to them and only saw the last part of my maneuvar. I spent five seconds watching the whole

situation as I was waved ahead by the other motorist.

A week later, while parked at the same bookstore I encountered a screw that had flattened

my tire requiring a tow.

Weeks later, in Los Angeles, an officer stepped off a sidewalk to block me while I was

stopped at a light alleging that I wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and that I was using my cell

phone. When I asked him to check my phone log to prove I hadn’t used it at the time he

alleged he refused to look. When I explained that I was merely untangling my earphone chord

from my seatbelt and tried to show him that I had just put gas in my vehicle three minutes

earlier and tried to show him my gas receipt, he refused to look at that evidence as well.

In fact I had just gassed up and noticed that my phone cord jack was tangled in my just

buckled seat belt. I was merely untangling it at the first light I was stopped at.

When I appeared for arraignment on this ticket the D.A. had no file for my case to present

to the judge, judge Drago. The camera light people failed to send their evidence and I

asked for dismissal on that ground. He denied dismissal. When I objected and told him that I

had evidence with me to show reasonable doubt to the charge he refused to hear me and

told me all motions would be heard at trial.

I am not a lawyer but this all seems improper and my case should have been dismissed then.

I drove over 400 miles to be there and the state did not have any evidence against me.

In all, especially given my otherwise clean record in over 300 thousand miles of driving

over almost ten years prior to this spate of tickets all at once, I am absolutely convinced

that the state is stalking me, my licence and, perhaps, even trying to kill me in yet

another red light “accident” to stop my John Lennon murder expose from, literally, making

history and changing the world.
Subsequent to the above mentioned incidents I have encountered suspicious mishandling of
my case concerning all three agencies I mailed notices of motions to, the City Attorney,
Police Legal and the San Francisco Superior Court, all three of whom claim they never
received my mailings from October 25, 2011. I had to send a second batch on November 03, 2011 and they received those. (To be continued…)

When you consider all this and take note that my front bumper appears to be into the the

intersection, that I was obligated, for safety reasons, not to suddenly stop and cause

an accident that four signal lights in a row set us both up for and that there is not one

time frame of a normal week more safe than at 3:30 am on a Monday morning and when you

add to all that that the photos show severe mist making it hard to determine whether or not

my bumper is or is not into the intersection in the first place compounded by the fact that

the asphalt imbedded devices used do not uniformly apply to all vehicles equally, for any

judge not to allow dismissal would be, in my opinion, prejudicial and tantamount to dis-

criminatory prosecution, especially given the states record over time with me.

I declare on this 17th day of October, 2011 that the above it true and correct, under

penalty of perjury.

Steve Lightfoot