Obama’s in, now help me protest!.

If you still think that Mark Chapman shot John Lennon, get smart. He didn’t. Author Step-
hen King pulled the trigger in a Nixon, Reagan conspiracy. That’s why you can’t recall a
trial for anyone. Visit www.lennonmurdertruth.com for all the evidence and proof you need.
Yes, I helped get Hillary out of Obama’s way so she couldn’t throw the race to McCain; (See
other chapters) and, yes, you people did a good job of electing the right man (congrats.) Now
that the playing field is more fair and my expose has a fighting chance help me come
forward and, to quote Paul Simon; “Get yourself free.” Help me expose, arrest, try and
jail murderer; Stephen King. Until all the above happens, no matter WHAT Obama can do
for you, none of you are really free. You know, I call John Lennon the Martin Luther
King of the white man. Nobody’s really free until our heroes are safe from assassination.
If anything happens to Barack Obama then you can blame exactly yourselves for not caring
about my evidence that proves S. King murdered John Lennon. What’s to stop Obama’s
enemies from pulling the trigger tomorrow so long as all of you are still apathetic about what I
am exposing? Nothing. That’s what. N-O-T-H-I-N-G!!!!!!! Only protest works. Only YOU can
prevent political assassination. I have delivered the hard evidence you need and for you
not to care or help me come forward is no different than loading the bullets into the
gun that kills your next hero. My father and mother killed R.F.K., M.L.K. and John Lennon
when they sat on their hands for J.F.K.’s murder. The blood is on their hands, period. If
you fail to act now then you’re just swine crunching pearls under your molars. Just swine.
I think Obama secretly agrees, completely, with me on this point. What do you think?
Now, last Oct. 9, Lennon’s birthday, enough of you New Yorkers showed up to break my
story wide open. The only problem was you didn’t want to be the first demonstrator to start
building a crowd. All of you came to protest but saw no crowd and so you kept on walking.;
Don’t deny it. I saw the foottraffic that day was double than normal and you all DID show
up, over a thousand of you. But you all had the same thought; “No crowd yet, Oh well.”
I’m here to tell you all that that was YOUR fault, not mine. I advertised vigorously. It
is incumbent on YOU to take action. You can’t just hesitate and be spectators and
expect me to be a pro at this stuff. I’m just a guy with the find of the millenium, not
a professional activist/protester. HELP ME!!! Why do you think I’m willing to split my
first ten to twenty million dollars with my protesters? It’s not easy. It’s HARD! You
have to take some initiative, New Yorkers. Jump in, the waters more than fine it’s bet-
ter than sex! Expose this monster expose and half of my first years income, before taxes,
is all of yours; any where from $20,000.00 to $200,000.00 EACH, depending on how many
of you participate. All you have to do is get me and my evidence on the news so that King
gets arrested for Lennon’s murder. That’s all. The evidence will do the rest. My future
after is bigger than anyone can guess and I’m willing to sign over half of my first years
income with you people. Are you all stupid!? Start helping me, New York. Find a spine.
Every Sunday from noon to six I’ll be at W. 67th and Columbus Ave. N.Y.N.Y. at ABC-TV’s
station waitng for you to join me. If I sense some support I may stay until Dec. 8, the
anniversary of Lennon’s murder. It’s a Monday. Same time and place. Don’t everybody wait
till then, though. It will take a few trial runs to get it right. SHOW some support, Sunday’s
between now and then. I don’t want to bail on New York before Dec. 8. I’m almost out of
the money I’ll need to get back to California. Only FOOLS think I’m a nut. Get smart.
See samples of my evidence; Govt. bold print codes in issues of Time and Newsweek sur-
rounding the night of John’s murder including the killer’s face and true identity printed before
the murder, Mark David Chapman and the attached letter linking himself to Reagan three
weeks before the murder, passages from Nixon’s book; The Real War seen next to Reagan
in issues released the day of the murder that describe why people like Lennon must be
shot accompanyed by the headlines; “Who’s In?””Who’s Out?” and “Fitting together the
pieces of a complicated jigsaw puzzle.” as well as King’s writings which parallel the ele-
ments of Lennon’s murder, etc. etc.. Show up people; Please.
Nov. 18,’08 Update;
I don’t know, people of New York City. You don’t look too lively, lately, about John
Lennon’s murder and the truth. In fact you seem impossible, unable to care about life.
Certainly it is clear you lack not just wisdom but class as well before you can begin
to get truthworthy. This last Sunday, cold and windy as it was, was still a vision of
abject apathy on your part, people of New York City. Jesus spoke in parables and, since
you seem to need them, let me describe all of you in terms of schools of fish who swarm
into a compact “baitball” when confronted with a predator. It’s a flaw of behaivior, frankly.
The whole idea is safety in numbers. If one hides into the fabric of his fellow fish he
becomes less distinctive, he blends in and may be overlooked instead of standing out.
Unfortunately all the fish are using their fellow fish as a shield at the same time and
find themselves, like a loaf of bread, all in a very distinctive food mass for the bigger
fish to carve out a few generous mouthfuls. The “baitball” gets smaller and smaller until
all that remains is a massive residue of fish scales left floating in the space of water
where fish once were. It seems this baitballing behavior keeps the bigger fish alive better
than the smaller fish, themselves. It would make more sense to scatter and disperse as
much as possible so that al least the majority of them would ultimately escape the fate of
becoming lunch. So, why are all of you like the fish that huddle in a baitball? Because
you like to pretend that, because New York City has plenty of people that you can shluff
off your citizen responsibilities on the next guy or girl, anyone but you. The only
problem is that, because all of you are selfishly doing the same thing, nobody is doing
their job as a citizen. Especially New York City. Of the hundreds of U.S. cities I’ve seen
this is the most irresponsible and immature city of them all. Is anybody home, New York?
Are you all hiding amongst each other hoping that John Lennon’s murder will get even
a trial for the alleged killer, for example? Who, if not YOU, the average American citizen,
will administer justice in a matter where our govt. officials are hiding the truth? Look at
you, New York City; 9-’11 and seven years later and you’re right back where you were
before that attack; selfish and lost. Ripe for a repeat, you’ve learned nothing. Nothing.
Now you walk around as if you’ve done no wrong at all, that skipping a trial for Lennon’s
murder is something you all get a pass on because you’re New York City. How could
your shit stink? You’re the “greatest city in the world” as you let everybody know, right?
And now you think you have the right to walk by my evidence and cause like it’s yester-
days news. The only problem with that, people of New York City, is that there is a price for
such irresponsible behavior; You’re all assembled into a very dense, compact “baitball”
living here. If New York City WAS attacked again, with a nuclear bomb, perhaps, just
think of how many of you would vaporize and otherwise slowly die. Millions. What I don’t
think any of you understand is that your lack of humanity, more than anything, is what
would attract a nuclear attack on you to begin with. The notion that your culture was some-
how bad for the world. Frankly, people of New York, your culture IS VERY BAD for the
world and you only hasten your own destruction to deny it.. You could not be defended,
after, if you betrayed John Lennon after I came here and gave you plenty of the evidence
that all mankind has been thirsting for for centuries. I think that New York City values
are bad for America and the world. No matter what you may or may not think of me, all of
you are guilty of betraying the great and world loved John Lennon. That is a sin that a just
God would not abide without punishment. I don’t think any of you care about what is real
and what is important. I don’t know if you are even capable od sanity anymore. I don’t
know if I can even wait until Dec. 8 for you. The cold is debilitating and I am almost out
of money. If there are any of you out there reading these words do something to let me
know I have support this Sunday, Nov. 23. If not I may just save my money and give my
home state of California a chance to do what, so far, New York City seems afraid of doing;
standing up to the govt. and the bastards who murdered John Lennon and DEMANDING
that the media air the ample evidence like real men and women would with what I’ve given
you, people of New York City. Meanwhile allow me to warn any celebrity of political con-
sequence; New York City does not have your back. They are out to lunch even with the
matter of John Lennon’s murder. I would not live here if you value your life and safety.
Until the people of New York City come to terms with their duty to care about Lennon’s
murder even America and the world is not safe.